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Published by CVH 1st Class Magazine, 2018-02-02 04:50:51

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current modern retro 1940’s cars health fashion true stories lifestyle pets comedy bikes cars transport people united kingdom international united states of america europe germany holland italy art world travel ISSUE 26 YOUR AWARD WINNING MAGAZINE FEATURES INTERVIEWS Fynnton Gray is an Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, Philanthropist, Recording Artist, don’t forget to visit Influencer Kid. His multi-talent is very impressive. Page 6 ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC and FILM A legendary career that spans forty years PAGE 20 WWW.CVH1STCLASS.COM HEALTH GP VIEW Our bodies are replacing billions of cells every day. PAGE 26

EDITOR Christina V Howard NEW LOOK MARKETING & PUBLICITY Christina V Howard EDITOR’S PA Stan Dwight MAGAZINE EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sarah Roberts FEATURES EDITOR FOR 2018! Kerry Johnson DESIGN & PUBLICATION RAPhotography SUBMISSIONS EDITOR Steve Rostron Welcome to all our readers and the CVH 1st Class Team say a big “Thank You” for all your loyal support over these past three years and if you’re a new CORRESPONDENCE SECRETARY Julie Freeman reader we hope that you will enjoy what you see and will stay with us for the future. COLUMNISTS Dr Kailash Chand OBE We pride ourselves that we cover no PC Kevin McEvoy gossip, politics, or controversy. We are like Dr Amir Hannan Françoise Pascal home-from-home welcoming you in to meet Angela Brown us, our Correspondents and Columnists. We are like one big happy media family. CORRESPONDENTS Prince Jordan Tyson Tammie Starr As you can see, we have hit 2018 running Antonella A Commateo with a new look to your favourite Award Nancy Fike Carole Gray Winning lifestyle and entertainment Cerdan A Smith magazine. We hope you like it and we Jamaal Lewis Stanley Goodrich welcome your comments on the new Rachelle Presno Casillias easy-to-read layout. It’s been long in the Sarah Ward Helena Ainsworth planning and now it’s here for all to see and read. WEBSITE Stephen Kimber As usual the magazine is full of features to [email protected] interest everyone, young, old and not-so old! Our regular columnists are here too, Dr Kailash Chand OBE & Dr Amir Hannan looking at popular health issues, GET IN TOUCH Website - PC Kevin McEvoy with your law-enforcement advice, Angela Brown cooking up Email - [email protected] something in her kitchen to wet any appetite, and Françoise Pascal giving her Telephone - +44 (0) 7713 973640 take on issues that are troubling your personal life. Facebook - Twitter - www. So, sit back in your favourite chair with a ‘cuppa’ and enjoy. STATEMENT OF COPYRIGHT: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published Christina V Howard electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all Editor rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/ without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Requests for permission should be directed to: Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. [email protected] Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES

contents 6 FEATURE - FYNNTON GRAY Fynnton Gray is an Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, Philanthropist, etc.. 10 UFO’S - PHILIP MANTLE Having read many things I concentrated on one particular topic, UFOs! 12 FASHION - LORI LIVINGSTON Professional Model, Public Speaker, SAG Actor, Author, and Human Sex Trafficking Activist. page 6 18 HEALTH - PATIENT GROUPS What can Patient Participation Groups do for you? 20 ENTERTAINMENT - MARNEEN LYNNE FIELDS A legendary career that spans forty years 24 PERSONAL - ASK FRANÇOISE I understand the pain that you go through, as I go through the same. 26 HEALTH - FAMILY HEALTH Our bodies are replacing billions of cells every day. page 12 28 LIFE - THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE Sandwich Angels. 30 FEATURE - D’JESUS TRUJILLO Dejesus ‘The Walking Man’ Runway Model Coach is an extraordinary gifted legend. 34 COOKING - STRAIGHT FROM THE OVEN page 20 Hello again everyone..... Your regular Columnists pages 18, 24, 26, 34, 38 36 HEALING THROUGH VERSE - SARAH WARD I live through poetry in dealing with depression and helping to cope with life. 38 ASK PC KEVIN - PC KEVIN MCEVOY Put your searching questions to PC Kevin McEvoy from the Greater Manchester Police Force. 40 READER’S LETTERS - MAILBAG Your feedback to us. page 30 ON THE COVER: Fynnton Gray © Erol Colandro ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 3

COL UMNISTS DR AMIR HANNAN Dr Amir Hannan is a full-time General Practitioner (Family medicine) in the UK. You can see his practice-based web portal Chairman of the Association of Greater Manchester Local Medical Committees and the Chairman of the World Health Innovation Summit. You can follow him on Twitter @amirhannan DR KAILASH CHAND OBE Dr Kailash Chand OBE was a GP for over 30 years, alongside being chair of a local NHS trust. He actively campaigned on NHS and public health issues. Currently he is the deputy chair of the British Medical Association and chair of Healthwatch Tameside. He was awarded an OBE in 2010 for services to the NHS. FRANÇOISE PASCAL Born on the Island of Mauritius, she was educated in Paris and London a former model, dancer and became one of Europe’s biggest stars of the seventies one of the greatest beauties of her time a sitcom star popular on television and films . Nowadays Françoise is an author, actress and enjoys quality time with her family she loves gardening and pets. ANGELA BROWN Angela Brown has been carrying out her passion of baking since she was a young girl. She is self-taught having had inspiration from her mother. All her recipes are tried and tested in her own home. She is a collector of vintage costumes and lives in an orig- inal 1930’s house with vintage furniture. She takes part in dis- plays, cookery demonstrations and teaches in schools about the way we lived in the 1930’s & 1940’s. PC KEVIN MCEVOY PC Kevin McEvoy is a member of Greater Manchester Police. He has been with the police force for 12 years. 4 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

CORRESPONDENTS ANTONELLA A COMMATEO STANLEY GOODRICH An International Award-winning and California’s Lives in Laguna, Niguel, California. Public Rela- Designer of the Year, Antonella is a native of tions Manager | SYSPRO - United States. One Wales born fashionista, whose designs are of the first to introduce software producers to uniquely inspired and represented by life and its Enterprise Resource Planning software. As well journey. as co-host of ‘Eye On Entertainment’, shown on the Time Warner Channel. JAMAAL LEWIS RACHELLE PRESNO CASILLIAS Jamaal Lewis is Celebrity photographer and Wife and mother of two. Media, Motivational outside of this works at Sheer Strength Lab and Speaker. Host at Rachelle Casillas Media. a model at Smart Model Management. From Current Mrs Philippines Ambassador at FoRe Colorado Springs he lives in Los Angeles. International. NANCY FIKE SARAH WARD Dr Nancy Fike is a true humanitarian, devoted I am who I am - I owe so much and learn con- to Inner City Youth and organizations helping stantly from my 2 girls. I try to ensure time is Americas Youth from being bullied and fighting quality time with my loved ones and make the hunger. She likes motorcycles and speedway most of it. Sarah works for the NHS England and tracks while dedicated to family. she loves animals and music. TAMMIE STARR PRINCE JORDAN TYSON Professional Model; Singer; Starr Productions; Prince Jordan Tyson is an Award winning Hol- Shining Grace Host! Positive Role Model for lywood Artist Talk-show Host, Actor, Comedian, the Women in the world! CVH 1st Class USA Singer, and Dancer. Actor/ Artist at Michael Queen Ambassador 2018. Spokes Host at World Zanuck Agency. Actor/Producer at Cannon Films Models Starr Productions. Former Jazz Singer His family heritage is European Royalty. at Actor. Positive role model for Curvy Women. CAROLE GRAY CERDAN A SMITH Cerdan is a Celebrity Media Host and a re- Carole is a renowned Celebrity, Co-Host, Vocal- nowned artist. He works at Tim Davis Media. ist, Singer and Songwriter. She is also Celebrity Beau Szumilas. Host at Filmosfera Hollywood. Media Host at Cinema Epoch. Peace Ambassa- Exclusive Personal Media at World Film Insti- dor at Universal Peace Federation. tute. CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit organisation (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 5

FEATURE Fynnton Gray Fynnton Gray is an Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, Philanthropist, Recording Artist, Influencer Kid. His multi-talent is very impressive. Text by Antonella A Commatteo, photos by Errol Colandro 6 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

