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We connect supply and demand CONTENTS YAPEX-TDMMJ CO was founded over 35 years ago in response to the growingDATES1-2 demand for these products. Its Managing Director and founder, managers PISTACHIOS 3-4 SAPEX-TDMMJ CO, recognised the need for a systematic, “one stop” sales and PINENUT KERNELS 5 purchasing service. Clients wanted one reliable partner who could provide MACADAMIA 6 market information, advice and competitive offers for a diverse product BRAZIL NUTS 7 range. FIGS 8 Over the years, APEX-TDMMJ CO has established close relationships with HAZELNUTS 9 numerous reliable growers, processors and packers. Regular visits to origin SUGAR 10 are carried out in order to gather market information and control quality of PECANUTS 11 products at source.We connect buyers and sellers. We reach all over WALNUT 12 the world from our offices and will find the right business partner for CASHEWNUTS KERNELS 13 you. PEANUTS 14 This enables APEX-TDMMJ CO to offer wide ranging expertise and in-depth ALMONDS 15-16 market knowledge to its customers, guiding them through the complex SAFFRON 17-18 process of decision making for their purchases. Having established a reliable HONEY 19-20 worldwide network of customers and suppliers in a hugely diverse product GARLIC 21 range gives APEX-TDMMJ CO a unique edge in the market and ability to TRUFFLR MUSHROOMS 22 empower its partners with this competitive edge. Resources are continually PULSES 23-24 invested in order to ensure timely supply, traceability and accurate MILK POWDER 25 certification and documentation. Today, APEX-TDMMJ CO serve over 50 WHEAT FLOUR 26 customers globally. We supply over 50,000 (MT) Metric Tonnes of a variety VEGETABLE 27 of products worldwide. Tomato paste 28 FRUIT 29-30 APEX-TDMMJ CO RAISINS 31-32 KOMBUCHA BEVERAGES 33-34 No. 32, Shahabi (Gisha) St., Nasr Alley, Tehran CAVIAR 35-36 OIL 37-38 Tel: +98 913 102 9751 MEAT 39-40 +98 917 117 5748 SERVICES 41 +98 903 865 6964 QUALITY 42 [email protected]


GRADES DATES AVAILABLE Sair (Sayar) Dates There is no grading of dates in the traditional sense. Since there are Mazafati Dates Zahedi Dates so many different types of dates, differentiation is usually based on Medjoul Dates the variety. Each variety has its advantages and disadvantages and Deglet Nour Dates Piarom Dates its specific characteristics. Rabbi Dates However, as already mentioned at the beginning, the dates can be DATES PRODUCTS Chopped/Sliced Dates divided into three categories: Chopped Date Paste Date Date Paste Dry: (moisture content and 10%) eg Zahadi Semi Date Syrup Stuffed Date With-Almond & -dry: (moisture content between 10 and 15%) eg Deglet Nour, Sayer Pistachio Soft: (moisture content between 15 and 20%) eg Medjoul or Masafati ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran The Tunisians differentiate within the individual varieties according to Pakistan Tunisia the degree of contamination and defects as well as infestation. A Algeria California category 1 date has significantly less infestation than a category 2 Saudi-Arabia date. PACKGING PRODUCTS Cartons of 5 kg, 10 kg, In Iran, the dates are sometimes sorted by size. Worth mentioning 20 kg, 22 kg and 23 kg net Content of cartons in here is the Sayer date, which is mostly used for industrial purposes. polyethylene bags. The Iranian sayer date is classified by its size as well as its Packed goods: Cardboard boxes, raviers, bags and cleanliness. While size is easily measured by the number of fruits per baskets of 175 g, 200 g, kg, cleanliness varies from region to region. However, it can be said 250 g, 500 g and 1.000 g that cleanliness is in equal proportion to the size of the date. The 2 large select dates are very clean and almost \"free flowing\" and the FAQ dates are usually very dirty and sticky. Select Grade A approx. 160 fruits per kg Select Grade B approx. 190 fruits per kg GAQ (Good Average Quality) approx. 220 fruits per kg FAQ (Fair Average Quality) approx. 260 fruits per kg The Sayer dates are sorted according to how much fruit there is per kilo. The sizing is done before the pit is removed from the date. The size classification is then also used for the date without a pit, although strictly speaking there are many more dates per kilo. (A date with a pit weighs 4.75 g on average, a date without a pit weighs 4.0 g on average) ➢ NO PESTIDCIDE ➢ NO PRESERVATIVE ➢ NO ADDITIVES ➢ NO MSG ➢ NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR OILS ➢ FULLY NATURAL ➢ ALMOST ORGANIC (LIMITED) ➢ GLUTEN FREE


