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Dealership NOVEMBER 2015 TMAre You TrackingA David Lewis & Associates PublicationYour BDCResults? The Customers 4 Buying FactorsWhere To Find Good Sales Candidates Why Customers Object

Publisher’s Note Dealership TM A Message from David A David Lewis & Associates Publication With the New Year just NOVEMBER 2015 around the corner, some industry analysts are PUBLISHER projecting 2015 as the year cars David Lewis and light truck sales will top the all time record of 17.4 million set [email protected] in 2000. That is quite astounding considering not too long ago GRAPHIC COORDINATORAmerican car Dealerships were closing their doors and Brian Smiththe American Automotive industry itself seemed to beon the verge of bankruptcy. As part of the great American [email protected], the automobile industry is proof that when we worktogether, we can overcome great obstacles and challenges. SALES DIRECTOR Mary MannellaAt David Lewis and Associates we have put our bestfoot forward and have ramped up our training programs [email protected] the year adding new courses and a new DLATraining Center for the Metro New York/New Jersey area. TRAINING LIAISONWe have also added fuel to the fire with my new book Priscilla Young‘Winners vs. Losers’ which became available earlierthis year. This is my own perspective from personal [email protected] about what successful people do that makesthem rise above the crowd to become winners in business CIRCULATION / SUBSCRIPTIONSand in life. Jennifer PotterI am also pleased to announce that our 3rd center will open [email protected] April of 2016 and will be located just outside of Boston,MA. This center, like the other two, will offer all of our MEDIA LIAISONcourses and curriculum. Molly ParkAlways keep in mind, that whatever you have done in [email protected] past can be dwarfed by what you can still do beforethe year ends. If, as some have predicted, 2015 is to be CONTRIBUTING WRITERSthe greatest year ever, someone has to sell more than Dino DeLucaever before. Let that someone be you! Let that be yourDealership and your sales force that makes it happen. Be [email protected], different and inspiring and these things can be thereality of your year-end victory and the launch pad for the Becky NixonNew Year. You owe it to yourself to give it all you have,and I know you will do it. [email protected] Lewis Brian ShermanPresident, David Lewis & Associates, Inc. [email protected] Dealership OverDrive Bill Taylor [email protected] Dealership OverDrive magazine makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of all published material. However it cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied herein. Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved. The publisher encourages you to submit suggestions. Submitted materials become the property of David Lewis & Associates, Inc. and will not be returned. Send material for publication to 10 Suntree Place, Melbourne, FL 32940. The editor reserves the right to edit material; submission of material constitutes permission to edit and publish that material. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is presented with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. From a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by a Committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers.

contents 4 What Creates A Bad First Impression? 7 The Customers 4 Buying Factors 10 The 4 Rule of Sales – Part 3 12 The Difference Between a Service Writer and a Service Advisor 14 Are you Tracking Your BDC Results? 16 Where to Find Good Sales Candidates 18 What are the Qualities of a Successful Trainer? 24 Why Customers Object 26 The Presidential Limousine 28 News from the Philadelphia Training Center 30 News from the Metro NY/NJ Training Center UPCOMING SERVICE DEPARTMENT WORKSHOPSENTRY LEVEL SERVICE ADVISORPHILLY NOV. 17-20 NY/NJ DEC. 8-11A four-day course for the individual either just starting their career as a ServiceAdvisor or an experienced Service Advisor who truly needs to get back to thebasics of selling service.ADVANCED SERVICE ADVISOR PROGRAMPHILLY DEC. 15-17This two and one half day course is an Advanced A-Z program on understandingthe Service Customer, upselling service repairs & maintenance and how to createa lasting relationship with every Service Customer. This course will includeextensive role playing and in depth discussion groups.ADVANCED SERVICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMPHILLY NOV. 17-20 NY/NJ DEC. 8-11A three-day course dedicated to provide the experienced Service Manager withideas, tools and techniques on how to grow and enhance their Service Department.For more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215or visit us online at: Dealership OverDrive 3

What Creates ABad First Impression?“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” - Elliot Abrams, author and mid-east expertGreat Salespeople take nothing for granted Inadequate or poor grooming when it comes to the first impression they make on Customers. They know they In today’s world, many believe that no one hasonly get one chance to make it so they are very a right to judge them on their appearance. It iscareful to avoid anything that would create a not uncommon to see someone working in thenegative perception of them to the Customer. Here marketplace who has dreadlocks or an excessiveare some things that could create a bad impression beard, multi-colored hair, rings in their eyes, earson Customers and might hinder their desire to deal and nose, and tattoo’s that cover most of theirwith a certain Salesperson: visible body parts.4 Dealership OverDrive

