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Published by bsmith, 2015-11-12 11:15:49

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Dealership DECEMBER 2015 TM A David Lewis & Associates Publication

Publisher’s Note Dealership TM Message from David A David Lewis & Associates Publication Here it is December again and this is DECEMBER 2015 the last month to make your 2015 goals become a reality. If you are PUBLISHER one who follows the market forecasters, this David Lewis should be the biggest December since 2006. Everyone from J.D. Powers to TrueCar [email protected] and Kelly Blue Book is betting on a great year-end bonanza for 2015. There are GRAPHIC COORDINATOR plenty of buyers out there looking for deals, Brian Smithand with Christmas on the way, it is time to start thinking about how toround out your year with a bang. [email protected] is funny how many of us tend to wait for someone else to tell us how our SALES DIRECTORbusiness is going to be. I mean, it is good to know there is someone out Mary Mannellathere doing that kind of research, but I’ve always held to the idea that ifit’s going to be, it’s up to me! It is great that all the bean counters in the [email protected] put their math pencils to work and figure out that I can have agreat month, but what if they say things do not look so good? Am I TRAINING LIAISONsupposed to lower my expectations and go hibernate for the winter? No Priscilla Youngway! I believe that I have what it takes to reach my goals, and if I plan mywork and work my plan, no matter what others say, I can still look forward [email protected] a good return on my efforts. CIRCULATION / SUBSCRIPTIONSI hope you are like me in that way. If you are, you are already planning for Jennifer Potterwhat you will be able to put under the Christmas tree this year for thoseyou love. It is going to be a great Christmas because you’re going to do [email protected] it takes to make it so. As Henry Ford always said, “If you think youcan or you think you can’t, you’re right!” MEDIA LIAISON Molly ParkIf you have not discovered that truth by now, maybe you should giveyourself an early Christmas gift and buy my newest book ‘Winners vs. [email protected].’ It is your attitude that defines your latitude and sometimes it isjust a matter of catching the right wind. Before you know it, you will be CONTRIBUTING WRITERSflying high above the crowds below. Dino DeLucaMaybe your year thus far has not been as good as you had hoped it would [email protected]. So what? One great month can turn it all around and put you on thepath to victory. Sales guru, Jim Rohn used to say, “Success is nothing Becky Nixonmore than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” I believe that!It is what inspired me to write my new book. I wanted to share some of [email protected] disciplines that I have learned that define the difference betweenwinning and losing; the daily practices that can take failures and turn Brian Shermanthem into victories. [email protected] you can be glad that the forecasters all agree with what you are alreadyplanning for this month. It truly is going to be the best month in 10 years, Bill Taylorbecause you are going to see to it that you do whatever it takes to makeit so. And let me just say ahead of time: Merry Christmas and Happy [email protected]! This is going to be a great month for all of us. After all, thosein the know already said it would be. Dealership OverDrive magazine makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of all published material. However itDavid Lewis cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied herein. Nothing may be reproduced in whole orPresident, David Lewis & Associates, Inc. in part without written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved. The publisher encourages you to submit2 Dealership OverDrive suggestions. Submitted materials become the property of David Lewis & Associates, Inc. and will not be returned. Send material for publication to 10 Suntree Place, Melbourne, FL 32940. The editor reserves the right to edit material; submission of material constitutes permission to edit and publish that material. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is presented with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. From a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by a Committee of the American Bar Association and a Committee of Publishers.

contents 4W 7T 10 T 12 T 14 A 16 W 18 W 24 W 26 T 28 N 30 N UPCOMING SERVICE DEPARTMENT WORKSHOPS ENTRY LEVEL SERVICE ADVISOR NY/NJ DEC. 8-11 A four-day course for the individual either just starting their career as a Service Advisor or an experienced Service Advisor who truly needs to get back to the basics of selling service. ADVANCED SERVICE ADVISOR PROGRAM PHILLY DEC. 15-17 NY/NJ JAN. 12-14 This two and one half day course is an Advanced A-Z program on understanding the Service Customer, upselling service repairs & maintenance and how to create a lasting relationship with every Service Customer. This course will include extensive role playing and in depth discussion groups. ADVANCED SERVICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM PHILLY JAN. 19-22 A three-day course dedicated to provide the experienced Service Manager with ideas, tools and techniques on how to grow and enhance their Service Department.For more information please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at: Dealership OverDrive 3

How YourAttitude AffectsYour Altitude“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” - Thomas Jefferson4 Dealership OverDrive

Becoming successful in life is not a game attitudes that can infect you negatively if you let of chance, nor is it something reserved for them. One of the best examples of this is the way special people alone. Becoming a winner some car Salespeople talk about Customers. It isin your business has a lot to do with the mental not uncommon to hear one say, “All buyers areattitude you adopt for yourself on a daily basis. liars.” If there is any value in that statement, IBefore winners succeed out there in the marke cannot think of what it might be, can you?place, they first succeed in their minds by Salespeople who understand the value theirdeveloping an attitude that will lead to success. Customers bring have tremendous respect forAchieving success begins with believing in getting the chance to earn their business. Theyyourself and taking the kind of actions that show treat them well and show their appreciation byyou have confidence in what you are trying to doing their best to help them accomplish theiraccomplish. Your altitude in life will only go as purchasing goals. Their positive attitude allowshigh as your attitude will lift you. them to make the car buying experience enjoyable for the Customer and in doing so, it becomes aSuccess often starts with being thankful for what winning experience for them as already have. An attitude of gratitude can goa long way toward setting you on a path that will You must choose whether you will listen to thelead to achievement. Winners do not have time voices of negativity and criticism, or the positiveto complain, because they are too busy taking voices that speak encouragement and areadvantage of the opportunities that are out there to uplifting to those around them. The voices youfocus on the problems or challenges they must choose to hear will eventually create the viewpointface along the way. We have all heard of the glass from which you see the world around you. Choosinghalf-full - glass half empty theory. But it is more to be positive and having a grateful attitude will bethan a theory! It is the daily practice of thinking a determining factor in how successful you will bepositive thoughts about what you are doing and in your business and your life in general.what you are trying to accomplish. You choosehow you see the glass. In doing so, you Be enthusiastic every day as though it was the firstpre-determine the outcome you will experience; day of your life and everything you do is anotheror in the words of Henry Ford: “If you think you new adventure. If you feel like a winner, look likecan or you think you can’t, you’re right! “ a winner and carry yourself in a way that inspires others, you will excel in the same environmentHow do you see your job? Is it an opportunity to where others are walking in the status quo. It isachieve something worthwhile for yourself and not where you are or what you know or even whoyour family, or is it just what you do to pay your you know! It is who you are that makes thebills and get by? The way you look at your daily difference and how you see yourself as you gowork and career will determine how much benefit about achieving your daily goals of success. Youit will bring into your life. It works the same with are what you eat, so it is important to feed youryour Customers and the view you have of them. mind, your will and your emotions every day withDo you see them as instrumental to growing your positive information and thoughts that will spur youbusiness, or are they just people you have to put on in your quest for new heights in your career.up with in order to make a paycheck? The attitudeyou have about your Customers will affect how The attitude you have every day will determine theyou treat them and how much of an effort you will altitude you reach in your quest for success. Yougive to earning their business as loyal Customers. choose whether you will be a turkey or an eagle; whether you will walk with your head down pickingAn Automobile Dealership can sometimes be a up the seeds you need to survive, or soar like anplace where many different attitudes are in play on eagle high above the crowd and let the winds ofa daily basis. Often, people who have been in this your attitude lift you to high and lofty for a while, carry certain bad habits Dealership OverDrive 5

