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Published by mcnulty, 2018-02-22 12:29:39



WWIINNTTEERR 22001188 WWW.WIREFORMINGTECH.COM Serving Manufacturers of Springs, Wire Formed Parts, Wire Mesh and Rebar ProductsTOP PRODUCTS OF 2017...PAGE 38-43 MATERIALS...72 • MESH WELDING...32REBAR PROCESSING...P. 66 wire 2018 Trade Fair Preview: pages 44-65

YOUR FAVORITE MACHINES JUST GOT BETTERWith the AT Attachment option now available on both CSX and HAX machines, you can start and finish yourpart on one machine, no matter which one you prefer. There’s no need to move a part off the machine to yoursecondary department to complete it, so you can widen your scope with a broader range of wire forms andtorsion springs completed on just one machine. At RK Trading, we don’t just sell machinery—we service it,support it, and carry an extensive tooling and parts inventory, all in the U.S.Improve production rates and increase profits with:CSX Series with removable AT Attachment (2mm and 3.5mm machines)HAX Series with fixed AT Attachment (2mm and 4mm machines)

Visit us: 16 – 20 April 2018 STAND 11 E26High PerformanceExotic alloys in wire and bars .827”(21mm) to .001”(0.025mm) diaWorking with trusted brands.Inconel®, Hastelloy˘, Nimonic®, Monel®,Haynes˘, Phynox†, MP35N* etc. 1-866-482-5569®Trade name of Special Metals Group of Companies. †Trade name of Aperam Alloys Imphy. ˘Trade name of Haynes International. *Trade name of SPS Technologies.


TablTeabolefoCf CoonntteenntstsFWalli2n0te07r 2018 Vol. 2V1o,l.N1o0,. N1o. 4 Spring FeatuFreeaAturrteic Alertsicles flexure eDmhebyardliitrntol3gegm0weneithntM a1y4 thWSeecFoFTndIo ATrnecncueahlonWificretahFlo eArmcSinhgpiTereivcnehngmoloeBgnyetI nAWtewrnitaahtirodnYaslo T–eu cChnliacaslsAcohifev2e0m0e7nt Awards, given out testingtechnology in spring The addaitnionnuaollfyatosspprriningg smoalvkiensg roercwuirerinfogrmpirnogbilnedmuswtryithindsievridvuicailnsgforramcianjogr cteacrhsn. ical developments steel.3...220 SpotlirgelahtetdOtonequMipmeesnht, mWateeriladlsionr gaccessories for making springs or wire formed parts....28 M ik1e6M c“NHulotyw- TReceh-nEonloggiyndeeeverilonpgm Menyts Wanidretr eFnodrsmtaikningg place ov er the la st seve ral years . 34 I de as BD&ruewPs iGrnroeeedsnsubl acSttt a-s Av emfodulr tii-tpS rfournogcmecd esEtsrxastteignyc retsioulnted” in growth and return to profitability. M a2rc0u s PHayedchro- gInetenll igEemntbgruiitdtilnegm, setrnaitg hotfe nSinpgr,itnragn sSptoerteinlg of wire and strip materials. 38 Top PRroichdarudcDt. sSisosofn,2J0r. 1- A7review of the physical metallurgy of hydrogen embrittlement of The winnseprrisnginstoeuerl a1l8onthgawninthuaaldaisrctiucslesioonnotfhmeittiogpatipornomduecthtsodcso. vered editorially in the past year. R es2u3lt s aCreombapseodsoitniosenle Ectfiofencbtyst hien WCiarerbFoornm iSngteTeecl hnology International Editorial Staff. RebarDmPre.tRarloolugrcegryeNos.fWsspriringinhggt -mRPaakorint ug6 aonnf ddthwue imrpeuflotir-mpaerdt series, The Strength of Steel, dedicated to the 66 parts manufacturing. Drum washer for springs andRacing car wseirrevfiocrinmged parts...30 EO dni2to -4rSi ailCKtSeirottaaTaffnt e-RinsT. Dhgtehisnas mfgtaoi -tre oA -t folhofoa-etkh aN2et-1 ahesirgwtt hCin-pPereenrrfbotoarumrcrapyenrocsecs easnsdi ncogrrtoescihonn-orelosgisytaannt fdlueorqoupioplmymeenrt/.PTFE problem remedied ...30 68 for Reccoayticnglsinfogr spGrinagslvanadnwiizreifnorgmeFd lpuarxts.Solution B ry2a6n CuSlltivraens,sJ aPreedeCnuinlligva –n, AJo PhnraPcetlliecsasile Ar -pCpolnictinautoiouns microfiltration and oxidation Roller guides Commewpshaifrcoetr tough removesDfoirrr.obEnectakteenrhdmarsaduteMsrpiüaelllenurdti-leizSdatrtseioosnlsidv(issahfhoriotg)mhpeerwehnoairnrkgdinncegasnsflbureexsutuasltenindkgsin.inmreadkiuncgeadumtoatseursiapleunsseiodn/recdouilcsepdrinwgesight. industryweldicnogncdyilt-ions ...34 72 SM ipk3eo0Mt lciHENgduehilttoaytrtia- O&lTSon tSabfeMfu-reSafffuaetpcecptelriive ierTas,rlmhesaaavtetemrreiaselpsnomnt duResdot tmuo enoeudtr utchapell froigrothrse sotfapter-oocf-ethses-inargt ianshweaetll as their end use. inder...36 74 HeavyanMd seurtfaacleOtrenatmaenTt euqnuipgmsetnet. n Basis with a High Radiation A b3s6o rMpotiroen FlCexaipbailictyit yanisd VaenrsAalttielirtyn afotirv tehet oWTiroex WicorLkeear d WolfgangaDnoJdruownthhgeee-nJNsueentwguepmbbloaydteat r-wiAaelrllca-tnaragnienbeoedf muwseoesrkhdewirn,ethlmdeinedgdoimwcaanlct,ihmaineuetcsoaminsobbeteivilneegsasonftfhdearenpdl3at0notmwciinoreuntwsetsor.rukcetriso,n applications as well as for aluminum casting and mechanical engineering. 38 Machines for Producing Wire Hangers Sonia Vitari - Versatile wire hanger forming and other wire processing machines offered Columnsglobally with after-sales support and engineering. 20 C A3S9 MCEIxAcSeSrcpMthedIo fSrloacmrhstohhelaCiprAsSshM,iIpHC OAoNwlNidaECradTyIsO CNR,heaaapucrbihltic yTatoiEotnavolef onft U, S$463,000 in 2007 SpringCAWSMoIr (lCdhic2a0go1 A8ssPoclaiantiosn o&f SJpruinng eMaGnuofalcftuOreurst, iInncg.), Naperville, IL, USA.Camless metal formingmachine ...41 M ic4h4ae l WBainrdey R- CoAdS &M ICNoeawtsin&gE vSeuntpspUlpiedra tCe onsolidates TR ahned yMDIJeatasFctqo eAurdrecis-atAiAlvnlcliMktTiaheieixrsntg -–isCnSo WVmprephiannngaeystzinuitfeenIdlasc t&ho ta growth market in Latin America. 22Versatile system for producing wire hangers....38 24 E U45B aCInnfookrmmSaptuioanpnopyf voParlrutoesftoiBlethasetintteerrnyatiPonraol sdpruingcatniod wnir,eEfoUrmeAd iprarPts oindlluusttryi.on, Funding Europe’s Future, New Austrian Steel Plant, Brexit, Telegrams End Ko nra dInDdenugsletrr-yE EurvopeenatnsPerspectivesCNC wire bender for common 26 DDre.3Rf7oo gremSImr tNaarg.ateWiisograihnngdthHtfFa-cerTtosahmfetroiSnmTtgrwheiner–egSStPhohuoaotfhrwSetate3steAl SIA 2007, held October 16-18, 2007, in Bangkok, complex applications ...65 28 Mechanical Testing of Reinforcing Steel DeparAtmlaneTnhtosmas - Premier of Wire Product TeNstiengxt Issue: Winter 2008WEdiriteorFiaolr.m...i.n..g...E..v..e..n..t.s................I....n......d......u......s....t....r....y........E......v......e......n......t..s.................. 4 6 Top Products of 2007Rbeebnadrecru.t.NPt.e6rero6w&dsucWt iSreho.....w.4..4c..-a.6.s.5.e.............4......4............FP....ra..e....vm..i..e....wo......uo....fs....w....iT..r..e..r..2a....0..d..1....8e.., Than wEivreer2008 Preview Germany. 20, 201R8o, autnthdeuFpai:r gMroautnedrsiainlsDüsseldorf,Advertisers’ Index .....................................................63 Spotlight: Mesh Welding Editorial IDndeepx.a...r.t..m....e...n...t..s........................................64 Next Issue: Spring 2018Fall 2007/Wire Forming Technology International 3Wire Forming Events ............................................................4Editorial.................................................................................6 WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo 2018 PreviewNews Wire ............................................................................8 Emphasis: Rebuild & UpgradeProduct Showcase..............................................................76 Roundups: Spring Coiling • Wire HandlingAdvertisers’ Index ...............................................................79Classified Advertising .........................................................79 Spotlight: Straightening & CuttingEditorial Company Index ....................................................80 Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 3

WIRE FORMING EVENTS Table of Contents Fall 2007 Vol. 10, No. 4April 16 – 20, 2018 October 3 – 5, 2018 Feature Articles 1741 Akron Peninsula Rd,wire 2018 SPRING WORLD 2018 Dealing with ® USA hydrogen 14 WFTI Technical Achievement AwaArdksr o–n C,laOssHo4f 24030173 embrittlement Tel: +1 330 864 2122 • Fax: +1 330 864 5298Second Annual Wire Forming Technology International Technical Achievement Awards, given outDüsseldorf, Germany Rosemont, IL, USA in spring annually to spring making or wire forming industry individuals for major technical developments www.wireformingtech.comrelated to equipment, materials or accessories for making springs or wire formed 16 “How Re-Engineering My Wire Forming November 27 – 29, 2018 DBruews iGnreeesnsbl aStt a- Av emdul tii-tp rfornogmed sEtrxatteignyc retsioulnted” in gCrowhthi pandL reipturpn itno pcrooftitatbility. 20 Hydrogen Embrittlement of SpringP Srteeseildent and PublisherMay 15 – 16, 2018 wire India 2018 chip@wireformingtech.comRichard D. Sisson, Jr. - A review of the physical metallurgy of hydrogen embrittlement of spring steel along with a discussion of mitigation methods.Wire Expo 2018 Mumbai, India 23 Composition Effects in Carbon Steel SMtreinkgteh oMf StceNel,udeldtiycated to theNashville, TN, USA Dr. Roger N. Wright - Part 6 of the multi-part series, The metallurgy of spring making and wire formed partsVmiacneufPacrtuerisnigd. ent and Editor Drum washer for springs and wire formed parts...30 24 Coatings for the 21st Century Kirtan R. Dhami - A look at high-performance and corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer/PTFE coatings for springs and wire formed parts. Tom Hutchinson 26 SDrt.rEecskesh aPrdeMeünllienr -gS –tre Ass P(shroatc) pteicenainl gAcpanpbliecuGastelidooibnnmalakSinaglaeusto Msusapennasigonecroil springs for better material utilization via higher hardness trlehsu@ltinwg inirreedfuocremd miantegritael cushe.dc/roedmuced weight. Compact June 11 – 13, 2018 September 17 – 19, 2019 mesh welding cyl-WGwuwiraewn&g.wzChiaroebu-lec,aGCbuhlaeinn-cagh zihnoau .c2o0m18 wBwwaiwwrnewwgSk..omwoukditrh,neeTa-as.hcsootauimAtlhaseniaads2 t0a1s9ia . com inder...36 30 Heat & Surface Treatment Roundup for the sJtaitme-ofM-thea-asrat inrheat Editorial Staff - Suppliers have responded to our call and surface treatment equipment. Senior Editor 36 MDoororthee eFJleunxgiebbilolidtty- Aarnandg eVoef rmseashtiwlietyld infgojmra amtchh@ein eWws iisirrbeee iWfnogoromfrfekrieendrgtotewcirehw.corokemrs, and when set up by a well-trained worker, the downtime can be less than 30 minutes. 38 Machines for Producing Wire Hianntgeersrnational Sales Sonia Vitari - Versatile wire hanger forming and other wire processing machines offered CHINASeptember 26 – 29, 2018 globally with after-sales support and engineering. 39 CASMI Scholarship Awards ReachR Tinogtaiel roTf UraSd$e4M63e,0d0i0a iLnt d20. 07 October 1 – 3, 2019 CExAcSeMrpIt e(Cdhfriocmagtoh eACssAoScMiaIEtCioaOnsN otNf CESCphrTiiInOngNa M,:aaVnpuuifbvalciictaautnrioenrSso,h fInacn.),gNa+p8er6vi-lle2,1IL,6U2S8A.9-5533, EXT 169wire China 2018 SMI Metal Engineering eXpo 2019 Versatile system for producing 4 4 IWtsi rAec Rtiovdit i&es C iona VtiennNge ozSurutephlpa& l&ie SrC oCouolutnhmsvCoibvlhiiaidiananat@e:sMr inaggigeiret rLadiue.+c8o 6m-20 8 732-3 316,Shanghai, China Pittsburg, PA, USA wire Jacques Anckaert - Company intendsEtoXtapTth9e 3de3v2elopmingaggrogwitehlmiuar@ket rininLagtiineArmtrearicdae. .com 45 Company Profiles Information of value to interHnaotionnagl sKpriongnagn:d MwireikfoermHedapyart+s i8nd5u2stry2. 369 8788, ext 11 Industry Events 37 Straight From The SSohuothweastTASoImA 20H07u, htcelhd iOncstGoobenEr,1R6G-M1l8o,A2b0aN0l7Y,SinaBlaensgkMok,aTnhaailganedr. Images and facts from wire Departments Next Issue: WINinDtIeAr 2008 Wire Forming Events ..................................................4 Editorial.......................................................................6 Strategise.inToPpv Pt.rLodtdu.c,tAs bohf i2j0at07Sanghvi, Co-Founder News Wire ..................................................................8 Tel : +91-22-w6i5re262300186 5P/r6e6v,ieCwell : +91-98211 27628 Product Showcase....................................................40 REoumnadiul p: :a Advertisers’ Index .....................................................63 Spotlight: MeIsThA WLeYlding Editorial Index...........................................................64 Casiraghi Pubblicatá Internazionale DFailel 2g00o7/WCirae FsoirrmaingghTeic,hnOololgiyvIneterrnCatioansail ra3ghi Tel: +39 031 261407 • Fax: +39 031 261380 JAPAN Sakura International, Ken Myohdai Tel: +81 6 6264 3900 or +81 3 5646 1160 Fax: +81 6 6264 3901 or +81 3 5646 1161 TAIWAN Worldwide Services Co. Ltd. Robert Yu Tel: +886 4 23251784 • Fax: +886 4 23252967 Publisher's Notice: We assume no responsibility for the validity of claims in connection with items appearing in Wire Forming Technology International magazine. Ad- dresses are given to facilitate further inquiry. Wire Forming Technology International is published in the months of February, May, August and November by Initial Publications Inc., Chip Lippincott, Pres., 1741 Akron Peninsula Rd, Akron, OH 44313 USA. For subscription info write: Circulation Dept., Wire Forming Technology International, 1741 Akron Peninsula Rd, Akron, OH 44313 USA. For changes of address, visit Wire Forming Technology International is distributed with- out charge to people employed by a company or division of a company engaged in the manufacture of springs, wire formed parts, wire mesh and rebar products and the materials, tooling, machinery and control systems for making those parts. Others may subscribe at US$35/yr in the USA and Canada or US$65/yr elsewhere. Single copy price is US$20 plus shipping. Editorial reprint prices will be furnished upon request.CanadaPostInternationalPublicationsMailProduct (Canadian Distribution) Sales Agreement No. 40025486. Canadian return address: BleuChip International, PO Box 25542, London, Ontario N6C 6B2 Canada. Postmaster: Send address changes to Wire Forming Technology International, 1741 Akron Peninsula Rd, Akron, OH 44313 USA.4 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

PTC - Pretension Control HIGH SPEED CNC COILERS INTERNATIONAL PATENT MX 30 Ø 0.40 - 3.00 mm Ø 0.016” - 0.118”MI L AN O - I TA LY NIMSCO LLC North American distributor 5115 B Tremont Ave. Davenport, IA 52807 Ph: 563-391-0400 Fax: 563-391-0403

