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Beach Magazine Ebook Us Letter Document (1)

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ASEAN VOL.10 ASEAN or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations consists of 10 member states: PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM, BRUNEI, MYANMAR, THAILAND, CAMBODIA, LAOS, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, & MALAYSIA

PHILLIPINES IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES The Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands, making it one of the largest archipelagos in the world. But more than 5,000 of the islands remain unnamed on most international maps. An iconic symbol of the country is the jeepney, the colorfully painted buses with roots dating THE CULTURE AND ART to World War II and the U.S. military's jeeps. Ancient Filipino literature was primarily made up of legends and folklore which were the main forms of literature before the Spanish colonization of the country. These folktales were based on specific themes and aimed to pass down Some fiction in traditions and cultural beliefs through Philippines that let the readers feel the generations. While most of these folktales existed as oral literature, emotions and feeling on it. written publications did exist particularly during the Spanish Si Mabuti Ni Genoveva colonial era. Edroza-Matute Morning in Nagrebcan by Manuel E. Arguilla Tata Selo ni Rogelio Sikat The Philippines is one of the PAGE 1 world's largest producers of coconuts. Mangosteens, papayas and bananas can also be found there.

VIETNAM Vietnam is an S-shaped country located in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China, Cambodia and Laos. Literature in Vietnam has greatly evolved over the years from romanticism to realism. Two aspects of the literature in the country are the folk literature and the written literature both of which developed almost at the same time. Folk literature features fairytales, folk legends, humorous stories, and epic poems. Vietnam is associated with a rich tradition of dance and music. Vietnamese music also exhibits variance in different parts of the country. It is older and more formal in the north while Champa culture exerts considerable influence on Central classical music and music in the southern part of the country is a more lively affair. The country has nearly 50 national music instruments. The Imperial Court music and the Ca trù are important traditional forms of Vietnamese music. PAGE 2

BRUNEI BORNEO’S GREEN HEART B r uI tniescbioeauaiblvcssnueaoottarariuyrufnyenutiniinlotsformuistrwylltoeo-.ynmnrsuleiqoeolcdutwsfhreqfrnaoosue-.rmemdTsiothft, sodrewaredhriiitncts.iho n a l A gem of a nation An abode of peace A treasure of empire A haven of tranquility A kingdom of treasures An oasis of modern empire A space of warmth greeting A den of hospitable people A neoclassical form of politics A gateway to beyond comports An avenue of understanding An environment of treasures An ancient Sultanate kingdom An indeed pampering Brunei Darussalam PAGE 3

MYANMAR Fishermen on Inle Lake in Myanmar are famous for fishing on one leg. The local Intha people developed the unusual technique over centuries to enable fishing and rowing at the same time. Standing allows the fishermen to see through the reeds that lie just beneath the surface in the shallow waters of the lake. Myanmar was known as Burma until 1989 when the military junta renamed the country Myanmar. The capital, Rangoon, became Yangon. Several days of demonstrations followed but the name has stuck. The previous capital city, Yangon (formerly Rangoon), is home to the gilded Shwedagon Paya. It is believed to enshrine eight hairs of Gautama Buddha and is one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. PAGE 4

THAILAND Thailand was actually known as Siam until 1939 (and again BOATMAN’S LOVESONG from 1945 to 1949). A happy and reckless youth I am Siamese cats are native to As I ply boat on the deep. Menam; Thailand. My song shall end and my song In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house without begin underwear on. In praise of there, my darling. Thailand is the world's largest CHORUS: Begin with the head and exporter of rice. It is illegal to step on any Thai end with the toes; currency. My praise shall be strong as the tide It is illegal to drive shirtless in Thailand. That flows. Thais must always keep their head lower than that of anyone older or more Who that has been e’er forgot important than them. Thy pretty hair tied in a sweet knot CHORUS: Begin with the head and PAGE 5 end with the toes, My praise shall be strong as the tide That flows. Thy eyebrow black, I’m sure that each Is a shiny as any healthy leech; No elephant, white, black, short, or tall, Can boast of such eyes, so loving and small CHORUS: Begin with the head and end with the toes; My praise shall be strong as the tide That flows. As for thy nose, I’m certain that None other has come has one so wide and flat; And the ebony’s bark in its core beneath’ Was never so black as thy shiny teeth CHORUS: Begin with the head and end with the toes; My praise shall be strong as the tide That flows. Complexion of gold and a high cheek-bone, Such a lovely bride as my darling Chin. CHORUS: Begin with the head and end with the toes; My praise shall be strong as the tide That flows Thy frame is as light as the forest stag And as strong and firm as a rocky crag; Thy feet and toes (the more good luck) As pretty and broad as the web- footed duck. CHORUSE: Begin with head and end with the toes; My praise shall be strong as the tide That flows.

