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Published by blackpunch88, 2021-12-09 09:47:55

Description: thuratunmin_portfolio

Keywords: Architect,mimar,portfolio,design,projects


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portfolio•2021 of Thura TUN MIN architect

contents curriculum vitae copyvariation of about me istanbul modern museum intergenerational solidarity and active aging center rethinking accommodation and transience swarm city 2150 other works

copyvariation of istanbul modern museum istanbul, turkey •what if istanbul modern museum was designed by Bernard TSCHUMI• instructors : scan this code for Prof. Dr. Ayşen ÇELEN ÖZTÜRK , architect’s analysis video Öğr. Gör. Hatice DÜLGER scan this code for the project tour video

location entrance gates in the city historic buildings around Project place locates in the center of Beyoğlu district of Project location close to all main transportation gates of There are important historical structures around the Istanbul. Istanbul. project. transportation network public buildings around active routes around Public transport routes such as metro, tram, The project area is located at the focal point of important streets, If we take a walk around the project area one day, tunnel-funicular, harbours are nearby. museums, religious areas and educational areas. there are cafes where all ages socialize, ports and art walls where young people make graffiti.

DESIGN FORMATS OF BERNARD TSCHUMI formatting different layers according to different inspiring the material of the historical con- using natural light on facades latitudes grid, point, surface, lines, etc. text of the residential environment bringing functions together by including different functions that will support each other allowing different activities by constructing vectors such as spaces, walk- ways, ramps, stairs between different units

site plan ground oor plan

+5,00m oor plan +10,00m oor plan -5,00m oor plan -10,00m oor plan


intergenerational solidarity and active aging center kanlıkavak park, eskisehir, turkey instructors : Prof. Dr. Ayşen ÇELEN ÖZTÜRK , Öğr. Gör. Hatice DÜLGER

MUSIC EXPERIENCE HOBBY HEALTHY LIFE ART ART CRAFT YOGA MEDITATION DANS THEATRE Concept : The old people passed the time by working in dif- Eskişehir ,TURKEY ferent professions. They were also successful in ytheir own Kanlıkavak park, Eskişehir professions. By bringing together the professions in which they are successful or passing time, they will have fun by teaching the young people and working again. Older adults are encouraged to communicate and connect with other members of groups, often to make new friends. They love to teach or share experiences with youth. They also love to dance, clapping, even listening to their toes, dancing, playing or listening to music that can motivate them to move.



rethinking accommodation and transience afyonkarahisar, turkey instructors : Öğr. Mehmet Akıf YILDIZ , Öğr. Ismail EFE

SITE ANALYSES : CONCEPT : functions Since this project is in a religious area, this place includes not only the history of the city but also its culture. People from different cities come together and share different professions here. It is designed not only for religion, but also for art and music. Artists from different places come here to share their moments with the public. The structure of the buildings is based on the 4x4 formula. Each 4x4 cube represents different functions separately. The shape of the project connects with the historical Mevlevi mosque and becomes a partner with the public. natural boundary grid/organic layout roadways occupancy space lot and block system MASTER PLAN

+2,00m oor plan +6,00m oor plan +8,00m oor plan +10,00m oor plan


swarm city 2150 odunpazarı, eskisehir, turkey instructors : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Türkan Nihan HACIMÖMEROĞLU , Prof. Dr. Hakan ANAY •Team-mate : Serap TAZEGÜL•

today’s world 2020 the impact of global warming is in- creasing 2050 occupancy space �oor height Turkey enters the desert climate 2020 2020 many plant and animal species are disappearing 2080 people are starting to migrate to Odunpazarı, which has better thermal 2100 upper-mega city site plan sub-city site plan comfort 2150 2150 beginning to build artiicial trees in the Odunpazarı 2120 energy diagram robotic spider 3D construction 2150 technology is produced geothermal energy is used for cooling drone 3D construction technology is produced in Odunpazarı, artiicial air condition- ing is provided by printing the top covers vertical farming areas begin printing printing top covers of artiicial trees starting to print mega build using swarm software Eskişehir begins to receive immigration agricultural production and drug production pharmaceutical and agricultural pro- ductions are distributed to Turkey the city continues to develop

hygienic tower nutrition tower simulation tower governence tower mega structure plan mega structure section



architecture after +199 POMİ instructor : Doç. Dr. Levent ŞENTÜRK

a day scenario at OMM 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

thank you for your attention.. Thura TUN MIN architect

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