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SDA Kinship - CONNECTION - August/September 1994

Published by Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc., 2019-03-30 03:14:48

Description: The Newsletter of Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc.


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SONNf,STION A Solcrnn Appeal

GMNNffiGffi#@.N .Who we are , cludes well over a thousand people in 16 Aile,rsepi:i:l$er,..... #dji.1*t, **l #..' Seventh-day Adventist Kinship Inter- countries. ...,,'..,*\"ffiliuffi=l. ll','ll national, Inc. is a support group which Kinship operates solely on contribu- ,,:,,Editoi:.Andrew Strong,,,,,, ministers to the spiritual, emotionai, so- : cial, and physical well being of Seventh- tions from its members and friends. AssociateEditor:Peter,F.\"Mueller :. day Adventist lesbians, gay men, bisexu- SDA Kinship believes the Bible does als, and their families and friends. $,.Ron,*,s'1g.1EjitvtiChact......,,.,. not condemn, or even mention, homosexu- La Coiie, Dayid Rodgers, Mike Wheeler SDA Kinship facilitates and promotes the understanding and affirmation of ho- ality as a sexual orientation. Ellen G. I..i i*tshtFi*$*. mosexual and bisexual Adventists among White does not parallel any of the Bible texts, which are often used to condemn .. il..L..i themselves and within the Seventh-day Adventist community through education, homosexuals, to homosexuahtl . \\lost c: ...... the anguish imposed upon God s :iriile:. advocacy. and reconciliation. Pre*iden1 Darin Olson, , who grow up gay or lesbian hzu r:s :o::,-i l:- Founded in 1976, the organization was VicePresident:Jackie'summenon' incorporated in 198i and has aboard of 14 i.:a misunderstanding of u hai ur e B : s a1 s . offi cers and I 0 regional coordinators. The ,:.Secretary: Floyd Poenitz , ..,. ,. Seventh-da1 .{dvenusl lr.i:r: rs a current list of members and friends in- Treasurer: :Merlin Brown, ,,. ;,\".,,, : nonprofit orgaruzauon u ni:i. r::l:cns the advancement of human n gh- :,.: a-i oeople. l,Oopnabilo#,Editor1.A**gga1.$tq.o..4.g... . . ..,,; . ..1 .. Public Relations: ReSSre,Will111q Churchliaisbn:,'Ron.l,awso4' . . .. Womyo's Coordinator; Vanessa. Hatcher iK . oC:C*tdioaio{n,b , :saqrii,ii:iii*rge ,eommunitf:Bfiie1ugrlffii rian:,iii:ir,,j,rr: Spaniitr Wort0 Outreach: James O'Grad, iEiu$fsess:iSiippbrtt,$Uani jB*@qi{i Kinship depends on readers like you. Kinship is supponed soleiy l,,ir: i. i, i:i i ,!i: by contributions. Help us reach out to more Advenust,c b,v Trust Commifiee: Mike McI augfilin making a tax-deductible donation to SDA Krnsiup lnternational. HIV/AIDS Ministry: Bob,Lge , : .. Please send your check or money order to the address beiow. .,ca*rius'].'ou| D .1n49.$u. ..'......'. Regional Coordinators ,,,:,itA{},x8in!fl ,,,,,;i.Por,!s'1.of }ls:rfl.o,i,,;,i,1 :::ir{Qfl ineaitrSs0 G#Y,:SDA:i::i] CONNECrION is pubtish;d:ien.rimds r yer by ii$6y!n*,idiy iAqwfi isli:'I(is.6ld# :!tuEHarioilal;, : :fi ruii i:: : : Principal office; P.O. Bor 7320, Lal|W Nigueli CA ii 92ii.x7ii (? I+) 2f 811299rl:r:Uisiixiit$!iptim!.i6rr':$?5 :il : : ::falrr6n:i glit[di$]Is:,fg.r1i{ddtio$1ii.S99 !:pttonst:::ii Foreigo suhsriprioos re:$40., ,::, i:tiSubmb,qiotrs:oi:tfttels;irftBl€$ piehi#si adlt,Eld,tt! . grep}tiom wekme, lnclodeyourBffies]rcu.sut I 4iPublishg4iaddGi{ftand:rdePhqtrriP}mbqi t:ttlrr:ii: itam ii t4 be rctft olbdEad:or reBirc4 p1i{seimf ude., II :, a;sclf*lf dqqw4,g111pe9:qlydfrej :i$9TECq{.lf rltqr., ti:l conributori have choen m remain moiynods. : :iPf *u.u,o.trym; :fi ofi :fi iB: 1is]r-rf rappenI:at tlE::boltglrirQfir i i :toirdit:;! : :i{riqip4Bc : : 1.h'-:rc.atrErlr4l:ir-u$6r.res:ith6:.{iiBht : manirnpp fu lcnglh, syn'tax..grmir- md clarity: FAddrs ll- Is.*hnlq9lonS,tollr9,,6oai1etiot*iPiO.. ::i : 6A,!ii:dl4rqc?wuS{illin62o2n5+g::o.i:t:ux,:{q:tq}:.,,{}7:n84r:..1.:Blr$liai!, The ,:mcolioo or appcarmcc. of uy, namfr, i : qp4i3nions;|on lphirtolrapig;riEti$i&: pDbliaatioliir: :iii gt€sf :;&tat!ry!:}!:] ?bo4! ::tqAifi : ::r i rctivity. . .:iaoi :i1o:iiqplyr:ie:i{e!:]tr *xual orimation or . I l: : :iiii Lllb.sflitidt:r .Eq6ts rax rdafo csi:ain{rersnus bc,,,i; f:O;Boxl?1\"0,lgqmaNif iistrr:lolsabsrdptiosi r4tl :it: : ::CA. 9?6n i (?,14J:e*J- ?99alT& KihEhip:mriliqC,ls! I tr: 1 ,l:iilesrif idetrlidl:atrd:ulEdthf fi,b:lKinshipofi ew.,lTki :1;;1 purpos. . :.: ::,::malliqr,f iiirl,ii :no!,!.old1:pnad1 :ui +xrf imsrd.foaia4y ir, : , ::@ilee4 Co!{NEcI. Ol{ii$lUtsIGHIs BSEB{5-DI: : t:f 1]BEPRODilqql,q, Ii: iiIN. .irrrIIOIE rtOR t: IN;lPAST ; I ;; Region I Region 6 : rWIIHOUF,,iP, pRMISSIOI.lrlilS::iP.RoHJBITE0:: l: : Johrr Sam (7 18) 856-9773 Tene Price (505) 898-9+80 iOPJNJONS:qXPRESSAD:iii{EREINI:AREiiNOTr,. ,'NECESSARILY:tTI OSE::OF::S;DjA::::KINSllll']:ii: cor.rNsc-uours e nrcqFneo rn,.iorra4nx OF SEYENTTH.DAY ADVENTIS.T,ONSHIP Region 2 Region 7 rrrnnx*rroNei: tNC, Iow,Row.Row YouR Heidi Johnson (301) 94G0295 Kip Berdsley (503) 295-3076 ::BOATGENILY:DOWNTTIIE:SIREAM.,:::::::::::,:::::,:: il Region 3 Region 8 Erik Mann (4$4) 633-8441 David lrmon (2.A9) 47'7 -6194 0aJ:l|ll{llJtbian:ryla Region 4 Region 9 Gary Stebbeds (715) 479-4227 Bruce Boyd (818) 708-7448 iiil::::::::iiA*sici&tialn t::liii,t:i:: Region 5 Region 10 @ *t\",* t *\" us, B tm% Evct o,\"**. Floyd Pmnitz (2 I 4) 7 07 -l'l 9 L Gerald Alex (613) 23+0555 Psdooyc: Gdd Ad. R@ &rnt.y, Kdi.GudB. EnkMe., Drvrd kg.c, JdnSm. AdEs Sm& MLe Wl.r, tugr. WLl]l.E Connection . August/September

