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Styled Shoot Magazine - Special Edition 2019

Published by Dream Team Académie, 2019-11-10 22:56:39

Description: Styled Shoot Magazine - Special Edition Wedding Camp 2019
A magazine about styled shoots. How to build my photography portfolio for wedding business


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WEDDINGS AND BEYOND styled shoot magazine EUSSI 9102 NOITIDE LAICEPS inside this psst...yes, issue it is. p. 05 Feature Venue & Insider Tips p. 11 Connecting with Couples on Purpose p. 23 Amplify Your Purpose with Ads p. 31 Join the Tribe the power of PURPOSE p. 04 Cover photo taken by Wedding Camp Guide Mallory McClure Photography

CONTENTS Mallory McClure Photography 04 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS finoubnudsainteiosnsal to finding your purpose 08 FIND YOUR JOY in relationships 09 CCOOUNPNLEECSTING WITH pbuurilpdoinsgeauthentic relationships on 15 STYLED SHOOT GUIDE what to expect, pack, and shoot 19 ONCE UPON A DREAM a dreamy classic wedding shoot 23 PAUMRPPLOIFSYEING YOUR with ads 31 JOIN THE TRIBE this is where you belong 35 ADVENTURE AWAITS upcoming events board All materials contained in Styled Shoot Magazine online or in print (including text, content, photographs, video and audio) are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, broadcast or modified in any way without the prior written consent of Dream Team Académie and Beautiful Dream Team, LLC. or in the case of third party materials, the owner of that content. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of this content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may download material from the website (one machine readable copy and one print copy per page) for your own personal, noncommercial use only. For further information, please contact Dream Team Académie at 717 .418 .2804 Copyright 2019 BEAUTIFUL DREAM TEAM LLC | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED

Kassie Layne Photography A SPECIAL NOTE FROM ME TO YOU Welcome to a very special edition of Styled Shoot Magazine! I am so excited you are here! This magazine is for wedding professionals, styled shoot hosts and attendees, and anyone with a desire to serve their clients with a large dose of authenticity and joy. We are part of a community with an insatiable need to express creativity. SSM is meant to be a source of inspiration, insider tips, and resource lists for all your creative projects. The purpose of Styled Shoot Magazine is to provide creatives a place to stop the scroll and comparisonitis and realize we are all similar enough to get along and different enough to be incredibly special in our own way. I believe we thrive in life when we are pursuing our dreams with a plan and incorporating our purpose into every decision we make. Thriving can be difficult when we are constantly comparing what we do to the work of others and trying to recreate someone else’s masterpiece. We can accomplish so much more when we recognize our own unique gifts and use them well. This early-release special edition highlights Wedding Camp, an educational styled shoot, with the purpose of feeding the desire to learn, to create, and to take action. In this issue, you will see the results of teamwork and collaboration. The recurring theme is purposeful relationships. My goal is to create a community that is positive and uplifting where pros really get to know one another and hold each other accountable. My hope is that you will find a new joy for what you do while perusing these pages. Throughout this issue, purpose will be mentioned often and if you're taking notes, you'll see how it can change your portfolio, for good. And I truly believe the best IS yet to come. If you like what you see, read to the end to discover how to subscribe so you don't miss a single issue! As you flip through these pages, I hope you feel the warmth and desire to serve that I’ve put into this edition. As you read through the articles, I hope you think about how you could use these ideas to create something unique that’s aligned with your purpose. xo - JacquelineAs you create your own masterpiece, I want you to know that I am here - cheering you on! Jacqueline Malocu Portfolio Specialist

ONCE UPON Mallory McClure Photography A DREAM.... Wedding Camp began as a dream. A desire to have an event that was education-based, a styled shoot that was more than just curating beautiful images. Read on for a recap of the ways to implement them into your business!  2019 Wedding Camp .03 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

