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Wink July 2018

Published by Ahmed Emad, 2018-07-15 09:15:51

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ISSUE 02 / July 2018MMyy BBouddydiys WWoarrldɪ (The Hidden Reason)OTHFEHPAUPRPSINUEITSS Abdelaliem Mohamed “I knew about Careem from a Facebook add”

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018WINK Team Authors UAE TeamEgypt Team Abdullah Yousry Huda ShaikhSenior Customer Service UAE Customer Experience Operations Manager Specialist Omar Hanafi Wesley Dias Tier 2 Consumer - Corporate Relations Customer Service Executive Executive Amr Zaki Real Time Management Pakistan Team Executive Bushra Sharif Mohamed Hamouda Call Center Agent Muhammad Imran Tiger Agent Call Center Agent Beko Sohaib Ikram Tier 2 Consumer - Abacus Customer Service Executive Jordan Team Nadeen Abuzaid Consumer EGY Aseel Al-Attar Safety & Security Member Ahmed Elsaied Call Center Agent Magdy AliCare Team Leader Creative Ahmed EmadMayar Elmenyawy Aya Gamal Questions and feedback:E-mail: [email protected] WINK Magazine

Content 14 ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 2504 Egypt 2.0 1606 NThPeSGolden Rule & 33 210 World War ɪ z11 Why So Seriuos14 Love Live15 Swimming With Her16 My Body is My Buddy20 AHeJaoltuhryneLyifetostAyle23 Health in Pakistan24 ‫ذا فوود ديلر‬25 ‫بره الملعب‬28 TofhHe aPpuprsinueitss32 ScarfulWINK Magazine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018After the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, the youth spirit for disruption carried over to cause asurge in the country’s startup scene. Everyone had an app idea and, over the next seven years,incubators, hackathons and venture funds mobilized to make those plans into a reality. A hubcalled the “GrEEK Campus” opened a few blocks away from the site of the revolution, TahrirSquare, as a workspace for startups and gathering point for entrepreneurs. But now, TatweerMisr, an Egypt-based property developer, is looking to take this innovative spirit one stepfurther with its new project, Bloomfields. An integrated development located east of centralCairo, it will be modeled as a college town where residents can study, work and live as entre-preneurs.Ahmed Emad WINK Magazine 4

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 In developing Bloomfields, Tatweer Misr’s CEO Dr. Ahmed Shala- by is planning around the future needs of Egypt’s booming youth population. Already, he says, 40% of Egyptians are under the age of 17. Soon they’ll be aging into a youth unemployment rate that hovers around 26.7%, according to government data. Focusing on entrepreneurship is a practical decision. The the next genera- tion “needs to be job creators instead of job seekers,” Dr. Shalaby says. With this in mind, Bloomfields will not only house entrepreneurs but educate them as well. Egypt has potential for entrepreneur- based workforce, but lacks the educational support required, said the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in a 2016 study. The re- port found that society had warmed to entrepreneurship and em- braced its legitimacy. In fact, the number of Egyptians intending to start a business by 2019 was more than twice the global aver- age. However, at a structural level, there was not a strong edu- cational framework for this trend. Entrepreneurship education at the school stage ranked a 1.67 out of 9, where 1 represented high insufficiency, which was lower than average for Africa. Next month, I will highlight 20 Most Promising Egyptian Startups. From the starting journey to the Revolution. EGYPT 2.0 ENTREPRENEURSHIP REVOLUTIONWINK Magazine 5

The Golden Rule and NPS®ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 Sohaib Ikram Customer satisfaction has become a tool that measures that the product or he services provided by a company are relevant and up to the mark for the customers. It is used so that business holders can be sure that their efforts are heading the right direction and gives them an indication about the accuracy. Customer satisfaction in a way indicates if the customers will make a purchase with them in the future or not. And what are the chances that they will do so. In addition to this, would these customers become loyal “advocates” of their brand and be a source of positive feedback or not. 6 WINK Magazine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018Would your customersbecome loyal of your brandSeveral managers are making effective use of Net competitive advantage over the others similar businessesPromoter Score (NPS) in identifying the “advocates” of in the market. These businesses have a greater chancetheir brand. You can distinguish the loyal customers by of surviving the “cut throat” competition or being morenoting that those who give you a rating of 7 and above profitable.will come back to you for another purchase in the future,while those that give a 9 or a 10 to your brand, are This competitive edge gained through increaseddestined to become “advocates” or “evangelists” for your customer satisfaction will not only help you retainbrand. They will not only come back you but be a source customers but also attract new comers to put their trustof positive word or mouth or in other words a source of in you. In addition to this it reduces the rate for customereffective advertisement. churn.However, those that rate you with a 6 or below are those Customer satisfaction also impacts the customerthat are the unhappy or the “grudge keepers” who are a lifecycle. This is because the increased satisfaction wouldmajor source of negative word of mouth and will never prompt them to choose your brand whenever you wantwant to make another purchase from your brand. to make purchases of a similar product.Customer satisfaction provides a competitive edgeto your business. This is because in a time when there All these factors collaborate to maximum profitability foris intense competition, businesses are vying to seek a business. This explains why customer satisfaction ismore customers. Those that hit the button of customer foremost to achieve and must be endeavoured to achieve.satisfaction in the right manner are likely to have a 7 WINK Magazine

ISSUE 01/ JUNE 2018#DIDYOUKNOW WINK MagazineArmadillos have 4 babies at a time and are allthe same sexA lobsters blood is colorless but when ex-posed to oxygen it turns blueReindeer likes bananasThe Amazon rainforest produces half theworld’s oxygen supplyThe first sailing boats were built in EgyptBrazil is named after a treeHilton was the first international hotel chainThe brand Nokia is named after a place inSouthern FinlandMonopoly is the most played board game inthe world 8