Members march in They are attempting a daunting work, tist Review staff prayed over your New York City in being spiritual andemotional sup- request on Wednesday July 6. May portive to disenfranchised or disillu- the Lord watch and keep you. [signed] Oregon members Corky and sioned lesbian and gay people and William G. Johnsson, Adventist Re- Dennis joined acountless numberof their families, helping them over- view editor.\" Kinship members at the New York come barriers as they re-connect to City gay pride parade in June..3. Christ.\" Dare I say that this is yet another Coordinator trills date Several days later, the Review reason more members should have replied with a note saying, \"Thanks attended Kampmeeting? After all, for your prayer request. The Adv en- the gathering was prayed for by the church.* David Rodgers, the Kinship cam- Recent injustice supports the pus outreach coordinator, went with a date to see the Portland Gay Mens' argurnent for special rights Chorus in July. He says they satjust CPAFiredforBeingGay, then Sued forBeing Good,\" read aheadline below the stage, where he could in the June 1 5 Detroit Free Press. The story begins, \"It has been my belief ever since the issue first came up that there was no need for special laws watch thepianisttickle the ivories. * to protect the rights of homosexuals. It has also been my beiief that Member finds class homosexuals-particularly men...are not suffering the kind of economic Mike Wheeier relocated recently discrimination that certain vocal members of the homosexual community insist is the case.\" to Alabama, where he will begin full-time classes in the fall.* The writer then tells the story of a Pennsylvania CPA who was Portland chapter abruptly fired after five years of outstanding service when his employer appears at parade discovered his sexual orientation. The man was given a matter of hours to clear out of the office. ThePortland, OR, Kinship chap- A month and a half after being discharged, the CPA opened his own ter participated in the city's July 9 office, taking away about one-third of his former employer's clientele, gay pride parade. Several members mostly doctors and dentists who cared only about the quality of the marched, while many more cheered service, not the sexual orientation of the accountant. It turned out to be them on from the sidewalks.'f. costing the ex-employer over $100,000 a year in billings. The employer Our Lady invades U.S. sent a letter to the former clients, warning them of the CPA's homosexu- ality, saying that as a gay CPA he would be unable to get any decent Peter Mueller has almost fin- associates to work for him, and suggesting they insist on a blood test for ished moving from Canada into his AIDS before entering into any long-term business relationships. The new home in Massachusetts. Having smear campaign had no effect on the CPA's business. The former celebrated Independence Day with employer then sued the gay CPA, citing aclause inhis contractprohibiting Katie Gurian and her family, he is no him from starting acompeting serviceif he werefiredfor \"cause.\" Among doubt feeling very patriotic.* the \"for cause\" factors listed were being drunk on the job, being charged with a felony, having sex in the office, drug use, insulting clients, and SDA Church prays for being gay. The CPA filed a counter-suit, which was dismissed because Pennsylvania has no laws prohibiting discrimination against homosexu- Kampmeeting als. Harrisburg, York, Lancaster County, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer gay people protection through municipal laws, but the location of Kinship member Marcus the employer's offices, Camp Hill, offered no protection. Stringer sent a prayer request to the When the employer's case was tried, thejudge instructed thejury n ot Adventist Review prayer group. The to consider the fairness of the contract. The jury had no choice but to find requestread: \"Pleaseprayforfriends for the ex-employer, and the gay CPA was ordered to pay his ex-boss more of mine in Seventh-day Adventist than $126,000, which wx 125Vo of the money he earned from the Kinship who will bemeetinginNew employer's former clients. The staff writer for the Detroit paper con- York for a spiritual revival, physical cluded: \"I have always argued that there is no need for special legislation renewal, and Christian fellowship. protecting the civil rights of homosexuals. I have always argued they don't need it. As the case...illustrates, I was wrong.\"* AugusVSeptember . Connection

