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Dealership JANUARY 2016 TM A David Lewis & Associates Publication in the WorkplaceTrial Close or Pressure? Park the Car in the Sold Line The Four Rules of Success: Part IV The Cars of 007: Driven, Not Steered

Publisher’s Note Dealership TM Message from David A David Lewis & Associates Publication To begin with let, me say Happy JANUARY 2016 New Year to each of you and your families. I hope 2015 was PUBLISHER everything you wanted it to be and David Lewis that you gained ground in your career and exceeded your own goals and [email protected] expectations. Now it is time to look ahead into the New Year and begin to GRAPHIC COORDINATORmake plans for a great and prosperous future in the car business. Brian SmithThe best way to do that is to start right where you are and beginplanning what you are going to do today, tomorrow, next week, [email protected] over the next few months. SALES DIRECTORJust as I know many of you exceeded you own goals and Mary Mannellaexpectations for last year, I am sure that some of you are gladto put 2015 behind you if things did not go exactly how you had [email protected]. Now is a good time to remember the words of formerPresident Lyndon Johnson who reminds us that “Yesterday is TRAINING LIAISONnot ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” We Priscilla Younglearn from yesterday, but we prove what we learned by whatwe do today to change our tomorrows. [email protected] promise you that my team and I at David Lewis & Associates CIRCULATION / SUBSCRIPTIONSare fully committed to make 2016 the greatest year ever for your Jennifer Potterbusiness. Last year was a tremendous year of expansion for us.We improved our online effectiveness with a brand new website, [email protected] another new DLA Training Center in the Greater NewYork/New Jersey area, my new book ‘Winners vs. Losers’ hit MEDIA LIAISONthe book shelves and we started this new magazine ‘Dealership Molly ParkOverdrive.’ Our goals and efforts enabled us to reach more ofyou with the message of victory and prosperity, and to equip you [email protected] new ideas and strategies to capture even greater success foryourselves and your families. CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dino DeLucaNow, it is time for each of us to press on into the future with newhopes and plans for realizing our dreams for a greater tomorrow. [email protected] know that we are supporting you in every way and that ourgreatest desire is to see all of our Dealership family members and Becky Nixonstudents achieve greater success and prosperity than ever before.And, remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life. [email protected] the best of it and 2016 will be a grand adventure for you inthis great journey of success in the retail automotive industry. Brian ShermanDavid Lewis [email protected], David Lewis & Associates, Inc. Bill Taylor2 Dealership OverDrive [email protected] Dealership OverDrive magazine makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of all published material. However it cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied herein. Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved. The publisher encourages you to submit suggestions. Submitted materials become the property of David Lewis & Associates, Inc. and will not be returned. Send material for publication to 10 Suntree Place, Melbourne, FL 32940. The editor reserves the right to edit material; submission of material constitutes permission to edit and publish that material. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is presented with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. From a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by a Committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers.

contents 4 Stress In The Workplace; Part 1 - Cognitive Signs of Stress 7 Trial Close or Pressure? Park the Car in the Sold Line 10 The Four Rules Of Sales Success: Rule #4 - Always try to catch the Customer pleasantly off guard 12 What a Service BDC Department can do for Your Dealership 14 Qualities of a Successful F&I Manager 16 How To Make Training Effective 20 The DLA Qualification Questions 24 The Cars of 007 28 News From The Philadelphia Training Center 30 News From The NY/NJ Metro Training CenterKick Start Your WorkWeek with David Lewis’Monday MorningSales MeetingSign Up For Free Dealership OverDrive 3

STRESSWORIKN TPHELACE Part 1 - Cognitive Signs of StressToday, we are universally aware of the it affects our ability to perform well on the job. dangers workplace stress can bring to those who are experiencing it for In this 6 part series on ‘Stress in the Workplace,’themselves. One of the most important things for we will look at some of the common causes ofall of us who work for a living is to understand and stress and how it affects us in our physical, mentalrecognize the cognitive signs of stress and how and emotional well being.4 Dealership OverDrive

By acknowledging the reality of workplace stress experience blurred vision. Obviously, sometimesand identifying ways to manage and reduce it, it is a problem with our eyes, but not always.we will learn how to enhance our well being and Anxiety and stress can have a tremendous effectreduce the damage that stress can bring to our on our senses which can include our, our home, and the people and places where Caffeine, nervousness and poor nutrition can leadwe work. to these things and can definitely enhance the level of stress in our life.The following are several cognitive signs that canindicate stress in our life that may be affecting our Errors in judging distanceability to function well on the job: This too can be a cognitive sign of stress and can,Absent mindedness in some cases, be dangerous. This is especially true for those who work in the service DepartmentOften we attribute our forgetfulness to having or are working with tools that have potentialtoo many things to do, or in some cases the fact danger if our minds and responsiveness aren’tthat we are getting older. In reality, memory sharp and alert.problems can be a significant indicator that weare experiencing too much stress in our life. Too little attention to detailPreoccupation There are many aspects of working in a car dealership that involves minute details that mustAll of us can get preoccupied at one time or be attended to properly. It’s the small things thatanother when things are busy or we have a lot of can sometimes make a big difference, both in athings on our mind. Preoccupation can also be a positive or negative way. If this happens toosign of stress. When it causes us to lose focus on often, it may be a sign of too much stress.what we are supposed to be doing and our mindand attention is somewhere else, it can be a Negative self-esteemdefinite sign that we are overstressed. Self-esteem problems can definitely be linked toReduced creativity stress. When we do not feel good about ourselves, or we are having problems in our personal lifeThe retail automotive business can be very or finances, it can cause us to be overstressed,challenging at times and nearly every aspect of it which then causes us even more problems withrequires creative thinking on occasion. When self-esteem and insecurity.our creativity is lagging and causing us to missopportunities, or our work is just less than Finally, Depressionacceptable, it is a good indicator that stress isinvolved in some way and having a negative The term depression is often used loosely and doesimpact on how we do our job. not always mean depression in a clinical sense of the word. You should always seek professionalCarelessness in appearance help if you feel you cannot cope on your own. Life can be overwhelming for anyone at times andSloppy dressing or poor personal habits on often the things we struggle with can cause us tosomeone who is not normally that way can be a come down with a case of the blues. Stress cansign they are experiencing additional stress. be a big contributor of this type of depression andStress can make someone become unmotivated it can have a devastating effect on your work andand lazy in their personal care. personal life if you don’t take care of it.Blurred vision Next month we will look at the physical signsThere are many reasons why someone might of Dealership OverDrive 5

