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Dealership OCTOBER 2015 TM A David Lewis & Associates PublicationFoTuher Rules of Sales Success The F&I Credit Portfolio Leadership: Part VI Leadership Is All About Advancing Others The Three Stages of Learning

Publisher’s Note Dealership TM A Message from David A David Lewis & Associates Publication As I look back on all that has OCTOBER 2015 taken place in our company this year, I cannot help PUBLISHER thinking back to what it was like when David Lewis we first began this company. After several years in retail automotive sales [email protected] and management, I knew there was a better method to selling cars than what GRAPHIC COORDINATORI had been taught and the way others back then tended to view the Brian Smithprocess. I was convinced that Customers were unhappy with ourpractices and that there was a tremendous need for progressive [email protected] in our industry to regain our once admired place in theunique American experience. SALES DIRECTOR Mary MannellaNow, nearly 30 years later, I find that I am so busy keeping upthat I rarely have time to contemplate all the changes that have [email protected] place over the years. In spite of what we have been able toaccomplish at David Lewis and Associates, there is still a growing TRAINING LIAISONneed for the proven practices that we have developed in this Priscilla Youngbusiness. It is both exciting and encouraging to know that ourlabors have not been in vain. [email protected] magazine is an example of just one of the things our CIRCULATION / SUBSCRIPTIONScustomers wanted that we have been able to provide to further Jennifer Potterequip our students for a career in the retail automotive industry.Five books, numerous training manuals, and hundreds of hours [email protected] video and audio training materials later have shown us that wewere right. The proven and growing success of our company and MEDIA LIAISONour student’s careers over the years speaks volumes about how Molly Parkmuch car buyers and sellers appreciate the changes we are makingin the retail automotive selling process. [email protected] month we are celebrating our new DLA Training Center in CONTRIBUTING WRITERSthe Metro New York/New Jersey area. This new center provides Dino DeLucastudents and dealers in that area with a closer location to accessthe live off-site training we provide that has already been so [email protected] at our DLA Philadelphia Training Center. There aremany new courses in ‘Fixed Ops’ and ‘Advanced Sales and Becky NixonManagement.’ So, as you read about them, give some thought tohow they can benefit you and the people in your Dealership. [email protected] the Magazine. I hope something you pick up from the Brian Shermanarticles this month can help you have the greatest month youhave had yet this year. [email protected], Bill TaylorDavid Lewis [email protected], David Lewis & Associates, Inc. Dealership OverDrive magazine makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of all published material. However it2 Dealership OverDrive cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied herein. Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved. The publisher encourages you to submit suggestions. Submitted materials become the property of David Lewis & Associates, Inc. and will not be returned. Send material for publication to 10 Suntree Place, Melbourne, FL 32940. The editor reserves the right to edit material; submission of material constitutes permission to edit and publish that material. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is presented with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. From a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by a Committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers.

contents 4 Common Pressure Words 7 The Five Essentials of Leadership, Part VI: Leadership Is About Advancing Others 10 The 4 Rules of Sales Success: Part I Rule I: Never Ask A Question That Could Produce A Lie 12 The F&I Credit Portfolio 14 BDC: The Definition of Unique 16 6 Rules for Dealing with Customer Complaints in Service 19 The Three Stages of Learning 21 News from Fixed Ops Training 24 Service Department: Hang Up and Redial 26 Smokey and The Bandit: Eastbound and Down 28 News from the Philadelphia Training Center 30 News from the NY/NJ Metro Training CenterUPCOMING SERVICE DEPARTMENT WORKSHOPS ENTRY LEVEL SERVICE ADVISOR PHILLY NOV. 17-20 NY/NJ DEC. 8-11 A four-day course for the individual either just starting their career as a Service Advisor or an experienced Service Advisor who truly needs to get back to the basics of selling service. ADVANCED SERVICE ADVISOR PROGRAM NY/NJ OCT. 12-14 This two and one half day course is an Advanced A-Z program on understanding the Service Customer, upselling service repairs & maintenance and how to create a lasting relationship with every Service Customer. This course will include extensive role playing and in depth discussion groups. ADVANCED SERVICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM PHILLY NOV. 17-20 NY/NJ DEC. 8-11 A three-day course dedicated to provide the experienced Service Manager with ideas, tools and techniques on how to grow and enhance their Service Department. For more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at: Dealership OverDrive 3

Selling cars for a living is a wonderful offer’ and ‘today only,’ are all geared to push a career, but there are bad methods that should Customer into making a decision from fear of be avoided which have been in the industry loss whether they are ready to do so or not.for a long time. Pressure selling and Customercontrol are two of the things that buyers Words like ‘cost, monthly payment, or downdislike and those who learn to do this business in a payment’ all have a negative connotation thata non-threatening way can quickly rise to the speak of money going out of the Customer’stop and have a wonderful career. pocket. Instead, stress value and benefit with words and phrases like ‘investment, terms,Whether or not a Salesperson means to put financial investment or initial investment. Thesepressure on shoppers, there are certain words have a friendlier sound and accentuate the valueand phrases that are taught in this business that that the Customer will receive rather than the costautomatically raise the stress level of Customers that will be entailed in making the purchase.and put them in a defensive posture. Learninghow to avoid these words can make a tremendous Sometimes we use words or ask questionsdifference in the ability to gain the Customers without thinking first, believing we are doingtrust and allow them to feel comfortable with the right thing for the Customer. This canthe car sales process. happen with the terms‘decision maker, credit rating or credit application.’ These are termsSecond guessing or questioning a Customers that can appear to question the Customers abilityperspective with the word ‘why’ may seem to make the purchase and can sometimes bereasonable at times, but it can definitely sound offensive. It is not uncommon to ask a femalecondescending to the Customer and make them shopper or a young person about their ability to buyfeel uneasy or even insulted. Words such as ‘now’ without a co-signer or someone else giving themand ‘today,’ or phrases similar to ‘limited time permission to make the deal; especially when it4 Dealership OverDrive

comes to women. The majority of car buying perceives these words in a negative way, it candecisions are made by females and many today are definitely affect their trust or willingness toprofessionals who have their own careers and are cooperate with the sales and well prepared to buy what they want ontheir own. Common legal terms can also be misunderstood if they are not used properly and at the right time.Nearly every Customer who wants to purchase or Words like contract, agreement or guarantee canlease a vehicle knows that if they do not pay cash easily transfer pressure to some Customers. Bythey will need reasonable credit to finance the deal. avoiding these words and finding other less harshIf you ask the Customer if they are able to do so sounding terms, it can keep things on a positivecan embarrass them or sound like an insult. Once track much easier. Let the F&I person deal withthe deal has been negotiated, these questions the legal language. Focus instead on helping thewill come into play. That is the time to get this Customer find the car they want and making theinformation. If they volunteer it up front, as some sales presentation upbeat and inspiring. When itwill, that is a different matter. Those who know comes time to sign the papers, the Customer willthey have limited credit or will need a cosigner, hear those words during the financing process inmay want to see if they are able to get financed the Finance Department.first. In some cases, they may even make theirpurchasing decision based on what they can afford Studying the art of linguistics is a worthwhileor what they are able to get financed. investment of a Salesperson’s time and energy. This will help to better understand how languageWords are powerful and often convey emotions affects the hearer in context to a given situation.or ideas that can be either positive or negative. On the sales floor it can certainly help to eliminateLearning to avoid words and phrases that carry a some of the pressure we put on Customers by thenegative connotation is a very important habit to words we use. Anything that can do that is welldevelop. Perception is reality and regardless of worth the effort.what was meant by them, if the Dealership OverDrive 5