To a Customer who is possibly considering Wrinkled clothesspending tens of thousands of dollars on a new car,the appearance and the attitude of the Salesperson The old terminology “dress for success” thatcan very quickly cause them to evaluate this kind was once so popular in the business world is aof person as someone they do not feel comfortable good thing to keep in mind even today. Thoughdealing with. some Dealerships have their Salespeople in casual uniforms, it is still possible to look veryPersonal hygiene professional by keeping them clean and freshly pressed. Wrinkled clothing that makes someoneBad breath, unsightly teeth or body odor can create look like they just crawled out of bed is a sure wayan extremely negative impression on Customers, to give the wrong impression. Always look clean,regardless of how well-dressed and well groomed fresh and wrinkle free; even if the Dealership hasthe Salesperson is. Walking a car lot all day can their Salespeople wearing some kind of uniform.definitely work up a sweat so you have to watchout for that and take the necessary precautions. There is still nothing like a nice suit or niceAs for bad breath, or teeth that need to be brushed, slacks, a dress shirt and tie as a standard for anothing could be worse. And we all know the professional Salesperson. In this business thetypical car Salesperson’s diet is not usually the brands that someone sells can impact the waybest on ones breath. It is always best to keep they dress for work. Preparing for the types orsome hygiene products on hand and to use status of the Customers who buy your vehiclesthem throughout the day before meeting with is always a good thing to consider.potential Customers. Clothes are wrong sizeDirty hands or fingernails It’s very important for professional Salespeople toOne can tell a lot about someone by how they take wear clothes that fit. High water slacks, musclecare of their hands. An otherwise solid Meet and shirts or other outfits that seem so popular todayGreet can be wiped away by a dirty handshake have no place in the professional world ofor fingernails that are ragged and grimy. People automobile sales. Salespeople who take the timecan be hyper-sensitive during the initial Meet to look their best will usually be the ones buildingand Greet and can become even more so if they a solid base of Customers. Clothing styles changeare already nervous or concerned about what to quite often, but a well-dressed business suit canexpect. On the other hand, some folks just expect go a long way to make a favorable impressiona lot more out of a professional than others and on Customers. This is the same for femalethey may make harsh judgments on things that Salespeople as well. Dressing in nice clothingothers might overlook. always works better when they fit the person wearing them. Customers will appreciate itAs a professional Salesperson, it is important to and in most cases, feel much more comfortablealways think of these things in order to protect about dealing with someone who cares aboutthe impression you are trying to make on the their appearance.Customer. It is hard to feel confident whenthese things are left undone. It can create a Body language is also very important for makingpsychological response that causes a Salesperson a good first impression. Taking the time to studyto look uncomfortable to the Customer. They may the effects of body language on Customers is wellspend their time inspecting their fingernails or worth the time and effort it takes to do so. Themaking an obvious attempt to hide them once they way a person handles themselves in the presencerealize they are not clean. Play it safe! Always be of the Customer can make a big difference inready to meet the next Customer. the first impression they make in the Customers perception of them as a Dealership OverDrive 5

SETNAheLTREDSYLACLEOVUERLSE DAY 1 • Why the Automobile Industry? This course is available to take every • What Makes a Salesperson Successful? week at both DLA Training Centers! • Customer Attitude Toward Salespeople • Salespeople Attitude Toward Customers A five-day course designed for the individual • Four Rules of Sales just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students • Basic Process Review will learn the basic principles of how a • Step 1 - Meet & Greet Dealership operates and leave having learned a comprehensive outline on the DAY 2 steps to the sale. Extensive role playing and • Characteristics & Perceptions scenario based situations will be covered. • Attitudes & Feelings Each participant will return to the Dealership • Industry Myths ready to take their first “UP.” • Four Basic Buyer Questions • Step 2 - Qualification • Step 3 - Inventory Walk • Step 4 - Vehicle Selection DAY 3 • Step 5 - Internal Presentation • Step 6 - Demonstration Ride • Step 7 - External Presentation • Step 8 - Service Walk DAY 4 • Handling Objections • Basic Negotiations • Sold Customer Follow-Up DAY 5 • Handling Phone Ups • Goal TrackingPlease call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 orvisit us online at: www.davidlewis.com6 Dealership OverDrive

The Customers4 Buying FactorsOne of the most common and costly mistakes car Salespeople make is to buy into the idea that a buyer’s main priority is price. Salespeople who think this way inevitably set themselves up for a dependence on pressure selling, trial closes,excessive negotiations and rock bottom deals. Industry research has consistently shownthat, although price is important to most Customers, it is not at the top of the list for mostbuyers unless the Salesperson puts it there by the process they use.Here are the 4 Buying Factors that motivate car shoppers and buyers who have beensurveyed by the industry. These are presented in the order of priority that mostCustomers place them whenever such surveys are taken:1. The Product they feel comfortable dealing with, they will often put up obstacles and defensive walls to protectIt stands to reason that the #1 priority for car themselves from sales pressure and the loss ofshoppers would be the brand and type of vehicle control over their buying decision. This is thethey are looking to purchase. The Internet has result of decades of pressure selling and the usemade brand information and Customer reviews of threatening questions and statements like Trialso available for shoppers that most people today Closes and other questionable sales tactics.spend hours online before deciding to go to a Today’s shoppers are highly informed about theseDealership. This is a positive for automobile things and they come prepared to go elsewhere ifDealerships in that, when a Customer shows up on they get that kind of treatment.your lot, they generally know that you have whatthey are looking for. This is also a good thing for When surveyed about their fears of buying from aSalespeople who genuinely desire to help their Dealership, most people worry about being soldCustomers. They can spend more time focusing something they don’t want or need, getting lesson the Customer and helping them accomplish for their trade-in than they should, and not gettingtheir purchasing goals, and less time trying the kind of continuous support they expect from ato convince them to buy what they think the place where they make such a major purchaseCustomer should buy. investment. The Salesperson is a critical part of this mix and when they find one who treats them2. The Salesperson with integrity and respect, they will rarely go elsewhere when they or someone they know isThe next item on our list of Customer priorities is in the market for another vehicle. Continued on next pagethe Salesperson. Until a Customer finds someone Dealership OverDrive

The Customers 4 Buying Factors, continued 4. Price3. Dealership Reputation / ServiceShoppers looking for a new car often place a lot Believe it or not, price comes in 4th place when itof emphasis on the quality of service they will comes to the factors that motivate buyers in theirreceive from the Dealership where they purchase. purchase decision. Though it’s hard to believe,Here again, the Internet gives them access to some Salespeople are just too lazy to invest thereferrals and reviews from other Customers who time and energy it takes to learn a well structuredhave dealt with the Dealership in question. and proven sales process that is Customer focused.Many Dealership websites now have a Blog and For this kind of Salesperson or Dealership, gettingCustomer Reviews available for shoppers. Social to the rock-bottom price in order to win the salemedia also plays a big part with many today who is not a problem. Their goal is to sell a car today no matter what it takes and the entire structure ofoften rely upon their friends and social media their sales process is geared in that direction. It’scontacts for help in deciding where and what to a numbers game and quality of service takes abuy when they are shopping for a new car. backseat to moving vehicles as fast as they can. That doesn’t mean they are not getting a highMost buyers prefer to have a good relationship profit from the Customer; they just get it in wayswith the place where they purchase their vehicle; that are ‘different’ from more reputable Dealerships.especially when it comes to maintaining andservicing their investment over the time of When Customers are confronted with this kind of atheir ownership. For this reason, the service sales process, they are left with little choice but toDepartment and the quality of services delivered push for the lowest price. However, be preparedthere, play a big part in the decision-making for the consequences as this kind of selling doeschoice of today’s buyers. not lend itself to building a loyal Customer base for either the Dealership or the Salesperson.8 Dealership OverDrive

