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AICRthe newsletterWINTER 2018 | ISSUE 138 | EATING TO BoostCUT CALORIES, Your Energy>9Keep Flavor>3 ExerciseNew Clues HELPS TOTO PHYSICAL FIGHT COLONACTIVITY ANDBREAST CANCER>5 CANCER>10HEALTHYWinterSoups>6 HIZ]chZVCiZ^dlcV6abHZjgW^Xh^VijciE^daVchiZdcCyoYuorufacvaonrieteasrileyciinpcersebayseunsiuntgrittihoenand trimKeep It up healthier athlteercnaaltoivrieessliinstemdabnyeloowf . Instead of… OOKING NUTRITION DURING Cream Try… CANCER TREATMENT Cream to thicken soups Evaporated skim milk Stick margarine Puréed potatoes, vegetables or beans Small amount of olive or canola oil UÊ ÀœÌ… 2 oz. mild e1xtorza-. srheadrupccehde-fdadt asrhcahrpeeosre cheddar cheese CANCER SURVIVOR SERIES White rice U ÊÀ+œÜ՘ˆ˜ÊœÀˆ>VÊiUÊUÊ7Ê …Õœ}iՇÀÜÊU…iÊ>>ÌÊÃV…œ>ÕÃVœÕà Meat/poultry for stir-fry ULeÊssÝÌmÀ>e‡awtÀ/“poÊÌuœlvtÕr]yÊVaÕnLdim`ÊoUrÊev…eˆVgŽe«taib>Ãles Ground red meat U«ÊÕÀœÃÀÕÊÕw˜“˜`iLʏÌޏÕiÊÀV`Ž…Êi̜œÞ«ÊvLÕ«ÀÊiœi`>ÀÊÊÃÛÌÌiiÊU“}iÊ«Ìi>i…LÃÃʏiUʓÃÊ ii>>Ì]˜Ã BAKING Instead of… Try… Butter taHrnaadnlfsh-uafnalftswcfraeeneeotemlanaeordigl,aarbpinupetletesrauocre 1 egg sÓuÊbi}st}itÊuÜt…eˆÌiÃÊUÊ1⁄4 cup liquid egg Evaporated milk Evaporated skim milk Buttermilk p7Aan…stœeryqiu‡flÜaol…uairm>ÌoÊyuœnÕtÀoÊUf lÊo7w…-œfait ‡pÜla…iin>yÌÊogurt All-purpose flourSImPLE StEPS For StEP LFOOKRINSEIDE FEOR Pastrypiecrust U+3LPÊ-ih114Ì⁄y4ÜlTTlciobbuiscps˜pprÊuc..>osscÞtcuioo(gÀcuÃaaos®rÊea(Uf(ofpcÊoraorncwÀfoa>rdkl…oaee>srsto“i+niolÊgVrsÀ1pco>orVrTaoŽsybikasÀiueÊpVcs.À)eÕosÃi)lÌÊPHYSIc AL ActIVItY 1 b1aokizn.gucnhsowceoeltaetneedsU-uÊˆgVaˆi}r`…ÊÌvÊÀ`iÕÅÃÌʈv˜ÀÕ}ˆÊ̜ÊUvÊ«*œÕÜÀj`ii`ÀÊivÀ`ÕˆÌ Frosting

Free Publications from AICR FREEMWA2TI0NE1RT8IEARLS! UPDATED Keep It up HIZc]hZVCi^ZdlcV6abHZjgW^Xh^VijciE^daVchiZdc Sensational MARILYN’S Simple yoYuorufacvaonreitaesirleyciinpcerseabsyeunsuintgrittihoen and trim the calories in many of Substitutions CHOICE healthier alternatives listed below. (SS) Our handy COOKING refrigerator Steps: magnet is an Instead of… Try… easy reference for healthy ingredients Cream Evaporated skim milk you can use in your favorite recipes Cream to thicken soups Puréed potatoes, vegetables or beans to cut calories for Small amount of olive or canola oil lower cancer risk. Stick margarine UÊ ÀœÌ… Keep It Up (KU) In 2 oz. mild 1exotrza.-srheadrupcecdh-efdadt asrhacrhpeeosre this brochure, you’ll cheddar cheese UÀʜ+Ü՘ˆ˜ÊÀœˆV>iÊUÊUÊ7Ê …Õœ}iՇÀÜÊU…Êi>>ÌÃÊV…œ>ÕÃVœÕà White rice Meat/poultry for stir-fry LUeÊssÝÌmÀ>e‡awtÀ/“poÊÌuœlvtÕry]ÊVaÕnLdim`ÊoUrÊev…eˆVgŽe«taib>lÃes Ground red meat «UÊÀ՜ÃÕÀÊw՘˜“`iÊL̏ÞՏiÊÀV`Ž…iÊ̜ޜ«ÊLv«ÕÀiÊiœ`>ÀÊÃÊÛÌÌÊiiU}“Êi«Ìi>iÃL…ÏÊiÊU“ÃÊi >iÌ>]˜Ã find tips and ideas BAKING for maintaining the Instead of… Try… minimum 30 minutes Butter Hatrnaadlnfshu-afnalsftwcfeareneetoelmnaeaodrigl,aapbripunlteetesaruocre of moderate physicalfrom the editor ÓÊi}}Ê܅ˆÌiÃÊUÊ1⁄4 cup liquid egg activity recommended 1 egg substituteStay warm and healthy this Evaporated skim milkWinter! You’ll find help from Evaporated milk An equal amount of low-fat plain yogurtthe physical activity articles Buttermilk 7…œi‡Ü…i>ÌÊyœÕÀÊUÊ7…œi‡Ü…i>ÌÊin this issue of the AICR All-purpose flour pastry flourNewsletter. We also bring PLhiÌyÜlloiic˜rÊu>sÞti(ÀuÃs®eÊUcÊanÀo>l…a>o“ilÊVsÀp>rVaŽyiÀÊVÀÕÃÌÊyou tasty recipes that fit a Pastry pie crust 3+U-Ê411⁄4TTcbbussppp..cocsuocgocaoara(( diet, as wellas new research findings on 1 oz. unsweetened -UÊˆViˆ}`…ÊÌvÀÊ`iÃՅÃÊÌvˆÀ˜Õ}ˆÊ̜ÊUvÊ*«ÕœÀÜj`ii`ÀÊivÀ`ՈÌbreast and colon cancers. baking chocolate sugar I’m pleased to announce Frosting

Weight <100-Calorie CutsYou’ll Never NoticeKeeping your weight in a healthy zone is important forcancer prevention. If you need to lose a few pounds, hereare some easy ways to cut a few hundred calories each day.TOO MUCH BODY FAT IS linked to at • In salads, avoid high-fat crou- Cut calories using AICR’s New Americanleast 11 different types of cancer tons, bacon and cheese. Plate® model. Fill 2/3 or more of youraccording to AICR’s Continuous Instead, try no-salt-added plate with plant foods and 1/3 or lessUpdate Project. You can keep un- canned corn or beans or crunchy with meat.wanted pounds at bay and lower chopped apple or jicama.your risk for cancer by using thesehandy calorie-cutting tips and be- • E njoy soups that are broth- or Instead of:ing moderately physically active tomato-based instead of cream-for at least 30 minutes per day. based. Traditional American PlateSmall Calorie Cuts Add Up • Buy water-packed tuna instead Typical portion: 1,250 calories of tuna in oil. • 9 oz. extra large cheeseburgerAt breakfast, snack time and • Topped withfor dessert, fill up on fresh fruit,like bananas, berries, apples • Use only 3 ounces of cooked “special sauce” • 6 .9 oz. large order of French friesor peaches. Avoid processed white meat poultry or lean beef Try:meats—like bacon, sausage and on a sandwich, or 2 ouncesham—that are high in calories plus a 1-ounce slice of reduced AICR’s New American Plate®and salt and increase risk of fat cheese. Pile on leafy greens,colorectal cancer. tomatoes, peppers and other Typical portion: 450 calories vegetables. • 1 cup stir-fried vegetables (greenEat a Little Healthy Fat • C ook with less saturated fat. Bake, steam, stir-fry, sauté, beans, broccoli, carrots, onions, redFat of any kind is dense in calo- roast or broil vegetables and peppers, mushrooms, bamboo shoots)ries: