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2016 March - DLA OverDrive ROUGH

Published by bsmith, 2016-02-24 10:11:02

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Dealership MARCH 2016 TM A David Lewis & Associates PublicationMastering theArt of Sellingto Females Why Salespeople Do Not Prospect Why Winners Work Harder Than LosersStress In The Workplace; Part 2 - Physical Signs

Publisher’s Note Dealership TM Message from David A David Lewis & Associates Publication It’s hard to believe that March is MARCH 2016 already here and the first quarter of 2016 will soon be coming to a close. PUBLISHER I hope you are seeing the goals you David Lewis have set for yourself coming to pass and that your determination to grow your [email protected] business this year is still strong and being realized. If you are in Sales, Service or GRAPHIC COORDINATOR Management, you may not consider this Brian Smithbeing your business, but it is yours and you need to take ownership ofit just as if you own the whole thing. You are the one responsible for [email protected] outcome of your career. Taking ownership of your success orfailure is the starting line for the race of life. SALES DIRECTOR Mary MannellaThere are always uncertainties that we have to face in life and all ofus deal with them in our own way. Like the foot racer running a track, [email protected] hurdles you have to jump are what make the victory so sweet inthe end. Each turn on the track takes you to the next step; the next TRAINING LIAISONopportunity to pass those ahead of you and gain the lead in the race. Priscilla YoungThe finish line is always in your mind, but you can’t physically seeit until you round the last curve. That’s when your training kicks in [email protected] drives you through the string to take the prize. As you hear thecheering crowd, you forget the harshness of the road to victory, while CIRCULATION / SUBSCRIPTIONSyou savor the sweetness of winning. Not everyone is ready to make Jennifer Potterthe sacrifice it takes to win the race, but if you are one who is, Iwholeheartedly want to encourage you forward in your quest for success. [email protected] month, we have included an article entitled ‘The Racing Life of MEDIA LIAISONPaul Newman’. Most people know of his legendary status as an actor Molly Parkand philanthropist, but few are aware of how much he loved the sportof auto racing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this brief peek behind the curtain [email protected] the life of the great man himself and the sport he loved. CONTRIBUTING WRITERSThis month’s issue also features the 3rd installment in our series on Dino DeLuca‘Stress in the Workplace.’ According to the American Institute ofStress, there is a lot of disagreement among medical experts about what [email protected] really is and how to define it. One thing is certain though: stressis real and it can wreak havoc on anyone who doesn’t make a serious Becky Nixoneffort to reduce it in their life. The person who is suffering from stressisn’t as concerned about defining it as much as they are about learning [email protected] to get rid of it. There are some tips in this article that I know willbe beneficial to you if you suffer from stress in your life and career. Brian ShermanI hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue of Dealership Overdrive [email protected] much as we did putting it together. Make sure you take some timeto look at the DLA Training courses we have available. If you haven’t Bill Taylortaken a course yet, there’s never a better time to advance your skills tothe next level than right now. [email protected] always, thanks for taking a few minutes from your busy day to Dealership OverDrive magazine makes every attempt tospend with me. ensure the accuracy of all published material. However it cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or factsDavid Lewis - President, David Lewis & Associates, Inc. supplied herein. Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. All2 Dealership OverDrive rights reserved. The publisher encourages you to submit suggestions. Submitted materials become the property of David Lewis & Associates, Inc. and will not be returned. Send material for publication to 10 Suntree Place, Melbourne, FL 32940. The editor reserves the right to edit material; submission of material constitutes permission to edit and publish that material. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is presented with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. From a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by a Committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers.

contents 4 Stress In The Workplace; Part 3 - Eating Well 7 Creating a Service Department that says ‘Excellence’ to Customers 10 The Power of a Great Service Walkaround 12 Do Your New Years Resolutions include Change and Growth? 16 Mastering the Art of Selling to Females 18 If Nothing Changes ... Nothing Changes 24 Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman 26 Make Winning a Lifelong Experience Stand out from the crowd...Kick Start Your Work Week with DavidLewis’ Monday Morning Sales Meeting Sign Up For Free at Dealership OverDrive 3

StWreossrkinplathcee EatingPWart eIIlIl:In last month’s article on Stress in the workplace, and contribute to the process by giving us a better we covered a lot of the symptoms and signs mental and emotional attitude, as well as a healthy that act as warning indicators to let us know we feeling and appearance in our physical bodies.are suffering from anxiety and stress. In this issue,we’re going to learn how to manage our stress Here are some Basic Dietary Guidelines to helpand anxiety with the help of good nutrition in a you control stress and anxiety in your daily life:healthy diet.So many of us fear the word diet thinking that 1. Eat the recommended types and amountsmeans we have to take on a rigorous exercise of food each dayprogram if we want to bring our health undercontrol. Though nutrition and exercise certainly The retail car business almost lends itself to a dietare important for a healthy life, it doesn’t mean one of fast food eaten on the run. There are probablyhas to start eating rutabagas and running five miles few things that contribute to stress in the automotivea day in order to have a healthy stress free life. workplace more than gulping down the wrong kinds of food under pressure from the timeWe hear so much today about the problem with constraints our job demands. Don’t get caught inobesity in America and, at times, it seems that trap! Slow down and eat something nutritionaloverwhelming and impossible to do what’s required when it’s time to take a break. You won’t lose anyto bring our weight under control. The truth of the customers and you will be better prepared to servematter is, breaking through the fear and discomfort them properly when the time comes.of changing our eating habits is quickly replacedby the joy of feeling good and having new energy 2. Eat at least one dark green and one or-after just a couple weeks of making the decision ange vegetable each dayto change. Our bodies are meant to be healthy andto eat the right kinds of food to keep us that way. The nutrients found in both green and orangeWhen we do our part, our body and mind kick in vegetables lower blood pressure (a big stress producer) and reduce the risk of cancer and LDL cholesterol levels. Good for digestion and kidneys,4 Dealership OverDrive