ONLINE DEALERSHIP TRAININGIndustry Leading Training Available Any Time on Any Device.Training on Your Schedule What You Will LearnThe DLA Online Training Program is designed to DLA Online was developed by car people who trainlet you train at your own pace. Each training module car people. With a built in, extensive reporting andwalks the viewer step-by-step through the desired certification program, you will know which videosprocess, making learning easy and fun. DLA Online are being watched and comprehended. Our onlineprovides you and your staff access to over 1,000 courses will help your Dealership capitalize on everyvideos and 300+ hours of great material and is opportunity in every aspect of your Dealership. Buildavailable 24/7 on any device. your team and your profits with DLA Online training! SALES • F&I • SECONDARY FINANCEINTERNET / BDC • SALES MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP • TRAIN the TRAINERWINNERS vs. LOSERS • SERVICE ADVISORIncluded with our Online Training is access to our state-of-the-art Training Centers, which allows you to sendyour staff away for comprehensive Training in their individual positions. You can send anyone at anytimeto any of our classes for a low member fee.Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit: Dealership OverDrive 9

The 4th Rule of Sales Part III Sales Rule #2 Never ask a question that could result in an answer you do not want to hear10 Dealership OverDrive

In Part 1 of this series, we covered the kinds of reinforces their fears and practically guarantees that questions that will often cause Customers to lie they will not do what you are trying to get them to a Salesperson. Many of those same questions to do. By avoiding this question and focusing oncan be applied to the second rule of sales: ‘Never the benefits and value the Customer will get if theyask a question that can result in an answer you do buy from you, you eliminate any reason for them tonot want to hear.’ Questions about a Customer’s look elsewhere and give them every reason to dealbudget, their buying timeline, whether or not they with you. The best way to avoid getting that kindhave a trade, what they think their trade is worth and of answer is simply to not ask the question in theif we could come together on terms and numbers, first place.would you buy the car today are all potential setupsfor a lie and more often than not, produce answers Asking a Customer about their credit rating canyou probably do not want to hear. Questions produce the same results. Suppose you ask themand trial closes like these place pressure on the how their credit is and they tell you it is pretty bad.Customer and can cause them to become defensive Is that likely to make you work harder to earn theirand respond with a lie. business or encourage you to drop them like a hot potato and look for another Customer who is moreThe car sales process was never meant to be an likely to be able to buy? Certainly, getting thatexercise in combat where the Salesperson and the kind of answer to your question does not stoke theCustomer do battle to see who wins. An effective enthusiasm a Salesperson likes to feel when they aresales process that follows a structure beneficial to trying to make a sale. So, why ask the question? Itthe Customer has the best chance of producing a has not done you any good, and it certainly has notwin-win outcome for both the buyer and the seller. made the Customers day either.Winning a sale does not mean beating theCustomer up until they give in and buy the car. Even Your job is to sell the Customer on the vehicle, onwhen this does work, it rarely produces a satisfied you as a Salesperson and on your Dealership as aCustomer who will return to your Dealership in the good place to do business. Never underestimatefuture. A much better method is a positive and well the ability people have to come up with a way tostructured sales process that earns the Customer’s get what they want when they want it. I cannot tellbusiness and in so doing creates an effect that can you how many deals I made when I was in sales thatproduce long term Customer loyalty. would have probably gone elsewhere had I asked these kinds of questions of my Customers. ByQuestions and trial closes like these are an attempt avoiding questions like this and focusing on helpingto rush the Customer to the close before earning the the Customer find the right vehicle, you may beright to do so. Not only does this jeopardize the surprised at what can happen when the Customerpotential for a sale, it often turns negotiations into and your Dealership team get to work on makingnothing more than a battle to get to the lowest price. things happen.Instead of selling the Customer on the value andbenefits of your merchandise, the inspirational If we ask questions before we have earned the rightaspect of your selling process and the quality of to do so, we should not be surprised when we do notyour Dealership, you create an environment of like the answers we get. This can not only put thepressure that places the value on one thing only: Customer in a defensive position where they willwhat is the lowest price you will take for not cooperate, it can give them the idea that we onlythe vehicle. have our own interest at heart and are not concerned with helping them accomplish their purchasing goal.Asking the Customer if they are going to buy a cartoday generally brings the response: “no, not today.” Be sure to catch the next issue of DealershipThey do this because they already believe most Overdrive where we will look at Rule #3: ‘Nevercar Salespeople are only interested in selling them ask a question or make a statement that could makea car today no matter what it takes. This question the Customer more defensive.’ See you Dealership OverDrive 11

The Service Differenc Writer between and a Service AdvisorIn a successful Automobile Dealership, few things have as much potential forprofit and growth as an effective and well run Service Department. Today’svehicles are able to last longer and drive farther than ever before and today’sowners are more prone to maintain them in good condition for as long aspossible. This is validated by the rapid growth and expansion of secondaryrepair facilities that are challenging Dealership Service Departmentseverywhere for their business.At the heart of every good Service are motivated primarily by commission. The more Department, are the Service Advisors. services they write, the more money they make. Though some are known as Service If they can convince the Customer of the need forWriters, there is a big difference between a Service a service, or just get by with doing it withoutWriter and a Service Advisor. In this article, I will question, they will do so. Their mode of operationcover some of the differences in both skill sets and is to win at the cost of the Customer.responsibilities, all of which are covered in our‘Advanced Service Advisors Training Courses.’ Service Advisor - ProtectiveService Writer - Predatory A Service Advisor has the Customer’s need and benefit as their primary focus. They also workA Service Writer’s goal is clearly defined by the by commission in most cases, but they know thatterm ‘writer.’ Their purpose is to write as much producing a loyal Customer is more productive inservice as they can for the Customer because they12 Dealership OverDrive