Pastor says man can't tation despite their praying and cry- them in spite of all of that, what does argue with God ing and counseling andpleading and begging for it to be changed, which that say? Perhaps it isn't God's will Pastor Ron Astorley answered a spurt of hate maii on the computer leads many to commit suicide in to change them, or He would, since network Prodigy in July. Overcom- ing homosexuality was the contro- despair after they have begged God He can do anything. If God isn't versial topic athand. Here's whathe to change them and still find they are sexually aroused by the same sex. changing people's orientations, said: Feeling no hope, and the condemna- which there would be evidence of, tion of hell, they chose death rather \"I've noticed several people then who are we to demand of people than a life of continual failure and have spoken of the need for gays to what God Himself isn't doing for 'overcome homosexuality.' Onecan condemnation. If God doesn' t change them? And then condemn them to no more 'overcome homosexuality' hell when they can't and/or won't than one can 'overcome heterosexu- change? God help us!\".!. ality.' ane can overcome homo- \"Dear gays, sexual practices. There are no such things as a former homosexual, any- Over the past several years, I have witnessed the decline in more than there is such a thing as a former heterosexual. Just because a American values, andthe valuesof thefamily, as aresultof therepugnant priest makes a vow of celibacy, does that make him no longer a hetero- and filthy behaviors of the homosexuals. I have felt that it is my duty in sexual? Of course not-he's simply the past to try to understand why the 'gay culture' exists and how Satan a non-practicing heterosexual. But as a heterosexual he still has re- and his goons so craftily have succeeded in securing your place in hell! pressed urges toward the opposite I cannot understand this-why enjoy the limited and sad homosexual sex. pleasures today when it will cost you eternal damnation? \"A homosexual may choose, It says somewhere in the Bible that he who sleeps with other guys based on religious conviction, to sup- is sinning mortally. And one day----onejoyous day-honible places like press his homosexuality and not act Auschwitz will be opened for the homosexuals, because people will get on his sexual urges, but that does not mean he is no longer homosexual- tired oftheir children being converted and molested by such unfortunate, he is simply a non-practicing homo- hell-bound wretches. sexual, the same way that a celibate I know how frightened readers of this feel right now with this new- heterosexual is a non-practicing het- erosexual. If you ask gays who have found knowledge-that God hates the sin of homosexuality and equally repressed their sexual orientation due despises the hsrn6sexuals-so I have a solution, presented as follows. It to religious convictions, they will (if is an easy solution, and will guarantee your spot in the beautiful kingdom honest) admit to you that they still of heaven: repent! find themselves sexually aroused by the same sex; they merely 'fight the That's right! For $59.95, send in your redemption vows, and my temptation' andresistactingoutthere company, Ex-Sin Unlimited, will send you a beautiful piaque com- desires. But the desires, themselves, memorating your devotion to God. This fine plaque contains real gold, to not go away. and is sent in a handsome leather carrying case. Show all your friends As a clergyman who counsels that you are going to heaven, and encourage them to do the same. gays, I have studied this issue for But that's not alMf you act now, as a free gift, you'll receive a more than three years now. From my research and understanding, there is complimentary videotape that you'll enjoy now that you're a God- not one verified case of a homo- fearing manly heterosexual Christian-'Psycho Sluts from the Amazon' ! sexual actually becoming hetero- You'll enjoy this wonderful film starring Suzy the Sucker and Alice the sexual. There are only cases of homosexuals becoming non-practic- Amazing A$$. ing homosexuals, and their orienta- tion remains homosexual throughout And also, you'll receive special coupons you can pass out to your life. God doesn't change their orien- 'friends,' and if they order their redemption, you can receive special points that will be entered in a special drawingl The winners will each receive air fare and deluxe accommodations to the National Republican Convention in '961 There, you'll be able to enjoy the wonderful rising stars of Christianity as they perform their magic, and you can see the blessed Patrick Buchanan pave the way to presidency for himselfi So order today... you'll worship me in heaven for it! (That was a joke. I hope it didn't offend anyone. I'm getting trred of being made to feel like I'm worse than Charles Manson. N{r wav of trying to deal with it.)\" Lewis, in a message posted on the computer network Prodig-Ry,oadnndesyubmitted by Pastor Ron Astorlev* Connection . August/September

