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June 2021 Newsletter

Published by Jayanthy Ramachandran, 2021-06-05 05:04:00

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June 2021 SRI AUROBINDO SOCIETY VOL 35.06 Singapore NEWSLETTER Sri Aurobindo’s Symbol – The Perfect Manifestation Beauty of Tomorrow Manifesting the Divine A beauty that exists only by and for the Divine. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose-of-China Large single flowers in shades of orange, with a striking white centre and often with a pale pink aura. Sri Aurobindo's symbol At the intersection of the ascending and the descending triangle arise a central square – that is the perfect manifestation. Mahasaraswati is the [supreme] Mother's Power of Work and her spirit of perfection and order. . . . Of all the Mother's powers she is the most long-suffering with men and his thousand imperfections. Kind, smiling, close and helpful, not easily turned away or discouraged, insistent even after repeated failure, her hand sustains our every step on condition that we are single in our will and straightforward and sincere; for a double mind she will not tolerate and her revealing irony is merciless to drama and histrionics and self-deceit and pretence. A mother to our wants, a friend in our difficulties, a persistent and tranquil counsellor and mentor, chasing away with her radiant smile the clouds of gloom and fretfulness and depression, reminding always of the ever- present help, pointing to the eternal sunshine, she is firm, quiet and persevering in the deep and continuous urge that drives us towards the integrality of the higher nature. (The Mother, Sri Aurobindo)

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 Guiding Light of the Month LIKE a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. When Thou willest I shall be in Thee, Thyself, and there shall be no more any distinction; I await that blessed hour without impatience of any kind, letting myself flow irresistibly toward it as a peaceful stream flows toward the boundless ocean. Thy Peace is in me, and in that Peace I see Thee alone present in everything, with the calm of Eternity. Dec 7, 1912 Prayers and Meditations, The Mother From the Editor’s Desk We continue to concentrate on Sri Aurobindo’s symbol. of perception it would seem. In any case, we sense In this June edition of our Newsletter, we take a look at perfection in nature – in the immaculate form of a the perfect square that forms in the middle as the flower and the flight of a fly, the buzzing of the bee, ascending and the descending triangles intersect. In the the beauty in a bird, the unassuming majesty in a tall words of The Mother, here is the description of this part tree, the splendour of the sunrise and the spectacle on of the symbol: a setting sky, the ceaseless waves throwing themselves onto the shore, and the clockwork precision in a built-in natural responses, as when the pupils constrict and dilate according to light intensity. The junction of both – the central square – is the There is no end to perfection in Nature. However, perfect manifestation having at its centre the Avatar of this is not all, we are told. There are brighter vistas the Supreme – the lotus. ahead and above and one wonders what perfections lie ahead of us and perhaps through us. The fact that The water – inside the square – represents the we are embodied in our consciousness renders us multiplicity, the creation. incapable of a perfect manifestation. How does one rise out of this limitation? Sri Aurobindo writes: We shall take a look at the perfect manifestation in this edition. It appears that an ardent pure flame of The embodied being upon earth would have to rise aspiration rising from below, represented by the out of the domination over it of its veils of mind, life ascending triangle, towards the higher regions in self- and body into the full consciousness and possession giving, in order to be consumed by the highest and of its spiritual reality, and its nature also would have made anew for His work according to His will and an to be lifted out of the consciousness and power of answering Grace from above, represented by the consciousness proper to a mental, vital and physical descending triangle, acknowledging, embracing and being into the greater consciousness and greater responding to this aspiration is the sole condition for power of being and the larger and freer life of the spirit….they would be changed into states of light, this Perfect Manifestation. powers of spiritual life, vehicles of a spiritual What is this perfect manifestation then? Can we fathom existence. this? If this Universe is a creation of the Eternal, do we see His mark on it? We may be able to fathom some Let’s read on to receive gleams from the gems of semblance of perfection, for the conception of words offered to us to seek out the meaning of perfect perfection itself is coloured by our own instruments manifestation. 