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Body Systems Flipbook!-Spencer Allen

Published by spencerallen19, 2016-11-02 23:05:13

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Body Systems Flipbook! Spencer Allen Coach M.-2A 11/3/2016

Table of Contents: ● Integumentary ● Musculoskeletal ● Nervous ● Special senses ● Cardiovascular ● Respiratory ● Digestive ● Urinary ● Reproductive

Integumentary SystemOverview: The integumentary Derm/o,Dermat/o:Skinsystem is an organ system Kerat/o:cornea; hard, horny tissueconsisting of the skin, hair, Xer/o:drynails, and exocrine glands. The Xanth/o:yellow, yellowishskin is only a few millimeters Erythr/o:redthick yet is by far the largest Pedicu/o:care of the feet,toes,and fingersorgan in the body. The average Onych/o:Abnormal growth of nailsperson's skin weighs 10 pounds Myc/o:fungusand has a surface area of Pil/o:Resembling or composed of hairalmost 20 square feet. Lip/o:Fat Rhytid/o:Wrinkle Albin/o:White

Table of ContentsIntegumentary SystemDiseases and Disorders: ● Acne-A skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. ● Ringworm-A highly contagious, fungal infection of the skin or scalp. ● Albinism-A group of inherited disorders characterized by little or no melanin production. ● Eczema-Inflammation of the skinHealth Careers: ● Dermatologist:A dermatologist is the medical expert you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin. ● Cosmetic Surgeon:Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body.

Musculoskeletal SystemOverview: The musculoskeletal system control most my/o: Musclesof the major functions our body is physically capable myel/o: Spinal Cord, Bone Marrowof doing. Bones are the framework for the human oste/o: Bonesbody keeping us structured and solid. Without bones cost/o: Ribhumans would be blobs of just skins and muscles on crani/o: Skull/Headthe floor. Muscles are what contract the bones and -pexy: surgical fixationhelp complete everyday actions. Muscles use energy chondr/o: Cartilageand without them we wouldn't be able to run, moves, arthr/o: Jointtalk, lift items, sit, situp, or ever turn our heads. -plegia: paralysis, stroke kinesi/o: Movement

Table of ContentsMusculoskeletal System● Bone Cancer-uncontrolled reproduction of cells in the bones leading to serious medical issues● Myopathies-the primary symptom is muscle weakness due to dysfunction of muscle fiber● Myositis-inflammation and degeneration of muscle tissue● Osteoporosis-A condition in which bones become weak and brittle.Careers related to Musculoskeletal system: ● Chiropractor-A doctor who specializes in bones and joint movements ● Orthopedic Surgeon-a doctor who specializes in bone, muscle, and joint surgery

Nervous SystemFunction: A network of nerve cells and ● neur/o-Nervesfibers that transmits nerve impulses ● encephal/o-relating to brainbetween parts of the body delivering ● myel/o-Spinal cord or bone marrowmessages and functions.The nervous ● ambu/o-around/on both sidessystem is a complex collection of ● -esthesia-sensation/feelingnerves and specialized cells known as ● mening/o-meningesneurons that transmit signals between ● psych/o-minddifferent parts of the body. It is ● concuss/o-head injuryessentially the body’s electrical wiring.

Nervous System Table of ContentsDiseases and Disorders:Parkinson's disease, which is a progressive nerve disease that affects movement.Multiple sclerosis (MS), in which the protective lining of the nerves is attacked by thebody's immune system.Subarachnoid Hemorrhage,Bleeding in the space between the brain and the tissuecovering the brain.Extradural Hemorrhage- is a collection of blood that forms between the innersurface of the skull and outer layer of the dura.Healthcare Careers: ● Neurologist- treats disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves. ● Occupational Therapist- can help integrate sensory skills for people into their everyday lives

Special SensesOverview: The special senses ⦿ irid/o-iris of the eyeare organs dedicated to certain ⦿ -cusis-hearingsenses like eyes are dedicated ⦿ -opia-vision conditionto vision, tongues is to taste, ⦿ ot/o-ear, hearingand ears are for hearing. They ⦿ tympan/o-tympanic membrane,are interact with our fivesenses of taste, touch, vision, eardrumhearing, and smell. ⦿ opthalm/o-eye,vision ⦿ -metry-to measure

Table of Contents Special SensesDiseases and Disorders:Color Blindness-Being incapable of seeing certain colorsMyopia-Condition which objects seem closer than they really areConjunctivitis-Inflammation of the outer rim of the eyeCataract-Clouding of the normal color of they eyeMedical Professions-Ophthalmologist- is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis andtreatment of diseases of the eye.ENT or an Otolaryngologist-A doctor who specializes inproblems of the ear, nose and throat.

