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OVERVIEW April 29 2019 Issue Flipbook Edition

Published by mcnulty, 2019-04-24 11:12:37

Description: OVERVIEW April 29 2019 Issue Flipbook Edition


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April 29, 2019 Volume 21, Issue 15 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Encore Wire & Southwire Welcome DOC Ruling on China Nexans Mobilized for Notre-Dame Cathedral Encore Wire Corporation, McKinney, TX, USA, and Southwire, Carrollton, Reconstruction Efforts......................................2 LEONI & relayr Strategic Partnership................2 GA, USA, have both responded to the U.S. Commerce Department’s prelimi- IEWC and HUBER+SUHNER Partnership..........3 nary affirmative determination in its countervailing duty (CVD) NEMA Standards for Connected Vehicles.......3 NKT Appoints Kara President & CEO...............3 investigation of aluminum wire and cable from China. Direct Wire & Cable Celebrates 40 Years........4 “Encore supports the U.S. Government’s ongoing antidumping and CVD Southwire Welcomes Two Senior VPs..............4 investigations because we believe that illegally dumped and subsidized alu- Gore Launches Space Cables..........................5 minum wire from China has undermined our investments in aluminum wire New Inventory Program at Remee..................6 Cerrowire’s Raceway Fill Calculator App.........6 production to complement our market-leading copper building wire business,” Wire & Cable Verona 2019 Set for October..... 7 said Daniel Jones, Chairman, President and CEO of Encore Wire Corporation. Hybrid Fiber Coax Market to Grow at 8%....... 7 “Today’s preliminary decision that Chinese aluminum building wire producers Messe Düsseldorf at Interwire 2019................8 receive significant illegal subsidies is a positive development and an important ICPC Submarine Cables Paper Award............8 step toward restoring a level playing field.” Also, Southwire’s Norman Adkins, Executive VP and CCO, shared: “South- Presented by: wire supports Commerce’s preliminary determination in the CVD investigation of aluminum wire and cable imports from China. Our nearly & seven decades of success as a wire and cable producer are proof of Southwire’s ability to fairly compete with foreign producers. We have Initial Publications, Inc. long been a believer in the power of free trade, and these findings better allow 1741 Akron Peninsula Rd, us to compete with Chinese producers of wire and cable on a level playing field.” Akron, OH 44313 USA As a result of the Commerce Department’s decision, U.S. importers of alu- Tl: +1 330 864 2122 • Fx: +1 330 864 5298 minum building wire from China will be required to pay CVD cash deposits at e-mail: [email protected] rates ranging from 11.57% to 164.16%, depending upon the Chinese exporter/ Chip Lippincott Publisher supplier. The Commerce Department is scheduled to issue its preliminary an- Mike McNulty VP & Editor tidumping determination by late May 2019. Both investigations are expected Jim Masar Senior Editor to conclude by the end of the year. Tom Hutchinson Global Sales Manager Mike Dies Sales Representative / Prysmian Improves Financial Structure with Revolving Credit of One Billion Euros Subscribe @ Prysmian Group, Milan, Italy, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has refinanced its €1000 million long-term revolving credit facility with a pool of leading Italian and international banks. The strong interest shown by the banks invited to participate and the improved conditions offered by the new agreement demonstrate that the banking system remains confident in the Group. The significant five-year credit facility will contribute to further improving the Group's financial structure by extending the average maturity of its financing, while retaining the flexibility that the instrument offers. The credit facility replaces an analogous facility that was close to maturity, and the funds will be available for business and working capital needs, including the refinancing of existing facilities. Wire & Cable Stock Indexes % CHANGE % CHANGE since last issue YTD 2017 OVERVIEW 40 3409 +10.6 +25.9 OVERVIEW Electrical 2714 +11.3 +28.6 You need it—We have it! +14.8 802.773.9111 OVERVIEW Communications 686 +8.5 +19.4 OVERVIEW Steel 338 +7.5 [email protected] •All data are from prices listed on the market on Apr. 19, 2019. Page 1

BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT April 29, 2019 Houston Wire & Cable sition in the global marketplace by = Notebook announces Board nominations significantly reducing its cost struc- Houston Wire & Cable Company, ture to help improve the Group’s Nexans Mobilized for Houston, TX, USA, announced that sustainable financial performance. the Reconstruction of its Board of Directors These actions include, among Notre-Dame Cathedral has nominated Mar- others, the restructuring of certain CWuirsetoamndizCedabCleompoundWCsuirsetoamndizCedabCleompouWCCnduoirssmetopamonudiznCepsFCtTcNstpEatFErŸuŸŸEŸŸŸcvhhherohourxnrosuarteaCieeesiolspnpeollsttiixtinnCpdzvhEEMFFIaetstcpaaevnGaonreicgcaraRltePladnnriasoooramaoandeebrehpdrrddtutRemisorfknsMishcttuiffttlrraitzfeoTaiuBt,yoeteotleeaAtCoiunoeaharPnrithspmeennfsoddirlfdmsfRsoeooamdeeednatnttrsetiimntrreeewrehtnodesaheeColmsmrai,fttrlsi,piixeoahldaenbrrhitcJcrrr.,lPmhoeogpsoirlef,oegaauweiuFdepatuatrbseCytcaaru€omrecreCaclnsahrkiaitrwruemrnl7cnhtmhinclitddes/oosansiioichaii0nedtocsaosrtemslt,cgoibieindNksa,benhgnncsere0tFanepiengplhihtlcaosimor,Cen0bnosdor,apanrtejttovfssoer0kutgoohrpfdronHoouir.aenmitw,uvprCanslccpotPbactod-siclvaipsndioetoaolDtlsclroueetioiegsooaimd,ebilriaoy,naggvcnealulntdohenpeaitthmwntmftoaolh.ihhaonetdrmioonsiaernueeeeefsslsFs,fiflannwrirdenekbsecelalltusaCmw2p2tiscMaOMgCffvBfaeooaoedsaoa00eoasEeficrrdrioiefrtbnllcnmOc11rJBLyrwiuhekhrcnie99earaheagctreeeo,espnraeoaioret.t:.amiint-DkaiortsobroAmeDfnaFertSseadacduaoedoluerrilrg.tlHoliennpneloeirhlrtpfst.TDdooLcgoidediurc.mHlwooataoaotuWuuiiesiaCLtcrrcte“nsiwiiifn..ritrpntlottMscrathetof2ersasohddosPcurhsnenmoi.i0ciserlamot”tocaiinCdrltoouŸŸuŸŸŸcŸvE,ohwt0oregpmiiokantiounovtnpwiucC5gLooigliDblldestVSuttgnkitplgfsinChzdkEIFMEFiaeitettiaatdarndhesotiraeaorglR.cemhtalPlnnwetasaouanmi,l’oaofsdaslhne,ne.oddeunRmc2isfttlscsMswleiseyifteafldlrtrstzfede2I0oTtoiaBtiloolenBIwnrCungearahCIarexert0h1mea,mebprastirgdemfcsRyo8ootismhxsraeeo1xdtenPe,telestmnel,c9eereiaePpodrwirwagnergeCLms,r,egdsrtleirpioeLaJdnanbsrfetciJriasehrapMihaoaePusolosirrfe,iPgaaellsuutvdecetptetinutcnsCosmmtcsirdaitgomaebCcatsiolintcsi nktuaniwrrcwrmiehaarcenysldotindeo/oohs iueeaniihinenetninnoarsteasmntvidexaigaoier7iiksta.tngncsddgrnnesssy/--rapit,.fnlglhtcaiCbnod,anovekuopdHoracshimefacCah(dnTtCnmpCnCeolepoorbactdaeevcanalaaocptIieosaollscncatTeleeCsodlrgtaiodrCtmeblnai)vlsy,grnlaeliau2tlu,&ciotsoeitoeeopestidsmnlr8oiAlaqalpdnqeonedselelidmeni1sMmeZtnseuuaanfusasFsemdiwalIjnnwr,,blroretlCapodgiiemubsunmchncoebngipcBroimaenregrcccEaurnfkopqesereaenorog:itntoueamtseaaoetuchdurlhnmnamCgtutidrecuotnreaiesoiii.ueoosinpsteiinrnomttuepnnMsistrxfodpsttTM.clponemmnmngihoc,ueseohB eiarvŸoŸŸmEbŸŸŸltIwnooelnaectfn.aoaniie.rrsCfalnpgwetomduohelednpcitlMrdCaaIMFEFEpaggnaohslaCanko nxp.xtioiidgoRl,clPaunnhglefliraesaooaaocyoryauectmddaupRmSiwmsMnofiaerotesMtnlfvnisllootsfeoelTcl Ba/trefddomleedptChuaaara.orcoiothfgemftoasnaciirmsiRfoogtgueMtewntondrettturaietgehtnnmhnhhhtreeekeldooiensaniCbmrt,lfoirtidideeeeipsvissdylan------abrtcJtrllohoeosoorg,saadpeltufseCttcaaCcalncskdawrrhgnulddeoosiicneetsasrtmstioieksatncnsaomapngltasimCbond,anpweukoipdozHanmepCeu Notre-Dame de Paris that will improve its competitive po- Based in Snoqualmie, WA, USA, Nexans has long been commit- LEONI & relayr Strategic Partnership ted to the preservation of the to Raise Automotive Production Efficiency historical, cultural and artistic Provider of energy and data manage- ment solutions for the automotive heritage, through the cabling industry, LEONI AG, Nürmberg, Ger- systems it has provided for the