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SDA Kinship - CONNECTION - December 1993

Published by Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc., 2019-03-29 03:18:04

Description: The Newsletter of Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc.


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CONNf,STION ffie&ep;- I?;:# x: .x;'rrx6g;,r;, ; -,i i-\" r eseffiTsNffi q*Wrg, reoryAa. Kinship's beginning and first Kampmeeting

Whoweargrrr wd.,,,,',,..,., ':::.::t' '.:.: \" \" .:: Seventh-day Adventist Kinship current list of members and friends includes 1 International, Inc. is a support group which well over a thousand people in 1 6 countries. iden.t1:,D.,,aorin*u0'lusgl .,.1, ..' ,. ,.., ministers to the spiritual, emotional, social, S.D.A. Kinship believes the Bible does ,,,$,ecrg i,DryEII,Sberrod ,:,,,, and physical well being of Seventh-day not condemn. or even mcntion. Adventist lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and homosexuality as a sexual oricntation. their families and friends. Ellen C. White does not parallel anv of thc S.D.A, Kinship facilitates and promotes Bible texts. which are often usei t,. the understanding and affirmation of condemn homosexuais. lo,i'.r homosexuai and bisexual Adventists among Most of the anguish imposed upc,n C,-j . themselves and within the Seventh-day ::.children who gro*, up grv or le sL,iei-. ::. Adventist community through education. roots in a misunderstandrns oi iiirit :a: advocacy, and reconciliation. Bible says. Founded in 1976. the organization was S.D.A Kinship i\\ - r.'n:ro:.rl incorporated in i981 and has a board of 14 organization rr hich suirpLrrt: th. officers and l0 regional coordinators. The advancenient of human rights for al1 people. T* 1;,BraA Fo*er, Mertin Biown, :.. Last chance t0 give a Merry Gift f\",rmr#rrau:Editor:.nrdferry Strorg . Christmas packeges will be prepared and sent to Kirrship peopie uho arc kntx-r'n t,.r have the HIV virus. Each package will cost about $40 by the timc we gct it boxcd Public Bq$91F: Nikki Pulissin, and shipped. trf you would like to sponsor a Christmas package lor a Kinship PWA tiaiChura.h (Person with AIDS), please make your check out to SDA Kinship Internatiorral and ii:Ror.r tarl,qon :!:! send your contribution to: Womynf S Cg,r!inatO+:, Valqpsa Hatcher Bob Lee KarnF [C Qgpfdi : Iohn Sarn SDA Kinship HIV/AIDS Outrcach eri$f,,,, Utem*rsia;L*ge , P.O. Box 254984 g ,.:i:t:]::l Sacramento. CA 9-5865 Pe;iiK rp!ffi44+ffi Please feel free to sponsor as many packages as yon u'ish {uc wiil prohlhlv nccd i.&,1,ffi,:V.';*ti\"1!,1:,:t'r,1 about a dozen) or to onlv sponsor part of a package if you can't handle a whole one gusinese,Suppoft : Sheni Babcock financially. Also, please indicate whet.her you want your name to appear o.r thc sponsored package, or if you wish to rernain anonymous to the recipient. 'frust Commilm:'Mike Mclaughlih Regional Coordinators +eruV/AIDS Mlnisr_y: Bob, :, Office Suppo*: H* ro*, , ,, 2l}.r26-Qr}zd,,':,. TDil.:5s9:s2542.o2 ffi.,H,ffi *Ilii,ffi ffi i#,tll , r:Pq,l$---- {.*;irinir,qt$IiiE;:#i::\"fg,gl9iii1iit:$int,W;:. I' sew*nf ey,{$@q,,8rys,, !t{,,h\", fi:?rryEiiiliiinffiiii:t9rl :;fi d*.r.Ifr &:r.Ii$ii:sitsc\"Exii, rrci{srliintua*idt'r}9d0d$?SI.sttf;*-s,*i,gbrqib'gF{;isi4 $f i fm ra ossFffiFrgn,: igqirri@p1r€rbri9tiii$nd,'irl*ls*dt!*,4..6$depd,'it![&.!3!fye,,:;#Ia,n'a,*,,ciiw,,hdr,i1$l;',i:#pi:su,=,qr',m*$,m\"qE,n,a, ids:;l'riui\"#wri,,mu,' i ffi:I#$itir,itic. i$eorytt!i$jr...\\.s !f9i he--lu_+,i :t#i, i{ttim lb:.iifisin sMyinoB. : Conributor+'. hive ,r; ,,f ,$.ry,+qllf:?, rl:ffiihu,ltf*i:gl.i llsi:m$aairr-{sriupiissJlE* iF€qryf,it_t;-syl#,Clry,1t{s,r,driidi..$gj'hsieilayt,li A{qEd! @lss*Slp rotlir.{44n9iriimjP.o. Bm. 4fllf&:ild$tssdiii$lr:64t4ii4ir$!(r:. r:fr 1i17.tE*.*.1]ilas6!ii] I-hi {utri{*r ot,,rypgrpfry.,of .ary,,pmes, ms*fist.ralr.y|iairiyir{iom.rayrEi+tjmtif#uf4!pf.l{$gc{vt?igttrFy.s;;i*s:aii:rE;ittilq.ipH,,,$E:;P;,aj;iie,e;Ef,f,ff;il;h,6,:i.siiJ S,ts1i4dfdffi recgt*.9r:aditil* clepgis mm.$i mnt,iei,Subry$priq$: P.O. Brti 3840. I*eA$eclei. Celitomia Sofr7si. Tio.fftibhip- maili,id usr i6 ffi it&flhl md $€d only by Itiiiihip o'frm flit mlitirg lis u triffi rohii:rii6Edi:i*'ei€i$;E d fai:ai !S,'.,rpiois+.,:+'.'4.i,.,ib...o.,x:N::.e:,c. ii,ot:,#1..... r:rr. ::::, , Region I Terre Price (505) 898-9.180 *r.L Ciorrrs John Sam (718) 856'9771 li.egion 7 oerftE$EEYE.:ftEPRAOUgrloH tl'iiVHoLE ilR IN Region 2 Kip Beardsley (503) 295-3076 lol+n.pnoqrprrgn. Heidi Johnson (301 ) 946-0295 Region 8 opfiloa$'ExpREsSED,rHEaErlr. AnE .Ndf Region 3 David Lemon (209) 471-6191 Erik Mann (404) 633-8117 cNoEicrElwssrAlofiitly.t'sItA{oEsEo{:.,f,lor4F.ESo.Dq,An:.o.K.IzNusre{tri-x. Region 9 oF. sBvEMr.BjD4,Y,, *pvrxrtsr,.rultsntr Region 4 Bruce Boyd (8 I 8) 708-7,1'+8 Gary Stebbeds ('/ 15) 479-1227 D'I'lES$iAnONALl'1Ne fISRRY CI*iSTMAsr'., Region 10 R.egion 5 Gerald Alex (613) 234-0555 xfrhii,?.#n*l,Eg._4,,ffi Floyd Poenitz (21 4) 1 07 -11 9 I tii,a:iiiiiii-', ,1,,1:1a,,,1 Pscr&rm: Grdd Alex L T. Amold. Kdir Cu.m. I lugn Jas. El Mlm, Ni[' Pllhitr l]avid R i.hrd RB*tl, J& h tu4s StmB R.!B'e w,liilm Covcr: Kuqnr.rtt8 hi.i hr. .},tlt@ tn-iha U:si;m nst .Gled,Bry.ii bm hol (:]fui dr cfty ol Fdol Cbcai Bud lliil., Bs lE, rd An&* suons. IidB3 olhr.'c{ nr*r i{ (xF'l.J ld,n 6. &rEiared Ir.s 2 Connection