2 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 Savitri In the slow process of the evolving spirit, In the brief stade between a death and birth A first perfection’s stage is reached at last; Out of the wood and stone of our nature’s stuff A temple is shaped where the high gods could live. One man’s perfection still can save the world. There is won a new proximity to the skies, A first betrothal of the Earth to Heaven, A deep concordat between Truth and Life: A camp of God is pitched in human time. Sri Aurobindo The Perfect Manifestation As in a mystic and dynamic dance A priestess of immaculate ecstasies Inspired and ruled from Truth’s revealing vault Moves in some prophet cavern of the gods, A heart of silence in the hands of joy Inhabited with rich creative beats A body like a parable of dawn That seemed a niche for veiled divinity Or golden temple-door to things beyond. (Savitri, Sri Aurobindo) “But few are those who tread the sunlit path; Only the pure in soul can walk in light.” * “By your stumbling, the world is perfected.” Sri Aurobindo 3 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 The Hour of God There are moments when the Spirit moves among men and the breath of the Lord is abroad upon the waters of our being; there are others when it retires and men are left to act in the strength or the weakness of their own egoism. The first are periods when even a little effort produces great results and changes destiny; the second are spaces of time when much labour goes to the making of a little result. It is true that the latter may prepare the former, may be the little smoke of sacrifice going up to heaven which calls down the rain of God's bounty. Unhappy is the man or the nation which, when the divine moment arrives, is found sleeping or unprepared to use it, because the lamp has not been kept trimmed for the welcome and the ears are sealed to the call. But thrice woe to them who are strong and ready, yet waste the force or misuse the moment; for them is irreparable loss or a great destruction. In the hour of God cleanse thy soul of all self-deceit and hypocrisy and vain self-flattering that thou mayst look straight into thy spirit and hear that which summons it. All insincerity of nature, once thy defence against the eye of the Master and the light of the ideal, becomes now a gap in thy armour and invites the blow. Even if thou conquer for the moment, it is the worse for thee, for the blow shall come afterwards and cast thee down in the midst of thy triumph. But being pure cast aside all fear; for the hour is often terrible, a fire and a whirlwind and a tempest, a treading of the winepress of the wrath of God; but he who can stand up in it on the truth of his purpose is he who shall stand; even though he fall, he shall rise again, even though he seem to pass on the wings of the wind, he shall return. Nor let worldly prudence whisper too closely in thy ear; for it is the hour of the unexpected, the incalculable, the immeasurable. Mete not the power of the Breath by thy petty instruments, but trust and go forward. But most keep thy soul clear, even if for a while, of the clamour of the ego. Then shall a fire march before thee in the night and the storm be thy helper and thy flag shall wave on the highest height of the greatness that was to be conquered. (Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human) The Divine and the Manifestation The self which we have to perfect, is neither pure atman which is ever perfect nor the ego which is the cause of imperfection, but the divine self manifested in the shifting stream of Nature. Existence is composed of Prakriti and Purusha, the consciousness that sees and the consciousness that executes and formalises what we see. The one we call Soul, the other Nature. 4 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 These are the first double term from which our Yoga has to start. When we come to look in at ourselves instead of out at the world and begin to analyse our subjective experience, we find that there are two parts of our being which can be, to all appearance, entirely separated from each other, one a consciousness which is still and passive and supports, and the other a consciousness which is busy, active and creative, and is supported. The passive and fundamental consciousness is the Soul, the Purusha, Witness or Sakshi; the active and superstructural consciousness is Nature, Prakriti, processive or creative energy of the Sakshi. But the two seem at first to stand apart and distinct, as if they had no share in each other. The Purusha, still and silent witness of whatever Prakriti chooses to create, not interfering with her works, but reflecting only whatever forms, names and movements she casts on the pure mirror of his eternal existence and the Prakriti restlessly creating, acting, forming and effecting things for the delight of the Purusha, compose the double system of the Sankhyas. But as we continue analysing their relations and accumulate more and more experience of our subjective life, we find that this seeing of the Purusha is in effect a command. Whatever Prakriti perceives it to be the pleasure of the Purusha to see, she tends to preserve in his subjective experience or to establish; whatever she perceives it to be his pleasure to cease to see, she tends to renounce and abolish. Whatever he consents to in her, she forces on him and is glad of her mastery and his submission, but whenever he insists, she is bound eventually to obey. Easily found to be true in our subjective experience, this ultimate principle of things is eventually discovered by the Yogin to determine even objective phenomena. The Purusha and Prakriti are therefore not only the Witness and the Activity witnessed, but the Lord and his executive