they also support eye health and good vision, 7. Eat at least two Food Guide servings offight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune fish each weeksystem activity. A food guide serving of fish is ½ cup or the size2. Eat at least one dark green and one of a deck of cards. Fish are high in Omega-3 fattyorange vegetable each day acids which play a big role in brain health and a healthy nervous system.The nutrients found in both green and orangevegetables lower blood pressure (a big stress 8. Include a small amount of unsaturated fatproducer) and reduce the risk of cancer and LDL each daycholesterol levels. Good for digestion and kidneys,they also support eye health and good vision, Corn oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil arefight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune common examples of Poly-unsaturated fats whichsystem activity. are essential for good health. These are required for normal body functions but your body can’t3. Have vegetables and fruit more often make them so you must get them from food.than juice Polyunsaturated fats are used to build cell membranes and the tissue that covers nerves. TheyFruit and vegetable juices are certainly good for are needed in the body for blood clotting, muscleyou, but most come from concentrates that offer movement, and inflammation.less value than the fruit or vegetable themselves.Many of them have added sugars and flavor 9. Be active every dayboosters that diminish the nutritional value of thefruits in exchange for elevated levels of taste. Exercise and healthy activities are essential to every function of the body and mind if you want4. Make at least half of your grain products to stay healthy and live a well balanced life. Itwhole grain each day doesn’t take a lot to start feeling good and get your body and mind in shape to handle the naturalWhole grain is rich in magnesium, and having a stresses of life and work. A short 15 minute walkmagnesium deficiency may lead to anxiety. Whole or time of the treadmill several times a week cangrain contains tryptophan, which becomes make a big difference in your blood pressure andserotonin – a calming neurotransmitter. Comfort in reducing your stress levels as well.foods, like a bowl of warm oatmeal, boost levelsof serotonin, a calming brain chemical. 10. Satisfy your thirst with water5. Drink skim, 1% or 2% milk each day Drinking water is not only important, it is absolutely necessary for good health and keepingSkim milk and reduced fat milks are much easier your stress levels balanced. It is often the thingson the digestive system and the heart and they can we drink instead of water that bring the caffeine,help reduce weight gain as well. Losing weight alcohol or other stress enhancing ingredients intocan be a big stress reducer for anyone who our system. Our bodies and brains need water tostruggles with the problem of being overweight. function properly. Being even a little dehydrated causes our body’s level of the stress hormone6. Have meat alternatives such as beans, cortisol to increase. Plus, stress causes fluid losslentils, and tofu often because increasing the heart rate causes us to breathe heavier, reducing our air intake andI don’t know many car Salespeople who are increases our stress even more.vegetarians, but there are certainly a lot ofbenefits to reducing the intake of red meats and * In next month’s issue we will feature Pt. 4 of thisheavy meat intake that overwork your digestive series on Stress in the Workplace and look at thetract and liver which can create stress, high blood many Physical Ailments that are exacerbated bypressure and heart problems. stress. Until then . . . take good care of Dealership OverDrive 5

ESTNAheLTREDSYLACLEOVUERLSEThis course is available to take every DAY 1week at both DLA Training Centers! • Why the Automobile Industry? • What Makes a Salesperson Successful? A five-day course designed for the individual • Customer Attitude Toward Salespeople just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students • Salespeople Attitude Toward Customers will learn the basic principles of how a • Four Rules of Sales Dealership operates and leave having • Basic Process Review learned a comprehensive outline on the • Step 1 - Meet & Greet steps to the sale. Extensive role playing and scenario based situations will be covered. DAY 2 Each participant will return to the Dealership • Characteristics & Perceptions ready to take their first “UP.” • Attitudes & Feelings • Industry Myths 6 Dealership OverDrive • Four Basic Buyer Questions • Step 2 - Qualification • Step 3 - Inventory Walk • Step 4 - Vehicle Selection DAY 3 • Step 5 - Internal Presentation • Step 6 - Demonstration Ride • Step 7 - External Presentation • Step 8 - Service Walk DAY 4 • Handling Objections • Basic Negotiations • Sold Customer Follow-Up DAY 5 • Handling Phone Ups • Goal Tracking Please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:

Creating a Service Department thatsays ‘Excellence’ to CustomersToday, more than ever, the quality of your as a backbone profit generating entity. Though a Service Department can set the standard number of Dealerships closed during that time, for your Dealership with Customers. With many more would likely have followed suit hadtoday’s car owners keeping their vehicles it not been for their Service Departments keepinglonger and driving them further, maintaining and them afloat. For many, this was a wake-up call toextending the value of their vehicle is of critical the critical value a well run Service Departmentimportance. Manufacturers recognize this and brings to an automobile Dealership. Newthey continue to set the expected CSI performance standards of excellence are constantly being set,levels higher each year. This makes excellence in and reaching them depends upon the people andthe Service Department not just a goal to shoot for, processes that make the difference between thebut a requirement for any Dealership that wants to status quo and the high quality of service thatcontinue in good standing with the manufacturers. today’s Customers expect to receive.As we saw during the recent economic downturn, Creating a perception of quality care from the momentcar dealers depend upon their Service Departments a Customer contacts your Service Dealership OverDrive 7