FEATURE S OMETIMES YOU MEET someone that really makes you wonder what you have been doing all your life … that maybe you should be doing more … that maybe you missed the boat. We cannot help but be inspired by such people and the young man we introduce you to here is, quite literally, one of the most dynamic humans you will have the pleasure of being around. His name is Fynnton Gray and he is seven years old. That’s right, seven. Antonella sat with the little tycoon to get a sense of how someone at such a tender young age balances his extraordinary life. Prepare to be blown away and hopefully inspired! ▶ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 7

FEATURE Q Fynnton, who are you and where did Q I also interviewed your dad, Kenn Q You are a print and runway model, you come from? You are such a dynamo! Gray, for this magazine and he had cool actor, singer, and so many other things. I don’t really know, but my Big Daddy and things to say about you. Tell me some- What is your favourite? Mommy know I guess. They tell me I am a thing your parents have taught you that Oh my goodness, I really love having Crystal Child, but I am not sure what that you think has helped you. my picture taken, but I also love walking really is. I do love to talk to them about it Well, ever since I can remember they down a long runway in cool clothes. I do though, it makes me feel ‘kinda’ funny, but have taken me to every party and event love acting too and being on set is so fun I always ‘kinda’ know what they are going and even out to dinner, and wherever we ‘cause lots of times there are other kids to say anyway. I was born in Kentucky go I have a ‘project’. I go around and meet there and we can play with each other at the same hospital as my Mommy, but 5 new people I have never met before on our iPad’s while we are not acting. we moved to California when I was 5. and introduce myself and ask them 3 One time, when I was taping the James questions, so I get to know them. Now I Corden Late Late show, they even let us What’s a dynamo? am not scared to meet new people at all keep our wardrobe and I was dressed and I have learned a bunch of stuff from like a Judge so now I have a judges robe. talking to new people. 8 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

FEATURE always tell me that loving other people so fun. I also love Ava Cota, she is like Q I have seen you on many red carpets and giving things to them when you can is my sister now and we are best friends. I and you absolutely own them. All of the important. I donate all my birthday pres- photographers go absolutely crazy for ents every year too. I love that. It makes really want to meet Taylor Swift though. you! Where did you learn that? me feel like I have more kids at my birth- She is awesome. Big Daddy (Kenn Gray) hosts a lot of red day party cause I know that the gifts will carpet events, so I have ‘gotten’ to see be going to another cool kid somewhere. Q Thank you Fynnton for talking with him and his friends do their poses and me. You are really an extra special little stuff. I ‘dunno’, I just get excited when Q Your instagram @officialfynnsta- they start taking my picture and try to do gram has some totally fab photos of you dude. Do you think we could be best a pose that makes them smile and take as well as you with lots of celebrities. How friends now? I need you in my life like more pictures. did you meet all those people and who all the time. Q Ok, enough about all this Sure, Do you like Pokemon? I hope you like dancing too, I love to dance. ▣ work stuff, what do you like to do for fun? I love to play on the computer and make videos and stuff. I also really love to swim. My friends and I always love to make up games too. Q I am a Fashion Designer and I heard has been your favourite? you have a new collection launching this I meet really cool people when I am spring. filming, or sometimes at parties and red Yes, I have two fashion lines. The first one carpets. They are all really nice to me and is Fynnton Gray for Lulu et Gigi, a French ask me a lot of questions, but I ask them kids clothing line, and will be launching at some too. The favourite person I have style fashion week Palm Springs in April. met was Derek Hough from ‘Dancing The second is Fynnton Gray for Disco with the Stars’. I met him while filming Panda and this will be launching at Style the Michael Bublé music video. He was Fashion Week in Los Angeles in the fall (Autumn). I am so excited about this. I love clothes and one of my sponsors, Disco Panda, and I have been working together on some clothes that are exactly what I would love to wear. It is basically I love to collect toys to give other kids who T HIS KID HAS it. He owns it but doesn’t flaunt it. He is the an after 5 take on Disco Pandas already cool and hip-street wear line. real deal with a personality to match his good looks and I Q I have read an awful lot about you am humbled by his fortitude, grace and intuitive spirit. Look giving back and working with other kids for more BIG things from Fynnton Gray and make sure to who need help. Tell me a bit about that. don’t have any. They smile so big when follow his life and career. they get them. I also like to help other kids whenever I can. Mommy and Big Daddy CVH 1st Class wish Fynnton Gray every continued success in his career and what a natural Star. @officialfynnstagram Represented by Abrams Artists Agency and LA Models. Managed by D’Gray Model and Talent Management. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 9

UFO UFO A LIFETIME OF RESEARCH Having read, as many books and magazines, as he could lay his hands on as a teenager Philip Mantle’s interest was concentrated on one particular topic, UFOs! P HILIP TAKES UP the story my colleagues I had a way out. UFO Society (YUFOS). The meeting was from here. In 1958 I was in Leeds on a Sunday afternoon and off I born in the small village of Ever since I can remember I had always went. YUFOS had been set up by broth- East Ardsley just outside of had an interest in all things ‘paranormal’. ers Graham and Mark Birdsall and as soon as I attended that first meeting in the city of Wakefield, West I had read, as many books and maga- Yorkshire. Like most of my generation zines, as I could lay my hands on and as 1980 I felt completely at home. nothing fantastic was expected of us. a teenager that interest was concentrated We would go to school and then get a on one particular topic, UFOs. I had a Within a few years YUFOS had grown job in either the coalmines, the mill, or little bit of interest in the UFO phenome- and so had I and I was presented with an the factory. I duly left high school in 1974 non and then came the movie blockbuster award for investigator of the year. I had with no qualifications and after messing ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and slowly, but surely, become a fully-fledged about for a few years I settled into a job I was hooked. Just a few years later a UFO investigator and researcher inter- in one of the local factories. As you might small advertisement in our local news- viewing witnesses and now giving lectures imagine this was a boring job, but unlike paper detailed a meeting of the Yorkshire on the subject. Towards the end of the LEFT Philip on a visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza in 2010. RIGHT Philip on a visit to Roswell, New Mexico, most popularly known for the siting of a UFO in mid-1947 known as the ‘Roswell UFO incident’. 10 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

UFO 1980’s my involvement in UFO research continued to grow and I joined the UK’s largest national UFO group the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA). In my ten years with BUFORA I served them in many ways including Conference Organiser, Press Officer and Director of LEFT Investigations. The largest international Philip Mantle in UFO group in the world is the Mutual relaxation mode. UFO Network (MUFON), which is based in the USA. I was asked to be their repre- sentative for England, a post that I served for five years. In 1994 I was co-author of my first book with a journalist friend by the name of Carl In 1994 I was co-author of my first book Nagaitis. The book was entitled WITHOUT CONSENT and dealt with close encounter entitled WITHOUT CONSENT cases (alien abductions) in the UK. Since then I have gone on to author and co-author a number of books for both adults and chil- dren. I have written articles for newspapers and magazines around the world and lec- of my ambitions apart from one. That one the mail as I write this article. tured in many different countries as well. missing ambition is a movie. I have worked with two writers, Nabil Shaban in the UK and It is my hope that I will be able to make Now going it alone as a UFO researcher and Anna Maria Elisa Manalo in the USA who my last ambition come true and have author I set up my own small book pub- has turned some of my books into screen- him direct one of our screenplays. I know lishing concern in 2015 called FLYING DISK plays. It was therefore a very pleasant sur- getting the funding to make such a movie PRESS and have so far published six books prise when, at the end of 2017, film director will not be easy, but I would like to remind by other authors with more in the pipeline Tommy Bull contacted me. Cutting a long people that it was the UFO researcher Dr ( So here I story short I have sent Tommy copies of our J. Allen Hynek that invented the phrase find myself in 2018 and I have fulfilled all screenplays, and some of my books are in ‘Close Encounters’ and not Steven Spielberg. Here’s hoping that this year my last ambition will be fulfilled. ▣ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 11

FASHION Lori Livingston Professional Model, Public Speaker, SAG Actor, Author, and Human Sex Trafficking Activist. Text and photos by Jamaal Lewis 12 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

