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011818 Training Solutions catalog

Published by bsmith, 2018-01-18 15:58:30

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2018DLA AutomotiveTRAININGSOLUTIONS Comprehensive Training. Proven Results.

WHO WE ARE David Lewis & Associates (DLA) has been training Dealers, General Managers, Service Managers, Sales Managers, F&I Managers, Salespeople and Service Advisors on the “Art of Inspirational Selling.” For more than 30 years, our unique ideas have helped thousands of dealerships nationwide achieve their sales and management goals. As an F&I Training company in the 1980s, DLA created the initial concept for presenting F&I products with presentation flip charts, which later developed into what is now known as “Menu Selling.” In the 1990s, DLA created the concept of “Inspirational Selling” based on the philosophy of a more customer- friendly dealership environment. The program has evolved over the years to keep up with the changing times and today’s technology, but the idea behind “Inspirational Selling” remains the same: provide a positive selling experience for customers and dealerships alike. In 2007, David wrote his first book based on his sales concepts titled Secrets of Inspirational Selling, which quickly became a must-read book for the automotive industry. Since then, David has written four more books; Common Mistakes Automotive Salespeople Make, The Leadership Factor, Understanding Your Customer, and Winners vs. Losers. David Lewis & Associates is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with DLA Training Centers located in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and NY/NJ Metro. All DLA Trainers are DLA Certified and are recognized experts in the industry.2 David Lewis & Associates

WHY CHOOSE DLA?Proven ExperienceDavid Lewis & Associates is considered one of the most well-respected trainingcompanies in the industry. Founded in 1986 by David Lewis, his mission has alwaysbeen about the continued development, education and success of DealershipOperations and personnel. His methods are highly regarded throughout the automotiveworld as inspirational and motivating. DLA has been providing certification and trainingfor Dealers, GMs, GSMs, Sales Managers, Salespeople, Service Managers andAdvisors, Secondary Finance Managers, F&I Managers and Admin Support for morethan 30 years. His book, Secrets of Inspirational Selling, has become an industrystandard for creating a positive selling and buying experience for all parties.Expert TrainersAll of our Trainers are certified through our extensive DLA Training Program. EachTrainer has been selectively hired based on their education and past experience inthe automotive industry. All training is taught by a trainer with specific experiencein the subject matter.Gets ResultsDLA Training has yielded tremendous results in several areas of the Dealership. Mostrealize an increase in sales of around 40% in volume and an additional 60% in revenue.In the Service Department, results range from a low of 35% to a high of 70% in increasedcommissionable revenue.Our DealershipsDLA trains in both rural and metropolitan areas, in both domestic and import stores,with volume ranges from a low of 30 cars per month to a high of 1,000 cars per month.Our training benefits both the newly hired team member to the most experiencedmanagement staff. “Since signing up with David Lewis & Associates, our profits have doubled.” “Our results have been beyond belief. Our volume is up over 60%, our profits have doubled...” Scott Casebeer, Dealer – Capital Auto Group 3

DLA IN-DEALERSHIP TRAINING Bring any of our intensive training programs to your Dealership and you will realize the results. With our In-Dealership training solutions, your Dealership will receive personalized training designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it is Sales, BDC, Fixed Ops or F&I, your team will learn new ideas and concepts that move them to the next level of success. Our training is designed to make steady monthly improvements in both your Sales and Service Departments. Our intensive In-Dealership training programs are typically one to two days per month. Each month, the trainer will focus on a different area pre-determined in advance by you and your management team. Sales training days are divided into two repetitive sessions to enable everyone to attend. All training is in a structured environment with workbooks and assignments to be completed for the next visit. Our DLA Fixed Ops Training is taught in the Service Department and Service Lane to maximize the effectiveness of the training. SFA&LI E.SFI.XMEDANOAPGSE.MSEENCTON. DINATREYRFNIENTA/NBDCEC4 David Lewis & Associates