about 100 per tablespoon. lean protein foods like fish and • 1 cup brown rice or whole-wheat noo-But our bodies do need some chicken breast with nonfat, dles topped with 3 oz. cooked chickendietary fat for overall health and reduced-sodium vegetable or breast. The stir-fry offers a delicious,to help us absorb nutrients like chicken broth. healthy andvitamin A (beta-carotene, a cancer- filling dinnerfighting compound found in orange Drink Healthy Beverages for roughlyvegetables and broccoli). Choose one-third themodest amounts of healthy fats A 20-oz. bottle of sugary soda calories in thelike olive, vegetable and nut oils. has 240 calories. Alcoholic drinks traditional, meat-heavy Ways to cut calories and in- American meal.clude healthy fats are: range from 120–200 calories per Our health aid, Sensational HIZ]chZVCiZ^dlcCV6abHZjgW^Xh^VijciE^daVcihZdcSCCtIirnrcyeekoasaYummtomreuaftaarocgvdaoatnhrroiiietncfeake…serielnycsiipnoecusrpebsayseuUSPnsEmTÊiuu vnOratragÀréœlpyiletOtÌoiha…d…ormenaKphtooaeeunItdaandNlttstohtkorieGiiemfmsr,oamtvllihetvieegelkrecnotaaarltobicvrlaeieensssoloiilsnartembodeialabnneysloowf .• B uy reduced fat salad dressings standard serving. Avoid those Substitutions, lists lower c2heodzd. amrilcdheese calories by choosing zero-calorie calorie ingredients for White rice stir-fry e1xtoraz-.srheadrupccehde-dfadtasrhcahrpeeosre or mix 1 tablespoon of regular club soda, coffee, plain water or favorite recipes. U ÊÀ+œÜ՘ˆ˜ÊœÀˆ>VÊiUÊUÊ7Ê …Õœ}iՇÀÜÊU…iÊ>>ÌÊÃV…œ>ÕÃVœÕà dressing with low-sodium veg- tea. Add a splash of 100 percent To order a free copy, visit Meat/poultry for U«ULÊÕÀeʜÃsÀÊÕsÝÕw̘“m˜À`>iLeʇÌÞwaÕiÊtÀ`VÀ/“Žp…ÊiÌÊoœœÌÞuœ«vÊÕLl«vtÕÊÀriœi]y`ÊÀ>VÊaÊÃÕÛÌnÌiiLÊd“U}ii`mÊ«ÌÊi>oiU…LÃrÊʏeÃUiʓÃv…Ê eˆiVgi>Že>Ì«t]˜iaÃb>Ãles etable or tomato juice. fruit juice to club soda or choose• Substitute reduced-fat mayon- diet versions of sodas. Some FREE Ground red meat naise for regular mayonnaise. fruit-flavored herbal teas have a BInstead of… AKING hint of sweetness without sugar. Butter Try… sÓtauHrÊnabiadns}ltfs}ih-tuÊfauÜanltft…sewcˆfÌraieenÃeeoÊtUemlanÊa1eo⁄r4dgilc,aaurbpipnupetlliteqesuraiuodcreegg OFFER1egg Evaporated skim milk Evaporated milk p7Aans…tœreyqiu‡flÜaol…uairm>ÌoÊyuœnÕtÀoÊUf Êlo7w…-œfait‡pÜla…iin>ÌyÊogurt Buttermilk sU-Uu+3LÊPgˆÊ-Vi1h1a4ˆ⁄iÌ}4ryÜ`T…lTclÊioÌbuvbÊiÀ`spsic˜pÕpÃrÊc.u…Ã.>oÌssÊcވvcut˜oÀiogÕ}(ÀcuaaÈÊo̜s®rÊ(aÊeUvfU(Êof«p*coÊrœoaÕrcnÜwÀÀfajo>r`dkoi…lieea`s>Àrstʓoiiv+onÀ`iÊlÕgrVsˆÀ1cÌop>orrVToaŽsbykiasiÀuepÊcVs.)eÀÕos)ÃilÌÊ All-purpose flour Pastry pie crust b1akoizn.gucnhsowceoeltaetneed FrostingPHOTOS: iSTOCK %33

> Physical ActivityKeep Moving This WinterDon’t let cold weather or festivities keep you from moving for lower cancer risk. Youcan still get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day, as AICRrecommends, with these tools and tips.WHATEVER YOUR AGE, being physi- Gradually Build Up Activity Top Tips for Winter Activitycally active helps reduce yourrisk for several cancers, Type 2 “If you aren’t active already, start Have good quality, comfortablediabetes and heart disease. It’s with simple activities like walk- shoes: Good shoes can help pre-never too late to get started or ing to get your heart beating a vent injury and should supportto get back into exercising. In little faster,” says Nancy Camp- your arches while giving your toesfact staying strong and limber bell, MS, a dietitian and exercise enough space. Try them on whenbecomes even more important physiologist at Dana-Farber Cancer you’re wearing absorbent sockswith aging. Research shows that Institute in Boston. and take a few steps in the storemoving more: to ensure they’re comfortable.• improves balance Gradually build up your min- Be committed: Make a walking• reduces risk of falls utes of activity. For example, walk date or sign up for classes with• increases energy for 5–10 minutes today and add a friend so you are more likely to• h elps maintain muscle and a minute or two every day until stick to your activity plan. If you you’ve reached at least 30 min- use a cell phone, try out some stronger bones utes per day. If you’re at risk for physical activity apps like MyFit-• h elps to relieve arthritis falling, use a walking stick to im- nessPal or get a Fitbit to connect• b oosts your mood and sense prove your stability and balance with friends. If it’s too cold to walk until your legs get stronger. outside, try walking in a shopping of well-being mall.• allows you to stay active longer You can get 30 minutes Find a furry companion: Walk a all at one time or in shorter neighbor’s dog while they’re at and be more independent periods. For example, do 10 work or volunteer at the local For cancer prevention, minutes of heart-pumping ac- shelter as a dog-walker.AICR recommends being tivity like brisk walking at least Try music and videos: Listen tomoderately active at three times during the day. lively music to keep the rhythmleast 30 minutes ev- Being active every day for at of your indoor activity. Thereery day. US government least 30 minutes lowers risk are countless DVDs and videosguidelines say adults— of three types of cancer: featuring all levels and types ofincluding those over workouts that you can do at home.65—should also do breast, colorectal and Look in your local library or for freemuscle-strengthening endometrial, according classes on websites like YouTube.exercises at least two to AICR’s Continuous B e creative with household re-days a week to boost Update Project. sources. If you don’t go to a gym,balance and strength. household objects can help you This article originally appeared exercise. If you have stairs, tryKeep It up Get motivated to maintain your on Insight ( walking up and down a few times. daily physical activity routine insight/), a blog from Dana-Farber Standing push-ups can be doneOFFRFEEER with our free brochure, Cancer Institute. Adapted with per- on your knees or by facing a wall PHOTOS: iSTOCK Simple Steps: Keep It Up. mission. and pushing away from it. Instead To order a free copy, visit of hand-held dumbbells, use large unopened soup cans. StEP 14 AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 •