ESTNAheLTREDSYLACLEOVUERLSEThis course is available to take every DAY 1week at both DLA Training Centers! • Why the Automobile Industry? • What Makes a Salesperson Successful? A five-day course designed for the individual • Customer Attitude Toward Salespeople just entering an Auto Sales Career. Students • Salespeople Attitude Toward Customers will learn the basic principles of how a • Four Rules of Sales Dealership operates and leave having • Basic Process Review learned a comprehensive outline on the • Step 1 - Meet & Greet steps to the sale. Extensive role playing and scenario based situations will be covered. DAY 2 Each participant will return to the Dealership • Characteristics & Perceptions ready to take their first “UP.” • Attitudes & Feelings • Industry Myths 6 Dealership OverDrive • Four Basic Buyer Questions • Step 2 - Qualification • Step 3 - Inventory Walk • Step 4 - Vehicle Selection DAY 3 • Step 5 - Internal Presentation • Step 6 - Demonstration Ride • Step 7 - External Presentation • Step 8 - Service Walk DAY 4 • Handling Objections • Basic Negotiations • Sold Customer Follow-Up DAY 5 • Handling Phone Ups • Goal Tracking Please call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or visit us online at:

Why peopleare so defensiveat the... Meet Gr&eetFear is a powerful force that can determine pressure and intimidation that is often assigned to how people act in any given situation. When the car business has made its mark over the years Customers come to a car Dealership, they and shoppers who might normally be confident andoften have strong emotions that can cause them relaxed in other situations can become suddenlyto be cautious and withdrawn when dealing with fearful and resistant when they come to a car lot.a Salesperson for the first time. The history of Continued on next Dealership OverDrive 7

Why People Are So Defensive at the Meet & Greet, continued that they want to be as careful as possible when selecting the vehicle they are going to buy andFear is a powerful force that can determine how the person they want to work with during thepeople act in any given situation. When Customers shopping process. It can be very intimidatingcome to a car Dealership, they often have strong for the average person, with little knowledge ofemotions that can cause them to be cautious and the industry, to find themselves in the hands of awithdrawn when dealing with a Salesperson professional Salesperson wondering if they willfor the first time. The history of pressure and be helped or hustled in the process.intimidation that is often assigned to the carbusiness has made its mark over the years and The more aware a Salesperson is of these very realshoppers who might normally be confident and fears the Customer is feeling, the better preparedrelaxed in other situations can become suddenly they can be to help release their anxieties and helpfearful and resistant when they come to a car lot. them have a pressure free shopping experience that is both enjoyable and productive. By making thisIndustry studies have consistently shown that their initial goal right from the beginning of thecar Customers often feel the necessity to become Meet and Greet they stand a good chance ofdefensive and elusive during the initial process of earning the Customer’s business now and in thespeaking with the Salesperson during the Meet and future. Buyers who are treated this way willGreet. Their initial response to a car Salesperson usually develop trust and confidence in theirindicates that many would prefer to go to a dentist Salesperson and often consider them as their ‘Gofor a root canal than to shop for a car at an to Person’ whenever they or someone they knowAutomobile Dealership. Their primary fear of is in the market for a new vehicle.being pressured into buying something they donot really want at a price that is higher than it isworth often causes them to put up a defensivebarrier that consists of objections, aggression andsometimes even causes them to lie. Many havehad negative experiences in the past that raise theirfear level, and some may have been coached byfriends and family who warned them to be carefulnot to make any decisions they might later regret.This can make a tremendous negative impressionon the Customer making the Salesperson’s jobmore difficult.The rise of the Internet has created a wholenew factor that can add to the defensivenessCustomers bring with them to a car Dealership.Websites created by people who are, or once werein the business, offer advice of what to expectfrom a car Salesperson and how to avoid beingtaken advantage of in the process. This may seemlike something that would lower their fear, but thiskind of information can actually increase theircaution rendering them unwilling to cooperatewith a Salesperson right from the start.For many, shopping for a new car can be one www.davidlewis.comof the most expensive investments they make,second only to buying their home. It makes sense8 Dealership OverDrive

Industry Leading TrainiAnNgYAvtaimilaebolen ANY device!ODenalilneersAhuiptoTmraoitniivneguFos8r0o0mn-lo3inr7ee4-ai3nt:3fo1wr4mwewaxt.itdo.an2v1pid5leleoawrseivsi.cscaiotllm MMMMoMoModMoMdMoMdMouMdouModouodlouodleduodledudleduuleduu#leuu#lelu#lel1e#lel2e#el3e#:4e#:#5#:#6#:#71:#S81:S91:W01:S1A:L2A:T3:IA:F:NELSILSRNSL&SEEASTEEAEENECSTIDRSERIRSENORVERVMVRMERNINITCIESCSCSADEHEESEHEVTNATEAISMRABPI/ Dealership OverDrive 9

The Four Rules of Sales Success Rule #3:Never ask a question or make astatement that could make the Customer more defensive.10 Dealership OverDrive