DLA TRAINING CENTERS About the Training Centers The DLA Training Centers are located in Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and Montvale, NJ. We offer superior training away from the Dealership and in an environment advantageous to learning. Our 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facilities are designed to offer a full range of classes to meet the training needs of every one in your Dealership. We offer controlled classroom sizes that allow for both group and individualized training. Training Staff All Training is done by DLA Certified Trainers who are employed by David Lewis & Associates. Our Trainers have extensive backgrounds in specific areas of the Dealership and come from a wide range of Retail Automotive experience. Feel confident your Dealership will engage in a superior Training Program with a strong curriculum and top-notch Trainers. Certification Program Training at the DLA Training Centers is recognized through the DLA Certification Program. We are proud to distinguish our students for the skills they achieve and do so by officially recognizing that they have completed and mastered these programs successfully. We Offer Courses For:Dealers . General Managers . Sales Managers . Salespeople . Service Managers . Service Advisors F&I Managers . Secondary Finance Managers . Internet/BDC Managers . Internet/BDC Reps The only complete Automotive Training Centers in the country! PHILADELPHIA - NY/NJ METRO - PITTSBURGH More DLA Training Centers are coming to a city near you! 5

DLA WORKSHOPS & COURSES Designed to be results driven, the curriculum for DLA Training encourages maximum achievement with a simple understanding of the concepts presented to the student. The course material is always kept current to reflect today’s automotive environment and the customer’s car-buying habits. All DLA Trainers are DLA Certified and represent the best the industry has to offer. Courses are available through our In-Dealership and DLA Training Center Programs with most courses available through the DLA Online portal. The following pages represent the courses available for Sales, Sales Management, Fixed Ops, BDC/Internet, F&I and more.6 David Lewis & Associates

Sales Training Negotiations for Salespeople Leasing for SalespeopleEntry Level Sales Prospecting & Follow-UpAdvanced Sales Level 1 Understanding Your CustomerAdvanced Sales Level 2 Common Mistakes Salespeople MakeObjections Level 1 Social Media Marketing for SalespeopleObjections Level 2 Selling In-ServicePhone-Ups Level 1Phone-Ups Level 2Leadership/ManagementUnderstanding the Sales Process for Managers Leadership / CoachingAdvanced Sales Management Prog. (3 Days) Hiring / MotivationAdvanced Management Negotiations Increasing Profits 50K Plus Per MonthAdvanced Used Car Management Train the TrainerLeasing for Managers Fixed Ops Service Staff Retention Advanced Service Revenue Creation Entry Level Service Advisor Prog. (4 Days) Effective & Profitable Express Serv. Processes Advanced Service Advisor Prog. (2 1/2 Days) Management Service Advisor Training Advanced Service Advisor Techniques Introduction to Service Management Understanding the Service Customer Introduction to Service BDC Effective Service Walk-Arounds Advanced Service BDC Concepts Service Advisor Phone Techniques Advanced Service Management Concepts (continued on the next page) Advanced Service Managment Prog. (3 Days)

Internet/BDC Internet/BDC ManagementInternet/BDC Lead Generation (2 Days) F&I F&I Service ContractsEntry Level F&I (3 Days)Advanced F&I Concepts (2 Days)Secondary FinanceIntroduction to Secondary Finance Advanced Secondary FinanceGeneral CoursesReceptionist/Phone Operator/Admin Winners vs. LosersBusiness Etiquette Psychology of SalesHow To Deal with Stress How To Avoid Negativity8 David Lewis & Associates

DLA David Lewis & AssociatesIndustry Leading Online Training SALES COMMON MISTAKES SALESPEOPLE MAKEThe DLA Online Training Program is designed F&Ito let you train at your own pace. It can be SECONDARY FINANCEused as a complete training environment SALES BDCor as a reinforcement tool subsequent SALES MANAGEMENTto attending a class at one of our training LEADERSHIPcenters or following an In-Dealership TRAIN THE TRAINERworkshop session. DLA Online provides you WINNERS VS. LOSERSand your staff access to over 1,000 training SERVICE BDCvideos of great material and is available 24/7 SERVICE ADVISORon any device. SERVICE MANAGEMENT STRESS MANAGEMENT PHONE OPERATOR/RECEPTIONIST/ADMIN SALES 9

