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Endaya, Janelle G. BSCE-3309

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yellow corp. the asean. A LITERARY MAGAZINE a community that unites our region as one.

Association of Southeast Asian the FOUNDING OF ASEAN Nations (ASEAN) ASEAN was founded on August 8, 1967, in Bangkok, by How ASEAN Works the five founding members: ASEAN is led by a chairman, whose duties are rotated annually among Indonesia, Malaysia, the member nations, is supported by a secretariat with offices in Jakarta, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia. Important decisions are typically made through consensus- Thailand. Brunei Darussalam building and consultation under the guidance of the values of non- became a member on January interference in internal affairs and peaceful conflict resolution. 8, 1984, Vietnam on July 28, 1995, Laos and Myanmar on 01 BRUNEI 06 MYANMAR July 23, 1997, and Cambodia on April 30, 1999. Today, 02 CAMBODIA 07 PHILIPPINES ASEAN brings together ten 03 INDONESIA 08 SINGAPORE Southeast Asian states – 04 LAOS 09 THAILAND Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, 05 MALAYSIA 10 VIETNAM Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, voyage Thailand and Vietnam – into one organisation. REGIME OBJECTIVES The Association's aims and purposes are to: (1) accelerate regional economic growth, social advancement, and cultural development through collaborative efforts in an environment of equality and partnership in order to strengthen the framework for a prosperous and peaceful community of Southeast Asian nations; and (2) advance regional peace and stability through enduring respect for justice and the rule of law in interactions among members. \"Cooperative peace and shared prosperity shall be the core goals of ASEAN,\" the ASEAN Heads of State and Government reiterated in 1995.

Because ASEAN countries was engaged in conquest, the literature of ASEAN is diverse and hugely influenced by literature from other nations. The earliest source of influence was the advent of Christianity in India, which had an impact on Malaysian and Indonesian literature. The Chinese shortly Vietnam was influenced by Buddhism when it reached this region of the continent. Western education, on the other hand, had a significant impact on nations like the Philippines that had been colonized by various races. In actuality, all of the members of the ASEAN were colonized, with the exception of Thailand. In earlier times, there was no ASEAN literature to be found in books; instead, riddles, proverbs, myths, legends, poems, and other types of stories were only passed orally, where they were retained in listeners' minds and only later inscribed. A magazine that will take all of you in an adventure to each member countries through their beauty and strength.

the asean. brunei ABODE OF PEACE Brunei History Brunei is well-known throughout Southeast Asia for its beautiful and Islamic architecture. Brunei Darussalam was the seat of a powerful sultanate that ruled over Sabah, Sarawak, and the lower Philippines from the 14th to the 16th centuries. THE PRODUCTS Brunei Darussalam's main exports include three key commodities: crude oil, petroleum products, and liquefied natural gas, which are primarily shipped to Japan, the United States, and ASEAN countries. Brunei Darussalam is still known for its boat THE LANGUAGE building, silversmithing, bronze tooling, fabric weaving, mat and basket weaving, and so The official language of Brunei is Standard on. Brunei Darussalam also has natural Malay, for which both the Latin capital in the form of lush tropical rainforests, alphabet(Rumi) and the Arabic alphabet as well as relics and other forms of artistic (Jawi) are used. history such as Malay weaponry, wood carvings, traditional games, traditional musical instruments, Silat (traditional self- defense), and decorative goods for women. MARVEL AT THE MASJID OMAR ALI SAIFUDDIEN The spectacular Bornean Sunset The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, built in a fusion of Mughal and Malay styles, is an architectural gem that no one should miss in their lifetime. This mosque, located on the island of Brunei and the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei, is widely regarded as one of the most magnificent mosques in the Asia Pacific region.