In last month’s article on ‘The Four Rules of sales process is greatly hindered. That means you Sales Success,’ we looked at how asking the will have to work twice as hard to earn their trust wrong questions can sometimes invoke answers than you would have had you not asked thatwe do not want to hear from the Customer. Rule #3 question. As I mentioned in part two of this series,presents us with another dangerous line of questions the common answer to this question is “no, notor statements that, when used by a Salesperson, can today.” Though there are ways to turn that aroundmake Customers more defensive than they already into a positive obstacle response, why not avoid itare. Avoiding these questions can help you connect altogether by not asking the question?with the Customer in a more effective way and giveyou the opportunity to demonstrate your unique and Another question often asked of women or younginspirational selling style. people is this: ‘Is there anyone else who will be involved in the purchasing decision?’ This canThere are several things we know about today’s certainly be offensive to women today who have thehighly informed Customers that can help us when lion’s share of influence in the car buying decisionCustomers come to the Dealership. For one, the for most families, as well as those who have theirinternet gives shoppers tremendous access to the own careers and are well able to negotiate andinventory, prices and Customer reviews of the finance their own purchases. Making that mistakevehicles we sell, and how they fare in the court of can be very costly and once it has been done, it ispublic opinion. By the time a shopper comes to our not easy to turn around with a simple apology.Dealership, we can pretty much assume that theyknow what brands we sell and, if they been on our Few things rival for presumption as the followingwebsite, they probably are aware of any special statement which is often made after a demonstrationdeals we are offering and what inventory we have drive: ‘Park the car in the sold line. That way no onein stock at the time. The good thing about this is will look at it while we negotiate the price.’ Tryingthat when they come to our Dealership, they already to make a sale by creating fear of loss in a Customerknow we have what they are looking for. is not a good way to convince them that you are any different from what they have heard about carThere are several benefits this brings to those of us Salespeople. You have not even finished thewho are in sales. Keep in mind though that they presentation before presuming the Customer hasalso know how things work, and many come with already taken mental ownership of the vehicle.a defensive posture that can be further inflated bythe questions we ask and the statements we make. A question that has come into popularity moreStudying these negative questions and statements recently is this: ‘On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 beingand removing them completely from your the highest, how would you rate this car? Whatvocabulary, can be very beneficial in the long run. does that mean? If their response is 6, are theySometimes the best way to do this is to put yourself saying they are only willing to pay 60% of what youin the Customer’s shoes and see how you would feel are asking for the car in the first place? If you haveabout somebody asking you these types of questions failed to inspire them with your presentation by thisor making such statements in the process of trying to point, the likelihood of this question gaining theirsell you a car. respect or earning their business is very small.One of the common questions that often gets asked Next month we will look at the final rule in ourin the trial close process is ‘are you making a ‘Four Rules of Sales Success’: ‘Always try to catchpurchase today?’ Since most shoppers already the Customer pleasantly off guard.’ In this excitingbelieve that car Salespeople care little about the conclusion to the series I will show you how to earnCustomer and only about making a sale today at the Customer’s business in a way that is inspiringall cost, this question reinforces that perception and unique, and help you earn higher commissionsand increases their defensiveness. Once that while building a loyal Customer base that willhappens, their willingness to cooperate with your follow you throughout your Dealership OverDrive 11

The Seven Service Meet & Greet NO-NO’sRegardless of the position we fill in the organization where we work, all of us at onetime or another become vulnerable to the comfort zone. In a Dealership ServiceDepartment it can be easy to fall into a routine or pattern where we become unawareof the little things we do that can be offensive to Customers. But, it is often theselittle things we do automatically that can affect a Customer’s perception of us in thenegative way. For a service advisor who comes in contact with Customer afterCustomer throughout the day, it is important to always be aware of these little thingsthat can make a less than favorable impression on the people we are there to serve.Here are 7 No No’s that are important to busy the day is for us, things will always go better avoid if you want to give your Customers when we schedule our eating away from Customers. a positive Meet and Greet experience: Eating on the run is one of those things that we can find ourselves doing unconsciously if we do not1. Eating make an effort to always be aware of what we are doing when Customers are around. Even thoughEverybody has to eat at different times throughout some Customers might understand, you are alwaysthe day, but eating in front of Customers is better off to separate yourself from the Customerssomething we should avoid, especially when we are when it is time to eat.meeting them for the first time. Regardless of how12 Dealership OverDrive

2. Drinking that things have changed when it comes to profanity in everyday life. Those of us who wereDrinking during the Meet & Greet should carry raised to respect ourselves and others do not usuallythe same precautions. Customers may not say have to think too hard to avoid this ‘No No’ withanything, but it is just one of those things that add Customers, it is fairly automatic. If you have a hardnothing to the impression you make on them. When time with it though, try thinking of the Customer asyou consider that you are expected to pay attention one of your grandparents. Unless your grandmotherand even take notes at times the danger of having was Ma Barker, doing that could help you put thisan accident while trying to hold onto your drink is offensive habit away for good.too unpredictable.3. Smoking 7. Rushing the CustomerMany car Dealerships are becoming smoke free This final ‘No No’ may be harder on some daysenvironments that have special areas designated than it is on others. It is easy to find yourselffor those who have to light up every now and then. rushing the Customer if you are extremely busy.In today’s world, smoking in front of Customers, Some people can become highly offended by thisespecially during the Meet & Greet, could subject and perceive it as condescension on your to a Customer complaint that you really do not This is especially true with female Customers whowant to deal with. Besides that, some Customers often feel intimidated when coming in for service.can really be offended by someone subjecting them Just pace yourself and allow the Customer toto second hand smoke, so rather than having to deal explain their situation. Once you have a clearwith that, just avoid it altogether. understanding of what their complaint is, you can repeat it back to them to verify you have it right.4. Chewing Gum This should relieve any concerns they have and free you up to get started with fixing the problem.I was watching C-Span the other day and therewas a man chewing gum sitting right behind the It is also important to remember that these applylady who was giving testimony before the Senate to all Service Department employees and anyat the time. The whole C-Span TV audience was other Dealership employee in the presence of yourwatching and he had no idea of the impression service Customer.he was making on them. Watching him made merealize how easy it is to forget that you are chewinggum when you are doing it. It may offer somehelp as a stress relaxer, but chewing gum hasno positive benefit that makes doing it aroundCustomers worthwhile.5. Chewing TobaccoI find it hard to believe that this one would everbe considered acceptable in any profession, but itis still worth mentioning. Change is hard for somepeople and it was not that long ago when carmechanics and service workers were called ‘GreaseMonkeys.’ Chewing tobacco may be acceptablefor a 10 million dollar big league pitcher on themound, but in the Service Lane, with Customers,it is definitely out of the question.6. ProfanityIt does not take long out in public today to Dealership OverDrive 13