Cardiovascular SystemOverview:The cardiovascular ● cardi/o:Heartsystem consists of the heart and ● angi/o:Blood/Lymph vesselsblood vessels. It delivers oxygen ● hem/o, hemat/o:Bloodand nutrients to the tissues and ● brady:slowcarries waste products to the ● tachy:Swift/Rapid/Fastorgans responsible for elimination. ● thromb/o:ClotThe arteries carry blood from the ● -emia:Blood conditionheart to the rest of the body, and ● leuk/o:Whitethe veins carry blood back to the ● erythr/o:Redheart. A.k.a. The circulatory ● arteri/o:Arteriessystem.

Cardiovascular System Table of ContentsDiseases and disorders:Coronary artery disease-narrowing of the arteries.Heart Attack-A blockage of blood flow to the heart muscle.Arrhythmias-Improper beating of the heart, whether irregular, toofast, or too slow.High blood pressure-A condition in which the force of the blood againstthe artery walls is too high. Medical Professions: Cardiologist-a doctor with special training and skill in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Hematologist- a medical doctor who applies this specialized knowledge to treat patients with blood conditions.

Respiratory SystemOverview:The human respiratory ● bronch/o-bronchial ● cyan/o-bluesystem is a series of organs responsible ● laryng/o-larynxfor taking in oxygen and expelling ● -oxia-oxygencarbon dioxide. The primary organs of ● oxy-oxygenthe respiratory system are lungs, which ● pleur/o-ribcarry out this exchange of gases as we ● pneum/o-lungbreathe. ● pulmon/o-lung ● thorac/ot-chest ● trache/o-trachea

Respiratory System Table of ContentsDiseases and disorders:● Asthma -condition where someone's airways are naturally constricted● Cystic Fibrosis- thick mucus build in the lungs● Pneumonia - air sacs in lungs filled with fluid ● Bronchitis - inflammation of bronchial tubes● Careers:● Pulmonologist- a doctor who specializes in the lungs● Allergist- a doctor who specializes in allergies and asthma

Digestive SystemOverview:A group of organs that work ● cholecyst/o-cholesteroltogether to process food for the body ● enter/o-small intestineto obtain energy and basic nutrients. ● col/o, colon/o-colonFood passes along a track in your ● hepat/o-liverbody that breakdown the food for its ● gastr/o-stomach,bellynutrients and eventually disposes of ● or/o-mouth, oral cavityit. ● -pepsia-digest,digestion ● chol/e-bile,gall ● proct/o-anus and rectum

Table of ContentsDigestive SystemDiseases of the digestive system: ● Celiac Disease- an allergy reaction to eating gluten in your food. ● Crohn's Disease-a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. ● Hemorrhoids-swollen veins in the rectum that can cause bleeding and discomfort ● Diverticulitis-an inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches in the digestive tract. Professions involving digestive system: Nutritionist-a person whose job is to give advice on how food affects your health Gastroenterologist--a doctor who is in the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of the digestive organs.

Urinary SystemOverview: a group of organs in the body ● -cele-hernia,tumorconcerned with filtering out excess fluid ● -lysis-destroyand other substances from the ● cyst/o-Urinary bladderbloodstream. The substances are filtered ● nephr/o-kidneyout from the body in the form of urine. ● ren/o-kidneyRemoving unwanted toxins from the body ● -uria-urination,urineand retaining nutrients for the body to ● -pexy-surgical fixationprocess ● -ectasis-stretching,dilatation ● pyel/o-renal pelvis, bowl of kidney

Table of Contents Urinary systemDiseases and Disorders:Bladder Cancer-cancer that begins in the bladder and spreadsKidney Stone-A small, hard deposit that forms in the kidneys and is often painful when passed.Interstitial Cystitis-A chronic, painful bladder condition.Urinary Tract Infection:An infection in any part of the urinary system, the kidneys, bladder, or urethra.Professional Careers:Urologist- A doctor who specializes in the urinary systemNephrologist- who is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing andtreating disorders of the kidney

Reproductive SystemOverview:The reproductive system or ● cervic/o-cervixgenital system is a system of sex organs ● salping/o-fallopian tubeswithin an organism which work together for ● ov/o-eggthe purpose of sexual reproduction. Many ● orchid/o-testiclenon-living substances such as fluids, ● oophor/o-uterine tube and ovaryhormones, and pheromones are also ● men/o-lessimportant accessories to the reproductive ● mamm/o-breastsystem. ● gynec/o-vagina ● colp/o-vagina ● prostat/o-rectum

Table of ContentsReproductive SystemDiseases and Disorders:Pelvic inflammatory disease -An infection of the female reproductive organs.Gonorrhea-A sexually transmitted bacterial infection that, if untreated, may cause infertilityHIV-Human immunodeficiency virus, destories immune systemChlamydia-A common sexually transmitted infection that may not cause symptomsProfessional careers:Gynecologist-a doctor who specializes in the female reproductivesystemUrologist-specialize in the male reproductive system

WOW Factor!I believe that I should obtain the extra ten points because of the extra effort to makemy information presentable and very appealing to the eye by putting a lot of time andeffort into this flipbook. I put in extra time recoloring words, rewriting somedefinitions, extending the length of some descriptions, and most importantly I made a“Keep calm and health science on” picture for my cover.

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