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Health & Wellbeing Spring 2021

Published by dgriffin, 2021-09-01 05:35:28

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Spring Edition, 2021 HEALTHThe HUB newsletter SPRSPINRGUHNAGS. In this issue... Learning lunches Shining a light on me 10 ways to fill your days with spring activities 9 tips for spring cleaning Quit smoking support your health Brain teaser 10,000 step challenge R U OK? “5 minutes with...”

Welcome to the Spring edition of The Health Hub. Over the coming months we would like from being who you want to be — and explore how creating new and to form new habits that help you sustainable health and wellbeing become a better version of yourself. practices can enrich our physical and If you want to pay your health and mental health. well-being a little extra attention this Spring is the perfect time to shake up spring, but don’t know where to start, in your winter routine and put some spring this edition we have a few ideas to get back in your step. Whether it’s you started. lightening up your plate or getting We also have a number of initiatives in back to outdoor activities. the coming months’ including: With milder temperatures, more sun, and wildlife sprouting everywhere, the 1. Shine a light on me photo arrival of spring in and of itself can put competition an extra kick in your step. It’s a time of 2. 10,000 Step Challenge possibility, a time to take stock of the 3. R U Okay Day habits that might be holding you back

Springtime photo competition! Competition. What does spring look like to you? Please submit all photo collages by COB Friday 24th September. The TPG People and Culture team will During the month of September, we are asking all sites to join the select 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize recipients which will be announced on Monday Springtime Photo Competition. 27th of September via Yammer. 1. Take pictures of things you enjoy during spring Brush up on your photo skills and 2. Create a collage of a maximum enjoy all the possibilities that spring of 6 pictures brings with the change in season. 3. Upload the collage to Yammer under the competition post 4. Have fun and get creative! We would like to invite all TPG staff to participate in the Springtime Photo

9tips for spring cleaning your health

1 Fill your plate Spring and summer are a great time shopping for organic produce with fresh, to incorporate more fresh, when possible, especially for fruits in-season fruits in-season fruits and vegetables into and vegetables that you eat whole and vegetables the diet. Warmer weather from the outside, like apples or produce, like mushrooms, bell cherries. Focus on getting healthy peppers, zucchini, and berries, are fats from produce and whole foods all packed with micronutrients the — like avocados, nuts, and seeds body needs and thrives on. — rather than from refined oils and Visiting farmer’s markets and fried foods. 2 Be mindful of Warmer weather often brings snacks and fatty dips when you can opportunities to overindulge outdoor gathering like picnics and to help reduce your intake of barbeques, which can come with artery-clogging unhealthy fats. unhealthy foods like grilled and Another important precaution is to processed meats and fatty snacks. watch your alcohol intake at You don’t have to forgo these foods outdoor gatherings. Again, you all together, but it is recommended don’t have to avoid it completely; that looking for leaner meat and moderation is important though. poultry options and avoiding fried 3 Stay hydrated When it’s warmer outside, your body can cause fatigue, low energy, and can lose more moisture through headaches. To help prevent sweating, even if you don’t feel dehydration, it’s important to take yourself getting sweaty. proactive steps to drink enough Dehydration can pose serious water throughout the day, such as health risks if severe — and even by keeping a water bottle handy at if you’re just mildly dehydrated, it all times. 4Get outside Getting enough physical activity on your mood and self-esteem. and get moving every day is really important, it can Getting outside can boost vitamin be as simple as taking a walk down D levels, thanks to the sun (just be the block or spending some time sure to keep reading until the tip on gardening. Any activity that gets wearing sunscreen below). And if your bones and muscles moving you’re walking or running on uneven can help. terrain, it can engage more We’re genetically programmed to muscles and improve your balance enjoy the outdoors, it engages all of compared with moving on a flat your senses, and it has a big effect surface. 5 Soak up the sun There are many benefits to getting can boost your mood. Exposure to some sunlight (provided you’re sunlight also helps the skin produce being diligent about using sun- vitamin D, which is good for bone screen), bright light exposure helps health and other functions in the release serotonin in the body, which body.