Facts AboutSecondaryRepair Facilities“It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.” - Gianni VersaceEvery business that plays an essential part that continue to challenge the Dealership Service in the larger economy is going to have and Maintenance Industry. Before we can tackle competition. As a necessary part of an the competition and regain what they are takingindustry central to the success of our nation, the from us, we must first see what they haveautomotive service trade is certainly one that fits accomplished and how we let it happen.that description. As American car manufacturingregains its ranking as a producer of high The Secondary Repair Business doublesquality vehicles, more buyers will look to every 5 years with our CustomersDealership Service Departments to maintain theproducts they sell. Service Departments that fail This is an astounding statistic that should keepto recognize and meet the Consumer expectations every Dealership Service Manager up at nightwill continue to lose their business to the secondary thinking about their future. Those who fail toservice providers. Their rapid expansion indicates recognize and acknowledge this growingthey are gearing up to capture the lion’s share of competition are like ostriches with their headsthe service and maintenance market. in the sand. Car buyers today are keeping their vehicles longer and driving them further than everFirst, it is important to recognize and acknowledge before. This means they will spend more on upkeepwhat has happened with Secondary Repair Facilities14 Dealership OverDrive

to extend the life and value of their investment. prepared to keep them from going somewhere else.Betting on the continuance of this trend, the The 124 Secondary Facilities averageSecondary Repair Industry has spent vast amounts a combined total of over 1,000%of money upgrading and expanding their facilities more revenue.and equipment in order to provide any servicethat a car owner might normally expect from This statistic alone should motivate you to takeDealerships who sell and service their brand. drastic actions and do whatever is necessaryWhat is important to understand is that their to stop the outflow of your business to theseCustomers do not just appear wherever a new Secondary Repair Facilities. What is it that youfacility pops up. The vast majority of them are are not doing that they are doing? How does youryour Customers who would normally come to pricing and quality compare to your competition?your Service Department to get their maintenance Are you relying on business as usual as the way toand repair work done. maintain and increase your Customer base? If you have not found solutions to these questions beforeOn average there are 124 Secondary the next 5 years are over, the number will doubleRepair facilities within a 10 mile radius again. So what is the answer to all of this?of most Dealerships Conclusion #1: We need to get betterThis is bad news for any Dealership Service at what we do!Department that is not actively involved in effortsto stop the flow of business going to the secondary If the secondary facilities are ramping up the servicesfacilities. Between the enormous amount of they provide as well as the quality of their processesmoney spent to promote the opening of new and promotions, unless we work harder, providelocations, and the natural tendency of today’s the best possible services, and offer competitiveshoppers to look for bargains, it does not take pricing, we can almost guarantee that our businessmuch to entice your Customers to at least try these will continue to go to the secondary providers.facilities to see what they have to offer. If theylike the service they receive, and it costs less than Conclusion #2: The revenue is outthey would pay at your Dealership, you may never there, we just need to be better atsee them again in your service lane. getting it.Everybody likes options! The more options Blaming our shrinking profits on the economy isthere are, the more likely Customers are to take not the way to solve the problem. If the businessadvantage of them to see how they compare was not out there to be taken there would be noin quality and pricing. With 124 other choices expansion taking place in the secondary servicecompeting for your business, doing things the way market. We can either learn from what theiryou have always done them is a sure way to watch growth teaches us or pay the price for not doing so.your Customer base dwindle away to nothing.Have you ever counted the number of At David Lewis and Associates we make it ourcompetitors there are within 10 miles of your business to know what is happening in the automo-Dealership? Maybe you should take the time to do tive industry. Our extensive research in this areathat. You can bet each one of those companies did has led us to create new training courses to preparea demographic study in order to calculate the value our Dealership Service Departments to win overof building in your area. The people who make up the competition. Contact us to find out what wethat demographic are your Customers. You first offer that could benefit you in this area.need to recognize that if you are going to Dealership OverDrive 15

The 3 Things that Kill a Phone UpIndustry research has consistently shown the aggressive and someone they may not feel most reliable source for connecting with a comfortable dealing with. Our Customer research genuine buyer is the phone-up. Customers has shown that there are 3 primary things that canwho call your Dealership when shopping for a quickly kill a Phone Up:new car are usually just a step or two away frommaking an appointment to visit a car lot for a sales 1. High pressure questionspresentation and demonstration drive. If theyhave been on the Internet or possibly walked the The retail car business has for many years beenlot after hours, when they call your Dealership, plagued with a reputation of high pressure andthey may already know that you have what they Customer intimidation. Most of that publicwant. But, that does not mean they will just opinion has been formed around people who camemake an appointment with you because you are to a Dealership and had a bad experience with athe Salesperson answering the phone when they Salesperson or Manager. What is often overlookedcall. How professionally you handle the Customer is the number of potential buyers who never comeover the phone will determine whether or not to the Dealership because of the treatment theythey feel comfortable enough to make and keep received during their attempts to get informationan appointment. over the phone. High-pressure sales tactics and bait and switch practices are just as offensive overThough it is proven that the Phone Up is the most the phone as they are in person when a Customerreliable source for buyers, Phone Up Customers comes to the Dealership. Learning how to properlycan quickly disappear if they sense they do win the Customers’ confidence and enthusiasmnot have your attention or that you are overly over the phone is an extremely valuable skill if you want to excel as a Salesperson in this business.16 Dealership OverDrive

It is always good to remember the first 3 priorities want to buy a car from you. Instead, spend yourthat most shoppers have when they are in the time on the phone listening to what the Customermarket for a new vehicle: the product, the is saying and trying to establish a dialogue thatSalesperson and the Dealership, and in that will inspire them to want to deal with you. If youorder. If you keep that in mind when speaking do a good enough job on the phone to bring themwith the Customer during a Phone Up, it can help in for a full presentation, you have a much betteryou eliminate the sometimes natural tendency to chance of creating a win/win situation for both youtry to push them too hard too fast. Buying a new and the Customer.vehicle today can be a very expensive investment.When Customers call your Dealership, they most 3. Making a premature requestlikely already know what brands you sell. What for informationthey don’t know is HOW you sell them. Another way to stop Customers dead in theirDo you exaggerate on what you can do for tracks and cause them to look elsewhere in theirthem? Do you use phrases like “Today Only” or shopping process is to make premature requests“Nobody can beat our deals?” If you do, you for information from the Customer. Asking tooguarantee one of two things: they either will soon for the appointment, their phone number andnot come in at all or, if they do come in, all their timeline for buying have little to no valuenegotiations will be focused around rock bottom until much further along in the sales process.pricing. Instead focus on the quality of what Dealing with them on the phone is not somethingyou have to offer and how committed you are to most Customers want or need to do. It is certainlyhelping them find just what they are looking for. getting off to a better start if you are trying to easeNo tricks; no pressure tactics; no lies that you their pressure, release their defensiveness and makehave to back out of later. a secure appointment. Few things can make a potential Customer nervous more than a Salesperson2. TrialCloses asking unnecessary personal questions just to advance their own agenda. If you want to kill yourTrial Closes are next on the list of things that can chances of making an appointment to come in, thatquickly kill a Phone Up. Unless the Salesperson is one sure way to do it with most skilled in the art of listening and gatheringinformation from the Customer over the phone, It helps to remember whose Customer you arethey will, by nature, move quickly to try to speaking to when you take a Phone Up. They arepressure them into the Dealership by offering the Dealerships Customer and they paid a lot ofunrealistic deals and incentives. Listening closely money to create a facility and provide the rightand asking the right questions is the best way to kind of inventory to attract potential buyers to theirrelease the Customer’s fears and help them feel place of business. As a Salesperson, your primarycomfortable about coming in for an appointment. focus is to represent the Dealership in the best wayToday’s Customers are savvy enough to know that possible to ensure that the Customers they haveif you try too hard to sell them over the phone, brought to the Dealership through their ads andcoming to the Dealership could be an even worse promotions receive the kind of treatment that willexperience for them. They already know how encourage them to do business at their Dealership.most car Salespeople work and if they hearpressure statements and trial closes designed to If all of this is new to you, consider taking one ofmanipulate or pressure them to make a decision our DLA Training courses on Phone Ups. If youbefore they are ready to do so, they will turn you want to increase your success and close more dealsoff in a New York minute. for bigger profits there is no better place to start than enhancing your skills in this very importantSave the negotiating until they decide that they part of your selling Dealership OverDrive 17