FASHION L ORI D LIVINGSTON is a Professional Model, Public Speaker, SAG Actor, Author, and Human Sex Trafficking Activist. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Here Jamaal Lewis talks frankly to her. Q Lori, tell us about yourself. I am from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where my Mom and Brother raised me. I met my Dad, and Brother & Sister at age 18. I grew up in the toughest part of town on the South Side! It was vital to be a bit ‘tomboy- ish’, or rough around the edges to survive that environment. My Mother was robbed at knife point one night in our home, her attacker threatened to come and get us too if she didn’t comply... It wasn’t long afterward that my brother and I were sent to a board- ing school in Hershey, Pennsylvania, called Milton Hershey School. We never came back home to our mother. Q What was Milton Hershey School like? It was a perfect blend of students of all nationalities, cultures, and age groups. Each one of us was rescued from a dysfunctional background or home. I credit Milton Hershey School for who I am today. Milton Hershey taught me that there was so much more to life than where I, and so many of my fellow students, had come from. By my Senior Year half of the people from my hometown school were gone, they were dead, pregnant, or incarcerated. Milton Hershey gave me a future that no one in my immediate family could get! Once I graduated there was absolutely no way that I was going back home to my old neighbourhood, so I went to college - Pennsylvania ABOVE College of Technology - where I Lori D Livingston studied to be a nurse. Within a ▶ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 13

FASHION year of college I was discovered as a Model in a contest and I became Miss Harrisburg, at the first of its kind Beauty Pageant. immediately began doing local shows and events. Modelling for magazines, QVC, Home Shopping, New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Q When did your modelling career really take off? and BET’s Rip the Runway. My modelling career expanded I returned to my hometown and continued to pursue my model- years taking me to Paris in France, London in the UK, Norway, ling career then a chance encounter caused me to be chosen Iceland, and Ireland. to do a hair show in New York City along with several other models. As fate would have it, failure to register with the over- I married very young during those years, we would only have seer of the event would prevent me from attending, ultimately one child, a son named Devin. Everything I have ever accom- saving my life, as the ladies I was to drive with were in a fatal car plished comes from my deep faith in God and fearless desire crash killing my personal friend and fellow Model Nailah Lawson to go for everything that my mind and dreams manifested. who was just 19 years old. Nailah was a natural blonde haired green-eyed beauty who was well established in her modelling Q What are your dreams now? career. I admired I wanted to give her. Her death back to society, rocked our home- when I became town, and she left Miss Harrisburg! behind a 2-year- Everything I have ever accomplished comes from I would speak old son named to the youth of Devin, whom I my deep faith in God and fearless desire to go for my hometown. would later also Schools, groups name my own son everything that my mind and dreams manifested. being active in after. Days follow- the community, ing her funeral with that said I was asked to my dream now fill her place at fashion shows she had lined up prior to her is more domesticated. Having a huge home, spouse, family, untimely death, this is when my modelling career really began. entertaining guests and travelling. Sounds so simple... But when you have pretty much done everything a happy home Q What are your Beauty Queen titles? life means so much more. 14 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

FASHION Q Tell us about your sons’ cancer. Q What emotions did you go through? I was in Paris, France, when I got the first mention of my sons’ Each doctors visit left us more and more helpless, I would build cancer. Being a teenage boy in the height of his high school up my sons’ hope with positive words and affirmations, only to basketball career, none of us gave it a second thought that he get another deviating blow from his doctors after the biopsy’s, would be sick. We spoke nightly and he would describe black the cat scans, the radiation and ultimately chemotherapy. Even spots, or a rash that had appeared on his left leg suddenly. I my own optimism was failing. I had no choice, but to turn to remember being concerned, but he would quickly play it down, God... It was the most hopeless feeling in the world to be Mom as probably just a spider bite. As days progressed he kept being virtually powerless to help her son. Everything in me wanted sick, but each time I’d ask him a question he’d dismiss it as to trade places with him, or just take it away! I would stay up nothing, then a coach saw the spots one day and noticed my hours at a time at night in my bedroom pacing the floors back son complaining about his leg & foot hurting, and how a huge and forth praying earnestly for my sons’ life! Every morning God black tumour had by now formed on his toe. Once again my gave me the wisdom to challenge Devin to look for something son downplayed it by mentioning how a friend had run over funny to laugh at through the day. his foot it was probably just a blood blister that hadn’t gone away. I trusted it to be just that, but was getting concerned and I made it a daily competition that we would do. Cancer is a thankfully the coaches forced him to go to the school nurse dirty fighter! It aggressively attacks and it is unrelenting. I was who had no idea what it was. Later the doctor diagnosed it as not just praying against cancer and my sons’ life, but depres- skin cancer. sion in his life as well! Begging him to get out of bed, or go to a gym! Constantly making sure he ate anything as he would An operation was done to remove 1/3 of the skin on his leg just not eat at all! I was slowly losing my own joy, sanity, and where this had spread from his knee to his toes! The biopsy peace. The pressures of trying to rebuild my life in America, of proved it to be in the bone causing this situation to take a dark getting work, and building my career was all too much on me! turn that would linger for the next 3½ years! I watched my One day during shooting on a major TV Show, I got a call that Son go from 175lbs down to 140lbs! He would barely eat and my son had to be taken for operation to amputate his toe, as quickly was overcome by a deep depression. By this point I the black mass was a tumour that had taken over the entire had returned to the US and all the while battling the cancer toenail! He called me following the surgery, I could not take with my son. anymore, I could not be strong anymore, and I could not hide my tears anymore and onset. In between takes on the phone with my son, I broke down and cried! Something I’d hid from him the entire time prior! Much to my surprise he began to cry too! I realised then, that my son was riding solely on my faith, FAR LEFT my strength, it was up to me to get through it all. I never cried Lori in model mode in front of him again... Remaining stoic knowing that as long looking stunning as as I didn’t fall apart, he wouldn’t either! Things began to slowly a lady in red. turn for the better, but I would magnify those things to him and stay focused on them until the next good news, careful to show LEFT him that miracles are real. Lori looking relaxed and happy with her Q How did you get through it? life. There is a point in every cancer patients life where the surger- ies, meds, doctors visits, tests, etc. Begin to take their toll on them and they begin to give in and ultimately give up. I was seeing/hearing it in my son. People can be extremely unknow- ingly insensitive during situations like this, choosing these times to tell you in great detail about their loved one who died of cancer. ▶ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 15

FASHION Q You both gave strength to each other. Q What has been your greatest feeling or accomplishment Yes, my son and I made an agreement not to tell anyone so far? anymore no matter who they were, to protect him. People spoke Every one of my successes has been miracles. Each success of my son as if he were dying and I couldn’t allow their words, stemmed from a prayer that was ultimately answered, that is or carelessness, affect us, so I gave people the impression that always the best feeling. I feel like nothing in life is so serious he was fine... That he was healed, that everything was done! anymore... I am purposely choosing to just live! No matter what, As people cheered, we continued to fight together in silence. laughter is everything to me for me!!! This is vital, rejuvenat- Though we didn’t want chemotherapy, we’d tried everything to ing, even therapeutic, as problems will come that’s life, but as stop the tumours, but it had come back a second time. soon as you can... Get back to laughter! I am silly for absolutely no reason these days and I just know every smile came with The tumours in his leg where it had all began had totally a heavy price! Every laugh came with an even higher cost! ▣ DISAPPEARED! Even the doctors were stunned to see x-rays of No Tumours!!! The doctors kept him on the chemotherapy to totally kill off all remaining tumours that had travelled now to the lungs. CVH 1st Class wishes Lori Livingston every continued happiness and success. I feel like nothing in life is so serious anymore... I am purposely choosing to just live! No matter what, laughter is everything to me for me!!! Q How is your son today? Today, my son is just 21 years old, has a great job making great money, has a new girlfriend, and has just started his own mod- elling career shooting his first clothing line editorial appearing RIGHT on the hit TV show ‘Nashville’. Lori always at ease in front of the Q Where can we expect to see you in 5 years from now? camera. I will publish a few books I’m sure! I see myself doing more public speaking engagements. 16 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26


