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Published by asad.aurak, 2018-07-07 04:32:54

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STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 NOTE FROM THE CREATORRASHAUNDA FULLERThank you God for keeping every single MarketPlace & MORE. But even with allpromise that was ever made. I started this of this, my dream never wavered. I stilljourney a long time ago but had to put my wanted my own apparel line. And with asdream on pause in order to experience what many different designers & lines out there,I needed in order to do this thing in my I knew that I was supposed to do somethingown unique way. Thank you for the gift of different. And after experiencing manycreative intelligence. I hope to always use highs and lows, I knew just how I wanted toit in a manner that allows people to see you do it. I wanted to put my life on a tee. Thethrough me. same way that musicians put their lives in a song. I wanted to place my experiences & myEverything that I do is an expression of POV on my apparel in hopes that it wouldsomething. And I promise to always try grab the attention of those who could relateto make that something good. My love & to me just as music grabs our attention. Andgratitude forever. as a former singer/songwriter, that part was easy peasy.Hey there,Thank you for downloading my Lookbook! I So heads up, I use music as a constantcan’t believe I just typed the words, “my inspiration in all of my work. And in AugustLookbook”! It’s been a long time coming. Since of 2017 I created my first few designs and2008/09 to be exact. I started off as A.M.D. quietly placed them on Instagram to seeTees. Which stood for ambition, motivation, who’d bite. It was a slow start but I startedand determination. Not long after the start getting traction which let me know that Iof my journey, I was redirected via God, was on to something. People were feeling it!whom I call my “inner GPS” to a entirelydifferent path. And here we are, nearly a year later and I’ve completed my very first line! I’m soAlthough I trusted the process & followed excited to share it with you! I literally putthat path, deep down I knew I’d always it all out there.“My life on a tee”. I hopecome back to my vision of having my own that you can find a design that you canmotivational apparel line. relate to just like your fave song! Thanks for stopping by.Thank God I listened to his redirection. Andbecause of that, I was able to go beyond my And remember, I love you...for real. Happywildest dreams and became a social media Shopping!consultant/trainer, coauthor & professionalspeaker.That path lead me to being featured onBloomberg Businessweek, Black Enterprise,CBS Radio, Sirius XM,, MarketWatch,

SIDE A God is My GPS™ Spiritually Dope™ So Be It™, #LetItGo Baby, I’m a Classic™ Vibe Like Old School R & B™ I Ain’t About That Petty Life™, #GlowUP Just Love™ Good Heart™ Forever unaplogetically Dope™ Easy to love, Hard to get™ Always be leveling Up™You Can’t Compete W/a Woman Who Only Competes W/ Herself™, #Unbothered Self Love Is Dope™

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 GOD IS MYSTORY TIME GPS™It has been my personal experience in life that I’m constantly being guidedby something greater than me. And for me, I call it God. And no matter whereI Am in life, I can tap into this guidance and ask for help. It doesn’t matterif I’ve taken a wrong turn, or perhaps I’ve made a u-turn and went back intoa place that I know I should no longer be, or perhaps, I’ve ignored the guide altogether thinking that I didn’t need God’s help, whatever the case it’snever too late. You can always ask for guidance. And just like an actual GPS system, God will route or re-route you to your next destination in life. Sonever think that you’ve gone to far or done too much. God is always with you waiting to guide you through. All you’ve got do is ask. Now I present, my “God is my GPS™” collection. Enjoy!

“ Because “You Can ALWAYS Ask for Guidance

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18SPIRITUSATORLY TLIMYE DOPE™Have you ever met someone who’s vibe, energy and overall presence is simply a joy to be around? I’m talking about the kinda person who attracts people like honey to a bee. Well, I’ve met many people like this and they’ve come from all walks of life. They’re the ones who’s hearts are filled with some much love and light that you can’t help but want to be around them. To me,this goes beyond religion. Because I’ve found that no matter what religion a person claims to represent and no matter how great they may be at quotingtext and following rules, that can never replace the love and light of God. That energy can’t be taught or mimicked. It’s just there.In my lifetime, I’ve been told that I have a great spirit about myself. I try to be just an overall good person. And I don’t take that lightly. My aunt used to tell me, “Baby, your life may be the only Bible that some people will ever read.” Well, if that’s the case, I’m grateful to have the energy that I have and if I’m lucky enough to be like even an ounce of her then I’ know that I’m “Spiritually Dope™”. WhenHYonoeuyr tEonaerBgeyeis LikeDesign available in both women’s & men’s apparel. Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18SO BE IT™STORY TIME #LETITGO William Ray Jones Jr. AKA “Daddy” Feb. 1 1947- Jan. 27 2004 This design is extremely special to me because it’s one of my favorite quotes from my dad. “So be it” was his reply to just about everything. Unfortunately when he used it, it was in a lot more of a colorful manner LOL. It was his way of saying,that he could care less about ANYTHING. Only with a lot of curse words included. My brothers and I have a story that we share of our most memorable “So be it” moment with Daddy but for sake of time and decency, I won’t go into it LOL.Let’s just say that his philosophy about anything that he didn’t give a darn about or couldn’t change was “So be it, what shall be shall be”. And throughout my life,I’ve learned to adapt this mindset. Life comes with all sorts of twists & turns andwhenever I feel myself getting all twisted and turned with it, I remind myself of what my daddy would say. “So be it , Shauna. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. You called me with the problem. Now go find the solution.” And just like that I release what I can’t control and I handle what I can. Thanks Daddy, missing you always. Love,