the long run than producing a bigger commission takes what they are told and writes it down, thencheck on each service they write. They protect the passes it down the line with no responsibility otherCustomer’s investment by the recommendations than getting their notes right on the Repair Order.they make for maintenance, repairs or partsreplacements. By putting the Customer first, Service Advisor - Walk Aroundthey protect the reputation of the Dealership andthe value that comes with long term and loyal A professional Service Advisor listens closely toCustomer relationships. the Customer for their analysis and history of the problem. They do a thorough Walk Around of theService Writer - Reactive vehicle in order to connect the dots and discuss with the Customer what they see as the problemService Writers deal with what is in front of them and best the time without consideration for the long termbenefit for the Customer. They do not look for Service Writer - Creates Fear cause and effect when questioning the Customer.Service Writers try to fix the current problem with The more fear a Service Writer can create; theno consideration as to why it is happening or what more they can sell the Customer, thus makingadvice they can give to the Customer to protect a higher commission. They acknowledge thetheir investment. Customers fear and build on it to create more fear. More fear equals more profit.Service Advisor - Proactive A Service Advisor looks at the Customers situation Service Advisor - Creates Trustfrom every angle to make sure they understandwhat the Customer is trying to accomplish and A Service Advisor’s first responsibility is to helphow best to help them on a continuous basis. If ease the Customers fear and give them a sense ofthey make a recommendation that may cost the assurance and confidence. They empathize withCustomer more now, it is because it is the best way the Customer and value their long term business soto protect their investment over the long run. they protect it with honest and fair treatment and the best quality of service for their vehicle.Service Writer - Order Taker Service Writer - High % of 1 Line “RO’s”Service Writers do just that: write service. Theirapproach is simple: “What’s wrong with your The approach of a Service Writer is often to justcar? Here’s what you need to do to fix it. Here’s listen and write the repair order. If the Customerthe price.” states that all they want is an oil change, the Service Writer accepts that, notes it on the repairService Advisor - Investigative order and sends the order and the car to the technician to complete the job.One of the most important parts of a ServicerAdvisors job is to thoroughly investigate the Service Advisor - High Closing %Customers complaint to discover the source andreason for the problem they are experiencing. Service Advisors make an obvious attempt toThey want to understand the Customer as well help the Customer and present themselves asand how this is affecting them so they can do professionals. They recommend services ortheir best to eliminate the problem and prevent additional preventive maintenance when neededany reoccurrence of what they are experiencing. and take the time to present to the Customer any additional services needed that the TechnicianService Writer - Clerk has recommended.Customers come to a Dealership looking for expert Service Writers are becoming a thing of the past,help maintaining and repairing their vehicle. A like the changing of the guards. Be a ServiceService Writer views the job as a note taker who Advisor and you will experience great Dealership OverDrive 13

AreYouTracking Your BDC Results?Any company that plans to grow must a dynamic BDC operation that is thriving and track their results consistently in order growing. Whether you are start-up, just getting to set realistic goals and strategies for your BDC off the ground or have been operatingexpanding their business. For an automotive for several years and already have a good flow ofDealership BDC, there are so many aspects to be business, tracking every aspect of your operation iscovered in order to do this that many simplify the key to continued and exponential growth.the task by monitoring only successful turnoversfrom contact to purchase. This can be a costly Obviously, the ultimate goal of measuring a retailmistake and certainly will limit the potential business is to have a clear understanding of whatgrowth of any Dealership that truly wants to have14 Dealership OverDrive

your closing ratios are and how you got there. Ina BDC operation, the more measurements you Here are some recognized e-lead Buyermake, the clearer it is to understand why you Timelines that show the importance ofare succeeding in certain areas and may not be making a personal connection with theexperiencing the same results in others. Tracking Customer as quickly as possible:your leads, appointments, appointment shows andpurchase results is important, but what leads up 32% will buy a car within 5 daysto these results must be tracked as well to get a 18% will buy within 30 daysthorough understanding of how successful orunsuccessful you are. Regardless of what the 12% will buy within 90 daysintended goals may be for growing your BDC, 38% will not buy at allwithout measuring your results in every area andaction, you will only have a limited understandingof the true potential that is there.Incoming Traffic E-lead scoring is only possible where good tracking is taking place and measurements are made onTracking the initial processes that bring traffic to the results. Whether this is being done by trackingyour BDC is a good place to start. How effective is software or by other means, if it is not doneyour website at producing e-leads? Do you know? effectively, it will cost you potential Customers,Do you have a process in place to see how many sales and profits.people are visiting your site and how many of iTnraScakleins g Prospecting and CRMthose follow through and make contact via email,chat, phone or social media? Where does the bulkof your online traffic come from and what time Status quo sales and growth can usually be tracedof day do they usually initiate contact with the to weak prospecting and poor follow-up activities.Dealership? Do you track what pages are getting This is no different for a BDC than it is for salesthe most traffic and how long a visitor stays on being made to walk in Customers. Here is wherethose pages? Understanding what is bringing the strength of a well-run tracking system can addtraffic to your site and to your BDC tells you where new depth to your incoming traffic. Consistentyour strengths and weaknesses are and what areas measuring in these two areas produces newto invest in that will yield the best traffic. Customer development and maintains the qualityAfter-hours contacts of Customer relationships that lead to long term stability and exponential growth.Some of the most potentially valuable contacts toyour Dealership BDC will be made after hours. Unless good tracking is monitored and maintainedThe quality of your system to take messages, throughout every area of your BDC operation,and the time it takes to respond is a critical you will not know the true potential it can bring tomeasurement to understand. Since the average your Dealership. This is the same regardless of theCustomer will contact 3 Dealerships before making size or various departments covered by your BDCtheir purchase, how quickly you respond to activities. Steady and consistent tracking of yourthem and the time it takes to convert their initial processes is the key to understanding how bestcontact into direct dialogue is very important. to develop and grow to the desired goals youAuto responders are a big help for letting the have set for your Dealership BDC. If you areprospect know that their phone call, email, or not employing the tracking resources that areother contact has been received. The better you available today, this is certainly something youunderstand the wait time of your prospective should reconsider as soon as possible. You cannotCustomers, the more effective you can be in reach your goals and objectives until you knowgetting back with them in a timely fashion. what they are and how you plan to get Dealership OverDrive 15