HEALTH PATIENT GROUPS What can Patient Participation Groups do for you? by Dr Amir Hannan I N MANY COUNTRIES patients and Patient Participation Groups are generally made up of a group staff expect the service to just work of volunteer patients, the practice manager and one or more and usually the way they want it, of the doctors from the practice. They meet on a regular basis with limited resources and many to discuss the services on offer, and how improvements can demands on the services, this can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice. In the UK, be very difficult to achieve. Listening to the first PPG was formed in 1972. According to the National patients, having an opportunity to share Association of Patient Participation, there are over 1250 PPGs experiences and identify solutions to in the UK now. complex problems can help. THEIR PURPOSE IS Patients are an untapped resource who can help services to deliver better care. ◊ To provide the patient perspective Perhaps you have recently had to contact ◊ Promote health matters your own surgery/medical establish- ment or needed advice about a health- ◊ Help to improve communication between patients and the care issue and thought this seems a very practice and to complicated way to do something which ◊ Influence the development of services should be simple. In summary, to make stronger the relationship between patients and their practices, which is critical to the provision of modern How do we change things and what can high-quality general practice (here in the UK). Patient Participation Groups (PPGS) do? 18 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

HEALTH HERE ARE SOME OF THE EXAMPLES organisations too How can you find out more? Visit the prac- OF THINGS OUR OWN PPG HAS ◊ Promoting health activities such as tice website to find out more about our own DONE IN THE LAST YEAR TO GIVE Tai Chi, running and walking groups PPG, see this YOU SOME IDEAS FOR WHAT YOU and other exercise classes video done by the Royal College of GPs COULD DO TOO in Northern Ireland ◊ Language support workshops to help ybtww9d9, see the National Association ◊ Provide advice to the practice on the local women improve their language of Patient Participation new appointment system and helped skills and become more proficient in and of course talk to your own practice to to produce the messages for the mes- being able to know when to go to a see if you can get involved or set one up sages on the telephone system pharmacist or when to go to the GP yourself. It’s a great opportunity to make surgery ◊ Working with the practice, local neigh- a difference for all! ▣ bouring practices, system suppliers ◊ All the PPG members have become and patients on use of online services Dementia friends and the practice is including patients accessing their working to become dementia friendly records and understanding them too ◊ Collecting for the local food bank to ◊ Supporting the bids for funding to help local people provide a more “joined up service” ◊ Encouraging patients and staff to do a between health and social care ser- health pledge and improve their own vices locally and voluntary sector health ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 19

ENTER TAINMENT MARNEEN LYNNE FIELDS A legendary career that spans forty years. Text by Christina V Howard, photos by Sheri Determan | Kimberly Johnson | Marneen Lynne Fields 20 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

ENTER TAINMENT M ARNEEN LYNNE FIELDS has a I’m Gonna be a Hollywood Stuntman. The short is BOTTOM LEFT legendary career that spans forty also the title track to my LA Comedy Awards winning AND RIGHT years as a SAG actress, a pioneer- Outstanding Comedy Script, Johnny Hawk AKA Marneen at the ing Hollywood stuntwoman, and Hard Nuts to Crack. I was honoured to receive the Action On Film today an award-winning pop-rock nomination, and it was a great evening for me. I’ve Festival. adult contemporary artist, an ASCAP composer, a had a nice success with I’m Gonna be a Hollywood scriptwriter, and a director. Here she chats to us. Stuntman to date. Photos by Kimberly Johnson Q Marneen, you’ve stunt doubled for many stars, Q Your music career is a soaring success, did you enjoy it? congratulations. Yes, I doubled for Jane Seymour, and Marneen Thank you Christina, as Heavenly Waterfall Song hit Jensen in the original TV series of ‘Battlestar two #1 spots on the music Internet charts on both Galactica’, also for Pamela Sue Martin in ‘The Hardy the country-pop and country charts beating 50,000 Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries’ TV Show. In the TV other songs over six days. It also hit the top 25 of series ‘Wonder Woman’ I got beaten up by Wonder 100 songs in Kiis FM’s Wango Tango Contest. The Woman (Lynda Carter) herself. Also, I guest starred song was written and composed by me, and was in ‘Scarecrow and Mrs King’, ‘The A-Team’, ‘The produced by Grammy winner Tom Weir of Studio Fall Guy’, ‘The New Mike Hammer’, ‘Dynasty’, and City Sound, who’s produced records for superstars ‘Matlock’. Rod Stewart and Blondie. It stars American Idol con- testant, Christian Etter Johnson on lead male vocals Q Tell us about your latest musical projects. and me on female vocals and again performing the To bring your readers up to date with some hot career cheerleader screams. After the song showed this news, I’d like to talk about my nomination in the ‘Best success, I decided to produce a country-dance music Children’s Film/Young Adult’ category for the world video. I ran a Los Angeles wide casting call and was renown 2017 Action on Film Festival (AOF). Later overjoyed when 400 actors, dancers, models, stunt I was back in Las Vegas at the Rain Nightclub in kids, cheerleaders, and country dancers submitted the Palms Casino and Resort for the AOF Festival to perform in the music video, of which thirty-five the and the ‘Legendary Stunt Awards’. The selection I cut. Enjoy my, I’m Gonna be a Hollywood Stuntman received was for my music video, Johnny Hawk’s music video here - ▶ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 21

ENTER TAINMENT mixed and mastered with the lyrics in South Africa. Q You also won The Most Inspirational Song in The Hollywood inspired video, showcases scenes of Los Angeles for the Las Vegas Fame Awards. Tell me that were shot at the famous Marilyn Monroe’s us about it? handprints outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre The Best of Las Vegas from the Producers Choice on Hollywood Boulevard. You also see me coming Honours for my Kathryn Davis: Take 2 at the Hard down the gorgeous golden staircase wearing a Rock Cafe Live. The song is the title track for a replica hot pink dress and diamond jewellery that prime-time sitcom I’ve created (of the same name), she wore in Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. The that’s based on my career today as a middle-aged video also features an array of still photos from actress and emerging pop-rock singer in Hollywood. various acting and singing performances, along with After arriving home I received a phone call from a few from my childhood and high school years. executive producer Al Bowman letting me know the Enjoy my most inspirational song Kathryn Davis: Producers Choice Honours voted to award me a Take 2 - 2017 Bookend Award for the song at the Hollywood Fame Awards. So on November 8, 2017, I was in Q What is your latest song? Hollywood at the Hard Rock Cafe where I won Most I’m excited to announce that I’ve just released a Inspirational Song - The Best of Hollywood for the great passionate and dark love ballad about a tyran- song. Both of these award-winning moments were nical actor who breaks a young actress’ heart in my dreams come true. Two major awards for Kathryn new single titled Standing Ovation! You’re the Star! Davis: Take 2 in 2017, and two amazing titles that The song soars in a European techno style I’ve com- will stay attached to my name for the rest of my life. posed that represents my strong George Michael influence and rich vocals. Steve Valenzuela, Gold Record recipient on Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits Q Who was the composer of this? Volume One, produced it. The single has opened This sensational show tune was composed by South to rave reviews. I’ve created a Shakespearean African hit-maker Rory Wolman with lyrics by Rory styled dance music video for the song that I plan to Wolman and me. My vocals were recorded by Steve produce in 2018. In the meantime you can hear this Valenzuela who’s worked with Rod Stewart and Kelly sensational song here. Clarkson, with the instrumental track composed, watch?v=EFtKSCn-mMQ.Enjoy the cover design 22 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

ENTER TAINMENT I’m excited to announce that I’ve just released a great passionate and dark love ballad about a tyrannical actor who breaks a young actress’ heart in my new single titled Standing Ovation! You’re the Star! too by John Harrison that showcases a I’m also the CEO, executive producer, and photo of actor Richard Burton that’s in the creative director of Heavenly Waterfall public domain. Song Publishing and Productions. Please like my HWSP&P fan page here - https:// Q Since 2009 you have hit the top of the music Internet charts five times as a TOP LEFT singer and an ASCAP composer, tell us Marneen Fields has appeared in 150 Marneen with The about the other awards. films, TV shows, web series, music Best of Las Vegas For my singing and song-writing they videos, and theatrical productions since from the Producers are: Best Blues Artist of the Year and 1976. Please see her IMDB page for a Choice Honours Best Music Video - Finalist for Shadows showcase listing here - Award for Kathryn from the Artists in Music Awards; Best com/name/nm0276312/ ▣ Davis: Take 2 at Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year - the Hard Rock Cafe Honourable Mention from The Artists in CVH 1st Class wishes to thank Live. Music Awards for Release My Love; Best Marneen Fields every continued Photo by Sheri Film Soundtrack - Finalist for Shadows success and happiness. Determan from the Rock’n’Roll Film Festival in Kenya; Best Female Vocalist of the Year TOP RIGHT - Finalist for Everybody Hurts, and Best Marneen promoting Americana Blues Roots Artist of the Year her new single - Finalist for Shadows from the LA Music Standing Ovation. Awards; The G.O.D. Award in Music for We Can Take Some of the Hurt Away, Photo by Marneen Best Female Vocalist Performance in a Lynne Fields. Humanitarian Film; 2015-2016 Song of the Year - Runner-Up for I’ve Never Ever Stopped Loving You, Honourable Mention for Release My Love, and Suggested Artist for My Love at First Sight. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 23