ESTNAheLTREDSYLACLEOVUERLSEThis course is available to take every DAY 1week at both DLA Training Centers! • Why the Automobile Industry? • What Makes a Salesperson Successful? A five-day course designed for the individual • Customer Attitude Toward Salespeople just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students • Salespeople Attitude Toward Customers will learn the basic principles of how a • Four Rules of Sales Dealership operates and leave having • Basic Process Review learned a comprehensive outline on the • Step 1 - Meet & Greet steps to the sale. Extensive role playing and scenario based situations will be covered. DAY 2 Each participant will return to the Dealership • Characteristics & Perceptions ready to take their first “UP.” • Attitudes & Feelings • Industry Myths 6 Dealership OverDrive • Four Basic Buyer Questions • Step 2 - Qualification • Step 3 - Inventory Walk • Step 4 - Vehicle Selection DAY 3 • Step 5 - Internal Presentation • Step 6 - Demonstration Ride • Step 7 - External Presentation • Step 8 - Service Walk DAY 4 • Handling Objections • Basic Negotiations • Sold Customer Follow-Up DAY 5 • Handling Phone Ups • Goal Tracking Please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:

Trial Close or Pressure? Park the Car in the Sold LineIf the Dealership you work in is one that uses whether they were ready or not to buy the car. our training resources in your sales process, In my estimation, there are few things that will you are probably familiar with how I feel about create a negative opinion of the car business andtrial closes. However, if you work in one that the Salesperson more than the use of trial closes.does not, you probably use trial closes on a regularbasis where you work. It is a very common thing From the Customer’s point of view, trial closesin this business and many Sales Managers and stand for ‘pressure and manipulation’ whenevertraining programs still teach the use of trial closes a Salesperson brings them up during their salesto their Salespeople. They were designed to get presentation. Some give this impression more thanthe Customer to move through the presentation others, but all of them speak loudly to the Customerprocess quickly and make a purchasing decision and can quickly take away any credibility Continued on next page Dealership OverDrive 7

Trial Close or Pressure - Park the Car in the Sold Line, continued pressured by it and had a negative opinion of the Salesperson and the Dealership when all was saidSalesperson may have gained up until that point. and done.Consider for instance the one used in the title of Customers are the bread-and-butter of our businessthis article: “Park the car in the sold line.” This is and should be treated with respect and dignity andmost often used by a Salesperson upon returning not subjected to such things. It is unprofessionalfrom the demonstration drive with a Customer. and only reinforces the negative opinion that mostThe demonstration drive is supposed to give people have of the retail automotive business.the Customer an opportunity to experience how Stuff like this is fodder for Hollywood movies andthe vehicle drives and feels, and to see if it is only ridicules those in the business who are tryingcomfortable to them and has the amenities they to make an honest living and do their best to serveare looking for in a vehicle. In most cases, the the Customer and earn their business. Those whoSalesperson is busy talking away and pointing out use these kinds of trial closes are only thinking ofsome of the features and benefits of the vehicle, themselves and could care less whether or not theall while instructing the Customer where to turn, Customer is ultimately satisfied with the vehiclewhen to hit the brakes and which way to go to get and the way they were treated in the process.back to the Dealership. And, what is a Salesperson to state when theAll of this usually takes place on a pre-designated Customers response is negative? Most will nowdemonstration route that consists of four right start overcoming objections on the lot. What aturns around the block and then right back to the horrible place to be doing this. Consider this, theDealership. As the Customer turns back into the Customer is only minutes away from being at thelot, it is time to verify that this is the right vehicle, Salesperson desk, isn’t that a much better place tohence the Salespersons statement: “Park the car in actually close the deal?the sold line. That way another Salesperson won’tsee it and sell it to someone else.”This is a bold assumption on the part of the The only thing I want to know before walkingSalesperson who somehow believes that taking away from the car is whether we are on the rightthe demonstration drive has answered all the car. The best way to find that out is to ask withoutCustomer’s questions, and they are now ready to creating pressure, “Mr. Customer, does this carbuy the car. They assume that the Customer has meet all the qualifications and expectations you arealready taken mental ownership of the vehicle, looking for in your shopping process?”whether in fact they have or not. This is nothingmore than an attempt to create fear of loss in the The sooner we eliminate these types of methodsCustomer by making them think they had better from our business, the better it will be. As long asact quickly and buy the car before someone else this type of selling is encouraged by Dealers anddoes. It is condescending and presupposes the Sales Managers who care only for the numberCustomer is gullible and easy to control, and will of units sold at the end of the month, we willyield to this kind of pressure and make the deal. continue to rank near the bottom of the list of businesses and business people who are respectedSo, what in fact has taken place in this scenario? in public opinion. In truth, we deserve it if thatIs this a valid way to sell cars, or is it a process is the way we treat Customers, and if that is howdesigned to pressure the Customer and entice we do the business we’ve chosen for a career. Ifthem to make a decision to buy the car before they someone cannot sell cars without using this kind ofare absolutely certain it is the right one for them. tactic, they should find another business to work inHaving spoken to hundreds of Customers over the and spare their Customers the indignity of feelingyears about how this kind of experience affected like they had no say in the way they spend theirthem, I can tell you with certainty that most felt hard-earned money when it comes to buying a car.8 Dealership OverDrive

DLA ONLINETM The Automotive Industry’sLeading Online Training Program. Included with DLA ONLINETM: • DLA Online TrainingTM • DLA LIVETM • DLA Sales Meeting On DemandTM • DLA RecruitingTM • DLA Training CenterTM www.davidlewis.comFlexible. Affordable. Dealership OverDrive 9