GRADES per ounce PISTACHIO AVAILABLE PISTACHIOS IN SHELL per ounce IRAN per ounce In-Shell Pistachios 30/32 per ounce Natural Open 28/30 per ounce Artificially Open 26/28 per ounce Closed Shell 24/26 22/24 20 or less per ounce Size 20/22 21-25 per ounce Super long 18/20 per ounce 26-30 per ounce Long UNITED STATES 31 or more per ounce Round Jumbo extra large Pistachio Kernels Large Whole Green Kernels: S|A|B|C|D medium Whole Kernels Small PISTACHIOS PRODUCTS Powder Kernel In addition to the size classification, the USA also has a quality classification: Chopped Kernel Blanched US − Fancy top quality Skin US − No. 1 Very good quality ORIGIN PRODUCTS US − No. 2 Good quality Iran Turkey US − No. 3 standard quality United States The quality consists of the following factors: PACKGING PRODUCTS Shell color (the lighter the better) Bags of 25 kg to 80 kg net Damage to the shell (the less the better) (Iran: 50 kg is standard). Damage to the pit (the less the better) USA: cartons of 50 lbs Closed pistachios (the fewer the better) (22,68 kg) net PISTACHIOS WITH SKIN big/ small 4 BLANCHED PISTACHIOS Whole, dark green nuclei Whole, normal green nuclei Whole, light green nuclei Whole, yellow nuclei Dark green fraction Light green fraction SPECIAL The green pistachio nuts deserve a special mention. The riper a pistachio becomes, the larger its stone becomes and the more it changes color from a deep green to a light green-yellow. The meat, ice cream and chocolate industry as well as the catering industry are interested in the green pistachio nuts, which they use as eye-catchers in their products. In addition to Turkey and Sicily, Iran in particular has specialized in the production of these goods. So far, the USA has produced almost no green pistachio kernels, which is mainly due to the fact that the sorting costs are very high due to the high manual labor involved. So that the kernels are quite green, the pistachios are \"plucked\" from the trees when they are unripe, about 1 month before the normal pistachio harvest. The pistachio kernel is very green and slightly smaller, so the stone shell is not yet open. After the harvest, the stone shell must therefore be opened artificially by a mill. The resulting purple-skinned kernels are tossed in hot water, which separates the purple skin from the pistachio kernels. However, it is only solved, not removed. The further removal of the skin is done by vibration and air separation. The pistachios run over vibrating steel plates, causing the loosened skin to fall off. Since the scraps of skin are lighter than the pistachio kernels, they can be vacuumed off later. In a further step, the green pistachio kernels are divided into light and dark kernels by a laser scanner, so that they can later be divided into five color categories by hand. Another sorting criterion is the fraction of cores that are broken. The less breakage there is in a batch, the higher the quality. AFALATOXIN FREE, GUARANTEED

PINENUT KERNELS PINENUT KERNELS AVAILABLE TYPES: Pinus sibirca Also in boxes Pinus pinea: Grade A Grade B Pinus gerardiana: Grade A ORIGIN PRODUCTS China Pakistan Mediterranean: Italy Portugal Spain Turkey PACKGING PRODUCTS Pinus pinea and Pinus gerardiana: Cartons of 10 kg or 12,5 kg net. Pinus sibirca: Cartons 25 kg net, 2 packings of 12,5 kg net polybags, vacuum packed. 5

MACADAMIA MACADAMIA AVAILABLE Macadamia In-Shell Macadamia Kernel ORIGIN PRODUCTS Australia Costa Rica Kenya South Africa PACKGING PRODUCTS (IN-SHELL) Bags of 30 to 50 kg net PACKGING PRODUCTS (KERNEL) Cartons of 25 lbs (11,34 kg) net, packed in one vacuum polythene bag per carton. 6

