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Published by staytuned4sushant, 2018-01-30 18:24:59

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Sushant RajDigital marketing specialist and growth hacking enthusiast

Who I am?My details Let me introduce myselfName: Sushant RajAddress: Utrecht, The NetherlandsEmail: [email protected]: +31 633442148 My Journey A Digital Marketing Specialist and an aspiring Growth Hacker, my jour- ney started with being an avid number cruncher as a child. This paved way for my interest in Analytics. The puzzles and riddles eventually gotWebsite: replaced with complex market data as I started working as a market analyst for one of the largest multinational corporation in my country.LinkedIn: sushantraj0401 I quickly realized that digital marketing is a field where I can use my an-Twitter: @sushant_raj alytical skills most effectively. I continued to gather more expertise in thisdisciplinethroughvariouscompetitions,projectsandcertifications. Currently, I am working as a digital marketing manager for a start- up called Mijn Sales Recruiter. I am responsible for the total digital marketing growth of the company as well as market testing for the unique SaaS product named ‘Gloris’ that is currently being developed. I completed International MBA from one of the most prestigious univer- sities of the Netherlands, Nyenrode Business University. This has helped me enhance my business acumen by increasing my core skills as well as cultural dynamics. It gave me the opportunity to work with companies likeIBM,Dell,andstudywithcolleaguesfromasmanyas22nationalities.  In my leisure time, I like to engage myself in activities like reading (non-fiction), finding out new trends in technology, traveling and, my favorite, portrait sketching.

My ResumeSushant Raj [email protected] (+31) 633442148Growth Marketing & BusinessAnalytics | International MBA Utrecht, Netherlands www.sushant-raj.comA growth marketing enthusiast with high business, number cruncher, tech savvy, creativeand analytical, always keen on using data and toolsto produce measurable results.WORK EXPERIENCE SKILLS & COMPETENCESDigital Marketing Manager Netherlands Adobe XD/InDesign Marketing AutomationMijn Sales Recruiter Content Marketing Data Analysis SEO/SEA03/2017 – Present E-mail Marketing Social Media MarketingResponsible for brand awareness and lead generation (B2B &B2C) using online marketing channels. SQL, HTML, CMS Video MarketingSetting up KPIs for different marketing channels, running & PROFESSIONAL PROJECTSoptimizing organic and paid campaigns, analysing campaignresults & nurturing leads using automation. Google Online Marketing Challenge 2016Reported directly to the founder, coordinated with the web Developed AdWords campaign from scratch and ran for 3 weeks fordesign team, software development team and the sales newly launched I-lent Nutrition shake within allocated budget. Advisedteam with my inputs and vice versa. on SEO/SEA & prepared impact statement report.Successfully managed to replace manual sourcing process Brand recognition and Marketing strategy consultation for(outsourced in Romania) with online marketing. Hermitage Museum (2016)Market Testing Manager Identified shortcomings in the current marketing plans and suggestedGloris.Me improvements in website and social media footprints to attract more customer.03/2017 – Present Netherlands Consultation project for Zilveren Kruis (2016)Responsible for MVP validation, market testing and leadgeneration (B2C) using online marketing channels. Consulting project on NPD and marketing strategy for Dutch insurance company, Zilveren Kruis, to reduce churn rate.Preparing test plan, setting up KPIs for different marketingchannels, A/B testing paid campaigns & landing pages and Social Media Sentiment Analysis - Semantria (2015)analysing campaign results. Sentiment analysis of the Alumni data across various social mediaSuccessfully brought it from ideation to development phase channel using the tool Semantria for SPJIMR to provide a better Alumniwith product-market fit validation. user experience.Market Analyst Organizational Change Management - Ericsson & DellTata Consultancy Services Ltd. (2016)03/2013 – 05/2015 India Prepared advisory solutions for Ericsson and Dell on organisational change optimisation w.r.t portfolio transformation and mergerCollect consumer data through various marketing and sales respectively.campaigns for clients - Nissan & Ford Motor Co.Compile, analyse and formulate reports about ROI, market CERTIFICATIONStrends, competitive landscape and opportunities for newfeatures in an automobile in different markets - North Google AdwordsAmerica & EMEA. Google Analytics Doubleclick Rich Media FundamentalsStar performer in the company training program about Hubspot Inbound Marketingmarket analytics and BI tools.EDUCATION Netherlands LANGUAGESInternational MBA DutchNyenrode Business University Intermediate01/2016 – 09/2016 Hindi Native or BilingualBachelor of Engineering in Electronics & EnglishTelecommunication Native or BilingualAmravati University Marathi Expert08/2008 – 07/2012 India HOBBIES Cricket Reading (Non-fiction) Sketching Traveling