EDITORIAL“Spring” Time in Düsseldorf This show is always one of my favorites, not just for the technology, but for the fine German hospitality andThousands of wire industry professionals from dozens show management capabilities of Messe Düsseldorf.of countries are venturing to Germany this April, not We are attending the show as an exhibitor in the Northjust for the indigenous food and beverage, but to visit American Pavilion in Hall 9, and we will be checkingDüsseldorf’s expansive trade fair grounds for seeing the out the new technology on display, which is offered bylatest innovations and products for making, using and hundreds of suppliers. Our preview of the wire form-installing all types of springs, wire formed parts, wire ing, mesh welding, spring making and rebar processingmesh and rebar products. exhibits at wire 2018 starts on page 44.The “wire” show, held in even years, opens its doors forfive days of exhibits on April 16, 2018. Overall, I thinkthat its wire products exhibits are some of the best inthe world to see the latest wire formed parts machin-ery, tooling, materials and controls. Düsseldorf is alsoa great place to visit. There is a special concentration ofspring-related exhibitors and mesh welders in Hall 13.The rest of the wire and rebar product suppliers canbe found in Halls 9-14 and 16. About one-fifth of theshow’s exhibitors cater to wire products manufacturers,and the balance serve manufacturers of wire, cable andmechanical fasteners. In total, nearly 1200 exhibitorswill be present in close to 700,000 ft2 of exhibit space. Itis truly a wire industry event worth seeing, and showmanagement is reporting that it will be the biggest oneever in terms of space. Jobs, Taxes & Spending On the jobs front, it is obvious that employment num- bers are very complicated and do not move up or down due to isolated acts or only from the daily pontifications of our fearless political leaders, but I am pleased to re- port what I consider to be a favorable movement in the job numbers reported for 2017. The net change in USA manufacturing jobs last year was an increase of 196,000 new jobs versus a net loss of over 15,000 jobs in 2016. This occurred at the same time that federal government jobs in America dropped by 16,000 for the calendar year of 2017 after going up by 45,000 jobs in 2016. Also encouraging was 2017’s 35% increase in construction job growth compared to the previous year. Call me an old fashioned fan of limited government and free, fair and competitive market economies, but I am always encouraged by tangible job growth in the private sector and real contraction in government jobs. This trend, coupled with reduced income taxes for Ameri- can businesses, families and individuals should lead to reduced government spending, the next logical step to prosperity in the USA. Let’s just hope that there are some fiscal conservatives left to turn off the tax-payer cash machines. WWIINNTTEERR 22001188 Serving Manufacturers of Springs, Wire WWW.WIREFORMINGTECH.COM Formed Parts, Wire Mesh and Rebar Products TOP PRODUCTS OF 2017...PAGE 38-43 MATERIALS...72 • MESH WELDING...32 REBAR PROCESSING...P. 66 wire 2018 Trade Fair Preview: pages 44-65 Mike McNulty, Editor mcnulty@wireformingtech.com6 Wire Forming Technology International/Fall 2018

“Creating value...with innovative technologies and customer partnerships”Hall 10 / F22 & Hall 10 / F40 Upcoming WAFIOS has the most extensive range of machinery on the events market for the production of wire, tube and formed parts. Therefore, we can offer every customer the ideal solution,WAFIOS Machinery USA sRpeoste,rtvoedyayou! r technically and economically, for implementing their respectiveMidwest Technical Center processing task. What’s more, we constantly develop and expand our product range to ensure new products are readySpring Day 2018 when new needs arise.Open House & Technology Symposium • Spring Coiling & Forming Machines • Wire Bending & Forming Machines May 24, 2018 • Tube Bending & Forming Machines Mokena, IL • Spring End-grinding Machines • Wire Straighten, Cut & End-working Machines • Chain Making Machines • Cold Forming Machines • Thread Rolling Machines • Automated Production Cell SolutionsReservations: Economical • Versatile • ReliableEngineered for What’s Next Spring Coiling & Forming Wire Bending & Forming Wire Straightening, Cutting Tube Bending & Forming Nail, Fastener & Chain Machines Machines & End Working Machines Machines MachinesWAFIOS Machinery Corporation 27 NE Industrial Road, Branford, CT 06405WAFIOS Midwest Technical Center 9830 W. 190th Street, Mokena, IL 60448USA / 203 481 5555 / sales@wafios.usCanada / sales@wafios.caWAFIOS Machinery Corporation is a subsidiary of WAFIOS AG

NEWS WIREDoerken Corporation sion for our company.” Mettler Toledo HC103 Moisture Mulalic added, “Having Analyzer, a table top BransonUSA Personnel Ultrasonic Cleaner, a Nikon L150 worked for Doerken at its Herd- Microscope and an Oakton Con6Appointments ecke, Germany headquarters for conductivity meter. several years, I’m excited to come Doerken Corporation USA, to the States and be part of the “We are excited to have Auro-Grass Lake, MI, USA, an operating success of Doerken USA. I look tech on KYZEN’s team,” said Ron-unit of Dörken MKS-Systeme, forward to the many challenges nie Teoh, KYZEN’s Sales ManagerHerdecke, Germany, is a global that my new responsibilities will for South East Asia. “Not only doleader in the manufacture of cor- offer.” they bring deep industry experi-rosion protection coating systems ence, and process knowledge,for a variety of parts including Maciejewski continued, “I’m Aurotech assists in proving outfasteners, springs, brackets, clips, looking forward to working with process parameters and deliversstamped parts and large under- our OEM partners and developing the world-class customer servicebody components. The company new solutions for their most diffi- for which KYZEN is renowned.”has announced the appointment cult corrosion challenges. Doerkenof Dennis Mulalic coatings have a well-respected AUROTECH is a Philippine-as Director of Busi- name in industry and I will con- based company in the semicon-ness Affairs and tinue to enhance that reputation ductor and electronics industryKristie Maciejew- with our customers.” providing high-end production,ski as OEM Tech- marketing and distribution ofnical Sales Repre- Dörken’s global coating solu- equipment and materials as wellsentative. The an- tions are approved for use by and as a complete range of Technicalnouncement was Dennis meet the standards and specifica- Support Services including Sparemade by Kent An- Mulalic tions for corrosion protection, Parts and Consumables, Trouble-derson, President. durability, ductility and lubric- shooting Repair and Maintenance, ity performance of fasteners of Technical Training and Engineer- In this newly vehicle manufacturers and Tier ing Support for Product Applica-created position, One suppliers worldwide yet tions. www.aurotech.comMulalic will be re- are environmentally friendly. Itssponsible for busi- product development programs KYZEN is a worldwide lead-ness development and manufacturing operations ing supplier of precision cleaninggrowth in nonau- are certified in accordance with chemistries to the electronics,tomotive indus- Kristie DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 as well as metal finishing, medical, semicon-tries and strategic Maciejewski to ISO 14001. ductor, and optical industries. Themarketing planning for the com- company connects leading sciencepany. He will report to Anderson. with care to create the most effec-Previously, Mulalic was Key Ac- KYZEN Partners with tive cleaning solutions for eachcount Manager for Dörken MKS- Aurotech to Serve customer’s unique manufactur-Systemes GmbH. Philippines Customers ing process or problem. This new agreement will strengthen the Maciejewski will be responsible KYZEN, Nashville, TN, USA, company’s presence in the statefor overall business activities as- has announced the opening of a of Florida. www.kyzen.comsociated with OEM customers new state-of-the-art Applicationsfocused on developing new ap- Lab by its Philippine Distributor, Richard Wagner to plications for Doerken technology Aurotech. The lab assists KYZEN lead the WAI in 2018and materials. She will report to customers with smaller-scaleFrederick Schultz, Director of cleaning evaluations. The Wire Association Interna-Technical Sales. Previously she tional (WAI), Inc., Madison, CT,was Account Manager with Taica After joining the KYZEN team USA, has appointed Richard T.North America. in June, 2017, Aurotech has proven Wagner President of the WAI for a valuable partner supporting a one-year term that commenced Anderson said, “The appoint- KYZEN customers locally. The on January 1, 2018. Wagner willment of Dennis and Kristie is one installation of the new cleaning serve as Chairman of the Board ofmore indicator of our continued Applications Laboratory allows Directors and as the 65th Presidentgrowth and focus on exceptional Aurotech to conduct small scale of the 88-year-old association.customer service and support. cleaning evaluations as well asBoth Dennis and Kristie will be NVR and compatibility testing in A 40-year veteran in the wirevaluable assets to Doerken, our two to three days. Among other industry, Richard Wagner joinedcustomers and partners to provide services, enhancements include a the Wire Association Internationalfor the future success that we envi- in 2013. In addition to his role8 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

as WAI President, NEWS WIRE is possible. In the midst of combat,and his forthcom- events are hosted at the Gaylord he transformed an Opryland Resort & Convention offensive unit ofing second term on Center. The Operations Summit Navy SEALs into takes place from May 14 to 16, a defensive Presi-the Wire Associa- 2018, and the exhibits are open dential protection May 15 to 16, 2018. unit. He also sin- Curt Cronintion International’s gle-handedly cre- Curt Cronin, Keynote Speaker, ated the model for multi-disciplin-Board of Directors, and former Navy SEAL, is living proof that with the proper prepa-Wagner will con- ration and fortitude, anythingtinue to serve on Richard T.its Conference Pro- Wagnergramming Com-mittee. He previously served asthe co-chair of WAI’s MemberRelations Committee. In 1776, we evolved the best ideas out of Europe, and revolutionized them here in America. Today, we’ve done the same with dual-point technology forCommenting on his new post, spring coilers. Evolve your spring production. Join the Revolution with Torin!Wagner said, “I’m honored tohave the opportunity to lead theWAI for 2018 and follow in thetradition of distinguished profes-sionals that have served as pastPresidents. The WAI provides acrucial forum for our industry tofurther develop its most importantresources, which are the peoplecommitting to careers in the wire The American Dual Point is Here.industry. Associating with col- Now a standard offering from Torin!leagues in the wire manufacturingarena, whether ferrous or nonfer-rous applications, results in adeeper understanding of excellent • Left Hand OR Right Handpractices, world-class technology Coilingand approaches to our changing • Movable Wire Linesworld through diversity of ideas • Common Guidesthat emanate from collaborative and Feed Rollsexchange. We look forward to a • Capable of single point & torsionsuccessful, prosperous 2018 for coilingall our manufacturers, equipment • Retractable arbor • Programmableproviders and suppliers for our horizontal pitchplant operations.” Wagner is the & vertical (wedge) pitchVP/GM at Insteel Wire Products, • Programmable servo ellipticalreportedly the nation’s largest cutter motionproducer of steel wire reinforcingproducts for concrete constructionapplications.www.wirenet.orgNashville Hosts Wire R-12 depicted; wire range .047-.177Expo 2018; Former See the video & learn more at www.fenn-torin.comNavy SEAL to Keynote Torin Spring Coilers | Connecticut, USA | 860.259.6600 | The Wire Association Interna-tional (WAI), Inc., Madison, CT, Visit us at Wire Dusseldorf, Booth 9/E10-02USA, returns to Nashville, TN,USA, for its biennial WAI Opera- Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 9tions Summit and Wire Expo, whichwill be held in conjunction with its88th annual convention. All of the

NEWS WIREary counter-terrorism operations AUGUST STRECKER staff with new welding part of an Embassy team inthe Middle East. His presentation big-size stranded conductors, Food and beverages will in-titled, “Tapping into Your Poten- STRECKER uses a three-phase clude German and other local ap-tial: Attempting the Absurd and direct current transformer that petizers and main dishes. ServedAchieving the Impossible”, sets drastically reduces the current will be homemade beers, housethe tone for the convention and is required. wines and soft to all registrants. The same as for all machines There is no charge for WCISA And as of press time, nearly series “MS” and “MK”, these members and their guests. Please80% of the available booth space cables are also deflashed fully RSVP at info@wcisaonline.orghas been sold, as 125 exhibiting automatically after welding. Socompanies will occupy 150 stands. far, STRECKER is the only manu- At wire 2018, WCISA is exhib-Displays cover more than 80 prod- facturer offering buttwelding ma- iting in the Northuct types including wire and cable chines for cross-sections this large. American Pavilionmaking machinery, supplies and in Hall 9, which is co-sponsoredancillary equipment and industry by WCISA and Messe Düsseldorfservices. Wire Expo exhibits are “WCISA®’s Night North America (MDNA).open in The Ryman Convention Out In Germany”Hall from 10 AM to 5 PM and 10 Copies of theAM to 3 PM on May 15 and May WCISA® (Wire & Cable In- 2018 WCISA Mem-16, respectively. dustry Suppliers Association®), ber Directory will be Akron, OH, USA, is hosting its available to show Production Solutions dem- semi-annual member outing in attendees in Hallonstrations are on May 15. WAI Düsseldorf, Germany, on the eve 9, Stand D16-05.members are invited to attend of the opening of the wire 2018 www.wcisaonline.orgthe WAI Rewards Breakfast and exhibition.Annual Meeting, on May 16. A MW Aerospacepost-show plant tour of the Nis- The “WCISA Night Out In Solutions Launchedsan Motor Co. assembly plant is Germany” takes place on Sunday,planned for May 17. April 15, 2018, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 MW Industries, Chicago, IL, PM, at Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht, USA, a leading provider of highly- Niederkassler Strasse 104, Düssel- engineered springs, couplings,STRECKER Completes dorf, Germany. This is a brewery specialty fasteners, machinedWelding Machine for and restaurant in the Niederkas- parts and other precision metalStranded Conductors sel section of Düsseldorf, on the components, is announcing the west side of the Rhein River. This launch of MW Aerospace Solu- Recently, AUGUST STRECK- is the same location as the last six tions to help address the specificER GmbH & Co. KG, Limburg, WCISA outings in Germany. needs of Tier 1 and OEMs in theGermany, completed the fifth MK aerospace and defense industry.1200 FPC 3P welder for strandedconductors made of copper or MW Aerospace Solutions de-aluminum up to a maximum signs and manufactures springs,cross-section of 2500 mm². Ma- fasteners and related products forchines of this series weld without a wide range of aerospace applica-any tubes and are being used by tions including components for en-reputable cable producers in Ger- gines, flight controls, propulsion,many, the USA, South Korea and landing gear, interiors, avionicsBangladesh. and the most advanced space To cope with the high currentconsumption as well as the “short-term peak load” when welding10 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

exploration vehicles. The brands NEWS WIRE facturing expansions in the statecomprising this group includeAtlantic Spring, Accurate Screw the road, we expect complete re- of Connecticut. Our ability toMachine, BellowsTech, Helical tention of our committed, techni-Products and Servometer—spe- cal, and highly experienced work- complete a relocation of this mag-cializing in springs, stampings, force,” explained Tim Thompson,fasteners, couplings, flexures, Senior Vice President and General nitude required a consolidatedmachined springs, edge-welded Manager of Economy Spring. “Ourand electro-deposited bellows and transition plans include building effort from many organizations.assemblies. finished goods inventory and com- municating closely with customers The State of Connecticut De- “With ISO9001 and AS9100 to ensure a seamless transition.”certification and compliancy, partment of Economic and Com-MW Aerospace Solutions offers This is one of the largest manu-core aerospace capabilities and munity Development providedexperience with our advancedmanufacturing techniques and a US$3 million loan to purchaseprocesses that yield unrivaledinnovations. Our market basket equipment as well as relocationof products and our custom solu-tions are specifically designed and assistance. Continued...manufactured for the aerospaceindustry,” explained John Bag- During the fair in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 April 2018, at hall 9/ C 54, Cometo will present a newnuolo, Chief Executive Officer, version of the MTF22-straightening and cutting machine with chamfering system SM12, already on theMW Industries. “Our mission is market since 2016 in a pneumatic enable our OEM and manufac- As a result of the adjustments made to the machine, the new electronically controlled version has a greaterturing partners to bring products accuracy, it is also faster and market more quickly and cost- Unlike the previous version, the machine that will be introduced also allows to change the chamfereffectively.” size during processing.Economy Spring Cometo SRLPlans New Facility Via Cabella Lattuada 41- IT-23841 -Annone Lc-Italy-With More Capacity +39-(0)341-263090 fax +39-(0)341-260927 Economy Spring, Southington, www.cometo.wsCT, USA, a MW Industries com-pany, plans to relocate its precision Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 11metal components manufacturingfacility to a significantly largerfacility in Southington in early2019. This expansion is fueled bythe rapid growth for EconomySpring’s coiled springs, wireforms and product assembliessold to customers in medical andpharmaceutical applications. Thenew 216,000 ft2 facility will be overtwice the footprint of the existingSouthington facility. Equipmentwill be moved in various stagesduring 2018 and 2019 with noexpected operational impact tocustomers. “Economy Spring’s growthmeans we need more space tomeet future customer demand. Byselecting a facility just a mile down