PERSON AL ASK FRANÇOISE I understand the pain that you go through, as I go through the same as you each time I think of my life in the past. A Very Happy 2018 To All My Readers. maybe divorce, you don’t really want to do that because I am Q Depressed Yet A Famous Star - I’m in the public eye, sure as controlling as your husband is he loves you. Have you an actress, and have a controlling husband, I feel like a bird ever sat him down and talked to him to ask him why is he so within a cage always ordered what to do by my management controlling? Or why does he need to take everything over and who are tough (long contract). Hubby is also in the industry. I as for your Management Company I would tell them to go and love acting, but between work and home life neither are appeal- jump in a deep lake. Are you able to go to the theatre or take ing. Mystery X, L.A., California. a drive to San Diego (I am guessing you are living in LA)? If Dear Mystery X - Or shall I call you Madam X, sorry I was dying not take a drive to any other county to just change your way to say that. As an actress myself who was famous in the 70’s of thinking. Detach yourself from work and from your home and 80’s but not as famous as you, I guess, all I can say is life for a while, you will soon miss it and go back into both with that I have been there and there is not much you can do but fresh ideas and a fresh mind. We as actresses love our job, we 24 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

PERSON AL are in the public eye and the public expect us to look our best they burn themselves with booze and late nights, their careers and happy as well as young even when we are older. There is are finished before it even started. Talk is healthy. Good luck, not much we can do about Fame, we either reject it or accept Bisous, Françoise. it and I think we accept it more than reject it but we have to pay a price for it. If you can get yourself in a Charity work as I Q Long Standing Family Feud - My cousin and myself, did, you will feel even better within yourself. You have no idea Margaret, are in the same Theatre Classes; both our parents how good deeds make a difference to your life as an actress. haven’t spoken for 10 years and have each other. We have Accept your fate as it is given to you. Use it rather than abuse tried on numerous occasions to unite them, only to find it back- it... Good luck, Bisous, Françoise. fires and we are both 14 years old, anything else we can do? Sandra, Dukinfield, Cheshire. Q Argumentative Partner - I work in the Stock market and Dear Sandra - Family eh. We don’t choose them but they have a nice large house and servants with villas abroad. My happen to us. Well I have been in a long feuding family for partner a model is never satisfied. I’m not into the endless years ever since my mother died, but my feud is different. Both parties and false ‘ Hello Darlings ‘ to me they are just spoilt orna- your parents are stubborn. I know it is very difficult but please ments of posers. I enjoy the golf club and our fancy in Texas I really suggest you leave them alone and let them sort their at the odd weekend. She won’t go, fair enough and we have problems. Show them how happy you are with your cousin no children to witness the endless arguments. In the past year Margaret that you love being in her company without saying we have lost many valuable servants as they find her too con- anything. When Margaret gives you something, show them trolling and manipulative. I like to leave her but don’t fancy her how beautiful your present is from her. They will soon see how claiming from my property or worse spilling the beans on my silly they have been and will start getting their act together. So secret business deals. I’m stuck. Mark, Manhattan, New York. please you are only 14 years old and there are some things Dear Mark - Excuse me for saying so and please don’t take you could do and some things you cannot do. Be thankful teen- offence but for an intelligent man you are pretty silly to put it agers that you have parents. Please don’t waste your time mildly. You are not married to the woman, you have no chil- with some feuding grown ups silliness, which makes then look dren, you are merely boyfriend and girlfriend, I think you said stupid anyway. After all let them know that relationships are that she is your partner; if you are married to her then I have to worth fighting for but sometimes you are the only one fighting say that it is a difficult situation. What are you waiting for? Only for it. You are 14, enjoy your teenage years because you will children would take a lot of money from you. Thank your lucky not have this again. You grow older and then you start regret- stars that you have none for that matter. Here you are, a rich ting your youth. Believe me Parents can be silly and you don’t man with a model. Well she might not be that clever but then want to get involved with their silliness. Trust me on that! Love one needs to be careful. Tell her to go and that you will settle your cousin and keep calm. Good luck, Bisous’ Françoise. a fix sum on her and if she even opens her mouth to the press you will withdraw all deals that you made with her. I think that Q Considering Lonely Hearts - I’m a 72-year-old gentle- is fair. Unless you still want her around as you have been with man comfortable, but lonely and undecided whether to join her for many years that it has now become a matter of habit. a dating site, in case I attract all the nutters. Yet enjoy trav- So sad to hear this from a man that has everything but yet is elling and read up of going on cruises on my own. Edward, not happy. Servants in my opinion come and go but a good Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. woman is a rare breed. My parents use to have servants when I Hi Edward - No, no, no dating sites will make you happy. was a little girl, I still feel a woman can still do their own house- Don’t please go there! Go out with friends, play Bingo, go to work and the cooking, not that I want to do this every day, but Museums, go to Galleries, go to Clubs where you will meet all just because you have money does not mean you have to own sorts of wonderful ladies in their 60’s or 50’s, pretty ones at that. others. Be careful you don’t end up a lonely rich man with no If you enjoy travelling take a friend, if you wish to go on a cruise, one to share your love and your wealth, choose the right person take a friend with you. Surely you have many friends that you to be with and stay cool. Have you ever talked to her and tell enjoy being with. I know and share that loneliness with you, her a few truth about herself and ask her to treat the people as I use to feel that way and I am now 68! Get on Facebook, that work for you with respect and kindness. It would be fair you will meet many people on there and, who knows, strike a to do that before you do anything else. Seems to me that you friendship with a wonderful woman. On second thoughts, strike don’t talk much but speak with money and it looks like you do that, there are too many trolls on Facebook. No, social media allow her to go to parties and if you don’t feel like joining her, let is out for you altogether. Get social with your good friends. You her burn herself as models need to look good in their job and if will never be lonely. Good luck, Bisous, Françoise. ▣ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 25

HEALTH Family Health Our bodies are replacing billions of cells every day. by Dr Kailash Chand O.B.E O UR BODIES ARE replac- health conditions that fall within their GP’s remit. ing billions of cells every day — and using the Promoting knowledge about and adherence to healthy life- foods we consume as styles is one of the best ways to cut healthcare costs and the source of build- ing materials. Eating well is part of the reduce demand. formula that can reduce our risk of any From my experience as a GP, I would estimate that 50-70% per major chronic disease by 80 percent cent of my patients’ medical costs would be not just reduced and reach into our innermost selves to but eliminated if their diets and exercise regimens were opti- improve the health of our very genes. mised. Tackling the crisis facing health of population requires solutions that are not just linked to more resources, we need Barring genetic or catastrophic disease, to encourage self-care. I think this needs to start with children accidents and maybe the ageing process and young people. itself, our health is in our own hands. Promoting knowledge about diet and I advocate a mandatory educational curriculum subject on life- exercise and taking responsibility for our style and self-care in year 9 (as well as how to use the health own lifestyle choices are the best ways system if lifestyle cannot prevent illness) introducing it in a to cut down on demand and healthcare. style similar to sex education at schools. It is worth considering the roles of future models of care and maybe with increased Healthcare globally in general has never resources in a larger organisation there may be opportunities really taken on a significant preventa- for education similar to that of cardiac rehab classes. tive role. It is still focused on the treat- ment of acute illnesses and chronic dis- For example, if a patient has an inappropriate contact in A&E eases. More than 70% of all patients or general practice, they could then be offered a referral to an in England report having long-standing education class. 26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