How Exercise May Affect Research < Breast Cancer Genes One AICR-funded study is yielding important new clues JENNIFER LIGIBEL, about physical activity’s effects on breast tumor cells. MD, MPH RESEARCH LINKS EXERCISE with with an average age of 52. The blood. These changes included lower risk of recurring breast can- women were relatively inactive at decreases in certain hormones cer—and improved prognosis—in the outset of the study, getting less including leptin, which helps to women who develop the disease. than an hour per week of moderate regulate appetite and insulin- Findings from a new study, funded or vigorous physical activity. like growth factor-1, which may by AICR, are providing some clues increase breast cancer risk. about how. The researchers randomly assigned 27 of the women to Get Daily Exercise The study used a program that participate in 45 minutes of daily combined aerobic and strength- aerobic and strength-training exer- Although there are still many training exercises in the 31/2 cise. The other 22 women joined a questions to be answered, plenty weeks before surgery. This period meditation program. Both groups of evidence confirms that for is known as “prehab” and may began the intervention a month breast cancer survivors, exercise be long enough to change gene before their breast cancer surgery. improves quality of life, increases expression, says lead researcher Samples of the women’s breast fitness and lessens fatigue, Dr. Jennifer Ligibel, MD, MPH, Direc- tor of the Leonard P. Zakim Center “This study shows for the first time in humans that exercise for Integrative Therapies and may have a direct effect on genes in breast cancer cells.” a medical oncologist in Dana-PHOTO: iSTOCK Farber’s Susan F. Smith Center cancer tissue from a biopsy at Ligibel says. Early evidence also for Women’s Cancers. the beginning of the study were points to regular exercise helping compared with tissue collected to increase survival. “Large studies have pointed to during breast cancer surgery. a relationship between exercise Dr. Ligibel advises women with and breast cancer, but they have “In the exercise group, we saw breast cancer to get at least 150 not been able to separate out the increased activity of the genes,” minutes of moderate aerobic ac- effects of exercise, nutrition and Dr. Ligibel said. “As the women tivity a week, such as walking or other factors,” she explains. exercised, their immune system cycling, as well as strength training became more activated within to preserve muscle mass. “We’re trying to isolate the ef- the tumor.” There was no such fects of exercise. This study shows increased gene activity in the “We don’t yet have enough for the first time in humans that women in the meditation group. evidence to give specific exercise exercise may have a direct effect recommendations for different on genes in breast cancer cells.” The researchers found women types of cancer,” Dr. Ligibel noted, in the exercise group had changes “but these are good general guide- Exercise Boosts Immunity in a number of metabolic and lines that everyone, with or without inflammatory markers in the a history of cancer, should follow.” The new study enrolled 49 women The American Institute for Cancer Research Newslet- Pennsylvania residents may obtain a copy of the official CHWC; Celia Vimont; Kathryn L. Ward, CFRE; Catherine ter is a publication of the American Institute for Cancer registration and financial information from the Pennsylvania Wolz. Editorial Review Committee: ElisaV. Bandera, MD, Research (AICR) published in Arlington, VA, telephone Department of State by calling 1-800-732-0999. PhD, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey; Rose Clifford, 800-843-8114.The American Institute for Cancer Research RDN, LD, MBA, Iona Senior Services; Karen Collins, MS, is a non-profit organization, federal tax #52-1238026. AICR maintains its own mailing list. Occasionally we RDN, CDN, FAND, Nutrition Consultant; John W. Erdman, rent this list or exchange lists with other organizations Jr., PhD, University of Illinois; Shannon L. Mihalko, PhD, AICR is not engaged in rendering medical advice. For advice in order to maintain an active donor file to support Wake Forest University; Lidia Schapira, MD, Stanford in specific cases, the services of a physician should be ob- AICR’s services. If you do not wish to participate in this Health Care; Colleen Spees, PhD, MEd, RDN, LD, tained.A copy of AICR’s financial report may be obtained by program, please let us know. FAND,The Ohio State University-Columbus; AICR writing AICR, PO Box 97167,Washington,DC 20090-7167. Executive Staff. New York residents may also obtain this financial report Executive Editor: Marilyn Gentry. Editor: Catherine by writing to the New York Department of State, Office Wolz. Contributors: Carol M. Bareuther, RDN; Raima For article sources, call or write AICR headquarters. of Charities Registration, Albany, NY 12231. MICS 9632. Larter, PhD; Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, FAND, • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 • AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH 5