With the cost of hiring and training new concern is helping the Customer and earning their employees rising each year, making the business for life. They must be able to deal with right decision on what kind of people all different kinds of people and still stand out toto hire and invest in is of critical importance. the Customer as someone who genuinely wants toHistorically, car Dealerships looked for someone meet and exceed their expectations.with experience in the business. If they could notfind that person, their second choice would be Once we start setting aside the old mindset andsomeone who had the gift of gab. The latter came looking at things with the Customer in mind, wefrom the opinion that part of being a good car find there is a whole field of people we meet inSalesperson was being able to out talk a Customer our everyday business and personal life that couldand win the deal with their savvy conversation. probably be great car Salespeople if they wereWhether that really ever worked is debatable, but given training. If you are a Dealer or Manager whofor today’s informed Customer, doing things the is looking for people for your Sales Department,way it has always been done or selling by out you should consider the idea of always recruitingtalking the Customer is just another reason why throughout your normal everyday contact withpeople do not like to go to a car Dealership. Who people. If you start thinking that way, do not bewants to be pressured or manipulated into buying surprised if the next ‘Salesperson of the month’something in response to pressure? at your Dealership could actually be the man or woman you met while shopping for a television orSalespeople who want to be successful today a new suit of clothes.certainly need to learn the business and be able tomake a successful sales presentation. However, Today’s car buyers already have pre-conceivedwhat is more important is their ability to connect ideas about what the common car Salesperson iswith the Customer and help them accomplish their like. They are used to being pressured when theypurchasing goals. This opens the hiring process go to a Dealership and so they put up defensesto a whole different group of people whose main designed to slow the process down and maintain16 Dealership OverDrive

Where to Find Good Sales Candidatescontrol of their decisions. The truth is much of the they may have a big bill, but still give a small experienced car Salespeople received, On the other hand, good servers have been knownpromotes that approach to selling. In most to get large tips on small bills if the Customerbusinesses it is not that way when you train for the really liked the way they were treated.job. Waiters in restaurants certainly would like tosell you a dessert after the meal, but they are not Retail stores that sell office supplies, clothing orlikely to pressure you with trial questions about electronics are often good places to find the rawyour preference for the banana pudding or material for good automobile Salespeople. Anychocolate mousse while you are eating the main establishment where you find Customer orientedcourse. Someone working behind the cell phone workers who know how to treat people well iscounter at Best Buy will focus on showing you likely to be a good place to find good people forthe features and benefits of what they have to your Dealership. Selling skills can be taught, butoffer, but it is highly unlikely that they would try a good personality is something that comes fromto persuade you to buy now with a ‘today only’ within. Instead of looking for the gift of gab, lookprice if you try to walk away from their counter for people with a positive outlook and the kind ofwithout making a purchase. qualities that make you want to do business with them. If you liked them, it stands to reason thatThose who work in these types of businesses are your Customers will as well. By the way, do notprimarily trained to focus on the Customer by hesitate to consider some of your Customers asbeing polite and helpful. Their goal is to be well potential Salespeople. You never know who mightinformed about their products while remaining be looking for another career.friendly and helpful to their Customers. A serverin a nice restaurant does not get tips based on Try recruiting from the perspective of potentialhow much they can get the Customer to spend, as rather than experience. Hire those kinds of peopleopposed to how happy the Customer is with the and send them to us for training and we will giveservice they received. If they were treated poorly them the tools they need to get started on their way to a great career in your Dealership OverDrive 17

What are the Qualitiesof a Successful Trainer?At David Lewis & Associates we take the is a critical part of the success process for any certification process of those who train good teacher. Students are just people, and each our clients very serious. Being a good one has their own individual way of learning andTrainer is a lot more than just having a grasp growing. Knowing how to find the key that willof the materials and taking someone through unlock the greatest potential of each student isa workbook. Knowing how to evaluate the a significant part of what makes somebody apersonality and needs of those you are training good Trainer.18 Dealership OverDrive

As a Leader, training is an important part of the will create an interactive environment that allowsjob. The success of those you lead is a direct the different personalities of their students thereflection on the one leading the team. Dealers opportunity to adapt what they are learning to aand Managers who want to become successful process that works well for them. If the training isleaders and coaches for their people should effective, the students may mimic exactly what theconsider these qualities in the part they play in Trainer is demonstrating during the Reproductionthe training process. Stage; however, once Mastery is accomplished it will be personalized according to their individualAbility to see when training is personalities and become their own knowledge.the solution A willingness to learnNot everybody who wants to be trained is willingto adopt the kind of attitude and commitment that Successful Trainers must themselves be studentswill render them teachable, regardless of how of what they are teaching. They must constantlygood the training program is. Those who are increase their personal knowledge wherever thereattempting to be effective Trainers must learn is something to be gained that can benefit theirfirst how to assess the students they work with. students. In a true learning environment, even theSometimes, direct training is not the next step in Trainer grows in knowledge and effectiveness.the process for everyone. Unless the student is Trainers who are not growing and learning newteachable and willing to take the steps required things become stagnant in their process andfor growing change, the likelihood of having a uninspiring in their presentation. They mustsuccessful outcome is substantially diminished. believe and live the things that they teach if theyThere’s an old Chinese proverb that says: “When are going to have any real impact on their students.the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Thereverse of that concept is that investing a lot in The status quo is never acceptable to a truesomeone who is not ready can actually prove to teacher. They are excited when their students excelbe a waste of time for the teacher. and demand more from their teacher. Whatever they learn themselves they willingly pass on toAbility to relate to different their students whenever it can increase their skillspersonalities and abilities. Their effectiveness is not measured by how impressed their students are, but by howAn effective Trainer must be able to have an eager they are to take what they are learning andinfluence on the various types of personalities put it to use in their life and business. Thus, atheir students possess. Not everyone learns in the true teacher is only satisfied when their studentssame way. Presenting information in ways that are are successfully implementing the things theyeffective with each individual student’s mentality have learned.and reasoning process is an important skill fora Trainer. A good teacher knows this and must Ability to create a safe learningbe flexible when it comes to connecting with environmentstudents of different backgrounds, personalitiesand skill levels. The more flexible and adjustable An effective Trainer never relinquishes theirthe teacher is in their ability to relate to their responsibilities over the teaching process. Theystudents, the more successful they will be in work hard to create an environment where theirhelping them achieve their goals for the students can be free to expand their knowledgelearning process. without suffering abusive controls or excessive negative criticism. The Trainers goal shouldEach student’s personality affects how they always include protecting the learningprocess information in a learning environment. environment and process so that each student,Trainers who understand the three stages of regardless of their natural abilities or intellect, canlearning: Recognition, Reproduction and Mastery, grow at a pace that is effective for them to gain Dealership OverDrive 19