Creating a Service Department that says ‘Excellence’ to Customers, continuedis an absolute must. Just as car buyers shop online Customer’s convenience and enjoyment? How isbefore going to a Dealership to purchase, the it furnished? Is it friendly for female Customers?rapid growth in the number of secondary repair Do you have comfortable chairs and individualfacilities is making this a common practice for seating areas with ample newspapers andService Customers as well. Whether or not your magazines that are current and interesting to aService Department has a BDC operation, the way variety of people? Do you provide Wi-Fi andCustomers are handled from their first contact will computer stations for Customers who need to workcreate an impression of what they can expect if while they’re waiting for their car to be serviced?they come there for service. In today’s high-tech environment this last item can determine whether or not waiters will useService Advisors set the pace for the Customer’s your Dealership for their service and maintenanceexperience in most cases. How they greet them in needs. Do not under estimate how important thisthe service line and their ability to create effective can be to some people.dialogue and ease the Customer’s natural anxietywill make all the difference in their perception of Every Service Department should offer someyour Dealership. Listening intently and asking level of shuttle service or loaner car for drop-offpertinent questions can assure the Customer from Customers. For extended service times rental carthe start that they have come to the right place. service availability is advisable. CommunicatingInvolving them in a thorough and professional clearly with Customers beforehand on this issueservice walkaround opens the door for gaining is very important. Nobody likes to come in tothe Customers confidence and trust. They must have their car serviced if they don’t need to, butbe proactive from the start with a long-term view providing for the inconvenience can make a bigin mind of how to best meet the Customer’s difference for Customers and for CSI scores.immediate need and recommendations on how toprotect their vehicle investment over time. When Above all, how you communicate with yourCustomers perceive this as the goal of your waiters or drop-off Customers is extremely critical.advisors, they are much more likely to entrust Great Service Departments are proactive in thistheir vehicle to the care of your Dealership. also. They don’t wait for the Customer to ask how things are going with their repair or maintenance,Service Advisors must be excellent salespeople as they let them know ahead of time when and howwell. They must be confident in their own ability they will communicate on the progress of theirto do what’s right for the Customer, and work well maintenance or repair as needed. They makewith the technicians and other staff as a complete sure they have the best contact information onteam focused on giving their Customers the best drop-offs and if necessary, can provide ‘showservice experience available. They don’t buy a and tell’ images or video when they need to havehigh CSI score with gimmicks and coupons. They Customers sign off on a recommended repair.earn it by the excellent quality of care they providefor their Customers. Achieving excellence in your Service Department is worth all the time, effort and expense it takesThe service lounge experience should be to attain it. When Customers perceive that youroverwhelming and well managed from the start. goal is to ‘serve’ them to the best of your abilitiesMuch can be learned from luxury hotels and how they will count on you as their go-to business forthey treat their patrons. Do you have staff that all their vehicle service needs. Extras, extras andattends to the Customer’s needs making them feel more extras make the difference between good andthat you care about every detail of their service great! Go the extra mile to earn your Customers’experience? Is your coffee and snack area clean business and if need be, they will drive the extraand constantly maintained with comfort foods, miles to come to you when they need service orjuices, sodas, coffee, tea and munchies for the maintenance for their vehicle.8 Dealership OverDrive

DLA ONLINE MSMCoSAodOdAuLuleMLlEe#E#1SM2SOPNEOMPILSETAMKAEKSEIndustry Leading Online TrainingThe DLA Online Training Program is designed to MFo&duIle #3let you train at your own pace. It can be used as a MSFoEIdNuCleAO#N4NCDEARYcomplete training environment or as a reinforcementtool subsequent to attending a class at the PhiladelphiaTraining Center or following an In-Dealership workshopsession. DLA Online provides you and your staff accessto over 1,000 training videos of great material and is MLoEduAleD#5ERSHIPavailable 24/7 on any device.What You Will Learn MTToRdRuAAleII#NN6 ETRHE MWVMoSdSoIEudN.lueRNlLe#V7O#E8IRSCESERASDVISORDLA Online was developed by car people who train carpeople. Included with DLA Online is both an extensivereporting and certification program that will ensure videosare being watched and comprehended. Our online courseswill help your Dealership capitalize on every opportunity inevery aspect of your Dealership. Build your team and yourprofits with DLA Online training! MSMoEdAuRlNeV#A9ICGEEMENT MSMoTdAuRlNeE#A1S0GSEMENT MSMoAdEuLlEeE#T1S1ING1986 CELEBRATING 30 YEARS2016Please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at: Dealership OverDrive 9

The Power ofa Great ServiceWalkaroundIt’s a busy day in Service and Customers are stages of the process just to get to the next backed up hoping to be the next one who gets customer in line and move things along. When attended to by a service advisor. At times like that happens, the most likely thing to be omittedthis an advisor may choose to get the customers from the process will be the service walkaround.information as quickly as possible and avoidtaking any more time than necessary. The pressure The value that a great walkaround brings to theto push the process and take as little time as process cannot be over stated. This is where thepossible with the current customer is very customer is introduced to their vehicle from atempting. This is when it is easy to skip important service professionals’ perspective. It gives them a10 Dealership OverDrive

chance to look over their car with someone who is This can set the Customer at ease if they knowtrained to spot potential problems and understands you are looking out for their safety. If they arehow to maintain their vehicle in the best condition defensive or fear being coerced or manipulatedpossible for as long as they own the car. It also is in any way, this will help release their fear ofthe best time to begin preparing the customer for coming to a Service Department. It also allowsthe up-selling process in case there are other issues them to become more familiar with their vehiclethat may need to be addressed during this part of as you point out those things that may needthe discovery process. some attention. Always have a friendly attitude and compliment them on their vehicle as youIf working with a regular Customer you know, are progressing through the walkaround should ask how they or their family aredoing or any personal questions that a friend might The service walkaround is not really for theask them. If you looked at the record of their last advisor as much as it is for the customer. It is theservice visit beforehand, it can help to ask how central opportunity to let them see their vehiclewhat you did the last time is holding up. This can through the service advisors eyes. It should nevergive a personal touch that comforts the Customer be used as a tool for pressuring the customer inand may yield some information that can lead to any way. It is, however, the first step in informingadditional service that is needed. This can also be them of problems or potential problems that coulda reminder of work that was recommended then affect the value and service of their vehicle nowbut refused so the Customer may choose to have and in the done during this visit. Involving the Customer in the walkaround helpsYou should always have a Walkaround Worksheet to build trust and allows them to see what youwith you so you can mark any areas where there are seeing. Many shady practices are done in theis potential need for service or repairs, as well as shadows, but viewing and discussing the situationdamage that was already there when the vehicle openly with your Customer avoids any questionsarrived. You should discuss this with the about unscrupulous practices being used. Trust isCustomer and inform them of each item that may established when you have nothing to hide and yoube a problem now or in the future. Take note of are earnestly trying to help the Customer solve thethe vehicle mileage and suggest a multipoint problems they are having with their vehicle.diagnostic if it is within warranty and the righttime for checking filters, belts, or other items Go around the vehicle checking things as you gothat may need to be replaced. and then go back to the front of the vehicle and inform the Customer you are going to look underStarting with the front of their vehicle, check their the hood, asking their permission to do so. Checklights, wipers and other items that have to do with things like battery voltage, water levels, fluids,safety and are required to function properly. Look filters and belts, etc. Tell them this is somethingat the tires as well and check for excessive or you will always do when they come in to makeunusual wear patterns. Ask if they have noticed sure they don’t end up stranded or broke downanything they were concerned about as to how somewhere by something that could have beenthe vehicle felt when driving: did it pull in any easily avoided.direction or feel funny or make noises whenbreaking? Always let them know what you are After the Walkaround is completed, inform thedoing and explain why. Carry a tread depth tool Customer of what is going to happen next andto help evaluate the tires and wear patterns in what they can expect as far as waiting time. Aftercase they indicate alignment issues or a need for that, escort them to the waiting area or arrangerotation, brakes or other potential problems. transportation for those who are dropping off their vehicles to be picked up Dealership OverDrive 11