energy. The Purusha is Ishwara, the Prakriti is His shakti. Their play with each other is both the motive and the executive force of all existence in the universe. (Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human) Manifestation, Not Illusion ` All that is the manifestation, even as all that is not is the self-reservation, of a Supreme, an Infinite who veils himself in the play of impersonal forces, in the recesses of a mysterious Inconscience and will at last rediscover here his most intimate presence, his most integral power, light, beauty, Ananda and all vast and ineffable being through a growing illumination of the still ignorant consciousness now evolving in Matter, a consciousness of which Man is only one stage, at once the summit of an ascent that is finished and the starting point of a far greater ascension that is still only preparing its commencement. All manifestation that is not evolution is a play and self-formulation of the One Infinite in one term or another of his existence, consciousness-force, Ananda, his self-knowledge, self-power, self-delight, for the glory, joy and beauty of the play and for no other reason. 5 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 All evolution is the progressive self-revelation of the One to himself in the terms of the Many out of the Inconscience through the Ignorance towards self-conscient perfection. The evolution has a purpose, but it is a purpose in a circle. It is not a straight line or other figure of progression from the not to the is, from the less to the more. There is no beginning or end of the Universe in space or time; for the universe is the manifestation of the Eternal and Infinite. Manifestation is not an episode of the Eternal. It is his face and body of glory that is imperishable, it is the movement of his joy and power that needs not to sleep or rest as do finite things from their labour. In the beginning, it is said, was the Eternal, the Infinite, the One. In the middle, it is said, is the finite, the transient, the many. In the end, it is said, shall be the One, the Infinite, the Eternal. For when was the beginning? At no moment in Time, for the beginning is at every moment; the beginning always was, always is and always shall be. The divine beginning is before Time and in Time and beyond Time for ever. The Eternal Infinite and One is an endless beginning. And where is the middle? There is no middle; for the middle is only the junction of the perpetual end and the eternal beginning; it is the sign of a creation which is new at every moment. The creation was for ever, is for ever, shall be for ever. The eternal Infinite and One is the magical middle term of his own existence; it is he that is this beginningless and endless creation. And when is the end? There is no end. At no conceivable moment can there be a cessation. For all end of things is the beginning of new things which are still the same One in an ever developing and ever recurring figure. Nothing can be destroyed for all is He who is for ever. The Eternal Infinite and One is the unimaginable end that is the never closing gate upon new interminable vistas of his glory. (Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human) Supermind and the Life Divine A divine life upon earth, the ideal we have placed before us, can only come about by a spiritual change of our being and a radical and fundamental change, an evolution or revolution of our nature. The embodied being upon earth would have to rise out of the domination over it of its veils of mind, life and body into the full consciousness and possession of its spiritual reality, and its nature also would have to be lifted out of the consciousness and power of consciousness proper to a mental, vital and physical being into the greater consciousness and greater power of being and the larger and freer life of the spirit. It would not lose these former veils but they would no longer be veils or imperfect expressions but true manifestations; they would be changed into states of light, powers of spiritual life, vehicles of a spiritual existence. But this again could not be if mind, life and body were not taken up and transformed by a state of being and a force of being superior to them, a power of Supermind as much above our incomplete mental nature as that is above the nature of animal life and animated Matter, as it is immeasurably above the mere material nature. The Supermind is in its very essence a truth-consciousness, a consciousness always free from the Ignorance which is the foundation of our present natural or evolutionary existence and from which nature in us is trying to arrive at self-knowledge and world-knowledge and a right consciousness and the right use of our existence in the universe. The Supermind, because it is a truth-consciousness, has this knowledge inherent in it and this power of true existence; its course is straight and can go direct to its aim, its field is wide and can even be made illimitable. This is because its very nature is knowledge: it has not 6 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 to acquire knowledge but possesses it in its own right; its steps are not from nescience or ignorance into some imperfect light, but from truth to greater truth, from right perception to deeper perception, from intuition to intuition, from illumination to utter and boundless