What are the qualities of a Successful Trainer?, continued knowledge of the value that it has to offer, and a clear understanding that they are teaching somethingknowledge they have come to learn. of worth to their students. A well-trained teacher can present most anything in a dynamic way,Ability to motivate but unless they understand the material they are teaching, it will be like a song with an unclearMotivation is not something that is taught, it melody soon to be forgotten by the inspired! Effective Trainers motivate theirstudents by their proficiency at teaching the Charismaticsubject, and the enthusiasm and excitement theyhave for their students. They inspire them because Never underestimate the value that personalthey themselves are inspired. The power of their charisma brings to the learning process. Atraining comes from the dynamic quality of the charismatic teacher is like a light in thematerials they teach and the way in which they darkness that draws those yearning to escape totransfer that knowledge to the students. a better place. There are few things that match a powerful and charismatic person for inspiringFew things are more detrimental to learners than others to reach higher and go further. An effectivean uninspired teacher. Those who can remember Trainer must find excitement in what they teacha teacher like that from their own experience can and learn to present it in such a way that others areprobably relate to how ineffective the learning inspired to become the best they can be and reachprocess was under them. Yet, those who are the goals that are truly worth aspiring to in theirenthused and excited about the things they teach life and career.often leave a mark on their students that guidesand benefits them throughout their entire lifetime.Understand the material Always remember that as a Leader it is your job to either provide the training personally orIt goes without saying how important it is that a provide a Trainer who truly understands these listed characteristics.Trainer knows the material they are teaching; notsimply from a technical standpoint, but from the20 Dealership OverDrive

Social Media Marketing for Salespeople This one-day course provides the basic understanding of Social Media. The student will be exposed to the benefits of Social Media and how their individual or Dealership strategies can create brand recognition and increased sales opportunities. All aspects of Social Media platforms are covered. This course has been designed to provide the individual who wants to understand and start using Social Media as a marketing platform and for the experienced person currently using Social Media. PHILA/NOV. 16 NY/NJ/NOV. 18 Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or register online at Dealership OverDrive 21

The DLA Training Centers are your one-stop Hundreds of students go through ourIf not, become a member and join toda22

p training facility for the entire Dealership! doors monthly. Are you one of them?ay! When you think Training, Think DLA!

WhyCustomers ObjectOne of our most popular courses in our defensiveness that many Customers feel when DLA sales curriculum is the course on shopping for a vehicle. Customer Objections. Salespeople whoare not prepared to effectively respond to But why do Customers object in the first place?Customer objections can expect to lose many Here are the four main reasons that cause shoppersdeals that could have gone their way had they been to put forth objections during the sales process:better prepared. Getting past the Customer’sobjections successfully often opens the door to 1. Fearearning the Customer’s trust and gaining theircooperation with your sales process. Customer It is a well known fact that most Customersobjections can actually be extremely beneficial experience some sense of anxiety or fear whento understanding what motivates a shopper and going to a Dealership to shop for a vehicle.learning how to eliminate the natural fear and Whether this is based on some negative experience from their past or from what they have been told to24

expect when going to a Dealership. Customers 3. Stall Techniquestend to protect themselves by offering objectionsgeared to stop the Salesperson in their The use of objections to stall the process whiletracks. Some feel ill-equipped to deal with a Customers gather their thoughts is very commonprofessionally trained Salesperson, while others and to be expected rather than something thatworry about losing control of the decision-making comes as a surprise. Often, couples will makeprocess and being pressured into buying before a pact with each other before coming into thethey are ready to make a decision. Regardless of Dealership to agree to do certain things to slowwhat specifically causes the Customer to put forth the process down until they choose to make atheir objections, they are usually fear based and decision. Some have visited websites thatcan hinder an effective sales process if they are not instruct them on how to avoid pressure from thehandled in a proper and positive manner. Salesperson through the use of objections, while others may have had instructions from a friend orIf we are truthful with ourselves, we must family member in the event they feel they areaccept the fact that Customers object to our being pressured or rushed to make a decisionprocess primarily because we have been abusive before they are ready. Some Customers make anand disrespectful toward our most valuable asset, agreement that no matter what happens, they willwhich is the Customer. This, of course, makes little not buy a car that day. To avoid this, they will putsense when we realize that without Customers, up objections geared to provide an escape from annone of us will get paid. Nevertheless, the public overzealous Salesperson trying to break throughopinion of our business has for a long time been their defenses and pressure them into buying.extremely negative. Many people say they wouldrather have a dental root canal than go to a 4. Trained ReactionDealership to buy a car. The fourth reason Customers object and probably2. Requests for More Information the most common, is a natural reaction to avoid being pressured or controlled in any way by aNext on the list is a request for more information. Salesperson or a Sales Manager. As I have alreadyThough this can be valid in some cases, with the mentioned, some people have family or friendsadvent of the Internet, most Customers already who instruct them on what to expect and howhave the information they need and this is just a to respond to a Salesperson’s questions andway to avoid the sales process and give them time statements. Some websites today offer a step-byto decide whether or not this is a place where step process for the Customer to follow to avoidthey want to start to actually make a purchase. The being manipulated or pressured into buyingmistake that many Salespeople make with this something before they are ready. Let’s face it,objection is to assume the Customer is not worth some car Salespeople can be rude andspending their time with. In truth, this objection presumptuous viewing the sales process as agives the Salesperson a great opportunity to combat between themselves and the Customerpresent them self as unique and different from where, in the end, only one comes out on top. Thiswhat most people expect in a car Salesperson. generally leads to nowhere and just reinforces theThere are many ways for a Salesperson to fears Customers already have about going to aovercome this objection and gain the Customers Dealership and talking with a car Salesperson.permission to go forward with their presentationor negotiations. Students who have attended our The most important thing is to expect Customersclass on objections have often commented how to object. Understand why they object and nevereffective they had become at overcoming this take an objection personally. We are never goingkind of objection and gaining the Customer’s to stop the Customer from objecting, but what wetrust and confidence. can do is have a better understanding of why and then better prepare ourselves to Dealership OverDrive 25