DLA Live! ChatNeed help with overcoming an objection?DLA Live! GroupsDLA Live! WebinarsOr, maybe you’ve encountered a new one?And more! Whatever the question may be in Sales, BDC, Fixed Ops or F&I, a DLA Live! Trainer is there to help with the click of a button or the dial of a number. DIntroduLcingALive!*This is an additional service of DLA Online only. DLA Live! is a new service offered by DLA that gives the student immediate, live access to a DLA Certified Trainer. The Trainer is there to help answer questions, provide additional guidance, further explanation of processes, and role-play. Whatever the student needs to improve their skills, our DLA Trainers are here to help them achieve!theirgoals. For more information on DLA Live!, call 321.435.6000 or email: [email protected] David Lewis & Associates

DLA RECRUITING WE RECRUIT: Salespeople, Internet/BDC, Service Advisors and Administrative staff DLA RECRUITING WILL: Find Candidates • Screen Prospects • Schedule InterviewsAds placed in your local area in CareerBuilder,, Indeed, Craigslist and your local workforce agencies. •Recruiters begin reverse resume researching and marketing, as well as, resume prospecting throughout your area. • Applicants are screened based on your desired hiring criteria. Pre-employment process to include valid driver’s license, drug screen and background check consent. • Phone interviews are conducted to confirm eligibility and skill level for the desired position. • Candidates who meet requirements, are scheduled with a face to face interview with the designated Dealership contact. • Once a hire is made, our Training Liasion will enroll the hire into the appropriate course depending on the position they accepted. Good people and professional training. We can help with 11

WE ARE LIKED “We believe in the Philadelphia Training Center’s curriculum. It works! All new employees must attend the Entry Level Sales course. The 5 days of uninterrupted curriculum helps the employee understand what our business is all about and includes learning the steps to the sale, overcoming objections, prospecting and phone skills. Our partnership with DLA gives them the start they need to be productive sales associates. Additionally, our management team makes sure that each associate reads David’s book “Secrets of Inspirational Selling” and we read excerpts of the book during sales meetings.” Bruce Carlino, Sales Manager, Chapman Ford Mazda Lincoln Mercury “The Internet/BDC Class was awesome! It was a great experience and I learned a lot of new things that we will definitely use at the Dealership. I would definitely attend another class and recommend these classes to others.” Mehraan Moosa, Internet/BDC Manager, Brenner Nissan Dodge “I have been in the car business for 16 years and have attended many F&I training classes. This F&I course was the most informative I have ever attended. I learned more in 2 days than I have in all the others I have attended combined. This course will now be mandatory for all of our F&I Managers.” Sandy Adams, Finance Director, Mike Piazza Honda “I have enjoyed myself this week! I feel as though it was highly inspirational and different than anything I even imagined. I think I will be able to take a lot of this material back to the dealership and be successful implementing it in my daily life. I am excited to show my new knowledge with fellow coworkers and hopefully start a new culture of sales people at I.G. Burton! Thank you all for putting up with the I.G. Burton crew this week...We can be a handful!” Mary Helen Waltjen, Sales at I.G. Burton Mercedes – Benz “The Advanced Sales Class was the best sales training class I have been to. I am convinced that the things I learned will help me raise my personal income another $20,000. I thought I was good at selling cars, but now I know I will be great.” Lauren Potchak, Conicelli Honda “Why would you not take the time? Whether you’ve been doing this one week, one year or ten years – customer expectations is an evolution. Having a partner like David Lewis to support your business is monumental!” Carolyn Shoop, BDC Director at Bergey’s Chevrolet12 David Lewis & Associates