MfCroehrnuâtoshteveeuaad1mtuie0o.s8dnigewRanwaVnodwedofr.EtshDsalTeeerielciclvLletu:eorsi+r,uci1aNtCvynra2aeodu0bgfLl3aeea-tCl7hnstu2ooesc3mk-p,2oC5u9Tn0Taamv0dorhaes6slevnp.7iceycen7o,nocg0mtmiaeatUnlrphiidsnaeStngArIiiennealtsaeinshyrdtnarrue,avstteBetroegai1afrinc0llTnin8soph,owuaiRnlGnruwagtctensidweoreomdn.r(EsIsaDjoholTenTiirinepnyci)v-,t.,lt:eri+,c1NCa2au0bgl3ea-C7tu2oc3mk-p,2oC5u9Tn00d6s.7c7o0mUSAwwwN.EaluTeegclat1:rti+0uc81cCkR2a,0baCl3deT-oC702oD6 development work on linking intel- ligent cable and automation systems Quality Compounding for wTathiteehnuianpbnclioonmvgaintcigavtQrehsmoeuIloauaWTntliiouttinfyreaesccChta&unorreoemClroasapgimbaioeenlusedd.nIdnippdnrrueogdvsiifctdortiiyrnvge an intelligent solution for the Wire & Cable Industry maintenance and monitor- their suppliers to reduce unplanned ing of robot lines in car manufacturing downtime of robotic manufacturing based on the LEONiQ technology and lines and raising production efficiency relayr’s IoT portfolio. This will give plant thereby improving overall equipment operators ongoing and deeper insight 108 Rado Drive, Naugatuck, CT 06770 eTrefhflearocyutrigvwehniltlehsbisse1p(0Ojwao8rEwitnnREwtela).yrE.dsldoTheeeicDplvt:,rrei+icvLl1oCeEp,2aONi0bnNl3ageI-uC7gaa2oann3mtddu-p2co5ku9,oin0nCfdtTotsh.0tech6oew7m7hc0roitleiwcalwinl wae.r.leeaosnia.cnodmcomponents Tel: +1 203-723-2590 Page 2

BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT MicroConnex brings deep technical company has been able to win or- April 29, 2019 expertise and process capabilities ders for high value-added projects with a primary focus on delivering following the expansion of the Euro- Notebook space-optimizing configurations pean 5G market. LS Cable & System for mission-critical components in Asia also has signed a contract to IEWC and HUBER+SUHNER industries with stringent tolerance supply power cable for Hoang Son Partner to Support Electric requirements. The firm’s key manu- Group, Vietnam’s construction com- Vehicle and Rail Markets facturing processes include thin- pany, and Vietnam PV power plant IEWC now stocks and distrib- film sputtering, laser ablation and business for the next two years. utes HUBER+SUHNER high- precision laser micromachining. voltage cables in North America. This distribution agreement bolsters NKT appoints Alexander IEWC’s position as a key sup- LS Cable & System Asia to see Kara President & CEO plier of cable for electric, rail best performance in Q1 2019 and transit vehicle and acces- The NKT Board of Directors has sory developers in North America LS Cable & System Asia Ltd. is appointed Alexander Kara as and globally. HUBER+SUHNER set to achieve its greatest President and CEO of NKT and customers also have access to a performance in the first NKT A/S. Kara is an internationally world-class stocking/value-add logistics partner for their procure- quarter of 2019. The firm recently experienced executive ment and inventory strategies. announced that sales in the first in the power distribution quarter of this year increased by industry, with in-depth 28% to KRW 122.3 billion. Operating market knowledge and NEMA Standards for profit was up by 14% to KRW 6 billion technology insight, which will fur- Connected Vehicles compared to last year. ther strengthen NKT’s position as ​The National Electrical Manu- a strong partner in its key markets. facturers Association (NEMA) LS Cable & System Asia Ltd. said Alexander Kara will join NKT on has formed the Connected Ve- its Q1 2019 sales and operating August 1, 2019. profit were the best quarterly results Kara joins NKT from ABB, where hicle Infrastructure since entering the Vietnam market he was Sr. VP, HUB Business Unit Technical (CVIT) in 1996 and listing on the Korea Manager CSE, High Voltage Prod- Committee to develop a har- Exchange in 2016. ucts with responsibility for all ABB monized technical specification high-voltage product plants and for roadside connected vehicle The company said that the qual- markets in central/southern Europe. (CV) devices.