Cities vote no to gays Gay rights activists in Cincinnati ignorance helps the AIDS virus kill are planning a boycott similar to the Voters on November 2 banned gay- one that prevented $81 million of them. Come along chef Kathy Raffele tourism to reach Colorado last year. rights protections in Cincinnati, on Miami's trendy South Beach. She Immune to your cooking has developed special dishes for repealed them in Lewiston, Maine, Many people who are infected with people with diminished immune and said no lo such measures in systems. Now a dozen or so HIV or AIDS do not know how to eat AIDS infected people eat Raffele's Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Take Back Cincinnati collected healthy, nor do they realize that this cooking regularly at the Coral Cafe. 1 6,000 signatures to repeal the gay- Raffele is presently putting together rights protection in Cincinnati. a cookbook for people *):*,r;,y, Church honors AIDS volunteer During church services on September 1 l, 1993 at the the Food Bank seeks community-wide support. Presently the Food Bank is staffed entirely by 15 Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dr. Leslie volunteers. Along with Hinkle, the project is Anderson, Directorof Social Services of theNorthern coordinated by Betty Macomber, Northern California Community Services Director of the California Conference, surprised those attending by Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Food Bank presenting Kinship member Bud Hinkle the relies on individual donations for its support. Community Service Award from the Seventh-day People with HIV/AIDS have very special health Adventist Community Services Department, North American Division. The award was \"forhis leadership problems with special nutritional requirements. in directing programs to provide help to those who are in need and are hurting; for his compassion; for The Food Bank volunteers do their best to provide his knowing and seeing those who are aching; for emphasizing with those who have found themselves the best nutritional food and program possible. The in positions of hurting; and for loving those on spite Shasta-Trinity HIV Food Bank can be reached at of themselves.\" (916) 223-2118 or P.O. Box 493283, Redding, Hinkle, 38, has been known for years in the San California 9 6049 -3283. Francisco and the Redding, California areas for his Look for a more in depth article about Bud Hinkle on page I 6 of this issue. volunteer work with AIDS patients and their caregivers. He has developed many programs which provide emotional and practical support, including the recruitment and training of many volunteers for AIDS-related projects. He has most recently instigated the Shasta-Trinity HIV Food Bank, a project developed in conjunction with the Community Service Department of the Redding area Seventh-day Adventist churches. Presently, the Food Bank is serving 20 families who have one or more family members with HIV/AIDS. Hinkle himself has AIDS, but continues to work on these needed projects as his illness allows. Though the Food Bank was organized in May 1993 as a community service by the Seventh-day Adventist Churches of Shasta and Trinity Counties, Connection 3

immune systems. contribution of his time is greatly door pool or are situated next to a lake. The facilities also have televi- L2year anniYersary appreciated. sion sets and radios in every room, private baths, tennis courts, gyms, Peter Mueller is celebrating the Hal has been noted in the past for VCRs, and vegetarian food. his tireless work with Kinship's twelve yearanniversary of his mother AIDS quilt. The week for Kampmeeting, finding out that he was gay. which will be somewhere between No more testing In March, it will be twelve years the last week of June and the end of since he was kicked out of an SDA Doctors in Alabama are no longer luly 1994, will be announced in the academy for being gay. allowed to test patients for AIDS January Connection. without the patient's permission on Shot but not easily seen Pro-Jay? the basis the doctor thinks they're at Our lady of the navy, Ashley R., risk. During a late October broadcast of recently had her picture in Rolling theTonight Showwith Jay Leno,the U.S. District Judge Harold host took an Earring Ken doll and Stanemagazine. However, you need Albritton has ruled that the 1991 asked gays on the North Hollywood law allowing AIDS tests under really good eyes or a magnifying certain circumstances unfairly left strip if they thought the doll was the interpretation of \"high risk\" to glass to recognize her. homosexual. The ten minute segment doctors. was very funny and quite supportive Campus outreach Alabama is the first of 22 states of the gay community. The social work club at Oakwood with AIDS testing laws to have the Big smash College has asked Kinship to put on statute challenged in federal court, During the first week of November, a presentation. said the American Medical Darin Olson was driving dorvn the C o lle g ian, Walla Walla College's big hill by his home in St. Paul and Association. student newspaper, has asked for his vehicle accidently hit an older Kinship's help in writing an article Kampmeetingupdate about homosexuality on campus. gentleman's car. The damage After contacting more than 300 lo- inflicted was $700, whiie the Appointment approved cations, all of them have been elimi- nated except for three, Kampmeeting president's car needs $5000 rvorth Hal Jobe has been officially Coordinator John Sam reports. of repairs. Darin said he spent the approved as Kinship's office All three candidates are in upper weekend duct-taping the car's manager. He has kindly offered to state New York, and about 2 hours bumpers back on. serve in a voluntary (read: free) from NYC. Ali locations are air- Russianstatus capacity. This tremendous conditioned, handicapped acces- sible, and have either a private in- \"Is Sesame Street coming out of the closet?\" KPLR newscaster speaking of the rumored A Russian Health Ministry official gay marriage of Muppets Burt and Ernie. Sesame Street producers replied saying the announced last month 682 peoPle boys are not gay; just good friends. are known to carry the HIV virus in his country. The official also stated \"Your cashier is gay.\" The printout on a cashier's receipt read by Jay Leno on that the virus is mostly spread in \"Headlines\" on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Russia by sexual contact. \"I am a gay man trapped in a woman's body.\" One of Madonna's latest musings. TFucking U.S.A. \"The Bible contains six admonitions to homosexuals and 362 to heterosexuals. That Darnell Sherrod has now taken up truck driving as a career. What are doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It is just that they need more next p08e supervision.\" Lynn Lyner, lesbian entertainer. 4 Connection