ESThNAeLTDRELSYA CLEOVUERLSE DAY 1 • Why the Automobile Industry? • What Makes a Salesperson Successful? • Customer Attitude Toward Salespeople • Salespeople Attitude Toward Customers • Four Rules of Sales • Basic Process Review • Step 1 - Meet & GreetThis course is available to take every DAY 2 week at both DLA Training Centers! • Characteristics & Perceptions • Attitudes & Feelings • Industry Myths • Four Basic Buyer Questions • Step 2 - Qualification • Step 3 - Inventory Walk • Step 4 - Vehicle Selection DAY 3 • Step 5 - Internal Presentation • Step 6 - Demonstration Ride • Step 7 - External Presentation • Step 8 - Service Walk DAY 4 • Handling Objections • Basic Negotiations • Sold Customer Follow-UpA five-day course designed for the individual DAY 5just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students • Handling Phone Upswill learn the basic principles of how a • Goal TrackingDealership operates and leave havinglearned a comprehensive outline on the Please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 orsteps to the sale. Extensive role playing and visit us online at: www.davidlewis.comscenario based situations will be covered.Each participant will return to the Dealership www.davidlewis.comready to take their first “UP.”6 Dealership OverDrive

LEADERSHIPTheFiveEssentialsofLeadership is About PartVI Advancing Others“Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” - Danny ThomasIhope you have benefitted from this series their own lives and careers. This is one of the on ‘The Importance of Being a Leader.’ things that drove me into consulting and training Personally, one of my favorite things in life work: the desire to help others succeed in thisis sharing what I have learned with others so business through the thingsthey can find greater success and happiness in Continued on next Dealership OverDrive 7

The Five Essentials of Leadership – Part 6, Leadership is About Advancing Others, continuedothers succeed in this business through the things their little ones on at the slightest sense of a goodthat I had learned. play. Check out Junior too. His first tendency is to look up in the stands and see how mom and dadCertainly, Danny Thomas knew what it meant to look in response to what he just did. It is thebe a Leader. Though he was a famous comedian natural part of how we feel about those weand television star for over fifty years, Danny admire in life. Ask any Leader. That’s the stuffconsidered his greatest achievement in life to be that makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.the founding of the St. Jude Children’s ResearchHospital. It was a monumental commitment of Leaders value and appreciate the qualities they seeenergy and resources that today still stands as a in others who want to succeed. They will do theirmemorial to the great example he was of a life best to help them achieve their goals and overcomedevoted to helping others. However, what many any weaknesses that are holding them back. Theydo not know is that there were two others who are motivated to help them discover their giftinghelped in the founding of St. Jude, one of which and eager to empower them to reach their highestwas Danny’s close friend, the renowned Miami potential. They love to help educate them to higherAutomobile Dealer Anthony Abraham. So much levels and encourage and train them to be the bestfor those who think car Salespeople are all a bunch they can be. They appreciate the opportunitiesof crooks. they have to reward those who put forth the effort and do what it takes to become winners.Both of these men understood that one of the greatprivileges of success is the ability it provides you Leaders are empowerment oriented people andto advance others in their path of life. Those who always eager to help someone develop moretruly understand the benefits of Leadership abilities and achieve more success. This oftenrecognize this as an added value to the things that requires doing more than just giving themtheir success has given them. It is not enough to permission to succeed. Leaders are willing tojust be on the receiving end of life. True Leaders provide training and guidance along the way, andare excited about how much their position enables then release them into their own success in orderthem to advance those around them and often to help others who are ready to grow and changemeasure their own success by the achievements as well. They cultivate teamwork and work hardof those they lead. to create an atmosphere where growth can take place and productivity can thrive. Leaders do soThat does not mean that you wait until you are rich by setting the example for those around them andand famous to start giving back. Every effort you taking the time to nurture their employee’s giftsmake to help others learn and advance helps you and talents and do whatever they can to advancegrow in the process. Duplicating yourself in their skills. They are involved with their teamothers is the best way to broaden your own members and active in helping them set goals thathorizons and make a difference. Leaders know will draw them on to greater achievement.that making themselves available to those whodesire to learn gives them vested interest in As you strive to become a strong Leader in yourtheir ultimate success. They know that the life and career, remember these Five Essentialencouragement and experience they pass on to Elements of Leadership and implement them intoothers only enlarges their own borders and makes your life. Pass them onto others and join the efforttheir own life more fulfilling. to promote Leadership in our industry where it is much needed today. The more you put into yourGo to any little league game and see who gets the career the more you will get out of it. And, themost excited when Junior get’s a base hit or strikes more you help those around you, the more likelysomeone out. Look up in the stands and you will you are to find the success you are looking for insee moms and dads jumping for joy and cheering your own life.8 Dealership OverDrive

ONLINE DEALERSHIP TRAININGIndustry Leading Training Available Any Time on Any Device.Training on Your Schedule What You Will LearnThe DLA Online Training Program is designed to DLA Online was developed by car people who trainlet you train at your own pace. Each training module car people. With a built in, extensive reporting andwalks the viewer step-by-step through the desired certification program, you will know which videosprocess, making learning easy and fun. DLA Online are being watched and comprehended. Our onlineprovides you and your staff access to over 1,000 courses will help your Dealership capitalize on everyvideos and 300+ hours of great material and is opportunity in every aspect of your Dealership. Buildavailable 24/7 on any device. your team and your profits with DLA Online training! SALES • F&I • SECONDARY FINANCEINTERNET / BDC • SALES MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP • TRAIN the TRAINERWINNERS vs. LOSERS • SERVICE ADVISORIncluded with our Online Training is access to our state-of-the-art Training Centers, which allows you to sendyour staff away for comprehensive Training in their individual positions. You can send anyone at anytimeto any of our classes for a low member fee.Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit: Dealership OverDrive 9