A little investigation A Kinship member discovers the Seventh-day Adventist Church's current feelings toward Colin Cook I love Uncle Bert. He is a deeply spiritual man. As have a brochure that I could copy and distribute to those who are interested.\" a child and teenager I spent many hours with him After many months I received the following letter discussing spiritual matters. It was he who taught me to from Orville Parchment, the secretary of the Canadian question everything the pastor said, to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. He was the one, in his Union: capacity as church elder, who studied the church's beliefs with me before baptism. \"A number years ago Pastor Vandeman did interview an indi- How shocked he was when he ieamed that I was gay, that I had in some way been corrupted. A loud-speaking vidual on the 'lt is Written' man of action, he thoughthe knew who had corrupted me. He mistakeniy put the finger on a married member of the program who was a former ho- church, who had once made improper advances toward mosexual. This individual had his own teenage son. written a book which was offered Eventually the excitement died down, though Uncle at that time on the telecast. Un- Bert remained saddened at my fallen condition. Then last fortunately the individual interviewed had a relapse into year I found a fat envelope from him in my mailbox. It his lifestyle which resulted in the contained a scribbled prayer saying the enclosed booklet book being discontinued and the ministry he had been running would be of assistance to me in overcoming my little being discontinued.\" problem. The booklet was \"Homosexuality: An Open Door,\" by Colin Cook, with a foreword by George E. \"It is good to know that you are able to be of service to many homosexuals who are seeking help. Vandeman. \"I regret to inform you that we do not have informa- It was my turn to be shocked. It was 1993. Where tion on the Quest Learning Center. It is not an organization had Uncle Bert obtained this booklet? Surely Colin with which we have been working closely. Cook's Quest Learning Center had been laid to rest some years before. Was \"It is Written,\" Vandeman' s television \"I do hope that your ministry...\" show, still distributing such filth? Writing to the Adventist Review Contacting the SDA Church in Canada I decided to do a little investigation. I sent the Not one to give up in my search, I sent the same letter following letter to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in to Roy Adams, an associate editor of tbe Adventist Canada: Review. I received the following reply: \"Thank you for your letter of March 3. I am passing \"I work as a volunteer for AIDS Vancouver Island, a local charity that offers counseling and support to it along to Elder Monte Sahlin, Adult Ministries Coordi- nator for the North American Division. I feel confident victims of AIDS. In my work there I come in contact with many people who have a homosexual orientation. see INYESTIGATION, page 7 \"I recall reading in the Adventist Review and Minis- ,ry some years ago about a wonderful program offered at Quest Learning Center. This program helped people change from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation. I believe it was based in Pennsylvania. \"I would appreciate receiving any information you can pass along about this program. I am sure that many of the people I comeinto contact with would be interested in following the program if I could give them some facts such as 1) cure rate,2) cost of the program, 3) length of the program, and 4) method of therapy used. Perhaps you August/September . Connection

A solemn appeal rcgffding masturbation and homosexuality Can the Seventh-day Adventist Church consciously ignore Ellen White's counsel on masturbation and simultaneously condemn homosexuals to hell? \"My apology for addressing mothers on this subject such a high degree that they cannot ethically acknowl- is, that I am a mother, and feel alarmed for those children edge only the writings they choose to agree with, and and youth who by solitary vice are ruining themselves for this world, and for that which is to come. Let us closely shove the unpopular ideas under the welcome mat. As the inquire into this subject from a physical, mental, and moral point of view. clich6 says, a chain is only as strong as its weakest iink. \"Mothers, let us first view the results of this vice The metallurgy of the church-created chain, that it pi- upon the physical strength. Have you not marked the lack of healthful beauty, of strength and power of endurance, ously uses to bind members to its doctrines, is cast from a mixture of two sources: the Bible and Ellen G. White. in your dear children? Have you not felt saddened as you If one of the chain's sources is not consistent, the result is comparable to mixing iron ore and petroleum: an have watched the progress of disease upon them, which explosive disaster. has baffled your skill, and that of physicians? You listen How consistent are Mrs. White's writings if the to numerous complaints of headache, catarrh, dizziness, church doesn't adhere to all of them? When the church nervousness, pain in the shoulders and side, loss of ignores some of Mrs. White's writings, a gesture in itself that suggests evidence ofinaccuracy, how can they then appetite, pain in the back and limbs, wakeful, feverish hold believers accountable to the remainder of her writ- nights...\" ings? S o begins the 8 8-page b ook A S olemn Ap p e al,by the Adventist prophetess Ellen G. White. Divided into five After the aforementioned physical consequences of chapters, Mrs. White devotes the first, and longest, masturbation, Mrs. White continues her \"Appeal to Moth- chapter, \"An Appeal to Mothers,\" solely to the harmful effects of masturbation. ers,\" asking mothers if they have noticed sallow A Solemn Appeal has been mentioned several times countenances and unnaturally flushed faces on their children. Then she lists more than a dozen characteris- in previous issues of the Connection, but what exactly is tics-from being mentally deficient to being the content of this unpopular book that leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have shoved into dusty irritable----common in children who practice this \"evil archives? While other writings such as The Great vice.\" Controversy and The Desire of Ages are bill-boarded as Have you ever wondered where Adventists got the works of infallible truth written by an inspired propher expression, \"Your mind is like a sieve\"? Page ten, ess, why is A Solemn Appeal so unappealing? paragraph two in the mental characteristics section states Among the subjects within its pages, A Solemn this harmful effect of masturbation: \"What [children] might leam through hard study, when they would use Appeal considers the harm of masturbation, novels, day their intelligence, is missing, lost through their sieve-like dreaming, romance, excessive sex in marriage, and mar- memories.\" riages with wide differences of age. Most Kinship members will admit to the former \"evil.\" Indeed, most Finally, Mrs. White says children who masturbate are sad, jealous, discomposed to look on the dark side, of the members of the Adventist church and the rest of the disobedient, impatient, ungratefu I and disrespectful. These world practice this sexual activity. And I'm sure most children's faces have the \"hardened look of depravity.\" Kinship members-as with the rest of the Adventist church body and the world-have had personal encoun- Then comes a clincher. At a perfect time to discuss ters with the other latter-mentioned topics. the evils of homosexuality, Mrs. White talks, instead, Some Kinship members may attempt to follow Mrs. about the evils of opposite-sex relationships. White's advice. Many others may not care. Neverthe- \"Have you not felt distressed and anxious as you less, the contents of A Solemn Appeal needs to be have seen the strong desire in your children to be with the other sex?\" she asks. \"...With your daughters, the boys considered because ofthe ethical responsibility this book places on the church. have been the theme of conversation; and with your sons, The SDA Church reveres Ellen White's wisdom to it has been the girls... Blind passion ovemrles sensible considerations.\" Mrs. White says parents must teach their children Connection . August/September