thechancesthathe'sdrivingaMack? Coordinator Floyd Poenitz for was enclosed to help us tailor details. activities that meet the needs of our members. Silver bells (or something) Promotion of Kinship in Canada Region 9 is under way with the submission of our listing to a number of gay guides Marge and Deecelebrated their 1Oth Met October 16 at Steve Ramirez's that cover Canada. We are looking anniversary together on November apartment for a discussion entitled into many otherpromotions to come. 6. It would appear Tony was present to share in the festivities. \"Have You Ever Wondered .\" A newsletter for Kinship members in Region 10 is in the works. Burningbridges which was followed by a potluck. Kinship was represented in Steve and Charles lost a portion of Bruce Boyd is putting out an Toronto last October. One of our their home to the Great California members took part in the annual Fire of 1993. Fortunately, the house informative and entertaining is not beyond repair. Anybody have Walk for Life, an AIDS fund-raiser some power tools to spare? regional newsletter. five kilometer walk. Region 1 Region 10 is alive! Region 10 is planning a get Dr. R.on Lawson is speaking at the Since Kamp, Region 10 has been a together before Christmas in either Boston Temple on January 15 at busy place to be: Obtaining the key 3:30 PM. His presentation is entitled to our post office, getting hold of the Ottawa or Montreal. Those \"The Caring Church? The SDA records of Kinship Canada from our former President, compiling lists of interested should contact Gerald Church and It's Homosexual members past and present, and AIex at (613) 234-0555. planning promotions and activities. Members\". Region 10 reported by Peter F. Mueller In October, we sent a mailing to Region 4 the 50 names on our mailing list, of Advocate-ing Kinship which 20 were presently still Lookforthe reappearance of S.D.A. Kinship in the classifieds section of mernbers. The mailer contained a letter letting people know Kinship a January 1 994 issue of The Advo cate. is alive and well, and an info form Chicago Chapter is meeting Search for A vote to determine a suitable image will be taken at the January December 18. Call Philip at (314) logo 553-0883 for details. board meeting at Laguna Beach. continues The Great Lakes Monthly is being s.P.N H\"!. pubtrished again. Contact Regional To the best of my knowledge, SDA Kinship has been in pursuit of a logo +no?,*^rYox* Coordinator Gary Stehbeds for since its board was first formed. The search for a design continues. An example of a potential logo, details on how to receive it. The W.i.M. Chapter met at Gary's The logo needs to include an which yours truly (Andrew) accurate representation of Kinship horne for a Halloween party. Our and its members. Qualities to keep in designed, is displayed above. president, Darin, made a surprise mind are love, inclusiveness, Send any suggestions, and appearance at the festivities, much compassion, unity, togetherness, to the deiight of her fans. preferably images, to the Co nne ct ion fairness, friendship, community, and W.LM. Chapter is planning a (drum roll) kinship. or Kinship's LA address. New Year's Eve party. Call Gary for all of the exciting details. The logo could be used in Region 5 advertising displays, brochures, and on Kinship stationary. There willbe apotluck on December 3, and a regional meeting on December 18. Contact Regional Connection 5

SDA kids should love everyone Teen lesson study addresses dealing with AlDS-infected Adventists Kudos to Corner Stone Connections which is aimed at me a seat by him as usual. 15 to 1S-year-old Seventh-day Adventist youth, and is \"'We need to talk, Cheryl.\" The look in his eyes wiped published by Review and Herald Publishing Association. any trace of what was a smile off my face. A recent lesson dealt with Adventists and AIDS. \"Sure. What do you need?\" \"Let's go for a walk.\" The November 2 lesson study began, \"Being a \"OK.\" We went out in the courtyard and sat by the Christian in a world full of sin is a challenge, especially when you allow this world to cloud your judgement daisies like we always did before one of our deep about what's important . . . How are you supposed to judge when circumstances are more important than conversations. We talked about classes and laughed about things that weren't funny, and then Eric told n'le people, or does that ever happen?\" that he was HIV positive. I chose not to believe it at first. This prefaced the weekly story which is entitled \"Missing the Point\": I sat there on the moist ground and stared at the grave \"How did Eric marker. I had known this day would come, but I wasn't ger AIDS?\" expecting it quite this soon. I placed the daisies on the I knew this was some kind of joke, a bad nightrnare that grave; they were his favorite flower. I would soon wake up from, until I looked into his eyes \"Cheryl. . . CheryI.\" and realized he was telling me the truth. The tears began I jumped at the sound of my name as if it were to stream down my face, and I couldn't even move my something I had never heard before. I turned to see hand to wipe them away. I wanted to scream, to run Marcie, a friend from high school. away. I wanted to remove myself from this and watch \"I thought that was your car. I figured you were over it like a movie. I wanted Eric to fix this like he had done here. I can't believe he is dead. Nobody even knew. I'm everything else, but he couldn't fix it. He only fixed sure you did, but everyone else was in shock. How everyone else's problems-not his own-and neither could I. I pulled away from Eric. I couldn't handle it. I exactly . . .\" ran away. Marcie's words began to fade as I drifted back to Now four years later I'm back and Eric's gone . . . \"Cheryl?\" Marcie brought me back to reality. high school. I met Eric the first day of our freshman year \"I'm sorry. What were you saying?\" \"How'd Eric get AIDS?\" when we were accidentally assigned to the same locker. \"Why? The point is he is gone and he is not coming Eric was the class clown-the guy you always counted back. A whole lot of people are dying from this horrible disease and all anyone ever wants to know is how they on to cheer you up when all else went bad. He was more than just a friend. He was like the got it. Don't you understand that how they got it is brother I never had. We talked about everything. He irrelevant because regardless of how they got it, they're was a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, a hug when I needed it most. He was everything a friend should be and ever so much more. I still vividly remember the day he told me. He had been distant for more than a week. I kept asking him what was wrong, and he insisted it was nothing. I kept nagging him because tr knew better. I had never seen him so depressed and troubled. We had been best friends for fouryears now, and we were just a weekfrom graduation. I walked into study hall late as usual, and Eric had saved 6 Connection