[sucTcehssWfeul]eFdoduinndgaBtiuosninoefsas Let's start at the beginning. If your desire is to run a business that lasts longer than five years, take the time you need to do this foundational work. Finding your purpose and making decisions aligned with that will alleviate the stress of committing to things that are a drudgery - and will guide you toward the jobs that bring you joy. The course, A Powerful Purpose, which was created to help wedding pros find their business purpose, teaches four essential components needed for total clarity. Below is a checklist to get the newbie started and the veteran to double- check. Keep this list handy. Review it at the beginning of each quarter. Has anything shifted? If you approach your business with these four key elements in mind and use them to set your priorities, your life will be changed! Know your Values Identify your Ideal Client Discover your Superpower List the Benefits your product / service provides A Powerful Purpose is an at-your-pace online course with group coaching support. Visit Dream Team Academie and subscribe to A Powerful Purpose for more information STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .04

THEEST. 1865 fveeantuuere HOMESTEAD on Peanut Road HISTORY RENOVATIONS HOSPITALITY Our Homestead history began in The grounds have held many Sharing our family heritage along the year 1832 with the birth of celebrations, including: birthday & with the beautiful property is part of George Dietz in Wittenberg, graduation parties, retreats & reunions. what makes Homestead feel Germany. He immigrated to the The barn has undergone many like....well, home. We look forward to United States at the age of 19. In renovations and has been lovingly welcoming you and your guests with 1862, George volunteered to serve restored. The beams are all original open arms. There are several for the Union in the Civil War. He and date back beyond 1865. One wall locations on the grounds which are was 30 years old at the time. is covered with the original boards the perfect site for your celebrations Being the amazing man he was, from the exterior south side of the and we are happy to help you choose George served and survived the barn. We couldn't bear to see the just the right fit for you! Gentlemen brutal war and was present when weathered boards go to waste, so we can ready themselves in an area General Lee surrendered and took used them for a beautiful accent wall designated just for them.. Our venue the oath of allegiance under an inside the barn. There is also a special coordinator will be available through apple tree signaling the war's spot for the ladies located in what the duration of your event to help end. When George returned used to be the summer kitchen of the ensure things run smoothly. She also home in 1865, he used the money farm, and is used as a Bridal Studio has extended services available if you he had earned by serving in the during wedding preparations for the want to relax and hand over the war to build the farmhouse on Bride and her girls to have hair & details to her on wedding day. The Homestead. makeup services done. Mallory McClure Photography 2019 Wedding Camp PRESENTING SPONSOR

GETTTINHEGVHEONMUEEY AT The best way to really feel comfortable at the venue is to get to know your host/hostess for the day. Below you'll find six insider tips for how to make that happen. 1 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 4 HAVE INTEGRITY COUNT AT ALL TIMES You'll hear this tip more than once Even the most cautious of us have if you stick around here for awhile, had accidents. If something does but it\"s a good one, so you'll want break or you ruin something, take to make a note of it. Plan to arrive responsibility and report it to the a few minutes early so you have owners or venue manager. If you time to make a point of finding the are asked to refrain from using an venue owners and introduce item or not go into a certain area, yourself with a smile. honor that. 2 MAKE YOURSELF 5 BE PLEASANT AND AT HOME GRACIOUS Okay, not as in \"put your feet on Weddings can be long days for the sofa with your shoes on\"...but everyone but remember, no more like - treat their property as matter how long you are onsite it good or better than you would still isn't as long as the time spent want someone to treat yours. by the venue owners. Sometimes Chances are they have put a lot of they start hosting the day before effort into what they have. and stay well after the festivities are over. 3 ASK, DON'T ASSUME 6 SEND A THANK We are all creative and, yes, YOU sometimes we get some crazy A quick thank you following an good ideas! If you want to move event can go a LONG way. some furniture or take a picture Regardless if you prefer a quick off the wall - ask before you do call, an email, or a hand-written anything. Some items may be note a sincere thanks will keep fragile or irreplaceable. Protect you on the referral list. Don't yourself and gain respect by forget, venues are often booked asking about anything that is first! questionable. Bonus tip: For even more impact , leave a review! STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .06