BRAZIL NUTS BRAZIL NUTS AVAILABLE In-Shell Kernels PRODUCTSUBDIVISIONS The kernels are assorted according to the number of nuts per lbs / pound (453,6 g) in Extra-large to Small. ORIGIN PRODUCTS Brazil Bolivia Peru PACKGING PRODUCTS In-Shell Bags of 20 kg net. Kernels Cartons of 30 lbs (13,6 kg) or 44 lbs (19,96 kg) net. 17

FIGS 8 FIGS AVAILABLE Hard Soft Iranian type Closed Mouth Dried Figs: Grade AA, Grade A, Grade B Open Mouth Dried Figs: Grade 101AA, Grade 101A Other types The size (no. 1 to 11) of the fruit is based on the numbers of figs per kg. After grading the figs are pressed and packed into various shapes. ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran Turkey Greece PACKGING PRODUCTS (SOFT) Cartons of 10 kg or 12,5 kg net. Content of cartons in polybags. PACKGING PRODUCTS (HARD) Cartons of 10 kg net. Content of cartons in polybags.

HAZELNUTS HAZELNUTS AVAILABLE In-Shell Hazelnuts Kernel Hazelnuts PISTACHIOS PRODUCTS Kernels blanched: off white coloured Kernels unblanched: brown, dull surface In Shell: brown, shiny, hard surface ORIGIN PRODUCTS Italy Spain Turkey Uzbekistan PACKGING PRODUCTS In-Shell: Bags of 50 kg net. Blanched and with skin: Bags of 50 kg net or cartons of 10, 12,5 and 20 kg net, possibly vacuum packing. 19

SUGAR SUGAR AVAILABLE ICUMSA IC 45 ICUMSA IC 150 ICUMSA IC 600-1200 ORIGIN PRODUCTS Brazil India China Thailand United States Pakistan Mexico Russia France Germany 10

PECANUTS PECANUTS AVAILABLE In-Shell Kernels ORIGIN PRODUCTS Australia Mexico South Africa USA PACKGING PRODUCTS In- Shell Bags of 50 lbs (22,78 kg) net. Kernels Cartons of 30 lbs (13,6 kg) net. The content of cartons is normally vacuum packed. 11

WALNUT WALNUTS AVAILABLE In-Shell Kernels ORIGIN PRODUCTS Chile France India East Europe Ukraine California PACKGING PRODUCTS In-Shell: Poybags of 10, 20 or 25 kg net. Kernels: Cartons of 10 kg, 12,5 kg or 15 kg net. Content sometimes packed in 2 x 5 kg net vacuum polybags 12

CASHEWNUTS KERNELS CASHEWNUTS KERNELS AVAILABLE Kernel PEANUTS PRODUCTS White Lvory colored to scorched Brownish ORIGIN PRODUCTS Africa Brazil Indonesia Vietnam PACKGING PRODUCTS Packed in polybags vaccum of 22,68 kg or 50 lbs in cartons 13

PEANUTS PEANUTS AVAILABLE In-Shell PEANUTS PRODUCTS Blanched Skin ORIGIN PRODUCTS Argentina China Egypt India Malawi Senegal South Africa USA PACKGING PRODUCTS In-Shell: In polythene or jutebags of 30 or 50 kg net. Blanched and Skin: In polythene or jutebags of 30 kg net. Sometime with nitrogen flash. 14