BOOKS BYDAVID LEWIS Industry Leading Author and SpeakerSECRETS OF INSPIRATIONAL SELLINGLearn how the art of Inspirational Selling can make your automotive career thrive. David Lewisopens the door and shares with you surprising ways to increase your sales and grosses. Hisconcept creates a non pressure selling environment that enhances the sales process for boththe Customer and the Dealership. Closing the sale is so much easier once the Customer isINSPIRED to buy from YOU!UNDERSTANDING YOUR CUSTOMERIn this book, you will learn what every Automotive Salesperson needs to know about theirCustomers. Learn how to judge the Customer’s behavior, why Customers are so defensive,the difference between an obstacle and an objection, the five variable conditions Customersrepresent, and unique sales process that creates more sales and how to gain customers for life.Plus, much more!COMMON MISTAKES AUTOMOTIVE SALESPEOPLE MAKEWithin these chapters, you will learn the most common mistakes Automotive Salespeople andSales Managers make on a daily basis. Whether you are new to automobile sales or a veteran ofmany years, this book will be useful to you in the task of building a successful and admirablecareer in the business of selling cars. Mistakes are a part of life. Learn from them and yourcareer will soar.THE LEADERSHIP FACTORAnyone can be a Manager or Boss, but true WINNERS want to be great LEADERS. This bookexplores the philosophies and actions of what it takes to be a great Leader of people. Learnthe characteristics and qualities successful Leaders utilize and how strong leadership willgrow your Dealership. All of the concepts within this leadership book are based on workingin the Retail Automotive Dealership.WINNERS VS LOSERSThis book has been written as a personal roadmap to help you re-discover your dreams orcreate a reality of an even better one than you had before. Reaching your destination will bedetermined by your personal will, strengths and commitment. You may not even know whatyour dream in life is or you may have left it somewhere along the path viewing it as a foolishidea that would never come to pass, but if you have dreams, then why not have the desireand goal to achieve 13

Dealership TM A David Lewis & Associates Publication INSIGHTFUL ARTICLES, USEFUL TECHNIQUES, CURRENT TRENDS, AND TOPICS HELPFUL TIPS AND MORE ... Each month, Dealership Overdrive delivers the newest ideas, trends and techniques for operating a successful car Dealership. All articles are written by our staff of DLA Trainers and represent the most recent concepts that they learn as they travel the country visiting our Dealership customers. These articles are designed to help grow our industry while creating a more customer friendly environment.Dealership AUGUST 2015 Dealership DECEMBER 2015 Dealership MAY 2015 Dealership NOVEMBER 2015 TM TM TM TM A David Lewis & Associates Publication A David Lewis & Associates Publication A David Lewis & Associates Publication Are You TrackingA David Lewis & Associates Publication Your BDC The Last Ride Results? of the King Phone-Ups, Part II: The Meet and GreetWhat An Interview with The 3 Things that Howto The Customers 4 Buying Factors tops Steve Bierwirth Kill a Phone Up DealwithFemaleCustomers Where To Find Good Sales Candidates uccess? Turning Service Loss The 7 Service Meet & Greet No-No’s IN SERVICE Why Customers Object Mailers Into How Your Attitude Affects Your Altitude Profit Providers Batcave Muscle Mad Max Rides Again! 14 David Lewis & Associates

STAY CONNECTEDEVERYDAY WITH DLA!Struggling with your goals? Sales & Service TipsHaving trouble staying motivated? Recent ArticlesNeed some guidance on Trainer Advicehow to handle an objection? VideosExpert advice is at your fingertips! Training Center Information Workshop CalendarsSign up to receive the latest news and sales tips Latest DLA Newsright in your inbox! Visit DLA Online Loginand click SIGN UP! Request David’s Books Private message DLA! If you have a specific question or need further information, send us a private message through any of our social channels. We’re happy to help! 15

Comprehensive Training. Proven Results.For more information regarding our automotive training solutions or course availability, contact DLA Sales at 1 (321) 435-6000 ext. 215 or email us at [email protected].

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