​ Standards to be ity of its power cables is superior to developed are for traffic and that of local companies, and that it school zone signals, pedestrian is also competitive with overseas Prysmian Board approves crossings and other electronic global players. In addition, the 2018 financial statements devices that control vehicles and pedestrian movement. The ability The Board of Directors of Prys- to transmit safety messages be- mian SpA has re-examined and tween infrastructure and vehicles approved the consolidated financial is critical to CV technology.​ statements and draft separate financial Phone: statements for 2018. Combined sales including Gen- +1 973 402 4098 eral Cable for full year 2018 was €11,524 million with 2.8% organic growth. Adjusted combined EBITDA for full year 2018 was €767 million including WL projection provisions of US$165 million for full year 2018. The Board also confirmed a dividend payout of €0.43 per share. Page 3

BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT April 29, 2019 Southwire Welcomes John Wirtz & Dan Stuart Notebook to Leadership Team as Senior Vice Presidents Southwire, Carrollton, GA, USA, is Beverage Group, a privately held Direct Wire & Cable pleased to welcome two new Sr. VPs to beverage distributor operating in 16 Celebrates 40 Years its leadership team. John Wirtz began markets, where he was instrumental Direct Wire and Cable cel- serving as the company’s Senior Vice in automation and implementation of ebrated 40 years in the wire and President of Utility on April 15, 2019, various technology systems. With more cable manufactur- ing business with and starting on April 30, 2019, Dan than a decade of IT experience, Stuart a recently held company-wide Stuart will join the organization as the will lead the company’s enterprise event to commemorate the spe- Senior Vice President of Information systems including planning, imple- cial anniversary milestone, along with a very successful 2017. Technology Services (ITS). menting, operating and support of the “It has been an exciting ride for the Direct Wire and Cable family. Wirtz brings 30 years of electrical in- organization’s technology applications Seeing our growth into new mar- kets and industries has been very dustry experience to Southwire’s lead- and infrastructure. rewarding,” said Direct Wire and Cable Founder, Richard Witwer. ership team. Most recently, he served The company started as a small shop in Richard Witwer’s garage, as Senior Vice President and General selling cable to welding distribu- tors. But since then, Direct Wire Manager of High Voltage Products and Cable has come a long way, and the company is currently in at ABB, a leader in digital industries the process of adding to its exist- specializing in electrification, industrial ing manufacturing facility, grow- ing the facility this year alone by automation, motion and robotics and nearly 10,000 ft2. During the celebration, Direct discrete automation. Wire and Cable management also acknowledged the current Stuart joins Southwire from Breakthru administration’s new tax pro- gram, which has benefited the ALTEX earns UL certification manufacturing plant in Donghae, company, and Direct Wire execu- & expands facilities in Mexico Gangwon Province, China.” tives wanted to pass that along to each of its employees with an ALTEX, a Westfield, IN, USA, wire The location of this new cable ‘additional’ bonus. harness and cable plant is Donghae, Gangwon Prov- Management said it is highly assembly manufac- ince, Korea. aware of the fact that it wouldn’t turer, has achieved certification to be anywhere without its wonder- UL ZPFW2 for its Mexico plant. The The OVERVIEW editorial staff ful employees and customers. certification assures customers that apologizes for any misunderstand- ALTEX maintains the highest safety ings resulting from this error. standards and strictest quality pro- cedures to mitigate risk of counter- feit parts being used in production. Ducab revenues rise in 2018; And to accommodate continued