> DietFourFantastic SoupsNothing tastes more nourishing than a bowl of hot soup on a winterday. Here are four healthy and truly delicious soups from AICR( RECIPE WHEN YOU THINK OF SOUP, turn to easy homemadesoups that are full of cancer-fighting ingredients.White Bean and Spinach SoupHealthy soup also hydrates you, which is importantin the winter when chilly weather or indoor heatingleaches moisture from your environment. 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 3 cloves garlic, minced These delicious soup recipes were developed and 1 medium carrot, halved and thinly slicedtested by registered dietitians on AICR’s staff. You ½ medium onion, diced finelycan adjust the seasonings and even add your own 4 ½ cups low-sodium vegetable stockfavorite whole grains, vegetables and seasonings 1 (14-oz.) can no-salt added diced tomatoes (fresh may be to fine-tune the perfect soup. substituted) 1 (14-oz.) can no-salt added cannellini beans (any white bean Healthy Soup Basics may be substituted) ½ tsp. rosemaryFirst, stick to water, reduced-sodium broth or no- 1 tsp. dried Italian seasoningsalt-added tomatoes as your liquid base. Skip Dash freshly ground pepperhigh-calorie cream, cheese and processed meats Dash red pepper flakes (optional)like ham and bacon to keep calories low. 4 oz. small whole-wheat pasta shells 4 cups baby spinach leaves If you make soup at home with reduced-sodium 4 tsp. shredded Parmesan cheesebroth or water, it will contain far less sodium thancanned soup from the store. The vegetables youadd will cook and mingle their nutritious liquids andfiber. Even more fiber and cancer-fighting compounds In large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. > Sautécome from adding beans and whole grains. garlic, carrot and onion until carrot is soft, about 5 minutes. > Add stock, tomatoes, beans, rosemary, Italian seasoningUse Up Your Leftovers and pepper (including red pepper flakes, if using) to skillet. > Bring to boil. Add shells and cook 14 minutes. > If soupToss pieces of leftover rotisserie chicken and is too thick simply add more stock. > Stir in spinach andcooked vegetables into reduced-fat, no-sodium continue cooking until wilted. > Serve in soup bowls and sprinkle Parmesan on top.broth or stock. Leftover brown rice, whole-wheat Makes 6 servings. Per serving: 199 calories, 4 g total fat (<1 g PHOTOS: iSTOCKpasta or another whole grain can make your saturated fat), 32 g carbohydrate, 10 g protein, 4 g dietary fiber,soup filling and higher in cancer-fighting fiber. 85 mg sodium.6 AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 •

T om a to S oup RECIPE Sa v ory RECIPE with Chickpeas Pumpkin Soup and Lemon 2 cups low-sodium vegetable 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil broth ½ small onion, chopped 2 cups pumpkin purée 1 large carrot, sliced (canned or fresh) 1 large celery rib, chopped ½ cup finely chopped onion 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 (14-oz.) can no-salt-added whole peeled tomatoes, including 1 tsp. dried thyme liquid Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 1 (15-oz.) can chickpeas, rinsed and drained 1–2 Tbsp. light whipping cream (optional) 1/4 tsp. paprika 1 tsp. fresh parsley, chopped, or dried 3 cups low-sodium vegetable broth Dash of nutmeg (optional) Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 2 lemons In large Dutch oven or heavy pot over medium-high In large saucepan, heat oil over medium-high heat. > Add heat, add broth, pumpkin, onion, garlic, thyme, salt onion and cook until golden, about 4 minutes. > Add carrot, and pepper. > Bring to boil. > Reduce to low and celery and garlic. > Stir to coat with oil. > Cook about 4 min- simmer uncovered, about 30 minutes. > Just before utes. > Add tomatoes and break up with wooden spoon. > serving, stir in cream, if desired. Pour into bowls. > Add liquid from can. > Add chickpeas, paprika and broth. > Garnish with parsley and/or sprinkle of nutmeg and Bring soup to boil, reduce heat and simmer, covered, until vegetables are tender, 20 minutes. > Season to taste with serve. salt and pepper. > To serve, divide hot soup among four bowls. > Cut 1 lemon into quarters and remove seeds. > Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 79 calories, 1 g total fat caWne! Squeeze juice from 1 quarter into each bowl. > From second (<1 g saturated fat), 17 g carbohydrate, 4 g protein, lemon, cut four 1/4-inch slices. > Set 1 lemon slice in center 5 g dietary fiber, 378 mg sodium. of each bowl and serve. Eat Wellto Reduce Your Cancer Risk Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 200 calories, 5 g fat (< 1 g sat fat), Our free brochure, Eat Well to Reduce Your OFFRFEEER 34 g carbohydrate, 10 g protein, 9 g dietary fiber, 461 mg sodium. Cancer Risk, gives you simple steps for healthy eating. To order a free copy, visit American InAsntitinuitteiaftoivreCoafntcheer Research. RECIPE Sup er S plit Pea So up ALL RECIPE PHOTOS: HEATHER VICTORIA PHOTOGRAPHY, LTD. 