CANCEROUS PEOPLE ANDHOW THEY AFFECT YOUR TEAMIt seems there are some people in this world about, people who bring these negative traits who are never happy unless they are making into a car Dealership can quickly create a cancer someone else miserable. They seem to thrive that spreads into every area of your business andon gossip, doubt, resentment and innuendo. If they endangers both your staff and your Customers,are allowed to spread their negativity they are like and ultimately your business as a whole.a cancer that eventually kills everything it touches.This is certainly true when it applies to building a That goes for the way they carry out their jobteam of people to work together in your business. assignments and the attitude they display to theRegardless of which department we are talking people around them.18 Dealership OverDrive

Having been around the car business for 35 years you should “know those who labor among you.”now, I have personally seen how someone like this That is certainly good advice for those in chargecan infect everything they come in contact with of building a team for success.unless they are dealt with and removed from theoperation completely. Self help author W. Cement Stone understood the power of attitude. In his book ‘Success through aA modern Automobile Dealership employs a wide Positive Mental Attitude’ which he co-wrote withvariety of people from every personality type Napoleon Hill, he said the following: “There ison the planet. Trying to organize these diverse little difference in people, but that little differencecharacters into a highly functional team can often makes a big difference. The little difference isbe like trying to herd cats. Those who manage attitude. The big difference is whether it is positiveto accomplish this goal must keep their finger or negative.”on the pulse of the business to make sure everyperson understands their part and appreciates the A bad attitude is like a clear and tasteless poisontalents and abilities other team members bring in a glass of water. It may seem to go unnoticedto the operation. A well-run Dealership requires to the person drinking it, but eventually its resultconstant awareness of what is going on among the is poor health and sometimes even death. Such isstaff members if they are to create an environment the way of cancerous people. They often producewhere Customers feel welcome when they arrive, the deadliest results in a way that at first seemsand satisfied when they leave. harmless and is often humorous. They talk or joke about other staff members or criticizeWhen negativity and bad attitudes are ignored and management in a negative way in an attemptallowed to enter in and take root, it is not long to diminish their value to others. They createbefore they begin to affect everyone they touch. suspicion and jealousy in order to advance theirLike a tumor that appears as a small spot on the own agenda. To them, a team is only valuable as asurface, but is growing into a life-threatening way to accomplish their own personal goals. Justdisease if untreated, it is not long before as a cancers’ only goal is to consume everything itradical steps must be taken to remove the can to feed its insatiable appetite, so a cancerousdestructive organism from the body of the patient. person gets strength by taking it from those aroundIn the same way that a healthy person monitors them. They care little about enhancing the welland attends to the well-being of their body, being of the other team members.maintaining a healthy business requires no lessattention and care. The health of your Dealership will ultimately depend upon the health and well-being of thoseIt often starts with the hiring process. A chain is who work there. By taking the time to know andonly as strong as its weakest link. When attempting understand the behaviors and attitudes of thoseto build a team of people who work together in who make up your team, you can maintain aharmony to create an environment of success and healthy organization that is built to last and gearedproductivity, those you invite into that process will to help every member accomplish their goals andeither empower or endanger what you are trying objectives. If you tolerate negativity and ignoreto accomplish. It is not enough to know about the how it is affecting the environment you are tryingabilities of people you bring into your business. to create, you may soon find the infection has goneUnderstanding their personality type and attitude too far and a radical surgery is required to removeis equally, if not more important, than their skill it from your business. Preventing a serious illnesslevel. You can teach people almost anything if is always better than trying to cure it after it hasthey want to learn, but if they are not a good fit taken root. Apply these principles to your businessfor the operation, they will eventually resist what and you will save yourself and your employees ayou are trying to teach them. An old proverb says lot of anguish over the long Dealership OverDrive 19

News fromthe FieldOne of the great benefits of traveling North Having observed the ebb and flow of the retail America as I do, is the opportunity automotive business, we at David Lewis and to see how the American automotive Associates chose to press on and create new andbusiness has rebounded over the past several years dynamic training courses to contribute our partto break new records in sales. Wherever I go to in the recovery we believed was sure to come.train our existing Dealership families or introduce David published four new books and expandedour programs to those just coming on board, there our training curriculum into new areas, fullyis a growing excitement about the future of the believing we were on the right track and thatretail automotive business in the coming years. our Dealership families would need newIndustry analysts are predicting record-breaking training materials to meet the challenges they weregrowth in sales over the next four years and facing. We opened two DLA Training Centers inbeyond. As I see it, there has never been a better the Northeast and are continuing to press on withtime to get into this business if you are looking confidence developing new products and servicesfor an exciting career with a great future. to equip our students and clients with the most proven training for success available today.I have had the advantage of being a part ofthis great industry for nearly 30 plus years. In Our commitment to our clients has never beensomeways, it is like standing on the top of a high stronger as we stretch out into new areas ofhill and watching the many changes take place training and new locations where Dealershipsthat represent the ups and downs of this business that need and want our services are to be found.over time. It seems hard to believe that only a It is going to be a great year for all of us in thisfew years ago, there were many who questioned business and that means we must keep pressingwhether or not we could overcome the great on in order to provide our Customers with thechallenges of our struggling economy at the time. products and services they deserve.20 Dealership OverDrive