going to end up just like Eric. \" This attitude bothered me because I always used to get The stunned look on Marcie's face would have made upset when people would act differently toward people because of how they contracted the disease. Now when Eric laugh, and the tliought of that made me smile for the it hit close to home, I felt like a hypocrite. Where did my first tirne in years. Even in death he could still make me concern for humanity go? -smile. As a Christian what should be our first concern about a victim of AIDS? Follr-rwing the story were daily thoughts. One of them How is he? read: What can I do? \"I remember exactiy where I was and what I was How'd he get it? cioing rvhen I heard about Magic Johnson. I had been a Is he saved? How woutrd Jesus have reacted to an AIDS patient? Los Anseles I-akers basketball fan for 12 years, and I On what do you base your answer?\" Not many denominations are socializing their youth aiwavs respectecl h4agic. When I heard the radio toward AIDS. I wholeheartediy applaud the authors of this lesson study on their awareness and sensitivity. arlnouncer siry he was retiring and why, I was in shock. l, who was wfortunately unable to receive written permission to i canceled my appointments and stopped at a friend's reprint this ariicle be.[ore press tinte, would like to grctelully\" house to see Magic's press conference because I was acknowledge tlre unnamed source at R&H who assurednr rcprirtting rifraid of not rnaking it home in time. I didn't believe it thi-q artic'le would not be c problem. until I he;rrd it come out of Magic's mouth. { guess what got me rrore than anything is I was reiieved r.vhen I heard how he had contracted the clisease. I rememberthinking, lVell, ttt !ectsr lte isn't ga.r. Testing negative is not the end of the story So you tested HIV negative. Ah. what a relief i Almost. compassion and assistance. Brrt, gue ss what?'re still not off the hook. Tolerance is a big issue. I know I did not find it easy Since the virus often takes severai months to appear, to embrace an intimate friend when he announced he your HIV negative results only mean that the virus was HIV positive-until I tested positive and realized clidn't show up this time. If there's any possibility of yourgetting the virus-if you have sex with anybody or I'm possibly the very one who infected himl So, I shoot clrugs-1,ou really should be tested every six understand people's reticence to get too close to us if rnonths to retain sorne confidence in your sero-negative they haven't tested positive. On the other hand, you stittu s. should take some responsibility in educating yourself What do you clo now? Obviously, you should continue safe sex practices. [{ave a healthy respect for ':\"r'.' :\"i:' : T : :T :\": :':': I I i\"i :'.'j'I':' :\" the virus, trut don't Iet the fact of its existence ruin your a a lifc. White the safest sex is, of course, none at ali, we Sa[e sofrltttl oallets a irust remember that we are sexual beings and celibacy c a is not natural. a 'l'here are rnany other avenues of sexual outlet that o Videos .: rre pretty much safe. These include videos, toys, and a Toys your imagination. a Don't fcrrget that the only difference between you a J.O. clubs : and those who are HIV positive is probably just dumb a luck. Since you've been through the testing process, you have also experienced some of the trauma; some a Sex clubs (watching other participants) .: of the \"what ifs\" we all go through. Now you have more a a Sex clubs (stage shows) in common with those who are HIV positive. Don't forget that those who are infected still need your a^,4 Books . [Ylagazines \"o o ! Vour imagination : aaaaaaaaoaaaaaoaaaaaaaaaaaa contract it under normal circumstances. Hugging and touching someone with the virus, or drinking out of the same container; taking a bite of his vegeburger, or continued on page 19 Connection 7

Kinship's nreption Andrew Strong speaks with the founder of SDA Kinship, Ben Pickell Andrew Strong: I would like to begin this interview How did you become involved in the Seventli-da1' with a history of yourself, as our founding father. Adventist church? Ben Pickell: Or Mother. BP: My father was not at all religious, and mom took us to whateverchurch was in the vicinity of u'here wc lil'ed AS: Ormother. Tell me about where you were born, and what your experience was growing up. that particular month. While in San Francisco, I had sinus problems, stl at BP: i was bom in a little town called McAllen, Texas. I don't remember much about that because we moved my doctor's advice I moved to the deseft in Arizona. I when I was two years old. We worked planting crops. bought a house there and rented out rooms so I could and moved from camp to camp. Luxury for us was a afford to pay for it. One man who rented a room was a wooden floor. A mansion was when we got a corrugated minister, but he didn't tell me he was a minister. He said tent. he taught organ lessons-no pLln intended. There r'vas some chemistry between the two of us ;rnd lve becatle My parents divorced when I was six. Mother had low involved. Later he admitted he rvas a Seventh-day' self esteem and mamied men similarly to the way Adventist minister. and I tc'ld him I didn't ',vant to hear Elizabeth Taylor did. I grew up moving back and fomh anything about religion. from Mom, Dad, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Some time later, he came down with the flLr. My I finally wound up in Northern California with my curiosity was aroused when church members Lregan to mom, and brothers and sisters. At the age of seventeen, come overto visit him and bring him food. They brought some delicious Iooking beef. The minister let me try I moved to San Francisco where I began to notice my some, and it melted in my mouth. I then learned that it feelings for men. I met a man who invited me to move wasn'tmeatat all, butLomaLindafood. I am also health- in with him. That was when I came out to the gay world. I had conflicting feelings about my sexuality, though. minded, so I wanted to know what went on at the church After seeing two psychiatrists. one of them helped me meetings. The congregation got me involved right off. I accept who I was. went on to become the head deacon before I was disfellowshipped for starting Kinship. AS: I understand you were not raised as an Adventist. AS: How did Seventh-day Adventist Kinship begin? 8 Connection

And, how was the name selected? saw his name, and disfellowshipped hirn. Dennis thought Kinship should have a yearly get BF: I met one guy who was gay and Adventist, so I together, so he volunteered to put together such an event. liglrred if there was ono, there musr L,e others out there He rented a motel with cabins in Arizona, and essentially some,,vhere. 1 i'elt the need for fellowship. When you go becamethefirstKampmeetingCoordinator. Ron Lawson to church, everything is geared toward heterosexual knew a lot of clergy, and Larry Hallock had studied to r-:ouples, lamilies, etcetera. I enjoyed that fellowship; I be a minister, so they were able to find clergy people to enioved the church a lot. But I couldn't really express speak. The people who were invited felt uncomfortable, initially, because they feared for theiriobs in the church, mvself even though i taiked to the pastor and my so they asked the G.C. for permission. The president at sexuality was not a problem. that time said they could speak only if Colin Cook was In 1916I placed an ad in the Advocate asking for allowed to attend also. The first Kampmeeting consisted of about 40 people other gay Seventh-day Adventists to write me. Eighteen people responded. We set a date in December of that who came from all over the United States. That year for a meeting, and eight people showed up. That very night we elected Lacy as the first treasurer and Kampmeeting was one the attendees will never forget. Loren as our first leader, our president. Much pain was unloaded. When we had our \"horror A year later, we decided we needed a name for our story\" meeting, the personal accounts ofanger, despair, groLlp. There were trvo guys from Riverside who attended pain, and hurt went on until the wee hours of the our nreetings on a regular basis, and one of them. Bill morning. The clergy were surprised at the amount of pain we had. One gay man attended with his brother who Issit, decided the name \"Kinship\" represented everything was also a pastor. They had grown apart due to the ra,e stood for: friendship, fetlowship, love; everything. minister's disapproval of homosexuality, but this We were originally meeting in one of three varying cities. Then, Jym Str\"rart in San Francisco had a pen pal Kampmeeting brought them back together. list of gay Seventh-day Adventists he was writing to an<l he made contact with us and added his names to our list. AS: Why is Kampmeeting spelled with a \"K\" instead of Larry Hallock from Chicago also had a list of people. He the grammatically correct \"C\" ? And finally, what do you contacted us and tumed his list over. Ron Lawson in see was the impact of this first Kampmeeting? New York had Adventist Forum going on and had scveral gay people involved in that, so he contacted us, BP: The reason Kampmeeting is spelled the way it is came out to Californiu, and then got his people involved. was also Dennis' idea. He wanted to distinguish our We continued running adisplay box ad tntheAdvocate, and since it's a worldwide magazine, we started getting Kampmeeting from Adventist campmeetings. Kinship letters from people everywhere-inciuding cornmunist begins with the letter \"k\", so he said, \"Why not?\" Of countries. Ofcourse, we had to use underground sources course, the Adventist Church viewed this as another sign of our sinning, \"campy\" ways. [o get correspondence in and out of countries like This Kampmeeting started us out at a grass roots Russia. level. We've made many inroads with the Seventh-day Adventist church since, and they are a lot more accepting We appointed a Spanish-speaking person to now. correspond with our brothers and sisters in South Arnerica. We had another for correspondence with As a visiting pastor said near the end of that first Kampmeeting, \"Ail of you people blew my stereotypical French-spezrking countries. Ron made a tnp to his home country of Australia and started a group there. That is ideas of homosexuals. I thought all gays looked feminine, how Kinship grew. acted feminine, and only engrossed themselves in sexual conversations. Now that I've met you at Kampmeeting, AS: Horv did Karnprneeting begin? I've discovered you are everyday people. You're highly educated and immersed in a variety of occupations from BP: I credit Dennis Grau fbr beginning Kampmeeting. Dennis was deeply involved in the Phoenix SDA church, doctors to lawyers to teachers. Except for your sexual and was also the editorofthe newsletterin 197 I or 19i9. orientation, you're just like everyone else. He printed his name in its entirety in the newsletter on several occasions. The G.C. got hold of the newsletter, Ben Pickell Lives in Desert Palms, Calforniawhere he is a professional massage therapist. Connection 9

