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Palm Lakes Elementary Spring 2018 We Collaborate

Published by pleart, 2018-04-01 20:20:02

Description: Spring 2018 edition of Palm Lakes Elementary magazine "We Collaborate." Issue theme idea: Lucia B.: Editor-at-Large

Keywords: Palm,Lakes,Elementary


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PALM LAKES SPRING Tips on howELEMENTARY MAGAZINE 2018 to stay healthyWe Collaborate! Details in the Art Gallery UNIFORM STYLE RECESS PHOTO MONTAGE

CONTENTS6 150 154 ClassWroOoRmK MUSIC and ART PERFORMANCE Collaborations Collaboration CollaborationMrs. Ricardo, a third Mrs. Fojo, the music teacher, Mrs. Lagomacini’s 5th gradegrade teacher, is a master and Ms. Borrero, the art class worked together toat organizing learning teacher, collaborate on choreograph the moves toexperiences for her students many stage performances. their song choice “All I Wantthat include collaborative This article is about for Christmas is You” for the Holiday Show Holiday Show. Collaboration.

We Collaborate! 28 13 Uniform with a bit of my style 16 Palm Lakes’ Teachers CREATIVE CORNER 24 Photo Montage Animeow TRIBE 26 Creative Character - Taiyon 32 Good Time is Free Time - RecessFourth Graders have set up 34 Healthy Lives Healthy Vibestheir own in school morning 36 Learning: an amazing adventureline up art club and the 38 Details in the Art Galleryresults are a collaborativeart learning environment on the cover: Alexey (left) and Angelina (right) Third gradersthat has each artist in the from Mrs. Ricardo’s wanting to learn more. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 3

Letter from theEditor-at-Large When I think of Palm Lakes Elementary, I think of collaboration. Palm Lakes is a team, a family, and a home. Our school does the most it can to help our students learn.In this school, classmates help new students get used to theirclasses. They help each other learn each subject and also helpother students understand their part in the school.Parents can also help out by joining the Parent TeacherAssociation also known as the P.T.A. In this association, parentscan help prepare for ceremonies, field trips, and fundraisers.Palm Lakes is great! We’re a family. So next time you pass by ourschool, join our family. It will be fun!Lucia B.

Collaborators for this issueEditor in Chief: Ms. Borrero Copy Editor: Mrs. Fojo Editor-at-Large: Lucia Feature Editor: Luis C.Contributing Writer: Isabella D. Contributing Writer: Kevin C. Special Contributors: Mrs. Ricardo Alejandra P. 5th grade Mrs. Overton Mr. G. Hernandez Mrs. Acuna Mrs. J. Rodriguez Mrs. E. Gonzalez Mrs. Reyes Mrs. A. Soto Taiyon W. 4th grade Jasmine A. 4th grade Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 5

Classwork Collaborations Mrs. Ricardo’s 3rd grade class Questions by Ms. Borrero, Editor-in-Chief.How do you promote collaboration among your students?I start by modeling the behavior I want them to show one another. Then, I havethem practice with one another. At this time, I walk around the room and listento their conversation to see if they'reperforming it right. Yesterday, I modeled for them how toquiz each other from the notes they takefor Reading and Language Arts. I noticedthat one student couldn't ask questions.So, I know that I need to review how toask questions.I witnessed students using a paperhand to promote conversation. Wouldyou explain that?The hand activity is called The RetellingHand. It is used for retelling a story aftera student finishes reading a passage froma book they selected from our classroomlibrary. Students using the Retelling Hand.First, Partner 1 notifies Partner 2 that they'd like to retell their story. Next,Partner 2 takes out their Retelling Hand and begins reading the questions locatedon each finger of the hand. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 7

Side 1 of the Retelling Hand hasnon-fiction questions and Side 2 hasfiction questions. There's also a heart inthe palm that asks, \"What does this bookremind you of?\"When two students are working on thesame paper is that buddy time?Two students working on a paper is theResponding Activity. After students finishretelling the story to their partner, theymust complete a graphic organizer whichhelps them with their writing skills andcomprehension.I have a picture of one student sittingon the floor reading a book and anoth-er listening. Which collaborative learn-ing activity is that?When you see a student on the floorreading to another student, they are do-ing the Read to Someone activity. Thisactivity improves fluency. On Day 1, the Reading Coach readsfirst to the student that needs improve-ment with their fluency. Then, on Day 2,the student reads aloud to their ReadingCoach. On Day 3 and 4, the Reading Coachuses their Check for Understanding Cardand begins asking questions for each