The Four Rules ofSales Success:RULE #4 Always try to catch the Customer pleasantly off-guard When Customers come to a car Dealership, they would rather have a dental root canal than go to they already have expectations of what it a Dealership to shop for a car. will be like. For most, it can be a highly stressful experience. They may have had a bad Though this may sound like bad news if you make encounter in the past or have been told by others your living selling cars, the truth is, knowing what to expect when talking to a car Salesperson. what Customers fear can help you create a sales Some have visited websites that warn them against presentation that will make you stand out from shady practices or pressure tactics to look out for your competition by being unique and inspiring. when they go to an automotive Dealership. In Your ability to be different from what the Customer many cases, the fear of talking to a professional car expects can catch them pleasantly off-guard and Salesperson can be so intense that some have stated disable all of their defensive mechanisms, thus 10 Dealership OverDrive

making your sales presentation fun and exciting for would benefit from purchasing their new vehicleboth you and the Customer. That does not mean you from you and from your Dealership.spend your time schmoozing them to make themthink you are Mr. or Ms. Wonderful. What it does When you can connect with your Customers on amean is that everything you do is respectful toward personal level, they will perceive that you are notthe Customer and mindful of the fact that they are like other Salespeople, but someone who is uniquehonoring you with a chance to earn their business. and enthusiastic about your work. Give Customers your undivided attention so you can trulyTo do this, you must make easing the Customer’s understand what they want and what they arefears and apprehensions your primary goal and do trying to accomplish. Spend more time listeningyour best to make it comfortable for them to deal than talking; when you do ask a question, let it bewith you. From the Meet and Greet and throughout something that tells the Customer you are trulythe entire sales process, until the Customer drives listening to what they are saying. Everything youaway in their new car, you have an opportunity to do should be unique and inspiring beginning withcreate a buying experience that will bring them back the respect you give the Customer to the way youto you whenever they or someone they know needs present your vehicles, yourself and your purchase a vehicle. Incorporate these ‘4 Rules of Sales Success’ intoSome Customers already come prepared to not your selling process and you will soon find youcooperate with your sales process. They will throw are spending less time walking the lot looking forobstacles in front of you right from the start in an new Customers and more time taking care of theeffort to avoid giving away control of their decision satisfied Customers who return to you for all theirmaking process. By being unique and inspiring, transportation needs. When you treat Customersyou will catch them pleasantly off guard and this way, they feel less of a need to haggle overcreate a non-threatening environment where they pricing and will look to you as their go to personcan feel safe to shop and compare. This disarms their when they or someone they know is in the marketdefenses so you can make your presentation in a for a new vehicle. This is how you build a loyalway that can free them from the need to protect Customer base and a lucrative career in the retailthemselves from pressure or control. Your efforts automotive calm their fears and relieve their defensivenesscan give them a sense of trust and encourage themto cooperate with your sales process. Though theycame fully expecting a combative experience, yourfocus on helping them accomplish their goals,rather than your own, will open the door for a goodworking relationship where both you and theCustomer have a win/win experience.By using unique verbiage void of pressure Dealership OverDrive 11questions and statements, you show the Customerthat you appreciate the opportunity to earn theirbusiness and their perception of you will begenerally positive. This will enable the Customerto have a stress free car buying experience withopen dialogue so you won’t have to spend all ofyour time trying to convince them by telling andselling. By catching them pleasantly off-guard inthis way, you release their defensive mechanismsand gain the opportunity to demonstrate why

What a ServiceBDC Departmentcan do forYour Dealership2015 was a tremendous year of growth for Customers who are already being serviced and advancing our training for those who those in line to be checked in for their maintenance manage and work in a Dealership Service and repair needs.Department. We are pressing even further thisyear with the release of our new ‘Service Set service appointmentsManagers Online Training Series’ and animportant part of that will include training for Research has shown us that if handling inboundoperating a successful Service Department BDC. calls and setting service appointments is left to the Service Advisors, over 30% of them will fallFor those of you who have already started with through the cracks and probably go elsewhere.your Service BDC or have not yet opened it but Your Service BDC can eliminate this potentialare making plans to do so, I want to share some of problem by maintaining Customer histories andthe things a Service BDC Department can do for setting service appointments for Customers. Byyour Dealership. With car owners driving farther handling all Service Department scheduling, theyand keeping their vehicles longer, the service have the best chance of determining a time that isbusiness in your Dealership should continue to most convenient for your Customers and fits intoincrease and grow in 2016. If you are the schedule that keeps your Service Departmentimplementing the right actions and procedures to workflow as efficient as possible.cultivate new business and better performance, aService BDC can only enhance your success and Inform of previously declinedmake it easier for your service workers to become maintenance or repairs, attemptbetter at what they do to serve your Customers. to gain an appointmentHere are some of the benefits that a Service BDC Often Customers who declined maintenance orcan bring to your Dealership: repairs during previous visits to your Service Department will go elsewhere to avoid the realityHandle all inbound of an embarrassing ‘We told you so!’ Your Serviceservice calls BDC can help keep that from happening by staying in contact with the Customer and lettingAn efficient Service BDC can take over the critical them know you are ready to serve them and makejob of answering all inbound calls to your Service an appointment to fix the problem.Department. This frees your Service Advisorsto handle more of the immediate needs of the12 Dealership OverDrive

Make outbound work through your Service BDC makes it muchrecall notifications more efficient and your Customers will appreciate the reminders that help them protect theirRecent years have seen a dramatic increase in vehicle investment.factory recalls to be handled by Dealership ServiceDepartments. This can put a sudden burden on Handle pre-manufactureryour system and scheduling process; especially if CSI inquiriesit has to be handled by service advisors who arealready busy handling the day-to-day service. We all know the pressure that manufacturersA Service BDC can handle this with ease and apply when CSI reports are not up to theirmanage Customer notifications and scheduling standards. Letting your Service BDC handlefor those who need to come in to have recall pre-manufacturer CSI inquiries can take a bigwork done on their vehicles. load off of your Service Manager and help you maintain the all important CSI standards youMake outbound SOP need to keep high Customer service rankings.part notifications Capture missingA busy parts department is an important part of Customer informationa Dealership Fixed Ops Department. Workerswho may be excellent in serving Customers in Lost souls often disappear into oblivion whenyour parts department may not be the best choice the job of maintaining contact is left to yourfor following up on parts notifications and other service advisors. That is a primary benefit aCustomer contacts. This is something an effective Service BDC can bring to your Dealership andService BDC can handle, leaving your parts people your previous to do what they do best. MarketingMake all first scheduledappointments for new When Service Managers have an effective BDCvehicle Customers staff to handle their marketing strategies it takes what can be a tremendous burden and turns it intoNew owners from your Dealership Sales an efficient effort for creating new service businessDepartment represent fresh opportunities to for your Dealership.expand your Customer base and build loyalCustomer relationships for your Service Ask Customers for referralsDepartment. Having a BDC that is devoted tothe Service Department makes it an easy task to Training your BDC reps to handle referrals isschedule an appointment and start a good Service part of what we do when training Service BDCDepartment relationship with new vehicle Customers. workers. This is something that cannot be done casually but must be consistent and well-organizedHandle service reminder if it is to be calls These are just some of the things a Service BDCService reminder calls are critical resources for can bring to your Dealership. If you have notCustomers and the best way to keep them coming already established one or need help getting yoursback to your Service Department. Handling this running effectively call us at 1-800-374-3314 and schedule an appointment with our Service BDC Training Dealership OverDrive 13

