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Published by asad.aurak, 2018-07-07 04:32:54

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STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18RASHAAWUONRDD AFROFMULLER I’ll try to keep this brief. The faces you see here are some of the ones who’ve chosen to rock with me from day 1. I thank you for being customers and most of all I thank you for seeing my vision to the point where you’d want to wear it! You all mean so much to me.And to my son Pierce. My dude. Thank you for your patience, love & kindness.And thank for you ALWAYS BELIEVING in me. When God paired us together it was a perfect match. You are the love that I thought I was missing in this world. I can’t wait to see you take your place in the world. Your presencemakes a difference for the GOOD! You matter. Always have and ALWAYS WILL!To my family, friends, fr-amily and community. I love you all. For real. For those in close proximity to me, I know it’s been hard watching find my wayyet again. I can only imagine what it’s been like watching someone you love lose themselves completely. Especially someone that you ONLY know to bestrong and could take just about anything. And when my human side showed up and the cape fell off, all you could do was love me through it. And for that, I’m forever grateful to you ALL. You KNOW who you are. I love you.For real. Now let’s watch God, take those broken pieces and turn them into a MASTERPIECE! Love you all...for


STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18STATEMENT TEES & THINGS PRESENTS, LIFE ON A TEE SIDE A SIDE B God is My GPS™ Petty Ain’t Pretty, #Glowup™ Spiritually Dope™ GlowUP™ So Be It™, #LetItGo Baby, I’m a Classic™ Too Dope To Be Someone’s Option™ Vibe Like Old School R & B™ Too Dope To Commit To A CONVENIENCEship™ I Ain’t About That Petty Life™, #GlowUP #NotYourOption Just Love™ My Footprints Became Their Blueprints™ Good Heart™ Always a Go Getter, Never a Gold Digger™ Forever Unaplogetically Dope™ Spirit So Dope, Got’em Cravin’ My Vibes™ Easy to love, Hard to get™ Always be leveling Up™ Don’t Disrupt My #GlowUp™ You Can’t Compete W/a Woman Who Only If It Ain’t Love & Light, It Ain’t Right™ Competes W/ Herself™, #Unbothered Self Love Is Dope™ Father+I=1, #NoSeparation Ridculously Dope Soul™

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