New Chairman announced growth, the Nogales, Mexico, plant recently added 32,000 ft2 to its foot- As the company commemorates print for a total of 42,000 ft2. four decades as a leader in the UAE’s manufacturing sector, Ducab, ALTEX offers the services and Dubai, UAE, has announced that its expertise to manufacture the most 2018 consolidated group sales rose complex wire harness, box build to AED 4.8 billion, for an increase and electromechanical assemblies of approximately 7% year-on-year. for leading-edge firms in the indus- Ducab now operates six manufac- trial manufacturing, medical, hybrid turing facilities across four sites in vehicle, clean energy and other the UAE, employing a workforce of emerging technology markets. more than 1600. Performance Elastomers Correction to LS Cable article Specializing in Equipment for the CPE, CSM, CR, FKM, HNBR, EPDM An article in the Notebook sec- Wire & Cable Industry. • Appraisers • Auctions (330) 653-8341 tion of the April 8, 2019, edition of the OVERVIEW, erroneously stated: • Individual Pieces or Entire Plants +1.401.943.3777: phone Page 4 “LS Cable & System will also +1.401.943.3670: fax invest 40 billion won (US$35.2 mil- lion) to build an additional cable e-mail: [email protected]

BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT Ducab Group now comprises Craig Buckingham to Managing April 29, 2019 four business units: Ducab Wires Director Australia at R&M and Cables; Ducab High Voltage Notebook (HV); Ducab Metals; and Ducab The Swiss cabling specialist, Aluminium Company (DAC). The R&M, has appointed Craig Buck- Gore Launches Space company’s established wires, ca- ingham as new Managing Director Cables for “NewSpace” bles and metals businesses all saw for its Australian business, effective W. L. Gore & Associates of positive year-on-year sales growth from April 2019. Dundee, Scotland, introduces in 2018. a new collection of high-speed Since joining R&M in data cables and high-frequency The newly-established Ducab 2015, Buckingham has microwave/RF assemblies for the Aluminium Company (DAC) per- been jointly responsible emerging NewSpace economy. formed well during its first full year for the successful set- Leading the way are innovative of operations, with total sales rising up of the company’s companies such as SpaceX that to more than AED 300 million for organization in this im- use smaller, sleeker, lower-cost the year. portant market. satellites and vehicles with fast- paced designs and frequent, Ducab also made significant “I am delighted to appoint Craig inexpensive launch capabilities. headway in international markets. Buckingham as new Managing Di- As a result, customers want Oman and Bahrain proved to be rector. Craig has played a key role in qualified, reliable cables and strong growth markets within the Australia supporting our local team assemblies at a reduced price GCC last year, and further afield, the and partners, which will be a good that can be delivered quickly for company secured significant sales asset for his new position,” said NewSpace applications in order contracts in Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Laurent Amestoy, Executive Vice to help bring connectivity to the Australia, Hong Kong, USA and the President APAC at R&M. “Craig was world in a way that has never UK. Today Ducab exports around part of R&M’s global technical team been done in the past. 60% of its production across busi- and knows the regional market ness units. needs as well as the international Products such as GORE® Hook- market requirements.” Up Wires ensure power is de- Additionally, at the company’s re- livered up to 600 V safely and cent board meeting and AGM, Du- Buckingham replaces Emmanuel reliably in the most demanding cab confirmed the appointment of Beydon-Schlumberger, who has orbit environments. GORE High Dr. Ahmad Bin Hassan established the region as an impor- Speed Data Cables improve sig- Al Shaikh as its new tant pillar in the APAC organization nal quality and transmit