Qualities ofa SuccessfulF&I ManagerAs the business center of an automobile right way to go for obtaining the vehicle they Dealership, the F&I Department handles want. It also goes for things like additional Customers from all walks of life. Because warranties and other products that are commonlyof this, an F&I Manager must represent the sold through the F&I office.Dealership in a highly professional way,possessing the necessary skills and abilities to Orderlyrun this important Department in an effectiveand profitable manner. As an F&I Manager, following a structured process is the best way to maintain an orderlyHere are several qualities that a good F&I department at all times. If the Customer perceivesManager should demonstrate in the complex that the F&I Manager is haphazard in the way theyposition they hold within the Dealership: approach their job, they may feel uncomfortable and be less inclined to listen to all the services theyArticulate have to offer.One of the most important jobs of an F&I OrganizedManager is the ability to express ideas andconcepts to the Customer that can be beneficial to Along with being orderly, an F&I Manager mustthem if they know what they really are. Leasing be organized in the way they set up their office andis a good example of this. Many people do not how they proceed with the Customer throughoutunderstand how leasing works, but after a good the process. Einstein may have believed that aexplanation, it can really make sense and be the messy desk was a sign of genius, but old Albert never worked as an F&I Manager. That may work14 Dealership OverDrive

for a Physics Professor, but not for a Finance stretch ourselves if necessary in order to help ourManager. Having a well-organized and structured Customers. Customers who perceive that you areprocess geared toward making the Customer an understanding person will often open up so theycomfortable and relaxed is a critical part of can help you, help them. This is a good thing andcreating a good F&I environment. sometimes can turn the Customer into a friend.Computer Literate PatientToday’s F&I Managers must be up-to-date in their Not everyone who comes to the F&I office reallycomputer skills and be knowledgeable in how understands or knows how to prepare for whatto get around on the Internet. They need to pull they need to know. Often, they will need thoroughcredit reports, fill out online loan applications for explanations in order to understand the variousthe Customer and do a host of other things that items and requirements that, at times, can certainlyrequires the ability to effectively use the computer. be a bit confusing. The F&I Manager whoToday, some even use a laptop or tablet to present understands this, and is patient with Customers,figures and products to their Customers. Today’s will fare much better than those who try toCustomers are usually computer savvy and most pressure or push a Customer before they fullywould expect someone handling their personal understand the process.and financial information to be computer literate as well. Sales AbilitiesProfessional Selling is part of the job of an F&I Manager andBeing professional, simply means that you know they need to be able to do it if they’re going to beyour job and you do it to the best of your ability. successful. Developing a structured sales processThat is certainly a characteristic a good F&I is the best way to produce consistent results andManager needs. Handling a vehicle purchase is the best way to develop a clear and proventransaction usually involves tens of thousands process for selling your products and services toof dollars and Customers want to know that the the Customer.person they are dealing with is highly professional and knowledgeable at what they do. Strong CommunicationCourteous The ability to communicate well with people fromJ.C. Penny once wrote “Courteous treatment will different backgrounds and educational levels ismake a Customer a walking advertisement.” Being critical for a successful F&I Manager. On anycourteous to Customers is an essential part of given day, they deal with a variety of people thatdoing business the right way. For an F&I expect clear communication on their level asManager, this can make a big difference with the well as the ability to express themselves well onCustomer, and how willing they are to accept their various topics. They should be experts and able toadvice and suggestions. People appreciate it when communicate well on anything having to do withthey are treated courteously and they appreciate vehicle financing, leasing, insurance, title work,the one who is giving it as well. warranties and any factory incentive programs that might benefit the Customer. Since selling F&IUnderstanding products is also an important part of their job, an F&I Manager must present their products in a waySomeone once said: “We are all cut from the that inspires Customers to purchase them.same cloth.” We should always try to understandothers as much as possible and do our best to help Having these qualities is a must for success in thethem whenever possible. For an F& I Manager F&I Office. If you feel you may be lacking inthis may call for empathy and the willingness to some of them, then invest some time in yourself to be better prepared in that Dealership OverDrive 15

How To Make Training EffectiveIf you have been in the automotive business are effective and provide lasting impact when used for any length of time, you have probably properly in a training situation. been through some training at the Dealershipor at off-site seminars provided by training Use varietyorganizations. If you work in a new cardealership, you have probably attended training It is often said that “variety is the spice of life.”provided by the manufacturers your Dealership This is certainly true when it comes to teachingrepresents as well. Proper training is essential for new ideas and methods to be used in a competitivethose who want to succeed in today’s automotive marketplace like the car business. There are fewmarketplace. Today’s buyers are highly informed things less appealing than sitting through a boringand discriminating when it comes to what they presentation that is meant to teach something. Abuy and where they decide to buy it. As for the good trainer must spice things up with a varietySalesperson, they play a big part in the purchase of ideas and a dynamic presentation that is bothdecision as well, coming in second in the list of informative and inspiring to the student. A trainerpriorities buyers are looking for when shopping must present a topic from several different anglesfor a vehicle. with comparisons and examples if they want to peak the students interests and make an impact theyAfter nearly 30 years of training in the retail will appreciate. Regardless of how powerful andautomotive industry, we have learned a lot about and valuable the information is, unless it is taughtwhat works and what does not work when it comes with enthusiasm, authority and at times, even a bitto training people who work in the business. of humor, it will fall on deaf ears and the students willRegardless of whether or not the training is done very likely take nothing away from the or off-site, there are certain strategies that16 Dealership OverDrive

