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Published by hsacks, 2018-12-18 11:38:26

Description: 2018 Axalta Strategic Segment Brochure


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A better wayof doing business.

You will experience theAxalta difference of Quality,Performance, Conversionand Service to help fuelyour growth; improve shopperformance; and reinforceyour strong culture acrossyour organization.

QUALITY Spies Hecker® The Most Productive and Streamlined Refinish System We understand how important low cycle times, high color accuracy and superior finish quality are to your business’ profitability. So we’ve designed all of our Spies Hecker® products with those goals in mind. Plus, with Spies Hecker® you’ll enjoy a streamlined system with fewer SKUs and a price point that can help you hit your Paint and Material Profitability targets. Basecoats Most Productive Waterborne and Industry-Leading Solventborne Whether you choose waterborne or solventborne basecoats, we offer great options to match your preferences. Permahyd® Hi-TEC Waterborne Basecoat A waterborne basecoat that offers great results in less time. • H igher pigment concentration F ull coverage in 1.5 coats • Quick water release No flashing between coats Permacron® Solventborne Basecoat A solventborne basecoat that is the industry standard in color match. • Fewer coats to achieve coverage • Unlimited pot life • Unlimited recoat window

Undercoats Permasolid® HS Premium Surfacer 5310 A high-quality 2K acrylic surfacer that can boost your productivity through more efficient application. Permasolid® Spectro Sealer 5450 A premium 2K, high-solids, low-VOC sealer that can be mixed for application as a wet-on-wet sealer, underhood color or flexible sealer for plastic repairs.Clearcoats Performance GlamourExpressPermasolid® Permacron® Permasolid®Air Dry Clearcoat 8094 MS Clearcoat 8180 HS Clearcoat 8035Hardeners and ReducersStreamlined System Reduces SKUsSpies Hecker® primers, sealers and clearcoats all use the same set of hardeners and reducers,minimizing SKUs while delivering the best results in a wide range of conditions.Reducers 3365 3363 8580 Cold Fast Hot Small Area Slow Large AreaHardeners 3245 3240 3230 3220

Spies Hecker® A Leader in OEM Approvals We know that approval for warranty work is crucial to the success of your business. So we’re proud to say that Spies Hecker® meets the approval requirements of the world’s top car manufacturers. Our products give you the green light to fix almost any make or model your workflow providers send to you. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re repairing, when you choose Spies Hecker®, you’ll likely be approved for warranty work. OEM ApprovalsQUALITY

Performance Management Axalta understands your performance needs and delivers on them. Our Performance Management Process is well resourced, focused and disciplined.PERFORMANCE Resourced Performance Disciplined Performance Management Management We support your business with the following Performance consistency is key to your personnel resources: success. Our process-driven Performance Strategic Account Manager Management Process is consistent, scalable Responsible for managing all activities between and largely automated. Axalta, your team and distribution partners, Measurement including: Our fully automated P&M Scorecard helps you identify areas for improvement and • Paint and Material (P&M) Profitability shifts the focus from data collection to • Performance Team coordination data-informed action. Performance Team Road Map Responsible for support activities, including: We offer a step-by-step implementation process for P&M gross profit improvements. • P&M Profitability improvement • Shop cycle-time improvement Education • Work and quality control standards Our suite of training modules provides online and on-site training. We employ the largest technical team of any automotive paint supplier. Group Learning Our Performance Specialists encourage peer-to- Responsible for: peer discussions and best practices sharing. • Technical SOP implementation • Product introduction/discontinuation • New shop conversion/integration

Focused Performance ManagementOur Performance Management Process is built around five focus areas: P&M Gross Profit We support you with tools for data, coding, cleansing, analysis and ongoing controls to deliver P&M Profitability. • P&M KPI tracker and automated P&M Scorecard • Technical audits and collaborative implementation plans • Painter roundtable guides and eLearning modules SOP Implementation We help you build location-to-location consistency for overall cycle-time improvement. • Cycle-time tracking, assessment and scorecard tools • eLearning and instructor-led training Estimatics Improvement We assist you with increasing same-store sales through improved scorecard performance. • Estimate calibration, auditing and training • M anagement and estimating system reporting Top-Line Sales Growth We provide resources that can help you increase top-line sales through insurance agent and consumer-targeted actions. • K PI identification • M arketing and sales plan development • Continuing Education program for insurance agents • GMaps to identify geographic growth opportunities Leadership Development We connect you with strategies and tools for finding the right people, setting realistic goals for them and enabling them to perform their best. • L eadership assessment • Tools and resources library

CONVERSION Conversion Overview Axalta understands that a successful conversion means eliminating disruptions to ensure no loss of production. Our proven four-step conversion process includes the following stages: 1 | Planning We’ll make sure everything is in place for conversion and work with your team to address any questions. Shop Review Identify each location’s equipment needs Conversion Plan Identify resource needs by location, plan implementation timeline and align on proposed schedule P re-Conversion Meeting Review conversion plan with your personnel, Axalta and your servicing distributor and adjust as required 2 | Installation We’ll make sure that “all systems are go” on day one so there won’t be any distractions during your employees’ two-week on-site training. Equipment Installation Receive all equipment shipped to the location and ensure that it is properly installed and working prior to day one Inventory Setup Receive all products and make sure they are properly organized and set up prior to day one

3 | On-Site TrainingWe’ll make sure your employees are familiar with the new products,tools and procedures.On-Site TrainingHands-on review of products and processes to solidify consistencythroughout the organizationPrep Tech TrainingFocus on surface preparation and plasticsPaint Tech TrainingFocus on training Paint Techs in topcoats, blending, two-tone,three-stage, color matching and plastics4 | Certification & Follow-UpWe’ll conduct a formal review process to ensure that your employees arecertified and knowledgeable in all key areas.Certification ChecklistEnsure employees are skilled in all topics reviewed during the two-weekon-site trainingFollow-Up ScheduleEstablish a mutually agreeable, periodic business and service review schedule

SERVICE PBE Exchange Meet Axalta’s Customizable and Streamlined Ordering System Axalta’s PBE Exchange is a secure, customizable web-based ordering system for both paint and allied products. PBE Exchange is designed to help you reduce administrative expenses and control your material costs. It integrates easily with your current IT systems. Bar Codes Bar code scanning capabilities for paint and allied products can improve order accuracy and efficiency. No need to buy expensive scanners—our mobile app can be installed on any iOS or Android device. SKU Management The PBE Exchange Ordering System enables you to work with a restricted SKU portfolio for paint and allied products and the defined account pricing, helping ensure ordering and pricing consistency. Electronic Invoicing & Payment Enjoy the convenience of electronic invoicing for paint and allied products, as well as electronic fund transfer (EFT) for payments and rebates.

Budget ControlEstablish a monthly budget for liquid and allied products. Trackpurchases against budget in real time and receive notificationswhenever a location goes over budget.Inventory ManagementPBE Exchange also tracks and manages inventory for paint andallied products. The system uses a min/max methodology andincludes a “smart cart” feature for easy inventory replenishment.The system is designed to use mix data to create a “smart cart”for paint products replenishment. For allied products, the systemuses standard inventory levels based on shop size and orderfrequency to create a “smart cart” for products replenishment.Both ways, purchases are aligned with consumption, minimizingexcess inventory.

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