HEALTH However, what is most effective is relat- track record. We make some things marketing experts do to make people ing action to personal consequences. illegal because they’re harmful to individ- want something that 50 years ago was For example, the highly effective seatbelt uals and deemed not to be in the public not seen as remotely important. We need campaign only became successful once interest (e.g. using drugs other than on to deliver campaigns conceived, planned the public realised there were fines for prescription). We tax other things that and delivered by people who are skilled not wearing a seatbelt. If we really want are harmful (e.g. smoking, alcohol). Yet at population level behaviour change. radical solutions then we have to con- these things are still part of everyday life sider corrective measures for inappro- for large numbers of people. If we are In conclusion, those with four good priate use of the health service - maybe serious about behaviour change then we answers (eating well, body mass index use the education class as a warning need to rethink how we do this. below 30, active, not smoking), com- and if the patient repeats the inappropri- pared with those with four bad answers ate contact they could be fined a small We need to learn from the commer- (not eating well, BMI above 30, not active, fee to fund the education classes. This cial sector that are so adept at chang- and smoking), were 80 percent less is not ideal but without consequences ing behaviour. How many people actu- likely to have any major chronic disease. some members of the public are unlikely ally make far less long-term decisions (Imagine if a pill could reduce our risk of to change their behaviour. on their wellbeing than the choices they dying prematurely from any cause by 80 make about their diet and exercise, percent!). 2018 has got to be a mission We also need to recognise that some but decisions about smartphones and to improve the health by eating real food people can change if they get the right clothes seem to be more important to and changing to healthy lifestyles! positive motivation, so we need a new many people. We need to spend more national public campaign to support time understanding why people make the Happy and healthy 2018 for all. ▣ this. Behaviour change isn’t something choices they do about their lifestyle. We where the Governments have a great also need to understand what commercial ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 27

LIFE N O MATTER WHERE you are in the world, either sunning on a nice warm beach or sitting by a cosy fire at home, we are all often so busy in our own lives that we forget about those who have less, because in our own world we often see only ourselves. Our Sandwich Angels, founded by Christina V Howard, has gone from strength to strength, as our caring ladies and gentlemen come together to feed the homeless. Christina foresaw its success and said she was guided by Angelic dreams and we are all celestially helped. I didn’t honestly see this as I’m a practi- cal soul and felt that we couldn’t possibly THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE Sandwich Angels Journey. Photo by Sarah Roberts 28 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

LIFE continue without any funding. Christina’s 16 Soup Kitchens including Hostels in policy is no fundraising and no moni- Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Food tory donations, which I found strange at goes out at different times of the day and first and it seemed destined to fail. How night, and sometimes we produce over could this continue? It wasn’t possible. 1.950 sandwiches in a week. Yet, each time we meet in St Mary’s Community Hall, Newton, our cupboard We wanted to include a photo of a home- started empty, then suddenly someone less person with this update, but we arrives with tinned food donations to fill it decided it would be unfair to that per- up again! For instance, last week we ran son’s dignity, so Christina (who is also an out of butter and the next day, Matt Coote actress) decided to pose as one. Nobody the manager of Tesco Express offered believed she could ever look so scruffy hundreds of tubs to us and this is just and convincing, yet she did it! one of the many examples of support- ive kindness. For Sandwich Angels enquiries contact Tel 07713973640 ▣ We are always overwhelmed by the gen- erosity of our local businesses and stores; especially Morrisons Supermarket in TOP LEFT Hyde. Debra Handforth and Sue James Christina posing as homeless. regularly provide food for hot meals on the cold days we are currently experiencing. ABOVE Recruiting poster. We never do a rota, as volunteers turn BELOW up when they are available. We cover The start of one more sandwich. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 29

FEATURE D’Jesus Trujillo Dejesus ‘The Walking Man’ Runway Model Coach is an extraordinary gifted legend in the modelling world and a great Shoe Designer his creations have the Wow Factor of magnificence. Text by Antonella A Commatteo, photos by Daniel MacSween Q Tell us about yourself. I was born and raised in Latin America. I grew up in Chiapas, Mexico and moved to Mexico City when I was 18 years old to pursue a career in acting. After graduating from Acting School, I came to the U.S. to explore possibili- ties here. After struggling to learn English and earn enough to support myself to chase my dreams, I was finally able to break into the Fashion Industry. Through patience, determination, perseverance and learning how to promote myself I have been able to find and achieve my dream as a Runway Coach, Image Coach and Personal Stylist. Q Tell us how you became involved in the Fashion Industry, and was it about the clothing, or directly related to the modelling side that interested you? I have always been fascinated by clothing and style. The construction, the fabric, the texture, movement and colour combinations make for an endless palette. Putting a garment on a model and watching it come to life is thrilling to see. Q You were an Executive Assistant to Sue Wong, a truly amazing Designer. What was it like working for such an iconic woman, and her brand? It was truly a life experience. She taught me her approach to styling from the conception of a garment to how best to present it most impressively by using the right model and movement. In addition, she also gave me an incredible insight on the business aspects of the industry. Marketing, dealing with people, and merchandising. 30 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

FEATURE Q You are a very successful Runway Instructor/Model Coach. Will you describe what that entails? It has definitely been a journey, my job is to develop a person, whether they are a model or not, into a confident person in all aspects. I help them to see within themselves and to build on their talents, the way they move and feel in order to project a confident and bold image. For models, it is very important to ‘wear’ the garment. To become part of the flow of the garment and to sell it as they walk down the runway, or do a photo shoot. I help them to get in touch with that inner essence and to sell both themselves and the product they represent. Q Who inspires you today? My greatest inspiration is Jesus Christ. He was a simple man who walked a very difficult path during a tough period in history. He took on the challenges before him, sometimes with doubt, but always with courage and conviction. He did so without developing an ego and always treated everyone with love and compassion. Q We know that the shoes you design are now becoming much sought after. Where do you get your inspiration to create such masterpieces? I take my inspiration from everyday people, natural elements and life experiences. The designs and textiles of the indigenous people in Chiapas, the beautiful colours and textures of fabrics from around the world, and the designs of the past and present are all endless possibilities for new creations. Q Fashion is a very competitive Industry. What are some of the things it takes to succeed in it? Honesty is critical. Honesty to yourself and your team. Teamwork is essential to success. You need to utilize and recog- nize the talent of people you work with and give the respect deserved in order to earn respect for your own talents. It also requires a creative vision and the courage to present your ideas without the fear of judgement. Q What impact do you think fashion has on today’s culture? Fashion is a manifestation of many facets of culture. It comes from individual back- ground experiences and personal points of view. It has a massive impact on society, as it constantly evolves and morphs into new designs, trends and ideas that help to both form and to reflect our culture in that time and space. It helps to bring people together and contributes enormously to the vibrancy of life and society. ▶ ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 31


FEATURE Q What do you feel you bring to the Industry that’s unique? My true self. I am able to be me, a unique human being and personality. I like to believe that I help to motivate and inspire others while not having to pretend to be someone that I am not. This industry allows personal expression, which frees me to be creative, outrageous, and compassionate and to work with others to create new and exciting concepts for everyone to enjoy. I bring respect for others; fun and enthusiasm, which helps to fuel creativity among those I encounter and have the privilege to work with. Q What are the plans for the future? Coaching. Not only Models, but also individuals seeking to develop their own personal image to help them be more confi- dent, successful and happy in life. Everyone has inner beauty that they can share to touch those they work, live or spend time with. I want to help people develop their confidence and inspire them to be who they are without fear of what others think of, or say about them. Everyone should be able to Stay true to yourself even when they tell you that present themselves to the world honestly and with confidence. you are nobody. Be confident, follow your dreams, Q Do you have any advice to and just keep walking my friends. give on those looking to follow in your footsteps? Stay true to yourself even when they tell you that you are nobody. Be confident, follow your dreams, and just keep walking my friends. Q Is there anything you would like to add? Thank you so much for this opportunity. I hope that I can soon visit Europe, Asia, Africa and India to experience the rich cul- tures and couture in places that contribute so much to the world. I have had an amazing journey so far, and I have much more walking to do. Q Where can our readers find you? Facebook: Instagram: Twitter : Web : ▣ CVH 1st Class wishes to thank D’Jesus Trujillo for his many words of wisdom and we hope to see you in the UK very soon. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 33