Advanced Sales PROGRAM A four-day course for the experienced Salesperson who wants to take their productivity to the next level. This course is based on David’s bestselling book, “The Secrets of Inspirational Selling.” The goal of this course is for the student to get a better understanding of the Customer and how to utilize a sales approach that will lower the Customers defensive posture and create an environment conducive to higher sales and grosses. Topics include the Sales Steps, Objections, Phone Ups, Prospecting, Follow-Up and Leasing. Extensive role playing, group discussions and the creation of customized word tracks are a big part of this course. PHILA/DEC. 8 - 11 NY/NJ/DEC. 15 - 18 Call 800-374-3314 ext. 215 or register online at Knowledge Is Power! TRAINING DLA Live is the only industry talk show that allows you to interact LIVE with an industry expert, David Lewis. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the automotive industry, there is nobody that know that ins and outs of selling cars like David. Viewers can call in, email or tweet their questions directly to David and have them answered just minutes later. The next DLA LIVE session topic is Effective Demo Rides, join David Lewis on December 3rd @ 10am Dealership OverDrive 21

The DLA Training Centers are your one-stop Hundreds of students go through ourIf not, become a member and join toda22

p training facility for the entire Dealership! doors monthly. Are you one of them?ay! When you think Training, Think DLA!

TOFNReIwPAXs IfSrNEomIDNG by Becky Nixon Director of Fixed Operations TrainingOctober was an exciting month in Service Customer base.” Our DLA Service Managers Training classes and one of the most BDC class might have some answers for you. The popular topics for discussion seemed to be managers that attend these classes are engaged andthe art of properly handling all the inbound phone full of questions. It is rejuvenating to be a part ofcalls. Service Advisors and Managers all over the their excitement and help them to find solutions forCountry are driven to properly help each and every their individual service departments.Customer, but first someone needs to answer thephone. Studies showed this year that 79% of all I personally had the opportunity to visit one ofpaid labor started with an initial phone call, and it our Dealers in PA, the Service BDC Manager andhas been a challenge in most service departments her operation made me smile and jump for joy. Iteverywhere, just ask the Customers. really is about a structured operation, processes, word tracks and commitment. Our FixedDealer management, parts and service staff are Operations division of David Lewis & Associatesreaching out for more discussion on “How do we is in it to win it with you. Whether it is the coursesdo a better job taking care of our Customers, and at one of our Training Centers or in-house at yourturn all this present opportunity into a loyal Dealership, we are here to help.24

BMAUTSCCALVEETrying to trace a detailed history of the infamous Batmobile is a drive through 75 years of comic book super hero history and an amazing array of vehicles that ac- companied the Caped Crusader as he battled crime in Gotham City. What was toeventually become the Batmobile made its first appearance in Detective Comics #27 inthe May 1939 issue. At first, it was just a red sedan convertible that was simply knownas Batman’s car. By the time Detective Comics released issue #30, and in Batman #5,the Batmobile’s design had gradually evolved becoming a custom built high-powered carfeaturing an ever-larger bat hood ornament and an ever-darker paint job. As it continuedto evolve, the unique designs included a large dark-colored body and bat-like accessories.This included large scalloped tailfins made to resemble a bat’s wings.The 1st Batmobile - 1939 based on the Cord 812 which featured America’sCord 812 first front-wheel drive with independent front suspension that included an 185HP V8, a semi-The term “Batmobile” was first used in 1941 in automatic transmission with overdrive, retractableDetective Comics #48. This first actual Batmobile headlights; variable-speed wipers, and a sleek,was not black like later cars would be. It was a low-slung body (including fully hidden door andbright red convertible that had no fins, shields, or trunk hinges). The set-back engine meant thatany other “bat” theme except for a small gold hood there was enough room between the front of theornament. It did however sport a supercharged en- car and the front of the engine for Batman to addgine capable of tremendous speeds, and a heavily the “battering ram” nose without risking damagereinforced nose able to smash through buildings to the car’s mechanical components.without suffering any damage. The design was Continued on next Dealership OverDrive 25

Batcave Muscle, continued himself was redesigned. With the upgrade came a new Batmobile. The ‘64 Batmobile was a smaller,1939 Batmobile ― Cadillac faster, and far sportier two seat roadster, heavily influenced by the “C1” Corvette and Porsches ofThe first live action Batman film was a serial the time. Features were limited due to the size ofproduced by Columbia in 1943. It was a the car, and the overall design was far simplerlow-budget production that ran once a week than its predecessors. The only features carriedfeaturing ‘cliffhanger type’ endings to draw over directly from previous years were theaudiences back for the next installment. A 1939 Bat Signal/searchlight on the rear deck, and theCadillac convertible was used for the serial as both curving bubble canopy (although this last featurethe Batmobile and as Bruce Wayne’s personal car. was considerably shortened, appearing as littleWhen it was to be Bruce’s car they simply put the more than a curved windshield). The bat masktop down. As the Batmobile, the top was always was changed from a weapon to a decoration,kept up. This was the only difference that signified and moved up onto the hood of the car. The largeto the audience which was which. vertical roof fin was also reconfigured, becoming two smaller fender mounted fins.Bob Kane designed the first cars used byBatman in 1939 and 1941 and for the 1941 issue 1966 Television Series Batmobile#5, artist Jerry Robinson illustrated the first actualBatmobile. Dick Sprang and Charles Paris were In 1966, the Batman television series starringthe primary artists for the Batman and Detective Adam West and Burt Ward took the nation byComics Batmobile’s from 1943 through 1955 and storm. Legendary Hollywood car customizer,at various times they based their designs on either George Barris created a new Batmobile for thisa Studebaker or Cadillac. During that same period project which began as a 1955 Ford Lincoln FuturaSheldon Moldoff and Stan Kaye came up with concept car. Barris had only 3 weeks to transformnew designs that featured the Bubble Top. The it into what was arguably the world’s most famousMoldoff / Kaye car was essentially a very long, car, and he did it with grand style.thin box design with the dome, fin, and “bat nose”features added. The on-board laboratory was lost, Weighing 5500 pounds, it was powered by aleaving only a two-passenger compartment under 429 Ford Race engine. The front of the car wasthe dome. fabricated to resemble the face of a bat. The hood scoop extended down to highlight the nose,By the late 50s, the “bubble dome” Batmobile had and the headlights became the eyes and extendedbeen around for a while, and artists were starting to the ears. The grill cavity became the mouth ofto add their own unique take on the design. One the bat with internally mounted rockets. Finallygood example is the 1958 Batmobile which was the dual 84-inch rear bat fins completed the imagebased on a ‘57 Chrysler 300C. While the overall of the bat.aesthetic remained, the bubble windshield, thebattering ram, and the central roof fin, the car Four 6-inch flared eyebrow bulletproof wheelfeatured headlights, fenders, bumpers, and other wells were formed and used as protection fordetails straight from Detroit to give the car a more the 10-inch Radar Wheels and tires. The batup-to-date look. One other notable feature of this turn lever released the twin bat impressioncar was the roofline. While the general design of parachutes mounted on either side of the rearthe Batmobile had gone towards a roofless look turbine exhaust and allowed for 360 degree turns(with the bubble sitting on top of the main body), to be performed by the driver. Completing thethis car had a more integrated roof, more like cockpit are the plexi-glass air craft windshieldsBatmobile’s of the early 1950s. and bulletproof top section offering protection for the dynamic duo.1964 BatmobileIn June 1964’s Batman #164, the Caped Crusader26 Dealership OverDrive