WCeadmdipng 2019

joyFIND YOUR in Relationships The dictionary defines relationships as the way in which two objects, concepts or people are connected. Did you realize that relationships are an integral part of your portfolio? My ideas about a well-rounded portfolio are a little unorthodox - which you will discover as we build our relationship (see what I did there?) - but for now, I'd like to touch on this one critical component. Learning to communicate, interact, and serve each other effectively will greatly impact the level of joy we derive from what we do. Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you introduced yourself to other professionals responsible for the overall experience at an event? Many times when we are hired for a job, we deliver our goods / services without a SINGLE INTERACTION with another vendor/creative/pro. Taking the time to intentionally connect and learn about two or three other business owners could drastically expand our network circle. And beyond that? There is always the bonus of gaining some incredible friendships! You never know where your next best friend is hanging out. Give people a chance. Instead of thinking about how the shortcomings of others might affect you, focus on how amazing it is that we get to create fabulous experiences because of our connection! Let's talk about how you can set an intention to connect at your next event. Here are a couple ideas to get you started: Send a DM or text the week prior to the event to introduce yourself Purposefully approach them, introduce yourself & smile Express an authentic compliment Carry a small token to share with other vendors (gum, mints, granola bar - because, who isn't hungry?) Follow up with communications after the event to say \"great job\" ps. I asked the above question to one of my clients recently, and she told me that reflecting on this and implementing intentional connection changed the ENTIRE trajectory of her business. Please share your stories, I love hearing them! STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .08

i'm mallory, and I'm so excited to meet you! I am a couples photographer near Lancaster, York, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg, PA. My team and I specialize in authentic and romantic fine art couples photography. We welcome travel to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, throughout the Northeast, and beyond. Love is not just an emotion for me, but a passion behind everything I do. I am driven in this crazy, beautiful life to serve others, no matter what stage of love they find themselves in. I am the lucky wife of one very handsome guy, Ryan. And the blessed momma of two sweet souls, Natalee & Emmet. I am also passionate about the art of film photography and incorporating it into every thing I photograph. I LOVE gardening, wellness of the mind, body, & soul, and am slowly turning our little piece of heaven into our forever farmette. .09 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Mallory McClure joined us for Wedding Camp 2019 as a camp guide and our lead photographer. She is a believer and hippie soul, an east coast girl with a heart for adventure. She radiates peace and acceptance and truly desires the kind of relationships that last. You can't help but feel a sense of calm and belonging when in her presence. Check out her tips for connecting with couples on the following pages.... Love IS THE ANSWER STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .10

Connecting with Your Couples with Purpose as taught by Mallory McClure I am honored to be here today to talk to you about authentically connecting with your couples. Being a wife and mother has definitely taught me a lot about relationships and I have found it extremely beneficial to integrate those qualities into my business. How to create the relationship Be honest with yourself and understand there are different seasons of life for everyone Figure out who you are as an artist so others can clearly understand your business Find out who your type of ideal client is and speak/cater to them Look inside yourself (likes, dislikes, hobbies, beliefs, etc.) Create an identity for your ideal client (don’t be afraid to get detailed!) Be honest and personal EVERY TIME you communicate with your potential client. In person, website, social media, email, phone, etc. Figure out a way that fits your business style to stay in touch with your couples throughout the process Be personal as well as for business .11 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Accountability in Action Q. Why is it important to create relationships with purpose? A. It’s all about being comfortable with one another because the more relaxed everyone is,the more authentic and truer to nature your photographs will be. I want my couples to look back at their time with me and think “That was so much fun!” and when they look at their photographs “That is so us!” Q. How do we make them feel comfortable? A. Be personable with them. Use every opportunity you have to speak to a couple to be real and honest. From the first time they read through your website to your most recent Instagram post to the first time you talk on the phone or meet for coffee. Top 3 takeaways from this presentation that you can implement immediately: 1. Make sure to decide on who your ideal client is and then look at your marketing style to see if that aligns with your visions of your ideal couple. Don’t be afraid to take a long hard look inside yourself first. It’s important to know who you are as an artist so you can provide a clear vision of what you’ll be providing to your clients. 2. Find a way that works with your style to keep in touch and share about yourself with your couples throughout the time leading up to their wedding day. No matter your style of communication, try and check in with them and give them a glimpse into your life, too. 3. Use social media to stay connected with your couples. Like their posts, share memories from their special day, send a private message to let them know you are thinking of them (happy birthday, anniversary, congratulations, etc).  Social media connections can be used to grow closer to your couples leading up to the event but can also keep the relationship going long after the event is over. STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE/ SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .12