If there is one word that car Customers repeat when describing their dislike for the car buying experience it is pressure. No one likes to be pressured unnecessarily and they especially do not likeit when it comes to making big decisions that cost a lot of money.People like to control their own decision-making process and if theyfeel pressure coming from a Salesperson, they have a tendency tobecome uncooperative.In this 4 part series, Rule #1 deals with most Salespeople have used for many years. FromCustomers and is about the lies they tell my own experience in automotive sales andto Salespeople. management, I have learned what I considered to be a great truth: if Customers lie, it is usually inThe old idea that ‘all buyers are liars’ has played response to the questions we ask them which theya big part in creating the negative methods car10 Dealership OverDrive

are not prepared to answer. This is especially true How is your credit? This is another question to betoday when customers have access to incredible avoided if you do not want to hear a lie from youramounts of information and are well aware of how Customer. Most people know what their creditour process works. Salespeople who want to be rating is and they will let you know about it whensuccessful have a much better chance if they the time comes to start the buying process. Someincorporate the ‘4 Rules of Sales Success’ into people may come right out and tell you that theytheir selling process. have poor credit before they even start looking at cars. Unless they do that, you are better off to notRule #1: Never ask a question ask the question or it will certainly affect your salesthat could produce a lie presentation and can even drive the Customer away before you have a chance to earn their business.In music, timing is everything. It is the same Some Salespeople like to ask about the Customer’swith the selling process. The same questions buying timeline to help them decide how seriousand statements that can cause a Customer to be they are about purchasing a vehicle. This makesdefensive can also motivate them to become buyers the Customer feel you are only interested in helpingwhen asked at the right time. It is not so much what them if they are ready to buy today. This is a big redquestions you ask as much as it is when you ask flag to most people. As much as people dislike thecertain questions. car buying process, if they are on your lot, they are probably in the market for a car. The Internet makesTake, for instance, the question: What is your it easy for them to start their shopping online beforebudget? That may seem like a perfectly reasonable they go to a Dealership. If they are there, they arequestion for someone trying to help a Customer find probably buyers.a car that fits into the cost or payment they have inmind. Yet, experience teaches us that when we Another question to avoid at all cost is: If we couldunderstand what the Customer is looking for in a come together on terms and numbers would youvehicle, they will let us know whether or not it fits buy the car today? This is a sure way to get yourinto their budget when the time comes to answer Customers to lie to you. This trial close question,that question. Asking the question too early will as well as comparison questions about quotes frommost likely cause them to give you a lowball answer other Dealership’s is disrespectful and drives theand send you off in the wrong direction in your process into a ‘lowest price only’ contest that caninventory search; or at least lower your chances of be offensive to the Customer and costly to you.making a good commission if you do manage tomake a sale. When a Customer finds the vehicle they It is logical to think that if you do not want thewant, they can be very creative in finding ways to Customer to lie to you, then do not ask them thebuy it. questions that most will lie about. The Customer comes to the Dealership with a game plan and if youAnother question that will cause people to lie is: ‘Do let them follow their game plan you will end up onyou have a trade?’ or ‘What do you think your trade the short end of the stick. Yes, buyers are liars, butis worth?’ This is a presumption and assumes that only when you ask them questions that make themthe Customer has already decided they are going to uncomfortable or a car before they have committed to doingso. Finding the right car is first on the agenda In our next issue I will introduce Rule# 2: ‘Neverand asking them about the trade before that is ask a question that could result in an answer thataccomplished will most likely make them suspicious you do not want to hear.’ Be sure to join me nextof your motives and defensive against your process. month as we continue the study of ‘The 4 Rules of Sales Success.’ Dealership OverDrive 11

Every F&I Office has to deal with varying applying for the credit can verify their situation levels of Customer credit in their daily and give personal references as to the nature of efforts to finance vehicles being sold. It their character. They may know something aboutwould be great to get everyone approved when the person’s situation that caused them tothey want to buy a car, but that is not always experience difficulties that were out of theirpossible. An experienced F&I Manager however, control. A recommendation from peers can havecan sometimes do amazing things if they feel a an effect on Lenders, especially if the personCustomer deserves to be approved. Often, the making the recommendation has credibilityrelationships they have developed with various themselves. Letters from a former supervisor orLenders can make a big difference when they coworker speaking well of the person applying forsuggest that a Customer should be considered credit can play a big part in convincing the Lenderin spite of what their credit history reveals. to extend credit for purchasing the vehicle.When this is the case, an F&I Manager will Letters from Creditorsorganize what they call a ‘Credit Portfolio’ on theCustomer so that they can defend their position Having letters from other creditors included inas to why a deal should be approved. A credit the portfolio is a big plus if they give a positiveportfolio consists of a set of documents having recommendation. Some creditors recognizeto do with the Customer’s history and other that special circumstances make it difficult forinformation to justify why they think the borrowers at times and they will work with themCustomer should be considered for financing. until they can get through their problems and back on a regular payment schedule. Once the borrowerIn today’s challenged economy, many people has gotten back on track and has provenhave seen their credit rating lowered through no themselves to the creditor, they will often writeparticular fault of their own. It may be that they a letter on their behalf which can make a bighave lost a job or had an illness that affected their difference with Lenders who are consideringfinances and kept them from work. Some find it financing their vehicle.necessary to file bankruptcy when things like thishappen in order to protect their home and other Many Lenders today will work around the fact thatexisting assets from being taken away by creditors. a potential borrower has been through bankruptcy;Here are some of the documents that can be especially if the bankruptcy is a Chapter 13submitted that will help the Lender justify reorganization plan rather than a Chapter 7 debtapproving a deal. elimination bankruptcy. In most cases, they prefer that the bankruptcy terms have been completed,Employee Statements but it is not impossible to get a car financed while the Customer is still in bankruptcy.Sometimes, others who work with the one12 Dealership OverDrive