GRADES ALMONDS AVAILABLE While the grading of the almond kernels, referred to below as almonds, is quite detailed, the almonds in the In-Shell shell are only classified according to their origin. Kernel ALMONDS CAN BE DIVIDED INTO 3 WAYS: PEANUTS PRODUCTS The biologically different types of almonds, the grades or sizes of the individual almonds, as well as the Blanched quality of the almonds in terms of purity and damage. Un blanched ORIGIN PRODUCTS 1) Almond varieties Iran There are hundreds of different types of almonds spread all over the world. In the following, only the most Australia well-known almond varieties in the two most important growing countries, the USA and Spain, will be Italy discussed. Portugal The following varieties are most common in the USA. Spain a) Nonpareil California In the largest producing country for almonds, the USA, the nonpareil is the most common almond PACKGING PRODUCTS variety. This makes it the most common type of almond in the world, and for good reason. The Nonpareil is Bags of 50 lbs (22,68 kg) earlier ripe than all other types of almonds, it is light in color and can be blanched or chopped very well if net or 25 kg net. desired. The cores have grown evenly and are relatively flat. b) California 16 California is actually a group name for many types of almonds. Not quite as good as the Nonpareil in terms of quality, but still better than the “Mission”. The California has darker skin and a stronger flavor than the Nonpareil. In contrast to the Mission, however, it can still be blanched. c) Caramel Of all the California varieties, the Caramel is the most common almond. It is most similar to the Nonpareil and thus deserves a separate mention. d) Mission Just like the California, the Mission is more of a combination of different types of almonds. They are all characterized by dark skin and a very strong taste. The Mission Almond is difficult to blanch and, accordingly, its use is more likely to be seen in the confectionery and ice cream industries. e) Neplus The Neplus almond brings up the rear among American almonds in terms of quality. It is very dark and, like the mission, cannot be blanched and is not even graded because of its inferiority. This almond can only be used to make marzipan. In Spain, almonds are distinguished as follows: a) Larguetta This is a very high quality almond with an elongated shape. It is the almond that is most commonly grown in Spain. Compared to the Californian almonds, the Spanish almonds have a more intense taste. b) Valencia This almond is rather rounded and not of the same high quality as the Larguetta. Generally speaking, Spanish almonds still have a bitterness of 1-2%, while US almonds are 100% sweet. 2) Almond sizes and grades Almonds are graded according to the number of almonds per ounce (1 ounce = 28.35 g). The more almonds are weighed per ounce, the smaller they are. 18/20 20/22 23/25 25/27 27/30 30/32 32/34 34/36 36/40 3) Quality in terms of purity and damage The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has specified exactly when an almond may bear a certain quality designation. Several criteria are decisive for this, such as the foreign body component, the proportion of half or damaged kernels, insect damage, etc. With decreasing quality, the gradations are as follows: US − Fancy US − Extra No. 1 US − No. 1 US − Select Sheller Run US − Standard Sheller Run US − No. 1 Whole & Broken US − No. 1 pieces In addition to these different subdivisions of the almond kernels themselves, there are numerous other subdivisions in the subsequent industrial processing. As already mentioned, almonds are blanched, chopped, sliced, slivered, ground, caramelized, roasted and much more. There is no calibration for the almonds in the shell, also known as cracked almonds. The almonds are only differentiated according to their varieties, which are native to the respective countries of origin. a) Australia molar b) Italy San Giovanni c) Portugal Portuguese hard-shelled almonds d) Spain Juno, Cartagena e) United States California Peerless Almonds in the shell are practically only available at Christmas time. The Cartagena variety has such a soft skin that it can almost be cracked by hand.


Characteristic Extra I Categories IV SAFFRON AVAILABLE II III Saffron In Cut Filament: Floral waste Premium Negin Saffron % (m/m), 0.5 4 7 10 Superior Sargol max. 0.1 0.5 1.0 1.0 Saffron In Filament: Extraneous Pushali (Mancha) matter Dasteh (Bunched) % (m/m) max. Saffron Powder ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran Types Of Saffron Filaments PACKGING PRODUCTS Organoleptic Description: Sour flavour, typical of saffron plastic containers, glass jars, cans, plastic capsules, Aspect: red fibre corresponding to dried stigmas or red powder when ground blisters: Net Weight: 0.5g, 0.75 g, Packaging: plastic containers, glass jars, cans, plastic capsules, 1g, 2g, 4g, 8g, 10g up to 1 blisters. kg packs Solubility: soluble in water when ground, turns it yellow colour Expiry Date: 4 years from packing date Net Weight: depending on packaging Certificate: FDA, ISO3632, HACCP, HALAL, ORGANIC Conservation: keep at room temperature on a dry place Processing: according with world ISO3632 standard Transport: lorry, sea container or airfreight Country of production: IRAN Net Weight: 0.5g, 0.75 g, 1g, 2g, 4g, 8g, 10g up to 1 kg packs Conservation: keep at room temperature on a dry place Mode of use: grind it with your hands and place it on a glass of hot water to infuse it. Finally, add it to your food preparation at the end of cooking. It is widely used on rice (risotto, paella) soups, fishes, meats, desserts. Health: natural product free of any artificial ingredients, used since ancient times to remove strong pains, increases appetite and several scientific studies have demonstrated anti tumoral effects on saffron. 18


