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Graduation ceremony with adherence to social distancing

2020 Drive-by Graduation ceremony

We had fun

THE HEADTEACHER’S SPEECH AT THE 27TH ANNUAL GRADUATION / PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY OF KROSA MODEL SCHOOLS, AMAWBIA, ON 15TH AUGUST, 2020. I heartily welcome you all to the 2020 DRIVE-BY Graduation ceremony of this noble institution, the first of its kind. We thank the Almighty God who kept us alive in these challenging times and made it possible for us to witness this prestigious occasion. At the commencement of the school year, nobody envisioned that the world would be grappling with a global pandemic of such magnitude as the Covid_19. So, the academic session took off on a good note and progressed smoothly until late March, when the Federal Government took definite precautionary steps aimed at curbing the spread of the virus in Nigeria. To this effect, the Minister of Education ordered the immediate closure of all educational institutions nationwide on or before the 26th of March, 2020. Consequently, Krosa was constrained to shutdown

right in the middle of the school’s 2nd Term examinations. Little did we know that this situation would linger for so long, with seemingly no permanent solution in the immediate future. Apparently, the educational sector was hit particularly hard by the Pandemic. Its effect on students, particularly in developing nations like Nigeria, would be unprecedented if we all folded our arms and waited for this storm to be over. Krosa Model Schools, reputed for academic excellence through diligence, braced up to the new challenges presented by the Pandemic. Recognizing that education cannot wait and that interruption to the children’s education could have long term implications, the Management of the School prepared in record time to bridge the learning gap that would otherwise have put our children at a disadvantage both academically and morally. Within a few days, home learning packs were ready for collection to ensure the children were kept busy and mentally active at home.

Few weeks later, seeing that school resumption was nowhere in sight, continuing teaching and learning through alternative learning pathways became a priority for us, in order to ensure the interruption effect to the children’s education was limited, as much as possible. We had to muster courage and transit to online learning for the 3rd Term, which is the last phase of this academic session. This was untried waters for us but our conviction that it was the right thing to do, in the interest of our pupils/students, propelled us on. The schools faced several pressures including availability of funds, digital infrastructure amongst others in determining whether the new teaching and learning methods could be successfully implemented. In effect, it has been without doubt, one of the most challenging times in the history of the school. Teachers were pushed to their limit in a bid to ensure the children received the very best from the new venture. On the other hand, students were literally compelled to adapt to the new system of schooling. We are also mindful that our parents.

had to contend with the situation, particularly with regards to providing the necessary tools for their children to access the online classes and helping them with the lessons Despite all the challenges faced, we are happy to be here today celebrating our success. Indeed, we see every challenge is an opportunity for development. The online teaching/learning provided a wealth of new experience for all, students and teachers alike. The children’s excitement at this new experience cannot be denied, as we have been regaled with tales of the new things they have learnt and the skills they have developed. Moving onto our Drive-by Graduation ceremony for pupils in the primary school and our S.S.3 students, Krosa Model School has refused to allow the Pandemic rob our students of a defining moment in their academic lives. We recognize that a graduation

ceremony is an event that all students look forward to for several years before they become graduands. Recognizing that the Pandemic is not likely to be over anytime soon, Management came up with a plan to carry out a Drive By and Virtual graduation, not compromising the safety of participants, of course. This will enable graduands to take pictures and have some sort of feel for a graduation ceremony. To our graduands from the primary and secondary school, we recognize that you are being compelled to forfeit the thrill of walking up to the stage to collect your certificates amidst cheers from classmates, family and well-wishes, but we know that you all fully appreciate the peculiarity of the times. Accordingly, we hope that this ceremony fulfills some part of your graduation dreams.

Despite the upheavals caused by Covid -19, you will all agree that this academic session, from inception to this moment was a huge success. Consequently, I want to thanks to the following key players: I salute the courage and resilience of our leadership team. They were proactive and focused and were thus able to chart a course for the academic development of our pupils in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. To our teachers, I sincerely commend all your effort and sacrifice. You are all amazing. To our dear parents, I thank you for collaborating with us to ensure our children are positive about attending school in person and online. Thanks for providing everything they needed and supporting them with their homework task despite your busy schedules.

And to the graduating class of 2020, both the primary and secondary, be assured that nothing can silence your creativity, lessen your achievements or blight your future. We are confident that you will make us proud wherever your future leads you. Many congratulations to you all!!! Finally, I will end this speech by asking us this question, ‘Who knows what is round the corner?’ The answer, of course is ‘no one’. However, one thing that I do know is that Krosa is more than capable to handle whatever the future holds. Thank you.

Krosa was fun

In Krosa, we were taught excellently!

We had countless stimulating lessons over the years!

We have learnt that success entails being focused and committed to one’s goal.

We have learnt that with diligence, we can transform our dreams to reality.

Abiding by the Krosa Motto- Diligence for success, we will have countless reasons to celebrate throughout our lives.

Today is a memorable day !

Krosa has exposed us to our limitless potentials. We were taught well!