Qualifying for a car or truck loan while in Chapter be included in the credit portfolio, if not the13 is exactly the same as any other finance most important, is the Customer statement. Thequalification except for two additional factors. Customer statement explaining why their creditThey may pay a higher interest rate for the loan ability is in question must be included in orderbecause of a reduced credit rating coming from for the portfolio to carry the full weight of itsyour bankruptcy and second, they will probably potential. This is a handwritten statement, signedhave to secure permission from the Chapter 13 by the potential Customer, explaining those thingstrustee prior to entering into a loan contract. Many that have negatively affected their credit rating andbanks and manufacturer finance companies have made their ability to borrow come into question inprograms that will qualify a borrower for a vehicle the first place. Of all the other documents includedloan if they can show two years of regular in the portfolio, this is the one that is the mostpayments to the Chapter 13 trustee. important. Unless the Customer can present a reasonable case for why they should be extendedLetters from Physicians credit, the other documents, regardless how credible, are severely reduced in their impact onSometimes in the case of serious illness a person the Lender.experiences a situation where they cannot keepup with the normal payment schedule because Most people at some time or another experienceof hospitalization or an extended period of time things that are out of their control and can hinderaway from work. In cases like this a physicians them from obtaining things needed for making adocumentation explaining the nature of their recovery from life’s occasional downturns. It mayillness and their inability to work during the time be a failure in their personal or business life, or asthey were sick can be very helpful. It is not I mentioned earlier, an illness or unfortunate event.uncommon for doctors to accommodate their Lenders have rules to follow, but they are stillpatients with a letter of this kind, and Lenders human and have the same potential themselves.appreciate a professional’s opinion when they Knowing this, some are willing to make anare trying to make a decision about extending exception when it is to someone with this type of situation.Courts/Legal Documents A competent F&I Manager who has presented these kinds of Customers successfully to financialAnother area where documents add support for institutions can bring additional weight to theirthe prospective borrower is when there are legal loan applications if their previous Customers ofproblems involved. This may include things like a this sort were approved and followed through ondivorce or separation where assets will be divided, their payments faithfully. This, and a good Creditor for people going through litigation or a lawsuit Portfolio, can go a long way for getting awho may still have the ability to make the Customer financed who might otherwise end uppayments while awaiting final results from the in the not-approved file.courts. Attorneys who can show reasonablearguments on behalf of the potential borrower, Developing solid relationships with lenders frommay offer to write a letter on their behalf which the F&I Office is one of the most valuable thingscan be added to the portfolio. In some cases, they a Dealership can nurture. Successful Salespeoplemay be involved in disputes involving credit know and appreciate the value that good F&Irating organizations or other Lenders. If there’s Managers bring to the deal and often rely upona reasonable expectation that the disputes in them to help with deals that require some specialquestion will be resolved in favor of the Customer, massaging to get through. The Credit Portfolioan attorney’s letter can be very helpful. plays a big part in this picture and is often the thing that brings the most value to getting financingCustomer Statement approved on Customers with limited credit ability.One of the most important documents that Dealership OverDrive 13

If you are at all familiar with our sales training than to be unique and different from what most programs, you are probably aware that being people expect. But, what does it mean to be unique is one of the key factors we consider unique? The standard definition means to be ‘onecritical for a great Salesperson. This is especially of a kind’ or ‘unlike anything else.’ I am nottrue in our industry. The car business has had a talking about using gimmicks or talking funnynegative view in the public opinion for some time. in order to stand out from the crowd. What I amWe have all heard the old saying that if you have saying is that by giving your prospective buyerheard one car Salesperson, you have heard them something they do not expect, you can distinguishall. The idea that most people would rather have yourself and have a good chance of bringing thema dental root canal than go to a car Dealership to to the Dealership and earning their business.purchase a vehicle, says it all. That is one reasonthe internet has found great favor with car There has never been as much competition inshoppers. Likewise, it is also what makes the this business as there is right now. With AutoBDC Rep so important as the first contact for Dealerships dotting the landscape in most citiesinternet Customers. and the internet bringing your inventory right into their computer monitor, you have to set yourselfIn my 35+ years of experience in this business, I apart if you want to win the business that is outhave found nothing more effective for changing there. As a BDC Rep, being unique and differentthe Customer’s perception of a car Salesperson from the competition is the best way to do that.14 Dealership OverDrive

When your sales presentation is structured Dealership OverDrive 15in such a way that the Customer feelscomfortable and not threatened by what theyhear, they will open themselves up and allowyou to help them with their purchasing process.What do Customers expect when they contact aDealership? Ask around and you will find thatmany expect to be pressured, lied to, manipulatedor taken advantage of in some way. They thinkthe average car Salesperson is out to get them andunless they protect themselves, they will end up onthe losing end of the deal. They also believe thatthey will pay more for their car, get less for theirtrade and end up buying something they do notreally want or need. If you sound like every otherBDC Rep they have communicated with or spokento, then you are just another one that sounds likeall the rest and they will quickly move on to thenext Dealership on their list.So, how can you be unique? It starts by listeningto the Customer and treating them with respectand dignity. After all, you are hoping theywill spend tens of thousands of dollars at yourDealership, aren’t you? It is certainly reasonablefor them to expect to be treated fairly, honestlyand respectfully. If you start with that in mind,you are already halfway there.The best way to inspire a prospective Customerto come to the Dealership will be to lower theirdefensive posture. In essence, remove the fearthat they have of buying when they visit theDealership. Let them know that an initial visitwould be an informational gathering event. Thatthey can look at the cars, drive a few of them andthat you would be happy to give them prices totake home and compare with other cars they maybe looking at. You have to admit this verbiage istruly unique.Now, please do not misunderstand this concept.The concept is designed to get them into theDealership, once they are there you or theSalesperson is still going to try and sell them a

Like most things having to do with Customer service, dealing with complaints in the Service Department is easier when you have a structured system in place. Following certain rules and setting up astructured process for helping your Customers, is the best way to effectivelyproblem solve when things do not go the way they should.By following these ‘6 Rules for Dealing with Customer Complaints’ you willhave a good structure to follow that will, in most cases, help to lower theCustomer’s anxieties and bring the situation to a successful conclusion withoutlosing your Customer. Obviously, you cannot please everyone, and sometimesCustomer complaints are unreasonable or overstated. By doing your best tocreate a positive solution oriented process, you have the best chance of workingwith the Customer to a satisfactory result.Rule #1: Listen CarefullyA powerful statement that is usually attributed to Theodore Roosevelt says: “People don’t care howmuch you know until they know how much you care.” The best way to show Customers your concernfor their situation is to listen intently to what they are complaining about. Rushing to solve a problembefore you know what the problem is can be an effort in futility that solves nothing and only furthers16 Dealership OverDrive

the frustration of the Customer. If they feel their complaint is valid, give them the respect of hearingwhat they have to say before making a decision on what to do. You do not want to ignore the problemand deny that you or your staff are at fault; nor do you want to accept the blame immediately and startthrowing money at the problem just to calm the Customer.God gave us 1 mouth and 2 ears. That should tell us something about the importance of listening overtalking. Listening to your Customers when they have a complaint is a sign of respect and that alone canmake a big difference in how they view your service. By giving their complaint the attention it deservesyou can often reduce their frustrations and focus instead on finding a solution to the problem.Rule #2: Do Not InteruptIt is human nature to defend yourself and your department when Customers complain about the servicethey received. As a professional, you must avoid that tendency when a Customer is expressing acomplaint. Listen to what they are saying, without interruption, and give them the benefit of the doubtbefore responding. Do not take it personally and start a contest to see who is right. You may win theargument, but you will probably lose the Customer. Industry statistics have shown that 86% of Customerswho did not return to the same shop for service did that because their complaints were ignored.Nobody likes to be interrupted when they are trying to explain what they consider to be a seriousmatter. When it happens they can become extremely irritated. Unless their complaining causes aproblem that gets out of control, you should not interrupt when a Customer is explaining their problem.There are several reasons for this; the most obvious being the danger of raising their level of anxietyand anger and eventually losing the Customer. Continued on next Dealership OverDrive 17