ffi i#$ffi+; tJictoral ]Look at the m\"irst Karnpmeeting Photographs by Errol Chamness Text by Dr. Ron Lawson I I 10 Connection Our first Kampmeeting was held at Kohl's Ranch, a motel, in Payton, Arizona. Why there when Kinship didn't have many members in that state'/ Dennis Grau was there, and his enthusiasm was vital to the whole idea. He was fixing up a place- where we hoped to have Kampmeeting- and when it was not ready on tirne, he booked in at the \"Ranch\". The Ranch was small and rnodest, ;rnd we could only afford a few rooms. There were about 35 of us, including the clergy-who could not really be asked to imitate sardines. So the rest of us did. But, we were lonely, gay Adventists finding togetherness. (Top of nexr page) Early morning worships were held at this outdoor \"chapel\". This one was conducted by Colin Cook, and many of us were so uncomfortable with him that they could not bring themselves to attend. All other meetings were held in a \"common area\" of a motel suite, rvhere we barely had room to breathe-but did have the privacy that was so necessary at such a time. I don't think anyone missed even one of those meetings. This photo shows: Front row: Dean Whitten; second row: Doug, tsill? from New Hampshire; third row: Terre Price, Larry Hallock, J,tsephine and Elvin Benton (clergy), Ron Lawson, Fritz Guy (clergy); fourth row: Larry Geraty and Jim Cox (both clergy). Josephine was at that time the only woman senior pastor

in the church. Her husband, who was .,#w:' :'€r \" counsel for the Columbia Union, .{\" i; accompanied her. Fritz was head of the !' theology department at the seminary; he Connection I I now teaches at La Sierra University. Larry was head of the Old Testament and Archaeology department at the Seminary, and is now president of La Sierra University. Jim was head of the New Testament department at the Seminary, and is now in retirementin Orlando, Florida. It was he who finally took the lead in being the negotiator between the General Conference and Ron Lawson, acting on behalf of Kinship, to get permission for the clergy to attend. The need to have negotiations was brought about by the fact that among those accepting invitations to take parl were three from the Seminary. When they each discovered that this was the case, they felt that they could not come undetected, and would need permission. Wherr this was given, the G.C. agreed to pay their expenses, which was a great help to Kinship. Colin Cook speaking at that early morning meeting. We had not invited him, but Elder Neal Wiison, president of the General Conf'erence, who had come to regard him as the answer to homosexuality, insisted that lve take hirn in order to have the other speakers. We gave a reluctant okay, but the program had already been laid out and we clid not feel obligated to change it to accommodate Cook. However, we noted his discomfort and entreaties, and gave hirn this rvorship time-which continued ic;ng beyond the expected time-to tell us where he was coming from. Colin Cook was noticeably uncomfortable at the Karnpmeeting because of the openness thal the other clergy were showing us. R.on Lalvson seems to be leading a song service;Tim McClure is piaying. Tim was one of the first members who was heavily involved with Kinship to die of AIDS. Vern Schlenker, president for the next two years, has also since died.

Jym Stuart, Richard Russell, Pastor Josephine Benton, and David Shelton. [t was such a wonderful experience finding that we loved one another-which meant we kept on hugging; much more than at recent Kampmeetings. I find it sad that we have come to take Kinship so much more for granted these days. The meetings, too. We wouldnothave dreamed of tal<ingtime off campus orotherwise rnissing meetings- they were too important. Night meetings (yes meetings, not socials) continued on well after midnight. Vern Schlenker and Loren Senseman. Loren was one of the founders and key early activists in Kinship. Vern was new to Kinship at that Kampmeeting, and was elected president. Bob Londis and Richard Russell. Bob was the gay brother of Dr. Jim Londis, then pastor of Sligo Church. Jim had begun to talk at gatherings ofclergy about the need for the church to address the gay issue. He was motivated by his awareness of Bob's journey. Jim was instrumental in persuading Neal Wilson to allow him and the other clergy to participate in the Kampmeeting' i2 Connection

Vern Schlenker and Dave Shelton share an intimate moment before the camera. Frrrol Chamness, Terre Price, Richard I{r\"rssell. Errol rvas another of the founders of Kinship. He was the treasurer-and was about to be the key person who, uPon f inding a free lawyer, helped incorporate Kinship during the following year. The incorporation allowed us to make our gifts to Kinship tax deductible, and generally save the organization stability. tF t otn righr)Bob Londis. Larry Hallock, and Dr. Larry Geraty. Connection 13

The first full Kinship board which was elected at Kampmeeting. Front: Chuck Thompson, Region 7, Errol Chamness, treasurer, Dennis Grau, newsletter editor and public relations, Ben Pickell, past president; Backrow: Bob Londis, region 2, Sigrid, women's coordinator, sage, Dean Whitten, secretary, and R.on Lawson, Church Liaison. The whole group. Some of the ones I remember are: At front right are Marge, Sigrid, and Sigrid's daughterHeidi. Behind them, next to blond bombshell Dennis, is Fay, the other woman Present. Tim McClure, who brought his electric organ to Kampmeeting, is at the far left. Next to hirn is Ron Jenkins, the outgoing vice-president. Terre Price.'Ihe Kampmeeting is winding up and we have changed from having been there, and terribly sad to be leaving . . . How can we return to the cold, hard world after all that warmth and support? Special thanks to Errol Chamness and Dr. Rott l,awsonfor their effort andsuppart in de,-eloping this pictoriaL overview. l4 Connection

