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7 Useful Tips to Make your Outdoor Market a Success

Published by Annmarie Brown, 2021-11-07 07:34:21

Description: Do you want to know how does joining a craft market help expand your business? Click here to know about this topic in depth.

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7 Useful Tips to Make your Outdoor Market a Success Are you a crafter? Do you have a craft store? Online or offline but still, selling your creations for a price? Then this article is for you. All businesses have one thing in common. Customers, We all know the common parlance, “The business is where the customer is”. The uncertainty of online marketing is making omnichannel marketing a trend. With constantly changing Social Media trends, all we can do is hope that the social platform doesn’t shut us out suddenly one day. I am not advocating that a pop-up market would solve all your business blues in one night. I claim that these outdoor markets can help you improve your visibility as a brand and make people see how worthy you are for the investment they make in your products. How to use outdoor markets to level up your craft business? And, what do you need to do to make it a success? Outdoor Markets gives you visibility: Apart from being in your brick-and-mortar store, you make a social presence possible. But often, we forget that multichannel marketing channels are not sustainable. This discrepancy paves the way for omnichannel marketing. Personalization becomes easy: You know how it feels to sell products in a brick-and-mortar store seeing your customers in person. There is scope for more personalization than the online markets because we know exactly how they react to our product or service. Reach all corners of the local community: Unlike the online markets, the local outdoor markets have a great advantage. The outdoor markets can reach the nooks and crannies of the local community who are not on the internet and social media platforms. Many people do not use social media and prefer shopping from the stores. Even

amongst social media buyers, people like touching and feeling the products before they can buy them. Many stages of marketing at one turn: In online marketing, many stages are involved reaching out to the customers to selling the products to the customers. In online marketing, the customer journey and the touch points are longer than in offline marketing. We have the mass outreach to bring the people to the outdoor markets and fairs. All the promotion materials are in one place and we strategically nudge the people to buy the products. This strategy results in an influx of customers. After all, it takes one instance to convert your visitor to your customer. An opportunity to make omnichannel marketing possible: With online marketing on the surge, handmade businesses need to adopt the emerging trends and strategies to sustain the game. Omni-channel marketing is the need of the hour. The integration of offline and online marketing makes omnichannel marketing successful. Outdoor markets hasten the process because it helps us find more customers in our locality and help us get more business with the other marketing efforts. Now, you may want to know how to make all of this possible. The Celestho Marketing team has compiled a list of tips that you need to follow to make this happen without any friction. Tips to make your outdoor market a success: Tip1: Your stall talks about your business. Add personality to your decorations and make them user- friendly.

Build an experience – for people to touch, feel and take samples of your products. A pop-up shop or an outdoor market helps people to stand out in a fun and memorable way. Understand the local taste and make yourself stand out Tip 2: Your product label is a free banner ad that can travel to places. Make the best use of the space available for you on your products. It is an opportunity to stand out and stay in memory. – stickers, merch that you wear, banner, look of your stall/table (do test runs to take off the stress), etc. People throng fairs and markets for specially made products, takeaways, discounts, and coupons. – display name and price clearly to make it easy for people to decide what they want to buy vs what they can buy ��� Tip 3: Discounts, however small, attracts people to notice and makes them your customer. After all, it takes one instance to convert your visitor to your customer and then you have your magic to make them your repeat customers. Coupons help people consider your brand again. Who doesn’t like redeeming coupons? Tip 4: Assess the usual best sellers and make available a good number of products to avoid going out of stock. Do not overdo this tip cos you might end up stuck with unsold inventory. Tip 5: Display the number of pieces available and the number of products sold in a given time. It increases the product value and creates FOMO in people resulting in an ultimate sale. Display boards of product names help people pick products easily. Tip 6: Put up your social media handle and let your followers see you live to sell your products. Local tags on Instagram are always a live wire. Have your website, Instagram, and your other social media presence in a QR scanner. People can easily walk past you yet be part of your socials. Tip 7: You can interact with real customers and see what they feel about your products and, this turns up as a good survey opportunity for your business. Having price points for every kind of buyer helps people is inclusive. These are some of the tips to make things smooth for you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the craft fair. Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below. We love reading your thoughts.

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