Rule #3 - Put Yourself in Their ShoesThe hectic pace of a busy Service Department can sometimes make it hard to stop and give a Customerthe attention they want when they have a complaint. It helps to put yourself in their shoes when thishappens and to think about how you would feel if you were the Customer. When someone has aproblem with their vehicle and feels they are not getting the attention they deserve, it can be verystressful. Some will increase their level of complaint and others may just walk away and never comeback. By looking at things from their perspective, you may discover that things are not as bad as theythought and together may find a simple solution to the problem.Rule #4 - Ask QuestionsOne of the most important skills a Service Advisor needs is the ability to ask good questions. Acomplaining Customer often has a perspective based on emotion or a sense of defensiveness. This canbe especially true if they already have fears about coming to a Service Department in the first place. Byasking the right questions, you give them a reason to cooperate and focus on the problem rather than theemotions they are experiencing at the time. When they see that you take their complaint seriously andgenuinely want to help, you eliminate their need to feel threatened or become overly aggressive. Ofcourse, not all complaints are technical in nature. Often they are cost oriented or have to do with thetime spent to make their repair. Either way, an explanation is always better than an argument andsometimes the things you learn from Customer complaints can lead to improvements in the servicesyou deliver.Rule #5 - Quick ResolutionNever delay handling a complaint if it can be avoided. This can only exacerbate the problem and raisethe level of a customer’s grievance. If at all possible, try to deal with the situation quickly and get theCustomer back to a place of satisfaction; especially, if you see that solving the problem will not requirea lot of time. Often, this type of action produces a favorable response from the Customer and actuallyincreases their respect for your Service Department.Rule #6 - Elevate to SupervisorIf you have done all of the things stated in the first five rules and the Customer is still not satisfied,turn it over to a Supervisor for their solution. This does two things: it gets the Customer out of thearea where other Customers can become negatively affected by the situation, and it allows you toget back to the other Customers, having done all that you could to bring resolve to the situation.We will never get rid of Customer complaints, but we can sure find better ways to handle them. Providegreat service, be honest and fair, and you will see your rate of complaints diminish.18 Dealership OverDrive

The Three Stages of LearningSuccessful training of any kind requires students who recognize the need and are willing to put forth the effort to learn the information and practice it until they have managed to imitate precisely what they have learned. Though for some, thismay seem mechanical in nature. It is only when you can learn to mimic someone else’smethods that you can assimilate and personalize them in your own style. All DLAtraining programs teach structured and proven processes to follow that will, when thestudent Masters them completely, become natural for them to perform. All effectivelearning requires a willingness to change if growth is to take place. These ‘3 Stages ofLearning’ can help you in your quest for a successful learning experience.The first stage of learning and effort in a program that has little or no provenis Recognition success can make it more difficult to learn new things if you find you need to unlearn ineffectiveUntil someone recognizes they have a need, there processes first. When you recognize that you haveis not much chance they will put forth the effort a need for change and growth, and you commit torequired for a successful change. That does not the process of learning a proven and tested method,mean that following any program faithfully will your chances of success are greatly increased.produce results that bring success. Investing time Continued on next Dealership OverDrive 19

The 3 Stages of Learning, continued go through the different stages of our growth. The fact that this is part of a training process does notPeople in this business often find themselves mean it is any different from the other things youlearning and copying outdated methods that have have learned along the way that make you whobeen used for decades and do not work well with you are. By effectively learning new informationtoday’s informed Customers. In many ways, and practicing the use of it until you can reproduceit is like going to battle with outdated weapons it, you will eventually find that it becomes soagainst the highly technical weaponry of today’s natural you will not have to work at it. This isarmed forces: regardless of how determined and when the hard work you have done really payscommitted you are to the task, the likelihood of off and becomes coming out on top is very small. Customerstoday are well aware of how we have worked this Once you have developed the ability to duplicatebusiness in the past and they do not like it. They and use what you are learning, it becomes a naturaldeserve and expect to be treated with dignity and part of your own skill set and will then be secondappreciation. Doing things “the way we’ve always nature to you. At that point, you will not havedone it” is not acceptable with today’s customers. to work at it, you will have mastered theThose who can advance their skills and abilities information and processes, and what you haveto conform to the demands of today’s buyers, learned will effectively become a part of yourwill find themselves head and shoulders above own knowledge. This is how new skills becomethe competition when it comes to success in your skills and new knowledge becomes yourtheir careers. knowledge. Following a structured step-by-step process of learning and practicing through roleThe second stage of learning playing and then using it in real life experiences,is Reproduction is the best way to accomplish developing new processes in your life and growing your skillsOnce you have accepted that what is being taught and abilities to a higher level.can increase your abilities and influence yoursuccess you must be willing to practice what you If you want your training experience to be highlyare learning until you can reproduce it as near successful, it helps to ask yourself this questionperfect as possible. Some people feel this is just before you start: “Are you prepared to be thecopying what someone else does and they do difference that makes the difference?” If thenot commit to the full effort required for the answer is yes, you are well on your way toReproduction stage. If you are not willing to the growth and change that will advance yourpractice and role-play with others who can skills and abilities to the next level in your questdiagnose how effectively you are learning the for success.process, you will likely fall short in yourabilities to reproduce what you are learning.Practice makes perfect better than any otherprocess. Learning the information and watchingsomeone else acting out a process is good, but itis only when you can duplicate the actions in anatural and flawless way that you can be sureyou are ready to move to the next stage.The third stage of learningis MasteryHumans have a tremendous potential for learningnew things and adapting them for their own use.For most of us this is a natural process that hasoccurred over and over throughout our lives as we20 Dealership OverDrive

