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Eupterra Whole Sale Catalog

Published by dawne, 2019-09-26 11:26:56

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Foundation 2019 Wholesale Catalog |

ORIGINAL DESIGNS by Artist Charlene A. Rountree Eupterra Foundation 1126 Glasgow Dr. Mishawaka, IN 46545 574.227.1247 [email protected]

Meet the Artist CHARLENE The imagery for all of Charlene’s work begins with mindfulness and meditation, followed by extensive research. Each image has a meaning and life on its own and is, Charlene feels, a message of the harmony of nature and naturopathic methods. When working, Charlene hand-draws the image she wishes to create in the metals she will work with until one solidifies in mind allowing her to focus on the detailed carving of the piece. During this process, the symbolism and energy represented by the image are transferred into the metal pendant to be carried forward by another. Charlene maintains that once this image is held firmly in mind, the crafting moves quickly as her hands work with many tools to meld metal into intricate and gorgeous patterns. When she starts with a blank pendant template, Charlene states this is the most thrilling to her as everything is potential. Her mind is filled with excitement and hands grasp at the enthusiasm of what new design she can bring forth next. “Our modern society’s disconnection with the rhythms of nature has caused many ills in my belief, both physical and spiritual. My intent is to spread the practical message of naturopathy and inspire a deeper connection with the Earth. ” --Charlene Rountree Thank you for sharing our passion in providing these pendants to your customers.

IMBOLCThe Emergence of Dashingly symbolizing the emergence of Spring, a unicorn with a mane full of daffodils rears up to banish the icy cold. Fine metal is plated and polish sealed. Imbolc called for soft touches of a rose-gold rim accentuated by the frost of sterling silver to bring forth the feelings of February. The central Unicorn dashingly symbolizing the emergence of Spring, a unicorn with a mane full of daffodils rears up to banish the icy cold.

The Tree of Life LUGHNASADH The Tree of Life or Harvest Tree has been an iconic symbol in our lives for many years. From the Biblical mentions of the Tree of Life to Hinduisms tale of the divine tree in the texts of the Sanatana Dharma, the archetype of a tree that bears fruit that is life-giving and special is widespread among almost all our world cultures.

WHOLESALEEupterra Foundation LIST To Order: [email protected] | Oil Pads (25 pack) Oil Pads (Assorted pack of 120) A pack of 25 felt pads 2.25cm diameter, specifically sized to fit within 1 inch A pack of 120 assorted felt pads 2.25cm diameter diffuser lockets. Choose between diameter, sized to fit within 1 inch 12 different colors: white, yellow, orange, diameter diffuser lockets. Each pack red, pink, brown, blue, green, purple, contains a set of 12 different colors, black, dark grey and light grey. with 10 pads for each color. Wholesale Price: $17 Wholesale: $24.99/pack Suggested Retail: $0.25-0.50/pad Suggested Retail: $0.25-0.50/pad Moon and Stars OIL PADS Imbolc Celestial depiction of the moon and stars. Luminous Lockets Dashingly symbolizing the emergence Made to glow blue from contained disc & of Spring with traditional symbols of in pendant. Can be used with essential a floral unicorn with a mane full of oil pads. 1 inch diameter stainless steel Season’s Series daffodils rearing up to banish the icy pendant plated in .925 sterling silver cold. 1 inch diameter stainless steel rim with 14k gold center. 20 inch pendant plated in 14k rose-gold rim adjustable chain. Magnetic clasp holds with a .925 sterling silver center. 24 inch the locket together. stainless steel adjustable chain. Magnetic clasp holds the locket together. Wholesale Price: $14 Suggested Retail: $30-$41 Wholesale Price: $18 Suggested Retail: $35-$45 Eupterra Foundation 1126 Glasgow Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46545 574.227.1247 [email protected]

IMBUE HARMONY Feel Synergy In Our Flower Lockets

Eupterra Foundation A NOTE ON OUR BRAND Packaging & Ordering To Order: [email protected] | For all essential oil pendants, 3 white cotton oil pads are included to start. Also, stainless steel necklace chains are included. All Eupterra Foundation crafts have our brand logo engraved on the back of each pendant or necklace tag, and our gift boxes. Each pendant comes gift wrapped in our specialty eco-friendly Each craft piece from Eupterra is a handmade work of art by Charlene A. Rountree. packaging made from 100% natural fiber harvested from The necklaces are built to be sturdy and are composed of stainless steel for the base material invasive species and sustainable sourced agri-ink. Product as well as rose-gold, yellow gold, and/or sterling silver for the fine metallurgical designs. insert included within detailing website for 90-day warranty All pieces are sealed in protective coating to protect against wear and tear. information and oil pad re-fills. Eupterra Foundation 1126 Glasgow Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46545 574.227.1247 [email protected]

Eupterra Foundation ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS To Order: [email protected] | Minimum Order for first purchase: Payment: 5 pieces, any assortment We take all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Free Shipping is offered to all Re-order minimum: 100% prepayments made at time of order. 5 pieces, any assortment Paypal e-mail Order Online – 3 Step Process [email protected] 5 pieces, any assortment Address for check payments 1. Visit to create a wholesale account with our store 1126 Glasgow Dr. Mishawaka, IN 46545 2. E-mail [email protected] to notify us of your Net 30 Available account, and we will mark it approved for wholesale privileges. 3. Place your order! All payments due within 30 days. Order over E-mail/Phone Tips for Fast Sales & Display E-mail [email protected] to request an order be We have received numerous feedback from stores on what methods placed. Submit payment through either Paypal or provide a credit card facilitate our necklaces to sell the fastest. Here are some tips: number. If providing a credit card number, for security purposes, please call 574.227.1247 to give this information (do not include this in your • Keep price points between $35-$45. We have seen this mid-range to e-mail). Place your order, and an e-mail receipt will be provided to be optimal for our craft pieces for maximum revenue gain. you shortly! • Display pieces in a V- formation on top of gift boxes. Displaying pendants in this fashion has been proven to garner more attention to them. Eupterra Foundation 1126 Glasgow Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46545 574.227.1247 [email protected]

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