We source 100% honey from around the world and are HONEY passionate about the quality and integrity of what we sell. HONEY AVAILABLE Persian mountains Experience a variety of natural and unique Flavors Gavan gaz Honey with us Persian sidr honey All the honey provided by APEX TDMMJ CO is Citrus honey “absolutely natural,” which means that bees are fed Coriander honey entirely on plants nectar. Low quality and sugar syrup Multi floral honey honey have no place in APEX-TDMMJ CO. Eryngo honey You dream, We build it by offering nutritious, delicious, Propolis-Based honey and Natural Honey in your own brand/private label. Persian propolis Bee pollen Other… ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran Canada United States Sweden New Zealand France Japan Netherlands Australia Florida 20




APEX-TDMMJ CO connects producers and consumers of pulses in PULSES AVAILABLE markets around the globe. Our experienced team of pulse suppliers & Dry Beans traders works together with partners to source and distribute a broad Dry Peas variety of pulses including chickpeas, dry peas, lentils, and a multitude Dry Chickpeas of dry bean varieties. Dry Lentils Fava Beans Dry Beans Lupin Beans Beans are one of the longest-cultivated plants in the world. Currently, Mung Beans the world gene banks hold approximately 40,000 bean varieties, Canola Seeds although only a fraction are mass-produced for regular consumption. Desi Chickpeas Dry Peas ORIGIN PRODUCTS The pea is the small spherical seed of the pod fruit Pisum sativum, an America annual plant with a life cycle of one year. The immature peas are Europe consumed throughout the world as a vegetable, fresh, frozen or canned. Asia Africa Dry Chickpeas The chickpea is an annual legume that has been cultivated in the Middle PACKGING PRODUCTS East for thousands of years. It is a nutrient-dense food, providing a rich bulk in sizes of 50 kg or source of protein, dietary fiber, folate, iron and phosphorus. 100 kg. Custom: Size of these Dry Lentils packages may vary from The lentil is an edible legume that comes from an annual plant known 500 g to 5 kg. for the lens-like shape of its seed. Lentils comprise an important global food crop; A majority of production comes from Canada and India. Fava Beans Also known in as the broad bean, the fava bean is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae. Widely cultivated as a crop for human consumption, fava beans can be eaten raw or cooked. Lupin Beans Lupin beans are the yellow legume seeds of the genus Lupinus. Cultivated for human consumption since ancient times, Lupin beans have recently seen a rapid growth in use as a plant-based protein. Mung Beans The mung bean is a plant species in the legume family. It is mainly grown and consumed in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, where it has been domesticated for over 5,000 years. Canola Seeds Canola seeds contain about 45 percent oil. This large percentage of oil comes in a small package; canola seeds are similar in size to poppy seeds, though brownish-black in color. Desi Chickpeas The Desi type is smaller in size, has a thick, dark colored seed coat and is either de-hulled and split or de-hulled and ground into flour. It can also be roasted and puffed after splitting. 24

MILK POWDER MILK POWDER AVAILABLE Industrial milk powder ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran New Zealand China Brazil 25

WHEAT FLOUR FLOUR AVAILABLE Wheat flour ORIGIN PRODUCTS China India Russia United States Canada France Pakistan Ukraine Germany Turkey 26

VEGETABLE VEGETABLE AVAILABLE Round lettuce ORIGIN PRODUCTS Tomato Cauliflower Cucumber Red leafy cabbage Iran Sweet pepper White leafy cabbage Eggplant Broccoli Mixed vegetables Computer eggplant Garlic Turnip Bengali eggplant Melar Pea oven Slim eggplant Squash Long hot pepper Potato Melon Onion Turnip Chili Beetroot Carrot White onion Quince Green beans green piper Rock Melon (Jana) corn Shamam rock Other… Chinese lettuce Celery Colored sweet pepper Watermelon Lettuce 27

TOMATO PASTE TOMATO PASTE AVAILABLE Types of brix tomato paste: Bulk tomato paste: 30 to 32 Aseptic tomato paste: 36 to 38 Thin tomato paste: 18 Standard tomato paste: 27 ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran Italy China Turkey PACKING PRODUCTS Metal cans glass Aleppo Aseptic bulk Envelope with a lid PACKAGE WEIGHT 90 gr, 400 gr, 750 gr, 800 gr, 1000 gr, 1500 gr, 4 kg, 17 kg, 230 kg 28

