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Flipbook_Poetry Compilation

Published by bhavyahere23, 2020-05-29 16:28:37

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FROM PRINCIPAL Deepa Kapoor Dear Parents,   Much before we closed down, we threw open a challenge to you, our teachers and our students to write poetry. What a deluge we received from all of you!   Writing poetry is a powerful form of self expression and the inspiration to write can come from anywhere as you can see in the variety we have here. Of course Covid-19 was a familiar theme.   Most of the poems were very good, so we decided to make this flipbook. Some of these which will be easy for children to memorise will be retained for our original purpose-i.e. a book of poems for children from Grades I to V to memorise and recite.   Thank you dear Parents, for your wonderful response- would one have imagined the beauty of words that came out of that came out of that one request?  

MA AND PA, LET ME BE LIKE RAIN…. Batul Zohar , Mother of Rashida Zohar, IV B Ask me what I would most like to become, MAI’dAsNayDjuPsAt l,i kLe EthTe rMaiEn. BE LIKE …. Just like the tiny droplets go from the sea upwards, Leaving behind the dirt that traps them in barbs. I wish to leave greed and grief BRAND And make knowledge my wings. POSITIONING AND And just like those tiny drops TARGET MARKETS   I want to soar and wisdom bring. The tiny drops go up And wait patiently in a cloud. I also wish to wait my turn And prepare till I can make y’all proud. When the time is right, the little drops return to their land. They clean the earth, nourish it and bloom the flowers unmanned. That’s what I seek to do Armed with knowledge and advice. To make the world a better place Just by being nice. And just like the rain drops finally meet the mighty sea I shall never forget that without drops like me, the sea would cease to be.

OUR WORLD AT WAR! Savitha Lunawath, Mother of ArhamLunawath, Class VII B A Our world is now at war With an enemy that's unseen But we can beat the invader If we all keep our hands clean No more shaking hands Don't touch your face Never stand too close In a crowded place Stay home stay safe Let's win the war again Protect our people n ourselves again With the virus called Covid 19

JOURNEY OF LIFE Deepti M Tripathi, Mother of Unnati B Tripathi, Class III A Forever in my Heart, Has this thought been kept... I want to fly high, But where have I been swept. Is it going to be a turn, Or a long lonely path.... I wonder if its the beginning, Or the destined aftermath. I toiled hard to keep going, As I never wish to stop... Will this be an event for life, Which turns the tabletop. To pull me out of despair, My prayers are my towing rope... In this world full of sorrows, My faith is my only hope.

MAGICAL MATH Dr. Priya, Mother of Adhya Class III D Wake up wake up, it’s 7 'o clock, On a Monday morning get ready and pull up your socks. Sharpen your mind with lessons of everyday, Time, Shapes, Calculations, it’s Math every way. My sandwich is square, but my plate is round, The fan has three blades, yet it's a circle when they go around. The clock teaches me how I can be on time, The calendar tells me if it's your birthday or mine. English Ma'am says turn to Chapter 7, question number 8, Art Sir says draw two triangles on your slate. It's amazing how there is Math everywhere, From your roll number in school to the height of the plane flying in the air. So let’s be friends with Math and practise it to perfection, Explore the world with subtraction, addition and multiplication!!

FIGHT THE GERMS (TUNE: I HEARTHUNDER!!) Munira Raja (Insiyah Raja) Class II E We can’t see germs!!! We can’t see germs!!! So, what do we do? So, what do we do? Wash our hands thoroughly, Wash our hands thoroughly. Scrub, rub, rub; Scrub, rub, rub!! We can’t see germs!!! We can’t see germs!!! So, what do we do? So, what do we do? Brush our teeth morning and night, Brush our teeth morning and night. Brush, brush, brush; Brush, brush, brush!! We can’t see germs!!! We can’t see germs!!! So, what do we do? So, what do we do? So, what do we do? So, what do we do? Use a tissue when you sneeze, Use a tissue when you sneeze. Oh, bless you; Oh, bless you!