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018MQuootitveastionalWhen things get tough, many people turn to a motivational quote for a bit of inspira-tion. Some of these pithy sayings have become celebrated parts of society’s lexicon.But out of all of the things that people—famous, influential, and otherwise—have to say,whatmakessometurnsofphrasesopowerfulthattheybecomemantrasforgenerations?Depending on whom you ask, the appeal appears to lie in a combination of goodwordsmithing, motivational psychology, and a measure of self-selection.Never Stop Stop Making Be Happy. BeDreaming Excuses Bright. Be YOU. Everyday Is a It Never Gets Easier, Live WhatSecond Chance You Just get Better You Love WINK Magazine 9

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 World War ɪ The Hidden ReasonAmr ZakiThe very untold reason be- return angered Germany which pre- hind the first World War : pared for war , when Germany tress- Gavrlio Princip, man who let passed Belguim lands Great Britain the first spark of WWI fire . answered the call of duty, OttomanIt all began when he got rejected empire thought it would be ridicolouswhen he recruited for the Serbian not to fight this world war, America,army , as he wasn’t physically fit as he Italy, Greece, Romania and Portugalwas very short, the man disappoint- all waged the battle against Otto-ed and he insisted to show off his man empire , 1914 we had an officialcourage so surprisingly he assassi- world war that left 36 millions causu-nated the Archduke of Austria Franz lities and 8 millions homeless behind.Ferdinand and his wife Sophie when Be nice and gentleman like Gavrliovisiting Sarajevo on 28th -june-1914 Principwhose death became the catalyst forthe outbreak of WWI that led to :-Indescribable rage from Russia anddeclared war against Austria that in10 WINK Magazine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 In the world of movies, a conflict with a great script, amazing costume man took the already great role andmovie is only as good as its villain. design and stunning makeup makes added his own mixture of humor andVillains differ in many aspects. Some this particular Joker one of the best pure menace which are rarely seen onhave human treats like intelligence and - if not the best - villains of all time. the silver screen. Just think about thetechnology, others have supernatural The amazing thing about The Joker is first time you watched the pencil scene.or superhuman treats. And whether it not his vileness, all villains have that. How can a murder be that horrifyingis to take over the world, revive kryp- Also not his brutality as his body count and funny at the same time?. I knowton, feed on poor victims’ souls and was not high at all. He also had no pow- many viewers - myself included - whoflesh or kill Mufasa and take over the ers, no superhuman abilities, he couldn’t ended up cheering for The Joker to winkingdom, all villains have one thing in even fight very well. What makes him and not Batman. If only those prisonerscommon, they all have a goal, a mis- such a fearsome foe is that he has no listened.sion or a purpose they seek to achieve. end game, nothing to do, prove or dis-Nevertheless, there is always that one prove. As Alfred (Michael Caine) put Mohamed Hamoudaodd duck, the one who’s not quite like it, he just wants to see the world burn”the others, and that - ladies and gentle- and according to the man himself, whomen- is Heath Ledger’s Joker from the said to Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) “iconic The Dark Knight (2008). The You know what I am? I’m a dog chas-late Ledger gave a lifetime perfor- ing cars. I wouldn’t know what to domance which granted him an Oscar with one if I caught it! I just do things.”.(which is still the only Oscar awarded As for Ledger, nothing I can say couldto a superhero movie). That along even describe his performance. TheWINK Magazine 11


ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 tIhlaetarrnetaltlyheefrfeeacltsmyeoaunribngehtaoviboer aandbealcietvioenrs! and howD Lemo graduated from Fac- How do you develop What’s your favorite ulty of Commerce, Banha yourself outside of the food? University. Started hi ca- work environment? reer in the Hand-Made products Pasta - chicken with all it’s kind - Industry in Khan El Khalily Area. Reading articles , or explore new Mushrooms. His first salary was 185 EGP per activity. week. In 2006, He joined the Call What’s your fav pet? Center Industry as a Tele-sales. If you could go back Lemo finds Mai El Menaway five years, what advice Dogges as his own source of ener- would you give your gey and passion in Careem. younger self? Tell us about your- Outside Careem, he re- self since the day you lays on his first Team Lead- Act more wisely. joined careem till to- ers, Islam and Hashem Bay- day? what advise woumy to influence him. Are you smart, or do would you like to give During this interview, we tried to you work hard? (The our new tigers? discover more about Lemo. answer cannot be both ) I knew about Careem from a FB What are you most curi- add. I joined on 11/2015. ous about in life? If I’m fully dedicated to some- Used to take local transporta- thing that I do believe, then I tions for the first year from Maa- People’s mentality & mindset. work so damn hard. di to Oct. ! I learnt the real meaning to be a Is it better to be ex- What is the most believer! and how that really ef- traordinary and late, or courageous thing you fects your behavior and actions. good and on time? have done in your life? My advice to new tigers is to bond fast here, this is the easi- est to do in Careem. What make scene to me is good Standing with my family and 13 and on time, but my style is it not giving up on them and walk better to be extraordinary and away. WINK Mlataeg.azine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 LOVE LIFE Huda Shaikh Stop loving to empty yourself or fill someone WINK MagazineFall in love to have conversations with the moon at 2amTo find pleasure looking at the leaves fall from the tree. To blush over the fragrance of fresh flowers. To give a name to song in your playlist. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE TO FEEL ALIVE. ON CRUSHED SUNFLOWERSIf We all whisper one kind word to each other on lonely nights. Imagine how many faces will wake up with smile. ON BLOOMING SUNFLOWERS If you made it when the stars had broken. All hope was lost. Think of all the magic that you can create When the sun comes up again tomorrow. BROKEN SHELLSIf you take away the burden from men to solely fend for families. And women to accept this fate. You might see a lot more happier faces on streets. 14