Boxing legend Mohammed Ali had this to say about repetition:“It’s the repetition of affirmationsthat leads to belief, and once thatbelief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”Repetition Small dosesThat is a powerful statement and one to be A good trainer knows not to drown the student inheeded by anyone attempting to train someone too many new ideas. An old proverb says: “Linesuccessfully in matters of importance. The more upon line and precept upon precept” is the bestwe hear something repeated, and the more proofs way to teach someone you want to learn. Whenwe have of its validity, the better the chance that a trainer has something of value to teach, theyit will become a conviction that finds its way into do not do it in such a way that it intimidates thethe actions we perform. The human mind works student. It may impress them with the teachers’in well defined ways when it comes to absorbing great knowledge, but overwhelming them withinformation and turning it into action. Whatever information is not usually affective. Here a little,goes into our minds in a systematic and repetitive there a little is a much more effective way forway will eventually be reproduced in the actions students to absorb the principles and methodswe perform. that are being taught.All of our DLA Certified Trainers know the Provide knowledge the studentvalue of repetition. In most of our classes we can apply immediatelyuse role-playing so that the students can take whatthey are hearing and repeat it first by a verbal There is no more powerful way of trainingresponse and then by acting it out with other someone than to give them something they canstudents. When students repeat what they are use immediately. When the student becomeslearning and then practice putting it into action, excited about what they are hearing, they want toit becomes a natural part of their own process. put it into action as soon as possible. When new Salespeople come to us for the basic training theyFeedback will need to get started in the business we give them only those things that can be put in practiceA good trainer allows the students to offer with Customers. When they see that it works andfeedback to what they are hearing. They are not they start selling cars, they will eagerly seek outintimidated by questions and ideas coming from more training and pay close attention to what theythose they teach, and they, in fact, learn how to are learning.become better trainers from the feedback theyreceive. This gives them an opportunity to clarify Whether you are training one person or athings that are not properly understood. It also classroom full of students, these principles areprovides a window into the mind of the student. worth learning and will produce an effectiveOnce the trainer understands how a particular response from students when they are used instudent learns, it can empower them for the most the training process.effective way to teach Dealership OverDrive 17

The DLA Qualification QuestionsIn the business of selling cars, the qualification early on in my car selling days when I realized questions are some of the most important parts Customers were lying and becoming defensive to of a Structured Sales Process. For several my presentation because of the questions I woulddecades, car Salespeople have used qualification ask during the qualification process. Becausequestions in a way that intimidates the Customers they were not ready to answer the questions Iand often causes them to shut down and become was taught to ask, they would present me withdefensive to the Salesperson. Once that happens, obstacles to let me know they were feelingit is difficult to reverse and often ends with the pressure. This became the foundation for whatCustomer politely bowing out and going elsewhere would eventually take me into the training industryto shop, convinced that nothing much has changed to teach a better way to sell the car business and Salespeople are just out toserve their own self interests. Since that time, I have spoken out strongly against pressure and manipulation and the use of questionsWe all have moments of enlightenment during our that have been so destructive to the opinions mostlifetime, and, for me, one such moment happened people have about car Dealerships18 Dealership OverDrive

and Salespeople. In response to this, my team Question # 1and I have dedicated ourselves to teaching abetter way. At the center of our method is giving Are you looking for a new or used vehicle?the Customer what they want by presenting our There is very little chance the Customer couldproduct and services in direct response to what be offended in anyway by this question or feelthey tell us they are looking for in their shopping any pressure at this point that would cause themprocess. This has produced what I like to call to not respond.“DLA Qualification Questions.” They are notdesigned to get the Customer to buy what I want Question # 2 (Supposing that they are lookingthem to buy. Instead, they were created to helpthe Salesperson understand what the Customer for a new car and you sell multiple brands atis looking for and how best to give them a car your Dealership)buying experience they were not expecting whenthey arrived at the Dealership. Would you be more interested in a Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota or Buick?It all starts at the Meet & Greet, which is primarily Again, this question is not likely to provoke liesdesigned to introduce yourself to the Customer, get or defensiveness on the part of the Customer. It istheir name and use it with Mr./Mrs. or/Ms. This simple and to the point, with no threat involved.establishes a cordial and respectful atmospherethat releases their defenses and lets the Customer Questions # 3know you are there to help them. Once this isestablished, you can then begin asking the right Are you looking for a car, a van, an SUV orQualifying Questions. It is important to remember a truck?the purpose for asking the qualifying questions This question also presents no threat to thewhich is to narrow down the choices of vehicles Customer and there would be no reason for themthat you present to the Customer. to consider this offensive in any way.There are two precautions that come into play in For nearly thirty years, we have taught this processthis process: in training across North America and thousands of Salespeople have used these questions to great • You do not want to make the choices too success with their Customers. When Salespeople narrow or the Customer may never see enough focus the selling process on the Customer and not of your inventory to find the vehicle that peaks their own commissions, they will soon find that their interests or appeals to their emotions and they are selling more and making more money in buying impulses. the process. If Customers feel intimidated by the Salesperson, the only way out is to go somewhere • You do not want to make the search too broad else or to base their buying decision on price or you will find that it takes too much time and alone. When this happens, commissions are rock the Customer may become confused or lose bottom and Customers have no sense of loyalty to interest from having too many choices to make. the Salesperson or the Dealership.So, exactly what are the questions we want to ask Qualification questions should not be asked tothe Customer? What questions will give us the get the Customers credit rating, buying timeline,information we need to help us pinpoint what the purchase ability or lack thereof. Focus yourCustomer is trying to accomplish before we questions on earning their business and findingstart the process of showing them what we have the vehicle that meets their wants and needs andto offer? the rest will usually take care of itself. Plus, you are very likely to earn a Customer for life in the Dealership OverDrive 19