1967 ‘Futura’ Batmobile Furst incorporated an array of gadgets that were relatively simple, but potent, into the 1989The first of the “Futura” Batmobile’s influence Batmobile design. There were spherical bombs,started in the comics when this Batmobile debuted a pair of forward-facing Browning machine guns,in April 1967’s “The Night Batman Destroyed side-mounted disc launchers, and chassis-mountedGotham City.” The long, scalloped fins and shin breakers. His Batmobile includedtwin-bubble windshield were directly influenced side-mounted grappling hook launchers and aby the Futura, while other features such as the twin central “foot” capable of lifting the car andhood scoops, and stacked quad headlights reflected rotating it 180°. Not only was the entire bodythe then-new muscle car era. An arrowhead-shaped armor plated, if necessary the car could envelopbat mask split the horizontal bar grill, and long itself in a heavy armor cocoon. To avoid capture,side pieces started behind the front wheels and the Batmobile also featured oil slick dispensers,tapered to sharp “spears” pointing rearward. smoke emitters, and, in extreme circumstances, aThough the design was used for a few years, it “Batmissile” mode that shed all material outsidewould be only a few months before a more direct of the central fuselage and reconfigured thetranslation of the TV car appeared in the comics. wheels and axles to fit through narrow openings. Once employed however, the Batmissle mode1989 ‘Batman’ Batmobile essentially destroyed much of the car, and had to be rebuilt afterwards.It wasn’t until the summer of 1989 that Batmancame again to the big Hollywood screen after the The 1989 Batmobile was retired after Batman1966 filming. Warner Brothers had Tim Burton Returns, but is still popular maintaining a strongproduce the movie starring Michael Keaton, Jack following with fans of the Batman movies. It hasNicholson and Kim Basinger. Anton Furst was been used as a basis for several comic book cars,hired as production designer for both Gotham as inspiration for the ‘Batman: The AnimatedCity and the Batmobile creating a new design Series’ car. It also served as a spokes model forunlike any before it. Working from his design, OnStar in 1999, and easily ranks with the 1966 carthe production team spliced together two Impala as one of the most popular Batmobile’s of all time.chassis, and powered the car by a big Chevy V8.The body was a custom-built fabrication, riding ‘Batman Begins’ and Beyondon a set of Mickey Thompson racing tires withcustom wheels. With the 2005 release of ‘Batman Begins’ the Batmobile took on totally new dimensionsAnton Furst retained the essence of the Batmobile becoming much more of a futuristic militaryidea, but did so incorporating all-new design vehicle of sorts. Known as ‘The Tumbler’ thiselements. There was no bat-mask in his design. took the Batmobile in a whole other direction thatReplacing that was a large jet turbine intake has continued through ‘Batman: The Dark Knightflanked by mandible-like front fenders on either Rises.’ With the upcoming 2016 release ofside of the turbine. The afterburner was kept cool ‘Batman-Superman: Dawn of Justice’ the newwith cold air intakes which were mounted just Batmobile takes on a whole no look beyondahead of the rear fenders. The rear of the car anything ever attempted before. It is definitely onehad a rounded, weighty appearance reminiscent worthy of a super hero who has survived 75 yearsof cars from the 1930s and was set between and is still going strong.a pair of sculpted fins much shorter than theprevious model. The two-seater cockpit featured One thing is certain, as long as the ever adoringaircraft-like instrumentation, a passengers’ side fans of the Caped Crusader keep demanding moremonitor, self-diagnostics system, CD recorder, of their superhero, there will always be anotherand voice-command recognition system. set of wheels to carry Batman to the next great adventure saving Gotham 27

NEWS BECOMEfrom the APhiladelphia JO Training Center IN TO DAY!November was another tremendous month to earn a good living and build a solid career. at the Philadelphia DLA Training Center with a great student turnout for all Our DLA Certified Trainers all have one thingof the classes. If you have never attended one of in common: they know their trade fromour training courses there, it might be difficult extensive personal experience and have beento understand the difference that it makes to properly trained to teach their students how toparticipate in off-site training in a relaxed excel in this business. Historically, car salesenvironment focused specifically on a single topic training seminars tend to be focused primarilyof interest. New hires that come to us for our on motivating the attendees with a charismaticEntry Level Sales Training immediately feel speaker and great stories of their personalmore comfortable and open to ask questions and success. Our training classes are intense techniquerole-play with students from other Dealerships, and information centered where students get to askmany of whom like them, are just getting started in questions and role-play what they are learning withthe car business. After just a few days of training, the trainer and with others who are taking the samewe can sense their excitement as they leave fully course. Our goal is to teach them a systematicprepared and eager to return to their Dealership process for performing their job in a confident andand get started working with real Customers. professional way that is totally Customer focused.Some of the best learning takes place during Our DLA Training Courses cover every aspectthe breaks in our recreation area where students of the business from Sales and Management toget to know each other and share some of their Advanced F&I Concepts, Internet BDC Leadideas and expectations of what they hope to Generation, Service Advisor and Managementaccomplish in their new career. The sense of training and much, much more. Whether you arecamaraderie they experience plays a big part in a novice or have been in the business for manytheir adjusting to what it is like to be around car years, our advanced training techniques have aSalespeople in a working environment. Let’s proven track record of success and have set newface it, this is a fun business when you have standards in the retail automotive industry forconfidence in yourself and your abilities, and quality and results oriented education.realize that you actually have what it takesFor more information on how to sign up for classes at our Philadelphia Training Center call our Corporate Office at 1-800-374-3314 Ext. 21528 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses Philadelphia Training CenterDEC 12/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) JAN 1/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) 12/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 1/5 Entry Level Sales (Day 2)12/3 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 1/6 Entry Level Sales (Day 3)12/4 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 1/7 Entry Level Sales (Day 4)12/7 Objections: Level 2 1/8 Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 12/8 Advanced Sales: Level 1 1/12 Advanced Sales: Level 1 Philadelphia Training Center Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 12/9 Objections: Level 1 1/13 Objections: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) Advanced Sales Program (Day 2)12/10 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) 1/14 Leasing for Salespeople (9 - 1pm) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1 - 5pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3)12/11 Phone-Ups: Level 1 1/15 Phone-Ups: Level 1 Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Sales Program (Day 4)12/14 Advanced Sales: Level 2 1/18 Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Business Etiquette (9-1pm) 1/19 Entry Level Sales (Day 2)12/15 Advanced Service Advisor Techniques Advanced Service Manager Concepts Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 1)12/16 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1) 1/20 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Management Service Advisor Training (9-1pm) Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) Advanced Service Revenue Creation (1-5pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2) Advanced Service Management (Day 2)12/17 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) 1/21 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 3) Advanced Service BDC Concepts (1-5pm) Advanced Service Management Program (Day 3)12/18 Phone-Ups: Level 2 1/22 Entry Level Sales (Day 5)For more information please call 1/25 Understanding Your Customer (9-1pm) 800-374-3314 ext. 215 Business Etiquette (1-5pm) 1/26 Objections: Level 2“If you are new to this business then this course is for you. Learngood habits before falling into bad routines. If you are experienced,allow David Lewis to challenge you to greater sales.” – Dan Stephens, Sales at Spirit (Objections: Level 1 Student)Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 29