NTOFReIPwXASsEIfDrNomINGby Becky NixonDirector of Fixed Operations TrainingThis year has seen a lot of advancement service and repairs. It is the same when they are in our Fixed Ops Training for Service shopping for parts or are in need of paint and body Advisors, Managers and Customer work on their vehicles. Dealerships that have aRelationships in the Service Department. A new “that’s the way they’ve always done it” attitudeonline Advanced Service Advisors Training about this area of their business will find themselvescourse is now complete and we’ve already begun losing more and more Customers to secondaryworking on our Advanced Training courses for facilities. Today’s secondary facilities are betterService Department Managers. With so many equipped than ever before and are aggressivelysecondary repair facilities competing for your competing for the Customers of the Dealerships inbusiness, we want to make sure all of our dealer their area. Where most used to specialize in onefamily members have everything they need to kind of service work, they are now branching outbe the recognized leaders on service and repairs to compete with Dealerships on every level and inwherever they are located. every area of service and repair work.At David Lewis and Associates, we are constantly This year our company has made tremendousupdating our training materials to stay ahead of the investments in the development of new trainingcurve as we see the changing trends of our industry. materials to ensure that our clients have everythingThe quality of our fixed ops training courses has they need to compete in this area. Now is thenever been better; however, recognizing the time to get your people the training they needchanges that are taking place in automotive fixed to win new Customers and keep your existingoperations, we’ve hired afew new professional Customer base happy and satisfied with thetrainers with extensive backgrounds in service services you deliver every day. Take the timemanagement to provide for the demand we are to look at our Fixed Ops Course rosters for theseeing for Fixed Ops Training. coming months and do not hesitate to call us if you need some help deciding what would be theToday’s service Customers have high expectations best way to invest in training for your peopleand tremendous Internet access that gives them working in these departments in your Dealership.a wide range of choices when they need Dealership OverDrive 21

Get a FREE copy of David’s books!To take advantage of this offer, please email David directly: [email protected] Dealership OverDrive

SALES TRAININGPHILADELPHIA TRAINING NY/NJ METRO TRAINING CENTER CLASSES: CENTER CLASSES: 5-DAY ENTRY LEVEL SALES 5-DAY ENTRY LEVEL SALES Oct. 12 - 16, Oct. 26 - 30, Oct. 19 - 23, Nov. 2 - 6 and Nov. 9 - 13, and Nov. 30 - Dec. 7 Nov. 30 - Dec. 4 4-DAY ADVANCED SALES 4-DAY ADVANCED SALES Oct. 6 - 9, Oct. 20 - 23, Oct. 6 - 9, Nov. 10 - 13 and Nov. 3 - 6 and Dec. 8 - 11 Dec. 15 - 18 4-DAY ADVANCED 4-DAY ADVANCED SALES MANAGEMENT SALES MANAGEMENT Nov. 17 - 20 Oct. 13 - 16 and Dec. 8 - 115-DAY ENTRY LEVEL SALESA five-day course designed for the individual just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students will learn the basic principles of howa Dealership operates and leave having learned a comprehensive outline on the steps to the sale. Students will learn how tohandle the Customer’s objections and how to effectively respond to them.4-DAY ADVANCED SALESA four-day course created to develop within the experienced Salesperson an understanding of the Customers thought processwhen shopping and purchasing a car. To train the Salesperson on a sales process that will be unique and different from whatthe Customer will expect, which will set that Salesperson apart from all the other Salespeople the Customer has or will speakwith during their shopping process.4-DAY ADVANCED SALES MANAGEMENTThis four-day Advanced Sales Management course is a complete program for all Sales Managers. Focus is placed on becominga Leader and not a Boss. We begin by exposing the newest and best practices for leading a sales force to success. Topics in-clude Inspirational Sales Processes, Advanced Negotiating Techniques, how to be an effective Coach, Hiring and Interviewingideas, plus our DLA Train the Trainer concepts to develop the skills necessary to train a winning sales staff. This course turnsManagers into true Leaders.Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or register online at: Dealership OverDrive 23

SERVICE DEPARTMENTHang Upand RedialIn an automobile Dealership, where service Department wanting to take advantage of communication plays such a big role, every an advertised brake service special you are running person working there who talks to Customers and in the rush of the day, the person answeringaffects the business in either a positive or negative the phone comes across as crass or impatient. It isway. If you have ever been in a fast food very likely that the Customer would just hang uprestaurant or big box store where someone at the and call another Dealership or a secondary repaircounter seems unsuitable to represent that business facility and scratch you off their list for future callsto the public, you can understand how employee when they need service.demeanor can affect someone’s desire to dobusiness with an establishment. In short, anyone It is human nature to attribute to a group or awho talks to Customers or answers phones in business the opinion of treatment received fromyour Dealership should be prepared to present any one person who works there. The morethemselves in a way that represents acceptable choices the Customer has, the less likely they arecommunication with Customers and that includes to tolerate demeaning or rude behavior. Just gothose working in the Service Department. and observe what happens in a busy department store Customer service line if the people workingIn today’s society, many people rely on there have poor attitudes or treat their Customersinformation from the Internet when they have a in an unprofessional manner. Watch howneed for services. This means that when they are individual disputes or heated discussions affectready to contact a company, they already have others who are waiting in line. Some will hunkerseveral options to choose from before deciding down just figuring they have to get throughwho they will call. Suppose someone calls your the experience and go on about their business.24

Others, who have more self-respect or higher another chance to earn the Customer’s business.expectations, will complain or demand to speakto someone further up in the pecking order. Stay It may be that you have a receptionist or BDCthere and observe for too long and you could Rep who receives the initial contact for servicebecome a genuine cynic and never want to go Customers. The better prepared they are to displayback to that store. personal professionalism with call in Customers, the more likely that Customer will find reasons toOn the other hand, watch someone who do business with your Service Department. It isunderstands the importance of customers and very easy to say no, or to say nothing at all, whenhas learned how to do their job in a professional you do not like what you hear on the other end ofmanner. It is amazing the difference they can the line, whether it be a phone line or an Internetmake in the attitude of the Customer and their email, text or chat. That is why so many shopperswillingness to be patient and understanding even today use the Internet or social media to do theirwhen they are unhappy with a product or service initial investigation before they decide to call athey received. That kind of employee is a boon for business when they need a product or service.any business and they will often have Customerswho comment to the management about how much Our Service Advisor Training Courses dealthey appreciated how that person dealt with the extensively with the Customer service aspectproblems they were experiencing. of the job. Those who learn the value of proper Customer treatment can excel in their job andWhen a customer calls your service Department have a great career. It is important that everyonelooking for help, that is what they expect to find. who answers the phone or makes direct contactIf they find the opposite or connect with someone with Customers in any way, regardless of theirwho was unconcerned or rude it is very easy position in the Service Department, is fully trainedfor them to hang up the phone and dial another to represent the Dealership in a friendly, positivenumber. That employee may be the best and professional manner; anything less than thattechnically able person in your shop, but if they will certainly be detrimental to your business andfail with the Customer in the communication ultimately to your bottom line. Customers want todepartment they may never get a chance to show be treated with respect and dignity and when theythat Customer what they can do. In fact, your are not, they can and will go elsewhere to haveservice department will probably never get their service needs Dealership OverDrive 25