S4ADLAEYSAPDRVOAGNRCAEMD COURSE GOAL: To develop within the experienced Salesperson an understanding of the Customers thought process when shopping and purchasing a car. To train the Salesperson on a sales process that will be unique and different from what the Customer will expect, which will set that Salesperson apart from all the other Salespeople the Customer has or will speak with during their shopping process. EXPECTED RESULTS:This four day course typically yields an increase of between 4-6 units per month in volume and an increase of $200-$400 in profit per sold unit.DAY 1 DAY 3• Sales Process • Leasing / Prospecting / Follow-Up• Rules for Change • The Basics of Leasing• Customer Perceptions • Customer Lease Perceptions• Four Basic Buyer Questions • Salesperson’s Lease Perceptions• Communication Skills • Answering Customer Leasing Questions• Myths • Lease Presentations• Steps to the Sale • Why Prospecting is Important • New Prospecting IdeasDAY 2 • The Importance of Unsold Follow-Up • The Importance of Sold Follow-Up• Objections • Sold / Un-Sold Follow-Up Ideas• Why Customers Object• The Basic Four Steps to Overcome Objections DAY 4• The Objection Conversion Technique• How to Handle the Interest Rate Questions • Phone-Ups • Why Customers Call • The Four Phone-Up Steps to the Sale • How to Handle Persistent Callers THE DLA TRAINING CENTERSFor more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 21520 Dealership OverDrive

fSoorcSiaalleMspeedoiapleThis one-day course provides the basic understanding ofSocial Media. The student will be exposed to the benefitsof Social Media and how their individual or Dealershipstrategies can create brand recognition and increased salesopportunities. All aspects of Social Media platforms arecovered. This course has been designed to provide theindividual who wants to understand and start using SocialMedia as a marketing platform and for the experiencedperson currently using Social Media. PHILA/Feb. 8 NY/NJ/Jan. 19Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 orregister online at Dealership OverDrive 21

The DLA Training Centers are your one-stop Hundreds of students go through ourIf not, become a member and join toda22

p training facility for the entire Dealership! doors monthly. Are you one of them?ay! When you think Training, Think DLA!

TheFor those of you who are avid fans of the edge of a sharp cliff. After maneuvering some British MI6 agent James Bond, better known rather sharp curve, 007 managed to pass under a as 007, I’m sure you have your favorites crane that blocked the road ahead, but the hearseamong the long list of cars our hero raced across was too tall and skidded off the mountain in athe silver screen in chase after chase trying to flame of destruction.catch up with, or get away from the bad guys.No matter what he was driving, or which current The 2nd Bond car is found in ‘From Russia Withactor filled the drivers’ seat, it was always exciting Love,’ which also starred Sean Connery andto see the next vehicle ‘Q’ (which stands for featured a 1935 Bentley Mark IV with a DropheadQuartermaster) had prepared for Bond before he 3.5 Liter engine. This is most likely inspired byraced off into the next spy adventure to save the the fact that in several of the Ian Fleming novels,world from ultimate destruction. 007 had driven a Bentley 4.5 liter which predated the Mark IV by a couple of years. In what wouldBond’s first car which he drove in ‘Dr. No’ was later become standard for most Bond movies, oura lake blue Sunbeam Alpine Series II. It was hero is about to enjoy a riverside rendezvous overmanufactured just outside of Coventry in the West champagne with the beautiful Sylvia TrenchMidlands area of England. Bond was tricked into a when he is paged by headquarters and goes to thetrap at the mountain apartment of enemy spy Miss Bentley to answer a call from Miss Moneypenny.Taro, a beautiful government agent who doubled Of course, before heading back to HQ, he raisesas a spy for the infamous ‘Dr. No’ in Jamaica. In the convertible roof for some private time with thethis 1962 movie starring Sean Connery, Bond was lovely Miss Trench.chased by a large hearse that tried to ram him off24

e Cars of 007 Driven, Not SteeredOur #3 James Bond vehicle is found in Goldfinger even rarer than the Aston Martin DB5. The 2000and introduced the Aston Martin DB5 to 007’s GT was a hardtop coupé, but the original low roofgrowing worldwide audience. This quintessential was too restrictive for Sean Connery, so ToyotaJames Bond car quickly became one of the made some special modifications to produce anmost to add a large array of gadgets to the car, open top version just for the film.featuring an ejector seat, machine guns, a smokescreen, and tires with attached slashers to get the ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ gave us #5 on thebad guys when they came a little too close. The list of Bond cars and featured George Lazenby asproducers brought the car back for the next film, the new James Bond driving a new 1968 AstonThunderball. Since then, a DB5 has also been Martin DBS. 007 is first shown driving thefeatured in Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, DBS along a winding road in Portugal, his faceCasino Royale and Skyfall. hidden in silhouette in an artistic introduction. At the film’s end, Bond’s wife is assassinated through‘You Only Live Twice’ gave us #4 on the list of the DBS’s windshield. The Aston played a key007 cars. Bond drove a 1967 Toyota 2000 GT. part in the film’s shocking ending, as well asThis vehicle was known as Japan’s first supercar introducing Lazenby as the new Bond. In the filmand since the film was primarily set in Japan it was that followed, ‘Diamonds Are Forever,’ the samea reasonable choice for the next Bond car. The Aston Martin DBS was briefly shown being fittedToyota 2000 GT was the obvious car of choice with missiles in Q’s lab.for You Only Live Twice since the film was setprimarily in Japan. There were only 351 models Continued on next pageof the 2000 GT produced, which made the Dealership OverDrive 25