COOKING Straight from the Oven This recipe breaks many rules, and is stupidly easy and quick, and I am very sorry, but just as quick to consume! These are as light as a feather and are best eaten on the day (any excuse is fine by me). If you struggle with a light bake then Hello again everyone..... this is for you, just follow the simple method and you will be rewarded by something amazing. by Angela Brown Off into the kitchen with you ......................... I DO HOPE YOU all had a good Christmas and SPONGE CLOUD CAKES New Year, I know many people make New Year RIGHT PAGE resolutions and yours should be to try all this Makes between 11 to 14 depending on your sizing. The mix on the tray years recipes!! (And maybe look back at past prior to baking and issues and try them as well…). Anyway, chat- Ingredients: the finished Cloud ting to Christina, your Editor and all round maga- Cakes. zine mother, we were discussing childhood mem- ◊ 75g (3oz) Plain Flour ories and food and that got me thinking. When I was young every now and again my Grandmother ◊ 65g (2 1/2 oz) Cornflour would send me to the local bakers on a Saturday ◊ 3/4 Teaspoon Cream of Tartar morning for a selection of cream cakes. This was ◊ 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder a proper independent shop with everything made by hand in store. I would stand there in front of the ◊ 3 Medium Eggs glass counter drooling at the wonderful assortment ◊ 150g (5oz) Caster Sugar thinking what to choose for them to place in that ◊ Ingredients Fillings white cardboard box and I carried them back home with the reverence of some major archaeological ◊ 1/2 Pint Double Cream find. One of those divine creations was a Cream ◊ 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence Puff filled with jam and cream, as light as a cloud , ◊ Approx 1/2 jar of Raspberry Jam (or what ever devoured in seconds. you want) 34 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

COOKING Decoration: over the dry ingredients you had stirred the easiest way is on a flat large surface. together, using a large metal spoon fold To make this easy to clean later wet your Icing Sugar the ingredients all together until com- work surface lightly with a sponge then bined, do this gently so as not to knock cover with cling film, as the cling film will You will also need 2 large baking sheets, out the air you have just incorporated. stick to the damp surface and gives you lined with parchment and grease. An a clean area to work on. Place your pairs Electric Hand Whisk or Food Processor You should now have a very thick mix; along the sheet and then put each top with whisk attachment. Sieve. Cling Film. using a dessert spoon or tablespoon put above the bottom (if you get what I mean) piles of this onto your baking sheets, this makes filling and pairing easier. flatten slightly into circles, you need to Spread a teaspoon of the chosen jam Method: leave a gap in between each round as on each bottom be gentle they are deli- they will spread and rise. Try to get them cate. Whisk your double cream until thick Pre-heat the oven to 200c / 180c Fan / about the same size and even amounts. If (I do this a little soft rather than totally stiff 400f / Gas 4 Fan or 5 Normal. you make big mounds you will get larger as it is easier to spread) then stir in the ‘Clouds’, so its up to you. Repeat until vanilla essence. Put a spoonful onto each Line your baking sheets with baking you have filled your trays, you will find bottom, to top the jam, and again spread parchment if you haven’t already done you cannot use up all your mix as it will out. Once you have filled all the clouds so and grease. Use a small bowl, weigh need two batches to be baked. put the tops onto the bottoms and press out your flour, cornflower, cream of tartar down gently. Next sieve some icing sugar and baking powder, stir together and put Put these straight into your pre-heated on top of each cloud to finish. Place on to to one side. In another small bowl weigh oven. Bake for between 5 to 7 minutes a serving plate, leave to stand for about out the caster sugar and put to one side. until they are a light golden brown. an hour or two to soften and settle, then Separate your eggs and put the egg Remove from the oven and leave to cool enjoy……. I do hope you enjoy these as whites into a large very clean dry bowl for about 5 minute. These are very deli- they are so delicious, quick and easy, that and the yolks into a small cup (there cate and must be handled carefully. Once people will think you have been in the should be no yolk at all otherwise they cooled they will start to harden up and kitchen for hours, won’t beat up). Whisk the egg whites until they are easier to remove from the baking they form small peaks or start leaving a sheet. Remove using a spatula and put See you all in next issue as always - trail in your mix, add in the caster sugar onto a baking sheet to finish cooling, then Happy Baking. ▣ in three stages beating very well between repeat with the remaining mix. When all each addition, you should then end up your halves are baked and cooled pair with a lovely thick glossy bowl of what them up and try to get similar sizes and would normally be a meringue. At this shapes together, if you have an odd one point you break a major rule … add the then that’s a tester for the cook. yolks one at a time (or a third if they have broken together) and beat again, whisk Next I will give you another chef’s tip, we until they have all been used. Next, sieve are going to fill and decorate these and ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 35

VERSE Healing Through Verse Namaste. I live through poetry; music and art help me as therapy in dealing with depression and helping to cope with life. Poetry gives me an outlet through creativity. The following poems have been written by me to help to vent, or just celebrate or help others in healing. I wish for them to help others too. by Sarah Ward STITCHES JUST BE As with impressionism, from afar the skin is flawless. What’s all this pressure we place on ourselves? On closer look you notice the scars. What is it that we have to prove? Some deep long healing, Why can we not just be? Some subtle and superficial Why is that just never enough? Step back again. I’m better than him, she’s better than me Note the next man Why is life just one competition? His skin smooth and beautiful We become the swan analogy. Inspect him. With no time for some own reflection He’s had stitches From one job to the next, In several places To the next and so on Some hidden from view; The days are merging, blurring into one Some well healed With maybe a little money to show Look at the crowd. The odd asset or two Beautiful in their entirety, What have we missed while we’ve ploughed through? Yet each one Our children have grown into adults, Carrying their scars. The reason for our toils Nothing to be ashamed of Loneliness in their eyes, yet materially spoiled. It’s the scars that are part of us, Time is the asset to be treasured and held Our makeup in life No matter how trivial it may seem They have created the picture before you; It is the little things in life that accumulate Beautiful and imperfect. Into life’s fulfilled happy dream. 36 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

COMMUNITY Stalybridge Motorcycle Club are holding their latest Annual Charity Event that supports chari- ties voted on by its members. This year its The Christie in Manchester that will be the benefi- ciary of all funds raised from their ‘Rock Nite’ to be held at Dukinfield Town Hall. All are welcome and just turn up and pay at the door. There will be live bands, a raffle and great company too. Please come along and support this very worthwhile event in support of this great charity, that is helping so many people including a couple of this motorcycle club members. Stalybridge Motorcycle Club has been holding their Annual Charity Event for the past Twenty Years, which is an astonishing achievement, and they have promised many more to come. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 37

ASK THE POLICE ASK PC KEVIN We put your searching questions to PC Kevin McEvoy from the Greater Manchester Police Force in the UK. Q Troubled Grandson - My Grandson has been given a Q On the move - Can I lose my licence for speeding? penalty notice for disorder. Does that mean he has got a crim- There are two circumstances, which could result in a driving inal conviction? ban. Firstly, for repeat offenders, a ban will be imposed if 12 No your Grandson will not have a criminal conviction, by agree- points are reached within 3 years. Additionally, some offences ing to have a penalty notice for disorder (PND) and paying the will carry an instant ban, depending on the exact circumstances fine He will not receive a criminal conviction. Accepting and and the speed alleged. paying the fine is not an admission of guilt but discharges the possibility of the creation of a criminal record. The fact that He Q Bad language in public - Can my son be arrested for has been given a PND will be recorded on the Police National swearing in the street? Computer but it will not create a criminal record. The informa- The age of criminal responsibility is 10 years of age, so you tion is recorded for administrative purposes and also to estab- could be arrested for swearing in the street. There are various lish if a person has had more than one PND. If a criminal offences, which can be committed involving the use of threat- records check is carried out it does not automatically mean that ening abusive words or behaviour. The effect on others and the the PND would be disclosed. However it could be referred to if intention of the person swearing would be some of the factors the behaviour that led to the PND was linked with the reason to consider when deciding whether or not an offence had been for the check. committed. There is also an offence of using obscene and 38 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

