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Published by bsmith, 2015-11-04 09:27:07

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The Industry’s Leading Online Training Program Online Dealership Training Catalog www.davidlewis.comIndustry Leading Training Available ANY time on ANY device!

The Benefits of DLA OnlineDLA Online was developed by car people who train car people. With a built in,extensive reporting and certification program, you will know which videos are beingwatched and comprehended. Our online courses will help your Dealership capitalizeon every opportunity in every aspect of your Dealership. Build your team and yourprofits with DLA Online training! The DLA Online Training Program is designed to let you train at your own pace. Each training module walks the viewer step-by-step through the desired process, making learning easy and fun. DLA Online provides you and your staff access to over 1,000 videos and 300+ hours of great material and is available 24/7 on any device.Certification ProgramsUpon completion of any one of our DLA Online training courses, the student will receive aCertificate of Completion stating the course and agenda that has been covered. Becoming DLACertified is an invaluable credential to anyone’s automotive career. Our certifications have be-come well known and respected within the automotive community.Extensive ReportingOur reporting features within DLA Online help you manage our online training program andensure that your employees are utilizing the training tools that you make available to them. Re-ports include usage, dates viewed and test scores. Managing this data is simple with our stateof the art Online Dashboard.DashboardThe Online Dashboard allows both the user and the Manager to easily navigate through theOnline Courses. User dashboards display videos watched, test scores and courses available atthe DLA Training Center. The Management Dashboard displays the same information, but canbe viewed as a Dealership synopsis or broken down by each individual user for easy review.In-Dealership TrainerAs part of our Online Training you can begin the program with a visit from one of our CertifiedDLA Trainers. The goal is to provide a 1 day In-Dealership session that will create some initialresults and establish a regular training agenda for viewing the online courses. This training is atremendous enhancement for your Dealership’s online experience.

MODULE #1: SALESYour Sales Team will sell more cars and yield higher profits using our “Inspirational Selling” method.Over 500 video segments and 22 hours of material cover everything from the meet & greet,qualification, vehicle selection, demo ride, handling objections, phone-ups, closing the sale, tocustomer follow-up and prospecting. Rules Of Sales • Sales Process • Objections • Phone Ups Basic & Advanced Negotiations • Sold Customer Follow-Up Unsold Customer Follow-Up • Leasing • Prospecting & Follow-Up Goal Tracking • Inspirational Selling MODULE #2: SALES MEETINGEvery Monday morning, thousands of people from all over the country are tuning in to hear DavidLewis’ Monday Morning Sales Meeting. David shares his ideas and thoughts in our weekly MondayMorning Sales Meeting. MODULE #3: WINNERS VERSUS LOSERSBased on David’s book of the same name, this online course contains 51 sessions on what separatesa Winner from a Loser. Why is it that some people experience great success, while others languish inmediocrity or outright failure? Is it just a matter of luck or fate that makes one person achieve successover others? Or are there absolute principles that determine the outcome for those who discoverthem and apply them to their lives?Translate Dreams Into Reality • Empowerment • I’m Good, But Not as Good as I Can Be Listen to What Others Say • Learn From Others • See Opportunities There Ought to Be a Better Way • Always Expect Success See Crisis as an Opportunity • Set Clear Goals and Act on Them Help Others Become Winners • Earn Respect • Hang Out With Winners MODULE #4: SALES MANAGEMENTLearn how to create, grow, train and motivate a top quality Dealership sales staff with our DLAOnline Sales Management course. This course covers training expectations, accountabilitymanagement, communication skills, training and coaching techniques, advanced negotiationconcepts, how to manage stress, plus motivational and hiring processes. Leaders lead byexample and this course provides the examples needed to be that strong Sales Manager. Inspirational Selling • Advanced Negotiation • Management “TO”Objection Responses • Internet / BDC • Leadership & Coaching • Motivation & Hiring Leasing For Managers • Advanced Used Car Management • Train The Trainer