NEWS frthome BECOME A Metro New York/New JerseyTraining Center IN TODAY JO !We just completed our first month at the discussions, customization of objection word Metro New York/New Jersey Training tracks and extensive role playing. Those students Center and December is already going who attend will have already completed either theto be a full schedule for our students in that area. 5 Day Entry Level Sales or the Objections LevelNovember was a tremendous month with a lot of 1 course in order to be to be eligible to attendexcitement from those who attended the training this there. As we head into the New Year,the excitement is growing rapidly as our We believe that until the Salesperson hasDealership families and individual students in that developed a systematic method for handlingarea are signing up early to make sure they can get Customer objections, they will always bethe training they need for 2016. We offered a full reacting rather than presenting a reasonable androster of courses that were well attended from the personalized response that lowers the Customersbeginning of November until the end of the month. defensive posture. Even the most experiencedDecember is already booked in advance for all of Salespeople who have attended the courses onthe courses available this month. Objections have expressed their appreciation for how much they were able to learn to advance theirOur short, half-day course on Business Etiquette skills in to a higher one that is becoming more popular as Dealersrealize the need for advanced Customer skills to Our courses for Service Advisors and Serviceearn the business of the new informed buyers that Management are quickly becoming very popularare in the market today. The Internet has given as Dealerships seek to address the tremendousthem access to information that was once available amount of business that is being lost to theonly to those in the industry and they come fully Secondary Repair Facilities in their area. We teachexpecting to be treated with respect and dignity. them how to maintain and increase their ServiceIf we are going to shake off the old image which Customer base by being competitive in every areafor so long sullied the public opinion of car of quality and service. The best way to beat theSalespeople, learning how to properly treat competition is to do things better than they do.and care for our Customers is a critical skill setto embrace. Check out our full roster of courses for the coming months in the Training area of our website to seeAs always, our course on of Objections is one what is available in the coming year at our Newof the most popular and valuable among our York/New Jersey Training Center. We have manystudents. This month features our 1 day course new courses on Coaching, Leasing, Social Mediaon Objections and our Level 2 course, which and other topics that are sure to raise your skills tofocuses on bringing the student to the second level new levels for success. Don’t wait too long to signof learning called the Reproduction stage. This up for the courses you need as classroom space iscourse includes advanced group objection going fast.For more information on how to sign up for classes at our NY/NJ Metro Training Center call our Corporate Office at 1-800-374-3314 Ext. 21530 Dealership OverDrive

UpcomingCourses NY/NJ Metro Training CenterDEC 12/1 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) JAN 1/5 Advanced Sales: Level 1 12/2 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) 12/3 1/6 Objections: Level 1 12/4 OMOTIVE TRAINING CENEntry Level Sales (Day 4) 1/7 Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 12/7 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) Entry Level Sales (Day 5) 1/8 Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) 12/8 Objections: Level 1 1/11 Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) Business Etiquette (9-1pm) 1/12 Phone-Ups: Level 1 12/9 Advanced Sales Management Advanced Sales Program (Day 4) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 1) Entry Level Sales (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 1) Entry Level Sales (Day 2) Leadership (9-1pm) NY/NJ Metro Training Center Coaching (1-5pm) AUT Advanced Service Advisor TechniquesTER Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 2) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 1) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 2)12/10 Advanced Management Negotiations (9-1pm) 1/13 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) Hiring/Motivation (1-5pm) Understanding the Service Customer (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 3) Service Advisor Phone Techniques (1-5pm) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 3) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 2)12/11 Train the Trainer (9-1pm) 1/14 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) Leasing for Managers (1-5pm) Advanced Sales Management Program (Day 4) Effective Service Walk Arounds (9-1pm) Advanced Service Advisor Program (Day 3) Entry Level Service Advisor (Day 4)12/14 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople 1/15 Entry Level Sales (Day 5)12/15 Advanced Sales: Level 1 1/18 Business Etiquette (9-1pm) Advanced Sales Program (Day 1) Common Mistakes Salespeople Make (1-5pm)12/16 Objections: Level 1 1/19 Social Media Marketing for Salespeople Advanced Sales Program (Day 2) 1/20 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 1)12/17 Leasing for Salespeople (9-1pm) 1/21 Internet/BDC: Lead Generation (Day 2) Prospecting & Follow-Up (1-5pm) Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 1) Advanced Sales Program (Day 3) 1/22 Advanced F&I Concepts (Day 2)12/18 Phone-Ups: Level 1 1/25 Entry Level Sales (Day 1)PARAMUS, NJFor more information please call 1/26 Entry Level Sales (Day 2) 1/27 Entry Level Sales (Day 3) 800-374-3314 ext. 215 1/28 Entry Level Sales (Day 4) 1/29 Entry Level Sales (Day 5)“These 5 days in Entry Level Sales truly did more for methan 2 years of college. It was great learning the secretsfrom someone who has been in the business for so long.I learned to combat things I never would have guessedwould happen.” – Elizabeth Ristey, Business Development at Dahl Automotive. Scheduled course dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for updated class dates and Dealership OverDrive 31

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