Swimming ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018With Her Abdullah YousrySo this time I was swimming under the sunlight.. It was dawn, the sun rays were reflecting on the sea. Water was warm,perfect timing for a swim. As usual, I skipped all the people enjoying their shower “that’s what I call when I see peoplestanding by the shore” I went as deep as I could, escaping from people so I can only be surrounded by water from four sides.I was enjoying the moment and I started shouting and screaming, you know we “humans” our be-havior changes and tend to be strange, weird, we do ridiculous stuff when we are alone.I, as an example, called myself immediately (Son of the sea) and shouted “I am the son of the sea, no one can beat me” em-barrassing, right? but let’s say I was having fun and no one was watching, or at least that’s what I thought..Then I heard a sound.. I looked towards it.. I saw her.. She I never saw jellyfish that big in my life, at first she scaredwas swimming right beside me, very beautiful, shiny, the shit outta me!! That was a complete changeover, I re-seemed relaxed.. refreshed.. her skin was very soft, she mained silent and first thing that came to my mind was tohas been proven to be the most energy efficient swim- go away, and an inner voice was saying “RUN for your life”mer, she moves through the water by radially expand- But I decided to come closer, watch her swimming, was try-ing and contracting her body to push water behind her. ing to get as close as I can.. And I was only 3 meters awaySo I wondered should I come closer? Will I be up to the con- when she noticed my presence. She suddenly sprang outsequences? I was approaching and getting closer..but some- and fired her venom to gradually fade into the depth of thething stopped me, I remembered the pain and how I suffered sea, seeking protection by keeping her distance and to makeafter.. I am still hurt, well I still have a sting on my arm from sure I won’t follow, she went deep inside the sea where shewhen we last met.. belongs.. And I went to my family outside, grabbed some-This time, she was an umbrella sized jellyfish.. thing to eat.. and I still remember her swimming..WINK Magazine 15

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018MY BODY ISMY BUDDYSteve Jobs once said “if you are of- are happy, sad, disappointed, it would go for stored fat to givefered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask bored, rejected, broken..etc you energy when you workoutwhat seat, just get on“. That called emotional food, your because you ensured it there is aLife is too short to deal with bad food. mind starts to resist those nega- lot more food to feed it with andAnd cheap drinks. tive feelings by keeping busy with you don’t intend to starve it soDon’t you want to be that fit fifty food to prevent you from get- eventually you would lose all thatshredded model you see on Forbes ting sad and affecting the whole annoying fat stored all over themagazine, ain’t you tired from being body with that unneeded sadness body *Second scenario: the bodynot in shape all the time ? goes for protein as a source ofIt’s totally fine to start all over again .it 4. Simple daily changes: energy so you lose muscle, whenis Never too late, you just need to lis- No more soda, my granny used you don’t feed that smart machineten to your body, love your body, your to say, ”Soda are for toilets.” That with proper food on a daily basis,body is your buddy ,actually my bestie. powerful component in soda the body starts to keep the storedSmall daily changes can absolutely is used to clean toilets, furnish fat for those black days you are tolead to major changes eventually, self coins and jewels :’) it is destroy- deprive it from food and starts toand body investment are the most ing your inner guts for sure. stop go for protein in your muscles as asuccessful projects that someone can spending those money on ruin- temporary source of energy whenconsider, close your eyes and picture ing your life for the god sake. you workout. Trust me you don’tyourself in the body you are dream- want to lose muscles and keeping of, whether it is jennifer lopez’s 5. Take the stairs instead of eleva- the fat, the fat is our main target,rocking body or dwayne johnson’s tor, 1000 steps burn 150 calories, destroy that fat and get shredded,killer six pack abs ! Interesting, right ? wake up earlier and walk your- ensure your body your by feed-Of course you can do it, the point is self to work ,get that fresh air in ing it on a daily basis wheneveryou never gave your buddy a chance your brain (move more, sit less) hungers knocks on the door, andto amaze you, human bodies are the i guarantee you that your body ingreatest programised structures one 6. Water, water and water. The es- return will amaze you. A live exam-can witness through life. Every section sential reason for life, it flushes ple we all witness: someone whoinside of it will take you years just to all the toxins from that body, 8 hits the gym every single day andfind out how it works. cups a day keeps the doctor away. have a very strict diet that focusesDon’t let anyone tell you can’t do it ,cuz on one egg for breakfast and twoyou surely can, get on you feet and 7. 7-lose fat not muscles :set a tar- cucumbers for lunch, ridiculous,embrace those tips whose results will get, whether staying healthy or right? And loses not a single grampositively shock you: dropping sizes. you definitely can of fat, he only loses water (de-1. Love whom you’re already are, un- do it . There is absolutely huge dif- hydration) and muscles and the ference between losing pure (Fat) whole shape is still not satisfying. doubtedly, you rock, but we human and losing muscles or water, it’s Of course that machine can’t be beings never settle for ordinary, dependent on your diet, whether it satisfied with a one-egg break- we want more the extra-ordinary. is a healthy one that provides your fast, I mean a toddler can’t be ei-2. It is never about sizes, it is body with all needed nutrients ther, that won’t even be enough about feeling healthy and sound or it is depriving the body from to keep tYou alive, have proper Stay healthy and you’ll fit all sizes the essential minimum elements diet that suits your (age, gender,3. Know what makes you overeat to stay alive. when you workout, weight, health condition, weather, (emotional food): we eat when the body starts to find any source daily activity, target), there are of energy (fat stored in body or millions of types of dietitian over protein stored in muscles). If you there, you just need to fully un- regularly feed it with amounts of derstand that body, listen to it, daily needed dose of nutrients, to pick the right regimen for it.16 WINK Magazine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 Nadeen Abuzaid 10. Give yourself a treat when you are a good boy. 8. Never go out without snacks Topics on our agenda to be discussed (healthy ones, of course) so you later: can tell that body, “I assure you that • Keto diet I’m feeding you with those snacks • Paleo diet till we get home.” • Intermittent fasting • Gluten free diet 9. Don’t skip meals (the human body • What‘s difference between healthy is one of most intelligent creatures, when the body senses that you are fat & saturated fats? starving it, it goes into starvation • Mediterranean diet mood (camel mood) it begins to • Detoxification store food as fat to be source for en- • 30-days no junk food challenge ergy for all the day you are to starve • 30-days water challenge yourself) So don’t starve yourself, • Snacking recipes eat more small healthy meals.WINK Magazine 17