FACTS CAMBODIA ABOUT The Two Women Scrambled for a Baby Once there were two women who had respective babies. The baby of one CAMBODIA woman had died Cambodia’s flag is and the baby of another woman was still alive. One day, the woman with the the only one in the world to feature a live baby held her baby building in the arm to bathe it. Coincidentally, the woman whose baby had already There’s nothing like a traditional been dead came and walking Cambodian and said. “Hi friend, your baby exactly resembles mine. Can I hold and kiss wedding Traditional Cambodian yours little?” The woman weddings are full of with the baby handed her baby to that woman, who kissed and breastfed the celebration, intermingled with baby and walked to her home glamorous with the baby being held in her hands. The woman who was the mother called garments and a non-stop party that out: “Hey, where are you can go for up to taking my baby?” The woman whose baby had died replied: It is my baby. Why three days and three nights! do you say it is yours? Cambodians The two women started quarrelling about the baby and they finally went to the celebrate the New Year in April court together. There are giant The woman who took the other woman’s baby told the judge: Your honour, geckos that have a distinct chirp when I was holding my Insects are widely bay, this woman saw it walked after me, claiming that the baby was hers. She eaten throughout the country asked me allow her to hold and kiss my baby and I let her do it, but she kissed and breastfed my baby and walked to her home with my kid, so please help solve the problem for me, your honour. The judge spent three days and nights solving the case, but could not settle it, so he took the two women to see the king and told the king what had happened. Out of his insight and extra ordinary wisdom, the king was able to see through the problem quickly, so he ordered the kid to be placed in the middle and told the two women to try to scramble for it. The king said to the two women. The kid will belong to the one who can scramble for it first. Upon hearing that, the two women started scrambling for the baby. The woman whose baby had been dead quickly snatched the baby’s leg mercilessly without being afraid of tearing its arm and legs. As the woman who was the baby’s real mother, she was very angry with the impostor, but she pitied the baby so much that she tried to hold the baby gently. However, when she saw the impostor doing her utmost to get the baby without caring about breaking the kid’s bones, the woman who was the real mother let go of her poor kid and allowed the impostor to get it easily. The king then said: the woman who let go of the baby and allowed the other woman to get the baby was the real mother as she did it out of pitying the kid. And the other woman is not the real mother because she did not show any mercy to the kid and tried to get the kid, by hook and by crook. After saying that, the king ordered the baby returned to the real mother and the woman who was the impostor to be severely punished so that she would not dare to do that again. PAGE 6

LAOS LAOS IS HOME TO THE CHEAPEST HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE IN THE WORLD LAOS, LAND OF A MILLION ELEPHANTS LAO FOOT ETIQUETTE IS QUITE SPECIFIC EVERY MORNING AT SUNRISE, MONKS COLLECT THEIR DAILY MEALS FROM LOCAL PEOPLE LAO PEOPLE CELEBRATE MANY FESTIVALS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR THERE IS NOT ONLY YOU By: Dara Kanlagna Translated by: Thanongsack Vongsackda There lived a widower with her descendants She is not anxious with any assistance Day by day she does merits making She thought there are no other mothers who can do as her Oh dear! You feed your kids with no weeping But you still said that you were poor The poorest woman in this world You asked to whom are poor level as you, please clarify While feeding your kids you were helped by ten You are not called for house works or cooking But your poor can not be compared with remote women Who make incomes for their daily surviving? Imagining when their kids were killed by bombs They were crying as if they would die Those were the most awful time of their lives Could you please clarify what level of their poor lives? PAGE 7

INDONESIA The name “Indonesia” is derived from the Latin word Indus meaning “Indian” and the Greek word nesos meaning “island.” Indonesia was originally called Indian Archipelago or East Indies Islands. Indonesia is home to the famed Komodo dragon. The world's largest lizard lives on just five Indonesian islands: Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Montag, and Padar Jakarta, which was called Batavia by the Dutch, is the capital of Indonesia and is the 13th largest city in the world Indonesia is the only country to see the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, in the wild. The first published description of the Komodo dragon was in 1910 from a Dutch expedition to Komodo Island, where two of the dragons were shot and their skins taken to Java. One theory holds that the Chinese dragon is based on the Komodo dragon PAGE 8

SINGAPORE Singapore is renowned for having some of the cleanest streets in the world, largely due to a 50,000-strong cleaning workforce employed to keep the streets clean. Marina Bay area used to be an empty plot of reclaimed land and sea water. The view is especially beautiful at night where you can find other iconic structures like the Esplanade, Helix Bridge, Merlion and the numerous skyscrapers of the Central Business and Marina Bay Financial Districts all lit up, the temperature perfect for an after-dinner stroll. Hotels and activities in Singapore may not always be the cheapest, but visitors love that its street food has remained relatively cheap while having high hygiene and quality. Locals and tourists alike brave the humidity to feast in any of the country’s many hawker centres, filled with a large variety of local and regional food stalls – a favourite way to experience Singaporean culture. PAGE 9

MALAYSIA Malaysia is a country in Asia bordered by Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. Borneo is the third-largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. Part of Malaysia occupies around one-third of Borneo. Malaysia’s flag was influenced by the American flag. It has seven red and seven white horizontal stripes and a blue square featuring a yellow star and crescent. The 14 stripes and the 14 points on the star reflect the 13 member states plus the federal government. Yellow is a royal colour in Malaysia, and red, white, and blue reflect the close country’s close ties to the Commonwealth. The crescent and star reflect the nation’s majority Muslim population. PAGE 10

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