SNOW WHITE AND HER SEVEN DWARFS BASED ON 7 VIRTUES AND & VICES) Munira Raja (Fatema Raja) Class VI D Snow white was a lovely girl living in the woods, She met seven dwarfs, who told her what is good!!! Mr. Charity says no Greed; Please help and feed the ones in need. Mr. Kindness says no to Envy; Stop being jealous and be friendly. Mr. Modesty says don’t show Pride; Always be humble and polite. Mr. Patience says control your Anger; Let’s breathe and stay calmer. Mr. Hard-work says no being Lazy; Just get going and don’t be hazy. Mr. Self- Control says no Gluttony; Hey watch out and don’t overdo. Mr. Purity says no Bad Thoughts; Come spread love and stay Positive.

POEMS BY AARTI GHOSALKAR, GRANDMOTHER OF AYAAN, SR.KG A Personal Hygiene Gratefulness and Kindness Got My Toothpaste, Got My Toothpaste We say \"Thank you\" Got My Brush, We say \"Please\" I Wont Hurry, I won’t Rush, We don’t interrupt or tease. Making sure My Teeth are Clean, We don’t argue Front and Back and in between. We don’t fuss. When I brush for quite a while We listen when folks talk to us. I will have a Happy Smile. We share our toys, And take our turn. Environment Good Manners aren't Our Earth is Special, there is just one. too hard to learn It gives us water, soil and sun. People and animals share the land, It's really easy Let's all lend a helping hand! when you find You can save water, and plant a tree Good Manners means Make a better home for you and me. JUST BEING KIND Recycle things, don’t throw away. Make every day an Earth day!

TOGETHER Latha Vydianathan, English Mentor If you cannot walk, Hold my hands, together we can run. If you cannot decide to move on, Hold my hands, together we can fly. If you are tired, Hold my hands, together we can explore. If you are weak, Hold my hands, together we can be strong. If you have made blunders, Hold my hands, together we can do wonders. If you cannot speak, Hold my hands, together we can voice it. Together is a great force, so just be there……….. For the reason that together we can achieve more!!

CORONA AND NATURE M. HEAMNTH, ClassVIII B. The sky is clear, the rivers are clean, Barren lands are starting to turn green. Ozone layer is healing, earth is getting a cure, The air around has never been so pure. For nature it is a blessing in disguise, A lesson for us humans to be more wise. We don't own the earth, we inhabit here, So we need to take its proper care. Don't just be scared, and see the bright side, Many animals are coming out their hide. We humans will surely find a way through, But hopefully we will learn a lesson new. A lesson to take care of our beautiful nature. A lesson to take care of other creatures.

MATHEMATICS IS FUN Dhwani Agarwal, Class VIII C \"MATHS ➕ YOU : CHAMPION Mathematics is full of fun ������ With so much to learn Profits are added ➕ Losses are subtracted ➖ It starts with 1 And ends with infinity Math is like time It never stops Math is like glue Once you know it , you can’t forget it Math is like a roller coaster It’s exciting It’s like a dice Which is very nice I don’t know what I would be If numbers weren’t me !! .

PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT!!! SAANVI SHARMA, Class VIII-A As population seems ever growing, Signs of damage the EARTH is showing. All area that PLASTIC has filled, Has led to thousands of species being killed. A wonder of universe only that has life Is on the verge of ending with its neck on a knife. So let's join hands and try our best, CONSERVE our today and PRESERVE our rest. Let's all plant a tree Make the earth POLLUTION FREE. Let's stop polluting Rivers, oceans and lakes, And heal the earth to Make it a better place.

GROWING OLD AVEDHYA MUDDASANI, Class VIII-C I am growing old It’s time to be bold. I am growing tall And hope, I don’t fall! I am slowly setting wings By learning new things Have to be responsible And hope, I make it possible. There would be problems in my walk But, just stand up and talk Just give it a nail- And hope, I won’t fail. It does indeed, seem to me strange Since, in myself I feel a change. LIFE is a TREASURE CHEST, And hope, I use it the BEST!