Ezieme Chisom

Mottoh Gracious

Akudigwe Ogadinma

Samuel Nwalusi

Ruth Okeke

Onwuocha Vivian

We love Krosa



VALEDICTORY SPEECH A VALEDICTORY SPEECH PRESENTED BY THE OUTGOING SENIOR PREFECT, MISS RUTH OKEKE, ON THE OCCASION OF THE 2020 VIRTUAL GRADUATION CEREMONY OF KROSA MODEL SCHOOLS, AMAWBIA. I will start by saying that I never anticipated that I would be giving this speech without being surrounded by my fellow graduands, family and friends. I had dreamt of being ushered into a full hall, amidst pomp and fanfare, admired by younger students and cheered on by parents and well-wishers. But, well, here I am…… Anyway, despite the absence of a crowded hall, I wish to encourage my fellow graduands not to let their joy be diminished by the unique circumstance we find ourselves in. We, the Class of 2020, are a part of a global community, millions all over the world who have spent hours studying and burning the midnight candle, but whose ‘normal’ have been significantly affected by a global pandemic. However, we are

confident that the difficulty of these times will not deter us from forging ahead to achieve our dreams. Going down memory lane, I remember my first day in Krosa Secondary School like it was just yesterday. I was extremely nervous, realizing that it was the beginning of a great new chapter in my life, and also very excited as I couldn’t wait to see the faces of the students and teachers with whom I would embark on this new journey. What an experience it has been! I have had many life changing experiences in Krosa and I can proudly state that Krosa is an embodiment of excellence, dedication and consistency. Holding on firmly to its strong values of diligence for excellence over a period of 29years, this great school has been able to make success its priority, discipline its watch word and hold onto moral rectitude as its logo.

Krosa has positively impacted my life and the lives of my fellow graduands in various ways. It has taught us strong moral values and lessons, instilling in us, virtues that have primed us for society. Our teachers are exceptional. They have worked extremely hard to bring us to where we are today. I must mention Mrs Okwaraigwe-Okeke Esther, our then form teacher in JS 2, who taught us the importance of hard work and cleanliness. Mr Peter, the no- nonsense disciplinarian of this school. He taught us the importance of punctuality and was always the first teacher to arrive in school, sometimes before 7 am. Our teachers always encouraged us to be our best at all times. Above all, they have made us realize that the only way to success is hard work. My classmates are unique. I will never forget the comedians of the class, Charles, Clinton, Mike, Henry, Ogadimma. You always

made the atmosphere of the class light and fun. Gracious and Chisom, you impacted my life by teaching me to be more social and out-going. Perfect, you taught me the importance of being studious and Uzoamaka, you were a paragon of humility. When we took up leadership roles as prefects, we learnt that with power comes responsibility. As the head girl, I learnt that what makes one a leader is the possession of the right qualities and not just the name tag or title. I learnt that respect and obedience are earned and not coerced. Krosa exposed us to a lot of extra- curricular activities giving us a wholesome education. Our sports competitions were awesome and made me become a sports aficionado. Students were challenged to exercise their bodies and minds through a series of competitive sports like badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and a host of other games. Our first ever Krosa day for cultural diversity (2019) was equally amazing.

We were introduced to a variety of cultures and learnt that even though our country is made up of numerous ethnic groups, we are all one united people. The speech masters forum had a great impact in my life as it made me master the art of public speaking. Through the forum, I rose from being the shy girl who couldn’t speak boldly to her classmates, to the girl occupying the top student leadership position in the school. Exposure to external competitions such as Secondary schools debate competitions, quiz competitions, Cowbellpedia and MAN mathematics competition enabled us explore other areas of academics outside our syllabus. My experience in Krosa was wholesome and awesome and I wish to thank the entire Management and Staff for positively transforming our lives. I hereby dedicate this poem to my dear alma-mater:

‘With stones, blocks and cement From the best factory Workers sent from God Through his heavenly post office Engineers born with intelligence and vision Brick-layers, with anointed hands and fingers Painters, spiritually inspired Who chose the colour brown Designers with proto type products Foundation laid on table land Light wired by great Electricians and Engineers My home with tiled floor of excellence Tables and chairs occupied by learned men and women. A school of excellence, a place of joy and happiness. A place where morals are impacted Long live my Alma-mater A factory making great scholars.

I also want to thank our beloved parents for the great investment they made in us by sending us to school here at Krosa. To our amazing teachers, I say a very big thank you and pray that God will bless you all richly. Fellow graduands, there is no doubt that we will miss our dear alma mater, however, we must say our good byes and step into the next phase of our lives. We shall certainly keep the flag -flying. Congratulations class of 2020!

Shalom Prize for excellence in character and learning (SS 3) Samuel Nwalusi

Most Interactive student in online class (SS 3) Vivian Onwuocha

Social Prefect Chisom Ezieme

Chapel prefect Gracious Mottoh

Labour prefect Ogadinma Akudigwe


Most Interactive pupil in online class (Basic 6) Daria Azubogu

Shalom Prize for excellence in character and learning (Basic 6) Asuzu Mmesoma


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