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Youth Report October 2020

Published by Catriona Coyle, 2020-10-09 12:33:37

Description: Youth Report October 2020


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LONDONDERRY YMCA Centre Based Youth Worker II. Management committee Report. 19/10/2020 Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2019/20 Youth Programme Outcomes Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2019/20 Youth Programme Outcomes Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2019/20 Youth Programme Outcomes Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2019/20 Youth Programme Outcomes Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2019/20 Youth Project Delivered. youth intervention programme delivered YMCA Community, Community Conflict, Diversionary Activities Lawfulness Programme delivered to target Young people youth intervention programme delivered Tullyally Community, Community Conflict, Diversionary Activities adult volunteers Engage in identified training to develop skills, All new staff and volunteers engage in an induction activity. Arts and cultural programme to young people from a target Body Image Programme delivered to a targeted group of young people Co Design summer intervention for Tullyally community group young people Co Design summer intervention for YMCA group young people Deliver a 4 week summer programme in the month of July for young people age 4-11. Deliver a 6 week Anger management for young people age 12-18 Deliver a 6 week Internet safety for young people age 9-12 Deliver a 6 week Resilience programme for young people age 9-12 Deliver a 6 week self-awareness programme for young people age 12-18 T:buc programme to targeted young people age 12-17 (Main Focus Community Relations) Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2019/20 Youth Project Delivered. Ocn Level 2 certificate in youth work practice Develop youth advisory Board Establish a junior committee within the organisation Healthy Relationships Inclusion Scheme further developed and delivered in the Altnagelvin Ward. Life skills Programme One trainee student supported through Community youth work Degree part time staff Develop opportunities Secure youth intervention programme 2 funding to delivered a programme for Girls Self esteem programme Social action project Level 1 Peer mentor programme Lisneal college OCN level 2 personal success and wellbeing certificate programme within Lisneal College OCN level 2 Vocational skills programme within Lisneal College Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Staffing Studentship Scheme Part Time Staff Volunteers Ciara McKeever, Completed Degree Ciara Mckeever, Katie Austin, April with a 2.1 honours Degree in Melissa Wray Courtney Hetherington Youth and Community Work Mark Duddy, Eoin Coyle, Sarah McElhinney Patrick Maguire Lauren Kee, Megan McKeown Enya Clarke Louise Duddy, Jodie Gillispie David McElhinney We said a fond farewell to the following staff Charlea Milligan who was with us for a shot time. Andrew Pollack who had been part of the team from January and Catherine Coyle who had progressed from Volunteer to part time worker within the last four years, her present will be greatly missed by the young people and the staff team. Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Delivery Our new year 2020/21 has been so different for all others, as from the 19 March 2020, generic youth services were stood down by the Minister for Education in line with school closures and in response to PHA guidance as a result of COVID-19. During this time our focus change to online engagement via Zoom, Facebook and facebook groups, delivering of the eat well live well packs, a very limited summer Intervention programmes. The following is an overview of the delivery, Completion of OCN L2 Certificate in Vocational Skills project in Lisneal College, with Five young people gaining full Award, and one student gaining three of the units as the family moved. Movement of Personal Success and Wellbeing OCN to Online using google Classroom with Group from Lisneal College. Which proved to be very challenging to get young people engaged, Have resumed the project in the School with a very tight delivery plan in place to ensure young people are provide the best opportunity to achieve the qualification. Facebook and social media present, with staff on board to support engagement via facebook, tiktok, instagram youtube, we had activities, Quiz, staff videos,and positive affirmations posting regularly up to August. I would like to Thank staff for their contributions to the post but especially Catherine who over seen all the online activities during this time. Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Delivery Junior Zoom Online, From April to July the staff team engaged a cumulative total of 69 young people, who participated in a variety of online interactive activities. The feedback for the young people and parents was very positive during this difficult time as young people were missing contact with friends and the youth club. Senior Zoom and Playstation Online the engagement with this age group was more challenging, engaged a cumulative total of 37 young people. Care Packs, EA youth service funding we delivered 65 pks to members to support mental wellbeing, and hygiene poverty. Eat Well Live Well Packs EA youth service funding scheme providing packs to young people in need from our members, during April - June weekly delivery started at 29 and by the end we were delivering 32 packs to young people in need. July and August we started delivering 32 which increased to 40 packs. Summer Scheme in a bag Funding received from Halifax Fund, which enabled us to deliver 206 activity packs to our members who would usually attend our summer schemes. The funding also support a Character walk about within the local areas, which was well received in all the different areas. The feedback from both these events was very positive and parents were very thankfully teh effort put in by Staff. Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Delivery Summer Intervention Programme: We provided two summer intervention projects, within YMCA, Tullyally and Currynierin, The Currynierin programme was supported through both our intervention funding and the planned intervention funding in which we were successful in securing £900 in total. Number of young people of key workers engaged in programmes, YMCA 12 ,Tullyally 6 Number of targeted young people aged 9 – 13 engaged in programmes, YMCA 28 Tullyally 12 Number of other young people engaged in programmes YMCA 8 Tullyally 17 Number of programme hours provided YMCA 26, Tullyally 38 YMCA Summer Camp in: Was a closed facebook group activity where we had a evenings activity planned for the families to participate in from 5:30-10:00 pm, the activities included nature craft, snack wars, game activities, family quiz, Disco, bedtime meditation and ghost stories and many prizes given out. We had engagement with 14 families during the event and the feedback was very positive from parents and young people. Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Funding The following is a list of the funding applied for from March, EA New Funding Scheme, progressed through to stage 2 in three applications. Closing 30/10/2020. Halifax Foundation, Successful Summer Scheme in a bag. £2,000 Covid19 Community foundation, Successful however removed as we had secured the halifax funding Western Area Outcomes Group 2019/20 Small Grants Scheme; Successful still to completed due to covid. £1,100 EA Restart funding, Successful, New project call My Time to be delivered between Oct and March 2021, employing an youth support Leader in Charge 25hrs post, and two Assistant Youth Support worker post 8hr week. Project will support young people with their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, offering both group work and one to one sessions. £16,850.42 ESB Covid 19 emergency Fund Successful, funding received to support Lisneal College to purchase white boards for the pupils to support with Covid restrictions. £1,000 Tampon Tax Funding a waiting response, Mentoring project in partnership with YMCA NI, England & Wales. Live Here Love Here Small Grants Scheme. Unsuccessful. Henderson Group Unsuccessful. Tesco Bag For Life: Awaiting outcome Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Programme Restart; All Covid19 guidelines and response plans have been put in place,Staff completed Covid19 awareness training, return to work declaration form and return to work meeting. We have re open or youth programme doors with a very different look to it, as we can only deliver target work to small groups of young people, programme is; Monday night 14+ age group junior leader training, Tuesday P5-P7, Shadow projection project, Wellness works Craft , Wellness works Activities, Wednesday John Muir awards, Year 9-11, Thursday Circus skills and Social skills through movies Year 8-10, Friday Reconnect year 11+ . T:buc Seniors Tue, Tbuc Year 8 Wednesday. School based Work Wednesday Membership: We are changing over to upshot management tool, which will support with reporting on programme outcomes alongside all other admin related task within the youth programme. New Registration will commence 16/10/2020 which will provide a more up to date account of our membership.Our Registar at present has 411 members. Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

2020/21 Youth Programme Staff Training/Development Staff continue to keep their training up to date, with 7 staff completing ACE’c level 1 and Level 2 training, Youth staff training, Covid19 awareness training. Child protection issues. During this time we have had no issues to report on, we have developed our Working online policy, and Vulnerable Adults Policy. , Quality Assurance. We continue to monitor all our activities and administration in accordance with our QAF framework, linking with Gillian YMCA Ireland, who provides advice and support when required. Stakeholder Meetings: All meetings have been attend via Zoom where at all possible, linking with Currynierin and Tullyally re the new funding process, attending the common ground steering group meetings, T:buc partnership meetings, and UNI placement meetings. Budget We have funding through to end of March 2021, Lisa and myself monitor it regularly EA supplied funding £1000 towards, PPE, sanitizers and cleaning associated with covid19. Londonderry YMCA Ltd NI643709

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