NEWS WIRE “MW Industries is committed Julia Murray, Global Marketing new and existing markets whichto investing in Economy Spring. Communications Surface Treat- will include automotive, aero-The products are part of a broad ment, said, “The Chemetall brand space, medical, pharmaceutical,market basket of precision metal is recognized for its technology office automation, transport andcomponents designed to meet the leadership, and we take a great construction.needs of customers in medical and deal of pride in our customer-industrial markets,” stated John focused and customer-centric ap- The company will be embark-Bagnuolo, Chief Executive Officer proach, locally and globally. Being ing upon a recruitment drive toof MW Industries. “We are proud part of BASF’s Coatings division employ a team of highly skilledto be expanding manufacturing in creates opportunities to increase and qualified people. This willConnecticut.” customer benefits from our com- involve recruiting a variety bined expertise and commitment roles including senior managers,economy-spring/ to continuous innovation. We ex- engineers, designers, operatives pect to further advance customer and other production roles.Chemetall® is BASF’s access to best-in-class technolo-New Global Brand gies, systems, and solutions across Additionally, the team at Ad-for Surface Treatment the value chain, always with the vanex can confirm that it has goal of enhancing efficiencies and recently supplied COMAT Aero- It is just over one year since value for our customers.” space with Tangless® CoilThread®BASF’s Coatings division ac- Inserts that will be used in the 2020quired Chemetall, a leading global Under the Chemetall brand, Mars Rover Supercam.surface treatment supplier. Being BASF develops and manufactureswell-known within the industry customized technology and sys- The Supercam is a highly pow-for its high-quality products and tems solutions for applied surface erful camera produced by COMATsolutions, Chemetall will operate treatment. The products protect Aerospace that will be used toas a brand of the Surface Treat- metals from corrosion, facilitate research information about thement global business unit of forming and machining, allow surface of the planet Mars such asBASF’s Coatings division. During parts to be optimally prepared for elemental composition and willfestive events at its headquarters the painting process and ensure capture images. The Supercamin Frankfurt, Germany, and fa- proper coating adhesion. These contains up to 50 stainless steel,cilities worldwide, the new brand products are used in a wide range Tangless inserts in sizes from M2image of Chemetall was officially of industries and end-markets, to M4. such as automotive, aerospace, aluminum finishing and metal Induction Tempering Martin Jung, Sr. VP, Surface forming. from InductothermTreatment, BASF’s Coatings div.,recognized this milestone, “One Advanex Opens Czech According to Inductothermplus one is greater than two! Our Republic Site; Makes Heating & Welding Ltd., Basing-new brand image reflects the Inserts for Mars Rover stoke, Hampshire, UK, oil tem-impressive know-how of BASF pering (OT) is recognized as thein chemistry and coatings appli- Advanex of the UK will be traditional method of producingcations with the market-leading opening a new factory in the Czech spring wire for cold coiling. How-expertise in applied surface treat- Republic during August 2018. The ever, due to environmental con-ment from Chemetall. Togeth- new purpose-built factory will cerns with this process, inductioner, the businesses will offer un- be located near Prague and will tempered (IT) wire is increasinglymatched solutions to customers.” employ up to 60 FTEs. growing in popularity. Addition- ally, leading spring makers for BASF has long been recognized The new factory comes as part of cold coiling applications are mov-as a global innovation leader. the company’s ambitious growth ing to IT wire due to its superiorChemetall enjoys a great history of plans that will focus on increasing mechanical recognition for providing its turnover to more than €38 millioncustomers with high-performance (£30 million) by 2020. As a leading Ori Martin SpA of Brescia,products and individual solutions. supplier of precision components,The combination of expertise and the new factory will be largelyinnovation power of two global focussed on manufacturing deepmarket leaders will accelerate drawn, microsprings and plasticinnovation and drive even more over molding components. Thesecustomer success. components will be targeted at12 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

Italy, placed its trust in Inducto- NEWS WIRE Rex Heat Treatment therm Heating & Welding Ltd. andthe Radyne brand to purchase its cess from payoff to take-up. With Buys SECO Furnacefirst Radyne Spring Wire Line for these established and proven Ra-the production of IT wire. To date, dyne lines, there are no harmful Rex Heat Treatment, Mead-Radyne has supplied 15 of these chemicals to risk operator health. ville, PA, USA, purchased a 15high-capacity, high-efficiency Quench tanks only require tap wa- Bar Vector® vacuum furnace fromlines with production capacities ter as quenching medium. Induc- SECO/VACUUM Technologiesof 1500 to 3000 kg/hr. Typically, tion heating technology generates for its commercial heat treatingthe Radyne lines treat SAE9254 heat directly within the wire and facility in Lansdale, PA, USA.or equivalent and are also used only when the line is in produc-to treat more exotic alloys with tion, minimizing start-up times “We selected the Vector sys-Vanadium and Nickel additions. and energy losses as well ensuring tems because of the versatility of maximum power efficiency. the equipment and its ability to As main project contractor, handle a wide variety of applica-Inductotherm is responsible for With a scheduled production tions and part processing,” statedthe complete heat treatment pro- start-up date for late 2018, the Ra- Johnathan Rex, General Manager. dyne IT line will allow Ori Martin “In order to better serve the greater SpA to provide processed wire Philadelphia heat treating market, of the highest quality and consis- we created a newly upgraded tency to all of the leading spring climate-controlled vacuum heat manufacturing companies. treat bay, specifically to house the new equipment and efficiently Interested parties are welcome manage customer orders.” to visit Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd. to discuss their The equipment was purchased spring wire requirements at wire for processing components for 2018 in Hall 9, Stand C66.” customers involved with tool and die, aerospace and gears, but due Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 13

NEWS WIREto the broad range of materials from around the world attended. necticut, USA; and the Shanghaiand processes available with thesystem, Rex Heat Treat expects to The event is conveniently located International Advanced Materialsexpand its operations. The systemis scheduled for delivery by the at the Donald E. Stephens Con- event in China.end of the first quarter of 2018. vention Center in Rosemont, just “Over the last six months,SpringWorld® 2018 five minutes from O’Hare Inter- we have also spent a lot of timein October in Chicago national Airport. Attendance at translating our websites, making SpringWorld® 2018 will takeplace October 3 to 5, 2018, at the SpringWorld is free and is limited sure they are easier to read whenDonald E. Stephens Conven-tion Center in Rosemont (Chi- to spring, stamping, fastener and international customers are look-cago), IL, USA. Presented by theChicago Association of Spring wire form manufacturers. ing for a potential supplier.Manufacturers, Inc. (CASMI),Elmhurst, IL, USA, SpringWorld “It is an approach that is work-has delivered results since 1959.SpringWorld provides a unique ing, with visitors to the translated Popportunity to network with other sites growing exponentially. If youspring manufacturers and wireformers, including one-on-one are going to be successful over- Web: www.cdiscussions with colleagues who seas, you need to invest time andE-mail: info@cshare challenges and are ready todiscuss solutions, providing new The pre-registration deadline money so that the local sales officeinsights for business. is SSeppritnegmWbeorr1ld0®, 2W01i8ll,TaankdedPalya-coef-Octobhears 3th-5e rinigRhtossuepmpoonrtt.,”Illinois On the trade show floor—which show walk-ins are also welcome atis approaching sell-out status—at- a fCeoenotafcUt:SM$i2c5hapeelrBpaenrdsyo, nC.o- Exe cutive Director, (630) 359-4273 or mbandy@casmi-springtendees will see the latest technol-ogy available to improve company www.casmi-springworld.orgproductivity, quality and service. Elmhurst, IL, January 8, 2018—SpringWorld® will take place Oct. 3-5, 2018, at the DonaldMore than 90 top suppliers will OICnvocne. v(rCesnAetSioManIs)C, eSOnptrreindrginWerRorol ds ehmaosndte, lIilvlienroeids. Presented by the Chicago Association of Spring Mbe demonstrating their products results since 1959. SpringWorld provides a uniquand services in nearly 30,000 ft2 Bnoeotwsotrkfwoitrh AothlelrosyprinWg miraenufacturers and wire formers, including one-on-one discussioof exhibit space. A sampling of cAollseuagstuaeisnwedhocashmapreaicghnalfleoncguessedand are ready to discuss solutions, providing new insighproducts and services on the showfloor includes: UorenKOadavepniammintinhlocaagenrbnseltdertuaariatfsvdoatieiincnidmstggehupntorhredoweexvsrifrep,lofpocoAorororrmlt—dlsupowpwcayethnosciycWriahakpnlriidiosrisdesstauepcrpvtirivcoieatysc,hiqninungaelsiateyrl,lly-ao3nu0dt,s0ste0ar0tvuicsseq—.uMaartoteerefnedtehetaeonsf will see the late inpterornduactitso/nsaelrv(iAceWs oIn), twhehsichhowsuflopo-r includes: 90 top supplie• Compression springs exhibit space.• Constant force plies mCoormeptrheasnsio6n0 sdpirfifnegrsent high- performCoannsctaenatllforycse. AWI has seen• Extension springs overseEaxstesnaslioens sgprroinwgs by 10% in 2017 anFadstneonwer sends its products• Fastener to 55 dFliaftfesrperinntgscountries across thewoHroldt .woNuonrdwsapyrinhgass seen the• Flat springs largestSinpicrrael atosers,ifoonll&owpoewdebryspHrionnggs Alloy Wire International makes Kong aSnpdrinTgaiwwaashne, rws ith Italy, Bel- round, flat, shaped and electrical• Hot wound springs gium aSntadmMpienxgisco all represented resistance wire in a range of mate- mcinlieetanhnteslWTAof5oinc2irrrdam%setimoif’ooosnunrfcmstshtop.hs,rpTeimn-htgcueeoscnmhexhmppoaootnrsreypt!’obsto£so8om.5f rial that is growing by the month,• Spiral torsion & power springs with more than 60 currently avail- able to choose from.• Spring washers Operating from two sites in the• Stampings tmhSaieltpltiUreoinnKngdWetaeuonsrrdnladonitvdshereiersxnhicosibowinutnoolerdwds ffironoorcumbrtresaianirdogseeiunngdstphrei1Unw8gK-0or,ertloldtahntaestdtoefibfnrumdmseiadnts.eetTsorhsicaekpl,eeswoviepnhnleitcetihxsocgaceolsltnohsveweorn.sfiIenn2tl0y1lo6c,amt fuErt.hSeterpwheitnhs CthoenvaepntpiooninCtemnteenrtinoRf osemoitntt,oIlloinfofeisr- ujunsrtifvivaellmedinuleteasdfrtoimmeOs’Hare Intern• Torsion springs tnnthoeaArtwrsthe“setiiwttegoWaeeewinssnpane.tapdcnr’elravatadiwhnbtsneimgiouScsaaneosoig-liuufsdwinespp2teenharf0asirtynide1ssAnsgel8iaiwfnn.2barneoiQ0nedcrBi1duelasd7renw.i.Sassobzeetarliigipyonmwltn,aeidasiItnmnen?noddtbditCenseeotaredogr--llle1sCcp0AtraiStnhnMgedbioop,nIwefrSsdavoitpatntnaedryh(smgi6-‘untroWe3pgcepfd-Wit0esnilira)ohigoencw3on,reFlwf5adseadin9pnsewt.-atakad4aIebcdtse2lnkerfd7he-ofaiAri3anrrt,n,soispmaodomnapanorldrl’raaeesealtuwo-mwsh4ininrr0peeaecfe0loaihclcfo0rrooeiemtnrfmdrntodfma2oteifteol@tiyamsoarfcntaa.$nsR2ume5faig/-scipspteturrriranse envebCetuwArysSoitMnhrekIisnw,s”gapsteroxafospcuutlinacpdiepnesoe,drdatinnoMd1us9rah4r4ak45riaanVgsgeeaonnfn-ttoetc-fhonri-cpfmiarnoal dfirnikttfetohrtraeimndraegigtadiohsrntsivowtheciirtarooetuiohgfonherldoptenhcdgueiocisiranttogaempdcpoetmloris-mthuendiceavteiolonp• Wire forms abslheosp, MsparninaggminagnuDfaircetcutroerrsoifnAthWe IG. reatercCahtiiocangso. warweaw..Malleomywbeirrse.hciopmnow includes spring in“dTuhsitsryhsausppilniecrlsufdroemd tmheomreids-wige-st and throughout the U.S.• And much, much more nificant investment in attending Newco-3m0-b Spring SpringWorld is renowned for overseas exhibitions at Interpack Announces New GMsbringing spring-related business in Germany; Offshore Technologypeople together. In 2016, morethan 2200 attendees and exhibitors Conference in Houston, TX, USA; Newcomb Spring Corp., De- SMI Metal Engineering Expo in Con- catur, GA, USA, one of North14 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

America’s largest custom spring, NEWS WIRE Tramev is known for the pro-wire form and metal stamping duction of shears and equipmentmanufacturers, has announced the retirement of both Bob Herrmann for the wire and cable industry,appointment of Nathan Watson as and Keith Porter, Sr., after de- and is represented in Brazil byGeneral Manager of its Thornton, cades of service as General Manag- IMC Costinha, San Paolo, Brazil,CO, USA plant, and Jason Bing- ers of the Colorado and Tennessee an important manufacturer ofham as General Manager of its plants respectively. machines for the wire industry.Ooltewah, TN, USA plant. Newcomb Spring Corp. is a The exhibition for IMC and Watson began his career at worldwide supplier of compres- Tramev was characterized by threeNewcomb Spring in 2012 as a CNC sion springs, extension springs,Set Up Technician and Operator, torsion springs, wire forms,was later promoted to Shipping stampings, rings, hooks and bat-and Receiving Supervisor and tery contact springs. The com-most recently to Plant Production pany’s products are utilized inManager. Watson is an Army vet- a variety of industries includingeran and completed three Middle aerospace, agricultural, automo-East tours. tive, computer, medical, military and telecommunications. Bingham began his career at www.newcombspring.comNewcomb Spring in 2000 as aQuality Technician and has con- Tramev Reports sistently demonstrated excellence Success in Brazilin all he does. He was promoted ayear later to Quality Manager and IMC Costunha and Tramevthen to his most recent position as exhibited with good results at theOperations Manager in 2008. most recent edition of Wire & Ca- ble South America, from October These appointments follow the 3 to 5, 2017, in San Paolo, Brazil. Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 15

NEWS WIREintensive days of visits by custom- machine is a first-class CNC con- Distinguished Service Citation.ers from South America. trolled press and molding machine The award honors organizations, for the production of complicated agencies, businesses or other The next show for Tramev high-speed subjects. groups who have made outstand-will be wire 2018 in Düsseldorf, ing contributions to FFA.Germany. And IMC and Tramev The machine has a lean toolwill again be at Wire & Cable South system that provides easier, faster National FFA Student Secre-America in 2019. and more cost-effective produc- tary, Victoria Harris, presented tion. Another new feature is that the award at the General SessionNew Wire Galvanizing also old tools currently running of the 90th National FFA ConventionLine at Ozyasar Factory in Finzer machines can be trans- & Expo in Indianapolis, IN, USA. ferred to the new machine via a Accepting the Award on behalfOzyasar Tel ve Galvanizleme modular system. of Red Brand was Keystone SteelSan A.S., Istanbul, Turkey, has & Wire’s President and Chiefannounced that its new wire gal- Lapham-Hickey Steel Operation Officer, Bob Beechamvanizing line is in process now at Names New President and Darren Markey, KSW/Red Brand’s Executive Director of Wireits Ozyasar Wire and Galvanizig Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp., Products, Sales & Marketing.factory. The company can now Chicago, IL, USA, has announced aserve its customers with the firm’s leadership transition. Bill Hickey, According to Markey, “This isincreased production capacity. the company’s President for the truly a great honor for Red past 40 years, has stepped down Receiving this recognition in 2017 from dad-to-day operations, and is made even more significant byHagens Invests Brian Hickey has been promoted the fact that Red Brand is cur-in Bihler Machine to President. Also, Will Hickey rently celebrating our 70th year of will become Chief Commercial Of- continuous support of FFA. We are An historical machine invest- ficer. Steve Ford will also become proud of our enduring relation-ment in accordance with the Executive Vice President. ship with FFA and the programscompany’s strategic plan, the man- we’ve been part of over the years.”agement of Hagens has decided to Bill Hickey has been serving www.kci-corp.comimplement a large investment in a as President of North America’sBihler GRM NC machine. This is 35th-largest service center com- JN Machinery LaunchesSpring Systems biggest machine pany since 1977. Hickey, the 2012 Furnace at SMI Metal investment and was made pos- recipient of Metal Center News’ Engineering eXposible by Hagens acquisition of the Service Center Executive of thecompany earlier this year. The Year honor, will remain with JN Machinery, East Dundee, Lapham-Hickey as Chairman. IL, USA, enjoyed a very successful Hickey has been a leading figure show in October 2017. in the metals distribution and manufacturing industries. He has The SMI Metal Engineering eXpo served numerous roles within the event saw JN Machinery’s official Metals Service Center Institute launch of the new 1300°F furnace. and has also been a longtime The new furnace was on full dis- member of the Industry Trade Advisory Committee, a Congres- sionally created group that advises the Commerce Department and U.S. Trade Representative on the effects of trade on USA industry. Keystone’s Red Brand Honored The National FFA Organiza- tion recently recognized Red Brand ag fence, manufactured by Keystone Steel & Wire in Peoria, IL, USA, with the coveted16 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

play at the SMI Metal Engineering NEWS WIRE Public Sector Pension InvestmenteXpo. Board (PSP Investments), two of well familiar with the quality G&S Canada’s largest pension invest-Fort Wayne Metals provides and the deep technical ment managers, today announcedAcquires G&S Titanium knowledge of their people, and a joint investment in Fives, a global look forward to learning from each industrial engineering group Fort Wayne Metals, Fort Wayne, other as we grow together.” headquartered in France, whichIN, USA, acquired G&S Titanium, designs and supplies engineeredWooster, OH, USA, a specialist in G&S was founded in Wooster machines, process equipment andtitanium and specialty alloy wire in 1979. Its product portfolio in- production lines for the world’sand bar drawing. The acquisition cludes titanium medical bar and largest industrial players. CDPQwill help Fort Wayne Metals better wire from 0.031\" to 0.669\" (2.36 and PSP Investments will eachsupport critical applications in the to 25.37 mm), titanium beta alloy acquire a significant minoritymedical device industry with new spring wire, strain hardened bar stake in Fives, which will remainproducts and capabilities. up to 2.5\" (63.5 mm) as well as controlled by its management, to shaped and clad bars in a range support the next development “Over the years, we have con- of titanium and specialty alloys. phase. Ardian, a world-leadingtinually expanded our range of investment house, will continueproducts and services in the realm The acquisition took place on to be part of the new sharehold-of titanium and specialty alloys,” January 2, 2018. The company will ing structure, as a minority co-stated Scott Glaze, Chairman and remain in its current facilities and investor.CEO of Fort Wayne Metals. “G&S operate under the name G&S Baris helping us increase our footprint and Wire, LLC. Founded in 1812, Fives haseven further, which will allow us participated in the moderniza-to serve our customers better—for Canadian Investors tion of various global industriesexample by providing them with to Acquire Industrial including steel, aluminum, ce-larger diameter materials. We’re Engineering Group Fives ment, energy and more recently, La Caisse de dépôt et place- ment du Québec (CPDQ) and the Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 17