Eastbound and DownThe 1970’s were great years for American Classic race. At the time, Coors Beer was not action movies with Clint Eastwood, Steve legally sold east of the Mississippi River and the McQueen, Charles Bronson, Bruce Lee and Snowman and Bandit had only 28 hours to makea host of other stars fighting and shooting their the run if they were to deliver the booze and winway into the hearts of movie goers everywhere. the money.For muscle car movies, few had more of a unique twist than ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ starring Burt Jerry Reed played Cledus (Snowman) SnowReynolds, Sally Fields, Jerry Reed and Jackie who was to drive the 18 wheeler full of CoorsGleason. Although there were seven Bandit beer while Bandit (Burt Reynolds) ran blockermovies in all, the original two were the only ones for him in the 1977 TransAm he bought with athat casted Burt Reynolds as the Bandit. Shot in down payment from Big Enos. Jackie Gleason1977, the first Smokey and the Bandit film came played the Smokey, Texas Sheriff Bufort T.out the same year that the hit, Star Wars did and Justice, who chased Bandit across the countryeventually knocked Star Wars out of the top spot in with his half-wit son Jr. who had been dumped attypical hot rod style. the altar by Sally Fields’ character Carrie (whom Bandit later nicknamed Frog). Bandit picked herIn the first one of the series, Texas millionaire Big up on the road while she was fleeing from theEnos Burdette and his son Little Enos made an wedding and the fun starts there as the cross$80,000 wager with the Bandit to run as a blocker country chase sees Sheriff Justice’s car disintegratefor Jerry Reed as he drives 400 cases of Coors beer piece by piece through a series of mishaps whileacross country from Texarkana, Texas to Atlanta, pursuing the Bandit and Sally Field as his wouldGeorgia. The beer was for a victory party he was be daughter-in-law. The first Smokey and theplanning for a racer he sponsored in the Southern26 Dealership OverDrive

Bandit film single handedly jump started the craze They scavenged parts from one car to another justfor CB radios that year as people everywhere were so they could make it to the end of the film.snapping them up and shouting their call signsover the air as they drove down the highways Film legend Jackie Gleason did his part to addtalking about truck convoys, beavers and smokey’s excitement and insanity to the film as he chidedhiding behind the roadside bushes with their radar and threatened a host of cops and anyone else whoguns blazing. It was the first movie in which CB’s got in his way while he chased Burt Reynoldsplayed a big part as the Bandit guided the Snowman through several states like a crazed law enforcementaround all the speed traps and hotspots on the way maniac who would not stop until he got his Atlanta with his truckload of beer. The CB calls All the while he constantly reminded his forlornbetween the Bandit and Sheriff Justice were some son how disappointing he was with lines like:of the highlights of the movie as the redneck “There is no way you came from my loins” andSheriff Justice ranted about what he would do to “When we get back home I’m gonna punch yourBandit after he caught him and brought him back mother right in the mouth.”to face Texas Justice. Junior was played by Mike Henry who was aHollywood Director Hal Needham managed to get professional football player at the time he enteredthree 1977 TransAms for the Bandit and two Pontiac the movies. He played for the Pittsburgh SteelersBonneville’s for Sheriff Justice. He later said that from 1958-61 and the Los Angeles Rams fromthey had to take parts from one car to the next to keep 1962-64. Before the Bandit movies, Henry playedthings going after all the destruction that took place in several notable films like Spencer’s Mountainduring the chase scenes. Jerry Reed, who played and John Wayne’s ‘Green Beret.’ He also starredthe Snowman, said Smokey and the Bandit movies in three Tarzan movies where he suffered a hostwere like being in a cartoon where all they did was of maladies and was bitten in the face by ago out and wreck cars. He told a reporter during chimpanzee and had to have his chin sewn upa television interview years later: “Every time the with twenty stitches. In addition, he suffered fromTransAm did a stunt they had to pack it off and bring dysentery, an ear infection, and a liver another TransAm. They just kept bending frames After completing his third Tarzan film, he turnedand tearing the cars up.”Though the driving was cra- down the TV series and sued the producer forzy and the chase scenes were some of the best ever maltreatment, abuse, and working conditionson film, the late ‘70’s TransAm’s weren’t really that detrimental to his health and With a 400ci engine pumping out a meager220 horse power, they were a far cry from the great Apart from being a great closer for the ‘70’s actionmuscle cars of the 1960’s. Compared to the films, Smokey and the Bandit made Burt Reynoldsstandard fare at the time though, the TransAm was a huge star and resurrected Jackie Gleason’s fadinghot looking and carried all the excess that cars career. It also doubled the sale of TransAms thatfrom that period were noted for. The unique nose year and gave America a much needed joy rideon the ’77 TransAm and the black and gold paint after a tough decade which witnessed the endscheme were something new for production cars of the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal, thefor sure. It also had the cool wheel flares, T-Tops, resignation of President Nixon and the Oil Crisis.the 6.6 Shaker Hood Scoop and a huge firebirdemblem on the hood. What it lacked in horsepower, Still considered by many to be the best car actionit made up in cool. movie ever, ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ can still spark great memories for those who lived throughOf the three TransAm’s used in the movie, that period of American history. The good news is,Director Needham said one was totaled during there are still a few hundred or more Banditthe bridge jump and the other two were so torn up TransAm’s floating around out there for those offrom all the chase scene stunts that there was hardly you who have a hankering to own a piece ofone running when the shooting was finally done. genuine American action movie 27