critical Chairman. Dr. Ahmad over the past years. He will take on information while meeting and Bin Hassan Al Shaikh a leading role in the Key Account exceeding standard protocols. replaces Eng. Jamal organization at R&M headquarters Salem Al Dhaheri, who in Switzerland. served as Chairman from 2017 to 2019. The company’s chairman- R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) NIEHOFF ENDEX ship is rotated biannually between is a leading global producer of fu- North America Ducab’s equal shareholders Senaat ture-proof products and systems for and the Investment Corporation of communication and data networks. Your Worldwide Partner Dubai (ICD) For Non Ferrous Wire Processing Equipment 1 Mallard Court, Swedesboro, NJ 08085 USA Acerinox approves dividend Tel.: 856.467.4884 [email protected] “Your one-stop supplier of high-quality, increase & changes to Board Fax: 856.467.0584 global-value, second-hand nonferrous The General Shareholders’ Meet- wire & cable equipment” ing of Acerinox S.A. held recently in 100 Franklin Street Madrid, Spain, approved an 11% increase in the dividend to share- Bristol, CT 06010  USA holder of €0.50 per share as op- T: +1 860 583 4646 • F: +1 860 589 5707 posed to the €0.45 they had been receiving in the past few years as E-mail: [email protected] well as changes to the composition Website: of the Board of Directors and a re- duction of the number of members. Page 5

BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT April 29, 2019 Remee Wire & Cable Introduces Notebook New REMnant™ Inventory Program Cerrowire Launches New Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manu- available in many cable types. Raceway Fill Calculator App facturer of electronic wire and cable, Remee maintains a strong stock posi- Cerrowire, Hartselle, AL, USA, a leading USA manufacturer of announces a new service program, tion of standard cables and partial prod- building wire, has developed the Cerrowire Raceway Fill Cal- offering its surplus inventory to its ucts for customizations. But there are culator app to help electricians determine what size conduit to channel partners. The new REMnant™ times when some inventory becomes use for copper and aluminum building wire. All results pro- Excess Inventory program includes surplus to current demand. And since vided are based on the National Electrical Code® (NEC). 500' (or larger) cables of all kinds as cable installers, end users and distribu- Within the app, two easy-to- use calculators allow the user well as random lengths from remaining tors often have a need for a small or to determine results based on the information they need to master reels. Remee has set up a new odd amount of cable, Remee has col- know including the maximum number of conductors that will web page for the purpose of communi- lected its surplus material—no seconds fit in a type and size of raceway, or what size raceway is required cating the various REMnant fiber optic or irregulars—to make it available for for the types and/or copper cables that are available these smaller cable requirements. and sizes of conductors in in this new program as well as their the circuit. The Cerrowire app can be used to lengths. See the new REMnant Excess calculate raceway size or fill for EMT, PVC, RMC and the like, Inventory web page. with insulated and bare copper and/or aluminum conductors. There are two categories of surplus Cerrowire’s Raceway Fill Calcu- lator app is simple to use and inventory offered. One is Excess allows electricians to determine materials and sizes needed to Inventory, which includes a variety meet NEC requirements while on the job site. It is available free of cables available in 500' lengths or of charge in both the Apple App Store and on Google Play for longer. The other category is Random smart phones and tablets. Lengths. The cables in this category are available in varying lengths, from a few hundred up to 1000'. They are The approved dividend will reacquisition program, up to 2%, be distributed in a