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The Faces of Workplace Wellness Magazine - July 2021

Published by joyce, 2021-06-29 18:55:40

Description: Magazine - July 2021 first draft


Read the Text Version The Faces of WELLWNEELSLNSESS Global Workplace Wellness Summit Inclusive Wellness at Work

Workplace Wellness Professionals from around the World are gathering to expand on Inclusive Wellness! ?Will you be there NOVEMBER, 8-10, 2021 Save 4your th ANNUAL SUMMIT seat to attend the and explore ways to build back smarter with Inclusive Wellness Strategies.

Workplace Wellness EDITOR’S CORNER Welcome to The Faces of Workplace Wellness Magazine publication where our aim is to shed light on workplace wellness issues around the globe. We will strive to provide you with an inside scoop on what is happening in workplaces around that world that impact employee's health and wellness either positively or negatively. We believe that what happens at work impacts families and their communities far more than widely than is being showcased, because employees take everything at work home with them, the good things they learn and experience, as well as the not so good things. We will take an inclusive and comprehensive view of wellness and wish to help you see the multiple faces of workplace wellness with every article you read or story we tell in this publication. Our hope is that you will share your stories, successes, and challenges at work with us so we can showcase them, or help you seek assistance to address them from our friends and readers around the globe. Send us your questions in the Ask us Anything Interpersonal section of this publication so we can represent more questions from our readers and the possible answers they may generate. Joyce Odidison Chief Editor

Workplace Wellness Inclusive Wellness at Work Can we do more to practice inclusive wellness at work? The answer is yes. I believe with expansive thinking we can achieve inclusive wellness. In a conversation with a leader the other day, I asked if their wellness committee was diverse. Yes, she responded, “we have people from all genders and ages on our committee”. While I am clearly a black woman, she was oblivious that inclusion to me meant more than gender and age, it also includes people of other races and diverse groups. It also includes all the areas of life where we can become unwell. We live in the era that demands inclusive wellness. At no other time have we been confronted with the impact of discrimination to the wellness of diverse employees at work. It is also the time when we have been challenged with the largest global, social, financial, and political health epidemics. Fears, propaganda, and false information bombards the airways daily, resulting in unhealthy thoughts and fears, prejudices, conflicts, and violence in our homes, communities, workplaces, place of worship, and schools. Inclusive wellness requires inclusive thinking beyond the narrow lenses used prior to the global pandemic. •We need to ask broader questions such as: Are there areas of wellness we are not addressing • in our education and training? Are all groups favourably represented in our data • and metrics? Do these activities cater to one group more than • the others? Am I ready to embrace inclusive wellness at work? Page 1

Workplace Wellness What is Inclusive Wellness? The key to changing behavior for employees is to provide them with information they can easily digest, Inclusive wellness pulls on systems thinking. It is from someone who demonstrates compassion and holistic and includes all groups and all the dimensions understanding for their lived experiences. The of wellness for each person at work. It is providing a information should educate them on their risk factors framework that demonstrates to everyone at work and provide them with concrete options and solutions that their wellness needs can be considered, or point them in the direction of the support they need”. addressed, and accommodated in their space. Employee wellness is the life blood of any successful wellness-at-workplaces organization as explained in this article below (Odidison, 2020). “Wellness should be part of the DNA Relatable Health and Wellness of the organization. I maintain that every information organization should reflect the nine wellness competencies as part of their overall workplace Diverse groups are tired of hearing health and wellness program to ensure that the diverse needs of wellness information statistics about their race, employees are met”. gender, or ethnicity without exploration of their lived realities. Teaching your employees that Blacks, How can companies make sure health issues that Indigenous, and Hispanics are more prone to have are demographic-specific are discussed and type 2 diabetes should include the realities that leads addressed in the workplace? How do workplaces to these health outcomes. We can accept that Blacks, account for covering the multitude of health Indigenous, and Hispanics have less access to concerns for a variety of groups? (For example, preventative health care, they are less likely to be African Americans are 2x more likely to die from heart taken seriously by their physicians with unexplained disease than Caucasians, according to the CDC.) symptoms, they tend to have more high-stress jobs, often hold more than one jobs, they carry the extra It is impossible for a company to run the lives of each stress and burden of combatting systemic racism for of its employees and take on responsibility for their themselves and their families. They are less likely to health and lifestyle choices. The employees should take quarterly vacations or time off because they own their wellness and the organization provide cannot afford it and yes, they tend to eat more support. The responsibility of the organization is to carbohydrates because those foods are more ensure that employees have had the awareness and affordable. access to the correct health information and resources. Inclusive health and wellness education should be relevant, practical, and relatable. There is no need to Organizations must take a more proactive approach blame or shame others for today's present realities. to wellness education. My company, Interpersonal We have all inherited our current situation and we Wellness Services Inc., runs an entire institute offering each have a responsibility to do our part to change it. wellness education teaching and coaching for public Inclusive wellness programming and education and private sector employees. I see every day when should not avoid the unpleasant realities because they employees tell me how much they benefitted from are uncomfortable to look at. They should also not be having access to the wellness mindset teaching. It is condescending, off-putting, or laced with hard for employees to change their behavior without microinequities. They just need to be real and the time and energy being invested by their practical. workplaces to help them develop wellness competencies to live and work well. Page 2