Do Your New Years Resolutions include Change and Growth?“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” - Oliver Wendell HolmesWe are two months into the New Year the Powerball, so you might as well throw away and, like most of us, you have probably those plans to purchase an island in the Caribbean. set some new goals and made plans for It’s time to get back to the old grind and try towhat you want to accomplish in 2016. Now that make a difference the tried-and-true way throughlast year is over, it’s time to move forward into hard work and determination.what lies ahead for the New Year. You didn’t win12 Dealership OverDrive

Like most people in the car business you have creating training materials that will equip youpromised yourself to do more prospecting, follow with the things you need to create the change andup on all your old customers and be-backs, and growth that will help you make a better future forread the latest motivational or sales books to get you and your family.yourself primed to make this year better than lastyear. You may have repositioned everything on When I first started David Lewis and Associates,your desk as a sign that things will be different this it was because I saw a need for change in the retailyear, and by now you have probably started using automotive industry. It was stuck in a mindsetthe new daily planner or digital scheduling device that said: “This is how we have always done it.”you bought yourself for Christmas. I made it my goal to do things differently for myself, and created ways to help others breakThat may sound like a cynical view of things but free from the pack, and find a different path to theit’s really not. We all face the same challenges success they were longing to see in their career.and make commitments to ourselves that we will There’s an old proverb that says: “You cannot putdo better tomorrow than we did yesterday. No new wine into old wineskins.” If you’re seriousdoubt some are better at it than others and we can about growing your abilities and skills andcertainly learn from those who have mastered the changing the future for yourself and your family, Iart of success and live to tell about it. But where can help you do that. But, you must be willing todo you find the juice to get yourself moving every commit to the process required for creating changemorning to make those dreams you have for and growth.yourself and your family become a reality?Writing your goals down on paper certainly helps. The training materials we have created at DavidBut it’s not enough to make the difference unless Lewis and Associates are like new wine comparedyou commit to the changes that must take place in to the way most people have been doing thisyou if you want to make growth happen in your business for decades. Regardless of how goodlife and in your career. our training materials are, unless you are prepared to commit to learn them, implement them andNow that all your plans are in place and your goals consistently use them until they become a part offor the year have been written down, it’s time to you, you will fall back into your old habits andtake your stand, dig your heels in and get down nothing will change. Unless change and growthto business. But, before you do that, ask yourself take place in you, the likelihood of having differentthis question: What is different about me this year results in your business this year is minimal.that’s going to make me perform any better than Idid last year? With that in mind, I want to challenge you as you are just getting started with the New Year. I inviteTo quote the venerable Mr. Holmes again: “The you to look at our Training Curriculum and makegreat thing in this world is not so much where we a commitment to take one or more of the trainingstand, as in what direction we are moving.” If programs we offer for your area of the’re not moving, you’re standing still. And Whether you’re in Sales, Management, F&I orif you’re standing still, tomorrow will probably are working in the Service Department; if youproduce the same results as yesterday. want to change your future in this business we can help you.So again, let me ask the question I presented atthe beginning of this article: “Do your New Year’s Take a look at our courses on our website or callresolutions include change and growth?” us at our corporate offices at 1-800-374-3314. If you are serious about seeing your New Year’sIf the answer is yes, I have some good news for resolutions come to fruition, we want to help youyou. I have spent the last 30 years of my life realize that goal this Dealership OverDrive 13

DLA IN-DEALER Training That Gets Results!Our intensive in-dealership training programs are typically one to two days, every four to five weeks.Each month the trainer will focus on a different area pre-determined in advance by you and yourmanagement team. Each training day is divided into 2 repetitive sessions to enable everyone toattend. All training is in a structured environment with workbooks and assignments to be completedfor the next visit. With the In-Dealership Training program you also receive access to:DLA TRAINING CENTERS DLA ONLINE DLA RECRUITINGTraining Staff - All Training is conducted by DLA Certified Trainers who are employed by David Lewis & Associates. Our Trainershave extensive backgrounds in specific areas of the Dealership and come from a wide range of Retail Automotive experience.Feel confident that your Dealership will engage in a superior Training Program with a strong curriculum and top-notch Trainers. “Since signing up with David Lewis & AssociatesIn-Dealership Training, our profits have doubled.”14 Dealership OverDrive Scott Casebeer, Dealer – Capital Auto Group

SHIP TRAINING Bring any of our intensive training programs to your Dealership. With our In-Dealership training solutions, your Dealership will receive personalized training designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it is Sales, Service, Internet/BDC or any of our many courses offered, with our In-Dealership workshops, your Dealership will receive personalized training designed to meet your specific needs. Your team will learn new ideas and concepts that will move them to the next level of success. Our training is designed to make steady monthly improvements in both your Sales and Service Departments. Over 30 In-Dealership Workshops to choose from in: SALES MANAGEMENT INTERNET/BDC F&I FIXED OPS SECONDARY FINANCE For More Information Please Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit: www.davidlewis.comDealership OverDrive 15