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 Ingredients Perfect • All purpose Chips (optional)For Diet Flour • Oil 2-3 tbsp • Milk 3-4 tbsp • Vanilla Essence • Baking Soda • Seedless Dates • Baking Powder • 2-3 Eggs • Salt • 500 gms unsalted Butter • Walnuts (optional) • Some ChocolateHAurtdicaleShbayi:kh Banana Wa18 WINK Magazine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 Method 1. Heat oven to 350°F 2. In a large mixing bowl beat butter ,vanilla essence and egg until light and fluffy. Ensure to beat in eggs, one at a time. 3. Sift flour, baking powder, baking soda and pinch of salt together. Mix mashed bananas crushed dates , oil and milk together. 4. Blend dry ingredients into batter alternating with banana mixture. 5. Add the walnuts and chocolate chips No Sugar6. Pour batter into greased and floured baking pan. 7. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until cake testeralnut Cake Withinserted in center comes out clean.WINK Magazine 19

HealISSUE02/JULY2018 A Journey to aSo what do we order today? Some pasta? or maybe Pizza? What aboutMac and cheese? I’m not too hungry, so I’ll have a mini burger withfries instead.We often crave delicious looking, processed and unhealthy foods.Sometimes a quick-bite or something that is displayed and platedwell, so we can take that instagram photo or upload it on snapchat.The issue here, is that we do not manage our food intake and end upovereating. And when our clothes do not fit us anymore, we begin toget conscious and weight loss is what we crave for in the end.We then start looking for quick and easy ways, various diets, differenttypes of foods, and exercises that could help boost weight-loss.Worse comes to worst we still have options to try surgical means. Butlet’s not get into that right now.The point is that we trying to be fancy on the outside, not taking intoconsideration our health and our wellbeing which needs to be ourutmost priority. Instead of looking for shortcuts, why don’t we createa lifestyle which would benefit us in the long run?“My journey began towards the end of July 2016, when I weighed 87Kilos, which was not very suitable considering my height. Having a lotof health issues, carrying around that kind of weight, not progressingwell in my most favorite sport - Football, and not attractive to anyonearound me, in-turn I was going through depression. I was temptedand engrossed in the luxuries of life and just like everybody else, I triedvarious ways to lose weight too. Be it diets, exercises, and fasting.However, none seemed to work.One day I came across a powerful message on “the importance ofdiscipline” in all that we do, and I thought to myself, why don’t I applythis to my weight loss program?A year and a half of hard work and consistency, I dropped down to 64Kilos. Where now there are no bigger problems in my life, than mywardrobe. But, looking at the brighter side of it, I feel physically fit andmentally strong.”An organized and strictly followed plan, turned to a habit andconverted to a lifestyle for me, and you know what?You can do it too.Often, in life the things that may seem difficult and arduous, are onlyattainable through self discipline. Discipline is very important in whatever we do. If you want to achieve something, do itconsiste2n0tly and IT HAS TO WORK. WINK Magazine

lthyISSUE02/JULY2018LifestyleBelow are a few keys that helped unlock the doors to my healthy lifestyleand can help guide you towards yours:Wake up early - It improves your quality of sleep. Early risers often havevery well established sleep routines. This means going to bed early, andmost likely at the same time every day. This makes it easier to establisha habit of waking up earlier, and at the same time every morning, whichhelps in enhancing your productivity throughout the day.Drink enough Water - Drink water throughout the day, not just when youare thirsty, as you are already dehydrated by then. Have a glass of waterwhen you wake up, a glass of water before each meal, and a glass beforeduring and after any form of exercise. It is essential to have at least 8 tallglasses of water everyday.Have a heavy and a healthy breakfast - Your mother was right: Breakfastreally is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give youenergy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits,including weight control and improved performance.There’s a time for everything - Do Not Skip Your Meals, Fasting sets off ahost of processes in the body which trigger fat to be stored around themiddle. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Make sure your meals are wellplanned and timed to a specific routine everyday. This helps your body inunderstanding your food habits and accordingly not make any necessaryarrangements(fat collection).Exercise daily - Be it walking, jogging/running, swimming, any activitythat includes physical movement. Regular physical activity can improveyour muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygenand nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system workmore efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you havemore energy to tackle your daily chores.And while you plan to do this, make sure you are disciplined enough tofollow it regularly.As Emerson rightly said “Sow a thought, you reap an action; sow an act,you reap a habit; sow a habit, you reap a character; sow a character youreap a destiny.”It’s a fact: It takes 21 days to create a habit, and 90 days to make it alifestyle. All we need is 21 days of dedication, and 3 months of consistencyto change the way we live, the result will be for you to experience andshare. WINK Magaz ine Yalla! Let’s be healthy! 21