SUNRISE Dipansha Agarwal, Class VII D Sunrise, Oh sunrise You give me the power to rise, And hail the mighty sun Who fills my day with fun! It has no flaw And fills you with awe, There is so much of light That it makes your day bright. Sunrise, Oh sunrise You give me a splendid surprise, It is the greatest prize You guessed it right, It is sunlight Page 05

INTERNET LIFE Aryan Mittal, Class VII D Incredible urges to get away Not caring about what people say. They say it is a disease Every second I am in need, without it I freeze. Realize the power of internet Nothing can stop me from leaving it. Everything else means nothing The internet is everything Internet unites people, Creates friendships And develops love! It makes impossible things possible And makes talents never go waste in life! Internet has made the big world Into a small village within the palm of man!

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS ON EARTH C. Arham Lunawath, ClassVII B The earth needs you To change your ways Month by month And day by day The changes are easy Just look and you will see The difference that can be made By you and me. Single use plastic Lasts almost forever It might be cheap But it is not very clever It can end up in oceans, rivers and seas The wind sometimes carries it And it tangles in trees. When people drop it on to the ground This is not where it stays It travels around. If people used less A better place the world would be The future is in our hands Cut down and you will see The earth is beautiful And not saving it Is not an option

BOOKS Aashray Jhunjhunwala, Class VI C Books are our best friends Providing knowledge never ends Books tell us about everywhere We can carry them anywhere Books are very interesting They make our life more amusing They improve our language skills Reading books always thrills Books take us into the world of imagination They are the best way to spend time in recreation Books are essential in our academic life And helps to keep the brain always alive

CORONA, OH CORONA Anonymous It creeps into every house! We may resist We may fight But, to stay at home, I insist As it is only right Don’t stand too close In a public place Do not touch your nose Do not touch your face! If you have a cough If you have a fever Do not doze off Like a beaver! Consult a doctor If you feel sickly Do not be an procrastinator, Do it quickly. Make sure you stay at home Make sure you stay safe Don’t go to see a dome Don’t go to get a wage!

SPRING Aditya Siddartha. J, Class VI D When the buds bloom, You know that springs around the corner, Flowers all around you... Wow What a wonder! A beautiful smell, A beautiful weather, Then let’s go out because, Outside is where everyone gathers!! HOLIDAYS Amrutha Happy go lucky days Off go out days Lie in the bed days In the swimming pool days Daring challenge days About no homework days Go out and play days Sing a song merrily days

SUMMER Dhiti, Class X B In the cloudless days of summer, the sky lays motionless. The warm kiss of the sun melts my heart enough to hum. The endless balmy nights unveil some truly dreamy sights; If not for the moonlit sky, no spirits would be lifted high. From the breezy heavenly mornings to the evening’s purple glow, Summer is a home: to those who have lived and to those who are living.

रहने दो मा,ँ नह क ँ गा जद म बाहर जाने क । कहती हो ना तु ह , बात ये समझदारी दखाने क ।। आ श, ववान और द ाशं , यारे मुझको दो त सभी। हाथ हलाकर मले र स,े गले मलगे फर कभी।। साबनु दे दो, पानी दे दो, धो लूँ अपने हाथ जरा। ‘सावधानी इलाज़ से बहे तर’ नारा है ये खरा-खरा।। शु हवा और पानी साफ़, कृ त से हमने पाया। डाल गंदगी कर न षत, ट चर जी ने समझाया।। आँगन म लहराते पौधे, कै से महक रहे ह फू ल। इ ह स हालूँ, इ ह संजोऊँ , नह तोड़कर क ँ गा भूल।। पशु प ी ये पड़े और पौध,े इनका भी तो घर है यही। साथ-साथ मलकर है रहना, करना इनका नाश नह ।। याद रखँू म सारी बात, अ ा ब ा कहलाऊँ । हाथ जोड़कर करो ‘नम त’े आज सभी को सखलाऊँ ।। ANONYMOUS


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