The Twelve Discs of Christmas Music, in many varieties, is so much a part of the Although totally unknown to the world, becoming Christmas season. I am particularly fond of great choral acquaintedwiththis group's music was very worthwhile. Christmas music. I would like to share with you my On my eighth date before Christmas a common man gave to me: a recording of the Crystal Cathedral Choir virgin of the twelve discs of choral Christmas music. with music fromtheir \"Glory of Christmas\" productions. On my first date before Christmas my true love gave The music is ordinary and expected, but the organ and organist, Fred Swann, are stunning. It is available on the to me: O Come, All Ye F aithful recorded by the men and Gothic label, G49036, Sing We Now of Christmas. boys choirs of Kings College, Cambridge, England Gothic Records, P. O. Box 1576, Pustin,CA9268l. which is available from Argo 414042-2.I shared it with hirn while sitting by the fireplace with the stereo's time- On my ninth date before Christmas a smart man gave delay set to \"cathedral\". to me: a recording of Lyn Larson on the large Paramount On my second date before Christmas my boyfriend Theatre organ in Wichita, Kansas. By this time I was gave to me: Chip Davis' Mannheim Steamroller, A sick of choral music, so hearing choir music played on the mighty Wurlitzerwas great. Particularly impressive Fresh Aire Christmas. lt is released by American is Lyn Larson's arrangement of Harry Anderson's \"Sleigh Ride\" and Richard Purvis' anthem \"'What Strangers Are Gramaphone Records AGCD 1988. We listened to it These?\". Larson is really up for it on this disc. Pro Arte while eating dinner because it is perfect for classical got a winner when they recorded this music. music lovers who want something that's not too heavy. On my tenth date before Christmas an ugly man gave On my third date before Christmas my good friend to me: a recording of Benjamin Brittins' Ceremony of Carols.I still haven't found a disc of this work I enjoy. gave to me: Star of Wonder which was recorded by the San Francisco Choral Artists, Ralph Hooper, director. It On the eleventh and twelfth dates before Christmas is available from Reference Recordings, Fox 77225X. my best friend returned to me: my two disc set of San Francisco, CA 94207. Handel's Messiah as recorded on the Philips label by On my fourth date before Christmas ahandsome man Colin Davis. It may be an older recording that has been re-released, but to my ears it is still the best. gave to me: music from the Chandos label 8679, . . . and a parting I will be. Hudfersfield Choral Society and the Black Dyke Mills Jim. Arnold is a professional musician who also teaches secondary Band in a recording titled Christmas Fantasy. The music classes. mixture of choir accompanied by organ and good ole band music, gave us a variety of music to become better fiiends by. On my fifth date before Christmas a young man gave to me: Colleguim Records COLCD 106 release of John Rutter's Cambridge Singers Christmas Night: Carols of the Nativity. The mixture of very young (Rutter's \"Candlelight Carol\") and very old (\"Adam Lay Bounden\", Boris Ord) showed me that common cause is more binding than age. On my sixth date before Christmas a brave man gave to me: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus' recording with Robert Shaw of Vivaldi's Gloria and \"/. S. Bach's Magnificent. trf you like the big ones,I have never experienced better than this. On rny seventh date before Christmas a stranger gave to me: music from an unknown group of twelve singers who call themselves Coventry Green and record madrigal-style music. It is available from Coventry Green,806 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio 45506. Connection 15

The rest of Bud's story Some will remember that Bud Hinkle was the 1981 town in northern California. Being cared for by his Kampmeeting Coordinator in Guerneville, California. family, he regained enough energy to get involved in his That same year, he was disfellowshipped from the Adventist church for his homosexuality. Soon after, he local community. returned to school, and earned his Master's Degree in The Shasta-Trinity AIDS Consortium, funded by the Psychology from the California State University, Chico. His master's thesis gained some notoriety for it's in- Ryan White Cares Act, hired Hinkle to develop and run depth study of rural homosexuals, a group that had not the volunteer program, providing services for people previously been researched in the field of psychology. with AIDS. Also, Hinkle started a support group for men In 1985, he tested positive for HIV. The next year, and women in his area who have HIV. In the spring of Bud moved to San Francisco where he interned as a 1993, in conjunction with the Seventh-day Adventist psychotherapist, working mostly with AIDS patients. Churches of Shasta and Trinity Counties, Hinktre HIL.SII RSIR IRITIIT developed the HIV Food Bank. Along with Hinkle, the FOOil ilRill{ Food Bank is coordinated by Betty Macomber, Social Services Director of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Northern California. Her son died of AtrDS in 1988\" Her reasons for being involved are clearly personal, as they are for most volunteers involved. By default, Hinkle has become the leader and spokesperson forpeople with AIDS in the Reddingarea. He has appeared locally on television six times in the last year as well as in various local newspapers. He rnost recently videotapedpromotionai spots forthe HIV Food Bank for local broadcast on the Three Angels Network. Hinkle jokingly refers to himself as \"the supreme media He was licensed by the State of California in 1990' slut. \" Besides running his private practice, Bud facilitated support groups for physicians with AIDS, caregivers of When Hinkle developed the policies and procedures people with AIDS, and infusion patients with AIDS. for the Food Bank, he was certain to include non- Hinkle served as an emotional support volunteer with the Shanti Project and as a volunteer therapist for discrimination clauses, forbidding discrimination based the UCSF AIDS Health Project for several years. He on gender, race, and sexual orientation' Hinkle made it founded GAYLESTA, the gay/lesbian therapist clear that the food bags given to people with AIDS were association in San Francisco and served as its co-chair. not to have spiritual price tags attached, but are given In 1990, the organization nearly topped the 200 mark in with unconditional love. A few individuals have had its membership. Hinkle also moonlighted as bookkeeper difficulty with this, but the church has accepted the for the UCSF AIDS Professional Education Project and policies. They are excited to have the opportunity to begin developing an image as acaring church. Carefuliy San Francisco Project Inform. designing the policies, Hinkle has made it clear to the church that \"the Food Bank is not to be used as an Hinkle worked until his hospitalization from Hodgkin's Lymphoma in July 1991. Simultaneously, evangelistic opportunity to convert known homosexuals Hinkle received his AIDS diagnosis (even though and/or substance abusers, but to show we care.\" Hodgkin's is not recognizedby the Centers for Disease Admittedly, Hinkle has mixed feelings about being Control as AlDS-related). honored by the church which kicked him out over a Suffering through seven months of chemotherapy, decade ago. But he's optimistic that the church is other complications followed. Hinkle's illness forced beginning to recognize it's need to care for people unconditionally and regardless of lifestyle, past or present. That is a welcome change. him to close his practice, sell his home in San Francisco, Bud Hinkle can be reached through the HIV Food Bank, P.O. Box and return to his hometown, Anderson, a small rural 493283, Reddins, Califurnia 96049-3283; (916) 223-2118. 16 Connection