FRUIT FRUIT AVAILABLE Pomegranate Cherries Peach Gala apple Green apple Golden Apple Red apple Kiwi Orange Sour lemon Peach Persimmon Grape Sour cherry 29

FRUIT Melon Ahmadi Melon Straw berry Plum Grape fruit Lemon Pear Apricot Peach Nectarine Other… ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran Other… 30


GRADES RAISINS AVAILABLE The topic of grading sultanas is very complex, since almost every country of origin has its own system for grading sultanas. From the large Currants number of different systems, only the most important ones are singled out below. The grading is almost always divided into three categories: Sultanas The size of the berries Sun Dried The color / brightness of the berries Golden The cleanliness of the finished goods. Long Green The sultanas can be described fairly accurately by these three categories. For example, the sultanas can have small berries, are dark and full of Long Golden impurities, or they can have large berries, are light-colored and very clean. In the following, only the natural, ie the unsulphurized goods are written about. Of course, the color criteria mentioned below do not apply to RAISINS PRODUCTS sulphurised goods, as all sulphurised berries are very light in colour. Sulphured Unsulphured TURKEY In Turkey, the division into the three categories mentioned above is implemented best. ORIGIN PRODUCTS Iran Size of the berries Turkey Chile Mini 600 - 700 berries per 100 g California Small 400 - 600 berries per 100 g Australia South Africa medium 300 - 380 berries per 100 g Greece default 250 - 300 berries per 100 g PACKGING PRODUCTS Cartons of 10 kg and 12.5 kg jumbo < 250 berries per 100 g net. Content of cartons in polythene bags. Color of the berries 32 type 7 Very dark almost black type 8 Dark type 9 brownish type 10 light brown type 11 light brown to golden Cleanliness of the berries Grade A 2 x laser scanned, 1 x sorted by hand Grade B 1 x laser scanned, 1 x sorted by hand Grade C 1 x sorted by hand, 2 x machine cleaned Grade D machine cleaned only GREECE In Greece, the three categories mentioned above are heavily mixed. Size and color of the berry are evaluated together and not much is said about cleanliness. The Greek sultanas, which experienced their heyday during the 50s and 60s, have remained at this level in contrast to the Turks. type 0 This is a very light colored sultana that has around 180-200 berries per 100g type 2 This is a normal brownish sultana that has about 250 berries per 100g type 4 This is a dark brown sultana with an interlude of almost black berries that has more than 280 berries per 100g The smaller sultanas screened out for each type are classified into sub-types, which are identified by a 2 in front of them. type 22 The small sieved type 2 sultanas are called type 22. They have more than 250 berries per 100g but the same color as type 2 type 24 The small sifted type 4 sultanas are called type 24. They have more than 280 berries per 100g but the same color as type 4 AUSTRALIA In Australia, sultanas are only classified by color. All berries are between 5 and 15 mm in size. Just like in Greece, not much is said about cleanliness. However, it can be said that the lighter the berries, the better the quality. 6 crowns Very good quality. Golden yellow color, small quantity 5 crowns Good Quality, Bright Color, Bigger Quantity 4 crown protein Good quality, normal brown color, larger quantity 3 crowns Normal quality, rather dark color, not for export 2 crowns Declining quality, dark color, not for export CALIFORNIA / UNITED STATES In California, no word is given on the color of the berries, as all berries are the same dark, slightly bluish color. The cleanliness of the goods is monitored very closely on site by the state DFA (Dried Fruit Association) and is consistently good. Because of this, Californians only classify their wares by size: Midget 265 - 350 berries per 100 g Select 180 - 260 berries per 100 g jumbo 90 - 170 berries per 100 g Mini midget 350 - 440 berries per 100 g CHILE The same applies to Chile as to the Californian raisins because they are the same variety (Thompson Seedless). The goods are dark to slightly bluish. The cleanliness isn't quite as good as the Californian ones. When it comes to size, however, the Chileans go their own way. They screen all sultanas and classify them according to the size of each bunch. Small 8 - 10mm medium 10 - 12mm jumbo 12mm and larger SOUTH AFRICA There are two varieties of sultanas in South Africa, classified only by their size. The dark sultanas, which are dried in the sun, and the light, so- called Orange River sultanas, which are dried on wire racks in the shade. Small 450 - 550 berries per 100 g Midget 320 - 380 berries per 100 g medium 180 - 240 berries per 100 g bold 120 - 200 berries per 100 g jumbo 80 - 120 berries per 100 g IRAN Iran has the most primitive classification. Colors and cleanliness are not officially talked about, although there are big differences between the individual unloaders. A distinction is only made between normal berry and small berry sultanas. On average, Iranian sultanas are a bit more sour than sultanas from other provenances, and the flesh is also a bit firmer. normal berry 300 - 350 berries per 100 g small berries more than 400 berries per 100 g PESTICIDE FREE