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self-control. \"Satan is controllingthe minds of theyoung, for the unrepentant sinner. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, bent on its self-proclaimed mission to redeem and we must work resolutely and faithfully to save them,\" souls for heaven, seems to have forgotten to include the eternally-destructive consequences of masturbation in she says. \"Very young children practice this vice, and it the Church Manual's heavenly smorgasbord of the do's and don'ts of salvation. grows upon them and strengthens with their years, until every noble faculty of body and mind is debased.\" This absence raises an even more important ques- tion. By disregarding this sexual aspect of Mrs. White's Mrs. White states that children who masturbate a teachings, does the Seventh-day Adventist Church dis- considerable extent before puberty will, at that \"critical credit itselffor condemning association (as announced in period\" (puberty), experience the results of their activi- the June 30, 1994, Adventist Review and last month's Connection) and reconciliation with homosexuals? The ties. \"Many [will] sink into an early grave,\" she says, church vigorously condemns homosexuals, while Mrs. White makes no reference to homosexuality as an orien- \"while others have sufficient force of constitution to pass tation in any of her writings. Yet, Mrs. White speaks compellingly about the frightful damnation of persons this ordeal. If the practice is continued from the age of who willfully engage in masturbation, and church lead- fifteen and upward, nature will protest...especially from ership quietly slips the book containing this counsel into the ages of thirty to forty-five, by numerous pains in the a dark corner. system, and various diseases, such as affection ofthe liver If Ellen White is infallibly correct, as the church and lungs, neuralgia, rheumatism, affection of the spine, says, are they committing any greater a sin by not diseased kidneys, and cancer...\" educating their members and the world about the dangers The final result of masturbation is not only physical of masturbation than they are by abhoning their own death, but eternal death because masturbation is a sin homosexual members?* against God, says Mrs. White. \"To take one's life Andrew Strong instantly is no greater sin in the sight of heaven than to destroy it gradually, but surely,\" she says. \"Persons who bring upon themselves sure decay by [masturbation] will suffer the penalty here, and, without a thorough repen- tance, will not be admitted into heaven...\" Burning in thefires of hell is thepunishmentreserved Investigation of church you...\" opinion towards Cook None of us like to admit that we have been wrong. fron page 5 However it's something that my Uncle Bert, along with my parents, taught me as a child to do. If I made a mistake he'd be able to supply the information you need. You I was to admit it and do all I could to repair the damage. should be hearing from him in due course. Should you It is with sadness that I note that this principle does not need to contact him in the meantime, his address is...\" apply to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. To date I have received no reply from Elder Sahlin. Imagine the encouragement it would be to Adventist \"It is Written\" writes off Cook gays if the church and \"It is Written\" were to publicly admit that they had made an error in supporting and In a last attempt to find help for my dear brothers, I contacted \"It is Written,\" and received the following publicizing Colin Cook and his infamous cures. Imagine reply from R. C. Williams, the show's manager: the healing that would take place if churches that had \"Thank you for your recent letter addressed to Pastor disfellowshipped gay members----often simply because Finley. I am assisting him with the correspondence and they were gay-were to reinstate them in good standing. your letter was referred to my office for attention. Unfortunately it does not appear that such revolu- \"A number of years ago Pastor Vandeman did inter- tionary steps will be taken. November 20, 1993, the view an individual on the 'It is Written' program who was special Sabbath for reclaiming missing members, has a former homosexual. This individual had written a book passed. How many former gay members received invi- which was offered at that time on the telecast. tations to return? How many received letters saying that \"Unfortunately the individual interviewed had a memberships were being restored? relapse into his lifestyle which resulted in the book being discontinued and the ministry he had been running being Even though we may be the black sheep confined to the basement during family reunions, it is good to know discontinued. \"We are not aware of a successful lifestyle change that there are Kinship brothers and sisters who care. I ministry at this time. I am sorry I cannot be of help to thank God for Kinship which gives us the opportunity to maintain a relationship withthefamily of God..? Michael kt Coste wrote this story, which originally appeared in the February issue of the Canadian Communique. AuBust/September' Connection