MODULE #5: LEADERSHIPWithin the 105 videos in our DLA Online Leadership series, we explore all the personalities and traitsneeded to be an effective Leader/Manager. Leadership has proven to be a learned skill, and onceaccomplished, benefits everyone on the team. This module will transform the mediocre Manager intoa true leader that inspires their team to be the best. Five Aspects of Leadership • Leadership is a Verb Not a Noun Leadership is About Creating Change • Three Types of Supervisors Characteristics of a Boss – Manager - Leader Qualities Of A Strong Leader • Signs Of Poor Leadership Changes Needed to be a Strong Leader • Benefits of a Strong Leader MODULE #6: TRAIN THE TRAINERThis 20 hour course in the DLA Online Video Library not only teaches the methods of how toeffectively train, but also provides over 70 pre-designed lesson plans that the trainer can use toeducate and motivate their staff. Most do not enjoy sales meetings or training sessions because theybecome repetitious and boring. Add some spice to your next meeting or training session from whatthis series provides. The Sales Process • Accountability • Daily Training • Daily Coaching Demonstration Ride • Internal/External Walk Around • The Service Walk Objections • Phone Ups MODULE #7: INTERNET / BDCOur DLA Internet/BDC Online course can act as both the foundation and growth opportunity toincrease your rate of leads and sales from your Internet/BDC Department. This 30-hour coursefocuses on truly understanding the Internet shopper, what their real needs are, and how tocommunicate with them in a manner that will lower their defensive posture and increase the rateof appointments for the Dealership. Attributes Needed To Succeed • Tools Needed To Be Successful Why Internet Shoppers Will Visit Your Dealership • Importance Of Structured Steps Phone-Up Steps • How To Handle Persistent Callers Effective Email Responses For Creating Appointments • Email Etiquette 90 Day Unsold Follow-Up Plan

MODULE #8: F&IA complete F&I Online Training course that is designed to realize a $200-$400 increase per each unitsold. Advanced concepts for menu selling, objection responses and conversion processes are allcovered. There are also videos on how to develop the proper F&I image, ways to increase the rate ofbank approvals through stronger lender relations and some very profitable ideas for selling extendedservice agreements in the Service Department. The Importance of F&I • Understanding the Customer • F&I TO’s Banking Process / Marginal Credit • Cash And Credit Union Conversions Interest Rates • Product Presentations • Advanced Menu Concepts Objections Responses • Creating a Non-Pressure Environment MODULE #9: SECONDARY FINANCEThe Online Secondary Finance course is an A-Z program that demonstrates the effective way to maximizeyour Secondary Finance Department. All of the sessions are designed for both the novice and expertwho operate the department. Emphasis is placed on the Secondary Finance sales process, understandingthe difference between a Secondary and Retail buyer, inventory controls and advertising. Necessary Resources • Understanding Credit Scores • Book Outs Difference Between Secondary and Retail • Advertising • Inventory Lenders • The Application Process • The Sales Process • Objections Referrals • Legal Liability MODULE #10: SERVICE ADVISORSThe DLA Online Service Advisor course focuses on two main areas. First, understanding the ServiceCustomer to include both their true wants and needs. Second, how to maximize all the opportunitiesfor increasing both the up sell opportunities and the amount of paid labor. Expected results from thiscourse average around a 30-60% increase in paid service labor. 8 Rules to a Great First Impression • How to Get More Appointments Phone Scripts • The 5 Repair Categories • The Meet and GreetThe 5 Words You Should Never State • Creating Dialogue • The Repair Order Selling Maintenance • Service Up Sell • Customer Support and Service Angry Customers • Customer Complaints

MODULE #11: SERVICE MANAGERThis module is dedicated to provide the experienced Service Manager with ideas, tools andtechniques on how to grow and enhance their Service Department. Hiring the Right People • How to Create a Team Environment Service Employee Pay Plans • Leadership Skills Understanding the Service Customer • Effective Marketing StrategiesIdeas For Advanced Service Revenue • How to Maintain a Profitable Express Maintenance Operation • The Benefits of a Service BDC Department The Process For Creating Higher CSI Scores MODULE #12: SERVICE BDCLearn more about the concept of a Service BDC Department. This module is for both Service BDCManagement and staff members. Benefits of a Service BDC • Department Leadership • Staffing Requirements Inbound Call Processing • Information Gathering • Word Track ConceptsAppointment Setting Techniques • Reminder Processes • Customer Retention MODULE #13: STRESSThe number one killer of a great employee is stress. In this module learn how to recognize, understandand deal with stress in a manner that will make everyone more successful. The 8 Cognitive Signs of Stress • The 8 Physical Signs of Stress Physical Ailments that are Exacerbated by Stress • Rules to Minimize Stress Who Benefits The Most From Your Decreased Stress

Now included withTRAINING DLA LIVE Live, interactive training sessions with David Lewis DLA TRAINING CENTERS* Philadelphia • NY/NJ Metro • Boston (Coming Spring 2016)Two centers to choose from - courses in Sales, Management, F&I, Internet/BDC, F&I, Leadership and Service!IN HOUSE TRAINING* A DLA Certified Trainer can bring any of the 30+ courses to your Dealership. For more information please call 800-374-3314 or visit us online at: * Member fees apply, call for details.

Toll Free: 800-374-3314 Visit us at:

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