Mastering the Artof Selling to FemalesIn case you haven’t heard, there are more for selling to men but again you would be wrong female car buyers today than ever before. In and ill-prepared to win the business of female fact, current research shows that women Customers who come looking to buy a vehicle.Customers influence 80% of all car buyingdecisions today. There are also more female The modern woman is fully prepared to do whatdrivers on the road today than men. Nationwide, it takes to get what they want. Many have veryDepartment of Motor Vehicle records show that successful careers and are fully capable ofas of 2010, more than 105.7 million women were purchasing a vehicle on their own. In fact, theylicensed to drive in the U.S. This compared with usually tend to have slightly better credit ratingsonly 104.3 million men. then men ― 682/675 on average ― and have no problem getting their own financing once theyResearchers say this trend will continue as more have found the vehicle they want. Females don’tfemales in America are getting drivers permits have a problem paying a fair price either, but don’ttoday than males. This is expected to have a think they’re just going to hand over their pursetremendous effect on the industry as far as safety and let you take out whatever you say they needstandards and fuel efficiency is concerned. In to pay.short, if you are someone who still thinks this is abusiness dominated by and for men you may want With that in mind, here are some things that canto think again. And if you make your living help you understand how ladies think when it’sselling cars, but have not adjusted to this new their time to purchase a vehicle. These ‘6 Rulesreality, you are very likely to limit your market to Live By’ are good to remember whenseverely unless you master the art of selling to considering how to be successful selling cars towomen. You may think the same skills are required female Customers:16 Dealership OverDrive

Rule # 1: Female Customers have approach from a Salesperson.higher expectations Rule #4: Inquisitive and Detail OrientedUnless you are not prepared to work harder to You never want to rush a woman if she’s askingearn earn a ladies business, you may find yourself about specific items, benefits or features. If you’reoverwhelmed by what it takes to convince them not willing to take your time with them and answeryou have what they want. And if you think their questions, it doesn’t take much more than thatwomen don’t know what they want, you are in for to drive them to another Dealership. If there isa real surprise. By the time they come to your something you don’t know the answer to, find outDealership, they have probably spent hours on what the answer is and don’t make one up. Theythe Internet looking at prices, industry reviews, don’t mind that you don’t have instant answersmodels and option packages, and all the safety for everything, but women don’t take kindly toand efficiency information they can find. They someone who lies to them and thinks they can getoften have more knowledge of these things than away with it.many salespeople do.Rule #2: Women Buyers Spend Emotionally Rule #5: Strongly Opinionated If you want to know how a woman thinks, youIf you want to be successful with female better be prepared to hear the truth as they see it.Customers, you can start by appealing to their Women have very strong opinions about a myriademotions. They care about things deeply and of subjects and don’t mind letting you know whichwant to get their money’s worth when it comes to side they are on if you ask them. Treat them rightpurchasing a vehicle. They give attention to things though and they will return the respect and canlike color, styling, safety and any amenities that become loyal Customers for life.add to the fun and functionality of the car. Atthe same time, they are concerned about safety, Rule #6: A Larger Percentage of Womenreliability, efficiency and value. Women who are Participate in the Manufacturers Surveypurchasing a vehicle for the family pay especially Industry research clearly shows that women buyersclose attention to the latter. are more likely to take the time and give serious attention when asked to grade the service theyRule #3: Female Customers are Logical received. If they are treated with respect andDecision Makers fairness, and given the time it takes to answer all their questions, they will return the favor and giveThe fact that female Customers are emotional a Salesperson or Dealership good marks on awhen it comes to spending doesn’t mean they Customer survey. However, when treated poorlyare not logical when it comes to making their they don’t mind saying what they really feel.purchasing decisions. Women are highlylogical and can be very clear headed when it The bottom line when it comes to female buyers iscomes to balancing emotion and logic at the same that they are highly capable of understanding thetime. They may like a certain color, but they want ins and outs of the selling experience and canit to last as long as possible and will find out what often be wise, knowledgeable and clear about thethey need to do to make sure that it does. Females things they want or don’t want in a car, and in awill often involve friends or social media Salesperson or Dealership. So mastering the art ofconnections in the process and ask them for selling females is worth the time and effort it takessuggestions about what cars they like or don’t like to do so. Leave all the blonde jokes at home andand why. They can be very perceptive when they go well prepared with a friendly attitude andfeel they are being underestimated and become respectful demeanor. If you do, you are very likelyhighly offended if they feel like they are being to gain a new Customer and pick up a handful ofpatronized by a Salesperson. A well structured other female referrals in the process.and informative sales process makes a lot ofsense a woman, and they appreciate a Dealership OverDrive 17

If Nothing Changes... Nothing ChangesAlbert Einstein defined insanity as: “doing products and services. Without Customers, none the same thing over and over and of us get paid! expecting different results.” This is trueof any situation or process where the goal is to Speaking of Customers, this is where theincrease potential or improve results. Though real change is taking place. Every day newEinstein was a brilliant physicist, it doesn’t take a advancements in technology give shoppers arocket scientist to know that if you want your business myriad of options for finding and purchasingto thrive, you must constantly seek to improve the products and services they desire, and theyyour own abilities and the processes you use. are eager to take advantage of all that these new advancements can do for them. Keeping up onThe retail automotive industry is changing and our part is not merely a good idea; it is a definitethose of us who make our living in this business necessity. The good news is that all of thecan do extremely well if we recognize areas where new tools and technologies available to ourimprovement is required and we are willing to Customers are there for us to use as well. It’s upmake the changes that will allow growth to take to us to learn how to use them in ways ourplace. The world is changing rapidly and Customers will appreciate and respond. ‘Out withtechnology demands we keep up with those the old and in with the new’ must be our motto if wechanges or become relics of the past. Those who truly want to plug in to the conduit of opportunityrefuse to adapt to the changing world will find it that awaits those who are willing to adapt.harder and harder to attract Customers to buy their18 Dealership OverDrive