The invitation suite shown here Images courtesy of Reflective Light - by Nicole was created by Sheryl of Humming with Finnegan. They were created with watercolor and include hand-drawn calligraphy on the invitations and envelopes. Flat lays are a wonderful way to incorporate special little details of the day that may be lost in the portrait-style photos. Jewelry, florals, notebooks, lettters, handkerchiefs, and other nostalgic items can be included for a keepsake photo. Our beautiful model bride is Lacey Murray . She is wearing an all over lace, long sleeved wedding dress, 'Tina Dawn\", designed by Rebecca Ingram from Bride's Bouquet. Pairing with a fun flat-brim hat created a modern / bohemian vibe. The macrame & wicker rentals from Lil Mis Vintage made the perfect setting for this casual-chic shoot. Modern Boho Bride .13 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Mallory McClure Photography ON THIS PAGE Bridal Studio | Bride's Bouquet of Selinsgrove PA Gown Designer | Maggie Soterra Desgins Hair & Makeup | Beautiful Dream Team Model | Lacey Murray STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE/ SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .14

A Field Guide for What to expect A styled shoot is a prime opportunity for photographers to get images that they need for their portfolios, beyond that it is also a wonderful way to expand knowledge and meet new friends. Keep an open mind [and heart] when attending a shoot and it will be worth the time/financial investment. Here are some quick beginner tips & rules of etiquette [no matter how long you've been doing shoots]: NEWBIE TIPS ETIQUETTE FOR EVERYONE do your research, be sure to choose respect others and remember shoots that have an aesthetic that everyone needs a shot, be matches your brand & ideal client considerate of those around you ask around, find out if the organizer ask if you can help someone else if has a good reputation before you you see them struggling invest do not go rogue! follow the leader calibrate your lenses before you when your time is up, step aside for arrive the next person question if you will have the shoot for others as much as you opportunity to shoot as lead shoot for yourself (get shots for the expect to make friends vendors) ask for help if you need it .15 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Styled Shoots What to pack  What to wear Mallory McClure Photography (choose a carry bag that is comfortable) (choose practical but fashionable) lenses watch the weather, dress extra cards appropriately. not sure? layers back up battery are a good option styling kit be mindful of where you are snacks shooting...going to the water mountains? wear boots small notebook & pen are you doing a head shot business cards  swap? do your hair & makeup STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .16

Shot Checklist What to shoot Each vendor is a creative and contributes to a shoot because they want to enhance the portfolio layout of the experience they present to their own clients. Think about what a future Bride or Groom may want to see when looking through each vendor’s galleries. Below is a shot list for each vendor, but these are not meant to be all-inclusive, they are unique ideas to get your creativity flowing. Feel free to share any of your own creative ideas within our FB group. For your shot lists - Any chance you can, add people in to the inanimate product shot list. Clients like to see how a product is used and how it enhances their event/experience. It is likely that many of these vendors won’t have these shots and they will be grateful that you’ve taken the time to present their products in an innovative way! Invitations / Calligraphy Don’t be afraid to experiment, try something new calligrapher addressing invite woman/man reading invite (tight shot, hands only) woman/man reading invite (medium shot, smiling) woman/man responding to RSVP (hand-filling blanks) woman/man mailing RSVP (in street clothes) Bride holding invite (in gown) Cake / Sweets Cake & sweets have become little works of art--showcase them cake artist delivering cake full table view of cake / sweets Bride & Groom seeing cake for the first time Bride & Groom cutting & eating cake Florist Flowers are a sign of luxury and should be featured on the site of any vendor whose IC is a high-end Bride florist making delivery florals on cake Bride receiving bouquet (happy expression) Bride / Maids admiring flowers. Dresses & Menswear Show each gown or suit in full versatility pockets, hand in them full skirt, twirl around Veil There is nothing quite as iconic as a great veil shot swoop or toss - pick your favorite Rentals It is easy to overlook a rental company’s contribution. linens, dinnerware, glassware, flatware, furniture, arbors, tables and chairs are all examples of rentals. Include shots of these items in your galleries. .17 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Photos courtesy Reflective Light - by Nicole Jewelry Take shots of the rings, earring, necklaces, watches, etc. You never know when your bride or groom may be wearing an heirloom, or sentimental piece, imagine how excited they will be to see you've captured that! jewelry in flat lay Bride putting jewelry on (action shot) jewelry on Bride / Maids (close up) Hair Make it interesting – not just a straight on shot from the back; show the most flattering angles close up shots of hairstyles highlight any intricate designs Makeup Shooting makeup is an art Images should not be over-filtered (this will completely change the intended look and can distort the artist’s work); look at beauty & fashion magazines to learn Venue One of the most overlooked when planning out what to shoot, a venue is often (the only thing) booked before a photographer Create images that the venue will use on their site getting ready spaces overview of ceremony overview of reception water features, ornamental plants & flowers, etc DJ / Live Music / Entertainment Another overlooked shot list. Be sure to include them on list of things to capture Shoot the DJ / musicians doing their job photo of set up and equipment working with equipment / instruments Bride & Groom enjoying the music. STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .18