CLASSWORK COLLABORATIONSparagraph of the passage as the student reads aloud to them. On Day 5, the student requests to be tested by their teacher. Studentsalso read aloud their Word Drills to their Reading Coach. If any word is mis-pronounced, they must recite it three times.How do your students respond to working together?The students enjoy working together. I explain to them that it's important tohelp one another become better readers because it's our goal in third grade. I also remind them to wait for their partner to ask for help first beforetelling them what to do. Working together allows them to share their thinking and THEY DOENJOY TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER and stating what they think and feel aboutevents and people.If you could add even more collaborative learning opportunities in yourclassroom, how would you do it? I would like for my students to ask more questions during class discussions.Only the same few students are comfortable enough to express themselvesin whole group activities.What is your advice to other teachers who want to organize morecollaborative student interactions in their classroom but are hesitant?The advice I'd give to teachers who want to organize more collaborativeinteractions is to visit other teachers' websites throughout the world and seewhat they're doing in their classrooms. You'd be surprised at the many interesting activities they do with theirstudents! One thing stands out: people in the world are SO CREATIVE! Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 9

MRS. FOJO, MuSICMs. Borrero, ART

MUSIC AND ART Collaboration Mrs. FOJO, MUSIC & MS. BORRERO, ARTQuestions asked by Editor-at Large,Lucia B.What is your favorite school show and why?Mrs Fojo: My favorite is the ChristmasShow because it is a happy time of year andit is fun. There’s excitement in the air andeveryone loves Christmas!How do you help students learn the songs andwhat do you like about teaching them thesongs?Mrs. Fojo: We begin to learn a new songby listening to it while following the musicscore. We then look at the difficult sectionsand practice those first. It could be a trickyrhythm or a pitch jump. Then we sing, sing, sing. Repetition is the key to success! I likethat once students learn the songs they can sing them anywhere and for years to come.Is there a certain type of music you prefer the students to learn for the show?Mrs. Fojo: Yes, upbeat, so they can sing, dance and have fun while performing.What do you do when you have to decorate?Mrs. Fojo: I ask for Ms. Borrero’s assistance. I discuss our theme with her and she comesup with a plan. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 11

MUSIC AND ART Collaboration What colors do you choose for the decorations? Ms Borrero: That is a good question. It depends on a few things. If I see something on the internet or in a store that inspired me, I usually go with those colors. For example, this year for The Holiday Show, I knew I wanted something clean and graphic using white, red and green after I saw a holiday sign from a search I did in Google images. What do you do when you have to decorate?Ms. Borrero: I see if I can get volunteers to assist me in making the decorations or Iuse decorations I stored from the year before. This year, I had help from an art teacherin training, Anna Figueroa. I directed her simply by saying large white letters for theword holiday and use green and red for the remaining words for the banner. Usingher creativity, she made the “i” in holiday as a peppermint. I loved it and asked her torepeat the idea in the Holiday “O”. That is why I love collaborating. Together our ideasare more fabulous! In addition to the banner, I knew I wanted a paper chain to repeatthe red, green, and white holiday colors. Anna Figuera made paper florets thatimitated snowflake shapes to add to the paper chain. The PTA donated the ChristmasTree. Mrs. Reyes, Mrs. Alonso, and Mrs. Fojo decorated it with ornaments and thetrimmings of their choice. So the short answer is: I choose colors from an inspiration,and then the actual construction of the decorations turns into a collaborative effort.

UNIFORMwith a little bit of my style Jailee from 3rd grade has a strong sense of style that can be seen everyday. She loves wearing cat ear headbands, colorful socks and trendy metallic sneakers. Her hoodie keeps her warm in class and at the same time tells us that she loves pattern. Uniforms may be intended to make all the students look the same, however students can always add allowable accessories to show their personality. Jailee’s outfit is an excellent example of this. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 13

Holiday Performance Collaboration MRS. LAGOMACINI’s FIFTH GRADE Answers written by Alejandra P.Who choreographed “All I want for Christmas”, the dance your classperformed in the Holiday Show?Well, everyone did but mostly the girls. Emily and I can do acrobatics, sowe used that in our show. She and I did a front handspring, a cartwheeland two back walkovers.How did you decide which moves would be taught/learned?We all thought of stuff that would go well with the music and the theme ofChristmas.How did the classmates get along during practice?We got along pretty well. Some of us goofed around, but overall we all gotalong.How did you feel it turned out by the end of the performance?I felt that it turned out pretty good! I was proud of my classmates on howcoordinated they were. I felt that I did a good job too! I was very proud.Would you do anything differently if you could do it all over?I would do some parts different, like for example, the part where the boyswere dancing like nutcrackers. I would change that to make the timinglonger. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 15

Palm Lakes’ Teachers Questions by Features Editor Luis C.