NEWS WIREthe automotive and aerospace Dudek, President of Dudek & Ad Raatgeep to Join industries as well as logistics. The Bock. Suzuki Garphyttan ABgroup’s rich history is groundedin constant innovation, develop- Upcoming Suzuki Garphyttan AB wel-ment of proprietary technologies, WFA Meetings comes Ad Raatgeep as the succes-international expansion and a pio- sor of CEO, Jan Pieters, who willneering spirit. This enables Fives Upcoming Wire Fabricator As- resign from Suzuki Garphyttanto have a comprehensive global sociation (WFA) meetings include AB as of May 31, 2018. Raatgeepvision of the various industries the 2018 WFA Spring Meeting & will join the company on Marchin which it operates as well as Astoria Wire Products Plant Tour, 1, 2018, as Senior Advisor andstrong expertise in the design of May 9 to 10, 2018, in Chicago, IL, replace Pieters as CEO on Junecritical equipment and solutions USA; the 2018 WFA Fall Meeting 1, 2018.for industrial processes. & Marlin Steel Wire Products Plant Tour, October 16 to 17, 2018, in Raatgeep brings experience in Today, Fives is at the forefront Baltimore, MD, USA; the 2019 the global steel industry. He previ-of innovation, taking a leading role WFA Winter Meeting, January 24 to ously has held top positions withinin the “Industry of the Future” 26, 2019 in San Antonio, TX, USA. Sandvik Materials Technology.with a unique focus and expertise digitalization, automation and WFA holds three meetings perrobotics to optimize industrial year—Spring, Fall and Winter. The SMI Metal processes. Spring and Fall meetings include Engineering eXpo 2019 a social hour and dinner the night This transaction offers CDPQ before, a half-day meeting con- SMI Metal Engineering eXpoand PSP Investments the opportu- sisting of a discussion on current 2019 takes place October 1 to 3,nity to become important partners, economic developments and in- 2019, at the David L. Lawrencecontributing to the continued dustry trends, luncheon and guest Convention Center in Pittsburgh,development of Fives’ solutions, speaker or a member plant tour. PA, USA. The eXpo is the globaldesigned to improve the overall event of the year for spring mak-performance of industrial plants, The Winter Meeting commenc- ers, metal stampers, wire form-including the optimization of the es with a welcome dinner on ers and leading suppliers of thisenergy and resource efficiency Thursday and ends with a group specific metallurgical industry.and environmental footprint. The dinner on Saturday. Mornings At the event, visitors will find apartnership with CDPQ and PSP are reserved for meetings and spectrum of regional, nationalInvestments will provide Fives presentations. One afternoon is and global suppliers exhibitingwith the necessary resources to devoted to golfing, fishing, or re- their innovative product linesfinance its mid and long-term laxing. Spouses accompany most and services certain to improveexpansion plans through major members to the Winter Meeting, and grow your business. Preparegrowth avenues, particularly in which is held in January. to be educated and captivated bymarkets like Intralogistics as well Metal Engineering eXpo’s Techni-as leverage its recently developed Probably the most valuable part cal Symposia, where you willbreakthrough technologies. of the meetings is the Roundtable find learning opportunities discussions. At all meetings, 60 to critical to upgrading, growing and 90 minutes is allocated to discuss managing your business.Dudek & Bock’s current “hot topics” in the indus-Bob Funk Retires try, current economic conditions SMI wants you to leave Metal and prospects for the next quarter Engineering eXpo 2019 with fresh Bob Funk, Industrial Engineer and beyond. Members are candid new concepts, newfound inspira-with Dudek & Bock, retired after in their statements and various tion, motivation for your teams,almost 20 years of service. Funk points of view are always present- and absolute bottom-line boosters.joined the Dudek & Bock team ed. This may be your best return www.metalengineeringexpo.orgin 1998. Over the years, he was on time and money anywhere.responsible for numerous tasks Radcliff Wire Now including plant layout, machine Produces Mandrel Wireplacement, product packaging, for Medical Tubingdevelopment of standards andtoo many reports to count. Dudek Radcliff Wire has expanded& Bock says it wishes Bob well in its capabilities to include thethis new phase of his life. Pictured production of high-quality pre-here are Bob Funk (left) and John cision mandrel wire used in the18 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

production of medical tubing. NEWS WIRE precision machined parts.After several years of R&D with The new end finish systemmandrel production, Radcliff has CA, USA, says Bergandi is intro-created a manufacturing process ducing its new, world-class chain (knuckle and barb) will be easierthat includes a specialized wire link weaving machine, the L7, de- to adjust for height changes, reduc-drawing procedure, custom wire signed to allow global manufactur- ing set up time, maintenance time,cleaning process and packaging ers access to USA engineered and maintenance expense and improvesystem that helps in shipping and USA manufactured machinery at a machine uptime. The end finishstoring of the wire. price point of significant economic operation is signaled from the HMI benefit. The machine will be priced replacing a series of mechanical The firm now makes mandrel much lower than Bergandi’s flag- linkages that required adjustmentwire in various materials such as ship machine, the WVR-500. It will and parts replacement, not to men-bare copper wire, silver-plated be available in 2 and 3 m heights, tion require considerable skill.copper wire, copper-plated alu- run 1.8 to 3.0 mm wire diametersminum wire, stainless steel wire and mesh sizes from 45 to 63 mm. The take-up system has beenand several other special requested Additional mesh sizes are also integrated into the main frame ofmaterials. It has also produced available. Output rates will reach the machine, reducing the numberthese materials in many tempers as 160 m2 per hour. of parts, simplifying operation andspecified by our customers. reducing footprint. It will require The machine is equipped with about 20% fewer steps to move Radcliff draws mandrel wire in a new Smart Technology control from the front of the machine tomany sizes. system featuring a fully integrated the back of the machine; at six machine control system, combining to twelve rolls per hours, a lot ofBergandi Debuts Chain machine drive and PLC functions steps are saved every day.Link Weaving System into a single unit. The lower price has been achieved by reducing the The new machine we will be Gregory Jendreas, President, 500’s complexity; the turrets for presented at the wire 2018 tradeBergandi Machinery, Mira Loma, example are now pneumatically show in stand 9B11. operated, eliminating dozens of Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 19

CASMI News & Events Updateby: Chicago Association of Spring Manufacturers, Inc. Michael Bandy Chicago Association of issues. CASMI members contributed US$840 to sup- Spring Manufacturers, Inc. (CASMI) port this organization’s mission. 350 S. Poplar Avenue Elmhurst, IL 60126 USA Plans for SpringWorld 2018 Are in Full SwingCASMI Now Accepting Scholarship With 97% of available space spoken for on the tradeApplications; Expands Program to show floor, companies thatOffer More Opportunities are interested in exhibiting in SpringWorld 2018 should con-The Chicago Association of Spring Manufacturers tact CASMI as soon as possible. Contact by telephone(CASMI) is proud to announce the 2018 CASMI Col- at +1 630 359 4273, or contact by sending an e-mail tolege Scholarship Program to benefit employees and Exhibiting informationchildren of the employees of CASMI Primary Member is also available on the organization’s website at:Companies (spring manufacturers). new in 2018, the program has been opened tobenefit dependents of the employees of AssociateMember Companies (suppliers), with four additionaldesignated undergraduate scholarships. Also new in2018, there is one additional postgraduate scholarshipbeing awarded.In 2018, CASMI will award a total of 19, US$1500undergraduate scholarships and two US$2500 scholar-ships for post-graduate study (Primary Members only).Details are available on the organization’s website at:www.casmi-springworld.orgCASMI would also like to thank Rosemont ExpositionServices (RES) for sponsoring the Terry & Jerry Reesepost-graduate scholarship in the amount of US$2500.Also, we’d like to thank the Joseph H. Goldberg Fam-ily Foundation and International Spring Co., whoprovided US$4000 to fund one undergraduate andone post-graduate scholarship in 2018.All eligible students are encouraged to apply for theseawards. To be accepted, applications must be post-marked by May 1, 2018.Successful CASMI Holiday EventProvides Contribution for Those in NeedApproximately 80 CASMI members and their guestsattended the organization’s Annual Holiday Event tocelebrate the past year and look forward to 2018. Itwas held December 14, 2017, at Carlucci in Rosemont,IL, USA. For the third consecutive year, the organiza-tion accepted donations from attendees for the MercyHome for Boys and Girls, a privately funded child-care and residential home for abused, homeless andneglected children or children struggling with family20 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

CASMI is now focusing on SpringWorld attendance Start putting together your foursomes today to join thepromotion. In 2018, the association plans to do more competition and for a relaxed networking atmospheredirect mail and e-mail marketing, some of it targeted with your industry new lists of potential attendees. The organizationis also partnering with the Coil Winding Expo, which All CASMI members, SpringWorld 2018 exhibitorsoverlaps SpringWorld at the Donald E. Stephens Con- and suppliers who are interested in exhibiting at thevention Center, to allow attendees to cross over and SpringWorld show are encouraged to attend this greatattend both events. Additionally, CASMI is once more industry event.providing complimentary marketing materials (stick-ers, guest passes, postcards) for exhibiting companiesto utilize for their own marketing efforts. Details onordering these materials are available at: organization would like to thank its generoussponsors including:• WAFIOS Machinery Corp.— At the Annual Golf Tournament, prizes will be award- ed for several “golf competitions” including prizes forOktoberfest Reception on both men and women in the Longest Drive, Closest tothe Trade Show Floor the Pin and Longest Putt.• Fenn Torin— The tournament event will also feature drawingsLanyards for several door prizes, and each golfer will receive• RK Trading Co.— a complimentary golf towel from CASMI with their registration!Tote Bags Details are available on the CASMI website below, or• Spring Manufacturers Institute— by calling the office at +1 630 359 4273. Opening Reception, WFTICo-sponsored With CASMIMore information on sponsorship and advertising More About CASMI:opportunities are available by calling +1 630 359 4273or on the web at: CASMI was founded in 1944 as an ent, not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the development of good business practices, andCASMI Golf Outing sharing of technical information through ongo-Will Take Place This June ing communications among the job-shop spring manufacturers in the greater Chicago, IL, USACASMI will host its Annual Golf Tournament at the area. While membership is predominantly locatedcompetitive Bloomingdale Golf Club, Bloomingdale, in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, the organiza-IL, USA, June 19, 2018. The course will welcome the tion provides support to spring manufacturer andaverage player and will challenge everyone. supplier members throughout the USA. Although CASMI works closely on several issues with theThe day’s activities will begin with registration starting Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI), a na-at 10:30 AM. A lunch ticket for a hot dog, chips and tional organization, both organizations are inde-drink will be provided at registration. You can get your pendent of one another, with unique missions,lunch at the Grill Room right away or use it during golf programs, services, and members. CASMI spon-at the Halfway House. The shotgun start of the golf sors the SpringWorld® Trade Show every twotournament is set at 11:30 AM. On the course, you will years. www.casmi-springworld.orghave three drink tickets to be used with the beveragecart. Then at 4:30 PM, there will be a traditional openbar throughout the cocktail hour, with dinner startingat 5:30 PM. Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 21

All Things by: Springs Randy DeFord, Engineering Manager Mid-West Spring & Stamping 105 Etna St. Mentone, IN 46539  USA E-mail: www.mwspring.comThe Material Mix – difference between a design that is functional andWhat if I change to... one that isn’t. This means that just switching materials from carbon to stainless is not as simple as it sounds.As I think of subjects to write about for this column,I try to stay with typical issues that come up on a Changing material types from high-tensile carbonweekly basis. Last issue, I wrote about convertingloads to deflections. This is a crucial skill for any steel to stainless that cannot handle the stress andspring designer. has associated set and load loss, is not an option. AAnother subject that comes up frequently is materialchanges. It’s fairly common for customers to alter a redesign will be required to compensate for the higherdesign by changing material types to improve tem-perature handling capabilities or corrosion problems. stresses. Many times this means the customer willHowever, many alloys and exotic materials haveproperties that alter the physical dimensions of the need to alter the dimensions of the application to ac-spring. This can have an impact on the applicationand sometimes require changes to mating parts. commodate the new spring dimensions.The one crucial parameter that takes center stage is Stainless steel 17-7 (aka 631) is a bit different. Thisthe modulus of elasticity in torsion, which determines stainless type has a modulus of 11,000,000 PSI,the spring rate for helical designs such as compres- which makes it very close to carbon steels. Thission and extension springs. If the modulus changes, means a slight change will be needed and may notthen so does the active material—this translates to translate to a marked dimensional change in thethe coils required to produce the needed rate. spring. However, this stainless requires heat treat- ment after forming to obtain the tensile properties,Carbon steels and alloys such as Chrome Vanadium which is an added cost.and Chrome Silicon all have the same modulus, at11,500,000 PSI. Moduli tends to be lower with larger The opposite case exists with an exotic such as springmaterial sizes, but it is considered a constant for thesake of convenience. Designers do not have the op- temper Inconel X-750, which is used for extremetion of picking a modulus as they can tensile ranges, temperatures up to 1100°F. The modulus (dependingso a fixed modulus is used. on your source) comes in around 11,700,000 PSI.Special alloys such as stainless steels and Inconel This means very little change will occur in the activeare a different case. The stainless steels of the varietyin the 300 series ( 302, 316, 321, etc., aka 18-8) are material length. But this material will require heatdrawn materials whose modulus tends to be at thevalue of 10,000,000 PSI. This lower modulus means treatment at 1200°F for 4.0 hours—a marked increasethat active material will be less in order to produce thesame spring rate. Less active material means more over a simple stress relief of 450°F for 30 minutes forpitch and higher stress. Higher stress can make the music wire. This change will also translate to higher part cost. So be certain to contact your favorite designer if you need to change material types. If you are not changing types outside a given class (such as carbon steels, which include hard drawn, oil tempered and music wire) then no rate changes will result—just the set characteristics. But any time a substantial material type change will be required, it would be best to get feedback on what changes will result. WFTI Randy DeFord is the Engineering Manager at Mid-West Spring & Stamping, a custom spring manufacturer that offers custom spring design, stock springs and metal stamping services. The company is multi-plant spring manufacturer and leadingsupplier of auger springs and metal stampings. For more information, call +1 574 353 7611, Ext. 231, fax to +1 574 353 7388, email or visit The company is also the home of Landrum Performance coil and leaf springs for racing applications, call +1 866 703 3154 or visit Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