Coming out a gay Adventist by Peter F. Mueller at Kingsway. From my earliest feelings of being a sexual being, I The next fall I went to Reading, Pennsyivania. I knew thatl was attracted to men. It was not until one day attended Blue Mountain Academy and went to Quest when I discovered \"Everything You Wanted to Know three nights a week. About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask\" in the bookcase that I Iearned there was a name for what I felt I was, and that This was a troublesome year for me. I prayed for God there were other people like myself. to cure me, and I did what I was told at Quest. Still there I spent my posrpuberty years discovering my sexu- was no changes. The experience shook my faith in God ality-with much guilt. I was brought up Adventist in an to its foundations. Adventistfamily. Because my family was very active in After a year I came to understand that God cannot the church, we would attend and help out in the evange- cure a sickness that does not exist. Also, the fact that the Iistic crusades that occurred in our area. I would attend. Quest cure did not require a \"cold turkey\" approach, and that Colin was making sexual advances toward all of us I remember many times feeling conflict when they made who attended his program, did not help me sort out my those calls to come to the front and give yourheart to God. sexuality. I so much wanted to, but I knew that I was a sinner and I left Quest and returned home. I found out that could not. When I was in the later years of elementary school, Kingsway would not allow me to attend. When I went to the local SDA church, I was told repeatediy that I had a one of the local pastors asked me to take Bible studies and lot of nerve showing up after the disgrace I had brought be baptized. The pastor was a friend of the famiiy, so I on the school and the church. I soon left my home and the felt that I could not say no. I took the studies for quite church. some time, but I finally called them to a halt. Again, I felt that I was unworthy. A few years later I met my late lover. Wil was a I became suicidal. In my seventh and eighth grade warm, caring person. His love and kindness-and a lot years I attempted many times in pubiic and private ways of talking-helped me get over my feelings of being a to take my life. I ieft home once, only to return, sobbing, worthless sinner. Wil helped me rediscover my self- feeling worthless, a sinner. worth. By the time I was in ninth grade at Kingsway My mother remarried-a wonderful man-and I Coliege, I could not deal with the guilt that I was feeling. began to feel that I wanted to be an active part of the I confided in my school counselor. I began visiting the family once again. So I sat my mother down one day. I campus pastor weekly, and he attempted to help me cure told her that if she was going to be a part of my life she this \"sin\" in my life. had to accept all of me, and that included Wil. By my tenth grade year the news of my gayness had It took time, but finally Wil and I were invited to circulated around the faculty at the school. I was invited to leave-the polite way of saying I was being kicked out. Christmas dinner. From then on, Wil became a regular partof the family. Wil inherited a ioving family, and I felt A staff membertookitupon themseives to inform my like the king of the world. My family accepted me and mother of my gayness. My mother took the news as best my lover for who were. I did not realize then just how she could. I remember the day she came home and told much this would mean to me later. me that she knew. \"I don't want you to push me out of Three years ago Wil was diagnosed as HIV-positive. your life,\" she said. We sharedthis withthe family, andthey ali ralliedaround us. AsWil andlfoughthisiliness, wewerenotaione. My Ijust wantedtorun andhide. I could not speaktoher; family stood by our sides and helped us in any way they I couid not face her. I felt like I had let her down and hurt could. They were incredibly supportive. her. I was ashamed that she knew my secret. Wil passed away on July 19,1992. In a smali service My sister knew, but we kept it from my father with all of my family and a few friends we buried Wii. My family has been there for me over the months that have because he would have killed me. I still remember the day followed, giving me support as I dealt with the loss of my that my father was told why I was kicked out of school. After a careful explanation, he lunged for me. I ran out lover. It has been through the love of my family that I the door and did not come back for a long time. have been able to rediscover the love of God and His It was decided to send me to Quest Learning Center, run by Colin Cook. This decision was three-pronged: I guiding hand in my life.* needed to be changed, to be protected from my father, and Peter F. Mueller is the associate editor of the Connection. to attend Quest as a condition prior to being reaccepted Connection . AugusVSeptember

Kinship impresses I feel sympathetic for those who Connection. I am also a studentat an Adventist college, although I am not non-member are caught in a marriage relation- nineteen, but twenty-two. Dear Editor, ship. I think these persons need more I have to admit that the letter Tlte Connection is so well done I support and love than we now give. was quite enlightening. Ithas brought It is an obvious labor oflove, and the As for gay role models, I wish comments interspersed throughout we had a figures with wholesome some questions to mind, and I wanted thejournal are so sensitive. I'm so images. Popular culture has given us to know Kinship's feelings on the issue. The letter states \"...if I could glad you sent a copy. several semi-known figures, but I change...Iwouldn't.\" Ibelievethatit I only wish I had a resource like would like to see a more clean-cut- is that type of statement that has Kinship a coupie of years ago when type of hero portrayed. given those self-same \"straight bas- I went through my own spirituai Keep up with the interesting tards\" the opportuniry to demean us. crisis. I had no one but evangelicals subjects ! (loving, but homophobic, Bible-be- California And we as queer people need to lievers) to talk to. I read voraciously, but all of the wrong stuff-books by P.S. Is Our Lady of Oshawa remember that almost anything that Love in Action, Exodus Interna- continuing next year? we say could be misinterpreted and tional, etcetera. I even considered Andrew Strong replies: Yes. misconstrued. I am sure that we are the Love in Action ex-gay live-in V aware that these people whom we program in S an Raphaei, California. Gays should watch are discussing are most avidly search- The one pro-gay/Christian book I their mouths ing for the chance to manipulate our read (\"Is the Homosexual My Neigh- Dear Editor, bor?,\" by Letha Scanzori, or some- I just wanted to write in refer- own words againstus. Let's notgive them the chance. thing like that) seemed lacking in ence to the recent letter from \"A I have been violently out since solid scholarship to me. nineteen-year-old student,\" in Cali- Perhaps the time is right for me forniathat appeared in the May/June as long as I canremember, andl have to re-think my faith. I' ve managed to never experienced the claustropho- avoid the bitterness that some of my ex-Christian gay friends seem to have, bic confines of \"the closet.\" I do but the alternative for me has been a sort of vacuous, impotent atheism. agree that \"abandoning our sinful lifestyle\" is very near impossible Anyhow, thanks again for the particularly since I could not change Connection. I've read it twice and still find it useful. I even intend to the color of my skin more than I subscribe ! could my sexual orientation. Arizona V Clean-cut is better Dear Editor, I thought the article from KinNet about gay role models and marriage, in the July issue of the Connection, was very interesting. Itremindedme of howl was pressured by myparents to marry. I found it very frustrating to ignore their remarks. I can, there- fore, understand why many gay men do marry: they are forced to. I am glad that I never yielded to the pres- sures of kinfolk. August/September . Connection