Disturbing hut interesting the nerve to attack your schooling. Love and hugs, Darling, we can not all attend posh Our Lady Dear Editor, boarding schools, let alone the \"in\" I just finished reading the latest Oshawa, Canada SDA schools. Connection (Vol. 17, No. 9). I found V It's the Canadians to your rescuel it interesting, provocative and Review hits good note disturbing. I know little about Good old R. R. Never you forget that there are Dear Editor: molestation and appreciate the I just wanted to write and let you some of us who appreciate the work courage and insight that your writers know how great I think the have had to share their experiences that you put into the newsletter. Connection is. I enjoy all of the with us. Thanks for the great work you are doing. Thank God the publication has articles and the down-to-earth touch stopped being a place for people J. W. with denominational pedigrees to with the gossip column. I find Our California spew their high brow thoughts, and Lady of Oshawa to be very Our ktdy entertains the troops at that our little publication is starting entertaining. Kampmeeting to represent the diversity of our I also want to say that I really Lady speaks back, Mac group. enjoy the music critic's comments. I Darling Editor, Personally, I need to apologize especially appreciated the review Never you fear, your Lady of for leading you astray with MAC. I about the organ CD which has one of my favorite hymn tunes on it called Oshawa is here in your hour of have to confess that I know little Cwm Rhonda. desperation. Just who does L.E. think about the spelling of such beasts, let Keep up the good work. she is? Well! We are not amused to alone the working of them. My only In regard to the letter from L.E., say the least. But don't you fret, we are here to stick up for you. experience with MACK trucks who rode with me to her first Congratulations for printing the comes from being in the sleeper of a Kampmeeting, I know that even letter from L.E. You have exposed her for the b---h she really is! We all MACK with some hunky trucker though she sounded like a b---h, she know who has been watching too that I picked up at a rest area. (No can be fun-loving-in spite of the fact many Dynasb, re-runs. Somebody thinks she's Alexis . . . Then she had wonder it took me 14 hours to drive she criticized me too when I was an to Kamp.) Now, it is not that I haven't editor. So, please don't take it to tried to get more knowledge. Often, heart. G. S. I can be found cursing the gates of the local MACK dealership . . . Wisconsin By the way,I am beginning to get 'continuedonpage 19 a sore neck looking left and then right in the Connection. Let's see you Connection welcomes mail from its readers. Unless permission is try to get us reading up and down as specifically given to do otherwise, full names of letter-writers will not be well. \"I don't intend at all to be picky. \" printed. Letters will be identified by initials and state. Yea, right! You are doing a great job on the Opinions expressed in the letter column do not necessarily reflect Connection and showed incredibly S.D.A. Kinship positions. good breeding in printing L. E.'s Letters may be edited for length or letter. Many people that I have talked clarity. with are incredibly pleased with the Say what's on your mind! Write way the Connectionhas gone. I have Connection, P.O. Box 68, Lebanon, lllinois 62254 USA, or CompuServe had people tell me that they are your message to Connection at reading the Connection for the first time in years. 72722,1441. Keep up the good work! We all love what you are doing. And don't worry, I've stuck a brick in my purse and will slap anyoneup side thehead with it if they try to attack you! Connection l7

Our Lo{y of Osfiawo Advice, comments, and answers to the questions in all of us. We just love the Christmas holiday. \"Dawn we now our heard of such things. It is troubling as gay Christians to gay apparel . . .\" As we put the finishing touches on our glitzy Christmas outfits, we'd like to send Christmas be rejected by yourchurch, finally finding a group ofgay greetings and good wishes to all the members of our Christians from your denomination' and then Kinship family. experiencing the same rejection that you felt at the Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night . . . hands of your church. Our Lady of Oshawa As humans we are quick to judge. As Christians, we Dear Lady, My lover is fond of buying me nifty little gifties. need to remind ourselves that Christ Himself openly The latest of which is \"the clapper\". You know . . . welcomed all. Gay Christian groups need to be for more \"Clap on; clap off'. This gift is the root of our than those denominational pedigrees' In my mind, to be problem. Every time we engage in boudoir a Christian is more than a \"persona\"' It is a personal aerobatics, all the lights in the house flash on and off experience with Our Maker. Christians come in all wildly. What should I do? shapes and forms. We should not be so quick to judge Clapping in Kansas those that do not fit our \"image\" of what a Christian is' Personally, I feel that if we are quick to reject or condemn, we will be held accountable for that. We, as gay Christians, must not be found guilty, as is our church, of rejection based on \"fitting the mold\". Dear Clapping, Dear Lady, My, put don't you sound like an active possum. I hope I was reading \"Katie's Komments\" in the October that ycu have heavy-duty box springs and not one of (Vol. 17, No. 8) issue of the Connection and I have those Sears specials. If not, quick, join the mattress-of- two questions for you. First, what was in the box in the-month club. the chapel? Second, please explain the reference Run to your nearest pet shop and get a muzzle. That \"trips to the bushes.\" should help keep the noise down and get your lights Wondering undercontrol. This will also give yourneighbors amuch needed break from your nightly performance of \"Under Dear Wondering, the Covers Symphony\". After much research, we can reveal that the box in And, finally, it does not take an Albert Einstein to the chapel did not contain some petrified relic' In fact, figure out that all you need to do is unplug the thing! it contained the sacred Book of Broccoli Recipes' Dear Lady, As for the \"trips to the bushes\", good manners forbid Recently, a friend of mine joined his religion's me from telling you what went on. But if you bribe me, gay group. He told me that he is being made to feel I just may tell you who did it' like an outcast because he is a member of the leather community and a smoker. He is distraught about Dear Lady, the rejection he's feeling from his fellow gays in the I have been asked to appear as a chorus girl in a gay group. local production. I'm having trouble finding the Disillusioned in Dallas appropriate stuffin g, if you get my meaning. Can you Dear Disillusioned, help? I hate to say it, but this is not the first time I have Flat in Fremont continued on page 20 18 Connection