European Perspectives countries, EU limits are being breached in 130 cities in 23 out of the 27 EU member states. by: EU air quality limits are currently breached in 130 cities in 23 Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Dengler EU countries and every year, more than 400,000 Europeans Industrial Journalist die prematurely from air pollution. Finkenweg 6 D 91091 Grossenseebach sured-by-eu-over-illegally-high-air-pollution-levels?utm_ Germany source=newsletter&utm_medium=en&utm_content=nine- states-censured-by-eu-over-illegally-high-air-pollution-lev- els&_ope=eyJndWlkIjoiOTY1MmEwNzMwYmE4NjRlZTM5ZEU Bank Supports Battery Production in the EU mUyNjI1M2ExYzJkODIifQ==The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved some€52.5 million in financing for Swedish battery cell manufactur- ters-inaction-has-consequences/er, Northvolt, on Monday, February 12, 2018, as part of a Eu-ropean Union push to compete with Asian and USA manufac- Position Paper on Funding Europe's Futureturers. On that day, the European Commission (EC) hosted ZVEI, Germany's association of the Electrical Industry, Frank-the second meeting of the European Battery Alliance, which furt/Main, has published the position paper titled “Funding Eu-aimed to encourage the EU Member States to establish large- rope’s Future. ZVEI proposals for a future European researchscale battery cells production capabilities in Europe. Nowa- and innovation policy”. The paper describes the requirementsdays the market is dominated by Japanese firms, Panasonic for the future EU’s 9th Research Framework Programme fromand NEC, Korea’s LG and Samsung and China’s BYD and the point of view of the German electrical and electronic in-CATL as well as Tesla. The lack of a European cell manufac- dustry, so that Europe can attain a leading global position inturing base jeopardizes the position of EU industrial customers research and development, both in academic and industrialbecause of the security of the supply chain, increased costs research. This includes in particular doubling the budget, pre-due to transportation, time delays, weaker quality control or serving the principle of excellence and the proven three-pillarlimitations on the design. According to the Vice-President for structure of the future research framework programme.Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič, Europe’s battery cell demand The core messages are: is projected to reach 200 GWh by 2025—a market worth some 1. Take innovation as the major key objective in EU €250 billion annually. The scale and speed required meansthat no single actor can do it on its own. The European Battery policies—create a coherent EU R&I policy framework.Alliance is providing an umbrella for these prospective partner- 2. Foster industry participation—Respect special needs ships throughout the value chain.The pilot facility by Swedish company, Northvolt, whose CEO, of businesses.Peter Carlsson, used to work for Tesla, is the most advanced 3. Keep the global perspective in mind.European initiative to break dependence on imported battery 4. Keep simplifying measures and instruments.cells. The company founded in 2016 aims to build “Europe’s According to ZVEI, Europe’s future prosperity will be heavilylargest battery factory” producing 32 GWh worth of battery ca- dependent on the success of the transition to a digital knowl-pacity annually. The produced batteries are targeted for use edge based economy and society. To make this transition suc-in transport, stationary storage, and industrial and consumer cessful, a sustainable, effective and ambitious research andapplications. The EIB will support a demonstration plant for innovation policy is needed which has to be put front and cen-the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. tre to all policy actions in order to extend Europe’s strength as leading global actor for research, technology and the creationapproves-financing-for-europes-largest-battery-factory/ of new businesses. The next European Framework Programme 9 (FP9), start- ing 2021 and lasting for seven years, will be a key asset toNine EU States Censured over High Air Pollution Levels achieve these objectives. In FP9, Europe needs to work muchEnvironment ministers from the Czech Republic, Germany, faster and more effectively to augment the creation and dif-Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the UK, fusion of innovation which is also one of the main findings ofwere censured at an air quality ministerial summit on January the Lamy report (p.7): “When looking ahead to the future of30, 2018. They failed to convince European Commissioner, Europe in a globalising world, the contrast is striking betweenKarmenu Vella, that they had “substantial enough” proposals Europe’s comparative advantage in producing knowledge andto cut air pollution. The ministers had been hauled to Brussels its comparative disadvantage in turning that knowledge intoto explain their governments’ consistent failures to meet EU le- innovation and growth”.gal limits for air pollution. As reported by Euronews, they were that if they don't lower their levels they'll be referred en/Publikationen/2018/Januar/Funding_Europes_Future_PP/to the European Court of Justice. Cases against Bulgaria and Funding-Europes-Future-ZVEI-Position-Paper-18012018.pdfPoland have already commenced.EU laws setting limits on maximum concentrations for danger- Austria will Get Europe’s 1st New Steel Plant in Decadesous pollutants have been in place for decades, yet are being Overcapacity and cheap Chinese imports have caused thebreached on an enormous scale with serious consequences steel industry in recent years to shut plants in Europe and pro-for human health and the environment. Beyond the mentioned duce elsewhere. Austrian steelmaker, Voestalpine, however, takes another path: The company will build a completely new high-tech steel plant at its Kapfenberg site in southern Austria. The decisive factor for this decision was the people, explained24 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

company CEO Wolfgang Eder to the Austria Press Agency APA: “In the end Focusing on peening, Metal Finishing Newsour employees, with their extensive expertise and their commitment, were a stron- blasting, cleaning andger argument than all the critical aspects.” Another important factor in decidingto locate in Kapfenberg was the outstanding metallurgical research environment vibratory finishing!—with the Montan-University in Leoben, the Graz and Vienna Technical Uni-versities and numerous universities of applied sciences—as well as the available Vol. 15infrastructure and proximity to important customers. SeptemberThe plant, representing an investment of €330 million to €350 million (US$390 Issuemillion to US$410 million), will replace an existing 100-year-old special steel plant Year 2014and manufacture high-performance steels for the international automotive, aero-space, and oil and gas industries. The investment will secure around 3000 jobs. Publication for theWork will begin on structural preparations right next to the current works premises Peening, Blasting,before the end of 2018. The new plant will be 100% powered by renewable energysources and is scheduled to open in 2021. Cleaning and Vibratory FinishingKapfenberg is about two hours drive from Vienna and situated in a region knownfor iron ore mining and metallurgy since the Middle Ages (15th century). Industries Nadcap COLUMN: Competency Counts page 58 14th MFN Asian Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show in Singapore 11th-13th Nov. 2014 (see page 27) Optional practical evening classes MFN Shot Peening Workshop in Germany 14th-16th October, 2014 (see page 65) Dry and Wet Blasting Almen Saturation Curve From A Machines made in India Statistical Perspective (p. 18-20) page 28 www.mfn.liEffects of a Hard Brexit on German Automotive Suppliers MFN INTERNATIONAL is distributed inThe UK’s decision in June 2016 to leave the EU will have a far-reaching economic 67 countries and published 6 times a yearand political impact. Deloitte Brexit Briefings examine the core Brexit themes andrisks. In the current edition, “Hard Brexit and the Supply Chain—Effects on Ger- www.mfn.liman automotive suppliers”, the market research company analyses how a hardBrexit would hit German automotive suppliers for whom the UK is the largest sales 第二卷 中market within Europe. Key findings of the study, which was published in January 2015年3月 国2018 in Munich, Germany, are: A hard Brexit—without any trade agreement andWTO duties—would decrease the revenues of German suppliers by €3.8 million in 春季刊 金属表面处理杂志2019. Around 770,000 fewer cars would be sold in 2019, corresponding to around4% of the EU’s current automotive manufacture (2016: 17 million cars). Revenues MFN中国主要内容for European automotive manufacturers would decline by around €20.0 billion in 是抛丸、喷丸强化及2019. The decline in revenue due to decreased car sales would be €3.8 billion, 成形,抛丸、喷丸、which is 5% of total current sales in the German supplier sector (2016: €76 billion). 喷砂清理,振动研磨、The revenue slump in the case of a hard Brexit would threaten around 14,000 jobsin Germany. 抛光、工业涂装等 金属表面处理资讯Brexit-Briefings-Pt6-Hard-Brexit-and-the-Automotive-Supply-Chain.PDF 5月11-13日,广州国际表面处理展 典型汽车零件的X射线应力 检测技术 (第24-27页) MFN 是 SF Expo 的官方合作伙伴 Nadcap专栏: Nadcap改变了人们的 态度 第10页 科学新讯: 使用载荷控制型弯板 疲劳试验机对空化喷 丸处理不锈钢的裂纹 萌生和扩展进行评估 第6-8页Belgium Ends 19th-Century Telegram Service MFN抛喷丸强化Belgium’s telegram service ceased to exist, reported Kevin Connolly from BBC 训练课程在中国News, Brussels, Belgium. More than 170 years after the first electrical message 2015年5月15-17日 transmitted down a line running alongside the railway between Brussels and MFN CHINA is exclusively for the ChineseAntwerp the final dispatch was sent and received on December 29, 2017. The UK, market and published 4 times a yearwhich invented the telegram in the 1830s, abandoned it as long ago as 1982. The MFN offers courses for: ▪ Shot & Flap Peening ▪ Industrial Painting ▪ Mass Finishing ▪ Shot Blasting ▪ Residual Stress MeasurementsUnited States followed in 2006 and even India, once the world's biggest market forthe telegram, closed its system down in 2013. WFTIDipl.-Ing. Konrad Dengler is an industrial journalist and special- Training in 9 languages!ized translator serving the wire/cable technology, tube technology,materials and production technology and quality testing indus- MFN is a Partner in MFN is an Officialtries. He can be reached by phone at +49 9135 6982 or email at Education in Nadcap Collaboration Partner of MFN is a Media Partner of NACE MFN is the Official Cooperation Partner of Metal & Steel MFN Headquarters Switzerland MFN is the Official Cooperation Partner of SF EXPO Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 25

The Strength by: Dr. Roger N. Wright of Steel Roger N. Wright, LLC 600 State StreetDeformation Heating – Part 3 Lawrenceville, IL 62439  USA E-mail: wrightinc@earthlink.netIn our first column of this series, we explored the basics www.rnwinc.comwhereby plastic deformation is converted into heat andtemperature increase in metalworking operations. Subse- suggests that a steelquently, we made some calculations of such heating underadiabatic assumptions, whereby all of the heat is presumed like 1008 will have asto stay in the workpiece. In the second column, we furthergeneralized this step by noting that the significance of the much as 25% higherdeformation heating and the significance of the deformationtemperature itself may be assessed in terms of the homolo- tensile strength if de-gous temperature, TH, where TH is the ratio of the absolutedeformation temperature, TdK, to the absolute melting tem- formed in the 200°Cperature, TmK. That is, TH = TdK / TmK. It was noted that be-low the TH range of about 0.3, substantial strain hardening to 300°C range. Foroccurs, since there is not enough thermal energy to allowrecovery of the dislocation configurations that develop, etc. 1020 and 1035 steels,On the other hand, in the TH range of 0.5 and higher, there the increases will beis enough thermal energy to allow recovery and even re-crystallization of the worked dislocation structure. In the as much as 20% andcase of low-carbon steel, ambient temperature deforma-tion is well below the TH range of about 0.3, and substan- 15%, respectively. Ontial strain hardening and dislocation densification are to beobserved. the other hand, theseIn this column, we will address the major complication of increases in strengthdynamic strain aging in steel deformation, and the role ofdeformation heating in making this complicated matter even will be associated withmore complicated. Now in ferrous metallurgy, the term “ag-ing” is used to describe the interaction of carbon with dis- moderate decreases inlocations. Dislocations are line defects in the iron and steelcrystals (grains). In order for the steel to deform plastically, tensile test area reduc-dislocations must move, and anything that interferes withdislocation motion strengthens and sometimes embrittles tion and decreases in general workability.the steel. Carbon moves rather quickly in steel and tends tomove to dislocations and immobilize them, thus increasing In the first column of this series, we calculated that a sim-steel strength. This is the general mechanism of aging. Theaged condition will develop a lot faster at elevated temper- ple upsetting operation, leading to a true strain of 0.5, in-ature. In fact, in the 200°C to 400°C range it occurs “nearlyinstantly” so that dislocations cannot escape their carbon creased the temperature of a steel of 300 MPa strengthpursuers, except at very high strain rates. This is calleddynamic strain aging, and it is a very common condition in by about 42°C. If the initial temperature is say, 220°C, thedrawn or formed steel wire, since high-speed commercial“cold” working temperatures may be in the 200°C to 400°C impact of such a temperature increase depends substan-range. Dynamic strain aging also produces an “anomalousstrain rate effect”, whereby the steel is less strong at higher tially on the strain rate of the deformation. According to thestrain rates (where the dislocations “out run” the carbon)than at lower strain rates (where aging takes place). Of Figure, at a strain rate of 0,066 s-1, a 42°C increment incourse, in most other metallurgical situations, higher strain the 220°C range corresponds to a flow stress increase ofrates are associated with increased strength. This anoma-lous behavior is illustrated for low-carbon steel in the ac- perhaps 50 MPa. On the other hand, if the initial tempera-companying Figure.Basically, steel deformed at lower strain rates in the 200°C ture is say, 350°C, a 42°C increment corresponds to a flowto 300°C range will be significantly stronger than steel com- stress decrease of perhaps 30 MPa. And conversely, at aparably deformed well below 100°C. A review of classic data 430 s-1 strain rate and an initial temperature of 220°C, a 42°C increment corresponds to a flow stress decrease of perhaps 30 MPa. And, at a strain rate of 430 s-1, if the initial temperature is say, 350°C, a 42°C increment corresponds to a flow stress increase of perhaps 30 MPa. Wire forming response will of course reflect the strength or flow stress of the steel, i.e., higher strength leads to greater tool pressures, power consumption and thermo-mechan- ical temperature increases. Near-room-temperature wire forming operations will reflect an increased flow stress with increased strain rate. However, the situation may be quite different for forming operations if the steel is being worked in the 200°C to 300°C range. In such cases, the anomalous strain rate effect may result in lower operating loads for higher strain rate operations. The major point of this column is that projections of this behavior should in principle be “tweaked” to include a consideration of defor- mation heating. It’s very difficult to quantify temperature excursions of rod and wire forming, and effects of aging must be appreciated somewhat qualitatively. But a general awareness of dynamic aging and its effect is very helpful in assessing quality trends, upstream and downstream. Good luck!!!! WFTIThe WireDrawing 101® short course, presented and developed by Roger N. Wright, LLC., and Wire & Cable Technology International magazine, is the comprehensive two-day course that teaches the fundamentals of wire drawing to manufacturers of ferrous and nonferrous wire. WireDrawing 101 features a unique handbook, with practical process design and trouble-shooting exercises suitable for work-a-day formats and continuing study. WireDrawing 102™ will be offered in the future. / www.rnwinc.com26 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

The North American capital of quality coatings. Grass Lake, MI? That’s right. It starts here and carries right through to the customer’s floor throughout North America. Dorken’s team of experts works with OEMs, parts manufacturers and coaters to produce coatings that set new standards in corrosion protection. From springs, brackets and clips to nuts, bolts and screws, the company’s topcoats and basecoats provide best-in-class performance in corrosion protection, consistent torque and tension values as well as resistance to chemical attack. And for you it all starts here in Grass Lake, MI., the capital of quality coatings. Call or go online to learn more. 517.522.4600 • From the start, it’s all about the finish.