first payment approved by the Board of Directors charged to unrestricted reserves in December 2018. in the amount of €0.30 per share (payable on June 5, 2019) and a Also, decisions made during the second payment charged to the meeting included the appointment Share Issuance Premium account of Ignacio Martín and Donald John- in the amount of €0.20 per share ston as Independent Directors, and (payable on July 5, 2019). The share- Pablo Gómez Garzón and Mitsuo holders also agreed to a capital re- Ikeda as Proprietary Directors, with duction via depreciation of treasury the first representing the Corpo- shares acquired by execution of the ración Financiera Alba and replac- ing Pedro Ballesteros, and the latter Page 6

BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT “Wire & Cable Verona 2019” Set for October April 29, 2019 Event producers, ACIMAF and the WAI is a worldwide technical society for Notebook Wire Association International, Inc. wire and cable industry professionals, (WAI), are making preparations for based in Madison, CT, USA. Hybrid Fiber Coax Market to Wire & Cable Verona 2019, being held Grow at 8% through 2023 October 21 to 22, 2019, in Verona, Italy. The event aims to identify and • According to Research and define the most critical global issues Markets, the hybrid fiber coaxial in wire and cable manufacturing. (HFC) market is expected to reach Conference topics will include market US$13.6 billion by 2023 from forecasts, new technologies and new US$9.6 billion in 2018, at a CAGR processing methods, and plant tours of 8.02% during 2018-2023. will also be offered. Wire & Cable Major factors driving this market Verona Italia 2019 is prepared for growth include high bandwidth wire and cable industry manufacturers and cost efficiency. And demand and suppliers working in ferrous and for higher bandwidth is driving nonferrous disciplines. the need for HFC network as it ACIMAF was founded in eliminates limitations of com- Brescia, Italy, in 1987 for plete copper cable architectures. the purpose of promot- But factors like troubleshooting ing the image of Italian and maintenance after deploy- technology in the field of ment are restraining growth. machines and products The market for DOCSIS 3.1 is for the wire and cable expected to grow at a high rate manufacturing industry. during the forecast period as Founded in 1930, the cable providers can deliver up to 10 Gbit/s in downstream and representing Nippon Steel Stainless Meeting of HUBER+SUHNER AG, the 1 to 2 Gbit/s in upstream. Steel Corporation and replacing shareholders endorsed all of the CMTS/CCAP component is ex- Katsuhisa Miyakusu. It was also pected to hold the largest share agreed to eliminate a position in the Board of Direc- of the HFC market in 2018. Board of Directors, going from 15 to tors’ proposals. Europe will register the highest 14 members, to gradually match its The company’s retained earn- CAGR globally during the fore- size to the boards of similar Euro- ings of CHF 249,676,465 will be cast period. The UK, Germany pean and Spanish companies. used as follows—an ordinary and Italy are the major European dividend of CHF 1.50 plus an an- HFC markets. Europe’s service Acerinox is known worldwide niversary dividend of CHF 1.00 per providers modernize mobile core as one of the most competitive registered share will be paid on networks to meet rising demand groups in the world involved in April 16, 2019, to shareholders of for high-speed data services. the manufacture of stainless steel, record on April 12, 2019. Telecom/Internet service provid- with a melting output of 3.5 million The HUBER+SUHNER total gross ers focus on improving network metric tons. dividend of CHF 2.50 per registered infrastructure and efficiency. share will be based on earnings of CHF 48,633,400, with the balance being carried forward amounting HUBER+SUHNER shareholders to CHF 201,043,065. endorse all Board proposals At the recent Annual General Drawing Lines for Nonferrous/Ferrous • Service Like No Other Annealers • Insulating/Jacketing Lines • Custom Reels, Logistics Sheathing Lines • Payoffs/Take-Ups • Inventory & Scrap Management, Spoolers • Coilers • Bunchers • More Distribution T: +1 301 223 8584 F: +1 301 223 8542 Marion, IN Ÿ Emmet, AR Ph: (765) 384-4455 [email protected] Ÿ [email protected] Page 7