the asean. Cambodia is well known for its magnificent temples, especially Angkor Wat, as well as the horrific Khmer Rouge rule and subsequent civil war. Cambodia's history contains both tremendous artistic triumphs and horrible acts. Angkor Wat is one of the country's biggest attractions. The richness of the Angkorian Cambodia is absolutely period seeping out of the temple architecture in this city tends to inspire amazement in paradisiacal in August for everyone. The beautiful and ambitious feelings of this city have made it a must-see those who enjoy the drops destination at least once in a lifetime. August is the best month to visit the tree-root of fresh rains falling down, encircled Ta Prohm temple or the stone-carved faces in the Bayon Temple because they bringing in the pleasantly are both open and accessible. cool weather. The photogenic, dramatic skies Cambodian traditional food Khmer literature is divided into two categories: written painted just after the rain consists of noodles, soups, literature and oral literature. It is also thought to have ceases, on the other hand, curries, and a variety of extremely old origins. The most prevalent religion in the are reason enough to visit grilled and fried morsels. nation, Buddhism, as well as the Hindu epics have a this area. Temperatures Cambodians are extremely significant impact on its literature. Literature in Cambodia, typically range from 25 to skilled at making pastes. primarily folklore, is in fact vast and diverse. Up until the 32 degrees Celsius. As a 19th century, the majority of well-known oral tales, result, with the summer heat including myths, legends, and fables, were only transmitted long gone and the winter verbally. Khmer literature refers to the body of writings chills taking their time to produced by the Khmer peoples of Southeast Asia, arrive, Cambodia in August primarily Cambodia. The Ramayana, one of India's major has just the correct climatic epic texts, was translated into Cambodian as the Reamker conditions. (\"Honour of Rama\"; English trans. Reamker), which is also known as the Ramayana.

the asean. indonesia Indonesia is known for its various and diversified islands, ranging from extremely religious Aceh in the north through Java, the country's administrative hub, to the tropical paradise of Bali, and all the way down to the province of Papua on the border with independent Papua New Guinea. The Culture This ancient temple is one of Indonesia's most well-known and culturally significant The vast archipelago of Indonesia is home to structures. Borobudur was created in the 8th many traditions and cultures. Separated by the century in the shape of a classic Buddhist sea, each island has their own language, customs, mandala. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and way of life. The Indonesian culture is formed and one of the most important Buddhist sites by the indigenous people as well as influences in the world. from China, India, Europe, and the Middle East. It varies from traditional to contemporary. Religions also have impacted cultural assimilation, creating the most diverse society in the world. The Literature Indonesian literature is as diverse as its people, from dialect or language to inspiration and influence. Indonesian literature is written in several languages of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Lombok, with Java and Sumatra (particularly Malay) having the most published and of high quality. Epics and myths were the first literary genres created in this language, which quickly evolved into stories and narratives and became political as a result of violent political events that occurred on the land.

HOME OFthe asean. TEMPLE THE \"Land of a Million Elephants\" LAOS Laos, known as the “Land of a Million Elephants,” is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia about the size of Kansas. The elephant symbolizes the ancient kingdom of Lan Xang, and is sacred to the Lao people, who believe it will bring prosperity to their country. a country which is rich in minerals and the high number of rivers makes it ideal for producing hydroelectric energy Most towns have at least one temple. These temples are not simply locations for monks to reside and pray; they are also the focal point for social and recreational events such as village meetings, religious rites, and festivals. Temples in cities are occasionally used as homeless and poor people's shelters. When someone dies in an accident or outside their home, their body is sometimes carried to a temple and stored there for a few days for religious ceremonies before being cremated. THE PEOPLE AND CULTURE One of the trademarks of Laos is the diversity of its people and cultures. Lao people are frank, open and friendly, and they possess a strongly developed sense of courtesy and respect. Everyone who adheres to the latter will receive a warm welcome. The generally accepted from of greeting among Lao people is the Nop. It is performed by placing one's palm together in a position of praying at chest level, but not touching the body. The higher the hands, the greater the sign of respect. Weaving in Laos The Lao people and other ethnic groups form Laos are famous for their weaving. They have traditionally used natural fibers, cotton and silk and natural dyes like blue from indigo, red from “lac” (a laquer made from beetle shells), pink from sappanwood and yellow from jackfruit and breadfruit wood; and have traditionally recorded events and told stories with the textiles they produced.