Wire Product by: Alan Thomas, Marketing Department Testing Zwick Roell Limited Southern AvenueMechanical Testing Leominsterof Reinforcing Steel Herefordshire HR6 0QH United KingdomReinforcing steel or rebar as it is commonly known, is www.zwick.coman important component of reinforced concrete. It isusually formed from ribbed carbon steel and the ribs cific testing machine grip jaw faces effectively preventgive frictional adhesion to the concrete. Rebar is used slippage and jaw breaks while still allowing for safe andbecause although concrete is very strong in compres- easy removal of broken test pieces. The necessarysion, it has virtually no significant strength in tension. strain measurement on the test specimen for accurateTo compensate for this, rebar is cast into the concrete determination of the yield point, is almost always de-to carry the tensile loads on a structure. termined using an extensometer, which can accuratelyWhile any material with sufficient tensile strength could record the strain up to specimen fracture.conceivably be used as a reinforcement, steel is usedin concrete as it has similar coefficients of thermal ex- Flexure Testspansion. This means that a concrete structural mem- Flexure tests on reinforcing steel are used to test duc-ber reinforced with steel will experience minimal stress tility. The specimen must not lose strength and noas a result of differential expansions of the two inter- cracks must be detected on visual inspection after theconnected materials due to temperature variations. test. Various die radii and anvils are specified, depend-Generally speaking, steel used in reinforced concrete, ing on the standard, the bending angle as a rule beingutilizes 100% recycled scrap steel as feedstock. At the 90° or 180°. For this test, Zwick Roell supplies testingend of its life, all reinforcing steel can be recovered, machines and flexure test kits as specified in the rel-recycled and used again—an important criteria in the evant testing standards. If required, two test areas cancurrent environment. be installed on electro-mechanical testing machinesAs reinforcing steel and ribbed reinforcement bars are and conveniently used to accommodate both flexureso vital to civil engineering, they form a group of im- and tensile tests, eliminating the need to modify theportant structural materials, which in the case of con- test arrangement and therefore speeding up the test-crete-reinforcing steel, are subject to regulatory control ing processes.requiring a wide variety of mechanical testing to verifytheir quality.Tensile TestsReinforcing steels are mainly produced in diametersfrom approximately 5 to 60 mm. The smaller diametersare then further processed into mats or lattices beforehaving concrete poured over them on site. Tensile test-ing these ribbed steels poses a particular challengebecause, apart from cutting to length, no further me-chanical specimen preparation takes place and irregu-lar surface geometry and scaling during elongationpresents several gripping challenges. Application-spe- Shear Tests The weld points of reinforcing mats and lattices are tested for shear strength. This involves removing speci-28 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

mens from welded mats and lattices and placing themin special close-fitting specimen grips. Specimen gripsused for this type of test must be accurately matched tothe diameter and position of the ribbed wires so as not toinfluence the shearing forces. Zwick Roell has decadesof experience in this area and has developed a com-prehensive range of accessories to suit these tests. Examples of Vibrophore and Servo-hydraulic rebar fatigue testing machines. specimens can be sorted according to the obtained test results for later visual inspection.Fatigue Tests According to the Global Construction 2020 ReportReinforcing steels are required by the relevant stand- (Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Econom-ard to have a defined fatigue strength, which must beverified. These fatigue tests can be accommodated in ics), the construction industry is on target to grow by al-a servo-hydraulic test machine, but are more quicklyand economically performed using high-frequency res- most US$5 trillion over the next five years. Housing isonance pulsators. The Zwick Roell Vibrophore, shownon the left side of the accompanying captioned photo, the largest global sector for construction, but nuclear,is an example of such a machine and provides the idealsolution for this application with available force capaci- renewable energy and other key sectors will also haveties up to 1000 kN. Again, whichever test method isused, consideration must be given to special gripping an impact on increased demand for reinforcing steel.arrangements to satisfactorily complete fatigue testson a wide range of sample sizes. Additional information about Zwick Roell may be foundRobotic Testing Systems at: WFTIReinforcing steel is normally produced in large quan- Zwick/Roell AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of materials andtities and must be continually tested for production component testing systems, supplies both standard and tailor-mademonitoring purposes. Zwick Roell has developed ro- solutions for the most demanding requirements—in research andbotic testing systems in which specimens cut to length development, production and quality assurance—across more thanfrom rod material or separated from mats and lattices 20 industry sectors. Privately held, the company’s consistent focusare loaded manually into magazines, after which they on innovation and commitment to outstanding quality has supportedare tested completely automatically. Artificial aging at its growth in markets worldwide. Additional information about Zwick/100°C can also be integrated into this type of testing Roell AG may be found at: www.zwick.comsystem. Cross-sections are measured with high accu-racy and in accordance with appropriate standards and Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 29

May the Force of the Spring Be With Youby: Addition of a spring solves recurring Lee Spring Company problem with servicing racing cars. 140 58th Street Unit 3C Brooklyn, NY 11220  USA www.leespring.comThe engineers at Jedi Racing Cars Ltd. in Wellingbor- Low-Budget High Speedough, UK, had a recurring problem when servicingtheir customers’ F1000 single-seater racing cars. The Jedi Racing Cars relates that in this style of racing,half shaft CV pot joint they were using, derived from it is important to keep budgets low and speed highthe original Mini, just wasn’t intended for quick re- between race service times.moval and often resulted in breakage of the adjacentcasting mounted on the differential. With the help of Lee Spring, Jedi Racing now has an excellent and innovative solution to service its CV“It was John Corbyn, Managing Director at Jedi joints quickly.Racing Cars Ltd., who came up with the idea of in-corporating a spring in the existing design to make For additional technical information on the springthe shaft easier to take apart and cut the service timedown. He knows the old Mini mechanics inside out, product innovations available from Lee Spring, visitso he called the Lee Spring customer service team,”explained Mike West of Lee Spring. the website: WFTIHow It Was Remedied Company Profiles:“I went to see John Corbyn and saw the problem first Formula Jedi Racing Cars Ltd. provides exciting,hand,” explained West. “His idea meant they could cost-effective racing and has established itself as theseparate the joint without having to fully dismantle premier bike-engined, single-seater category in thethe drive shaft. With the use of a compression spring, UK. The cars produced by the company use a provena force could be applied between the two surfaces ‘slicks and wings’ configuration with excellent han-without being too strong to push them apart. When dling characteristics and powered by a 1000cc high-we looked at the dimensions, they had about 60 mm at performance motorbike engine. These cars can goone end and 25 mm at the other. I knew that putting a from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds and then on tostandard 25 mm compression spring in situ wouldn’t 150 mph, while revving to around 14,000 rpm! Idealwork and would allow too much movement, especial- for the novice or the serious club racer, Jedi Racingly at speed. Instead, I suggested that a conical spring Cars Ltd. cars offer a proven and affordable routewould be a better fit to his specifications. The conical onto the single-seater ladder from karting. spring would do the job with a dimension of 55 mm the base, 20 mm at the top and an overall heightof 30 mm. The spring rate was calculated by using a Lee Spring Company is a global manufacturer ofstandard compression spring with a wire diameter of mechanical springs and related products. Lee Spring1.4 mm and based on the specs, we determined what carries a line of 25,000+ stock springs and manufac-was needed for the conical equivalent.” tures custom springs made to customer specifications. Established in 1918, Lee Spring is an ISO 9001-cer-John Corbyn was eager to explain Lee Spring’s im- tified company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, USA,pact on Jedi Racing Cars Ltd., when he stated, “The and has multiple locations in the United States as wellteam at Lee Spring quickly provided a set of sample as locations in Mexico, Europe, China and India. springs for test, and we have had no problems with www.leespring.comthe assembly two seasons since. It has transformedthe way we work!”30 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

A Broad Array of Precision Spring ProductsLee Spring supplies many of the manufacturing housed in a heavy-duty selection case, coded soindustries with a wide variety of precision spring that each spring type can be quickly identified using a reference chart in the lid, or by color coding.products including the following:Wire Forms used extensively in industries such as Fourslide Parts include stamped and formed flatelectronics and automotive as retainers or for loca- springs to custom designs and for extended runstion of components from connectors to seat cover- of manufacturer standards. Fourslide manufacturedings. By their nature, each is of custom design, but parts find application throughout manufacturingthe company has many standard styles including “S” across industrieshooks, “U” hooks, “J” hooks and clips. But from there, such as electron-designs can go almost ics, aerospace,anywhere. Custom wire automation, whiteforms are available in goods, specialistrolled round, flattened vehicles, rail andround, rectangular and building/construc-other shaped sections tion, wherever a custom strip or wire fixing or fittingwith many surface coat- is required in high volume and to low cost. Thisings and treatments. Finishes provided include elec- includes flat springs, brackets, clips, flat terminalstropolishing, tumbling, shot peening, electroplating or any stamped and formed metal components oth-and chemical, depending on the application and erwise requiring custom tooling to produce intricateservice environment. metal parts from flat strip material or from drawn or rolled wire. The fourslide process can reduce partDrawbar Springs are a unique design style, which cost, accelerate product delivery and streamlinemanages to create an extension spring function quality assurance with an integrated stamping andout of a compression spring with a number of forming operation. Fourslide production has lowspecific benefits. These apply in situations where, to moderate tooling costs and produces accurateperhaps for safety reasons, the load must be sup- repeatable parts quickly and reliably. The most com-ported even if the spring fails, e.g., on a garden monly used materials with fourslide manufacturing are low-carbon or high-carbon cold rolled steel, type swing seat. Equally, 300 and 400 stainless spring steels, copper alloys the design protects including beryllium-copper and bronze alloys includ- against spring defor- ing phosphor bronze. The greatest advantage of the mation in situations fourslide machine however is its ability to complete where a sequence all of the actions required to produce a part from start of connections is to finish, economically.being made when one or two springs will for a shorttime carry excessive forces until the installation is Plastic Springs that are offered in the UK andcomplete, e.g., a swimming pool cover. Drawbar Germany, comprise Lee Spring’s LeeP™ plasticSprings are assemblies in which the main spring will composite spring range available ex-stock. Compos-compress as the drawbars extend under an appliedload. They are often capable of withstanding loads ite plastic springs offerfar in excess of the compression spring closing force the benefits of beingand should be considered in applications where a nonmagnetic and inertpositive stop of overload protection is required. to most industrial chemi- cals. Where weight con-Spring Kits provide springs at your fingertips. siderations are primary,When an engineer or technician reaches for a tool plastic composite con-and finds a gap on the rack, frustration and delays struction offers a high strength-to-weight ratio withcan result. With that in an exceptional performance in low mass. This makesmind, Lee Spring has them suitable for a wide range of applications such asdeveloped spring kits aerospace where light weight is at a premium. LeePthat meet a comprehen- springs are made of Ultem PEI (polyetherimide) resinsive range of needs for for good thermal stability and electrical insulationdesign, prototyping and properties, while being noncontaminating. They offerdevelopment purposes. low flammability, are recyclable and are available inThe kits offer a selection of different sizes and are red, orange, yellow, green and violet in ascendingavailable for standard compression, extension and order of strength. springs and instrument springs. They are Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 31

Spotlight On Mesh Weldingby Mike McNulty, Editor for high-volume production.Wire Forming Technology International • Handling of different types of wires, strips andMachines for welding wire together with electrodes to profiles.make mesh have been around for a long time, but eachyear there seems to be new unique features, innovations • Use of jigs for easy handling of frames.and capabilities available to wire forming companies.Here is a sampling of developments and trends we have • Double-tracking for simultaneous welding of twoobserved over the last several years: products in one operation. • Cost-effective, general-purpose machine designs.. • Different welding circuits allow the parallel com- • Combination of mesh and frame welding in one bination of different wire diameters. system. • User-friendly graphical interfaces. • Considerable reduction of changover and reel • Production of three-dimensional mesh panels in a exchange times resulting in production time in- single operation and on a single machine. creases of up to 50%. • Quick change of the welding presses without any • Reduced energy usage. For example, power-op- use of tooling. timized resistance welding to meet the increased • Manual loading for efficient production of small demand for energy efficiency. and medium-sized batches and automated loading • Saving of production space, new lines taking up EUROBEND GmbH less floor space than traditional lines. Allersberger Str. 185, Geb. G-3, • Automated feeding and finished parts handling 90461 Nürnberg, Germany systems, and integration of end functions. Tel. +49 911 9498980 • Multiple position welding. WEB SITE: e-mail: • Flexible machines capable of job-shop and long- run production in one machine. Golden Spot Industry Inc. No.13, Ln.498, Side Rd., • Modular designs. Wufeng Dist, Taichuang City, Taiwan • Extended wire operational range and sizes. tel: +886 4 23334589 fax:+886 4 23331788 Mesh welding systems have evolved in response to market demands for higher quality, lower cost, faster delivery time and shorter production runs. Today, the focus is on high output, precise and repeatable finished product dimensions, easy setup, fast changeover time and operator friendliness. Features like automatic tool and wire positioning, servo drives, sophisticated com- puter control and interface, modular design, etc., are common on modern mesh welding lines. Be careful, however, to match your current and future needs with the right machine—in some cases, the long-run machine still may be the best bet. Mesh welding equipment manufacturers can help you select the machine that is best for you and your company. Machine types usually vary based on the material be- ing used to make the mesh as well as the final product. Some examples are as follows: • Reinforcing Mesh Welding Line (Rebar) • Fence Mesh Welding Line • Fine Wire Mesh Welding Line • Grid Welding Line • Component Welding Line • Structural Panel Welding Line Key components of any mesh welding system are the welding units, the wire guidance and cutting devices and the equipment for handling the mesh. In my view, the best place to see new mesh welders in operation is in Hall 13 of wire 2018 in Düsseldorf, Ger- many. WFTI32 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

join the best: 16–20 April 2018 Düsseldorf, Germany JUN-EN ENTERPRISE CORP No.89 Bade 2nd Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 81453, Taiwan TEL: +886-7-3737800 FAX: +886-7-3737900 E-MAIL : Web Site: Promostar S.r.l. International Wire and Cable Trade Fair Via Casali Leoncini, 2/C 33030 Buia (UD)- ITALY Tel: +39 0432 975752 Fax: +39 0432 986117 E-mail: Website: www.promostar.itTechnology and news for the entire wire forming industry... FFAALLLL 22001177 Wire Forming Technology International: 2018 Editorial Plan Send all editorial text and image files to TESTING...P. 62 WWW.WIREFORMINGTECH.COM Mike McNulty, Editor, at Serving Manufacturers of Springs, Wire Winter 2018 Summer 2018 Formed Parts, Wire Mesh and Rebar Products wire 2018 Preview SPRING WORLD 2018 Preview Top Products of 2017EMPHASIS ON HEAT TREATMENT...P. 32-35 & 71 COMPANY PROFILES...P. 74-94 Rebar Processing Roundup wire China 2018 Preview Materials Spotlight Wire Forming & Bending Roundup SPRING GRINDING Mesh Welding Spotlight ..P. 64 Editorial deadline: February 12 Heat Treatment Spotlight Ad closing: February 16 Editorial deadline: August 13 WIRE Production finished: February 23 HANDLING Mail & Internet posting: March 2 Ad closing: August 17 ...P. 44 Production finished: August 24 Spring 2018 Mail & Internet posting: August 31Straight From The Show Reports: ...46 & 66 WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo 2018 Preview Fall 2018 SSPPRRIINNGG 22001177 Rebuild & Upgrade Emphasis Company Profiles Spring Coiling Roundup wire India 2018 Preview Serving Manufacturers of Springs, Wire WWW.WIREFORMINGTECH.COM Wire Handling Roundup Fence Making Emphasis Formed Parts, Wire Mesh and Rebar Products Straightening & Cutting Spotlight Cleaning & Coating Roundup Editorial deadline: April 16 Spring Grinding RoundupPreviews...36 & 66 Testing Spotlight Ad closing: April 20 Editorial deadline: October 15 STRAIGHTENING & CUTTING...P. 54 Production finished: April 27 Ad closing: October 19 Mail & Internet posting: May 4 Production finished: October 26WIRE FORMING & BENDING Mail & Internet posting: November 2 Wire, Cable, Spring Fastener Mesh Welding Fibre Glass..P. 34 & 70-73 Wire Products Making Technology and Machinery MATERIALS...P. 28-33 Machinery Machinery WWIINNTTEERR 22001177 SSUUMMMMEERR 22001177Serving Manufacturers of Springs, Wire WWW.WIREFORMINGTECH.COM Serving Manufacturers of Springs, Wire WWW.WIREFORMINGTECH.COM Read by manufacturers and For show information:Formed Parts, Wire Mesh and Rebar Products Formed Parts, Wire Mesh and Rebar Products users of springs, Messe Düsseldorf North America wire formed parts,TOP PRODUCTS OF 2016...PAGE 38 SPRING COILING..P. 54 PTC - Pretension Control MC 50 Ø 0.040” - 0.197” wire mesh and 150 North Michigan Avenue INTERNATIONAL PATENT MC 80 Ø 0.069” - 0.315” rebar products. Suite 2920 _ Chicago, IL 60601 Tel. (312) 781-5180 _ Fax (312) 781-5188REBAR PROCESSING...P. 30-36 Case Study: Paint Rollers...46 Page 34 Subscribe and read online @ _ Trade Shows...36, 42, 54 & 66 For hotel and travel arrangements: TTI Travel, Inc. Tel. (866) 674-3476 _ Fax (212) 674-3477 SURFACE TREATMENT...P. 58-64PACKAGING ROUNDUP...P. 52 Four Issues per yearMESH WELDING ROUNDUP...P. 58 Readers in 70+ countries All editorial content and dates are subject to changes. wir1802_86x248_US_2c.indd W1inter 2018/Wire Forming Technology Internationa2l 4.083.137 09:00