6Protect skin Even though getting a certain every couple of hours, and eyes from amount of sunlight is healthy and especially if you’re sweating or damaging UV beneficial, too much sun exposure swimming. It is rays can damage your eyes and skin. recommended that using a For this reason, it’s important to use water-resistant, broad-spectrum appropriate sun protection, which sunscreen (one that blocks both includes wearing sunglasses, UVA and UVB rays) with an SPF of 30 protective clothing, and sunscreen. to 50. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied 7 Reset your If dark, cold winter days have thrown exercising or eating large meals sleep schedule your sleep schedule off track, use within two hours before bedtime, spring as a reset. avoiding alcohol for at least four One bad habit to break is spending hours before bed, and avoiding lots of time in front of a computer caffeine in the afternoon. Get up at or phone or laptop just before bed. the same time each day — ideally These devices turn on your brain with exposure to light right away. and make you think it’s time to wake Consistently waking up at the same up. time day after day gets your body Other ways to clean up your and that routine — and it becomes pre-sleep routine include: not easier to stick to. 8 Watch for Springtime brings a spike in it’s a good idea to reduce your allergens (both outdoor allergens like pollen, but effective exposure level by using a indoors and it’s also a good time to minimize nasal saline solution after spending out)hydrated your exposure to allergens indoors, time outside. Saline sprays are where most of us spend a lot of our available over-the-counter in time. For allergies, it is advised that stores, or you can make your own a big spring clean in your house, and use a device like a neti pot to vacuuming rugs and carpets, and a flush out allergens from your nasal deep cleaning of dust. passages. If you experience outdoor allergies, 9 Check in with Spring is a great time to make sure healthy. your doctor you’re up to date with Some tips for your annual recommended health screenings appointment: Go through your and immunizations, and to check medication list with your doctor, in with your doctor to discuss any both to make sure prescription health concerns you have. drugs are working as they should It is important to get an annual and to see if any are still needed. physical, not only if you have The benefit of being in regular chronic medical conditions but contact with your doctor is that your also to stay healthy. This annual visit provider will be familiar with your can be a time to get screened for health history if you do get sick at different types of cancer and heart some other point throughout the disease and to discuss ways to stay year.

Step10,000 Challenge What is involved? For all individuals that participate, you will need to commit to registering and entering your daily steps onto the 10,000-step website or by downloading the 10,000 steps app. Your steps will count towards your teams’ total. Steps for the team will be based on the average amount of steps for the team. If you are participating for the first time, please see the instructions below on how to register: 1. Go to 2. Click on sign up today 3. Complete your details 4. You must register ‘as an individual participating in a team challenge’ 5. Once you have completed the sign up let Tabitha Davenport know so that you can be linked to the team. What is in it for you? • First place team - receive 3 bonus points towards your office total for the “Best Performing Office” award • Second Place team - receives 2 bonus points • Third Place team - receives 1 bonus point. • Most improved individual - receives an online gift card What do I need to do? Organise your team and inform the Chief Fun Officer who will be responsible for ensuring everyone logs their steps. Chief Fun Officers should email Tabitha Davenport with the team members by COB Thursday 24th September. Note: Those team members that participated in previous years will still have access to the website. How do I measure my steps? Team members will need to provide their own pedometers or activity trackers that can measure steps. There are a host of free pedometers that you can download onto your smartphone. Those that participate in gym classes, cycle, jog etc that wear their device, cannot log steps and activity together. It either counts as steps OR activity (this will make sense once you are in the app and recording your steps daily). Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the People and Culture team if you have any questions.

R U OK day is coming up on Thursday September 9th. Wear a shirt, a ribbon, earrings, scarf or something yellow. Take a team photo and upload it to Yammer. TqhLuiesaarrnteirnsg Mental Health Morning Tea Lunches We would like to invite each area to host a Zoom mental health morning Throughout this quarter, there will be learning tea. lunches on the following topics: This could include organising Door September R U Ok day Dash or Menu Log for the morning Gratitude, an tea and all coming together as a upwards spiral team to discuss supports available and coping mechanisms/ strategies Octob er Optimism: used during our working from home Creating our arrangements. future Wear an item of Yellow clothing and Novemb er Digital nutrition post a Zoom team picture to Yammer and well-being to fill the page with Yellow to raise awareness and show our collective support.

SQuuitpSmpookirntg Do your lungs a favour! At TPG, we want you to be supported if you’re thinking 2. Make an appointment with your GP to develop about giving up smoking. There are so many health a quit smoking plan. benefits in not smoking, but it is a hard thing to give up, we are here to help. 3. Provide the HR Department representative with a copy of the plan. We are committed to supporting team members to TPG ASSISTANCE have a healthy lifestyle and if a team member wants to • TPG will contribute 50% of the cost of the quit quit smoking TPG will set up a mutual agreement with smoking plan (capped at $200) this will be the team member to assist with quitting smoking. There reimbursed upon receipt of payment for quit are many different methods to quit smoking and what smoking services. ( an office account claim works best will be up to the individual to decide. The form is to accompany the receipt) following steps should be taken to commence quitting • TPG will approve an additional 2 EAP smoking. counselling sessions for a team member that has a quit smoking plan (total of 5 sessions) 1. Download the free Smoke free app on your mobile phone. THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF QUITTING SMOKING: recovering, becoming better at removing Within 6 hours mucus, tar and dust from your lungs (exercise helps to clear out your lungs). • Your heart rate slows and your blood pressure • Your immune system is beginning its recovery becomes more stable. so your body is better at fighting off infection. • Your blood is less thick and sticky and blood Within a day flow to your hands and feet has improved. • Almost all of the nicotine is out of your bloodstream. After 1 year • The level of carbon monoxide in your blood • Your lungs are now healthier and you’ll be has dropped and oxygen can more easily breathing easier than if you’d kept smoking. reach your heart and muscles. • Your fingertips become warmer and your hands Within 2 to 5 years steadier. • There is a large drop in your risk of heart attack and stroke and this risk will continue to Within a week gradually decrease over time. • Your sense of taste and smell may improve. • For women, within five years, the risk of cervical • You have higher blood levels of protective cancer is the same as someone who has never antioxidants such as vitamin C. smoked. Within 3 months Interested? Contact Natasha Black today to • You’re coughing and wheezing less. get started. • Your lungs’ natural cleaning system is