\"l amnot, anddo notaskforyou Please address the following: you always will, with time! to sanction or approve of m1, gay- 1 ) Genesis 19:4 (NTV) \"...a11 rhe ness, or even the tactic, albeit, reluc- men from every part of the city of @ Justbecauseyoutellpeople, tant tolerance and recognition for Sodom-both young and old-sur- that doesn't mean that they have to our minority status. What I am ask- rounded the house.\" What evidence jump for joy. Remember they may ing is that we be allowed dignity and pride in ourselves. The same rights do you have that all were homo- not be able to identify. as you. What I am asking is that we sexual? Verse l4 \"So Lot went out be recognized as contributing and CI Ifyoutellsomeoneyouare and spoke to his sons-in-law...\" How valuable members of humanity- gay, one or both ofyou may subcon- do you ignore the location ofLot's sciously back away from the rela- -aequality. \" iesbian. sons-in-law (males) being away from the location of \"all the men\"? tionship. It's natural, but be aware of I am always angered when they give me that pitiful little phrase \"love 2) The Bible says that the men it. Just continue to be yourself, and were there to do violence. When Lot if you feel that they are geuing too the sinner, but hate the sin.\" How far away, initiate a discussion on offers his daughters, which makes no eloquent a defense. First of all, why their feelings and questions. sense if the men are homosexual, should they hate the sin? I have @ Test the water before you they promise him: \"Get out of our always found thatphrase as aterribly dive in fully. It's best to take it one way... [w]e'11 treat you worse than lacking defense. If being a \"homo- them.\" How does this apply to all step at a time so that they can see vou sexual\" (I have always found it dif- homosexual expressions for time and ficult to stomach that term, I much eternity. Do the men in Judges 19 are you, that you are gay at the same rather prefer queer) is a sin that I will represent all male heterosexuals? burn in hell for, then I say, \"Let me time, andthatyou're an okay person. burn in the biackest pits of hell for 3) Please give reference for eternity.\" I would prefer that than O With knowiedge comes re- asserting that the emotional state of the constant harassment from these being \"heterophile\" in and of itself sponsibility. You must reaiize that \"Christians\" (the same people who like an addiction and/or obsession. make signs that say \"God hates everyone has a ri ght to their feeiings. fags\"-what hypocrisy). I, too, will This is the way you are using homo- damn well not be silent any longer sexuaiity. Even if you don't get the reaction (not that I haven't up till now, any- I am only pursuing this because you want, time and talk usually helps way). I guess we will just have to of the possible emotional and spiri- tuai violation done to others through smooth things out. shout a bit louder, hmmm? your editorial. Love, Amor Verdade @ Youmusttellmaturepeople Michael Johnson-Gonzaiez Marcus Stringer who care aboutyou and know you as V V a good person. But only tell them Member insists Tips for coming out what they need to know. on answers Here are some pointers that I @ If you're asked to explain have learned through the years about coming out: being gay, you may want to explain the emotional side-that you're able O The people who really love to form a special emotional bond easily with the same gender. @ Even if you lose friends, they will be replaced with friends who are better suited for you. O Finally,therearebooksyou may want to browse before coming out, so that you can have some an- swers ready. Andrew K., aka AndyBear Florida June 21, 1994 Connection welcomes mail from its readers. Unless permission is specificaliy given to do otherwise, full names of ietter-writers will not be Adventist Review 12501 Oid Coiumbia Pike printed. Letters will be identified by initials and state. Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600 Opinions expressed in the letter column do not necessarily reflect S.D.A. Kinship positions. Dear Brother Adams, Letters may be edited for length or clarity. Thank you for your response. Say what's on yourmind!Write Connection,P.O. Box 68, Lebanon, Illinois 62254 USA. You may also e-mail your message to Connection However,I am disappointed that you did not address my concerns of the through CompuServe at 72722,1441 or through the Internet at scholarship of your editorial. 7 27 22.1441 @ l0 Connection . August/September