Ideas & Products for Successby: “Better Smart Than Hard” — Intelligent Marcus Paech guiding, straightening and transporting of wire WITELS-ALBERT GmbH and strip materials into wire forming machinery. Malteserstraße 151-159 12277 Berlin, Germany www.witels-albert.comGuiding Wire Up to 5 & 10 mm Guiding Wire Up to 20 & 30 mmRoller boxes of the RK and RK VE series have been part In addition to the radial and axial adjustment of rollerof the product range of WITELS-ALBERT GmbH for axles and rollers, the selection of the roller materialdecades. The robust designs are used to stabilize the has a decisive impact on the service life of the toolspath of process materials in a defined horizontal and of roller guides.vertical direction. Due to the permanent contact of the The WITELS-ALBERT GmbH models RK 20 and RKprocess material, wear and tear often only occurs in a 30 are made of the wear-resistant material 1.2436. Eachvery small area on the rollers, especially if the guide roller is also fully hardened to a nominal hardness ofgap is set close to the process material diameter. Usu- 63 HRC. Rough environmental conditions and wireally only 25% of the roll length is damaged. In order surfaces as well as ever higher process material speedsto avoid damage to the process material, standard cause wear, which must be avoided as far as possiblemaintenance strategies recommend replacing only from the point of view of the efforts to permanentlylocally damaged rollers. Although this is good for the reduce costs. Use of alternative materials is recom-final product quality, it has a detrimental effect on the mended that can be hardened to 68 HRC. However,cost-effectiveness of the production. the disadvantage of these materials is that they areRoller guides of the new RK VE SH series provide a costly, which makes it possible to reduce costs onlysolution to this problem as they permit both radial and to a limited extent. Of course, ceramics and tungstenaxial displacement and securing of the individually carbide can also be considered, but the prices of thesepositioned rollers. materials are much higher. From our point of view, these materials do not represent a solution for the RK VE SH series economical production of solid roller bodies for roller roller boxes allow guides. the defined adjust- ment of the wear RK HM series roller guides are point on each roller individually. designed for tough conditionsThe radial adjustment and securing of the roller axleswith the rollers is achieved by means of slotted holes in in the wirethe basic body of a roller box and associated hexagon industry.nuts. This is known from the RK VE series.Due to the special design of the roller axels, axial dis- Nevertheless, how can the service life be increased?placement of the roller axles with the rollers is also This is achieved by a design that uses a high-qualitypossible. The multi-part and externally threaded roller material such as tungsten carbide in a special geom-axles protrude more or less laterally from the basic etry, which can be produced inexpensively and isbody of a roller box section after axial displacement. available at a reasonable price.This may take some getting used to, but it gives us- The roller designs of the newly developed RK HMers the advantage of setting the contact or wear point series roller guides use tungsten carbide bars placedcorrectly and achieving a four times longer roller life. over the roll circumference. The bars are supportedThe roller guides of the RK VE SH series are available by a rotation-symmetrical design element, which alsoin two sizes for process material diameters that are up houses the bearings of a guide roller and the axle 5.0 and 10.0 mm.34 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

Due to the gaps between the individual bars, the effect diameter range from 9 to 40 mm. Depending on theof the automatic proportional descaling of the process application area and wire properties, models with five,material results when guiding wire rod. seven or nine straightening rollers can be selected.Nevertheless, if the tungsten carbide rods installed in All RA H PO straightening machines come ex-worksthe contact area with the wire are worn out after some with hydraulic cylinders for the quick opening/clos-time, they do not have to be replaced. A simple turn ing mechanism and with straightening rollers of thearound the longitudinal axis by 90° increases the ser- WR series.vice life significantly. The disassembly and assemblyrequired for this purpose can be carried out quickly Depending on the application, the wire material, theand easily within the scope of maintenance. yield point of the wire and/or the wire speed, it can be useful to use rollers of the GB SL series on straighten-Straightening Larger Sized Wire ing machines. These high-performance straightening rollers have special bearings, a fully hardened sleeveThe processing of wires with a diameter of more than made of a very wear-resistant steel material and they8 mm is associated with handling challenges, since can be re-greased.the large moment of resistance requires correspond-ingly high forces and moments to be applied when Strip Straighteningprocessing the process material. In addition, thereare binding health and safety requirements, such as The processing of flat wires and strips with a largethose contained in Directive 2006/42/EC. This Directive ratio between width and thickness is possible withrequires that the physical stresses on operators must BKV strip straighteners, whose straightening rollersbe reduced to a minimum. are supported on both sides. With sufficiently rigid de- signed straightening rollers, this roller support ensuresThis is where the new products for processing large parallel and/or conical straightening gap geometrieswire diameters from WITELS-ALBERT GmbH come under load, so that both the flat and the edge-bowinto play, regardless of whether it is the processing of straightening process can be performed with just onerolled wire, reinforced steel wire, cold heading wire straightener.or spring steel wire. BKV 7 series straighteners cover the straighteningIf the geometric and mechanical parameters of a wire ranges 0.6 to 1.5 mm, 1.5 to 3.5 mm and 3.5 to 7.0 well as the parameters of the straightener or the Four of the seven turnable straightening rollers ofstraightening machine are known, the forces and mo- each straightener are fixed mounted in the main bodyments occurring during straightening can be calculated and represent a fixed bottom line of a strip regardlesswith good approximation. For large wire diameters of the specific strip thickness. The remaining threethere are often straightening forces of over 100 kN straightening rollers are arranged in a shifted mannerper straightening roller. A simple mechanism for the and can be adjusted.individual adjustment of straightening rollers underthis load is possible and available. A compact and Each of the adjustable straightening rollers is equippedaffordable mechanism for the quick-opening/closing with two spindle mechanisms whose mechanical posi-mechanism working against all straightening rollers tion indicators PO allow a defined and reproducibleand using only the muscular power of the operator is roller setting.not, however. RA 7 H PO Strip thickness straightens wires in or the thickness ranges 9 to 15 mm, range of the process material determines 15 to 25 mm and the required BKV 25 to 40 mm. straightener.Therefore, it was considered impossible to implementthe such features for processing large wire diameters Each strip straightener BKV 7 series is equipped with ain one design. WITELS-ALBERT GmbH has solved quick opening/closing mechanism supporting a rapidthis conflict and introduces a total of 9 new straighten- change of the process material. The upper frame of aing machines for the processing of wires with a total BKV straightener opens around a pivot point after Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 35

Ideas & Products for Success ...continued defined and reproducible adjustment of the grooved pieces, respectively, of the straightening rollers. Theunlocking. The strip can be inserted and the straight- new design principle offers many advantages. Fewerener can then be closed and locked. At a given closing individual component parts are required for eachmoment, the greatest closing force is achieved near straightener unit. Additionally, the adjustment spin-the pivot point. dles are not affected by the pin bores and time is savedCorrespondingly, it is advisable to place a strip when mounting the straightening units.straightener BKV series in a processing line in such away that the pivot point of the quick opening/closing For the daily routine of the defined adjustment ofmechanism is located at the strip entering point, where straightening rollers, this means time savings and athe largest roll adjustments are realized and the great- completely new level of robustness of the straighteningest roller forces are to be expected. units, especially with regard to the incorrect operationVery thin and wide flat wires and strips, which also of the adjustment spindles.have increased elastic limits, need to be straightenedmore and more frequently. As a rule, seven straighten- Accessories for RT & RTS Unitsing rolls are not sufficient for their processing.With this in the background, the newly developed Assemblies with base plates for the design of straight-BKV 9-60 straighteners are used. They have nine fully ening systems are also available for WITELS-ALBERThardened straightening rollers with a 16 mm diam- series ERS, KV, LR, PR, PS, RA and RB straightenereter only. With an also adjusted roller spacing, strip systems.thicknesses between 0.1 and 0.6 mm can be deformedsuccessfully. Usually two straighteners are mounted in differentAs with the strip straighteners BKV 7 series, the up- planes. And assemblies with base plates are nowper straightening rollers of the straightener BKV 9-60 also available for the RT and RTS series straightenercan be adjusted on both sides, so that both the flat and systems.the edge-bow straightening process can be performedwith just one unit. Up to six RT/RTS straighteners of the same size can be connected to form a straightening system or straighten-Accessories for ER Series Straighteners ing chain. At least two straighteners of a straightening system or straightening chain must have an identicalThe best-selling accessories from WITELS-ALBERT number of rollers. Connecting brackets VW are alwaysGmbH for straighteners are PO mechanical position part of a design.indicators for the defined and reproducible adjustmentof straightening rollers. The PO position indicators Additionally, assemblies with base plates for straighteningare available in various sizes and can be mounted on system designs are now also available for RT andalmost all series of straighteners. New in the ER series RTS series straighteners.are ER 5-0.8 PO, ER 7-0.8 PO, ER 9-0.8 PO, ER 11-0.8PO and ER 13-0.8 PO straighteners, which are suitable Discover for yourself the advanced and ready-to-for processing wires with diameters that range from0.5 to 0.8 mm. install straightener assemblies that are available fromThe designs of these straighteners use a new PO topbar and a new design for the spindles, which serve the WITELS-ALBERT GmbH. These straightening assem- PO position indicators come in various sizes and can be bly units make it possible to straighten round wires in mounted on almost all ER series straighteners. up to four straightening planes as well as provide the36 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018 technology for achieving a convincing wire straight- ening quality. For more details, contact the author in Germany or visit In North, South and Central America, contact Bob Flower at Witels Albert USA Ltd., Oxford, MD, USA, by visiting, which is now servicing countries outside of the Americas. WFTI

BEAT THEDAILY GRIND Delta SGM9-2E-400 Delta SGM12-40018\" double-plate down feed grinder 26\" single-plate down feed grinder Also available in double-plate model Also available in single-plate model One source. Beat your daily grinding problems with the new Delta down feed grinderMany solutions. from Gibraltar. Gibraltar offers a series of seven Delta grinders with grinding stones from 7\"–26\" in both single- and double-loading plate models. Gibraltar. Contact us today for a quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our pricing! FONTS USED PROMINENT COLORS C=92.96 M=55.16 Y=9 K=23 R=00 G=88 B=140 HEX = 00578b C=00 M=00 Y=00 K=18 R=213 G=215 B=216 HEX = d5d6d8 Michael Shapiro | 847-383-5442 708 Anthony Trail, Northbrook, IL 60062

Top Products of 2017 These are the winners in our 18th annual article on the top products of the year. Results are based on selection by the Wire Forming Technology International Editorial Staff.High-Performance, 86\" height (11500 x 1910 x 2180 mm). HSI offers over 38Large-Format Conveyor Oven standard conveyor oven models. Like all of the company’s high-performance ovens, the HCF1150-SE is available withHSI and its North American rep, Forming Systems, Inc., the following optional accessories: CQI-9 for automo-Schoolcraft, MI, USA, offer the HCF1150-SE Conveyor tive industry (CQI9); AMS2750E for aerospace industryOven. This high-performance, large-format conveyor oven (AMSE2); solid-state relays (SSR); over temperature pro-includes an energy saving hood. General specifications tection (OTP); HMI temperature recorder (485H); digitalfor this high-efficiency unit include a 47.2\" x 350\" (1200 error meter (DEM); motor monitor (MM); and maximumx 8900 mm) heat zone, a 47.2\" wide (1200 mm) conveyor temperature of 930°F. www.formingsystemsinc.comas well as an overall size of 453\" length x 75\" width x HCF1150-SEconveyor oven with energysaving hood.Increased Productivity Wire is unspooled from the coil via motorized decoilerThrough Faster Coil Changes at constant speed (above). Rotating flap ensures peakFaster coil changing during rebar production, as recommended performance in making fixed-length Progress Maschinen & Automation AG, Brixen (BZ), Italy,results in a significant increase in productivity. The changing ofthe coils during the rebar production process reduces periodsof machine downtime, while at the same time increases themachine’s performance by double allocation of wires and segre-gation of the decoilers. Double decoilers or fully automated coil-changing devices reduce significantly the periods of downtimeon the wire processing machine. And as a result of faster coilchanges, double decoilers or fully automated change devicescan be utilized for the straightening machine. This capabilitypermits coils with the same wire diameter to be changed withoutdisrupting the production process, which significantly reducesthe periods of nonproduction on the machine. This sophisticatedsolution ensures faster coil changing and therefore offers thehighest degree of safety together with ergonomic operation.Minimum coil change times are ensured in the construction ofthe machines available from Progress Maschinen & Automa-tion AG, using detailed technical solutions so that there is norequirement to stop the straightening and cutting machines.www.progress-m.com38 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018 The WFTI Editorial Staff did not test these products and is not attempting to endorse them. We do however, applaud these product developments and marketing efforts.

Reinforcing Mesh Production of the FutureSchlatter Industries AG, Schlieren, Switzerland, has moved mesh pro-duction to a whole new level. With the company’s technology, an annualproduction of 80,000 to 100,000 tons can be manufactured by only twomesh welding machines, and this despite the uncountable variants of meshtypes with many different wire diameters. This performance is availableby using the optimized high-efficiency MG316 mesh welding machineand the highly flexible, high-performance MG800 mesh welding machine.This combination allows flexible production development along withlow processing costs. With this technoilogy, the production quantities ofthree or four machines can now be realized with only two mesh weldingmachines. The considerable reduction of changeover and reel exchangetimes has increased the effective production time of the machinery byup to a reported 50%. Fewer machines means a reduction in personnel,maintenance and energy costs. At the same time, space requirements andspare parts inventory, which always involve major capital commitment,are decreasing significantly. With the highly productive MG316, massproducts can be manufactured at a capacity of 200 cross wires/minute.The welding machine, equipped with direct welding groups, produces onthe highest quality level and does not need resetting in the welding portalsector. Therefore, short-term mesh orders will not pose any problems.The MG800 mesh welder can changeover to a different mesh type with aminor production stop of 30 seconds maximum. www.schlattergroup.comApp Provides a Portal to a Payoff-Decoiler withWide Array of Wire Materials Capacity to 3000 kg (6600 lb)The ‘Wire Finder’ App, from Alloy Wire International The Model SM15 payoff-decoiler, available from OMCG(AWI), Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK, provides an in- Srl, Olginate (LC), Italy, provides a maximum capacityteractive database of all AWI’s materials, their properties of 3000 kg (6600 lb). The SM15 system offers inverterand their applications. AWI offers material solutions for drive for smooth acceleration and deceleration ramps,applications that require very specific properties such as which is ideal for stops and starts. Also offered is ad-properties include nonmagnetism, high-tensile strength justable acceleration/deceleration, adjustable speed andand controlled thermal expansion, to name but a few. The lubricated-for-life reducer unit. The large coil holderweb-based app, available on computers, mobile phones plate (1690 mm/56.54\") can accommodate wire and tubeand tablets, allows users to search for the type of wire they coils. Additional features of the SM15 payoff-decoiler in-need by industry sector (e.g., aerospace, oil and gas and clude plate with guide rails and shafts, dancer-arm withnuclear) or by application solution such as high strength, adjustable tension, safety guards with hinged doors (onsub-zero temperature, heat, corrosion and water resis- request), coil holding shafts (on request), clockwise ortance. App users can choose from more than 60 alloys (all counter-clockwise rotation, emergency stop/emergencyEC origin and DFARS compliant) and available to order ring, full electric (no air requirements), plug-and-play tofrom 0.025 to 21 mm (0.001\" to 0.827\") in small batches OMCG machines and suitability for use with third-partyand medium volumes. AWI’s lead times are three weeks, equipment. www.omcg.comand the company operates an ‘Emergency ManufacturingService (EMS)’ that can see orders processed and deliveredwithin five working days. Continued... Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 39

Top Products of 2017...continuedVacuum Degreasing Technology Wire Former with Attachment ArmReduces Cost of Operations Saves Time & Increases Production RatesKyzen Corporation, Nashville, TN, USA, offers vacuum The Model HAX 20 wire former with AT attachment armdegreasing cleaning technology machines being applied from RK Trading USA, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA, al-to small parts/high-volume production methods. Kyzen lows its users to start and finish a part on one machine,says that vacuum degreasing technology delivers superior with no need to move it off the machine to a secondarycleaning, environmentally preferred features, various pro- department to complete the part. The HAX-AT widenscessing options and lower total cost of ownership. Kyzen the scope of jobs that its users can quote, while increasingvacuum degreasing equipment is designed to offer a wide profit margins, with a broader range of wire forms andvariety of cleaning applications in one central piece of torsion springs made complete on just one machine. Theequipment using one chemical cleaning agent for all soils HAX 20 is a 16-axis wire forming machine. And the ATand processes. Small parts in high-volume applications attachment arm includes a 3D rotating tool holder withgenerally require immersion cleaning to ensure all surfaces three attachments, a small and ergonomic design, user-of the parts are exposed to the cleaning agent. These soils friendly Herdon programming and availability of thecan be a cutting oil or lube (nonpolar in nature) or can be attachment arm on the company’s 2 mm and 4 mm wirewater-soluble coolants (typically polar in nature). Most forming machine models. Additionally, a full one-yearbulk parts in common work baskets require mechanical ac- warranty is offered by the company on parts and labor,tion to enhance the soil removal. These mechanical actions and the company provides free training at the RK facilitycombined with the cleaning agent’s chemical compatibility as well as a 30-day follow-up training at the customer’sand operational temperature create the process required facility. www.rktradingusa.comto remove the soils in desired time frame and provide thecleanliness level to meet your production requirements.The process is able to reach the center of the work basketwhere parts are shielded from external impingement ac-tions. www.KYZEN.comButt Welding Integration in AutomationAugust Strecker GmbH & Co. KG, Limburg, Germany, offers butt welding machines tojoin different metals to each other. As the fields of use are very diverse, this capabilitymeans the welding of solid round wires/rods to each other, or different classes of strandedproducts (class 2 to class 5 for example), or even stranded to solid material or shaped partsto strips, etc. The company’s dual upset butt welders with automatic flash removal offera high degree of automation. These models can be adapted to cover mass production inthe clients’ manufacturing lines, e.g., to do welds every 15 to 30 seconds, depending onmaterial and dimensions, in shift operation, on a self-sufficient basis. And depending onthe individual requirement and the quality standards set out by each customer, AugustStrecker offers documentation of process data for quality management and monitoringof machine functions as well as internal/external storage of this data.www.strecker-limburg.de40 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018 The WFTI Editorial Staff did not test these products and is not attempting to endorse them. We do however, applaud these product developments and marketing efforts.