SWohmoe Ioafmm?y Projects 1. A/B testing landing page for MVP testing “Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” Purpose: Explain the service offering through landing page to test its product-market fit. Project: When we decided to test the concept of Gloris, we came to the conclusion that conversion would be the best metric to test the viability. Thus, landing page acted as a tool around which all our testing concepts revolved. The initial idea for a landing page was developed from various sources and brainstorming sessions to convey information to the customer about the service we offer. After the initial success of the first landing page, we want- ed to determine the best motivational factors to modify and adapt the offer to suit the customer needs. For this, we used various split and multivariate A/B testing measures. We played with layouts, content and with color schemes for the landing page, contrast between bright to mute colors, also between the page and the CTA’s, to study the underlying psy- chological triggers. Around 30+ variations of the page were de- signed for this purpose that had major changes. And we used Optimizely to test the impact of minor changes. Tools like Hot- jar, session time and conversion rate were used for evaluation.

Some of my ProjectsThe best performing layout for this project isthis. This has a human face above fold along withblue color to convey “TRUST”. The contrastingCTA helps attract the attention of the visitorsand compelling text on the CTA helps communi-cate the sense of need and urgency.Proven Skills:• MVP testing• A/B testing• Designing• KPI measurement• Conversion rate optimization• Analytical skills• Organizational Skills• Agile working• Project managementLearnings:This is one of the projects I enjoyed working onmost. The best part of the project was that I gotto put my skills to test by evaluating the results in a very short time frame. It was challenging initially to under-stand why the results were the way they were. But it helped me learn a lot. The best part was that nothing wasset in concrete. This project allowed me modify and adapt to make things even better. It was a constant learningcurve, where not only did I get to put my skills into action, but also develop them further with constant andgenuine feedback. I was so happy to have seen the first conversion on my landing page and the way our teamcelebrated, but what was even more motivating and satisfying was that the celebration always grew bigger withmore success.I believe that the skills I developed from this project can be put to use in various field of my job. MVP testingshould not only be a necessity for start-ups but something that every company should incorporate at some scaleto sustain in the market and develop their products and market further.

SWohmoe Ioafmm?y Projects 2. Email marketing campaigns “Email has an ability many channels dont: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” Purpose: Automate customer journey through different phases in the funnel, Lead nurturing and creating awareness Project: I have worked on two sep- arate projects while being responsible for email mar- keting. AT MSR, the main purpose for email mar- keting was to automate customer journey to push customers through various stages of the sales funnel. There was a series of auto- mation set in place from sending emails based on the candidate’s respective dream company to a fol- low-up email reminding them to schedule the ini- tial call. Here also, I did a lot of A/B testing to see which content or layout is the most influential. On the other hand, the main objective at Gloris was to create awareness and nurture leads. For ini- tial idea validation, differ- ent variations of emails were send out as cold emailing. After the initial clarity on the best performing layout and content, I setup the entire email marketing strategy around it.