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil Heat oil in large pot over medium heat. Sauté ½ medium onion, chopped onion and garlic, adding rosemary and oregano 1 cloves garlic, minced until onion is translucent, about 10 minutes. ½ tsp. dried rosemary Add broth, carrots, potatoes and split peas. ½ tsp. dried oregano Bring to boil. Simmer uncovered for about 90 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth minutes or until peas are soft. Season with salt and pepper. Stir frequently to (vegetable stock or water may be keep solids from burning on the bottom of pot. You can adjust the thickness by adding broth, stock or water. Serve hot. substituted) 2 medium carrots, diced Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 344 calories, 6 g total fat (1 g saturated fat), 56 g carbohy- 2 medium potatoes, cubed small drate, 21 g protein, 17 g dietary fiber, 106 mg sodium. 1 cup dried split peas, rinsed Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 • AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH 7

> Diet/Survivors The New American Plate® for Breast Cancer Survivors Barbara Spalding, MS, RDN is a breast cancer survivor BARBARA SPALDING, MS, RDN and registered dietitian. Here’s how she has used AICR’s New American Plate model for healthy meals to help other breast cancer survivors. SINCE HER BREAST CANCER DIAGNO- your plate look like this: mostly NAP Helps Control Weight vegetables, some whole grains Weight management can be tricky SIS in 2004, Barbara Spalding, a and a little protein.’ People like for cancer patients. “If you’re un- registered dietitian, has learned the simplicity.” der treatment for breast cancer,” much about navigating treatment Spalding says, “your body needs side effects while eating a nutri- Creativity Helps the energy from healthy foods to tious diet. Spalding recalls being frustrated fight the cancer. during her treatment because “It used to be that everyone AICR’s New American Plate® sometimes she couldn’t eat undergoing treatment lost weight (NAP) has helped her find practi- healthy foods. because chemotherapy was so cal answers for herself and her “I normally have a rough. Nausea, heartburn clients. salad every day. But and loss of taste made it during treatment, hard to eat,” she says. “I think the NAP and dietary I couldn’t eat veg- “Now other drugs guidance AICR provides can be etables. I stopped given with chemo, like very helpful to a recently diag- eating salad for a steroids, make people nosed person,” she says. couple of months. hungrier—especially for “You’ve got to be refined carbohydrates.” “Diet and lifestyle are places flexible and creative. You can find The New American Plate where you can regain control of If you can’t eat veg- out how the New your health,” Spalding points out. etables in a salad, American Plate® helps people maintain a “By themselves, a healthy diet how about making a works by visiting healthy weight. “This is and lifestyle won’t be a cure, but very important because they will help you get healthier.” smoothie with spin- -american-plate obesity is a factor in in- ach or chard in it? creased risk,” she adds. Spalding attended the AICR Puréeing might help you and Smith Center for Healing and mix them into other things.” Eat Lean Protein the Arts workshop for dietitians She also found that putting a Cancer and its treatment can and chefs who work with cancer 100 percent fruit-juice sweetened change your metabolism, so survivors. AICR’s New American dressing on salad made it taste eating enough protein is very Plate was used as an easy model to follow. “I tell people, ‘Just makeCNAUNTCREIRT I ON D UR ING better. “If you eat vegetables that impor tant during treatment, TREA TM ENT CANCER SURVIVOR SERIES Our free brochure, Nutrition are sweetened a little, they may Spalding says. Healthy protein during Cancer Treatment, be more palatable. That way, you foods like beans and lentils, fish, suggests ways to get adequate can get the nutrients in those chicken, quinoa and egg whites OFFRFEEER nutrition despite side effects. vegetables that may help you are all good choices. To order a free copy, visit have a stronger immune system,” V isit Spalding’s blog at: she says. AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 •

Diet < Eating for Better Fitness Eating right can give you the energy you need to be physically active every day for lower cancer risk. Here’s what the science now shows about combining nutritious foods and daily physical activity for good health and cancer prevention as we age. TO REDUCE YOUR CANCER RISK, Bone-building Nutrients. Calcium Motivated Movers. There’s no and vitamin D help keep your need for special sports beverag- AICR recommends at least 30 bones strong. Eat calcium-rich es: Plain water and ordinary foods minutes of moderate physical foods like low-fat milk, yogurt, provide plenty of electrolytes for activity, like brisk walking, danc- cheese, tofu, broccoli and other good hydration when you’re sim- ing or swimming, every day. In leafy greens. You can get vitamin ply following activity guidelines to addition, AICR and other health