Over the past thirty years, our company has sought they have for those who want to earn their stay on the cutting edge of these needed reformsby creating and offering training materials to equip Those who feel there is nothing to worry about andthose in our industry that see this need for change. plan to continue business as usual need only lookThough great progress has already been achieved at the city of Detroit, the once thriving center of theby our Dealership families and students, we automotive industry. There is no better evidencecontinue to look toward the future seeking new for what can happen when change is delayed untilways to help our clients reach their maximum it is too late. Nature abhors a vacuum and whenpotential and thrive in this rapidly changing we refuse to step up and make the necessaryparadigm. Still today, there are many who cling changes required for progress, someone else willto the old methods that worked for them in the step in and take away those things we take forpast but no longer produce the results they once granted. In this case, our customers are at stake.did. They hold to the idea that the Customer issomeone who doesn’t really know what they want; I challenge you to rise to the occasion and launchsomeone who needs us to tell them what they out into the deep if you want to grab your share ofwant and how to obtain it. They continue to the business that is there to be had. If you are ause pressure and unethical tactics, and view the dealer/owner, invest in training your people toCustomer as an obstacle to overcome rather than meet this new change head-on and equip them withsomeone to be served. what they need to be successful. Your success depends upon the success of those who work forA wise man once said: “no one can do everything; you. If you are working in sales Management orbut everyone can do something.” The best way service, take advantage of the available training weto see change and growth to take place in your have to offer that can help you stay on the cuttingbusiness or career is to take on the responsibility edge and build a loyal base of Customers that willof personal change and growth in your own life. look to you for their transportation needs.You don’t have to wait on everyone else to startchanging your own reality and reaching the We are here to help you change and grow yoursuccess goals you have for yourself. If I have skills and your business, and equip you to reachlearned anything in the past 30 years, it is this: new potentials now and in the future. The rapidbefore change can take place in my business, it changes occurring in the marketplace makemust first take place in me. The efforts each of us delaying the process a dangerous choice. If youmakes to learn and grow will determine whether are unhappy with the results you are experiencingor not we reach our true potential in business and in your business, stop doing what you’ve beenin life. doing and invest in what is needed to experience change and growth. Your Customers will thankAs I said earlier, the force driving this change and you for it and continue to bring their business togrowth today is coming for our Customers. Armed you in the future.with new technologies and information, they desireto control their own purchasing experience and Remember Einstein’s theory: “Insanity is doingare no longer content with letting a Salesperson the same things over and over and expectingcontrol them when it’s time to buy a new car. They different results.” That is a good thing to put onare learning how to find information and do the a plaque and hang on the wall in your office. Weresearch required to better prepare them when they all need a reminder at times and I can’t think ofcome face-to-face with a car Salesperson. Where a better one to motivate yourself to make theonce many feared they were not prepared for the necessary changes that will help you achieve bettertask, the question now is whether we are prepared to results and better success in whatever it is that youdeal with informed buyers and meet the expectations are trying to Dealership OverDrive 19

SALES TRAININGPHILADELPHIA TRAINING NY/NJ METRO TRAINING CENTER CLASSES: CENTER CLASSES: 5-DAY ENTRY LEVEL SALES 5-DAY ENTRY LEVEL SALES Feb. 29 - Mar. 4, Mar. 14 - 18, Mar. 7 - 11, Mar. 28 - Apr. 1 and Mar. 28 - Apr. 1 4-DAY ADVANCED SALES 4-DAY ADVANCED SALES Mar. 1 - 4 Mar. 8 - 11, Mar. 22 - 25 4-DAY ADVANCED 4-DAY ADVANCED SALES MANAGEMENT SALES MANAGEMENT Mar. 22 - 25 Mar. 15 - 185-DAY ENTRY LEVEL SALESA five-day course designed for the individual just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students will learn the basic principles of howa Dealership operates and leave having learned a comprehensive outline on the steps to the sale. Students will learn how tohandle the Customer’s objections and how to effectively respond to them.4-DAY ADVANCED SALESA four-day course created to develop within the experienced Salesperson an understanding of the Customers thought processwhen shopping and purchasing a car. To train the Salesperson on a sales process that will be unique and different from whatthe Customer will expect, which will set that Salesperson apart from all the other Salespeople the Customer has or will speakwith during their shopping process.4-DAY ADVANCED SALES MANAGEMENTThis four-day Advanced Sales Management course is a complete program for all Sales Managers. Focus is placed on becominga Leader and not a Boss. We begin by exposing the newest and best practices for leading a sales force to success. Topics in-clude Inspirational Sales Processes, Advanced Negotiating Techniques, how to be an effective Coach, Hiring and Interviewingideas, plus our DLA Train the Trainer concepts to develop the skills necessary to train a winning sales staff. This course turnsManagers into true Leaders.Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or register online at: www.davidlewis.com20 Dealership OverDrive

DEPUAPRCTOMMEINNTGWSOERRKVSICHEOPS ENTRY LEVEL SERVICE ADVISOR NY/NJ - March 12 - 15 A four-day course for the individual either just starting their career as a Service Advisor or an experienced Service Advisor who truly needs to get back to the basics of selling service. ADVANCED SERVICE ADVISOR PROGRAM PHILLY - April 19 - 21 NY/NJ - March 22 - 24 This two and one half day course is an Advanced A-Z program on understanding the Service Customer, upselling service repairs & maintenance and how to create a lasting relationship with every Service Customer. This course will include extensive role playing and in depth discussion groups. For more information regarding the available Service courses, please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at: “What? ... Oh, come on, ref! I barely pressured him! Dealership OverDrive 21

The DLA Training Centers are your one-stop Hundreds of students go through ourIf not, become a member and join toda22

p training facility for the entire Dealership! doors monthly. Are you one of them?ay! When you think Training, Think DLA!

WINNING: The Racing Life of Paul NewmanIt would probably be very hard to find anyone and the real-life, historic Hole-in-the-Wall outlaw over 25 who does not know who Paul Newman hang-out in the mountains of northern Wyoming. was. His career as an actor spanned overhalf a century and some consider him the greatest What many didn’t know about Newman is that hisAmerican actor of all time. He won many awards first love in life was race car driving. Though heincluding his only Oscar for the 1986 film ‘The didn’t even own a car until he was released fromColor of Money’ co-starring Tom Cruise. Born in military service, in 1967 he was introduced to theShaker Heights, Ohio just outside of Cleveland, racing world by legendary driver Mario Andretti.Paul lived most of his adult life in Westport From that moment on, Paul was hooked on theConnecticut with his wife of 50 years, Academy sport of car racing. In preparation for his 1968Award winning film star Joanne Woodward. racing film ‘Winning,’ co-starring Robert Wagner, both he and Wagner were sent to the BobHe co-founded ‘Newman’s Own,’ a food Bondurant School of Racing to learn how tocompany which has donated nearly $500 million drive. After that, he never lost his love of charity since its founding. Starting with hisown homemade salad dressing recipes, the Because of his love and passion for auto racing,company donates all post-tax profits to charity. Newman agreed in 1971 to star in the televisionNewman also co-founded the ‘Hole in the Wall special, Once Upon a Wheel: a documentaryGang Camp,’ a residential summer camp for special on the history of auto racing. It wasseriously ill children located in Ashford, produced and directed by David Winters, whoConnecticut. They now have several camps in co-owned a number of racing cars with Newman.the U.S. and in other countries providing fun and Newman’s first professional event as a racer wasactivities for children who otherwise spend most in 1972 at Thompson International Speedwayof their life in and out of hospitals. It is named in which he quietly entered as “P.L. Newman”after the gang in his 1969 film with Robert he continued to be known by this name in theRedford: ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,’ racing community.24

