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Postage Stamp Making Competition_Flipbook

Published by Vedant, 2021-07-16 09:03:34

Description: The Flipbook of Postage Stamp Making Competition


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Gyan Bharati School Gloria Humanitas 2021-2022 Postage Stamp Competition Best five Entries

Name of the school: The Mother’s International School Names of the Participants- 1. Aarushi Bawa-XII 2. Shreemayi Nainwal-XII Brief Description of the idea depicted in the Postal Stamp: - The figure in the middle which is the Chauri Chaura Memorial, is a symbol of division of time The depiction on the left side of the Memorial portrays the struggle of people at Chauri Chaura, with Emphasis on the lit torch symbolizing the fight for their rights against the British atrocities and Silhouettes of the people who were a part of this historic event. The depiction on the right side of the Memorial portrays the aftermath of this incident, the hand holds A lotus that symbolizes rebirth and peace. The human figures are now depicted as doves which not only represent peace but are also a way of Paying homage to the martyrs.

Name of the school: Bluebells International Names of the Participants- 1. Ahana Das-XII 2. Amna Haleem-XI Brief Description of the idea depicted in the Postal Stamp: - The Jamini Roy color palette brings to life the haunting events at Chauri Chaura on 4th February 1921. The flames that engulfed the police station blemished the mighty ideals of ahimsa. Gandhi saw his vision dying with the 23 officers who represent the white winged birds of freedom and Independence.

Name of the school: Gyan Bharati School Names of the Participants- 1. Deekshita Pramod– XII 2. Ishita Khattar- XII Brief Description of the idea depicted in the Postal Stamp: - The spirits arising from the massacred civilians develop into torch bearing citizens who symbolize the spirit of revolution. They rise as a form of retaliation against the oppressive Britishers. The flames symbolize the emotions of anger and fury while also depicting the burning of the police station.

Name of the school: Delhi Public School,R.K Puram Names of the Participants- 1. Riju Chanda-XI Brief Description of the idea depicted in the Postal Stamp: - Two hands holding the fire symbolize Hindu and Muslim unity, the fire has many faces of the police officers. The pagri below shows the peasants who protested and the gun symbolizes how the police officers shot them dead. The Background shows the face of upset Gandhi for using violence.

Name of the school: Tagore International School Names of the Participants- 1. Aashray Mittal-XI Brief Description The black and white eyes represent the two views of the incident: as an act of bravery or a black day in Indian history that resulted in the Non-Cooperation movement being called off.They show how we are looking back at history, in light of recent protests in India.The sun which is similar to the Ashok Chakra is rising and setting at the same time. This is to highlight the state of the Nationalist movement after February 1922. The burning of the Chauri Chaura police Thana has been purposely drawn inside the map to show where the event took place (In Gorakhpur).

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