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Published by BrandArt, 2018-09-06 05:02:24

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brand taking Art memories home 2019


04 Taking Memories Home Contents06 Trusted by Leading Brands08 Buying with Confidence10 Product Safety & Compliance12 Corporate Social Responsibility14 Product Development16 Knowing What to Stock20 Introducing Match30 Match Brights60 Match Mono78 Introducing Chromium82 Chromium Keyrings104 Chromium Pin Badges & Magnets108 Chromium Pencil Toppers120 Introducing Cute Club138 Bespoke146 Working with BrandArt 3

A few of us brand taking Art memories home4

Taking memories Hellohome...The perfect end to a greatday out always culminatesin the gift shop.Everyone is eager to find something special to takehome - children and adults alike. Searching for theperfect memento of a wonderful day.Our goal is simple; to make it easy for your visitorsto find that perfect something, keeping their memoriesfresh a long time after visiting your attraction.Thank you for your interest in our services. We arethankful for the opportunity to become your partnerfor branded merchandise in your gift shops.Billy NapthineManaging Director 5

© CDA Brands6

Trusted by HQ Trustworld classattractions 7From our base in the UK,we’ve developed strongrelationships with someof the biggest names inthe attractions industry.Our international sales team, based in the UK and inthe EU, has grown substantially to ensure we have localpresence and an understanding of the language andculture in local markets.

Buying with Merchandise Sourcing Confidence Planning Products Our expertise in the We’ll forward plan a complete Products carefully sourced from attractions industry branded merchandise retail trusted partners, giving you more continues to grow. solution to meet your goals. choice and great quality. Planning and developing branded merchandise Saving you time and Peace of mind and just is all we do, and we do it incredibly well. Over the preventing guesswork in time delivery service years, we’ve improved our processes and services to ensure you can buy from us, with confidence. Stocking your gift shop Traditional family values of hard work, kindness and attention to detail have stayed consistent, even as we rapidly expand our presence outside of the UK and across the EU. Our range of best-selling products and eye-catching displays are always moving forward, driven by innovative thinkers within our team. Always thinking of how we can help you more, make your job easier, and grow your brand by encouraging visitors to take their memories home.8

Printing Display Provenin the UK Fixtures Best-sellersWe’ll brand your products at our Entice visitors to make a purchasing Best-sellers with quick replenishmentprinting facility in Wales. Thick ink, decision with one of our durable, stock. Mementos of a great day outstraight lines and handled with care. eye-catching displays. that your visitors will collect.Protecting your No need for you Success! Confidencebrand reputation to source displays Your stock SELLS! Taking memories home 9

All your Understanding Compliance compliance Team needs programme to hear goals Helping you achieve your Product compliance programme Inspections goals, managing risk, maintaining a positive Product inspections are a vital step in reputation and protecting managing product quality when working your brand. with manufacturers in China. We rely on inspection services from leading Our growing presence in the global market requires us experts, InTouch. Their product quality to use accredited testing houses to undertake product assurance methods ensure consistency testing to ensure that our products are safe for sale in in every batch of product that Europe, The United States, The Middle East, Australia we supply. and Canada.10

Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. With a network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 43,000 people in more than 100 countries, Intertek delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions.Product Safety Keeping up to date Factory Complianceand Compliance with Legislation ComplianceWe partner with the leading provider, Independent Quality Solutions Ltd (IQS) On-site factory audits are undertakenIntertek, for their regulatory expertise to verify are advisors to the British Toys and Hobbies on a regular basis, conducted by Intertek,the design safety and quality of our products. Association. IQS provide us with specialist to ensure compliance with our policies.Their comprehensive toy safety assessment, testing, advice to keep us updated on the toy industry This auditing makes sure labour standards,record keeping and compliance solutions help ensure and changes to the ever evolving demands of health and safety and working conditionsour products meet the obligations and requirements safety legislation. They also help manage our are what they should be for continuallyof the EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC supplier base for continual improvements in improved social performance ofand REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. factory standards. our factories. 11

Corporate Social Responsibility Honesty about all we do is paramount to earning your trust. Our responsibilities towards others, within our immediate and international community, are part of our core values as an organisation. We recognise that the presence of our company within the international trading market has a direct impact both at home and abroad. Our Responsible Trading Policy, known as ‘The Purple Circle’ is based around four key areas, this is embedded within our daily activities.12