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 FoodArticle by: Food is one of the basic need of human being for their survival, to keep themBushra Sharif healthyandkeepthenutrientsoftheirbodyuptothemark.Foodmustbehealthy and fresh so it can be completely dissolved with body particles however if the choice of food is not that much good it may cause some severe disease as well. Food can be obtained from different type of sources like hunting, cultivating plants, gathering it from agricultural lands, obtaining it from oceans and fresh water but majority of population is gathering it from crops and livestock. There are different type of nutrients present in food like vegetables have different stigmas, fruits of different season contain different type of stigmas and so on. The prime importance of food is to gain normal growth and body development, nutrition can play a vital role in the promotion of health and to prevent body from different type of disease. The human body is just like a machine like machine needs care, oil to run and to burn it for the outcome of the engine. Just like that human body re- quires food to produce force in body which keeps the heart beating, lungs breathing and legs to move. The discovery of vitamins is food is another great achievement of science to know which food is best for body at the time of need. Same if the choice of food is not good and if the growth of food is not in good environment then it can be turned from blessing to disease. The haz- ard of over nutrition may also cause the various type of disease. So keeping the balance is food’s nutrition is the best way to make it a blessing. Human diet is not only limited to any specific cat- egory of food. Man can eat meat, plants, drink milk to get nutrients for their body needs. If the food is healthy then it will not cause any short or long term health problem. It should not contain any type of con- taminated or injurious contents. Eating vegetable and large amount of fresh food can reduce the chances of disease to grow inside body and can also help in maintaining good health. After all it’s a saying that; You don’t have to fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh in- gredients. (Julia Child)22 WINK Magazine

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018Health In PakistanHealth problems in Pakistan are mainly adminis- “ “Health is wealth “. Atrated in the private sector which accounts for sound body have soundapproximately 80% of all out patients visit. The mind, In order to over-public sector was until recently laid by the Min- come these problems itistry of Health, which is the department for the is very important for usprovision medical services responsible to frame to realize these problemsthe health policies at a national level, and to take proper ac-In Pakistan major chunk of population is living tions towards them sobelow the poverty line in such scenario where that we can make Paki-it has become really difficult for a poor man to stan healthier and better.feed his family and himself. WHO (World Health Article by:Organization) that is responsible to deal with the Muhammad Imranhealth issues all around the world. WHO spon-sors program to prevent and treat with harmfuldiseases. It also offers awareness about the dis-eases so that people may protect them and keepthemselves safe.On the other side poor people also can save theirlives from dangerous diseases via cautions andexercise by doing exercise on daily basis. Theyshould be eat fruits in lunch, as approximately,must avoid from burger, shawarma, fast foodetc.! Priority should be to use vegetables, fruitsand dry fruits.WINK Magazine 23

‫‪ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018‬‬ ‫ذا فوود ديلر‬ ‫‪Ahmed Elsaied‬‬ ‫‪The‬‬ ‫‪Food Dealer‬‬‫مقولة ان اقرب حاجه لقلب الراجل هي معدته‬‫ممكن تكون فعلا حقيقة و مش بس للراجل بس‬‫كمان للست و ده مش مجرد كلام بس كل واحد‬‫فينا بيلاقى حاجه في الاكل ممكن تخليه مبسوط‬‫أو ممكن تغيرله المود بتاعه تماما ؛ أنا مثلا‬‫اشتغلت قبل كده فى كذا مكان اتعلمت منهم‬‫ازاى أعمل أكل و كمان الحلويات و بقيت أحب أكل‬‫مش مجرد عشان جعان ؛ لأ بس بقيت أحب اتبسط و‬‫أنا باكل و بقيت أحب أجرب أكل جديد و أجرب أعمله‬‫حتى لو معرفتش بس اتبسطت وانا بجرب ؛ حبي‬‫للأكل خلانى أروح أكتر من مكان ‪ ,‬أسافر كمان كذا‬‫محافظه عشان أجرب مطاعم و أماكن بتعمل أكل‬‫حتى لو معجبنيش بس كنت بحب أجرب عشان أعرف‬‫رأى الناس هيبقى زى رأيي ولا لأ ؛ بالنسبة ليا الأكل‬‫حياة تانية و أكيد عارف ان فى ناس كتير هتقول ان‬‫الأكل مجرد وسيلة للحياة مش أكتر بس هقولكوا‬‫ان احنا موجودين فى الدنيا عشان نتعلم و نجرب‬‫حاجات جديدة مش مجرد نعمل كل حاجه و نعيدها‬‫زى ما هى ؛ أنا فاكر كنت لسه بجرب اعمل زلابية‬‫في البيت ؛ و بدل البيكنج بودر حطيت نشا فى‬‫العجين و بمجرد ما جيت اقليها لقيتها بتطير بمعنى‬‫الكلمه و لزقت في السقف و ابتدت تولع فى‬‫الطاسة و كنت هولع فى الشقه بس بعد ما خلصت‬‫كل حاجه قعدت اضحك عشان عملت حاجة جديدة‬‫و جربت وفشلت بس دلوقتى بقيت أعملها بكل نوع‬‫وغير الزلابية كتير أهم حاجة تبقى مبسوط ؛ عشان‬‫كده بقى اسمى ‪The Food Dealer‬؛ ناس كتير‬‫فى الفلور كانت مبتحبش تاكل من أماكن معينه‬‫و كانوا دايما بيقولوا عليهم أكلهم مش حلو بس‬‫لما طلبت أنا من الاماكن دى الناس بقت عرفانى‬‫بالاسم و بقت تعمل ليا الف حساب عشان من كتر ما‬‫انا بحب الاكل بقيت فاهم كل حاجه فيه بقيت أحب‬‫كل حاجه تبقى مظبوطه ؛ مش مجرد أكل و بس ؛‬‫أنا عارف طبعا ان فى ناس هتقول الاكل أكيد مش هيخليك بصحه كويسه بس هرجع و أقوله عيش حياتك و‬‫بشوية مجهود هتظبط نفسك و هتاكل براحتك و اللى بتحبه و مش هيأثر عليك ؛ أنا كل ده حابب اوصل فكرة‬‫معينة اللى هى اعمل الحاجه اللى بتحبها اللي بتبسطك و ابعد عن الزعل و جرب حاجه جديدة و عيش حياتك صح‬‫من غير غلط دى هى حياة واحدة تعيشها أوعى تضيعها و اتبسط حتى لو بحاجة صغيرة ؛ و ميهمكش كلام الناس‬‫انت ممكن كمان تحاول تغير رأى الناس في الحاجة دى زى منا عملت ؛ متضيعش عمرك في الشغل و بس اتبسط‬‫و عيش و اعمل كل حاجه بدل صح و أهم حاجه اضحك دايما حتى لو جواك أيه هتلاقى الضحكة تهون أى جراح‪.‬‬‫‪24 WINK Magazine‬‬