Mrs. Overton 5th grade teacherWhat is your favorite color?Yellow is probably my most favorite, but I reallylike most pastel colors.What is your favorite animal and why?I love dogs. They are loyal no matter what.Did someone inspire you to become a teach-er?My maternal grandmother always wanted tobecome a teacher, but her circumstances didnot permit her to do so. She used to recitepoetry from memory even into her 90’s. Sheinspired me.Do you have any goals as a teacher?I want my students to learn strategies I canteach them so they may apply them in differentsituations. I also want to develop in them a lovefor reading!Why do you teach at Palm Lakes Elementary?I love Palm Lakes! There is a warm, loving, happyand supportive atmosphere that is very specialhere among the teachers and for our students.We truly care. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 17

Mr. G. Hernandez CCHLWhat is your favorite color?BlackWhat is your favorite animal and why?A dog because they are loyal.Did someone inspire you to become ateacher?Yes. My elementary school math teacherinspired me to become a teacher. She taughtme the value of common sense.Do you have any goals as a teacher?My goal is for all children to learn the value ofmath and science and to be a better teacherevery day.Why do you teach at Palm Lakes Elementary?I teach at PLE because it is a good school and the students love to learn.

What is your favorite color? Mrs. AcunaI do not have any specific “favorite” color but if I must 5th grade teacherchoose one, it would be “coral”.What is your favorite animal and why?I love dogs, no wonder I have two at home.Dogs always love you back, whenever you are sad,mad or happy. They are my faithfulpet- companion.Did someone inspire you to become a teacher?When I was a child, I always knew that I could counton my brothers, especially when I was not under-standing things at school. The way my older brotherexplained and reinforced different concepts, in sucha fun way, made me realize the importance of teach-ing. I believe God put him in my life, not only to bemy older brother but to inspire me to become ateacher. Paul, my brother, is an instructor at RaritanValley Community College in the state of New Jersey.Do you have any goals as a teacher?My goal as a teacher is to create an environmentwhere students are avid for learning, where respectand care is shown among students, and communica-tion among parents, students and teachers is alwayspresent.Why do teach at Palm Lakes Elementary?I love this community, students, parents and PalmLakes staff. What a wonderful place to spend the dayworking!Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 19

Questions for the following teachers were developed by Editor-at -Large, Lucia B. Mrs. J. Rodriguez 1st Grade What kind of things do you tell your students to help them understand the subject you are teaching? When I’m teaching Math I always tell my students to work out the problems, think, and check their answers. Describe your students while in the learning environment in one word. Energetic What words do you think your students would use to describe you? I think my students would say that I’m caring and dedicated because I’m always here to help them.

Mrs. E. Gonzalez 1st Grade What kinds of things do you tell your students to help them understand the subject you are teaching? Pay attention to words in bold print. Use picture clues and context clues. Describe your students while in the learning environment in one word. Attentative What words do you think your students would use to describe you? Nice, FunnySpring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 21

Mrs. ReyesKindergartenWhat kinds of things do you tell yourstudents to help them understand thesubject you are teaching?I say “you can do it!” Never say “I can’t”.Always keep trying. I give them hands-on activities because that’s how youngchildren learn.Describe your students while in thelearning environment in one word.Enthusiastic!What words do you think your studentswould use to describe you?They always tell me I’m funny and thatthey love me.

Mrs. SotoKindergartenWhat kinds of things do you tell yourstudents to help them understandthe subject you are teaching?The more you practice the betterreader you’re going to become. Alwaysdo your best!Describe your students while in thelearning environment in one word.EngagedWhat words do you think yourstudents would use to describe you?Strict, but loving Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 23

Photo Montage


Where did the idea of Temmie comefrom?It was actually from a game calledUndertail and the character has novoice. Someone on YouTube askedtheir friend to voiceover the characterand I can do that voice.Why did you create Temmie as aHalloween costume?My family used to make Halloweencostumes. I said I wanted to be thischaracter and my mom helped bybuying the jacket, the white pants, catears, and fake fur.How did people respond when theysaw you dressed as Temmie?They exclaimed, “You are my favoritecharacter in Undertail!”Have you developed your owncharacters?Yes, Kai. He has a foxtail and fox ears.He is half fox half human.

