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Published by hasanmia8661, 2022-11-17 17:49:21

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 020 8133 3244  [email protected]    a   The UK’s Only Gym Cleaning Specialist protected by reCAPTCHA  - Make Your Gym Shine Privacy - Terms Your gym will look brand new with Neo Clean: the only company that specialises in gym cleaning services across the UK. Increase member retention and attract new members with specialist gym cleaning services by Neo Clean.  97% Monthly Audit Score Service Your gym will look brand new with Neo Clean: the only company that specialises in gym cleaning services across the UK. Increase member retention and attract new members with specialist gym cleaning services by Neo Clean. 

ClubTasker Gym Cleaning App The revolutionary new gym cleaning app that allows you to plan, track and manage all you’re your cleaning operations in one convenient place. Clubtasker’s easy-to- use interface makes managing your cleaning schedules easier than ever. GET A FREE QUOTE We Understand The Challenges Involved In Gym Cleaning   Body fat residue in the showers Dust circulation from treadmills Limescale stains in the washrooms Build-up around Irregular shaped Gym Equipment Marks On Rubber Flooring Why Traditional Commercial Cleaning Companies Fail At Gym Cleaning? Firstly, they generally clean all types of local businesses and don’t specialise in gym’s. Second, they don’t take the time to create a speci몭ed

gym cleaning schedule, they can’t, because they don’t fully understand the environment plus sta몭 turnover is so high that investment in training becomes too expensive. Thus, cleaners are sent out to gyms and just told to “Clean Them”. This translates to a quick clean of the washrooms, a vacuum through and out the door & on to the next job. That type of approach does not cut it in modern gym’s. It will leave dust and grime build-up in all those hard to reach and high tra몭c areas. Neo Clean – The trusted name in Gym Cleaning You need a partner who understands how to handle all the unique aspects of the gym cleaning environment. You need a partner who can create a detailed cleaning schedule and manage it with real-time software. And most of all, you need someone who understands your unique facility and can come up with right solutions to keep your gym looking its best all year-round. That’s where we come in! We’re Neo Clean, an elite gym cleaning company with many years of experience cleaning gyms all over the UK — and we’d love to help your gym achieve the same results our current clients enjoy CONTACT US

GET A FREE QUOTE Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying! “The team at Neo Clean are both professional and friendly. We have been using their services for over 5 years now in our clubs stretching from London to Cornwall. I have no hesitation in recommending them.” Liam Sharpe MSG Life - Snap Fitness “I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Neo Clean. We have several gyms that Neo Clean provide services to. They are very attentive in providing excellent customer support and I like the fact that they follow a speci몭c gym cleaning schedule. Also, they’re monitor and audit the cleaning operations ensuring standards are kept high, this is exactly what we want from a cleaning company!” Fiaz Merali Energie Fitness

“We are very happy with our results so far. We have only been working with Neo Clean for 6 months, but we have had lots of compliments on the cleaning and feedback from members saying they feel motivated to use the gym again and do more classes because it’s cleaner.” White Sail Fitness Centre Green Cleaning There is more to being a green cleaning company than using eco friendly cleaning products. At Neo Clean we live by the philosophy of Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle. In all aspects of our business we strive to implement the most eco-friendly solution available. Why Choose Green Cleaning? Green cleaning is not only better for our planet, but it’s proven to be safer for us as well. Not only that, over time it can even save us money. Regular cleaning using traditional chemicals not only pollutes the earth and irritates those with sensitivities to chemicals, but is has been found to reduce the lifespan of the surfaces being cleaned by these harsh chemicals. You see many popular cleaning agents are caustic thus wearing surfaces out over time and costing you money. So why not choose a safer, greener alternative that can give you the same great results? There are many reasons to go green, let Neo Clean show you how we can make your workplace or home a safer, more hygienic, more eco friendly place to be. Name Company

Name Company Phone Email Message Send Contact Us and book your FREE Deep Clean today!! Such is the con몭dence we have in our gym cleaning services; we o몭er a Free Deep Clean for all new Neo Clean Clients. Look No Further. Get Started Today Contact Us Our Technology Contact Us Privacy Policy Cookie Policy 

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