‫‪ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018‬‬ ‫بره الملعب‬ ‫كتابة مجدي علي‬‫العالم و نكسر الدنيا ‪ ..‬طب ايه المؤشرات اللي وصلتكوا‬ ‫اسهل حاجه عندنا هي الكلام و دايما بنتكلم و نحكم‬‫لكده‪ .‬تالق صلاح في اوروبا مش معناه اننا هناخد كاس‬ ‫و احنا بره الملعب لكن محدش بيحط نفسه مكان‬‫العالم لان ببساطة كورة القدم لعبة جماعية من ‪ 11‬لاعب‪.‬‬ ‫اللاعيب اللي في الملعب و اهم حاجه هي التقطيع و‬‫بس هل لاعيبة المنتخب هي سبب الاخفاق ده ؟ للاسف‬ ‫التنظير نهاجم اي حد ياخونا دي الناس بقيت بتهاجم‬‫الاجابة لأ‪ .‬يبقي اكيد الجهاز الفني هو السبب ؟ برضوا لأ‬ ‫صلاح ‪ ....‬صلاح اللي نفس الناس دي كانت بتعامله‬ ‫علي انه قديس قبل كاس العالم بقي بيتهاجم‪.‬‬ ‫كنا بس محتاجين ادارة علي مستوي عالي تقدر تواكب‬ ‫المشكلة مش في الهجوم علي صلاح المشكلة ان كل‬ ‫الحدث العالمي و التاريخي اللي اول مرة يحصل من ‪28‬‬ ‫الناس فجاءة بقيت محلليلين و نقاد رياضيين ة بداوا‬ ‫سنه و يا عالم هيحصل تاني امتي! اعتقد الجيل ده كسر‬ ‫يتكلموا في المشاكل الفنية و طريقة اللعب ة بقينا‬ ‫‪ 100‬مليون مدرب فجاءة‪ .‬رغم ان السبب الاساسي في‬ ‫العقدة و قدر يوصل و هيقدر يوصل تاني بس ساعتها‬ ‫الصدمة هو الجمهور نفسه بالاضافة للاعلام طبعا ‪ .‬الناس‬ ‫مش هيبقي المهم اننا نوصل هيبقي المهم الادارة ازاي‬ ‫من كتر ما هي مش مصدقة ان حلم الصعود اتحقق بعد‬ ‫‪ 28‬سنة سقف الطموح علي اوي عندهم لدرجة انك و انت‬ ‫هندير الحدث ده ‪...‬‬ ‫ماشي في الشارع و قبل كاس العالم بشهور كنت بسمع‬ ‫كلمة من الاخر ‪ ..‬طول ما مفيش ادارة مفيش نجاح‬ ‫الناس بتتكلم ان المنتخب هيكسب الفرقة الفلانية كذا و‬ ‫ولا تقدم في اي مجال حتي في الكورة‪ .‬العيب مش‬ ‫يتعادل مع الفرقة التانية و بيقولوا بعدد الاهداف كمان‬ ‫في اللاعيبة و لا المدرب ‪ .‬العيب في الادارة اللي جابت‬ ‫و في ناس وصلة المنتخب لدور ال ‪ .8‬طب بامارة ايه يا‬ ‫جماعة و علي اي اساس يعني بعد ‪ 28‬سنة هنروح كاس‬ ‫المدرب عشان يجيب اللاعيبة‪.‬‬ ‫نقطة و من اول السطر‪.‬‬‫‪WINK Magazine‬‬ ‫‪25‬‬

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 CREACREO 26 WINK Magazine


‫‪ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018‬‬‫إذا لم تعرف قصة حياة‬ ‫كريس جاردنر عليك‬ ‫بمشاهد فيلم‬ ‫‪The Pursuit of‬‬ ‫‪Happiness‬‬‫إذا لم يعجبك وضعك قم‬ ‫‪“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t‬‬‫بتغييره‪ ،‬إذا لم تستطع‬ ‫‪do something. Not even me. You got a‬‬‫حاول إذا لم تستطع اطلب‬ ‫”‪dream, you got to protect it.‬‬‫المساعدة الممكنة‪ ،‬إذا لم‬‫تستطع حاول مجدد ًا وفكر‬ ‫لم يرتكب سانتياجوالخطأ الثالث رغم أنه إذا إستسلم لن يلومه أحد‬‫في الأمر جدي ًا إذا كان عليك‬ ‫على إراقة دماء مجده من أجل العائلة‪ ،‬لن يلومه أحد على الإنسحاب‪،‬‬‫الإستمرار أم أنه من الحكمة‬ ‫ستملك سبب ًا لتعطيه لأصدقائك عندما يسالونك لماذا لم تجري الأمور‬‫الإستسلام‪ ،‬وإتخاذ القرار‬‫بالإستمرارية أو التوقف‬ ‫على ما يرام “آه‪ ،‬لقد فقدت والدي وكان علي العودة لتولي الأمور‬‫في هذه النقطة هو‬ ‫مكانه”‪.‬‬‫العامل المحرك لكل شئ‪.‬‬‫في النهاية يمكنك‬ ‫او هذه هي الطريقة التي أرادك والدك أن تفكر بها‪.‬‬‫الإنسحاب بشرف‪ ،‬ليس‬‫كل إنسحاب ًا مخزي ًا‪ ،‬وليست‬ ‫‪WINK Magazine‬‬‫كل محاولة فاشلة إلا‬‫طريقة أخرى ستتجنبها في‬‫المحاولة القادمة للنجاح‪.‬‬ ‫‪28‬‬