Ethical Quality Environment SocialEthical Code Product Development Waste Supplier RelationshipsOur trading values are aligned with Rigorous in-house testing with our We recycle trade waste at a local Promoting a strategy of effective andthe ETI Base Code. We only work with suppliers and using feedback from facility with a 0% to landfill target and sustainable supply chain management,suppliers who support these key client product trials ensures high quality, comply with UK WEEE regulations. We are responsible sourcing and continuoushuman rights principles. aesthetically pleasing products. registered with a compliance scheme to improvement. help manage our producer responsibilities.Factory Pre-Qualification Product Compliance Packaging ClientsInitial assessments are conducted on Partnering with Intertek Hong Kong for Reducing packaging by monitoring Working closely with client buyingall new suppliers to ensure they are product testing, ensuring all products are levels against the UK Waste Packaging and technical teams to ensure allaligned with our trading values. fully compliant with the latest UK and Regulations 2018 remains under the compliance needs are met. EU legislation. 50 tonne threshold.Audits Quality Control Impacts Community CSR80% of suppliers’ manufacturingfacilities have been audited within the Pre-shipment inspections are undertaken BrandArt are committed to ensure we We are proud to support the charitylast 2 years, using a grading system to using BS 6001-1/ISO 2859-1. DUPRO minimise our impact on the environment. Giving World and also other projectsmonitor and improve conditions. standards to assess suppliers own SVHC’s are monitored through Reach and schools within our local community. quality systems. Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and we aim to consolidate freight where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. 13

Product There’s Development always something The secret to a continual new! supply of new, exciting, quick selling branded merchandise is an experienced product development team and a process that ensures launch success. It takes time and effort to create a new range of products - 12 months to be precise. Understanding the trends, what kids and parents want most and bringing the new product to market is what we do best. For us it’s a three stage process.14

1 Research and Sustainability Product Dev Concepts Stage We are working with suppliers This is the inspiration stage - a creative explosion of to develop a more sustainable concepts. We draw on our own market research for product range that focuses on fuelling creativity. Only approved ideas move forward materials that are environmentally to the next stage. friendly, from sustainable sources and able to be recycled.2 Pre-Production Stage This is the stage where new products take shape with branding, colour selection and packaging design. We also undertake initial safety risk assessments, compliance and quality control.3 Manufacturing and Test Marketing Stage Products are then sent to a carefully sourced partner for manufacturing. Samples are available for the sales team and test marketing is coordinated for gathering consumer feedback. Once products are ready and in stock, they are available for printing and distribution, complete with retail display solutions. 15

Know what Replenish branded stock fast! merchandise to stock Take the guesswork out of merchandise ordering. Choose BrandArt to make merchandise planning quick and easy. Draw on our expertise to advise on the best merchandise combinations, colours and displays. Low MOQs in 100’s and quick stock replenishment reduces your merchandise stock requirements. We hold over £1m worth of stock at any given time - available for you to call off at anytime, which is helpful to your cashflow.16

Best Sellers Explore Co-Creation What to StockWe know what sells, based on analysing Do you have a desire or vision forsales data from multiple countries. Rely on something different - your ownus to know what trending products to sell. bespoke branded merchandise? We can work with you to co-create anVisually Striking entirely original product or product range for your brand.Colour-coordinated merchandise Draw on our expertise to understandfor a visually striking display. the commitment and costs for bringing your brand to life. We’ll guide youMaximum Merchandise through every step of the journey. Our skilled and versatile team canClever shelves and dividers expose customers provide the support you need to maketo maximum merchandise. The more they see, the process enjoyable and profitable.the more they buy. 17Display FixturesWe provide stands in a range of sizes, idealwhere floor space or counter space is available.