Some of my ProjectsThe email marketing campaign was set up with Mailchimp initially, but later was migrated to Hubspot CRM. One of thebest performing template for email marketing had upto 70% open rate with a CTR of almost 20%.Proven Skills: Learnings:• Cold emailing With email marketing, it is easier to understand your customer as you have all• Marketing automation the data. Precise targeting options become easier and you can connect with• Omnichannel integration your customers by giving a personal touch. Using the template of candidate’s• Analytics and testing dream company showed tremendous results and made me aware of the possi-• Customer engagement bilities through email marketing. The results were again short term and mea-• Designing and copywriting surable, which allowed me to innovate, learn and grow.• Mailchimp• Hubspot CRM We saw quick transitions between the sales funnel and conversions due to our personalized email marketing campaign. I understood that it is of utmost im- portance to connect all the dots of your marketing campaigns and follow up, which is what we did through these campaigns.

SWohmoe Ioafmm?y Projects 3. Social Media Advertising Campaign “Social Media replaces nothing, yet complements everything.” Purpose: Multiple objectives like driving traffic, creating awareness, conversion and social media engagement. Project: This project had multiple objectives for both Gloris and MSR. Since the target audience for these campaigns were “Passive Job Seekers”, Twitter and Face- book were preferred social media options over LinkedIn. But to verify this hy- pothesis, I also tested with LinkedIn ads for a while. After several A/B tests, I came to the conclusion that LinkedIn and Facebook offered much better audience targeting option as it was possible to target based on job title. How- ever, LinkedIn ads costs were significantly higher than Facebook and so failed to provide a favorable ROI. On the other hand, Twitter only offered targeting based on interest which is not very accurate but CPC was lowest among all the platforms and generated the most traffic for a given budget and time frame. Thus, Facebook became our go to advertising platform for lead generation, while Twitter ads were used from time to time mostly for creating awareness and drive bulk traffic for landing page testing. YouTube ads were also used to support the video marketing campaign to create brand awareness. Various content was used from images, to GIF’s and meme’s and also videos. I also created a freebie providing ad to generate lead at awareness level of the marketing funnel. Not only did I experiment with different content type, but also the tone of the communication. Some advertisements were focused on creating brand awareness, whereas some in an amusingly light way tried to subconsciously trigger customer pain points (through GIF’s or meme’s). Although each campaign was strategically designed to meet the objective of the campaign, I also experimented with different ad objectives on these social media platforms. Conversion, Link clicks, Impressions and engagement were some of the different ad objectives I tried to determine the most cost efficient way to reach the ultimate objective.

Some of my Projects Facebook turned out to be the best social media platform for us due to its broad targeting options. The average CPC per generation on Facebook for MSR was less than 50 cents and less than 30 cents for Gloris. Whereas Twiiter was more suitable to drive bulk traffic to the website. The average reach for Twitter ads were 29k+ with a CTR of more than 5%. Twitter had the cheapest CPC among all social media channels with average CPC as less as 3 cents.Proven Skills:• ROI and CAC analysis• A/B testing• Audience segmentation• Targeting and retargeting• Budgeting• Attribution• CreativityLearnings:This project was fun because I got to use my creative skills. I learned that it is much easier toconnect with your audience on social media with a relatively informal form of communi-cation. The amusing approach using GIF’s and Meme’s brought about best results becauseit put viewers in a lighter and positive frame of mind, thereby lowering the barrier to con-nect. Another advantage of using GIF’s and meme’s was that it helped me as a marketer tocommunicate more in very few words. I learnt the importance of accurate audience seg-mentation, optimizing objectives and the subtle art of balancing the two facets. I can nowconfidently devise cost effective social media advertising strategies to accomplish variousobjectives throughout the marketing funnel. Also, I have learnt to use different attribution models to accredit variousmarketing activities for the impact on ultimate objective and realized why attribution is necessary as well as helpful.I also implemented what I learnt from Email marketing campaign here and tried to use the dream company personaltouch, to see it have a tremendous success rate. This also made me aware to never shy down from experimentation,as long as you learn something from it. And most importantly, I learnt the lesson of budget allocation for differentprojects and how to make the most using minimum possible resource, which is a necessity for any company acrossevery industry.