‫‪ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018‬‬ ‫‪The Pursuit of‬‬ ‫‪Happiness‬‬ ‫كتابة يحى‬ ‫يتخذ الأمر الكثير من الشجاعة والثقة لإنهاء شيئ ًا‬ ‫لم تعد تعمل معه محاولاتنا المستمرة‪ ،‬لإنهاء شيئ ًا‬ ‫لم نعد نملك الشغف الكافي تجاهه للإستمرارية‪.‬‬ ‫قد تكبر وتكبر معك أمنية أن تصبح طبيب ًا أو مهندس ًا أو‬ ‫حتى راقص ًا معاصر ًا محترف ًا مثل فرانسيس في فيلم‬ ‫فرانسيس ها التي رمت بنفسها تحت أنياب نيويورك‬ ‫مؤمنة بكل أحلام ان تكون راقصة محترفة رغم أنها‬ ‫لاتتقن الرقص بالقدر الكافي‪ ،‬لاتمتلك شقة‪ ،‬في‬ ‫خضم فقدان أعز أصدقائها وتوقف حسابها البنكي‬ ‫المصائب لا تأتي فرادى‪ ،‬او هكذا يقولون‪ ،‬لكن‬ ‫فرانسيس لم تستلم‪ ،‬حاولت العمل بجد أكثر‪،‬‬ ‫إستهلكت كل ذرة طاقة وكل علاقة تملكها‬ ‫وكل سنت تملكه من أجل أن تصل لما تنشده‬ ‫لكن بالنهاية لم يكن بوسعها إلا أن تعرف حدود قدراتها‪،‬‬ ‫وتستسلم‪ ،‬وإستيعاب فكرة أنه ربما الحياة التي لم نتمناها‬ ‫وفرضتعلينابحكمكلشئليستبهذاالسوءوأنالتعايش‬ ‫مع عمل ًا موازي ًا وصداقات خفيفة وشقة صغيرة تشبهها‬ ‫قد تمكن من إشعارها بالسعادة وتحقيق الذات بالنهاية‬ ‫“أحيان ًا يفترض بك فعل ماعليك فعله عندما يفترض بك‬ ‫فعله”‬ ‫الخطأ الأول عند الإستسلام هو الإستسلام قبل الآوان‪،‬‬ ‫والخطأ الثاني هو الإستسلام بعده‬ ‫على الصعيد الآخر سانتياجو مونيز في فيلم ‪Goal‬‬ ‫الشاب المكسيكي الموهوب كروي ًا يعمل بالنهار مع‬ ‫والده وبالليل في مطعم صيني مجاور لا يقبل ترقيته‬ ‫لأنه ليس صيني ًا‪ ،‬ويلعب في نادي بلدته لأن هذا أقصى‬ ‫ما يستطيع فعله كمهاجر فقط ليتعايش‬ ‫“من الجيد أن يكون عندك حلم يا بني‪ ،‬لكن أشخاص مثلنا يجب أن تعمل لتعيش”‬‫فلتضرب بكلام والدك عرض الحائط يا سانتياجو وتسافر ستة آلاف كيلو متر فقط من أن أجل إختبار في نيو كاسل يونايتد‬‫الذي لم يتوقع سقوطك المتكرر قبل إستيعاب أنك فرصته المنتظرة في الصعود وأن مدخرات جدتك لم تضيع هبا ًء‬ ‫لكن ماذا بعد؟ تفقد أسرتك عائلها الوحيد ويتوجب عليك العودة‪ ،‬يتوجب عليك الإستسلام‪ ،‬والتخلي عن الشئ الوحيد‬ ‫الذي جعلك تشعر بتحقيق ذاتك‪ ،‬يجب أن تعود الآن‪ .‬نسيت أن أخبرك أن الخطأ الثالث أحيان ًا هو الإستسلام من الأساس‪.‬‬‫‪WINK Magazine‬‬ ‫‪29‬‬

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 Blackness On PaperThose are the only white spaces that provoke me to speak. I speak in the lan-guage of coal and lead. Its like a mental exercise to discharge negative ener-gy of the interior inside me and create the most beautiful painting at the end.They are not just a drawing on paper, but each one of them has a story, per-haps adisappointment. Therefore it is difficult to give others any of these-drawings because they bear memories belong to me, and many secrets hid-den in the folds of eyes and hair! When I want to speak without saying a word,and because they are silent, they don’t talk to anyone except me.I used to say that art is cool and effected on personality so I would like toshare my talent with people to let them know that everyone of us isgifted by God but we should learn how to discover that gift.Aseel Al-Attar WINK Magazine 30

MEET CARE ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 TEAM, JORDAN SHATHA GHBARI I have studied Electronics Engineering at Yarmouk University, my passion to the art inspired me to share my talent with people so I make small project name by Shatha gallery that can help me to show my talent and my art to the people AHMAD ALAWNEH I’m 23, I’ve studied finance at Al Al Bait University, I am working in Extensya Company at Careem account, I had a lovely relationship with my camera “which is CANON D650“, I like taking photos spe- cially photography wildlife and micro, my passion in photography encouraged me to start from the basics and simple beginnings, so I developed by myself as and invested my skills from simple op- portunities to refine my vision of the perspective of photography. RAWAN DUHAIMSH I studied English language and literature in Yarmouk University, I had taken a lot of advanced courses such as HR, PR and T.O.T, I work as Tutor for English language and Physics and at the same time I work as CSR at Extensya Company which my section is in the Cash Collection. And at the end I’m small photography.WINK Magazine ASMA’A AL SHURAFA’A I’ve 23 years old, I’ve studied Biotechnology and Genetic Engineer- ing, and now I’m studying Master of Microbiology, I’m working At Extensya Company At Careem account, Photography for me is showing hidden beauty of moments, I started taking photos five years ago. I started shooting through my modest camera “Canon 7xi”. Then I had my own camera, which I loved very much, I am pas- sionate and I love to share my work with you and wish you like it as I do. 31