luminousness, from growing widenesses to the utter vasts and to very infinitude. On its summits it possesses the divine omniscience and omnipotence, but even in an evolutionary movement of its own graded self-manifestation by which it would eventually reveal its own highest heights, it must be in its very nature essentially free from ignorance and error: it starts from truth and light and moves always in truth and light. As its knowledge is always true, so too its will is always true; it does not fumble in its handling of things or stumble in its paces. In the Supermind feeling and emotion do not depart from their truth, make no slips or mistakes, do not swerve from the right and the real, cannot misuse beauty and delight or twist away from a divine rectitude. In the Supermind sense cannot mislead or deviate into the grossnesses which are here its natural imperfections and the cause of reproach, distrust and misuse by our ignorance. Even an incomplete statement made by the Supermind is a truth leading to a further truth, its incomplete action a step towards completeness. All the life and action and leading of the Supermind is guarded in its very nature from the falsehoods and uncertainties that are our lot; it moves in safety towards its perfection. Once the truth-consciousness was established here on its own sure foundation, the evolution of divine life would be a progress in felicity, a march through light to Ananda. Supermind is an eternal reality of the divine Being and the divine Nature. In its own plane it already and always exists and possesses its own essential law of being; it has not to be created or to emerge or evolve into existence out of involution in Matter or out of non-existence, as it might seem to the view of mind which itself seems to its own view to have so emerged from life and Matter or to have evolved out of an involution in life and Matter. The nature of Supermind is always the same, a being of knowledge, proceeding from truth to truth, creating or rather manifesting what has to be manifested by the power of a pre-existent knowledge, not by hazard but by a self-existent destiny in the being itself, a necessity of the thing in itself and therefore inevitable. Its manifestation of the divine life will also be inevitable; its own life on its own plane is divine and, if Supermind descends upon the earth, it will bring necessarily the divine life with it and establish it here. Supermind is the grade of existence beyond mind, life and Matter and, as mind, life and Matter have manifested on the earth, so too must Supermind in the inevitable course of things manifest in this world of Matter. In fact, a supermind is already here but it is involved, concealed behind this manifest mind, life and Matter and not yet acting overtly or in its own power: if it acts, it is through these inferior powers and modified by their characters and so not yet recognisable. It is only by the approach and arrival of the descending Supermind that it can be liberated upon earth and reveal itself in the action of our material, vital and mental parts so that these lower powers can become portions of a total divinised activity of our whole being: it is that that will bring to us a completely realised divinity or the divine life. It is indeed so that life and mind involved in Matter have realised themselves here; for only what is involved can evolve, otherwise there could be no emergence. The manifestation of a supramental truth-consciousness is therefore the capital reality that will make the divine life possible. It is when all the movements of thought, impulse and action are governed and directed by a self-existent and luminously automatic truth-consciousness and our whole nature comes to be constituted by it and made of its stuff that the life divine will be complete and absolute. Even as it is, in reality though not in the appearance of things, it is a secret self-existent knowledge and truth that is working to manifest itself in the creation here. The Divine is already there immanent within us, ourselves are that in our inmost reality and it is this reality that we have to manifest; it is that which constitutes the urge towards the divine living and makes necessary the creation of the life divine even in this material existence. (Sri Aurobindo, The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth) 7 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 May 2021 Sunday Activities at the Centre - A glimpse 2 May 2021: Readings and Reflections – The Inner Journey After reading two prayers and meditation entries by The Mother, a sharing session began where a few members shared about one aspect of their life story and if possible, the inner state of being then. This sharing was very engaging. Then, we read the first paragraph of the writing, What is “Myself”? by The Mother. We spent a few moments trying to understand what The Mother was expressing in that paragraph. As work for the following few weeks, an activity was given to the participants: Watch yourself from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. Where are you residing in most of the time? In the body, in the mind or in your heart? Write down instances to support your observations. Have you, at any time been able to live in another part of yourself which is still and silent, quiet and watchful, unperturbed, perhaps quietly and