D from eggs, fish (such as salmon improve your overall health. Plus, experts advise doing strengthen- and trout) and fortified foods, there’s generally no need for a ing exercises twice per week. such as milk and orange juice. snack. However, morning exercis- These bone-building nutrients ers may boost their stamina by Nutrients such as protein, cal- plus a combination of strength- eating a healthy breakfast first cium and vitamin D, plus drinking ening and balance exercises can that features whole-grain toast, plenty of plain water, can reinforce help to prevent osteoporosis. a hardboiled egg and fruit or the health benefits of physical low-sugar whole-grain cereal with activity. Hydrate with Fluids and Produce. milk or low-fat yogurt and fresh Protein for Muscle. Seniors re- Fluids are crucial because the fruit. Exercising after a balanced, quire more protein than younger sense of thirst decreases with ag- healthy lunch offers the same people to rebuild muscle mass ing. Recommendations are 11–15 benefit. and keep muscle during weight cups of water, tea, coffee or low-fat Weight Warriors. Exercise alone loss. A 150- to 160-pound per- milk daily for those age 70-plus. won’t make for successful weight son should eat 80–90 grams of You can count fruits and vegeta- loss. It takes cutting 250–500 protein daily. Get the greatest bles like cantaloupe, strawberries, calories a day too. Do this by fill- benefits with some protein in watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce, ing half your plate with fruits and every meal: tomatoes and zucchini that are 90 vegetables. Forego the tempta- Breakfast - 2 tablespoons of pea- percent or more water by weight. tion of a post-exercise “reward” nut butter on toast and 1 cup of of a sweet treat. low-fat milk at breakfast Match Your Eating with Senior Athletes. Collins says to Your Activity Level eat strategically for activities Lunch - a vegetable salad topped According to Karen longer than 60–90 minutes, like with 3 ounces of tuna fish (packed Collins, MS, RDN, a 10K run or a tennis match. in water) and ½ cup cooked kid- CDN, FAND, nutri- First, add an extra 1–2 ounces ney beans tion advisor for of protein to the day’s meals. Dinner - a 3-ounce chicken breast AICR, “Physically Then, 1–4 hours before, eat a Snack - 1 cup of low-fat yogurt active seniors carbohydrate-rich snack with pro- and a 1-ounce bag of almonds i n c l u d e a l a r g e KAREN COLLINS, tein. Try a peanut butter and group with different MS, RDN, CDN, honey sandwich with fruit and a needs and goals.” FAND yogurt smoothie.PHOTOS: iSTOCK Here’s her advice for three main groups. • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 • AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH 9

> Physical Activity Physical Activity Helps before and after Colon Cancer Scientists are trying to tease out the many factors involved that may be responsible for the benefits of physical activity in reducing risk of colorectal cancer. One leading researcher sums up the findings so far. Strong evidence decreases the risk of developing colleagues recently conducted a suggests that colon cancer before diagnosis. study involving more than 40,000 physical activity After diagnosis, it is also protec- men that looked at the association is associated with tive: patients who participate in between MET-hours of exercise a decreased risk any amount of physical activity and digestive system cancers, of colon cancer. are less likely to die from their including colorectal cancer. Thirty According to Dr. EDWARD L. colorectal cancer as inactive pa- MET-hours per week is the best Edward L. Giovan- GIOVANUCCI, MD tients, he says. amount to protect against any nucci of Harvard Medical School, Why physical activity is protec- digestive system cancer, which more than a hundred reports in tive in survivors is still unknown, corresponds to 90 minutes a day the medical literature state that but it may depend on the type of of moderate walking or about 60 physical activity decreases the risk tumor. Some cancers are strongly minutes a day of brisk walking. of colon cancer. But sorting out dependent on insulin, Dr. Giovan- The researchers also investi- exactly why is challenging. nucci says. Physical activity gated the effects of non-aerobic forms of exercise, such as weight Physical activity decreases the risk of developing colon lifting. Although these provided cancer before diagnosis. After diagnosis, it is also protective. some protection, aerobic exercise was better. One problem is the overlap- reduces insulin levels, so there “Since cardiovascular fitness ping effects between exercise, may be a connection. Other pos- is known to decrease the risk of diet, body fat and body weight. sibilities involve substances such death from digestive system can- Although body fat is a clear risk as insulin-like growth factor and cers, this may explain factor for colorectal cancer in the COX-2 enzyme, both of which the special benefit of survivors, “An individual with have been implicated in certain aerobic exercise,” Dr. cancer may feel sick and lose types of colon cancer. Giovannucci says. weight as a result of the cancer,” Dr. Giovannucci explains. “So in More Activity = More this case, being underweight isn’t Protection against Cancer ‘protective’ against cancer in the Exercise amounts can be mea- normal