ASK THE POLICE profane language in the street to the annoyance of residents. ◊ Local authorities can issue fixed penalty notices for offences However, a person is only likely to be arrested for this offence of graffiti. if the behaviour occurs in the presence of a police officer. ◊ Local authorities are responsible for cleaning it up from public buildings and fixtures. They can also clean it from Q Licence penalties - How long will penalty points be on private buildings and can bill the owner for the work. licence? It depends on the type of offence. For more serious offences the ◊ Graffiti should, initially, be reported to the local authority. endorsement starts on the date of conviction, and for others on See the website in related information to find your local the date of the offence. Totting Up: If you get 12 or more points authority. within a period of 3 years, you’ll be disqualified under the Totting In relation to the damage caused, this should be reported to Up system, but at the end of disqualification the points accrued your local council initially, in relation to the youths congregat- in those three years will normally no longer count against you. ing, if this is causing you genuine concern, then report it again However, if you have not been disqualified under the three to the council, also to your local Policing team, you can do this years totting up, then the endorsement will be shown on your by ringing 101 licence for the following differing periods of time: If you know someone who is causing graffiti and you wish to 11 YEARS FOR: report this anonymously then you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. ▣ ◊ Drinking/drugs & driving ◊ Causing death by careless driving whilst under the influ- ence of drink/drugs ◊ Causing death by careless driving, then failing to provide a specimen for analysis 4 YEARS FOR: ◊ Dangerous driving ◊ Offences resulting in disqualification ◊ Disqualified from holding a full licence until a driving test has been passed. ◊ Other less serious endorsable offences (speeding, vehicle defects etc.). Q Graffiti hangouts - How do the police deal with graffiti and youths hanging-out on the street? Here is a brief overview of the different law concerning graffiti? ◊ Graffiti is an offence of criminal damage and, if prosecuted, the offender could face a fine or even imprisonment. ◊ Under 16’s are not permitted to buy aerosol paint cans. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 39

MAILB A G Alex Cole Mel Novak Thank you CVH for featur- ing Alex Cole, his Classic Wow I am forever in love Rock is awesome and I’m a with my hero Hollywood big fan of his Retro Rock Legendary Star, the one and music too. His electrify- only, the great Mel Novak ing stage presence has me Angela Brown since I first saw him in swooning the night through. ‘Game of Death’, ‘Eye for an I love him and please thank Congratulations to Angela Eye’, and ‘Vampire Assassin’. Nancy Fike for her amazing His very rare stunts and feature. Brown the best British fighting scenes are so real- Susan baker I’ve come across thanks to your magazine. istic and my favourites are Kerrisdale Since living in Spain we miss from ‘Samurai Cop 2’ and home cooking terribly. All ‘Deadly Vengeance’. No other Vancouver Angela’s recipes are simple can compare to my hero Canada. and appetising, bring them Mel. on we want more and more. Caroline Dukinfield John Cheshire, UK. Benidorm Spain. Kenny Lombino Prince Jordan Tyson sion and doesn’t stir out of his room My son Mark suffers from depres- for hours on end. He has very low I adore Prince Jordan self-esteem and he enjoys reading PC Tyson, he is the funniest Kevin McEvoy’s column, as he always comedian, and you can tell a very high IQ and he ran down the Mark Hoadley dreamt of being a Policeman. He has he has royal blue blood by stairs at Christmas saying; “Did you his refined elite mannerisms. read about Kenny Lombino in the latest What a handsome gentleman CVH magazine?” “He was the unluck- A big Thank You to Stanley and his column was highly iest guy I have ever heard about yet Goodrich for featuring Mark interesting. all his tragedies, set backs and fail- Hoadley, he is handsome and such a hunk. I never get Jenny ures didn’t destroy him and now, tired of watching him over Malibu against all the odds, he is the Senior and over again. His photo is Los Angeles Vice President of the Ferrari Club of on my wall now! Sharon California America.” What a great achievement and Leamington Spa, USA. please thank Kenny, as he has unknow- Warwickshire UK. ingly transformed my son attitude to life. Mark has now applied to be a (PSO)! Police Community Support Officer Helen Stalybridge Cheshire, UK. Vincent Anthony Chavez Dr Kailash Chand OBE What a fabulous article by Tammie Starr on Vincent Congratulations to Dr Kailash Kenn Gray Anthony Chavez. His spec- Chand OBE and Happy 2018 to tacular photography jumped all of you in CVH 1st Class. out from the pages. His I remember watching His column on Mental Illness Kenn Gray on ‘The Travel was fascinating and, like you images held me spellbound, Channel’, he is very flam- in Britain, we too have a high especially the fantastic boyant, interesting and highly number of sufferers and Dr motor, and gorgeous Tammie intelligent. His style sense Kailash’s advice was very inter- herself lights up the pages my compliments. has the wow-factor, espe- esting to read. I’m at UT Frederick cially his sunglasses. My Southwestern Medical School Berlin wife asks, “Does he design and I always follow his views Germany. them himself?” as they are they certainly inspire me and so unique like himself’. occasionally a topic in my Jeff debating lectures, so when his Bel Air our class. ears are burning its only me and Los Angeles Logan California Dallas USA. Texas, USA. 40 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE ISSUE26

MAILB A G Ask Francoise Margie Tor I am so thrilled reading Congratulations on a splen- ing or not! She is so right, as I did feature on Margie Tor, Francoise Pascal’s advice on dis- covering if a husband is cheat- esting and dynamic lady. Her childhood memories of her was very suspicious on my 5th Dr Amir Hannan she certainly is an inter- sudden late nights at the office. husband’s lack of interest and my own late Aunt Casandra who raised my two sisters He was having an affair with his I wished I lived in Britain Aunt Mary took me back to bimbo secretary, the ‘b**ch’ then Dr Amir Hannan would and me, thanks again. can have him! He has forgotten certainly be my GP, he is ment and he doesn’t get a penny, that I signed a prenuptial agree- amazingly ahead of his time Jake revenge is sweet. with his interesting topics Fort Worth Kimberley and how lucky his patients Texas Beverly Hills must be; please tell him he USA. Los Angeles California is terrific and I am a huge USA. fan. Clara Palm Springs California USA. PC Kevin McEvoy Samantha Parry My family and myself are It was wonderful to read Anne Mason about Samantha Parry, such totally addicted to PC Kevin McEvoy’s column; he is so British and comes across a great talent. How proud A magnificent feature by Julie as genuinely decent, hard her parents must be and Robert Alston on Anne working officer, totally ded- she is a credit to them. Mason, author of chil- icated to the police force. dren’s books and how fas- My young daughter, Candy, His answers are both cinating to actually read is only 8 years old but excellent and accurate giving about this talented lady. My showing great promise and the reader sound advice. Our husband and myself were so Samantha is now her inspi- five children aged 6 years to ration. impressed we went out and 14 years old adore him and bought ‘Mr Biddle and the Stockport Squirrel’s Tale’ for our 4 year old daughter. Thanks Martha, Pacific Palisades for the great book review, it UK. certainly made one little girl Los Angeles California, USA. very happy, she keeps pes- tering Daddy to read it again Stacey, Glossop, Derbyshire, and again Manchester are big fans. UK. Dr Robert Lugliani Angelic Stories Sandwich Angels Well done Carlol Gray and Cerdan A Smith, Christina, we love all your your feature on Dr Robert Lugliani was angel experiences and can’t excellent. I happen to have met him before get enough of them. They How wonderful to read the inspir- at St Mary’s Medical Centre in Long Beach, ing journey of those delight- are truly beautiful and California. He is a great specialist in the ful caring ladies and gentlemen over enlightening; great blessings field of Internal Medicine and Pulmonary indeed, as you are certainly Disease and his extensive research on in Britain helping feed the needy. very gifted. Thank you for A lovely article by Carol Anne Lung Disease and the Cardiovascular being you. System is extraordinary. Very delighted this Tony Jones and what an unsung hero is award-winning doctor received the splendid Wicklow Christina V Howard the founder, Ireland. and I forgot until my husband, recognition he deserves. Clayton, reminded me that you are Jackson the Editor of this magazine too. We La Jolla are closely following your magnifi- California cent journey. –USA. Luke Dallas Texas, USA. ISSUE26 CVH1STCLASS MAGAZINE 41

photo by Kenn Gray

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