We value the relationshipthat we’ve developedworking with BrandArtover many years, relyingon their innovative productdevelopment and proactivesourcing of special lines.Deliveries are on time andregular communicationensures stock is managedthrough the supply chain.Natural History Museum 19


MatchIntroducing... 21

Say hello 1 colour logo printto MATCH Black White SilverA cohesive, vibrantand fun range of All products barcodedcolour coordinated,proven bestsellers.Choose your colours and pick your favouriteproducts. Display your branded merchandisein one of BrandArt’s tailor-made display stands,for a complete retail solution.Eye-catching floor stands and countertop display options make merchandisingsimple for you! MOQ per product 150 pieces Lead time from 10 days22

Choose from 8 fun, energetic coloursApple Coral Ocean Sunset Tulip Mango Black White Match Brights Match Mono available on selected lines* available on selected lines* Labelling Match in multiple languages 50 piecesMOQ per colour Mix & Match Colours 23

MATCH HALF TOWER Display Fixtures A space saver. Use against a wall or place Entice visitors to make two units back to back a purchasing decision with one of our durable, 1520mm attractive displays, purpose built for the Your choice Match Range. of graphics here Choose from a range of floor and countertop displays. Use product colour themes to make 460mm 920mm stunning displays. Display a wide range of Match products, all within your customers’ easy reach.24

Always Fresh Magnetic FULL TOWER 920mmClean white stands on wheels with A showcaser.moveable shelves, acrylic dividers Ideal for floor spaceand metal hanging hooks make away from easy to change things up togenerate interest. 1680mmRange of Sizes MatchFull Tower stand is ideal for 920mm Wheels to easilybig impact where floor space move aroundis available. The Half Tower your storeprovides flexibility where wallspace is available.Quick AssemblyAssemble a full tower with a fewwooden dowels, while the HalfTower rolls out of the box. Quickand hassle-free assembly. 25

£16 / €18 £12 / €13.50 £12 / €13.50 Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 200 x 200 x 200mm 150 x 150 x 150mm 180 x 180 x 100mm26

£8 / €9 £12 / €13.50 Box DisplaysBox 4 Box 5 Simple, handy,100 x 100 x 100mm 140 x 280 x 80mm versatile 3mm acrylic cubes A range of beautiful acrylic boxes in different sizes. Versatile, clear displays, perfect for holding a variety of smaller Match products. Mix and match your products for organised point of sale countertop displays. Ideal for last minute purchases at the till. Fancy one of each? Order a pack with us for £55 / €60 27

Seasonal Get your gift Displays shop in the seasonal spirit Use colour themes - it’s so simple! to create exciting, temporary seasonal display solutions. A quick, easy and effective way to change things up in your gift shop and drive revenue.28

29 Match


MatchIntroducing...Brights 31

MATCH You provide BRIGHTS the logo, we take care of A range of Match best sellers in fun, the rest! vibrant, energetic colours. A great range of colours to suit your brand. Mix and match for a wide range of colour combinations.32

MatchJar BeakerMax print area: 60mm x 55mm 33

Play Ball 65mm Max print area: 38mm Diameter34

Rubber Wrista Maze Pen MatchMax print area: 202mm x 10mm Max print area: 50mm x 20mm 35

Basic Pencil Rigilock Notepad & Pen Set Max print area: 80mm x 17mm Max print area: 50mm x 75mm36

MatchSuper TumblerMax print area: 40mm x 40mm 37

Octa Pen Max print area: 40mm x 30mm Rubbercalc Keyring Max print area: 27mm x 12mm38

MatchFolda ViewersMax print area: 25mm x 12mm 39

Kiddie Cup Max print area: 45mm x 45mm40

Cosmo Flashlight Keyring Max print area: 38mm DiameterCombi Spinner MatchMax print area: 36mm x 10mm 41

Jointed Bear Keyring Max print area: 13mm x 13mm Contour Pen Max print area: 40mm x 7mm42

Groan Tube MatchMax print area: 120mm x 50mm 43

Spiral Beaker Max print area: 60mm x 50mm44

Crystal PenMax print area: 40mm x 18mm Jar Sharpener Match and Eraser Max print area 30mm x 25mm 45

BrightBrick Highlighter Bounce Ball 40mm Max print area: 50mm x 13mm Max print area: 20mm Diameter46

MatchSlapruler 30cmMax print area: 315mm x 25mm 47

Bubblecase Max print area: 150mm x 68mm48

Jumbo Pebble Eraser Folda Shades MatchMax print area: 45mm x 25mm Max print area: 40mm x 7mm 49

Crazy Straw Max print area: 30mm x 30mm Slapband Max print area: 210mm x 20mm50

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