1- Improving the functioning of the digestive system: with KOMBUCHA DRINKS the help of probiotics and high amounts of organic acids, AVAILABLE it prevents stomach ulcers and helps the digestive 7Herbs system. Burdock 2- Fight against cancer: glucaric acid in kombucha reduces Thyme the risk of cancer. Moldavian balm 3-Strengthening the body's immune system: with Enrygium antioxidants and also high amounts of vitamin C Green Tea 4-Increasing the body's energy: by enzymes and group B Nettle vitamins. Kombucha's ability to energize due to the Green Coffee presence of iron, caffeine and group vitamins is b. Ginkgo 5- Fitness and weight loss: acetic acid and polyphenols Ginseng increase metabolism and prevent fat accumulation. Cardamom & Cinnamon 6- Helping the liver to stay healthy: Detoxification of the Bindii body by glucuronic acid and probiotics, which is caused Hibiscus Tea by antioxidant activity, to the function The liver helps. Milk Thistle 7- Reduces swelling and joint pain: Glucosamine in Ginger & Mint Kombucha protects the body's collagen. This will reduce Lavender wrinkles It also happens. Echinacea 8-Helping cardiovascular health: preventing atherosclerosis and heart attacks by reducing blood ORIGIN PRODUCTS cholesterol and improving the body's vascular function. Iran 34


Grades CAVIAR AVAILABLE Beluga (HUSO HUSO) 1. Beluga caviars are the most expensive among the caviar types. Osetra (ACIPENSER The high price of the caviar can be attributed to the rareness of GUELDENSTAEDTI) the Beluga sturgeons in the Caspian Sea. (Currently, only 100 Sevruga (ACIPENSER Beluga sturgeons can be caught in the Caspian Sea every year.) STELLATUS) The caviar is also recognized worldwide because of its egg size. Persian Osetra Having a size of a pea, the Beluga eggs are the biggest. And (ACIPENSER PERSICUS) because of the faint ocean taste of the Beluga caviar, its price CAVIAR PRODUCTS increased 200% in a span of 4 months. The Beluga caviars can Sulphured be divided into two grades, 1 and 2. The grades depend on the Unsulphured factors stated above. ORIGIN PRODUCTS 2. Osetra caviars follow the Beluga caviar in the ranking. Caspian Sea The Osetra caviar is known for its nutty taste. As experts put it, PACKGING PRODUCTS this type of caviar has a creamy walnut taste. Osetra caviar only Available in the following has problems in taste consistency. Because the Russian sizes, 10g, 20g, 30g, 50g, sturgeons (the fish from which the eggs came from) are bottom 100g, 125g, 200g, 250g, feeders, the egg taste depends on the food they eat. Color is 500g, 1kg another factor here since the Russian sturgeon eggs change color according to fish maturity. The Osetra caviars can be 36 divided into two grades, 1 and 2. The grades depend on the factors stated above 3. Sevruga caviars are next on the grade list. The delicacy is known for its taste that connoisseurs appreciate a lot. It has the strongest taste among caviars. The only thing that made this caviar less expensive than the two caviars is the abundance of the sturgeon from which the eggs come from: the Stellate sturgeon. Eggs from Stellate sturgeons in their prime age make the best Sevruga caviar. Like the Beluga and the Osetra caviars, the Sevruga caviar can also be classified into two sub grades: 1 and 2. 4. Pressed eggs are the last on the grade list. Consistency is an important factor here since it is possible for different fish roes to be used in making this caviar. It can also be classified into sub grades 1 and 2. You may not have trained for at least ten years in caviar making, but after knowing these guidelines, you have the basic knowledge in grading caviar!