Once Upon a Dream Mallory McClure Photography Ellen & Andy .20 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

the story of us as shared by Ellen Ellen and Andy met during the summer of 2012, while working as camp counselors at the Pennsylvania Lions Beacon Lodge Camp in Mount Union, Pennsylvania. After the first week, the two went out on their first date to one of Ellen's favorite hangouts as an undergraduate at Juniata College. That same night they stayed up texting and mutually decided to begin dating. The rest is history… Their relationship remained long distance for about two years, including Ellen's four months studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Upon discussion of their plans for the future, Ellen and Andy recognized their mutual ambitions to further their education and decided to enroll in a graduate program within the Department of Counseling and Development at Slippery Rock University. As the start of their graduate school careers approached, Ellen and Andy made plans to join her family on vacation in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina the summer of 2014. Ellen was unaware of Andy's true intent and on the afternoon of June 26th the two took a walk on the beach along with much of her family. Consumed by the intent to look for seashells, Ellen was unobservant of the cameras being readied for the big moment. Upon hearing \"What about this shell?\" Ellen turned around to find Andy down on one knee holding a seashell in his hand with a beautiful diamond ring inside. She of course responded YES! After a three year engagement and the completion of their graduate degrees, Ellen and Andy married on June 10, 2017 at First Lutheran Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. First Lutheran Church has a significant meaning in Ellen’s life, as her paternal grandfather served as an ordained minister there for over forty years. A rustic, yet elegant wedding reception was held at Green Gables Restaurant in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania following the ceremony. Presently, Andy and Ellen reside in York, Pennsylvania where they have both pursued careers in the mental health field. Ellen currently works as an outpatient therapist providing both drug and alcohol and mental health counseling, while Andy serves at risk youth as a family based therapist. The couple has been happily married for over two years and has future dreams of buying their first home together and starting a family of their own. STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .20

Once Upon a Dream designer gowns & classic menswear All of our beautiful gowns were provided by Brides Bouquet of Selinsgrove PA. The Bride is wearing a Maggie Sottero ball gown. Menswear was provided by Central PA Tuxedo of Lancaster/Lebanon PA. pretty details The chairs, chargers, china, flatware and linens for Once Upon A Dream were provided by Best Event Rental in State College, PA. As a vendor, they were easy to work with, pleasant, and efficient. They are so well organized and make the process of obtaining rentals very smooth. The beautiful table numbers and unique name tiles were created by Jennifer Miller of Miller Calligraphy Co. .21 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