At the ripe old age of 48, Paul started his NF’s. Newman and Freeman began a long andracing career driving in the Trans-Am Series with successful partnership with the Newman-FreemanDatsun racing champion Bob Sharpe, who Racing team in the Can-Am series whicheventually became his racing partner. Starting culminated in the Can-Am Team Championshipwith the boxy little Datsun 510 so he could learn trophy in to race properly at lower speeds, Newmaneventually took the wheel of a Bob Sharp Racing Freeman also had a well established PorscheDatsun 280ZX in 1978. That season, Newman racing team which Newman was associated withwon 15 out of the 18 races he entered. He finished as well. This allowed both Newman and Freemansecond at the SCCA C-Production Championship to compete in S.C.C.A. and I.M.S.A. racing eventsat Road Atlanta that year, and then won the event together, including the Sebring 12-hour endurancein 1979. Newman described the victory as “better sports car race. The car they drove in that race wasthan the Oscars.” He drove with the Bob Sharpe sponsored by Beverly Porsche/Audi. FreemanRacing Team until the early 90’s. went on to become the Sports Car Club of America’s Southern Pacific National ChampionIn the beginning of his racing career, many during the Newman-Freeman Racing period.professionals considered him as someone who Newman later joined with racing legend Carlwas too cautious and got in the way in the big Haas and co-founded Newman/Haas Racing, araces. But after his 1979 2nd overall and 1st in Champ Car team. They went on to win 8 drivers’his class finish at LeMans, his stock went up championships under his ownership. The 1996substantially with the pros and never went down racing season was chronicled in the IMAX filmfrom there. Though Newman always carried Super Speedway, which Newman narrated.himself as just one of the guys in the racing world,his legendary acting status increased the number Though many don’t know about his brief racingof fans attending any of the events where he career, Tom Cruise became interested in racingwas racing. This certainly drew the paparazzi, during the filming of ‘The Color of Money’ whereand during the 1979 LeMans race they were so he played an up and coming pool shark withintrusive it was probably the reason he never Newman in his old hustler role as a retired Fastturned to race there again. Eddie Felson. Cruise went on to compete in a couple of races but soon left that behind himFor the 1981 season, a new car was built to until he starred in the 1990 racing movie ‘Dayscompete in the IMSA GTX class in a cooperative of Thunder.’effort with Don Devendorf’s Electramotive team.This was a modified Z-car fitted with a twin-turbo Having said he’d quit “when I embarrass myself,”4.5L V-8 engine producing up to 700 hp. Since Newman competed into his 80s, winning at Limethat car couldn’t compete with the new Lola T600s Rock in what former co-driver Sam Posey calledand Porsche 935s, Newman could only manage a a “brutish Corvette” displaying his age of 81best finish of sixth. years as its number. He took the pole in his last professional race, in 2007 at Watkins GlenDuring the late ’70’s, Newman decided to form his International, and in a 2008 run at Lime Rock,own professional auto racing team and contacted arranged by friends, he reportedly still did 9/10thsBill Freeman. It was Freeman who introduced of his best time.Newman to managing a professional racing team.Their company specialized in Can-Am, Indy Cars, Paul Newman was posthumously inducted into theand was based in Santa Barbara, California. Their SCCA Hall of Fame at the national convention in“Newman Freeman Racing” team competed in Las Vegas on February 21, 2009, one year after histhe North American Can-Am series with their death from lung cancer.Budweiser sponsored Chevrolet powered Dealership OverDrive 25

Make Winning aLifelong Experience “Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.” Zig ZiglarEveryone wants to win in life if they can and that prove anyone can become a winner if they there has never been a better time to find have the determination to succeed and follow the out how that is done than right now. Go right principles on a consistent any bookstore and you’ll see that one of thelargest areas in the store will be the success and Becoming a winner in life starts right hereself-improvement area where books on winning and right now! Regardless of what happenedare displayed. Since the American Industrial yesterday or the day before or any other day untilRevolution, and the 1937 release of Napoleon now, the rest of your life will be determinedHill’s book: ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ success by what you do from this moment on. The attitudeand winning has become a science of its own. you have, and the principles and information youMany have followed the principles found in that allow to come into your life will shape who youbook and others to accomplish great success will ultimately be and what you accomplish inand achievement in their life. That doesn’t mean the time you are given on this earth. You are thewinning is all about becoming wealthy. But, Master of your destiny and you have as much rightit’s certainly not a bad side benefit that often as anyone else to have a good life and achieveaccompanies success. great things. As Charles Dederich, the founder of Synanon, a self-help community for drug abusersThe truth is, winning is largely the result of good and alcoholics was fond of saying: “Today is thelife management skills. Unfortunately, many of us first day of the rest of your life.”don’t get them during our formative years. But it’snever too late to change the course of your life The first part of winning in life is to decide whatand begin turning the corner from mediocrity, or winning is to you, and to make a plan on howeven failure, to start making winning a lifelong you’re going to achieve it. If you don’t knowexperience. Environment and upbringing certainly where you are going you will never get there.can have a big influence on ones success or failure. Having a good idea of what you want to do in lifeBut, there are plenty of true biographies out there can make all the difference between success and26 Dealership OverDrive