OIL 37

Generally, the edible oils on the market are divided OIL AVAILABLE into four grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Sunflower oil Grade 4, such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, Olive oil cottonseed oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, Rapeseed oil leached edible oil, etc. (Except olive oil and special Sesame Oil oils) The pressed peanut oil, pressed oil tea seed oil, ORIGIN PRODUCTS sesame oil, etc. are only devided into Grade 1 and Indonesia Grade 2. Malaysia Iran Etc. 38


POULTRY/CHICKEN MEAT AVAILABLE POULTRY/CHICKEN Whole Chicken (800-1600 GMS) MUTTON/LAMB Chicken 1000/1100 BEEF/VEAL Chicken 1200/1300/1400/1500 SEAFOOD Chicken Breast B/L S/L MEAT PRODUCTS Chicken Shawarma B/L Fresh Chicken Thigh B/L S/L Frozen Chicken Leg B/L S/L Whole Whole Chicken Wings Sliced Chicken Drumstick Etc. Chicken Drumstick Small Size ORIGIN PRODUCTS Chicken Gizzard Iran Chicken Leg Quarter America Chicken Liver India Chicken Skin Brazil Chicken Sausages China Duck Whole Turkey Whole New Zealand Turkey Breast Australia MUTTON/LAMB Norway Vietnam Lamb Carcases Whole Chile Lamb Leg B/In Canada Lamb Leg Boneless Other… Lamb Rack Lamb Fat 40 Lamb Shoulder B/In Mutton Carcasses Mutton Carcase 6 way cut Mutton Leg B/In Mutton Leg Boneless Mutton Rack Mutton Shank Mutton Cube Sheep Liver Mutton Nihari BEEF/VEAL Beef Striploin Beef Cuberoll Beef Tenderloin Beef Topside-Aus Beef Topside-Ind Beef Silverside Bobby Veal Beef Cube Beef Mince Veal Leg - Ind Veal Leg Tenderlion SEAFOOD Hammour Fillet Creamdorri Salmon Fillet Salmon Whole Shrimps U/S H/L Scampi Shrimps U/10 H/On Shrimps 10/20 H/On Shrimps 8/12 P/D T/On Shrimps 16/20 P/D T/On Mix Seafood Shrimps 80/100 PUD Squid Tube Lobster

SUPPLY, APEX-TDMMJ CO Our team works with foodstuffs suppliers, traders and distributors in markets throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Supported by APEX-TDMMJ CO’s global sourcing, distribution and supply chain capabilities, our experienced team of foodstuffs traders is able to create differentiated value and new growth opportunities for wholesale APEX-TDMMJ CO buyers and sellers PRODUCT MATCHING Our product matching service can be carried out on any ingredient across our entire range. If you have any concerns with existing suppliers, we can offer you an alternative option that is a close or perfect match. RE-PACKING / PACKING DOWN We can supply certain ingredients in a particular pack size when required. This may be useful in the case of food service, or if you will use a single pack for a single batch. Let us know your specific requirements*. *Minimum order quantities apply. We can provide all our customers with them Desired packaging with any specific information on them (i.e., name, address, logo, etc.) according to their needs. 41

ASSURANCE Our Quality Assurance team is ready to deal with matters of quality control, legal compliance, documentation, production standards and all the other factors involved in supplying ingredients to the World's best food and beverage companies. SYSTEMS We have certificates in the leading quality systems, so you know that the processes we use are compliant and always up to date. ACCREDITATIONS Many of our products are certified to religious standards such as Halal and Kosher. Furthermore, we have many products which are organic accredited. We have the ability to test many factors in the ingredients we supply to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Our laboratory is fully equipped with instruments to achieve this. CONTROL Allergen control is of crucial importance to APEX-TDMMJ CO, with control systems and documentation in place to avoid any contamination 42

SUPPLIERS OF HIGH QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR 35 YEARS 2022 EDITION APEX-TDMMJ CO No. 32, Shahabi (Gisha) St., Nasr Alley, Tehran +98 917 117 5748 +98 913 102 9751 +98 903 865 6964 [email protected]

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