EVENTS & OPPORTUNITIES Messe Düsseldorf to Promote ocean law and science scholars, April 29, 2019 Subscribe @ Show Portfolio at Interwire 2019 judges and practitioners (includ- ing ICPC representatives) about EVENTS Messe Düsseldorf will participate the law of the sea and its key legal in Interwire 2019 in booth 1100 to instrument—the United Nations May 8 – 9, 2019 Convention on the Law of the Sea Electrical Wire Processing Technology promote its “Join the best– (UNCLOS). It is organized by a con- Expo 2019, Milwaukee, WI, USA worldwide” portfolio of in- sortium of research universities and ternational wire and cable institutes and led by the University trade fairs. Information of Virginia. The Academy’s 24th May 13 – 16, 2019 will be available for wire 2020 (Mar. session will convene from June 30 Interwire 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA 30 to Apr. 3, 2020 in Düsseldorf, to July 19, 2019, in Rhodes, Greece. Germany), wire Russia 2019 (Jun. 18 to 20, 2019 in Moscow), wire South- The award winner will receive June 11 – 12, 2019 east Asia 2019 (Sept. 17 to 19, 2019 in either guaranteed admission and a CRU Wire & Cable Conference, Brussels, Belgium Bangkok), wire South America 2019 full scholarship to the 2019 Rhodes (Oct. 1 to 3, 2019 in Sao Paulo), wire Academy, or for an Academy China 2020 (Sept. 22 to 26, 2020 in graduate, the winner will receive a June 11 – 13, 2019 Shanghai) and wire India 2020 (Nov. cash award of £4500. The Award Wire & Cable Guangzhou 2019, Guangzhou, China 23 to 25, 2020 in Mumbai). is open to any person aspiring to at- wire attracts over 42,000 visitors tend Rhodes Academy or an Acad- and 1400 exhibitors from around emy Graduate from a prior year. June 18 – 19, 2019 the world. Polymers in Cables 2019, Philadelphia, PA, USA ICPC Sponsoring Submarine CRU to Launch New June 18 – 20, 2019 Cables Paper Writing Award Africa-Focused Conference wire Russia 2019, Moscow, Russia • Each year, the International A new Africa-focused industry Cable Protection Committee conference is co-organized by CRU September 18 – 20, 2019 (ICPC), Lymington, UK, sponsors and the Southern African-German wire Southeast Asia 2019, Bangkok, Thailand the Rhodes Academy Submarine Chamber of Commerce and In- • Cables Writing Award for a paper dustry (AHK), with wire 2020 and addressing submarine cables and Tube 2020 as lead sponsors. September 23 – 24, 2019 their relationship to the law of the IPC/WHMA Conference Europe, Prague, CZ sea. ICPC fosters scholarship re- The inaugural Africa Wire, Cable garding submarine cables and the & Tube Conference will be held law of the sea and promotes rule of November 11 to 13, 2019, in Johan- September 29, 2019 – October 2, 2019 law applied to submarine cables. nesburg, South Africa. The event will IWCS 2019, Charlotte, NC, USA create a tremendous opportunity for Each year, the Rhodes Academy the international wire, cable, tube of Oceans Law and Policy brings and pipe supply chain to meet, and October 1 – 3, 2019 together about 50 mid-career pro- make new trade partnerships with wire South America 2019, Sào Paulo, Brazil fessionals from around the world key African stakeholders. • to study and learn from leading October 9 – 11, 2019 M-EXPO Wire Processing Technology Ciudad Juárez, México October 21 – 22, 2019 Wire & Cable Verona 2019 Verona, Italy November 6 – 8, 2019 Cable & Wire Fair 2019, New Delhi, India November 12 – 15, 2019 productronica, Munich, Germany February 17 – 21, 2020 WHMA Wire Harness Conference Las Vegas, NV, USA • March 17 – 19, 2020 UL and IWCS China 2020 Shanghai, China March 20, 2020 – April 3, 2020 wire 2020, Düsseldorf, Germany • Page 8

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