sense.” sured using the metabolic On the other hand, evidence equivalent of task (MET) concept. “MfCIIachaSoNaom“itssnlRewoihHHttiCcleeCdnorlyieecitexsfrEOhaoOwhrpepcyOel.lirtsIeitRraosWtneaLheOtLrhrrtyvslytgceoInOleOtckhuecrrTblinaeytynltCRouasRcatEnpoaoidtrahlncowAeEbfyDEnopecgr,nottwahwrNChorCuc?nyaeisoeenontscnTd”ciTllhgt5ieIdyoducchAehArirucaaasperRiterotliL,bteecLtscaiecoartEwynccacauduosChuCetlDnppteuiagrncved.rA2sAtepitaUoatAr5nlwynioiaNptncNseeCcefylpackesepCaeonmCaeE,reolwrr.dalaucdEofvEAhtcetmeipdMnhacoaRnarRlegcaeteystndivoia?oeYdtnioewormlonsdttfl”hdoahshiptcaoRnrpyi.hanoairginveedhnirsInektitageSNaeag,ovsantscaaeKaAtsoatlofoiIanolrnofConomocdOnRrglieea-i’lsFclytal Dr. Giovannucci and his cancer:COLORECTAL oacncetritvhiisteycableneadnr.eriPfsihtksyosoficfcaopllhoayncstciivcaiantyl-ascntadtiveneerdcaeioccrftairtvtiheseedkt.otools Reduce Your Risk of Questions and Answers“CdTWbCoCihOviemlncoiiofffAnssobgatHloparoeeierenorihyNoernsaecAneyfpdb,rtsccwlyCareTtegoyiatoehchltrcafn5vueoeEaecolteIccw0larhmeclSRenetaantealprtheirpccemnw?gecsdtoeCdcceaiereilvr”ecan(ytlvibcOileeiprtnansseayyrnsctttllLeaolectaehlaiesnkapsdraOnowdooeiutsobdfnaiuss.nRpi“tgctssnhepeRtsomtiuetdEo..neeolhoytalg.SvsreybCrniecepeoeyhyalrascmnaTeanytt”rtraaibAceesg)mblhlnaetftaeLhoecorysirsyar.prnreummneeSettgeocamsaacgosebrlteodonetirsnsisvefenotgetvpnehsrcdeboai.eonltelonbuhygldpdeilpasnd.-st- re no one devel- Swthteariyoguhagthheoaultthlyife. PHOTO: iSTOCK You can order our free bro-Mienovaevnreyymdwoaaryye.,,CANCERaoddnrldmdlifopoeshnstytcysalaieucnatcchlheoaorrciiptctaireve-si-ty,pocwuiertdwa-ibnil.nasangsioacevArn.daIodCtrtiRgvroee.o’sslseRaaernccodhm- Hcoowlormecatnayl Alhmaolfs. t 47% ccaanncbeersFffiioblloeudr-psr.iocnh prevented?Laivmoiitdrpedromceesast,ed chure, Reduce Your Risk ofmeat.physical activity can Dalocno’ht Colorectal Cancer. To orderPhoto©Bigstock aaifcrre.oercgo/pfrye, ev-ismitaterials“ItnaHChnitrOdhOdetWmLhUeoOnssiCtRteeccdOEooSmnCMtdmaTltMoeeAnasd,OLcicanoNngClcoceArIaerSucNastmaeCloocEnfagdnRaeced?arut”hlitssfrtohmealPdaercveteivvloeitpyninatginodcnawneciegrh. t OFFRFEEER Ignif“eYay(tSDlceAoddoruasuedecOrn.gitavDatecFuiliEroievcolzeIaantrreSiFrloahdptrsntFoa)aa,EcshttiEartiseieehAgsshRneevhpeRtendrsfrEeariirinvyosLalwetNgkpdhYih-smyyoCodtebpodrsraDeaoEiearoegmrEdtstt?ichanvauaaTeinn”trsnnirtivcEencd.ipavedgCadalrltasyralotTtirsaalaybaIfrtotyegOepefehyrfitNooysh5csuuoe09irnclM,0obddaoroolepvrdAcaceeeytctrr.oaKactyriErle.velEainietartyrlr.,ylyeat and avoid 3/3/17 6:50 AMwcahyi nfogr t3e0le or ut life. tobacco. or chewOnsel.eaoqBannuronlecixinhsne9tga7ianDn1tdey6wpoe7waud,rrwutWmc.waaaieiltsclin.hro.tFoinnoarggrt-; Images Follow us on Getty cancer. Cover Photos © Fotolia, © AICRBlog @aicrtweets Facebook Stopping Cancer Seriesarch E72-BHC 10 AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 •

Say “Yes” to Healthy Diet < Winter Desserts RECIPE Nutritious and delicious desserts can fit into a cancer- fighting diet. Here are some ideas for fruit-filled winter Eas y Gin gerb read desserts that offer fiber, vitamins and cancer-fighting Pudding compounds—plus great flavor. Cooking oil spray DESSERTS CAN BE BOTH SWEET AND them in dark chocolate than milk 1/4 cup yellow cornmeal NUTRITIOUS. Just start with whole- chocolate. To preserve flavanols, (whole grain) some ingredients and end with choose cocoa powder that has 2 ½ cups reduced-fat smart portion control. not undergone Dutch process- milk (2 percent) ing. Dark chocolate still contains 1/4 cup molasses Put fruit first. Pick up some of the calories and added sugars, so (can use part brown sugar for milder season’s finest, including apples, keep your portions small. flavor) pears, persimmons, pomegran- • D ip fruit slices in dark choco- 1/4 tsp. salt ates and oranges. late syrup. 1 tsp. ground ginger • Enjoy warm fruit compote alone • E njoy dark chocolate-covered ½ tsp. ground nutmeg or spooned over thick apple almonds or walnuts. 1 tsp. ground cinnamon slices, vanilla yogurt or a small 1 ½ cups fruit, fresh, frozen or canned serving of angel food cake. Get nutty. Tree nuts and peanuts (peaches, pears, strawberries, rasp- • Poach pears with fra- provide fiber, phytochem- grant winter spices icals, B vitamins, vitamin berries, blueberries, dried cranberries, like cloves, cinna- For more E, magnesium and etc.) and drained mon or ginger. delicious healthy more. Although the re- recipes from Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. > Coat • C ook up a comfort- AICR, visit search is not definitive, small oven-proof casserole dish with ing apple crisp. one study found that cooking oil spray. > Put cornmeal in top /health-e-recipes. eating nuts at least four of double boiler and hot water in bottom Don’t forget vegetables. times weekly is associ- pot. > Set over medium-high heat and Sweet potatoes and pump- ated with less cancer risk. bring water to simmer. > Meanwhile, kin bring fiber and vitamins A and • E njoy a small serving of candied heat milk in small pan until hot and C to the table. Save calories by pecans instead of calorie-dense tiny bubbles form along sides (do not skipping the piecrust and dip your pecan pie. bring to boil.) > Stir milk into cornmeal, spoon into delicious custards and • S prinkle nuts over baked and blending well. > Cook over hot water for puddings. Enjoy quick breads too. poached fruits. 