Workplace Wellness Leading Inclusive Wellness at Work My career has been to explore the interpersonal expression and juncture to employee health and As a leader, it is important that you see wellness as a wellness. My work has been to make sense of and business investment because if you get it wrong, you identify the interpersonal root cause and link it back will have fewer people showing up at work to get the to the respective ailments. This gave birth to an job done. Wellness must be inclusive because the inclusive framework that allows my clients to expand issues facing the workforce are complex, multi- their view of wellness and explore how it impacts their faceted, and needs a comprehensive approach. interpersonal and social expressions. A Barrage of Invisible Ailments Multiprong Inclusive Wellness Framework We are facing an epidemic of what I call invisible diseases such as mental illnesses and autoimmune In my work, I use a multiprong approach to promote diseases that are even more prevalent than first wellness competencies and foster an inclusive believed. While much more is being done to promote, wellness mindset. Helping employees to make sense enhance and treat mental diseases, we face a barrage of wellness and have a framework as a roadmap to of autoimmune diseases that reduce employee's follow is another way to promote inclusive wellness at capacity to remain productive for extended periods of work. It shows them that they are not alone, they can time. These are so widespread with such varying be supported, and that it is possible to attain health symptoms they are hard to diagnose or be treated and wellness if they follow a simple path. I call it the effectively. They often go undiagnosed for years, and interpersonal Wellness Improvement System® or impact high achievers and not so high achievers, WIS® Method. young, older, all genders and races. These autoimmune disorders affect in an invisible way, meaning that an employee may be present at work, but may have brain fog, requiring more time to understand and process information. They may be suffering from dizziness making them more prone to accidents and errors. They may have dry eyes or blurry vision, or fatigue that is keeping them from being highly productive. Many of these hard-to-diagnose diseases can affect employees' performance over time, leading to lost hours of productivity, and even performance management. Inclusive wellness is all encompassing and takes into effect all areas of the employee's life, demonstrating that they are welcome, and their wellness will be supported and accommodated at work. The Interpersonal Juncture of Health and Wellness As social beings, there is a social and interpersonal expression of these illnesses and diseases. They often manifest as interpersonal conflicts at work. Page 3

Workplace Wellness I have used the WIS® Method to help instill a sense of hope and possibility in the mindset of clients who are facing extremely difficult situations of conflicts. They come to see me thinking that their situation is hopeless and that it will never end. WIS® Method shows them a path forward, inviting them to do an inventory of their wellness in the nine life dimensions. This begins the inclusive wellness mindset and introduces them to wellness competencies as key principles they can adopt to improve of their situation. Given the diversity of cultures, races, languages, learning styles, and education levels in the workplace, it is extremely important that inclusive wellness strategies be employed to ensure that everyone can visualize a path to wellness improvement in your workplace wellness process. The Global Workplace Wellness Summit is designed to a Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author, thought leader, and explore the conversation on inclusive wellness at work. the world's leading expert on Interpersonal Wellness If you have not heard of us or are looking for a safe Competency Mindset teaching and coaching. She is place to have that conversation, join the movement as the Host of the and What's Happening at Work we work to foster inclusive wellness at work. This year's podcast and LinkedIn Newsletter. Joyce is a C-Suite summit will take place from November 8 to 10, 2021. level workplace wellness expert, author, and corporate Learn more at trainer, who works with government, private sector, non-profits, and post-secondary institutions struggling with difficult work relationships or stressful situations. Joyce Odidison She can be reached at phone 1 877 999-9591 is President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. for over 24 years and is the Founder of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit. She is also Coach Training Director and Founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching, the first black-owned coaching school offering an approved International Coach Federation (ICF). Joyce is Page 4

Workplace Wellness Global Workplace Wellness Summit Advisory Board and Committee Members