the asean. Malaysia Malaysia is known for its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, which is a strong financial and business centre in South East Asia, as well as its stunning beaches, quiet islands, towering hill stations, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Malaysian People Malaysia is renowned for the Petronas Towers, Indeed, Malaysians are generally quite gentle, one of the most recognizable Asian landmarks. reserved and discreet. They are typically modest in The Petronas Twin Towers were the highest their dress, body language, and demeanor, and structures in the world at 452 meters until they approach daily life with tremendous tolerance. Taipei 101 was finished in 2004. The Petronas This is considered 'halus' (refined) behavior and the Twin Skyscrapers are still the world's tallest twin standard for a 'budi bahasa' (man of culture). towers. Those who are forceful, abrasive, or noisy, on the other hand, are deemed uncouth or 'kasar' Malaysian literature often depicts (crass/rough). The younger generation's social numerous facets of Malaysian life expectations are evolving as they become more and is an essential part of Malaysian accustomed to the direct kind of communication culture. Malay literature, like the that occurs in the online space. Nonetheless, in other stated literatures, was passed Malaysia, it is important to retain a kind and down through generations until it indirect demeanor.. was written down. It includes a range of genres of Malay folklore, such as Relax in Kuching myths, legends, folk tales, romances, epics, poetry, proverbs, origin stories, The city of Kuching in Sarawak, East Malaysia, and oral histories. Malay literature was called after a miscommunication between describes the country in all of its James Brooke, who found the location, and the various facets. local indigenous inhabitants, who mistook him for pointing to a stray cat when asked the name of the ground on which the city stood. The name stayed, as the location is located on the Indonesian-bordered island of Borneo. Kuching is located along the Sarawak River and is generally described as having a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. River tours are popular among visitors. There are also numerous instances of colonial architecture, such as Fort Magherita, as well as numerous cat statues commemorating the city's namesake.

the asean. myanmar THE GOLDEN LAND A nation long shrouded in mystery, Myanmar has only recently emerged from decades of isolation under a violent military regime and opened its borders to tourism. Myanmar, still known as Burma to many, is fondly referred to as 'the Golden Land' because of the abundant use of gold leaf on its temples and shrines In Myanmar, gold is so valued that it may be found in anything from face creams to traditional medicines, MODERN MYANMAR HISTORY and occasionally it is International visitors can now go across Myanmar. However, hazardous violence even added to food or persists in some parts of the country, and the Burmese army is waging a war of beverages. attrition against people like the Rohingya. Many of the areas you might visit on your THE CULTURE vacation to Myanmar were formerly off- limits to anyone but the Burmese military. One of the reasons Myanmar is so distinct and culturally Myanmar has not been a popular Southeast diverse is that it is home to so many different ethnic Asian destination for travellers, owing to the groups. Myanmar's culture may be seen and felt in every country's unpredictable politics and travel interaction with these pleasant, polite, and dignified restrictions. However, the political and people, thanks to the abundance of gorgeous pagodas travel environment has significantly and stupas, spirits and Buddha statues, woven designs improved since 2015. and clothing, architecture, and gardens. This prosperity is due mainly to the country's outstanding diversity. Myanmar is an ethnic patchwork comprising at least 135 distinct ethnic groups, each with its own set of traditions, customs, cultures, and histories.

the asean. The Philippines consistently tops the best beaches and islands lists in the world by international publications. With over 7,000 islands and white sand beaches that stretch from coast to coast, you can’t deny the fact that the Philippines is gifted with the magic of nature’s wonder. The Philippines is well-known for its stunning beaches and exquisite fruit. The Philippines also has world-renowned natural wonders such as an underground river and rice terraces, incredible diving spots rich in biodiversity, colorful public transportation, unique cuisine, vibrant festivals that showcase its colorful culture, and friendly locals who are considered to be some of the happiest in the world. Filipinos are immensely proud of their country's and Additionally, Filipinos are exceedingly hospitable. culture's beauty. That'w why when they meet visitors to Their culture places a lot of emphasis on the idea the nation, the locals will go out of their way to let you of the \"extended family.\" They will treat you like a experience this. Filipinos are natural tour guides, from member of their family if you have Filipino friends teaching you local phrases to pointing out the best who invite you to their home. You shouldn't be sites to visit or specialties to taste. shocked if they often serve you a feast of home- It is not difficult to communicate with the locals, since, cooked Filipino food. English is one of the official languages of the This reason alone will make you feel like the Philippines, and the majority of Filipinos speak and Philippines is your home away from home understand it. There are other reasons to visit the Philippines besides its stunning beaches and islands. It combines everything a traveler is seeking for, including people, culture, history, and the outdoors. You won't run out of things to do or get bored discovering something new.