NEW ! from the BECOME APhiladelphia JOby Brian Sherman IN TO DAYTraining CenterTrainingCenterDirectorOctober is going to be another great month at our Philadelphia Training Center as and teas to munch and drink during the breaks. we feature a full roster of training courses Whether you want to jump start a new career orcovering most areas of the automotive business. restart an old one that could use some jet fuel, thisWhether you are a DLA Member Dealership, are is the place to go. Check out our training rosteran individual just getting into the business or for the month of October to see what courses weare already working in a non-DLA Member are offering to boost the performance and successDealership, you won’t find any better training of our students. Topics include classes forcourses than those offered at our DLA Training new or experienced Sales Reps and Managers,Centers in the Philadelphia and New York areas. Objections, Phone Ups, Prospecting, Business Etiquette, Follow-Up, Leasing, Fixed Ops andOur Philadelphia Center offers the best in high much more. Whatever area you work in, if youpowered classroom training where students are want to improve your skills and boost yourinstructed by professional David Lewis Certified performance, we can help you do that in grandTeachers who are experts in every area of the retail style. Some of the courses coming this Fall include:automotive industry. The spacious classrooms ‘Common Mistakes Salespeople Make’ andgive students ample space for study as well as role ‘Advanced Service Advisor Techniques.’ All of ourplaying activities where they practice what they are training is developed to help you learn new skillslearning through live interaction with the trainer that will kick your business into high gear andand the other students. high profits.The Training Center’s central break room includes Are you in a hiring season at your Dealership? Leta full assortment of entertainment and activities us train your new hires so they can hit the floorwith professional pool and shuffleboard tables, running on Day 1, ready to serve your Customerslarge screen televisions, big fluffy couches and in a professional manner that produces results andchairs, as well as plenty of diversions like cards, keeps Customers coming back when they needboard games, video games and reading materials another vehicle. October is a good month to getfor a relaxing time between classes. Breakfast started so you can close out the year with a bangand lunch are supplied, and the center kitchen is and get ready for 2016 to be the greatest year yetstocked with all kinds of beverages, snacks, coffees for your Dealership.28 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses Philadelphia Training CenterOCT 10/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) NOV11/3 Advanced Sales: Level 1 10/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 10/5 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) 11/4 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) Commom Mistakes Salespeople Make (1-5pm) 10/6 Advanced Sales: Level 1 11/5 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) Philadelphia Training Center Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 10/7 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 11/6 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) 10/8 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) 11/9 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 11/10 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 10/9 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) 11/11 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 1)10/12 Entry Level Sales (Day 1)10/13 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 11/12 Entry Level Sales (Day 4)10/14 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 2)10/15 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 11/13 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) 11/16 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople10/16 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) 11/17 Advanced Sales Management Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1)10/19 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1)10/20 Advanced Sales: Level 1 11/18 Leadership (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Coaching (1-5pm) Advanced Service Manager Concepts Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2)10/21 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 11/19 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) Management Service Advisor Training (9-1pm) Hiring & Motivation (1-5pm) Advanced Service Revenue Creation (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 2) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3)10/22 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 11/20 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Advanced Service BDC Concepts (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 3) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4)10/23 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 11/30 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4)10/26 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) “I was worried training was going to be tedious10/27 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) and I was very wrong. It was upbeat ad made me10/28 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) excited to come in everyday and learn. It was the10/29 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) most exciting job training I’ve ever had! I can’t10/30 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) wait to come back and take another class.” – Steven Gartner, Jr., Sales at Brenner Chrysler Jeep For more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 29

NEW ! from the BECOME AMetro New York/New Jersey JOby Mary Mannella IN TO DAYTraining CenterDirectorofSalesOur Metro New York/New Jersey area where they work in this industry. The Training program opens with a bang this Dealerships that use our Training Center services month with a full roster of courses to to train new hires are experiencing better resultschoose from. This will make it much easier for and more effective skill development in less timethose living in that area and further north to attend than ever before. By getting new employees off toclasses without having to go to the DLA Center the right start, it avoids pulling others away fromnear Philadelphia to get the training we offer. Now their work schedule to help train the new peopleis the time to sign up for courses if you want to get at the Dealership. As for those who already havein before the November/December classes are full. experience in the car business, we have received rave reports from those who have attended our classesThe growing need for advanced Sales and and are already planning to come back for more.Management Training, as well as F&I, InternetBDC and Fixed Ops, is almost hard to keep up The opening of the new Metro New York/Newwith today. Our DLA Training Centers make it Jersey Training Center is already causing a loteasier to get the training solutions you need by of excitement with dealers in that area. Ourcreating offsite class locations that, for many, are temporary center in Montvale, NJ will soon beclose enough to the Dealerships in that area replaced when we open our permanent facilityto avoid expensive travel and accommodation in Paramus. Our permanent facility will be fullyexpenses. Our eventual goal is to take this to equipped like our Philadelphia Center with overevery region of the country as we develop new 10,000 square feet of classroom space and a largeDLA Training Centers where they are needed break area with everything that makes for a greatand wanted. learning experience in a fun atmosphere.Ask anyone who has taken classes at our For more information check our Course SchedulePhiladelphia DLA training center and you will see for the New York/New Jersey DLA Trainingthe powerful difference it makes for those who program at www.davidlewis.comdesire to learn new methods and skills in the areas30 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses NY/NJ Metro Training CenterOCT 10/6 Advanced Sales: Level 1 NOV11/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 10/7 Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 11/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 10/8 OMOTIVE TRAINING CENObjections: Level 1 11/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 10/9 11/5 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 10/12 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 11/6 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 10/13 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) 11/10 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 10/14 Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 11/11 Objections: Level 1 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 10/15 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Service Manager Concepts Advanced Service Advisor Techniques NY/NJ Metro Training Center 10/16 Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) AUT Advanced Service Management Program (Day 1)TER 10/19 Advanced Sales Management 11/12 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 10/20 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) 10/21 Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) 10/22 Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 10/23 Management Service Advisor Training (9-1pm) 10/26 Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2) Advanced Service Revenue Creation (1-5pm) 10/27 Advanced Service Management Program (Day 2) Leadership (9-1pm) 11/13 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Coaching (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 3) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Advanced Service BDC Concepts (1-5pm) Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 3) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm) 11/16 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Commom Mistakes Salespeople Make (1-5pm) 11/17 Advanced Sales: Level 2 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) 11/18 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 11/19 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 11/20 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) Entry Level Sales (Day 3) PARAMUS, NJ11/30 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Entry Level Sales (Day 4) For more information regarding the available Entry Level Sales (Day 5) courses at the NY/NJ Metro Center, Social Media Marketing for Salespeople please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) Commom Mistakes Salespeople Make (1-5pm) or visit us online at:“I have enjoyed myself this week! I feel as though it was highly inspiritational anddifferent than anything I even imagined. I think I will be able to take a lot of thismaterial back to the dealership and be successful implementing it in my daily life.I am excited to shove my new knowledge with fellow coworkers and hopefully starta new culture of sales people at I.G. Burton! Thank you all for putting up with theI.G. Burton crew this week... We can be a handful!” – Mary Helen Waltjen, Sales at I.G. Burton Mercedes – Benz Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 31

• Salespeople• Sales Managers• Internet/BDC Managers• Internet/BDC Staff• F&I• Service Advisors• Service Managers• Parts Managers• Body Shop ManagersAUT OMOTIVE TRAINING CENTER We are proud to announce the opening of our second DLA Automotive Training Center that offers all Dealerships the ability to engage in a superior Training Program with a strong curriculum and top-notch training. PARAMUS, NJ For more information regarding the available courses at the NY/NJ Metro Center, please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:

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