Workplace Wellness Mbali Maseko Mali Alcobi - (Advisory Board Member) - (Advisory Board Member) Head of Wellbeing: Mali is the author of the book Superheroes Sasol South Africa and Hormones and developer of the AirPort Technique. Mali is founder of \"Dynamix – Fuelled by her passion and determination for Work-Life Balance\" in Israel helping equity and social transformation, and with organizations and employees balance work the humblest of beginnings (born and raised and private life. She has developed in Mofolo, Soweto), Mbali holds a Honours expertise in several interconnected degree in Dietetics, a Master's degree in domains, and modern lifestyle challenges. Public Health (MPH) and a Master's degree in She has consulted with organizations Business Administration (MBA). She has over internationally such as HP, eBay, Microsoft, 14 years' experience in the health fraternity, Apple, Government agencies, Israel with 7 years' experience in the field of Defense Forces and more. She is a frequent corporate health and wellbeing, strategy, and TV guest expert and is a guest lecturer at business improvement practices. She is various academic centers and universities currently pursuing her doctoral studies in the that promote Work- Life Balance in Israel. field of public health. In her current role Mbali is responsible for the development and oversees the implementation of Sasol's Wellbeing strategy in the South African region and supporting its implementation in Sasol's global operations. In her previous roles include Mbali was instrumental in Nestlé South Africa's wellness programme being recognised as the flagship programme in employee wellness across Nestlé globally. Page 6

Workplace Wellness Andrew Pakes Noa Hadad - (Wellness Committee) - (Wellness Committee) Research Director & Deputy General Director of the Gender Equality Division: Secretary: Prospect Union Civil Service Commission in the Israel government He is representing over 152,000 members across tech, specialist, engineering and She is responsible for formulating, professional roles. He leads Prospect's work designing, and implementing policies on the future of work, technology and data. regarding the appropriate representation He regularly writes, comments and of women in the civil service. In this role, she campaigns on a range of issues across has focused on promoting family- equalities, wellbeing and technology. supportive policies to secure work-life balance for both men and women. In Page 73 addition, Noa deals the role of commissioner of Gender Equality for all Government Ministries. Overseeing and managing the handling of sexual harassment complaints in the workplace. Noa is a graduate of the Civil Service Cadet Program. Noa holds a B.S.W in Community Social Work, M.S.W. in Management of Non- profit Organizations, and M.A. in Public Policy, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. All along with her academic studies, she volunteered as the director of One Day Social Volunteering, an NGO that offers volunteering opportunities for young adults who are interested in giving back to the community.

Workplace Wellness Mim Senft Lee-Ann Kosziwka - (Committee Member) - (Advisory Board Member) Mim Senft is Co-Founder/CEO of Global Head of Wellbeing: Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W), a nonprofit Sasol South Africa organization focused on empowering more healthy female leadership at all levels. She Lee-Ann brings more than 18 years of is also CEO of Motivity Partnerships, Inc. a experience working in the field of consulting firm that helps organizations Workplace Health for a large Public Health create integrated, actionable and unit in Ontario, Canada. In her personal measurable engagement, health and time, Lee-Ann works on her side gig (LA gender/D&I strategy for their workforce. Koaching) by writing a series of workbooks She holds certifications in group benefits, and developing planning templates to worksite wellness and property casualty coach workplace health professionals and insurance. organizations to plan a more effective workplace health program. This is Lee-Ann's first year with the Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Most recently she has become a volunteer Mentor for How to Change the World. Page 8

Workplace Wellness Ann Marie Aguilar Radhi Vandaya - (Committee Member) - (Committee Member) WELL Faculty, WELL AP: Director of Radhi is a People Engagement Specialist. Operations, Europe International She is currently the President Elect for EAPA WELL Building Institute South Africa. She has been in the field of wellness programmes for the last 22 years. She joined the IWBI team in 2016, and from a She is a consultant to both public and base in London oversees the day-to-day private sector organisations for many years activities of IWBI Europe. She supports the and has a wealth of experience in making business development and technical teams wellbeing and engagement a driver to and is the first point of contact for clients business results. She uses her MBA and design teams interested in all knowledge and experience and clinical applications of WELL Certification. Ann social work background to help Marie's role is to support “early adopters” of organisations bring the business and the WELL Building Standard, by facilitating people agenda together. She is passionate communication with IWBI technical experts about people, learning and pushing them to provide international translation, towards their potential. She is also an alternative adherence pathways and Executive Coach (Thruvision) and an alignment with European sustainability Academic Tutor to MBA students (Henley rating tools. Ann Marie's expertise in Business School). Chief Commercial environmental sustainability and well- Director at Healthy Living Consulting. being has helped deliver strategic adoption Author of a few journal articles or co author of WELL into the UK, Ireland and continental of articles/chapters in publications. Europe with support from BRE, Green Building Councils and other partners in the UK and abroad. She is also responsible for implementing new directives for research, growth, recruitment and education. Among the first cohort of WELL APs, she now also provides education and support to industry as a WELL Faculty member. Page 93