The James Bond Cars, continued we find Bond driving a white Lotus Esprit S1 in a chase sequence taking place on land and water andBond car #6 was a 1969 Cougar XR-7 and was in the air as well. With beautiful co-star, Barbaraalso part of the film ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Bach in the passenger seat, Bond is chased by theService.’ This car came into the picture while armed henchmen Jaws who is riding a motorbikeBond was on the run in Piz Gloria without his equipped with a jet-propulsion sidecar rocket.Aston and he had to rely on Tracy DiVicenzo This is followed by an attack from a helicopter(who later became his wife) and her red Mercury equipped with huge machine guns. After a longCougar. With the help of rally studs for added and hazardous chase, Bond drives off the edgetraction on the icy roads, Tracy proved to be a of a pier and the Lotus transforms into a minicompetent driver, out-cornering the henchmen who submarine. Regardless of what they throw at 007were trying to shoot them down. In order to lose in this film, the Q’ equipped Lotus handles themthe bad guys, Tracy charged into a stock car race with ease. Bond eventually transforms the vehicletrack, and after a few laps she manages to escape, back to a car and drives out of the sea onto a beachleaving the henchmen behind in an explosive crash. of unsuspecting tourists.#7 on the list of Bond cars was a red 1971 Ford When the main villain smashes the passengerMustang Mach 1. This car was featured in the window of the Lotus, Q’s self destruct systemBond film Diamonds are Forever which wasn’t promptly kicks in, blowing the car and thethe best received of the 007 movies featuring Sean henchman to pieces. In a later scene in Q’s lab,Connery. It did have one of the great car chases of Bond spots a replacement car and jibes with ‘Q’the early series of films where Bond finds himself saying “I see you managed to get the Lotus backin a high tension chase along the Las Vegas strip. together again.”There are some fancy choreographed maneuverswhere 007 tricks half a dozen police cars into Over the next two decades, James Bond drovecrashing into each other before escaping over a a host of new cars, each one hotter and moreramp to safety. During the chase scene the strip elaborate than the ones that came before it. We seewas filled with actual tourists who watched it all 007 driving anything from a Citroen to a Renaulttake place. Ford offered to supply as many cars taxi, a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II and a hostas the producers wanted, as long as Bond drove of BMW’s. Not to mention several new Astona Mustang. Martins that graced the screen for new movies from time to time. Suffice it to say, our hero wasIn ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ Bond finds never far from trouble and never without a vehiclehimself driving car #8, a 1974 AMC, Hornet X. that could outdo just about anything the bad guywhen costar Mary Goodnight gets kidnapped by could come up with to try and stop him fromFrancisco Scaramanga. When Bond runs to his car winning the day and saving the make chase, he realizes that Ms. Goodnight hasthe keys. Bond spots a car dealership, and steals The latest Bond movie was released in Novemberthe AMC Hornet, driving it right out through the of last year and featured Daniel Craig as Jamesshowroom window. In this movie, Sheriff J.W. Bond driving another Aston Martin that wasPepper from Live and Let Die returns as a created for the world’s most famous secret agent.Bangkok tourist, who just happened to be sitting This featured everything we’ve come to expectin the passenger seat of the Hornet when 007 from the franchise. It’s wickedly fast and sexy, anddecides to steal it to save Goodnight. In the film’s well beyond the reach of anyone who doesn’t havelandmark stunt, Bond spots an old collapsed bridge a double-0 attached to their name.and somehow manages to do a 360 barrel rollover the river.For the 10th Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, www.davidlewis.com26 Dealership OverDrive

UPCOMING SERVICE DEPARTMENT WORKSHOPSENTRY LEVEL SERVICE ADVISOR PHILLY FEB. 23-26A four-day course for the individual either just starting their career as a Service Advisor or an experienced ServiceAdvisor who truly needs to get back to the basics of selling service.ADVANCED SERVICE ADVISOR PROGRAM NY/NJ JAN. 13-15This two and one half day course is an Advanced A-Z program on understanding the Service Customer, upsellingservice repairs & maintenance and how to create a lasting relationship with every Service Customer. This course willinclude extensive role playing and in depth discussion groups.ADVANCED SERVICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM PHILLY JAN. 19-22A three-day course dedicated to provide the experienced Service Manager with ideas, tools and techniques on howto grow and enhance their Service Department.For more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at: The fifth book written by David Lewis Winners Losvse. rs With over 30 years of training experience, David Lewis is a distinguished industry expert. David is the President of David Lewis & Associates and travels the country training and educating dealership personnel on all areas of dealership David’s books are available through and 27

NEWS frtohme BECOME A Philadelphia Training Center IN TODAY JO !Last year saw a tremendous growth in Philadelphia center. Many have said how much our Philadelphia DLA Training Center they appreciate the dynamic learning environment programs, and 2016 is already shaping up that is balanced with a good measure of relaxation,to be another great year. Our January schedule is fun and recreation for those who attend. Needlessalready full with a good roster of students coming to say, our well-stocked refrigerators and caféto advance their skills in every area of the retail go a long way to make the learning experienceautomotive business. This month we are featuring more enjoyable for our students. Having a healthycourses on sales and Service Department breakfast and lunch provided free with the trainingManagement. Course will include both entry-level makes it easier to concentrate on the day’s workand advanced sales training, as well as classes on without having to leave the facility until the dayPhone Ups, Leasing for Salespeople, Overcoming has ended.Obstacles, and training in Effective Follow-up andProspecting. These will be important classes for Our Certified DLA Trainers come from years ofanyone looking to advance their skills in the Sales experience in the industry and have extensiveDepartment and those who want to learn how to knowledge in the areas in which they teach.promote Leasing to your Customers from a sales Students receive complete course materials onperspective. Prospecting and follow-up is their training topic and in many cases have thetraditionally one of the weakest areas for most opportunity to role-play with other students inSalespeople, but our courses on these topics can order to re-create what they are learning in actualturn a boring and fruitless activity into a dynamic person-to-person dialogue. The learning processespart of advancing your sales career to new Heights. we use have proven effective with former students and we are constantly updating our materials toOur new courses in Service Department Train- include the latest developments in skills anding have really been a great advancement in this strategies for those who work in the industry.area of learning. We have already scheduledcourses in the second half of the month that will If you are new to the business or are just thinkingcover most areas of service advisor training and about a career in retail automotive, many of ouradvance Service Department Management. This classes are open to the public. Some of ourtraining is highly recommended for those who advanced classes require that you are alreadywant to update their existing skills and experience, working in a Dealership, but you should contact usand others who are new to managing a Dealership in any case if you have a desire to obtain certifiedService Department. training in retail automotive, are planning a career move in this business, or have just started lookingWe constantly hear great reports coming for a dynamic occupation for the future.from those who have attended classes in ourFor more information on how to sign up for classes at our Philadelphia Training Center call our Corporate Office at 1-800-374-3314 Ext. 21528 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses Philadelphia Training CenterJAN 1/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) FEB 2/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Philadelphia Training Center 1/5 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 2/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 2/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 1/6 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 2/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 2/5 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 1/7 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 2/9 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 1/8 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 2/10 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 1/12 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3)1/13 Objections: Level 1 2/11 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Entry Level Sales (Day 1)1/14 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) 2/12 Phone-Ups: Level 2 Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) 2/15 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 2/16 Advanced Sales Management Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1)1/15 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Leadership (9-1pm) Coaching (1-5pm)1/18 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Entry Level Sales (Day 4)1/19 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 2/17 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) Advanced Service Manager Concepts Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 1) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Entry Level Sales (Day 5)1/20 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 2/18 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) Management Service Advisor Training (9-1pm) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Advanced Service Revenue Creation (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Advanced Service Management (Day 2) Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Advanced Sales: Level 21/21 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 2/19 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) Advanced Service BDC Concepts (1-5pm) 2/22 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 3) 2/23 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) 2/24 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3)1/22 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Objections: Level 2 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4)1/25 Understanding Your Customer (9-1pm) Business Etiquette (1-5pm)1/26 Objections: Level 2 2/25 2/26 For more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215“The Sales class was awesome! It was very informative and logical. I believe the roleplaying helped me understand how to approach potential customers tremendously.There is not a doubt in my mind that I won’t be able to sell cars. Thank you so much!” – Eric Moore, Sales at Sussman Mazda (Sales Student)Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 29