the asean. singapore Singapore, also known as the \"Lion City\" or \"Garden City\" due to its many parks and tree- lined streets, has been also dubbed \"instant Asia\" since it provides tourists with an expedited view into the cultures brought to it by immigrants from all across Asia. Singapore is known for having some of the world's cleanest streets, which is Safe and secure environment - Singapore largely attributable to the 50,000-strong cleaning crews that are engaged offers a safe and secure atmosphere, which is to maintain the streets neat. Singapore is also well recognized for its strict exceptional for any other Asian nation. There laws against littering, spitting in the street, vandalism, and public urination, is a high degree of law and order in the which can result in steep fines and/or a punishment known as a Corrective nation, and even the most minor crimes carry Work Order, where offenders are obliged to pick up litter in public while heavy punishments. wearing a bright vest.t. In Singapore, the most common greeting is Makan (Have you eaten?) rather than \"How are you?\" \", demonstrating how important food is in the local culture. One of the things that many immigrants in Singapore like about living in the city is the food. The Literature Singaporean writers have produced a variety of literary works that make to the country's literature. English, Malay, Standard Mandarin, and Tamil are the four official languages of the nation. The literature of Singapore is recognized as a separate body of literature that portrays various facets of Singapore society and plays an important role in Singaporean culture, even though Singaporean literary works may be deemed to also belong to the literature of their respective languages. Literature in all four official languages has been translated and showcased in publications such as the literary journal Singa, that was published in the 1980s and 1990s with editors including Edwin Thumboo and Koh Buck Song, as well as in multilingual anthologies such as Rhythms: A Singaporean Millennial Anthology Of Poetry, in which the poems were all translated three times each into the three languages.

the asean. THE Land of Smiles THAILAND One thing that you’ll notice the second you touchdown in Thailand is that the local people never stop smiling – hence its nickname ‘The Land of Smiles’. Thailand is the only TThHailaEndPisEreOnowPneLdEforAthNe wDelcComUingLaTndUwRarmEdisposition of its culture and Southeast Asian country people. Rice plantations and majestic temples are interspersed in and around never to have been busy metropolitan cities, reflecting the diversity of landscapes and cultures. As colonized by a European their country has globalized, many Thais have accepted progressive values. This is evident in the country's capital, Bangkok, which is a bustling cosmopolitan city power. with a mingling of traditional influences and contemporary views. Respect, self- control, and a non-confrontational attitude are the most significant values held Thailand is known for its by Thai people throughout the country. Losing face by displaying rage or uttering beautiful nature, delicious a lie is a source of severe embarrassment for Thai people. mangoes and strict rules about conversations on its monarchy. THE FOOD Thai cuisine focuses on freshly prepared dishes with strong, aromatic spice ingredients. The taste differs from location to region. Roadside booths sell some of Thailand's spiciest and TOURIST tangiest meals. Street vendors can whip up the hot and spicy dish in a flash using fresh ATTRACTION lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. Thailand has a variety of stunning islands to select from. It is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the warmth of the sun while also learning about another culture. Furthermore, Buddha sculptures abound in Thailand. Some are standing, others are sleeping, while still others are simply meditating. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including stone, metal, and emeralds. There are about 40,000 Buddhist temples in the country, each with its own distinct personality.

the asean. Vietnam ASCENDING DRAGON Vietnam, often known as the land of the \"Ascending Dragon\" due to its geographical shape on the map, is home to 54 ethnic groups, each with its own distinct identity and culture. THE FOOD Vietnamese literature has been nourished by two major streams, the indigenous oral Vietnamese food, like its art forms, is deeply literature and the written literature with important. It is regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The food is prepared in Chinese influences, much as the river such a way that it appeals to the body's five basins that have sustained Vietnam's senses and contains five major nutrients and five agricultural civilisation for thousands of fundamental tastes. The cuisine makes liberal years. The Thien school of Buddhism, which use of fresh vegetables, herbs, and meats. The predates Zen and first came to Vietnam in French influence is also visible in their cuisine. the second century via Indian monks Most recipes are noodle or broth-based and journeying to China, produced a significant colorful, making them visually appealing. amount of the literature in the early centuries of the independent Vietnamese THE BEAUTY nation. Most tourists to Vietnam are drawn by the country's stunning natural beauty, which ranges from the green rice fields of the north to the exciting bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south. Vietnam, on the other hand, is a country with a lengthy history and ancient traditions. It has various historical sites and ancient temples. Ha Long Bay is one of the attractions. Ha Long Bay is a 120-kilometer-long coastline in northern Vietnam that translates literally as \"Bay of Descending Dragons.\" Ha Long Bay is Vietnam's most popular tourist destination, with thousands of islands topped with dense forest vegetation, providing a stunning seascape of limestone pillars. Several of the islands are hollow, with large caves, while others have lakes and rivers.


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