dream wedding cake Little did I know how meaningful the words atop this cake would be when we selected the topper for this beautiful work of art! Once Upon a Dream had a classic, timeless feel with a dreamy, modern twist. MEET OUR INCREDIBLE CAKE ARTIST Naomi from Bella's Bliss Bakery created this beautiful triple tier fondant cake (also pictured on the cover) with exquisitely hand-made sugar paste flowers for our ONCE UPON A DREAM style board. This cake was truly a work of art. Once Upon a Dream Vendor Credits Event Production Dream Team Academie @dreamteamacademie Wedding Portfolio Specialist Jacqueline Malocu @jacquelinemalocu with Special Thanks to Lead Photographer & Camp Guide  Mallory McClure Photography @mallorymcclurephotography Bride Ellen McCardell @ellen.mccardell Groom Andy McCardell @thatdrummerguy5 Maids Lacey Murray @icreate_1111 Lily Myers @_lilymyers_ Suzanne King @suzieq1130 Hair & Makeup Tanya Warren & Katelynn Hendrix for Beautiful Dream Team @beautifuldreamteam Gowns Cindy Chappell of Brides Bouquet @bridesbouquet Gentlemen’s Attire Donovan Stadel of Central PA Tuxedo @centralpatuxedo Cake Artist Naomi Reynolds of Bella's Bliss Bakery @bellasblissbakery Florist Dan Firth of Deihls' Florals Inc. @deihlsflowersincRentals Rentals Missy Shepps of Lil Mis Vintage @lilmisvintage Meg at Best Event Rental @besteventrental Invitations Sheryl Bale Roth @hummingwithfinnegan Name tiles & table numbers Jennifer Miller of Miller Calligraphy Co. @millercalligraphy STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .22

KATIE & FLOYD FROM BROKE TO BOOKED We are Katie & Floyd, a husband & wife photo/video team specializing helping photographers build a sustainable and profitable booking system so they can build the business of their dreams. We believe starting a business isn't a way to \"get rich quick\" and we know it requires a ton of work and sacrifice, yet it doesn't have to be hard or stressful. There was a time in our life—and not that long ago: Where we were scraping change to get by. We had to write out our bills every week and choose the most important ones to pay because there was always more month left at the end of the money. We were stressed out and losing faith in being a business owners.  Thinking maybe it wasn't “in our cards”...well, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. .23 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

2019 Katie joined us at Wedding Camp as a Wedding Guide and provided so many Wedding Camp GUIDE valuable insights to taking action to attract (and BOOK) our Ideal Clients. Here are the key takeaways from her presentation... Amplifying Your Purpose with Ads A few FB AD “No-No’s: Do not boost posts, instead build an ad inside of the ads manager. (Traffic ad is our favorite) Do not run a “NOW BOOKING” Ad Instead, create a funnel to tie in to your ad. Funnel Steps: 1. Irresistible Offer (something free of value to your ideal client) 2. Landing Page (this is the link they will click on from your ad, where they can learn more about your free offer 3. Thank You Page (after they enter their email address on your landing page, this is where they will go) 4. Seven days email sequence: all value emails, no selling, specifically designed to warm up these cold leads and get them really excited to work with you 5. Call to Action: on the 7th day give them a call to action to jump on a call with you! If you’re interested in our exact offer, copy templates, email sequence, phone call script and more - check out our program, BROKE to BOOKED

get engaged Image courtesty of Mallory McClure Photography WHAT IS YOUR IRRESISTIBLE OFFER? Katie recommended a few options for enticing couples to book with a valuable offer during her session with us at Camp. Here are a couple of her suggestions {and a couple I added) to get you thinking about what you could offer... Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist - complimentary consultation Photographer - free engagement session Cake artist / caterer - congratulations cupcake, tasting event Calligrapher - note cards, personalized home decor sign Bridal Studio - jewelry raffle to learn more about this technique, follow Katie & Floyd at the social links on the previous page and check out their program on the next page.. .25 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

BROKE to Booked The Ultimate Marketing Road Map for Wedding Photographers Who Are Ready To Transform Their Business In 6 Weeks Are You Ready To Take Things To The Next Level? Imagine You Are Financially Free & FULLY BOOKED! Imagine yourself with a fully streamlined roadmap of what you need to do to book your ideal brides. Imagine a client generating platform that speaks right to your “Soul Client” Imagine scaling your business to where you're hiring other people and doing more of what you love- and less of what you don’t love. Imagine being booked 2 years in advance collecting consistent income. The student loans, car payments, mortgage and credit card companies are no longer an issue for you. To learn more about filling your book by using ads the right way, visit Katie & Floyd at the link or send me your questions. We are happy to help you! As a member of the Styled Shoot Magazine community, receive $300 off this program with the code below. Code: CAMPJ300