deeply joyous? If yes, when? 9 May 2021: Readings on The Mother - Sri Aurobindo We continued chapter 6 on \"The Mother\" and read the section on Imperial Maheshwari. Sri Aurobindo tells: Imperial Maheshwari, who opens us to the supramental infinities and the cosmic vastness, to the grandeur of the supreme Light, to a treasure-house of miraculous knowledge, to the measureless movement of the Mother’s eternal forces. She comprehends all things and all beings and their nature and what moves them and the law of the world and its times and how all was and is and must be. Equal, patient and unalterable in her will she deals with men according to their nature and with things and happenings according to their force and the truth that is in them. Partiality she has none, but she follows the decrees of the Supreme and some she raises up and some she casts down or puts away from her into the darkness. To the wise she gives a greater and more luminous wisdom; those that have vision she admits to her counsels; on the hostile she imposes the consequence of their hostility; the ignorant and foolish she leads according to their blindness. In each man she answers and handles the different elements of his nature according to their need and their urge and the return they call for, puts on them the required pressure or leaves them to their cherished liberty to prosper in the ways of the Ignorance or to perish. For she is above all, bound by nothing, attached to nothing in the universe. Yet has she more than any other the heart of the universal Mother. For her compassion is endless and inexhaustible; all are to her eyes her children and portions of the One, even the Asura and Rakshasa and Pisacha and those that are revolted and hostile. Even her rejections are only a postponement, even her punishments are a grace. But her compassion does not blind her wisdom or turn her action from the course decreed; for the Truth of things is her one concern, knowledge her centre of power and to build our soul and our nature into the divine Truth her mission and her labour. 16 May 2021: The Secrets of The Veda, ‘Agni, the Ilumined Will1’- (Rig Veda Madala 1, Sukta 77, 5 Riks)’ from page 279 (7th line from top) – to page 280 (4th line from top). The session started with the recitation of the 5 Riks. Jared, explained in brief various aspects and attributes of Agni, describing how powerful and effective Agni is in helping humans change their ordinary life into Divine life and beyond. He also read Sri Aurobindo’s translation of the 5 riks. Later, the participants read the lines of Sri Aurobindo’s commentary a couple of times, followed by discussions. A brief of this follows: • Powers of Divine Life – Knowledge, Force & Delight. • Corresponding human activities to be exalted to Divine level covering ‘Thought & its formations’, ‘Will & its works’, & ‘Love & its harmonisings’. 8 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 • Confusions of knowledge – Dualities of truth & falsehood, Light & darkness, Conceptional right and wrong. • Confusions of Love – Dualities of egoistic Love & hatred, Joy & grief, and pleasure & pain. • Confusions of the Will – Dualities of strength & weakness, Sin & virtue, and Action & inaction. • Ignorance is the dominant cosmic Falsehood that has to be removed. • Through the truth, then lies the Road to the true harmony, the consummated facility, the ultimate fulfilment of the love in the Divine Delight Note: Only when the Will in man becomes divine and possessed of the Truth, can the perfection towards which we move be realised in humanity. Agni, then, is the god who has to become conscient in the mortal. Him, the inspired Word has to express, to confirm in the gated mansion and on the altar-seat of this sacrifice. The session ended after going through Sri Aurobindo’s explanation on the word ‘dasema’ as the ‘Word for the sacrificial giving’, whch is essentially an arrangement and a distribution of human activities and enjoyments amongst different cosmic powers. 16 May 2021 : The Mother’s Questions and Answers – Sri Aurobindo’s Aphorisms The following reading was taken up with follow-up discussions. The Mother puts before us clearly the goals that ought to be taken up by Her children. 5 December 1956 Now we are going to read what should be done to realise what was expressed in the five preceding paragraphs: “Transform reason into ordered intuition; let all thyself be light. This is thy goal. “Transform effort into an even and sovereign overflowing of the soul-strength; let all thyself be conscious force. This is thy goal. “Transform enjoying into an even and objectless ecstasy; let all thyself be bliss. This is thy goal. “Transform the divided individual into the world personality; let all thyself be the divine. This is thy goal. “Transform the animal into the Driver of the herds; let all thyself be Krishna. This is thy goal.” Sri Aurobindo, Thoughts and Glimpses, SABCL, Vol. 16, p. 377 23 May 2021: Savitri Reading Circle The session continued with reading of passages from Savitri - The Soul’s Choice and the Supreme Consummation- Book 11- Canto One page 704. It is God’s everlasting day. A marvellous sun looks down from ecstasy’s skies. Savitri’s soul is close to the founts of the Infinite. Immortal earths and griefless heavens come into view. All thrills with the immanence of the one Divine. Our perception that mind is the ultimate end of evolution is changed to the acceptance that mind is only a vehicle of the Soul, the Luminous voyager, whose final destination is to reach absolute truth and bliss. But the journey of the mind is caught in the dark ignorance not knowing where to place the next step. Sri Aurobindo, confirms that this tireless climber mind is sure to reach the abode of Eternal Light, an infinite truth, an absolute power. 