Explore local waterfalls. 5 out and about Picnic in the park. Bike trails. ways to fill wyaocittuhirvsidtpiaeryisns.g Mountain lookouts. Nature Walks. Gardening. around the house Crafternoons. (get creative and start a new hobby) Soak up the sun. (with a backyard picnic) Spring vegetable salads. (made with vegetables from your garden) BBQ in the backyard.

Spring Vegetable Linguine. INGREDIENTS: • 500g asparagus • 300g fresh linguine • 320g frozen peas • 2 lemons • 30g Parmesan cheese • Extra virgin olive oil • 2 x 90g bags of fresh rocket • 1 small clove of garlic • 30g fresh mint (optional) METHOD: Snap off the bottom third of the asparagus (save for soups), roughly chop into 3cm pieces at an angle and cook with the peas and linguine in a pan of boiling salted water for 3 minutes, until tender. Meanwhile, finely grate the lemon zest into a large jar with a lid, and squeeze in the juice – you need roughly 2 tablespoons. Drizzle in 5 tablespoons of oil and finely grate in half the garlic. Screw the lid on tightly and give it a good shake until thick and creamy. Season to perfection with sea salt, black pepper and extra lemon juice, if needed. Pick and finely chop most of the mint leaves, reserving the baby ones for later. Drain the linguine and veg, reserving a mug of the starchy cooking water, then tip back into the pan. Pour over the lemony dressing, grate in most of the Parmesan and add the chopped mint. Use tongs to toss everything together so each strand of pasta is coated in the dressing, loosening with splashes of the cooking water if needed. Season to taste with salt, pepper and extra lemon juice, if necessary. Divide between serving bowls, grate over the remaining Parmesan and sprinkle with the baby mint leaves. Delicious served with a peppery rocket salad in the sunshine. Tip: To make the most of lemons shake up a batch of the lemony oil as above and use in meals today, tomorrow and into next week. Use it to brush over meat, fish or veg before grilling, roasting or barbecuing. Or, keep the jar of lemon oil in the fridge for dressing salads, or dipping bread into. Go veggie: Swap out the Parmesan for a vegetarian hard cheese.

5 minutes with... Bridgette Le Sage Employment Consultant, Lavington What is your role with TPG and how long have you been with the company? I am a DES Consultant and I have been with TPG roughly for 2 and a half months now. Why did you want to work with TPG? I wanted to work somewhere that I could make a difference to people and help people achieve their goals. I have always gravitated towards helping others in my personal life and working career. It gives me great joy knowing that I can make someone’s day or help change their life. What is your favourite thing about the company? Absolutely the culture and the people that I get to work with. Having a great team can make a difference in how you work. TPG has been very rewarding in the sense of the employees and the knowledge they carry. What motivates you at work? My team, if I am ever unsure or still learning new things they always help out and put in the time to help me understand what questions I am asking. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a Beauty Therapist and a Interior Designer. I am half way there. Who would play you in a movie about your life? Morena Baccarin

&Health Wellbeing! Have you used your Health & Wellbeing reimbursement yet? TPG will reimburse team members $100 per financial year to- wards a product or a service that contributes towards a team members personal health and wellbeing. How to claim your health and wellbeing: 1. Purchase a good or a service towards your health and wellbeing. 2. Scan your receipt and completed office account claim form with the banking details you wish to have the $100 deposited into. 3. Email to Natasha Black – People and Culture Manager – [email protected] 4. This payment is made through our finance department. You will receive a remittance advice after they have processed the payment. 5. Reimbursement claims must be in by the end of June 2022 in order to be processed by the end of the 2021/22 financial year. Getting the Jab? BTeraaisner Whilst we hope never to make having A man stands the Covid vaccine compulsory for on one side of team members, we do follow the a river, his dog science and medical experts that say on the other. The man calls his – it is safe and needed for Australia to dog, who immediately crosses be able to live with Covid into the the river without getting wet and future. Our little piece of the big without using a bridge or a boat. picture is supporting you all when, and if, you make your booking. How did the dog do it? Most people will get a booking during a working day, and so, please feel free Answer will be posted on Yammer. to take the rest of the day off afterwards. This is not taken as sick leave – just a thank you for doing your bit. Please let your Manager know when you have made your booking so they can manage the site.

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