Sixteen wa\\ /s to get over the BLUEf J Possums, move, my mail has not caught up tr Volunteer your time to one with me, possums. So for this col- As I write this column, most o umn, here are some ways to deal with of the many Kinship projects. you are in Kampmeeting countdowr those dreaded post-Kampmeeting mode and fretting over just what tr D Make plans to take a mini- bring or wear (i.e. mini-confusion) blues: holiday and visit some of your Here in Oshawa it's massive confu sion. Our once neatly organized ant tr Join Community Spirit, Kinship friends who don't live in tastefully decorated office has beer your area. reduced to a mass of less-than-orga making sure you donate 2Vo toY.,,tn- nized boxes andstacks ofthings to br ship, and call each and every person tr Go shopping and get a col- packed. Not only are weinto ourpre you met at Kamp this year, and talk Kampmeetingpanic, but we are alsr for hours ! lection of outrageously funny cards racing against the clock to relocat( to send to your Kinship friends who house and home, and get settled in tr Call every person that you are also going through the posfKa- before Kamp. Yes, dear hearts, tha mpmeeting blues. rumor is true. We are on the movr know in Kinship that did not go to again! After spending a nine yea Kamp, lay a major guilt trip on them D Jot a note to the guest for not being there this year, and stint here in Oshawa, the longes make them help you get over the speaker you enjoyed the most, thank- post-Kampmeeting blues. ing them for attending Karnp. spent here since getting out of schoo O MakeaKampmeetingyear- tr Compose a post-Ka- a zillion years ago, we are back ir transition mode. We've hung i book. Put all your pictures from mpmeeting Blues song to premiere \"Greenfield, MA orBust\" banneror at Kamp next year. the car and begun panicking abou Kamp into a photo album and then how to pack all our tiaras. make up funny captions to go under tr Get back that wonderful them. Here are a few suggestions: I have to confess that in ourract Most Likely to be Married by Next feeling of belonging we all felt at to get moved, we have broken all tht Kampmeeting, Newest Kinship rules of moving. Items in the samr Kamp by takingpart, getting active. box are not color-coordinated. Wr Couple, Most Likely to Marry a haven't sent out change-of-addresl writing an article for the Connec- cards, and we have not planned the Clergy Member, Craziest Dresser, tion, sending news of what you are decor of our new home. Most Outrageous Talent Act, and so up to, or sending the Connection a on. I hopethatthe summerwas sim- picture. piy fab for each and every one of you tr Write a letter to your local and that the fall is bringing excitinE tr Missing your friends? conference office about the treat- prospects to your life. Due to the ment of gays by the church. You Here's a nifty idea... Take those pho- know, the letter you've been mean- tos you took at Kamp, have them ltoppuU thpuwnpg ing to write for a year now. blown up full size and make them When the world is tumbling D HoldaKampmeetinglook- into cardboard cutouts. You'll have down, and your last friend has left you for a member of the alike party where your guests come your fnends around you all the tlme. opposite sex, remember you always have a caring friend in dressed like their favorite Kinship tr StartaKampmeetingcount- the Connection. Write your board member or visiting clergy down calendar for next year's heartaches, inquiries, and joys member. Kampmeeting, and start counting the to Our Lady of Oshawa. days till we will all be together again. tr Start a savings account for 'C*e4a adJuwiw llana tl Ifallelsefails, writealetter pagcliahbl' your expenses to go to Kamp next to Our Lady of Oshawa, and cry on year. her padded shoulders. I'll have the tr Watch the video you made crying towels ready.* at talent night. Our Lady of Oshawa welcomes your letters. Write to Our lady at: Our Lady of Oshawa, P.O. Box 655, Greenfield, MA 01302-0655. August/September . Connection 11

WWC community responds to gay stories Responses to the three-part series on homosexuality, is our owner's manual for life, therefore, it should be the that were printed in three issues of Walla Walla College' s first place we look for answers to our problems.\" student newspaper, the Collegian, last April and May, The authors' of this letter compare homosexuality to were yery mixed. \"We greatly appreciate that the issue pride, stealing and disrespect. These are all sins in God's ofhomosexuality is being brought to discussion since so eyes, they say. Nevertheless, Christians should not many have not completely resolved this issue in their minds,\" read a letter to the editor signed by three male participate in activities which harm or otherwise violate students. \"Since the world is beginning to accept it, we need to find out for ourselves what God says and imple- homosexuals. ment that in our church.\" The letter continues by stating homosexuality can- Apparently, implementing mezsures of love is not not be genetic because otherwise there would be no what these guys had in mind. They continue, saying, homosexuals-gays don't have kids, and therefore they Adventists who are planning to rethink their attitudes can't pass on any gay genes. concerning homosexuality cannot begin reassessment by forgetting everything they've been taught the Bible says, \"As Christians, the Bible should be our final author- as David Albertsen suggested in one of his Collegian ity as God's word to us,\" the letter concludes. With texts articles. Forgetting this, the three men say, \"would be like like Leviticus l8:22,20:L3;1 Corinthians 6:9- 11;Jude 7; buying a new car and throwing out the owner's manual Genesis 19: 1-13; and Romans l:22'32 as evidence, \"[w]e before we even turn on the vehicle. The Bible essentially finditinterestingto notethathomosexuality is neveronce mentioned favorably in the Bible... [The scripture] must I am delighted to announce that Peter F. Mueller become the standard for our life and practice.\" has accepted the position of associate editor for the Connection. Peter, who served as the editor for the These three men are so legalistic, no doubt they also Canadian Communique, from Kinship Canada, last follow the Biblical teachings that forbid mixing certain year, is an enthusiastic and punctual person-1uali- ties which will make us a good team. Be sure to write clothing fabrics and women from speaking in church. Peter many cheerful letters of welcome, plus news Too bad these men couldn't be kept from speaking; and gossip. His address is at the bottom ofpage 11. ignorance breeds ignorance. As I promised in the last issue, I've redesigned several aspects of the Connection. The design of the \"I want to thank David Albertsen for his article on pages reflects what I hope is a more stylish and homosexuality,\" read another letter to the editor, written by a female student. \"I appreciated the tolerant and non- readable format. With Peter's assistance in the news judgemental attitude he took in writing about this volatile arena, I plan to divide the \"News and gossip\" pages toplc.' into two separate categories: church news and Kin- ship news. By making this distinction, readers won't The woman points out the need for tolerance on the need to skim through church happenings when they' re Walla Walla College campus. \"I'm not going to say that looking for news about Kinship members, and vice WWC students are more condemningthan otherpeople,\" she writes, \"but the tragic thing is that we are supposed versa. This edition of the Connectioz is adouble issue, to be Christians.\" Adventists cannot be opposed to homosexuals until making it the eleventh issue I've helped create since Kampmeeting last year and the last official issue of science determines something conclusive, she concludes. my term. If I'm elected at Kampmeeting to continue \"We need to remember the whole point of Christianity- this position, I'll see you again in the October Ka- love for our neighbors, whether they be stupid, ugly, or mpmeeting special edition. Enjoy the rest of the even gay.\" summer! Several other letters were printed in the Collegian. One letter, submittedby afemalefaculty member, blasted the ignorance of the three men who wrote the above- quoted letter. All of the letters written by males were negative. The Connectlon reprinted the Collegian's three-part series in the May/June issue. Andrew Strong t2 Connection . August/September

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