Into the Open Air Image courtesty of Mallory McClure Photography suzanne & abe .27 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Image courtesty of Reflective Light-by Nicole the story of us Image courtesty of Reflective Light-by Nicole as told by Suzanne  Abe and I met playing Volleyball (something we both loved at that time) at my church. It was not love at first sight, although I liked his volleyball skills and he liked my legs we became friends and spent a lot of time together for about a year until one day he asked if I wanted to ride along with him to a job in Harrisburg. That drive somehow turned into us going on an actual date later that evening. We dated for almost a year after that and he eventually asked my Dad (for his blessing on our marriage), something (that may seem super old-fashioned, but it was important to me. One day he came to my house, in the middle of the week during a work day, and I was suspicious (wink). He asked if I wanted to go on a walk down my lane to a bridge nearby. So that's what we did and when I turned to look at the water, he dropped to one knee with a ring in his hand! Of course I said yes and the rest is history. STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .28

MEET OUR INCREDIBLE CAKE ARTIST Image courtesty of Mallory McClure Photography  &  Reflectiive Light by Nicole & CAMP SWEETS SPONSOR Beauty and the Sweets Bakery @beautyandthesweetsbakery Brooke Langle, owner of Beauty and the Sweets Bakery, created a lovely cocoa berry semi-naked cake for our elopement styled shoot. The three layers of chocolate cake had homemade raspberry + strawberry preserves filling and was barely cloaked in a light coat of vanilla buttercream and was adorned with chocolate drip, fresh berries, and mint garland. Brooke also brought a half dozen beautiful pumpkin spice cupcakes with a cinnamon buttercream core, twist of marshmallow buttercream, piece of caramel popcorn, and a dusting of cinnamon. In case you're wondering, yes. WE GOT TO EAT ALL THE GOODIES! My mouth is watering as I type this...and also, they were even more delicious than they sound. .29 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019

Into the Open Air Insider Tips Vendor Credit Event Production | Dream Team Académie @dreamteamacademie Using real couples at your Wedding Portfolio Specialist | Jacqueline Malocu shoots provides a backstory @jacquelinemalocu that you don't have to create. The chemistry is genuine and Lead Photographer & Camp Guide | Mallory it will show in photos. McClure Add unique touches that @mallorymcclurephotography showcase some personality. Think about your ideal client. Make your shoots interactive Bride & Groom | Suzanne & Abe King She should be able to by providing real food that @suzieq1130  envision herself in the the models can eat. Have setting. Maids them sit around a table. Give Lacey Murray | @icreate_1111 them time to tell stories and Lily Myers | @_lilymyers_ laugh. This will encourage Suzanne King | @ellen.mccardell real relationships and Groomsman | Andy McCardell provide better images. @thatdrummerguy5 Hair & Makeup | Beautiful Dream Team Artists | Katelynn Hendrix & Tanya Warren @beautifuldreamteam Bridal Studio Gowns | Bride's Bouquet @bridesbouquet Gentlemen’s Attire | @centralpatuxedo Cake Artist | @beautyandthesweetsbakery Florist | @deihlsflowersinc Don't be afraid to have fun! Rentals | @lilmisvintage & @besteventrental Styled shoots are a Root Beer Bar Sign | @chelster306 wonderful way to build your portfolio and make new (Bountiful Autumn) Invitations | friends! @hummingwithfinnegan (Watercolor Mountain) Invitations | @chelster306 STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .30

Image courtesty of Mallory McClure Photography COME JOIN THE TRIBE This is a photo of my seat, and I want you to know, Wherever you’re at in the journey of your business, I'd there is one right beside me. honestly love to sit and chat with you about it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I've been in the production industry for over 25 years, We had an incredible day at Wedding Camp and what and became an entrepreneur in 1994. Then started my I enjoyed most were the quiet moments - between the wedding business in 2007. This year is a new chapter education and the shooting - when we learned what for me as I embark on helping other wedding started everyone on their wedding business paths. professionals grow their businesses with vision, When we sat around the table and ate together, purpose, and plan. laughed out loud, and really understood each other. Yep, that was the best. I'm going to be real - introducing myself in a few paragraphs on a page is a funny thing, I had think There is so much beautiful on our feeds that it's easy to about what I wanted to say without it sounding hollow. forget that social is primarily a face-to-face Whatever you take away from this introduction, I hope EXPERIENCE. It's about living and connecting. you will remember this: I am a girl who wants to serve you. I have experience that's been tested and I know If you want to sit beside me, come on. that working together is always the way to accomplish more. My values are: teamwork, relationships, xo - J.Let's plan a time to meet. Pull up a chair. encouragement, education, adventure, and joy.⠀⠀ I'm saving a spot just for you. 