failure. Each of us has certain gifts and abilities All work and no play make Jack a dull boywe were born with, and learning how to developand grow them into a career or lifestyle is the Winning is not only what you experience in themost natural way to find success. The truth is that end of a career, it’s enjoying the people you loveenduring success is usually achieved one step at a and the things you love to do along the way. You’lltime, and the sooner you start climbing the ladder, never see a U-Haul behind a hearse, so take timethe sooner you will get to the top. to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Avail yourself of the rest and relaxation that is an important partWinners take ownership of their of the rewards of hard work. Let your goals drawown life you forward rather than drive you from behind.They say to themselves: If it’s going to be it’s up Give something back along the wayto me! They don’t blame their current experienceon the past or on anyone else from their past. They The Napoleon Hill book I mentioned at thedon’t block their own path with stones of self-pity, beginning of this article was actually the resultblaming others or making excuses for their failures. of his being granted an interview with AndrewWinners learn from their mistakes and consider Carnegie, the Scottish-American industrialistthem an essential part of their growth process. who led the enormous expansion of the AmericanThey stay focused on the dreams they have for the steel industry in the late 19th century. Carnegiefuture rather than the nightmares that may have built a leadership role as a philanthropist for theplagued their past. United States and the British Empire. During the last 18 years of his life, he gave away to charities,Winners plan their work and they work foundations, and universities about $350 million,their plan which at current value would equate to over $75 billion. His 1889 article proclaiming “The GospelOnce you know what you want to achieve, start of Wealth” called on the rich to use their wealthbreaking your Life Plan down into written goals to improve society, and it stimulated a wave ofthat you need to achieve along the way. There’s philanthropy that has continued to this day.plenty of information available on how to set andachieve goals. Study what other winners have to You don’t have to be a billionaire to be generoussay about the steps they took to achieve success. to others. Set aside a part of your earnings andYou’ll find that doing so can help you a lot if you contribute to things that offer you nothing in returnare consistent and committed to practicing the but the knowledge that you appreciate your ownthings you are learning. good fortune. There’s a song written by a man named Ron Moore in which the chorus says:Don’t get impatient if you feel things aren’t goingas fast as you want them to. It’s a normal part of There are givers and takers.growing and at times you may need to make But the givers are the movers and the shakers.adjustments in your expectations along the way.Sometimes you’ll need to lower the bar and That’s a good thing to remember as you climbsometimes you will want to raise it. If achieving the ladder of your own success. True winning isyour goals seems too easy, set higher ones to not defined merely by what you take from life,reach. If you consistently fail to reach your goals but what you give back to those less fortunatebut are doing everything you can, lower them a than yourself.little so you can experience success in smallincrements along the way. Hang in there! It won’t So, enjoy your journey toward success and have abe long before you develop a rhythm that works great life along the way. It’s your life and it is upwell for you and helps you stay focused and to you to make it whatever you want it to be.maintaining the right attitude for 27

InteLrneeatd/GBeDnCerationThe Internet/BDC Lead Generation course is available for In-House Training or at our DLA Philadelphia & New York/New Jersey Training Centers! PHILADELPHIA This two-day course is a complete program on effectiveTRAINING CENTER CLASSES: Lead Generation ideas and concepts for both the internet and inbound phone leads. Email, Chat and Phone scripts APR. 7 - 8 will be created, reviewed and examined, as well as a structured concept for ongoing old and unsold Customer follow-ups. NY/NJ METRO 800-374-3314 ext. 215TRAINING CENTER CLASSES: Or register online at: www.davidlewis.comMAR. 17 - 18 28 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses Philadelphia Training CenterMAR 3/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) APR 4/7 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) 3/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 4/8 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) 3/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 4/11 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 3/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 3/8 3/9 Advanced Sales: Level 1 4/12 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 3/10 Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Objections: Level 1 4/13 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 3/11 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 3/14 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 4/14 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Philadelphia Training Center 3/15 Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 4/15 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 3/16 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) 4/18 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make (9-1pm) 3/17 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Business Etiquette (1-5pm) Phone-Ups: Level 2 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople 3/18 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Advanced Sales Management 4/19 Advanced Sales: Level 1 3/21 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 3/22 Advanced Service Advisor Techniques 3/23 Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) 3/24 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 4/20 Objections: Level 1 3/25 Leadership (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 3/28 Coaching (1-5pm) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) 3/29 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) 3/30 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2) 3/31 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm) 4/21 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) Train the Trainer (9-1pm) Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 3) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Common Mistakes Salespeople Make (9-1pm) 4/22 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Business Etiquette (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Sales: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 4/25 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 4/26 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 4/27 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 4/28 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) 4/29 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Entry Level Sales (Day 1) For more information please call Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 800-374-3314 ext. 215 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 29

30 Dealership OverDrive T2oNLSooewcrvaWetiioYtnohsu! PHILADELPHIA, PA PARAMUS, NJ The DLA Automotive Training Centers offer all Dealerships the ability to engage in a superior Training Program with a strong curriculum and top-notch training. DLATARUATIONMINOGTIVE • Salespeople • Sales Managers • Internet/BDC Managers • Internet/BDC Staff • F&I • Secondary Finance • Service Advisors • Service Managers • Parts Managers • Body Shop Managers For more information regarding available DLA courses, please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:

UpcomingCourses NY/NJ Metro Training CenterMAR 3/1 Advanced Sales: Level 1 APR 4/5 Advanced Sales: Level 1 3/2 Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 3/3 Objections: Level 1 4/6 Objections: Level 1 3/4 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 3/7 3/8 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 3/9 OMOTIVE TRAINING CENProspecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) 3/10 4/7 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 3/11 Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) 3/14 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 3/15 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) 3/16 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 4/8 Phone-Ups: Level 1 3/17 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) 3/18 AUT NY/NJ Metro Training Center 3/21 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 4/11 Understanding Your Customer (9-1pm) Entry Level Sales (Day 3) TER 3/22 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 4/12 Advanced Sales Management 3/23 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Advanced Sales: Level 2 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1) 3/24 Objections: Level 2 4/13 Leadership (9-1pm) 3/25 Coaching (1-5pm) Phone-Ups: Level 2 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) 3/28 3/29 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2) 3/30 Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 1) 3/31 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) 4/14 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 2) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm) Common Mistakes Salespeople Make (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Understanding Your Customer (1-5pm) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3) Social Media for Salespeople 4/15 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Management Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4) PARAMUS, NJAdvanced Service Advisor Techniques4/18 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 4/19 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) Leadership (9-1pm) Coaching (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) 4/20 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2) 4/21 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) 4/22 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) 4/25 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 3) Train the Trainer (9-1pm) For more information please call Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) 800-374-3314 ext. 215 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 31


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