NEWS frtohme BECOME A Metro New York/New JerseyTraining Center IN TODAY JO !The last quarter of 2015 saw the opening potential and grow your income to exciting new of our DLA Training Center for the Metro levels in car sales. New York/New Jersey area. With a fullroster of courses already filled for this month we For Service Departments, our training courses onare excited about the future in the courses we Understanding the Service Customer are highlyhave prepared for those who will attend training recommended for those who want to increasein the Northeast corridor. We are moving ahead their Customer skills in this area. The competitionwith training courses in every area of entry level between Dealership Service Departments and theand advanced sales training including courses Secondary Repair Shops is increasing every day,in Internet BDC, leasing for salespeople, with independent stores doubling in number everyprospecting and follow-up, Objections and phone five years. If you are tired of seeing your businessups. These are exciting courses that will advance go to these fast growing franchises that operateyour skills to new levels and update you to new outside of Authorized Dealerships, you will wantadvancements and methods in sales strategies and to take this course the next time it is available. WeCustomer service. cover every area having to do with this growing reality and equip our students to earn the businessOur new courses on social media and Internet/ of new service Customers, and recapture thoseBDC lead generation have received accolades who haven’t visited your dealership for some time.from students who have already attended thecourses. If you are new to the Internet or have Our Advanced Service Advisor training courseslimited experience in this area, there is no better cover Advanced Service Advisor Techniques andway to launch you into this dynamic opportunity advanced training in Phone Techniques for Servicefor sales than to take one of these courses. Our Advisors. This includes a short course in how toDLA Certified Trainers are experts in the fields do a great service advisor walk around and offersthey teach and have a full understanding of a bevy of other skills and techniques to improvehow to effectively use the Internet to build your your effectiveness as a service and create an exponential growth ofgenuine Customer contacts. We also offer a two-day course on Advanced F&I Concepts for those looking to take theirThis month we will offer training on common departments profits and success to new levels.mistakes salespeople make. This course is derivedfrom my new book of the same title and will help 2016 will be another great year of advancement atyou identify areas for improvement in your sales our Metro New York/New Jersey DLA Trainingprocess and learn new ways to build a Customer Center so come and join the fun and learn newbase that is loyal to you as their ‘transportation skills and strategies to advance yourself in yourgo to person.’ We show you how to eliminate bad Dealership and your career in retail automotive.habits and build new ones that will increase yourFor more information on how to sign up for classes at our NY/NJ Metro Training Center call our Corporate Office at 1-800-374-3314 Ext. 21530 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses NY/NJ Metro Training CenterJAN 1/5 Advanced Sales: Level 1 FEB 2/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 2/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 1/6 Objections: Level 1 2/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 2/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 2/5 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 1/7 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 2/9 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 2/10 Objections: Level 1 IVE TRAININAdvanced Sales Program (Day 3) Advanced Sales Program (Day 2)T G C1/8 Phone-Ups: Level 1 NY/NJ Metro Training Center O EAdvanced Sales Program (Day 4) TEROM N1/11 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) AUT 2/11 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm)1/12 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm)1/13 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 2/12 Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 2/15 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advisor Service Phone Techniques Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) Entry Level Sales (Day 1)1/14 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Phone-Ups: Level 2 Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) 2/16 Entry Level Sales (Day 2)Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2)1/15 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Advanced Sales Management Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1)Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2) 2/17 Entry Level Sales (Day 3)1/18 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) 2/18 Leadership (9-1pm) Common Mistakes Salespeople Make (1-5pm) Coaching (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2)1/19 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Entry Level Sales (Day 4)1/20 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm)1/21 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm)Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 1) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) 2/19PARAMUS, NJ1/22 Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 2) Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Train the Trainer (9-1pm)1/25 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm)1/26 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4)1/27 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 2/22 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople1/28 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 2/23 Advanced Sales: Level 21/29 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1)For more information please call 2/24 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) 800-374-3314 ext. 215 2/25 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2) 2/26 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3) Objections: Level 2 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4)“The Sales class was beyond my expectations, Becky was absolutely magnificent and the facility is top notch. I appreciate the knowledge and I look froward to more classes!” – Derrick McKie, Sales at Newark Toyota Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice.Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 31

T2oNLSooewcravWteiiotYhnosu! DLA AUTOMOTIVE TRAINING CENTERS PHILADELPHIA, PA • PARAMUS, NJ The DLA Automotive Training Centers offer all Dealerships the ability to engage in a superior Training Program with a strong curriculum and top-notch training. Salespeople Sales Managers Internet/BDC Managers Internet/BDC Staff F&I Service Advisors Service Managers Parts Managers Body Shop Managers For more information regarding available DLA courses, please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:

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