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 “In the military, I was a member of the armed forces. We were get- ting ready for a raid. We all got ready and gathered around the tanks. Our destinations happens to be one of the most dangerous areas, AI small town surrounded by hills at all sides, the perfect spot for snip- ers. Upon reaching our destination, we received our commands and n athllegmoitlitianryt,hIeiwraps oasimtieomnb.eMr yofctohme marmaendd wthaesir tpoowkeer,etpowaanrdes ythee otannkt.hUeponnorerathching the base, forsciedse. Wofe thweerehiglle.t2tinogthreeardsy afonrdamrayids.elWf ewearneotihnerthveehisclaemwaes wroaiotimng,,two haatvcehmiendgelivered to the allthgeot hriella-dsyidaen,dwgaatihtienregd foarrouonudr tnheexttanckos.mmhosapnitdal.. ISnolesits wthaans1,0Iscecroanwdsle, wdeowuetre on our way. of the room, located on the rooftop of the building, to set my heavy Ougrundeostninatthioenshehadpgpeenas ntdo sbheoootnea foef wthreouIncdousldatfetehl ethehiilml.pAactsuofdedveerny bbulamcpkin the road. I most oduantg.e“rAoums Iadreeasa,d?A” Ismopallentoewdnmsyureroyuensd-, toscfrienadmemd yofspealifn,lospoekaikningg uantctlehaerlys. kByyt.hen, I couldn’t ed byMhiyllshaetaarlilngsidsees,ntsheespgerrfaedctusaplolyt cfoarmsneipb- acrekaltiozemtheat, wheitwhaas jvuestrytryloinugdtobseaevepmy life. They ers. Uipnotnhereabcahcinkggroourunddes.tiInwatiaons, dwraegrgeceediveindtoktehptearsokiongmm.eAqtutehsteiocnsortonemraiontfamin ymy conscious- our ceoymem,aInwdsasanadblealtl ogsoet e ian htuhgeier ppiolesitoiofnb. lonoesds,, eclvareifryiengxpexaanctdlyinwgh.atThhaepypehneedld. I was sniped. a piece of cloth to the back of my neck, to interrupt the bleeding. My comThmeanydcwaarsriteo dkemepeanaenyde ornanthewniotrhthesvideeroyfthiTnhge binulletht ceaimr epion wfroemr,thtoe wfroanrtdsisdethofemy jaw, to exit the hiltl.a2nkot.heUrspoannd rmeyaseclhf iwnegretihnethbe asasmee, aronoomt,hefrrovmethhiecbleacwk oafsmwy naeictikn. g“w, htaot ihf aI vkneew this would watchimngethdeehliilvl-seidree,dwtaoitinthg efohr oousrpnietxatl.coInmmleasnsd.thhaanpp1e0n?seWchoatncdhosi,cewsewowuledrIemoakne?o” uI trhink to myself. way. I could feel the impact of every bWume aprriivnedthaet throe ahods.pIitaslc. Trheeadmocetodrsorfan few checks So it wpaas,inI ,csrapweleadkoinutgouf nthceleroaormly, .loBcaytetdhoenn,thIe coounlmden’atnrderaeqliuzeestethd atrtanhseferwtoasanjuinstetrcity hospital. rooftoptroyfinthge tbouisldainvge, tmo yseltifmey. Thehaevyy gkuenpotnatshkeing me questions to maintain my hedgecaondnsschoiootusanfeewssr,oucnldasriaftytinhegheillx. aAcstulyddwenhatOnhoauprpweayn, tehdey.mI owtivaastesdnmipe ienda.wTayhtehat I could nev- black obuut.l“lAemt Icdaemade?” iInopfernoemd mtyheeyefsr,otonftinsdimdeyseolff meyr djeaswcr,ibteoinewxiotrdfsr.oImfeltthaleivebmacorke othfan I have ever lookingmayt tnheecskky.. M“wy hheaatrinifg Iseknnseeswgrtahduisallwy coaumled hbaepenp.eI nw?illWnehveartfocrgheotitcheeswwordosuolfdmIy direct com- back tommaek,ew?i”thIathveirnyklotuod mbeyepseinlft.hWe beacakgrrroivunedd. amt atnhdeerh. o“thsepibtuallle.tTthhaet wdioll ckitlloyrosu,raalnready has your few checks on me and requested transnfaemretworiattneninotneitr,cwithyilehboesinpgitparol.duOcend and you will I was doraugrgewdainyt,o tthheeryoomm.oAttivthaetecodrnmer eof imny aeywe, IayntehvearthIeacroituclodminnge.ver describe in was abwle toorsdeesa. hIufgeelptilaeloivf belomodo, erveertehxpaanndIinhga. Tvheeyever been. I will never forget the held a wpieocredosf colofthmtoythdeibreaccktofcmoymnemcka,ntodinetre.rr“utphte bullet that will kill you, already the blehedaisngy.oThueryncaarmrieed mweraintdterannownithite,vewryhthiliengbineing produced and you will never hear it coming.”OmaOrmHaarnHafainafi WINK Magazine 32

ISSUE 02/ JULY 2018 Scarful_WINK Magazine Photo for Amr Yousry 33

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