.r.i.ilI.,1,ffiffiffi Oranges and Wilde Few movies have much to say about book in the fiction section, but the exchanging tender looks with her Christianity and homosexuality. B ut story is highly autobiographical. love interest. I'd like to tell you about the ones I Raised by very strict When they are brought to the have found out about, and also give front of the congregation to be made you a few suggestions on where to fundamentalists (although you never examples of to all present on the find some of these videos if they are evils of lust gone awry, Jess, after know exactly which denomination, her years of Bible study, is able to not available in your local video they do go to church on Sunday), make a defense for herself and never store. Jess, as the only person underthe age become apologetic for her love of The very best movie I know of fifty in church, is being groomed another woman. This is not the kind which combines religion and by the whole church to be a of movie that will win staunch homosexualrty is Oranges Are Not the Onl.y Fruit, from the novel by missionary while serving as child fundamentalists over anymore than Janet Winterson. You can find the pastor. Since worldly people are not the leaders of Jess'church are Letters worthy to socialize with, she's quite convinced, but it's wonderful to see r:ont in tted.[rom page ] 7 lonely until she gets crushed out on someone, raised in situations many Fires and praise a giri from the market, whom she ofus can relate to, being surethat she is doing right in the love that many Dear Editor, promptly drags to church to save her As you have undoubtedly heard, would condemn. There is no and to make her a more acceptable we've been keeping quite wann here friend to her mother. Anyone who apparent resolution of her spirituality has played the \"Under the Covers\" and her love at the end, but that is in Southern California. Two of our game with the hymnal will love the part of what makes it very real since Kinship members, Steve and Charles, irony oi Jess leading song service continued on Page 20 had to evacuate from their home in Laguna this evening. It appears that with \"Whrle I was sleeping, some of the other buildings around somebody touched me .\" while theirplace have already bumed. Mike and John's place is OK so far, as is In our midst . . Richard and Hal's. continued from page 7 You are certainly cranking out the Connecti ons I A third one already, using the same bathroom facilities is not going to put you at risk. and countingl You are doing a great .;ob with them, and your efforts are People often ask if there are any early symptoms of infection. appreciated. It seems quite a bit more personable and readable than some Unfortunately, the virus has so many tricks up it's sleeve that there is no way of the past Connections have been. to really identify early symptoms. The virus seems to affect everybody Keep up the good work. differently, and even the same person differently at different times. Since B. K. the virus lies \"dormant\" (l don't think it's really dormant; I think it is California C orrec tio n (v o l. I 7, No. ?) :Ja c kie fortifying itself during this time) for several years, symptoms of being HIV Surnmerf on5 parfner in Uockie positive often don't come out until later stages of the disease. fies lhe l{nof ' on pdge 3 should have read Anita Ganzalu. A However, it does appear there is often one of a series of illnesses 'News and gossip'itqm on pase associated with initial infection: Flu-like symptorns, cold-like symptoms or 5 shauld have read f'4ike even bronchitis. These usually pass without yourrealizing their association Johnson-Gonzalez. with HIV. This is most often seen in retrospect-sometimes when people test HIV positive for the first time, they rack their brains trying to figure out wherethey mighthavepicked up the infection. But, often peopleknow when and where they received it. Then they look back and realize that they did suffer maladies (possibly even a series of them) right after that time. In any case, if you suffer any health-related issues and are concerned that it might be due to the HIV virus, get tested again. And continue enjoying your life to the max. Bob Lee is the Member-at-Large for HIV/AIDS Ministry. He wriles from Sacramento, California. Connection 19

Oranges and Wilde The movie has great style and humor, but it is sure to offend anyone in a very p.c. mood. Still, the dialog is continued from page 19 beautifully crafted, and those who grew up on Song of Solomon are sure to love some of the odes to the beauty of it's a process we all are dealing with. John the Baptist. The only connection to religion is the The only complaint I have with this movie is the accents basis of the story of King Herod and family, and John the Baptist. Everything is played to Wilde's homosexuality. are a little hard for me (the story takes place in England), so better sound quality would have helped a lot. Fortunately To find these and other movies of interest to gay men the movie has BBC standards and is not down to low- and lesbians, Andy told me about a group that rents by mail budget gay-made movie standards. There are a few love called Video By Mail at l-800-245-4996. When I called scenes which seem terribly realistic and no more shocking for a catalogue, they didn't mention a gay category, and than the warmest of love scenes (if the characters were Oscar WiLde heterosexual teens). All in all,I would highly recommend they sent me one forfamily films (the kind you watch with this movie. kids). Perhaps you have to specify. I also wrote to a lesbian Also deserving mention, with this category in mind, is group to rent videos by mail and have not heard from therr The Handmaid's Tale, based on the Margaret Atwood novel. The story is whatthings could be like if the religious after a month. If they get back to me, I'11 update you. right completely takes over the country. The only gay Otherwise, yourbest bet is to ask agay or lesbian bookstore, aspect in this film is the heroine's best friend who is a however, you'll probably have to buy the videos you find lesbian. The movie shows her slightly different take on through them. If purchasing sounds good but you don't being caught up in this very strictly-controlled world. know where to go, Video By Mail sells videos, as does Another film, one I've only heard about at screenings Wolfe Video at (5i0) 185-1254. and haven't seen, is Sacred Lies, Civil Truths. This is the lesbian/gay response to the religious right with their anti- Of the films I mentioned, Oranges has been on the gay campaign when the gays in the military issue was cable channel A&E several times, and Tale is mainstream. before Congress. The othertwo are more difficult. Maybe some of you could Finally, stretching the connection between Christianity tell us how you get your videos. andhomosexuality is OscarWilde's Salome's Last Dance. Jackie Summerton is the Vice President of S.D.A. Kinship. She writes from Califurnia. If you like Oscar Wilde, you really must see this Ken Russel film. While I would always recommend the books movies are based on as highly as the film, Dance is only gay-related in the movie. In the movie, Oscar Wilde goes to a brothel which is producing their own version of his banned play. With Wilde as the audience to the play within the play, we see his reactions to Director Ken Russel's tongue-in-cheek jokes on homosexuality hidden when produced by a heterosexual crowd. Our La[y continued from page I 8 Dear Flat, EdttorS retort: Video By Moit speciotbes in two oreos: After consulting with the three stepsisters who are fornily filrns ond foreign/independent filrns. When I famous forjamming themselves into the dressing room of ordered rny cotologue, I inquked oborlt therr hord-to- the Goodwill store in Madison, I can assure you, possum, find ond foreign filrns. After rnoking sure I wos over 18, that they all agree you need to take a trip to your local Toys the cornpony sent me o cototogue which c,ontoined ot \"R\" I-Is. Get yourself Nerf balls. As luck would have it, teost 75 goy-therned rnovies os well os infornoto filrns they are conveniently sold in pairs. strsh os fhe Genesb Children, You Are Not Alone Our l,ady of Oshawawelcomes your letters, questions, and comments. Write to Our Lady at: Our ktdy of Oshawa, c/o Connection, P.O. Box (Donbhl, ond the controversiot l96E rnovie Robby. AEo hidden in the cotologue ore cult ond guTepq.n fovorltes. 68, Lebanon, IL 62254. Video By Moil b trnique in thot they otlow yor.r to rent or 20 Connection purchos e rnovies.A lhree doy rentol c osts $9O0.A yeorty rnembership feeof .S25 b reqrrired.

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