Increased Metal FormingProduction CapabilityThe YSM NC- 26T Vertislide metal forming machine,available from Gibraltar Corporation, located inNorthbrook, IL, USA, is designed for increased metalforming production capability. According to GibraltarCorporation, with a typical four-slide, multi-slide orverti-slide machine, the user is subject to the limita-tions of cam timing slides, feed and die. The YSMNC- 26T Vertislide machine frees the user from thesecostly limitations by going camless. The YSM NC- 26TVertislide system’s no-cam design allows rapid andeasily repeatable setup. Additional features includeincreased accuracy with repeatable process and servofeed, reduced tooling cost due to camless operation andeasy operating features that ensure greater productiv-ity. www.gibraltar8.comPrecision, Stand-Alone Butt Welders robust construction for consistent and quality welds with minimal maintenance automated cells, with simple robotAutomated Industrial Machinery, Inc. (AIM, Inc.), Ad- integration offering the most consistent quality welds alldison, IL, USA, offers the BW series of high-precision, the time. Power savings can be accomplished with thestand-alone butt welders, consisting of butt welders mid-frequency DC models with a balanced three-phasefrom 40 to 150 KVA, for up to 16 mm or 5/8\", with AC or electrical load. www.AIMmachines.commid-frequency inverter models. Features include fullyautomatic welding control with multiple schedules ca-pability, heavy-duty/high-precision guides for accurateand repeatable alignment, adjustable clamp and tip force(pneumatically controlled) and weld head that can beordered at 90° or 0° (front forward or top down welding).Also featured are adjustable upset position with mechani-cal counters, fully adjustable and easily accessible clampadjustment for precise clamp alignment and availability ofmagnetic guides. The welders can be supplied with optionsincluding robot loading, hand-held programming unitpendant, AGI Argon gas for stainless welding and weldinserts made with Elkonite (copper tungsten/tungstenand molybdenum). BW welders offer high precision andAutomated, Cost-Effective Mesh WelderClifford Machines & Technology (Pty.) Ltd., Pietermaritz-burg KZN, South Africa, provides the EMW mesh welderfor fine mesh, high security fencing mesh, engineeringmesh for reinforcing, mine mesh and general-purposereinforcing mesh. The EMW range provides the mar-ketplace with a competitively priced mesh welder solu-tion. The EMW comes in various configurations, from acompletely precut mesh welder, to off-coil for both linewire and crosswire configuration. The variance in meshwelder configurations is all attributed to Clifford Machine& Technology’s modular machine designs, which allowhigh flexibility for varying product types. A complete off-coil line and cross wire EMW mesh welder, complete withtrimmers, shear and turning and stacking configurationcan be supplied by the company. To obtain additionalinformation on Clifford Machine & Technology equipmentin the USA, contact AWT Machinery Inc., Rockford IL,USA. / Continued... Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 41

Top Products of 2017...continuedCold Bending Process Powerful, Reliable & Precisefor Producing Railway Clips Spring End Grinding MachineIn addition to the XWA Rod Bending Machine for Wiper The G 450 spring end grinding machine from WAFIOSArms, OMCG Srl, of Olginate (LC), Italy and Bensenville, AG, Reutlingen, Germany, features the WPS 3.2 EasyWayIL, USA, offers the XRC series, a complete solution for the high-end control system. Thje G 450 addresses the needscold bending process for manufacturers of railway clips. of as many customers as possible, even if they opt forA customized design combining different technologies simply the basic version. The G 450 is a single-plate springsuch as uncoiling, straightening, CNC bending, multi- end grinding machine for grinding both compressionslide forming, secondary operations units and a transfer spring ends simultaneously using the crush-grinding orsystem allows users to optimize space, minimize scrap down-feed grinding technique. The basic G 450 versionand greatly reduce energy consumption in the process comes with eight axes (six servo axes and two frequency-compared to traditional hot manufacturing. The XRC controlled drives). It also features a high-performancefamily of machines also features an extremely easy-to- cooling and dust extraction concept, and a rigid dressinguse Human-Machine-Interface (Windows® based) with unit with two axes. www.wafios.comsimplified 3D design for programming of parts and veryversatile optimization settings. G 450 spring end grinder (below) and loading plate with active cooling concept (left).Spring Calculation Software SystemUsed by spring manufacturers, design engineers and endusers worldwide, Spring Calculator Professional (SCP)from the Institute of Spring Technology (IST), Sheffield,UK, assists in the design and validation of a wide range ofspring types. It makes use of a comprehensive database ofmaterials and design standards that draw upon IST’s manyyears of experience in the spring manufacturing field. Theuser-friendly software allows designs to be evaluated andthe impact of changes in materials, design standards andspring parameters to be quickly evaluated, saving time andmoney. SCP has become an essential part of the design andvalidation process for hundreds of spring manufacturers and designers around the world. The software includes a vastrange of wire and strip materials, with performance data gathered over many years of testing in the Institute’s uniquespring laboratories, providing a wide range of fatigue and relaxation predictions. Available in eight different spring types,SCP includes an optimum range of material data and standards. To keep up with global customers, the calculator alsoincludes design and tolerance standards and material specifications from around the world. Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018 The WFTI Editorial Staff did not test these products and is not attempting to endorse them. We do however, applaud these product developments and marketing efforts.

High-Speed Coiler with Corrosion-Resistant Alloy for SpringsAdvanced Numerical Control ArcelorMittal subsidiary, WireSolutions, offers Corzal®The MX series high-speed coiler for producing right and high corrosion-resistant alloy for technical springs. Corzalleft-handed compression springs, from SIMPLEX-RAPID is a 95% Zn and 5% Al alloy that offers exceptional du-Srl, Giuliano Milanese (MI), Italy, is equipped with an rability characteristics. Properties also include extendedadvanced numerical control for direct control of seven life span, smooth surface, eco-axes (wire feed, diameter, vertical pitch, horizontal pitch, nomic advantages and good coat-retracting mandrel, vertical mandrel and cutter). Features ing concentricity. Corzal alloyinclude rational/sophisticated design, high-quality materi- wire can be protected by plasticals and craftsmanship, best commercial components on the wrapping, loaded onto palletsmarket and attention to detail. High reliability is provided or wooden blocks and oiled. Itthrough a significant reduction in the number of mechani- can also be packaged in metalcal parts, improved maintenance (automatic lubrication containers that areoil and grease—double pump) and greater protection of stackable on request.electronic components. Performance is enhanced through ds.arcelormittal.comlower mechanical inertia, less parts subject to wear andplay and hardware and software for superior performance. 2-Axis Fine Wire Spring CoilerCost efficiency results from lower maintenance costs,increased productivity, reduced footprint and optimized HTC and Forming Systems Inc., Schoolcraft, MI, USA,power consumption. provide the HTC8DS-II, 2-axis spring coiling machine designed for the production of fine wire springs. The wire range for this spring coiling machine is 0.06 to 0.3 mm (0.002\" to 0.012\"). The HTC8DS-11 machine’s feed system and tooling have been designed for the production of pre- cision fine wire springs. Precision coiling point holders and slides ensure precise set up and spring diameter accuracy. A micrometer for roller pressure adjustment ensures ac- curacy and repeatability. Also featured is a micrometer for mandrel positioning and a micrometer for coiling point for precise OD control. Two servo motors with industrial computer control are designed to ensure reliability and accuracy. The HTC8DS-11 coiling machine’s micro pulse hand wheel provides ease of set up and programming. Programmable air valves provide flexible pneumatic ap- plications. A digital microscope system is included with the machine. www.formingsystemsinc.comAutomated Comparator for WFTIHundreds of Measurements in Seconds Winter 2018/Wire Forming Technology International 43 Keyence Corporation of America, located in Itasca, IL, USA, provides the IM-7000 Series Instant Measurement system, which is an auto- mated comparator that can perform hundreds of mea- surements in seconds with automatic data collection and inspection report generation. IM-7000 Series capabilities include fast speeds, high ac- curacy and an 8\" x 8\" stage for tall and large parts.

Famous Trade Fair is Bigger Than Everwire 2018, from April 16 to 20, 2018At the Fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany As of January 2018, some 1180 companies representing (Photos on these two page are from wire 2016)50 different countries have registered for wire 2018, takingup over 699,700 ft2 in Halls 9 to 18. This demonstrates the that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Those who areevent’s number one position as the world’s leading trade fairs of importance, and those who would like to be, participate atfor the wire and cable industry. Innovative technologies, new the wire trade fair. You should also be there.machinery and equipment as well as products and servicesfrom the wire, cable and tube industries will be presented over Technical buyers, financially strong investors and goodthe five days of the show. customers are drawn to Düsseldorf from all over the world on the five trade fair days. At the last wire alone, more than wire 2018 will be held in Halls 9 to 16 and partly also two-thirds of all trade visitors found new business the temporary Hall 18. It will feature machinery for the Everyone who wants to do business and stay in business goesmanufacturing and finishing of wire, tools and auxiliary ma- to the wire trade fair.terials for process engineering as well as materials, specialwires and cables. The trade fair will also cover innovations Which new materials, equipment, machines, accessoriesin measurement and control engineering, test engineering and and processes are driving the spring and wire formed partsa range of specialist areas. Responding to the increasing use industry? From mega trends to nano innovations, at wire youof glass fiber technologies in the energy sector as well in the are looking into the industry’s and communication industries, the 2018 stagingwill have an even greater focus on the potential of glass fiber Show off who you are and where you are, in the globaltechnology. The segments of wire and cable machinery, wire competition of spring and wire formed parts industry ideas.and cable production, trade and glass fiber technologies will And you can do so effectively at the wire 2018 trade presented in Halls 9 to 14 and 16. There is a special concentration of spring-related exhibi-tors and mesh welders in Hall 13. The rest of the wire andrebar product suppliers can be found in Halls 9 to14 and 16.About one-fifth of the show’s exhibitors cater to wire productsmanufacturers, and the balance serve manufacturers of wire,cable and mechanical fasteners.Think Global & Act Global The Host City Meet your spring and wire formed parts industry business The host city for the wire 2018 trade fair is Düsseldorf,partners at the world’s most important trade fair for the wireand cable industry. Germany. This Rhine metropolis is a cosmopolitan city—in Business is conducted at the wire trade fair, valuable con- a very small area. Everything is nearby. The wire 2018 tradetacts are made and cultivated at the show and here you willalso see the global spring and wire formed parts innovations44 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

wire 2018 PREVIEWfair location is only 10 minutes away from the airport andideally connected to railway/motorway networks.Buy eTicket Now You can now purchase eTickets to the fair at reduced on-line prices. This capability provides direct access on-site,with no loss of time. eTickets include free travel with publictransport to and from the trade fair. wire 2018 is colocatedonce again with Tube 2018 as shown in the image Continued...www.wire-tradefair.com46 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018


wire 2018 PREVIEWInterview With: Considerable sums of money are being invested in infrastructural projects, construction and the automotive industry in southeast  Friedrich-Georg Kehrer Asia, in some South American countries and in parts of Africa. The German economy, too, has been booming for a number of  Global Portfolio Director, years now. Private households are increasing their consump- tion, and the building industry is benefiting from the trend among  Metals & Flow Technologies many Germans to build their own houses. Rising exports have led to a higher gross national product.  Messe Düsseldorf GmbH The wire, cable, pipe and tube industries are playing major roles in all this. We are therefore optimistic about spring 2018, and weQuestion: What’s new at the world’s lead- have already recorded a good number of registrations—over sixing trade fairs for wire, cables and tubes months before the trade 2018? So even at this stage, the registration figures are persuasive. wire 2018 currently has a net occupancy of around 65,000 m2.Kehrer: As before, the two number one trade fairs in their indus- So far 1120 exhibitors have registered, coming from 50 countriestries will occupy 16 exhibition halls, mapping the entire spectrum. (November 2017).They will cover wire manufacturing and finishing, process auto- Tube has so far attracted 794 exhibitors from 46 countries, with amation, measurement and control engineering, cable technolo- net space of about 48,000 m2 (November 2017).gies, tube manufacturing and processing, raw materials, the rawmaterial trade, pipelines, OCTG technology, profiles, pre-used Question: Can you explain the term Global Portfolio?machinery and plastic tubes. But there will also be enough spacefor further specifications and applied technologies, and of course Kehrer: wire and Tube have grown steadily in Düsseldorf sinceIndustry 4.0 will definitely continue to determine the course of the the mid-1980s. Every two years, Düsseldorf becomes the meet-two leading trade fairs in 2018. We’ll be welcoming over 70,000 ing place for key players of these visitors on those five days, and we’re expecting to see the The demand for plants, machinery and products from the cable,entire professional world coming to Düsseldorf again. wire and tube industries is also growing in other countries, and soWhat’s new is the hall layout. The southern section of our ex- we now have wire and Tube satellite trade fairs in Russia, India,hibition centre will be extended towards the Rhine, comprising China, Thailand and Brazil. wire and Tube are going global—andthe future Hall 1 and thus a new, light-flooded southern entrance in fact at a time of global transformations. After all, no industryarea as the dominant feature, looking towards the city center. could function without wire, cables or tubes.This is why wire 2018 will be held in Halls 9 to 16 and parts of the The success of these events has shown that we were right nottemporary Hall 18, while Tube will cover Halls 3 to 7.0 and Halls to limit our focus to our domestic and European markets, but to16, 17 and also parts of the temporary Hall 18. pursue a worldwide focus and to develop more and more newIt means that Hall 16 will form a transitional area and interface markets. This is what gives our brands so much strength: wirebetween wire 2018 and Tube 2018. In addition to the southern, and Tube—join the best.eastern and northern entrances, there will be a temporary en- It’s also been our first year of active involvement in Iran. 2017trance in Hall 17. Shuttle buses will be serving all four entrances. was the first time that Messe Düsseldorf acted as an overseas associate at Iran Wire. We’ve been targeting and supporting allQuestion: What will be the main emphasis in the various halls? international companies (except USA companies) that would like to present themselves as exhibitors at the trade fair in Tehran.Kehrer: wire: Halls 9 to 14 and part of Hall 16 will focus on wire So it’ll be exciting to see how things go at the EXHIBIRAN IN-and cable machines, wire and cable production and trade and TERNATIONAL Fairground from December 6 to 9, 2017. Theglass fiber technologies. Aria Group, the owners and organizers of Iran Wire, will be hold-Hall 13 will put the emphasis on mesh welding machines and ing this high-profile technology trade fair for the first time at thespring making technology. Hall 15 will feature connection and new exhibition center.fastening technologies, and the adjacent Hall 16 will have a sec-tion entitled “Meet China’s Expertise”. Question: Has there been a shift in the countries where exhibi-This has proved its worth in the past and has again been request- tors and visitors come from?ed by our Chinese exhibitors who want to present their innovativeproducts in a compact and manageable area, within one hall. Kehrer: Our strongest exhibitors’ and visitors’ countries in 2018Tube: Tube manufacturing, profiles and the tube trade will feature will continue to be our European neighbors, although there arein Halls 3, 4, 7 and 16. Tube metal forming will be seen in Hall also many overseas companies.5, and tube processing machines in Halls 6 and 7a. Plants and The most strongly represented exhibitors at wire and Tube aremachinery will be showcased in Hall 7a, whereas Halls 16 and 17 from Italy, the UK, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium,will be about tube accessories. Profiles will be presented in Halls Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Poland and Germany.3 to 7a and Halls 16 and 17. China’s Tube exhibitors will occupy Many of the overseas exhibitors come from the United States,Hall 16 with their wire colleagues from the same country, inviting India, Taiwan, South Korea and China. We are expecting aroundvisitors to “Meet China’s Expertise”. Although the two groups will 70,000 trade visitors on the five days.share the same hall, they will occupy different sections in it. Most trade fair visitors will be coming from major production and consumer countries like Italy, Belgium, UK, France, the Nether-Question: How are both events effected by the global economy? lands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Turkey and Germany. But we’re also expecting an increasing number of expert visitorsKehrer: Despite various global crises in recent years, the entire from overseas, i.e., the USA, Brazil, India and China.industry is currently experiencing a global boom. It’s an econom-ic climate that encourages investment, not just in Europe. Spring, wire formed part, wire mesh and rebar product-related wire 2018 WFTI exhibitor stand previews & listings can be found on pages 50 to 65.48 Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2018

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