OWthhoerI Pamr?ojects 4. Blog and video marketing “No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” Purpose: Blogs focused on lead generation for awareness funnel where as video marketing focused on brand awareness for consideration funnel. Different blogs:

Other ProjectsProven Skills:• SEO• Video editing• Storytelling• Great communication skills• Video optimization• Community management• YouTube advertisingDifferent videos:

WhaotIoatmh?ers say about me? “Developed several marketing plans for our company that has resulted in improved process and reduction of costs”I have known Sushant Raj for the past year while he has Aron Schilderbeen working as a Digital Marketing Manager for my com-pany Mijn Sales Recruiter. I have been consistently im- Founderpressed by both Sushant’s attitude towards his work and his Mijn Sales Recruiter & Glorisperformance on the job. Phone: + 31-6-21819039Besides being a fun to work with, Sushant is a take charge Mail: [email protected] who is able to present creative ideas and commu- Linkedin: the benefits. He has successfully developed severalmarketing plans for our company that has resulted in im-proved process and reduction of cost.Apart from the academic qualification possessed and sub-ject matter knowledge, Sushant also has leadership quali-ties. He has supervised many projects wherein he has show-cased his skills of creativity, smart-work and leadershipwhich are key attributes making him worthy as a marketingassociate.He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems anddevise viable solutions. His ability to remain unflusteredduring frenzied periods proves his ability to work well underpressure.I recommend him for employment without reservation.Please let me know if you need further information.Sincerely,Aron Schilder

What others say about me? “Hard-working, humble, broad interests, calm, good listener, curious, friendly, intelligent, born leader. “ Sushant is one of the most intelligent people I know. I have had the opportunity to work with him as a team member as well as his mentor. He has a unique capa- bility to listen, understand and remember things with absolute clarity. He knows how to apply his knowledge into practice and he has the ability to connect different pieces of information and convert them into new ideas and insights.Sudip Roy His strong analytical and problem-solving skills are of his best assets and his dynamic interpersonal skills makeMBA, SCMHRD him an ideal team player. His communication and pre- sentation skills on the other hand ensure that he cap-Previously: Systems engineer, TCS tures attention of the audience and comes across very clear. Some keywords that remind me of Sushant: hard-work- ing, humble, broad interests, calm, good listener, curi- ous, friendly, intelligent, born leader.Phone: +91 9765163184 Sincerely,Mail:[email protected] Sudip RoyLinkedin:

WhaotIoatmh?ers say about me?“I have seen him learn to give a definitive shape to a raw ideaby combing theoretical knowledge with practical research and discussions.“I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for SushantRaj. I have known Sushant since May 2016, when he startedworking on his master’s thesis under my guidance, during ourInternational MBA. As his professor and his guide, I have had anopportunity to observe and evaluate his academic prowess aswell as his business acumen. Sushant is highly visionary and hasproven that through hard work, follow through, and team work,he can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner.I got an idea of his passion for marketing when he approachedme for guidance with his thesis project which was about devel-oping a business plan for a digital library. He was able to use hisexperience as a student combined with the MBA knowledge toidentify the need gap in the Netherlands and converting it intoa business opportunity.More importantly, he possesses a regard for businesses thatDr. Ronald Jeurissenserve social purposes rather than simply as a source of income.I have seen him learn to give a definitive shape to a raw ideaN B Uby combing theoretical knowledge with practical research and yenrode usiness niversitydiscussions. He has learned to use the challenges faced to draw Phone: + 31-6-21982176useful insights and trigger personal growth. Mail: [email protected],Prof. Dr Ronald Jeurissen

What makes me interesting?Master of Business Administration andDiploma in Global Business ManagementMarketing and data junkeeWork hard and party harderPassionate about CricketTravel EnthusiastAdventurousNature LoverFitness FreakBook WormArtist

Utrecht, The Netherlands 633442148 @[email protected] sushantraj0401

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