90 Days to Transformation Thank you for allowing me to share a little from Wedding Camp 2019. It has been a pleasure to guide you through how to be more intentional with your portfolio by focusing on relationships. If you're still wondering how you can transform your portfolio into a dream client magnet with a community of like-minded pros cheering you on, you're in exactly the right place! 3 ways to join PORTFOLIO PASSPORT 90 Day Program; 1 year support One 90-minute 1:1 Goal Audit call Six 45-minute 1:1 calls over 12 weeks Consistency coaching Email support for one year Bonus: Access to A Powerful Purpose One year subscription to membership I need this! 90-DAY MAKEOVER MASTERMIND 90 Day Program One 60 minute intro / welcome call Six 45 minute group calls over 12 weeks with hotseat Q & A Bonus Access to A Powerful Purpose Quarter subscription to membership Sign me up! DREAM TEAM MEMBERSHIP Choose 90 days or yearly membership (details on page 33) Subscribe STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .32

WEDDINGS AND BEYOND styled shoot magazine prepare to transform What's included: Digital interactive magazine, accessible with subscription password. Your subscription to Styled Shoot Magazine Access to private FB community with prompts, includes a quarterly issue which will be sent to you community discussion, and accountability posts via email. Our quarters are winter (December, Group training video once monthly January, February) spring (March, April, May), summer (June, July, August), and fall (September, BONUSES for yearly subscribers: October, November). Issue will be released each Print version of magazine quarter, with a focus on one of the essential A Powerful Purpose online course ($297 value) elements of a purposeful portfolio. There will be a live event offered once a year with exclusive entry options for subscribers. Whether you are a wedding newbie or a seasoned veteran, you know that there is no shortage of us. One of my favorite tools for building an amazing portfolio is a styled shoot. Participating in them gives you the opportunity to showcase your best work. You may already know that. In fact, you may have dozens of gorgeous images ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀filling your galleries...but you’re still not getting inquiries from your ideal clients. My approach to a styled shoot incorporates more than just pretty images. I will guide you to a perfected plan ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀that puts together all the pieces to attract your DREAM BRIDES. subscribe now

Adventure AWAITS IN THIS PHOTO On location | Phoenix, AZ Shoot feature | Arizona Weddings Shoot Vision & Coordination | Jacqueline Malocu Photography & Design | Parker Micheaels Photography Gown | Bride Studio Florals | Mia's Flower Shop upcoming shoots & educational events CREATIVELY GATHERED - MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2019 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA MARCH 9 - 12, 2020 THE FLORAL ENCOUNTER CONFERENCE - CHARLESTON, SC TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2020 WEDDING CAMP 2020 - NOVEMBER 8 - 11, 202 MILLERSTOWN, PA SHOWIT UNITED 2020 - TEMPE, AZ STYLED SHOOT MAGAZINE / SPECIAL EDITION 2019 .34

styled shoots magazine Creative Director & Editor in Chief Jacqueline Malocu Editorial Assistant Patricia Shenk Guest Contributor Mallory McClure Guest Contributor Katie Joynes Copy Editor Kate Johnston Concept Engineer Doug Harner Lead Photographer Mallory McClure Photography Contributing Photographer Reflective Light-by Nicole Contributing Photographer Kassie Layne Photography Venue The Homestead on Peanut Road Once Upon a Dream Couple Ellen & Andy McCardell Into the Open Air Couple Suzanne & Abe King Boho Bride Model Lacey Murray Bridesmaid Models Lily Myers, Lacey Murray, Ellen McCardell, & Suzanne King Styled Shoots Magazine is owned by Beautiful Dream Team, LLC. Copyright 2019 For inquiries or suggestions, contact us at: +1 717-418-2804 [email protected] 388 Peanut Road Millerstown PA 17062

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