9 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 “The spirit’s mightiness shall cast off its mask; Its greatness shall be felt shaping the world’s course” \"The might of the Spirit shall throw away its mask; its glory shall be experienced governing and forming the course of the world. It shall be seen in its unrestricted beams, a veritable star rising from the night of the Inconscience, a sun climbing the lower skies of Nature to the peak of Supernature”. \"Climbing out of the wide and yet limiting regions of the mind, the soul shall discover the huge design of the world and enter into the Gnostic realm, the Truth, the Right, the Vast, Satyam, Ritam, Brihat”. Just reading these passages gives our Soul the treat of Ananda. 30 May 2021: Readings and Reflections – The Inner Journey Following some concentration on The Mother’s organ music, we read two beautiful entries from Prayers and Meditations by The Mother. The entries were dated November 2 and 3, 1912, the first two entries in the book. They were highly charged with the lofty spirit of aspiration and self-giving and served as mighty pillars supporting the atmosphere for an inner journey or an attempt at it. Two participants shared a part of their life journey on this day. We moved on to complete the passage, ‘What is “myself”’. We then looked at a previous activity given to participants to identify their deepest aspiration within them. Mr. Krishnamurthy volunteered to share his understanding of the difference between aspiration and ambition. This well researched document was also shared with participants at a later date. We then read a concluding passage by The Mother as an answer to an aspirant’s question as follows: Q-What is the difference between aspiration and a demand? When you have experienced both, you can easily make the distinction. In aspiration there is what I might call an unselfish flame which is not present in desire. Your aspiration is not a turning back upon self — desire is always a turning back upon oneself. From the purely psychological point of view, aspiration is a self-giving, always, while desire is always something which one draws to oneself; aspiration is something which gives itself, not necessarily in the form of thought but in the movement, in the vibration, in the vital impulse. True aspiration does not come from the head; even when it is formulated by a thought, it springs up like a flame from the heart. I do not know if you have read the articles Sri Aurobindo has written on the Vedas. He explains somewhere that these hymns were not written with the mind; they were not, as one thinks, prayers, but the expression of an aspiration which was an impulse, like a flame coming from the heart (though it is not the “heart” but the psychological centre of the being, to use the exact words). They were not “thought out”, words were not set to experiences, the experience came wholly formulated with the precise, exact, inevitable words — they could not be changed. This is the very nature of aspiration: you do not seek to formulate it, it springs up from you like a ready flame. And if there are words (sometimes there aren’t any), they cannot be changed: you cannot replace one word by another, every word is just the right one. When the aspiration is formulated, this is done categorically, absolutely, without any possibility of change. And it is always something that springs up and gives itself, whereas the very nature of desire is to pull things to oneself. The essential difference between love in aspiration and love in desire is that love in aspiration gives itself entirely and asks nothing in return — it does not claim anything; whereas love in desire gives itself as little as possible, asks as much as possible, it pulls things to itself and always makes demands. CWM-Vol-4-pg-136 The next part of the programme, which is on the innermost self, or the Psychic Being will follow from hence with readings and some practices that might aid an inner settling. Jayanthy, Ram, Krishnamoorthy, Shailaja, Jayanlakshmi 10 The Perfect Manifestation

The Perfect Manifestation Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. June 2021 PROGRAMME FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE 2021 DATE TIME DETAILS 6 June 2021 8 AM Monthly Morning Walk* Sunday 6 PM Savitri Circle by Venkatesh Rao 13 June 2021 6 PM Readings from The Mother by Ram Sunday Secret of the Veda by Krishnamurthy and Jared Mother’s Questions and Answers by Shailaja 20 June 2021 5 PM Sunday 6 PM 27 June 2021 6 PM Readings and Reflections: The Inner Journey by Jayanthy Sunday *Details can be found in the SAS Whatsapp Group Printed and Published by The Sri Aurobindo Society of Singapore 2A Starlight Road 01-07, Singapore 217755. Ramadoss: 97354063 or [email protected]; Anand Patel:[email protected]; Email: [email protected] Visit our website at: 11 The Perfect Manifestation

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