PresidentiaThle LimousineThe History of the official U.S. Presidential be clearly visible when he was out among his Limousine actually started in 1939. That adoring public. was when the Secret Service acquired a1939 Lincoln ‘Sunshine Special’ as the first actual 1950 Lincoln CosmopolitanPresidential Limo especially built for PresidentFranklin D. Roosevelt. After an assassination The story goes that President Harry S. Truman wasattempt in 1933 while President Roosevelt was denied the use of General Motors cars during hisgiving a speech from the back of a standard 1948 Presidential election campaign so he choseproduction Buick convertible, it became more another Lincoln when it came time to replace theimportant to secure the president’s safety Sunshine Special. The new Presidential Limo waswhenever he left the White House grounds. The a stretched 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan sportingPresidential Limousine needed to be safe and a 145-inch wheelbase which was ordered fromspacious as well to accommodate Roosevelt’s Ford Motors and leased to the Secret Service for awheelchair. By then, his polio was well advanced nominal fee.and kept him from getting around without the useof crutches or the wheelchair. 1961 Lincoln Continental SS-100-X1939 Lincoln Sunshine Special Though the ‘Bubble Top’ was still in presidential service until 1965, in 1961 a Lincoln ContinentalThe sunshine special was powered with a V-12 SS-100-X became the main vehicle of the newengine sitting in a Lincoln K-series chassis. It President, John F. Kennedy. Sadly, it was markedgained the nickname ‘Sunshine Special’ since the for tragedy when on November 22, 1963 Presidenttop was almost always open, although it was built Kennedy was assassinated while riding in the backwith both security and convenience in mind. This seat with his wife Jackie. Texas Governor, Johnallowed the very popular President Roosevelt to Connally and his wife were seated in the middlemaintain presidential dignity in a safe environment seats ahead of the Kennedy’s on that fateful visit towhile still being able to wave to the crowds and Dallas, Texas. Connally was injured from gunshot wounds as well.26 Dealership OverDrive

1972 Lincoln Continental cores inside the tires, and a big 454 cubic inch truck engine to allow the 14,000 pound monster toDuring the Nixon Presidency a 1972 Lincoln push through any obstacles and still remain intact.Continental was added to the fleet. Though it wasmarked as a ’72, the serial number indicated it was 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousinea 1970 model that was built over a 3 year periodby Ford Motors. This massive 13,000-pound President Obama’s limousine, also known as ‘TheLincoln was powered by a 460-cubic inch V8 Beast’ has eight-inch-thick doors made of titanium,engine and was the last presidential limousine steel, aluminum, and concrete capable of stoppingequipped with roof openings through which the an improvised explosive device (IED) and 5-inchPresident could stand. multi-layer windows making the doors as heavy as those on a 757 jet. The car is sealed againstThis is the limousine that protected both Presidents biochemical attacks and is equipped with specialFord and Reagan from attempted assassinations. microphones and speakers so the passengersPresident Ford was pushed to safety into this and driver can hear what is going on inside andmassive vehicle by Secret Service agents during around the car. All of this extremely heavy armorthe 1975 assassination attempt in San Francisco makes it nearly impossible to hear any noise insideby Sarah Jane Moore. It was later decorated to the vehicle.look like a 1978 model and on March 31, 1981, theSecret Service used this car again as a safe haven Obama’s Beast is not much larger than Bush’safter the John Hinckley assassination attempt of Limo, but is apparently much heavier. StrangelyPresident Ronald Reagan. enough it is running on Goodyear Regional RHS tires that are usually reserved for medium1983 Cadillac Fleetwood and heavy-duty trucks. The Limo’s 15,000 plus pounds may have something to do with that.Following the long list of Lincoln Presidential Though it was designed to look like a 2008Limo’s, Cadillac was finally given the opportunity Cadillac DTS, ‘The Beast’ is a hybrid blendingto produce two limousines for the Secret Service Caddy components with the guts of a Chevroletin the early 1980s. The two 1983 Fleetwood’s Kodiak commercial truck, but with heavy armorfirst went to Cincinnati to be rebuilt by Hess & and an LS3 V-8 engine getting anywhere from 3 –Eisenhardt Coaches. Since they were originally 8 miles per/gallon. A special night vision systembuilt by Cadillac as Fleetwood Limousines, the is hidden in a secret location and the car containscoachbuilder added only 17 inches in length and a Halon fire suppression system, run-flat tires, tearraised their roofs just 3 inches. Both were gas cannons and steel wheels. Included in thispowered by Cadillac’s massive 500 cubic-inch V8. hi-tech wonder is a blood bank of the President’s blood type and its own oxygen supply.2001 Cadillac Deville If the $1.5 million tab for ‘The Beast’ seems a bitWhen George W. Bush became President, Cadillac stiff, wait until the next presidents new Limo rollswas no longer producing a full-frame vehicle with off the line. Already in production, it is rumoredrear wheel drive that was suitable for conversion that the next ‘POTUS’ vehicle will be over theinto a Presidential Limousine. The Secret Service top with technology far beyond the current Limohad already beefed up its safety requirements and being used for President Obama. It is a dangerousthose for the Presidential Limo were extremely world out there today and even James Bond wouldelaborate and quite heavy as well. So when the be impressed with the protection we are providingBush DeVille debuted it was built on the frame of for America’s First Family. In fact, it soundsa full size GM SUV. Added to this were protective like England’s MI6 genius ‘Q’ may have gottenfive-inch thick armored doors and bulletproof glass involved in the one our next President will beso thick it blocked out parts of the light spectrum. graced with.It was rumored that the Bush DeVille had aself-contained passenger compartment with itsown secure air supply. It boasted run flat 27