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. > AddTOP PHOTO: ISTOCK; RECIPE PHOTO: HEATHER VICTORIA PHOTOGRAPHY, LTD. Cook sweet potatoes in the micro- molasses, salt, ginger, nutmeg and cin- wave and use canned pumpkin Be ingredient savvy. Typical des- namon. > Pour into casserole and bake purée to save time. serts are high in added sugars, 40 minutes or until firm. > To serve calories, saturated fats and re- pudding, divide among 6 small, shallow Choose dark chocolate. Cocoa fined grains. But a little tweaking bowls and place two or more varieties of beans, from which chocolate is can make a big difference. fruit on top. > Refrigerate leftover pud- made, contain flavanols. These • S elect whole grains like oats for ding up to 3 days. compounds are studied for poten- fruit crisps and quick breads. tial anti-inflammatory properties Combine whole-wheat and Makes 6 servings. Per serving: 126 calories, and blood pressure-lowering ef- white flours in cookie and cake 2 g total fat (1 g saturated fat), 23 g carbo- fects. Unfortunately, processing batters. hydrate, 4 g protein, 1.5 g dietary fiber, 147 often destroys these disease- • T rim sugar by ¼ to 1/3. Add mg sodium. fighters, but you’ll find more of flavor with vanilla extract and sweet spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. • Replace as much as half of a recipe’s butter with applesauce or plain yogurt. In most recipes, you can replace 4 tablespoons of butter with 3 tablespoons of more healthful olive or canola oil. • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 • AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH 11

MAKING AN IMPACTHe Quit to Win  Planned Giving:THE ABBOT WORLD MARATHON MAJORS are a series CHRIS BARTOSIK AND HIS ASK---T--H---E----E--X--P---ERTof six races that became a goal for Chris Bartosik, MOTHER, HALINAa former smoker and AICR supporter. Question: I turned 70 early last During his high school years, Chris ran cross- year and will have to start takingcountry and track and field. His diet was mostly distributions from my IRA inhome-cooked meals such as fish, soup and fresh 2018, even though I don’t needvegetables from the family garden. all the funds. I read something about making gifts to charity After high school, Chris quit running and took from IRAs, but wonder if I qualifyup smoking. He smoked for almost 23 years, but and whether I could make myin 2010 he decided to quit smoking for good and annual gift to AICR from my IRA.take up running again. Answer: Gifts from IRAs are He had tried to quit many times, but this timehe was determined to succeed. “Quitting only has an easy and tax-wise way ofto work once,” he told himself. With the help of supporting AICR. Your gift musthis doctor and aided by his desire to avoid the come from an IRA (not a 401(k)smoking-related problems that plagued his father or other retirement account)and grandfather, this time it worked. and must come directly from the IRA custodian. Donors mustInspired by Mom be at least age 70½ on the TOP PHOTO: iSTOCK date of the gift and may giveChris was inspired to run by his mother, who was confined to a wheel- up to $100,000 per year. Sincechair. “If my mother can have a smile on her face and laugh every an IRA gift to charity can takeday, I can quit smoking and finish a 26.2 mile marathon,” he said. the place of required minimum distributions, it’s best to make By 2012, Chris ran the Chicago Marathon for his mom’s nursing your gift before taking yourhome and finished in 3 hours and 31 minutes. He changed his life, 2018 distribution. Althoughwent back to eating fruits and vegetables and eliminating as much there is no charitable deductionprocessed food as possible from his diet. available, you can save taxes anyway by avoiding the tax Chris began a serious training program and added the other five you would otherwise owe on aAbbot World Marathon Majors to his accomplishments. After each withdrawal. If you’re thinking ofrace, he returned to Chicago and visited his mother, who loved the new making a gift to AICR from yourtradition of being photographed with her son while she wore his medal. IRA, please let us know so we can coordinate with your IRA Just before the Tokyo race, Chris’s mother passed away. He ran custodian and provide you thethe Tokyo and London marathons with his mother’s yellow and white proper substantiation.beaded bracelet. “She was wearing it when she died, and I have car-ried it with me ever since,” he says.Living by the AICR Guidelines Our free brochure, Six Steps to PTSrhiaxocuStigctehapltfsWutloialland a Thoughtful and Practical Will,At the 2016 London Marathon, Chris was able to run as part of the AICRteam, raising $5,000 for cancer research. Chris chose to run for AICR provides easy-to-understand OFFRFEEERbecause he was inspired by our mission and strong prevention message. information on the power and benefits of a properly executed Chris’s life is now focused on being smoke-free, being physicallyactive and eating well—all the AICR guidelines to reduce cancer risk. will. To order a free copy, visit To support AICR’s mission and work, Chris has volunteered to help on AICR’s Chicago Marathon team. Thanks for your support, Chris!12 AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH • WINTER 2018, ISSUE 138 •

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