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Published by satt37, 2018-01-15 03:54:48

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MACHINE / Electrical Machine WorkstationINSTRUMENTMODEL Lab – Volt BRAND Lab – VoltYEAR OF 6PURCHASE 1996 UNIT TATI/1996/22SERIAL NO. - TAGGINGLOCATION Electrical Machine Lab, FTKEA1. INTRODUCTION This workstation as a power supply to supply single and three phase electrical voltage and current. It’s supply electrical in direct current, alternative current, fix and variable. This workstation can also fit with any component were suitable with the experiment.2. SPECIFICATIONS • Power supply 1 phase and 3 phase. • Power supply 240VDC (Fix and Variable). • Power supply 240VAC and 415VAC (Fix and Variable). • Power supply 24VAC.

3. FUNCTIONS This workstation is to use to run experiment which involves Electromechanical, Industrial Motor Control, Power Electronic and Data Acquisition Interface, Control of Synchronous and Servo, AC and DC Motor.4. COURSES INVOLVE • Diploma in Industrial Automation Engineering (Mechatronics) • Diploma in Industrial Automation Engineering (Electronics & Instrumentation) • Diploma in Industrial Automation (Computer Integrated System) • Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (Tool and Die Design) • Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (Tool and Die Making) • HND in Electrical / Electronics Engineering • Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Tooling) • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Honours) (Mechatronics) • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Robotics and Automation) • Skill Enhancement Programmes (SSM)5 SUPERVISOR / CO-ORDINATORBIL NAME POSITION E-MAIL PHONE NO.1 Mohd Yusri bin Mohd HOD [email protected] 013-394 3216 Yusop2 Zulkarnain Lubis Lecturer [email protected] 017-910 34873 Samat bin Abu Bakar Tech. Assist [email protected] 019-915 15176. REMARKS -7. SUPPLIER NAME / WEBSITE HISCO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd


MACHINE / Pneumatics workstation BRAND Lucas NullerINSTRUMENT SO seriesMODELYEAR OF 2007 UNITS 4 setPURCHASESERIAL NO. - TAGGING TATI/2007/22519 Power electronic and drive laboratory , FTKEA New BuildingLOCATION1. INTRODUCTION • This equipment used for two learning section, one for power electronic learning and one for drive learning. • Power electronic section has two main studies; one for ac to dc analysis and one for dc analyses. We have all types’ rectifier and chopper. • Drive section also has two main studies, one for motor controlled and one for motor characteristic analysis. Theses involved many type of motors such as dc motor, single phase and three phase motor, universal motor and capacitor motor. • To ensure the incoming voltage is always stable, we added one stabilizer at every work station.

2. SPECIFICATONS I=4.4A , F=140HZ RPM=4050, U=390V , P=1.7kW ( 4Nm ) Servobrake/Servodrive Se2663-6a U=230V/400V , RPM =1400, I=1.7A F=50Hz 415V , 210V , I=6A , 250V I=10A variable 3 Phase Induction Motor Se 2663-K Power Supply Se3212-5u Torque=1Nm RPM=2000, U=415V Digital Control Unit For Servobrake So3636- 6r U=230V , OUTPUT=300V Frequency Converter So3636-5d 200ohm,200V , 300W Brake Resistor So3636-5v SIEMEN, U=415V Soft Starter So3636-5q U=15VDC , RATED MEASURE 600V,2.5A Differential Amplifier So3636-2v OUTPUT=15V,2A DC Power Supply So3536-1a 15VDC Universal Control Unit So3636-1a3 Phase Isolating Transformer So3636-2g 220VDC, OUTPUT=94VACRlC-Load So3636-2a 1.2H, 270 ohm/ 30W, 2.2microfahrad/350VCurrent Converter So3636-1fAnalog/Digital Multimeter So5127-1z : 600v/20aStar/Delta Switch So3212-2d U=400VAC, R1=1kiloohm R2=2200ohmOut Off Switch 4pole So3212-1w U=500V, OUTPUT=415V, I=4A, 15E18-01 VST3-Universal Last/Load So3212-6w 4, f=50-60HzQPS Automatic Voltage StabilizerComputer Set3. FUNCTION Practical exercises or laboratory experimentation involved with power electronic and electrical motor can do using this equipment. We can record and analyzed the experiment easily because this equipment was direct interface with computer system. This equipment suitable for PhD and Master Level.4. COURSES INVOLVE • Diploma in Industrial Automation Engineering (Mechatronics) • Diploma in Industrial Automation Engineering (Electronics & Instrumentation)

5. SUPERVISOR / CO-ORDINATORBIL NAME POSITION E-MAIL PHONE NO.1. Mohd Shamsul B. Ali Instructor [email protected] 013 – 973 47566. REMARK This machine is using high voltage (415V). Hence, user safety should be taking seriously. Usually, this machine could also cause sudden high voltage result by internal component kown as ‘Inductor’ and ‘Generator’. Therefore, appllication procedures should be taken into consideration under experienced instructor supervise and technician.7. SUPPLIER NAME / WEBSITE http://www.lucas-nuelle.deSISWA SETIA SDN. BHD.

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