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Published by chase.llewellyn, 2018-08-29 08:40:23

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Safety is a TEAM Sport RISK Together MANAGEMENT Everyone Achieves A More GUIDE FOR COUNTY Contact Information EMPLOYEESPhone: 941.745.3750 County AttorneyLinda R. Klasing - Risk Manager Risk [email protected] DivisionJeremy Griffith - Senior RiskAnalystJeremy.griffi[email protected] Gallo - Senior [email protected] Kull - Senior [email protected] Badyna - Claims [email protected] L

Staying Safe Worker’s Compensation Collision/Accident• Follow all safety rules an regulations and utilize The Florida Legislature mandates employers in the If you are involved in an accident or collision whilepersonal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. State of Florida to provide and pay for medical care to operating a County-Owned Vehicle: employees injured on the job in work-related accidents. • Call 9-1-1 for emergency medical treatment if• Be sure you understand all safety measures and Manatee County’s Workers’ Compensation program is required for anyone involved in the accident or collision.precautions before beginning a job. administered strictly according to Florida Statute 440. • Notify your supervisor. • Do not make any statements regarding fault or• Be sure you have been trained on all equipment If you are injured on-the-Job: liability to anyone. Statements such as, “The County willyou will be using prior to beginning a job. • Immediately inform your supervisor. If medical pay,” or “It was my fault” will make it more difficult to attention is needed, your supervisor will contact Risk defend and/or settle a claim.• Do not take shortcuts, or use equipment that has Management at ext. 3750. • Take photos of all vehicles involved in the collision, orbeen altered, or where the safety devices have • Within 24 hours complete the First Report of Injury of the accident scene.been removed, overridden, or tampered with. and submit it to your supervisor or designated depart- • Obtain the names of any witnesses along with their ment liaison. complete address and phone number.• Identify, discontinue use and remove any unser- • Do not go to your own personal physician, or treat on • Within 24 hours, complete the Vehicle Accidentviceable tools and equipment, and tag them for your own, for a work-related injury. It may prevent or Report form, located in the vehicle’s glove compartmentrepair or replacement. delay you from receiving benefits under workers’ and give it to your supervisor. Be sure to include the compensation. Vehicle Asset Number on the form.• Follow all hazardous warnings, labels, PPE • Attend all medical appointments and notify your • DO NOT sign any statement or discuss the accident orprecautions, and signage when working with supervisor of your work status and restrictions. collision with anyone except law enforcement, yourhazardous chemicals or situations, or when fueling • To return to work as soon as released to do so. supervisor or Risk Management staff.vehicles. Manatee County is self-insured and uses a third-party Manatee County’s in-house adjusters can be contacted administrator to process and adjust their Workers’ at 941.745.3750• Always follow written Emergency Plans and Compensation claims. Manatee County’s in-house In the event of a serious injury or fatality after hours,Procedures. adjuster/liaison can be contacted at 941.745.3750 contact ECC at 941.747.7776 and request that Risk Management be notified.• Report ANY unsafe sites, processes, publicareas, or hazards to your Supervisor and to RiskManagement.

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