Workplace Wellness Andrew Wilkinson Venerable Adelowo Adesina - (Advisory Board Member) - (Advisory Board Member) Andrew is a freelance digital marketer and copywriter. With a background in teaching, Venerable Adesina is the Managing he passionately believes in the capacity of Consultant of Sages & Scribes – An knowledge to empower people, enrich lives indigenous Multidisciplinary Consultancy and challenge perspectives. Firm with global outlook. Adesina is a Social As a marketer and copywriter, he chooses to Administration graduate of Loughborough harness the power of emotional storytelling University Leicestershire in England. He to help transformational coaches, worked as a Research Assistant in the educators and course creators fulfil their University from July 1980 to December 1982. own purpose. His work is a tool for his clients He has over 40 years of rich, broad and to make a bigger impact on the lives of varied post-graduation work experience in millions. Industry, Commerce and Consulting, about 18 of which was in Executive Management Page 130 position in a Multi-national Corporation. Adelowo is an acknowledged practitioner in the areas of Workforce Development: - Personal and Organizational Skills, Entrepreneurial Development and Management Training. A Certified Mentor, a Certified Trainer and an Accomplished A.L.E (Adult Learning Experience) practitioner. An (EAP) Employee Assistant Programme Practitioner. He is privileged to be engaged by Chevron Nigeria to Design and Deliver Pre-retirement Workshop and Exit Counselling for her Staffers.

Workplace Wellness Henna Sharma Henna Sharma is an Associate Certified Coach(ACC) with specialization in “Happiness” from the reputed International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Henna has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, top FMCG brands, multinational banks, large technology firms and helped unleash the true potential of their talent. During the COVID-19 pandemic she has worked with over 3000 individuals through her virtual sessions to adapt a resilient mindset and balanced life. She is the recipient of “Top 51 global Happiness Leader” award from world HRD congress and “Mentor of Excellence” award from Women Leadership Forum. She is also a “Heal your life” teacher from Heart Inspired presentations and passionately follows teachings of Louise Hay and Dr Wayne Dyer. She is also a coach educator at Coach velocity school of coaching. She is a global goodwill ambassador and lives each day with an attitude of gratitude. The mission is to coach the educated people to live a more happy and fulfilling life while providing the basic necessities to the poor and needy. Page 131

Workplace Wellness the TEAM of Elite Relational LEADERS! Learn to lead Inclusive and Psychologically Safe Workplaces - Learn to relate and engage employees. - Learn to coach to build community at work. - Develop your ability to foster thriving teams at work. Learn to lead Inclusive wellness at work! Be the leader that your team trusts and are happy to work for Get Started Today! Learn more at: The most comprehensive inclusive wellness leadership coach training program on the market.

Workplace Wellness Yourself to Excel in a DEI Workplace Become a certified DEIW expert and prepare yourself for inclusive leadership Learn to manage the interpersonal wellness juncture between diversity, inclusion, and equity View the program overview Learn more at: The most comprehensive and inclusive wellness DEI training on the market

Workplace Wellness GLOBAL WORKPLACE Wellness Summit SBepcoomnesAor of the 4 Annualth Global Workplace Wellness Summit November 8-10, 2021 Rebuild smarter workplaces that address diversity, equity, inclusion and psychological safety Aligning Wellness to High Performance, Sustainability and Profit Connect Your Brand to Corporate Professionals and Entrepreneurs with Purchasing Power

Workplace Wellness Global Workplace Wellness Summit Joyce Odidison 845 Henderson Hwy. Winnipeg, MB. R2K 2L4. Canada I E-mail: [email protected] I (877) 999-9591

Workplace Wellness Global Workplace Wellness Summit Joyce Odidison 845 Henderson Hwy. Winnipeg, MB. R2K 2L4. Canada I E-mail: [email protected] I (877) 999-9591

Workplace Wellness A Prayer For Your Workplace May everyone in this workplace have a positive work experience today. May you perform remarkably well and reap the rewards of your hard work. May you feel valued at work today. May you receive all that you need to be successful with your tasks today. May the obstacles of yesterday be cleared from your path today. May you find joy in your work and be an instrument for good at this workplace. May you develop positive relationships at work and serve with honor. May your clients and customers interactions leave a positive lasting impact today. May you feel inspired to with innovative ideas today that will impact your industry and the world positively. May your leaders, executives, and shareholders make selfless decisions today that will have a positive impact on you, the economy, and on the environment. May your workplace and industry resurge from the impact of the global pandemic positively and may you a sign of this today. May you experience, cooperation, favour, and respect at work today. May you be a blessing to those you work with today and always. I offer this prayer for you, your workplace and all those you encounter today. Amen. Joyce Page 19

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