NEW ! from the A BECOME JO IN TO DAYPhiladelphiaby Brian ShermanTraining CenterTrainingCenterDirectorAccording to national weather predictions, If you are able to attend classes and have not yet November will be colder and snowier decided to register, I highly recommend that you than normal in the Philadelphia area, make that commitment now and sign up for thewith near-normal temperatures and below-normal courses you need. Whether you work in Sales,snowfall in the south. I can tell you with Management, Internet/BDC, F&I or Fixed Ops, weabsolute confidence that it will not be that way have training courses available for every level andat our DLA Training Center in King of Prussia, every person who wants to maximize their careerPennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. In in retail automotive. Classes stay full so, if youfact, if recent events are any indication of what want to take advantage of the upcoming trainingto expect, it should be a hot month for those going schedule, check out the DLA Training calendar onthere to train in the retail automotive business. our website and get signed up now. The soonerThings are just heating up as we ‘round the corner’ you do it, the better you will feel about what liesof 2015 and head into the New Year. ahead for your career.We are so excited about the response we have There is no better time to invest in thereceived from our students since opening in advancement of your own future than right now.January of 2013. Each month our classes are Our students leave the training center withfilled up before we even get started with. The renewed confidence and heightened skills andtestimonies and success our students are abilities that will guide them toward success thatexperiencing when they return to their Dealerships starts the minute they put them into action.are exemplary and so encouraging to those Contact us now to set up the training classes youof us who have put forth the effort since first need to take your success in this business to newenvisioning our Training Centers. heights. I guarantee you will not regret it.28 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses Philadelphia Training CenterNOV11/3 Advanced Sales: Level 1 DEC 12/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 12/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 12/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 11/4 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 11/5 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) 12/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) Philadelphia Training Center Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 12/7 Objections: Level 2 11/6 Phone-Ups: Level 1 12/8 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 11/9 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 12/9 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2)11/10 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 12/10 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm)11/11 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3)11/12 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 12/11 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4)11/13 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 12/14 Advanced Sales: Level 211/16 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Business Etiquette (9-1pm)11/17 Advanced Sales Management 12/15 Advanced Service Advisor Techniques Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1) 12/16 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1)11/18 Leadership (9-1pm) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Coaching (1-5pm) Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2) 12/17 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2)11/19 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) Hiring & Motivation (1-5pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 3) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3) 12/18 Phone-Ups: Level 211/20 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) For more information please call Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) 800-374-3314 ext. 215 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4)11/30 Entry Level Sales (Day 1)“If you are new to this business then this course is for you. Learngood habits before falling into bad routines. If you are experienced,allow David Lewis to challenge you to greater sales.” – Dan Stephens, Sales at Spirit (Objections: Level 1 Student)Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 29

NEW ! from the A BECOME JO IN TO DAYMetro New York/New Jerseyby Mary MannellaTraining CenterDirectorofSalesWe are already getting off to a great start the past. This is a great advancement that has at the Metro New York/New Jersey the potential to renew our image altogether DLA Training Center. There is a and reconnect us with the Customers whogrowing sense that this is just the beginning as we deserve the best we have to offer. Let’s face it!are seeing a lot of interest from Dealerships and Without them, none of us could make a living inindividuals seeking training in the programs we this business.offer. It is certainly a great time for preparing newemployees and those with previous experience With the opening of our first DLA Training Centerfor the flood of business that industry analysts are in Philadelphia and now in the Metro New Yorkpredicting over the next few years. We believe the New Jersey area, we are fulfilling a vision tomaterials we have been developing over the past bring our training programs directly to the peopleseveral years, will greatly improve the productivity right where they live and work, making themand quality of service of those who are properly more accessible for our Dealership clients andtrained to use them. individuals looking to build a dynamic career in retail automotive. With that in, mind I adviseFor many decades, the retail automotive industry our readers in this area to plan ahead and starthas operated largely on processes and systems that preparing for the training they need as soon ashave long been outdated and do not serve today’s possible. Our experience in Philadelphia hasinformed buyers. Our commitment to improve shown us that there is a great hunger for the typethe quality of service delivered to the car of training we offer in every area of the retailbuying public has proven to be worth every effort. automotive business. Sign up early and secureCustomers who experience the results of our your spot while they are through the salespeople and managerswho utilize our curriculum, are finding no need To do that, contact our office at 800- 374-3314 extto protect themselves against traditional negative 215 and book your place for the training you need.sales tactics that have hurt our public picture in I assure you, you will be glad that you did.30 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses NY/NJ Metro Training CenterNOV11/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) DEC 12/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 11/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 12/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 3)11/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 12/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 4)11/5 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 12/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 5)OMOTIVE TRAINING CEN11/6 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 12/7 Objections: Level 1 12/8 Business Etiquette (9-1pm)11/10 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Advanced Sales Management Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 12/9 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1)11/11 Objections: Level 1 Leadership (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) NY/NJ Metro Training Center Advanced Service Manager Concepts AUT TERAdvanced Service Management Program (Day 1) Coaching (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2)11/12 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm)Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 12/10 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm)Management Service Advisor Training (9-1pm) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm)Advanced Service Revenue Creation (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3)Advanced Service Management Program (Day 2) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3)11/13 Phone-Ups: Level 1 12/11 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) 12/14 Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Advanced Service BDC Concepts (1-5pm) 12/15 Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 3) 12/16 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Advanced Sales: Level 111/16 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Commom Mistakes Salespeople Make (1-5pm) Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2)11/17 Advanced Sales: Level 211/18 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople11/19 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) 12/17 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm)11/20 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) Phone-Ups: Level 1PA J11/30 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) 12/18RAMUS, NFor more information regarding the available courses at the NY/NJ Metro Center,please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:“These 5 days in Entry Level Sales truly did more for methan 2 years of college. It was great learning the secretsfrom someone who has been in the business for so long.I learned to combat things I never would have guessedwould happen.” – Elizabeth Ristey, Business Development at Dahl Automotive. Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice.Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 31

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