CREATIVECHARACTER Taiyon When did you realize you were an artist? When I was a one year old, I began molding clay. What inspired you to draw? My sister Terry. She drew Tweety Bird and Bugs Bunny. How did you make your drawings come to life? By adding shading to the places where the shadows go. Where do you see yourself in the future with your art? I see my artwork in an art gallery. What advice do you have for inspiring artists? Be yourself when you draw. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 27

CREATIVECORNERANIMEOW TRIBE(voice of Ms. Borrero) In the beginning of the year, I noticed agroup of students from Mrs. I. Sanchez’ 4th grade class sittinga corner area during morning arrival. They were drawing ,coloring, and had their sketchbooks out. This wasn’t a onetime observation, it was everyday. I called them the CreativeCorner. Little did I know at the time, they had a name for theirgroup.(voice of Jasmine A.) The name of our group is The AnimeowTribe. It is named like this because of all the gaming we dotogether and the type of drawings we are mostly inspired todo. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 29

Jasmine Kiara

This group started because Joanna TAIYONof the different stylesand interests we all have.Our group isn’t alwaysnecessarily about anime.We teach each other ourways of drawing and weall learn a lot from it. Weall get along very wellbecause of this. To us, wevery much love this group.It helps us share creativityand express our feelingsthrough our art.Some days, groupactivities extend out ofschool, online. We textwhen we are unable totalk.We share our art withother people, but notoften. Mostly we sharewithin the group. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 31

RECESSgood time is FREE TIME4th graders from Mrs. Aleman’s class

Running around and choosing your playmates has benefits.According to an article in Scholastic Teacher, recess helps studentsby improving their memory, teaches them negotiation skills, andkeeps them more on task after a free play session. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 33

HEALTHY LIVES HEALTHY VIBES by contributing writer Kevin C.Have you ever gotten sick? Well I have, because I didn’t follow these simplerules:1. Always wash your hands. Washing hands cleanses the germs so youdon’t get sick. Sing the happy birthday song two times while washing yourhands.2. Eat veggies. People who eat more veggies reduce colds. Eat at least aplate each day.3. Drink Water. Water helps to keep you hydrated. Drink at least 8 cups ofwater each day.4. Exercise. It helps boost your immune system. The immune systemdefends our body against “foreign” invaders. Run or walk a mile wheneveryou can in a week.Follow these simple rules and you probably won’t get sick during summeror winter. I really hope this helps you to not get sick.


Learning: an amazing adventure by contributing writer Isabella, 5th gradeBefore fourth grade, I went to a private school. When I came to Palm Lakes for fourthgrade, an unexpected amazing adventure of fun and education was waiting for me.At first, my teachers thought I was very behind and may not be successful like myclassmates.During the school year, I learned so many new things that I was never taught before. Attimes, especially in Social Studies, I learned so much about Black History that shockedme and made me say, “No way!”My adventure included my supportive classmates. Whenever I feel sad or might cry, theyalways ask me if I’m feeling all right. They help cheer me up! I also support them.Special area classes were part of my adventure. Special areas like art and music. Artcan bring out so much of my creativity and I can express myself in so many ways.Take a weaving for example, the colors you choose can show so much about yourself.Same thing for music, the lyrics of a song can tell you how the singer is feeling. Theseexperiences in fourth grade were really magical for me.By the end of the school year, my teachers were surprised as to how smart I really was.They now thought I was really ready for fifth grade.

Now that I am in fifth grade and I have been in Palm Lakes Elementary for a year.I am used to how they will teach me and how important learning really is. Fieldtrips have been the most fun way of learning! Field trips include a lot of hands-on activities. For example, my class went on a field trip to Biscayne Nature Centerand we were able to touch the fish and crabs gently, identify two trees andexplain their similarities and differences. I really have been enjoying the learningadventure I have been on. Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 37

Palm Lakes Elementary has an Art Gallery that is set up for the parents and students to see the artwork created during the year. Ms. Borrero, the art teacher and Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine, presentsArt GalleryDetAIls in the This year parent, students, and staff get the opportunity to see the artwork on display on March 21, 2018 from 6-8 p.m.


Detail Chalk Pastel Ballerinas Dariel Grade 4

Detail Relief Sculpture Rader Grade 5 Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 41

Portrait in WatercolorAdrian J. Grade 4

Detail Geometric Shapes Daniel P. Grade 2 Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 43

Detail Weaving Derek Q. Grade 5

Close up Geometric Sculpture Giana D. Grade 2 Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 45

Detail Mask Jennifer B. Grade 5Spring 2018 PALM LAKES ELEMENTARY MAGAZINE - 47

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