Women’s Fitted Tees Unisex Women’s Tanks“It’s funny I was deciding what to wear today and deep in thought about an issue I’m dealing with. As I was deep in thought my boyfriend handed me the package...low and behold it was this shirt. #letitgo and So Be It that’s exactly what I did. It seemed very fitting.” ~Andrea A., Customer

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18BABY, I’MSTORAY TIMCE LASSIC™ No story needed! But there is a message. In a word full of trends and “pop” music like personas, it’s a rarity to meet someone who is more like a timeless, classic song. Sure, trends are hot, but the classics are worth more and stand the test of time. Trends come a dime a dozen but a true classic, is hard to come by. So in a world full of people who are mere replicas of what they see around them, don’t be afraid to be YOU. ‘Cause Baby, you’re a classic!Tees & Hoodies Available in unisex styles. Available in tees & tanks in various

“ I~LDOaVnEnymCy.tee! “

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18“ This tank feels better than ALL “ of my other workout tanks! I will be ordering more”. ~Lori V Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 MESSAGE TIMEFOREVER UNDAOPPOEL™OGETICALLY for·ev·er adverb “for all future time; for always.” un·a·pol·o·get·i·cal·ly adverb “in a manner that does not acknowledge or express regret.” dope adjective “cool, nice, awesome” ”It took me a long time to become comfortable standing in my own light. God gave me a lot of gifts and I used to hide them. Now, I’m grateful for the doors that they’ve opened up for me. I refuse to apologize for the way that I shine. That light that you see is the God in me.” ~RaShaunda FullerAvailable in tees & tanks in various

Acknwowomleadng’sinsghianneother won’t dim your light!

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 MESSAGE TIMEEASY TO LOVE, HARD TO GET™ For the woman who strives to love everyone but, who also understands that not just ANYONE will know how to love her. She’s got a great big heart, with a big old fence around it. If she chooses to let you in, know that in her eyes, she feels safe with you. Never take that for granted, not many can say that they’ve gotten beyond her gate. Her genuine heart is her most powerful possession. And she knows that she’s responsible for who she allows to hold it. While many will try, only one will succeed. A spirit like hers is easy to love, but a woman like her is hard to get.Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 MESSAGE TIMEALWAYS BUEPL™EVELING While self love and self appreciation should always be at the center of your being, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to evolve and grow as needed. Staying the same isn’t an option when it comes to your growth. You should always be leveling up in every aspect of your

The GlowUpContinues...

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 MESSAGE TIMEI AIN’TLAIFBEO™,U#TGTLOHWAUTPPETTY Please don’t shoot the messenger! There’s been a trend for some time now of women who celebrate and boast about their pettiness. It’s really disturbing when by definition the worldpetty means childish. Who’d boasts about that? I’ll tell you who, an unhealed heart. And how do I know this? Because, my heart isn’t 100% healed from allthat it’s experienced in my lifetime. So, I recognize when someone’s operatingout of that space. Except, I try not to let that play out in a way that hurts others. In truth, pettiness is just woundedness. To the point where a person can’t even control it. So just like children, they resort to pettiness in an effort to get their point across. But sadly children don’t know of another way, and to know that there are adults who are sitting right beside them saying, “me either” kid, just saddens me. I think we can do better. As women we already have many stereotypes to overcome. And to brag about willingly operating out of your wounds isn’t cute nor do most women have time for it. As for me, I avoid having close relationships with women who let me know they they act out of that space. I’ve got enough going on. I don’t need to worry about those willingly live a petty life.Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 “““ JUST LOVE“™Thehoodiesarelit! I loavnKedeiltsl,yothPis.e,tCfhitueismstoPamtEeeRrriaFlE.”CT,STORY TIME So anyone who knows me knows that I love God with all of my heart. Don’t share my same sentiments? That’s okay. I do what works for me. And what works for me is to JUST LOVE. For me, the point of it all no matter what religion you subscribe if any at all, is to JUST LOVE! Sadly fear has taken over many religious narratives to the point wheremany people are unknowingly operating out of their fears vs. love. And the only thing that fear can do is change behavior. Only love can transform the mind and heart. And out of transformed mind and heart, naturally ourbehavior towards God (if you believe), ourselves and ultimately one another changes. This is why JUST LOVE means so much to me. Fear hasn’t helped us progress one bit. And I think it’s high time we all learned to “Just Love™”.Design available in both women’s & men’s apparel. Available in tees & tanks in various


STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 GOODSTORHY TIEMEART™ Rare share: So there was this time in my life where I contemplated becoming a cold and care less type of woman. After you’ve experienced heart break to the degree that I did, you’ll consider just about anything if it meant that you’d never have to hurt like that again. And by observation, I concluded that the women who appeared to care less about a man’s heart were the ones who looked like they were “winning” in life. The ones who onlythought about themselves appeared to be the ones that the men longed for the most. Well I’m the total opposite of that. I couldn’t break a man’s heart if you paid me to. I’m not perfect by all means but I just don’t have it in me to hurt someone. That said, I was struggling tremendously with what I was experiencing and on a few occasions, I had my mom there to remind me that that was not how I wanted to be. Women who are like that don’t win in the end. Karma has it’s way of dealing with all of us. So my best bet was to not allow the situation to change me for the worse. Even though at that time, I felt like it was my “good heart” and foolishness thatcontributed to my own heartbreak, I couldn’t see why I’d want a heart like mine. Especially, not if someone could be so careless with it. But after much time and a lot of work, I was FINALLY able to receive my mothers advice.Hearts like mine are rare. And just because someone has the inability to see it or the wisdom to know how to handle it doesn’t mean that I should change itThere are people who feel that they literally have to pray for a heart like mine. And there I was ready to throw mine away simply because someone chose to not honor the “God in me”.Because that is who my heart is a refection of...God. And anyone who can’t at least honor Him in me sounds like they have a bigger issue than what I was faced with. So here’s to those who have a “Good heart™”. Just make sure that you learn how to guard it with a big fence! “Let NOTHING/NO ONE change your heart! You’ve got a ‘Good Heart’™”! ~My

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 MESSAGE TIME YOU CAN’T COMPETE W/AWOMAN WHO ONLY COMPETES W/ HERSELF™, #UNBOTHERED The only woman I’m looking to beat at anything is me. As long as I vow to always be better than the woman I was yesterday then I have nothing toworry about. By working to improve upon myself as needed, I stand to always reach my many destinies in life. Beating out any “outside competition” is just a byproduct of always working to improve myself. Worrying about what another woman is doing is not only a waste of energybut it’s also a clear sign that I believe in her abilities more than I believe in my own. And if I were to do this then, I’d be allowing her to set thestandard for my life. Any woman who does that is setting the bar pretty lowfor herself, because she’s basing her goals on something outside of focusing on reaching her own fullest potential. So here’s to the women who remain


SIDE Petty Ain’t Pre GlowU Too Dope To Be So Too Dope To Commit To #NotYour My Footprints Became Always a Go Getter, N Spirit So Dope, Got’em Don’t Disrupt If It Ain’t Love & Lig Father+I=1, #N www.statementte

EB etty, #Glowup™ UP™ omeone’s Option™ A CONVENIENCEship™ rOption e Their Blueprints™Never a Gold Digger™ m Cravin’ My Vibes™ My #GlowUp™ ght, It Ain’t Right™ NoSeparationy Dope Soul™

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 PETMTESSYAGEATIMIEN’TPRETTY, #GLOWUP™Because someone should ALWAYS be able to tell the difference between the way you respond to life vs. a child. ~ RaShaunda FullerAvailable in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 GLOWUP™STORY TIME“Always be open to evolving into the best possible version of yourself!” ~RaShaunda FullerAvailable in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 TOO DOPE TO BESOMEONE’S OPTION™ Have you ever had a time in your life when you completely dishonoredyourself? Okay, well me neither. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL #LessonLearned# YouGotTheWrongWomanAvailable in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18#KNOWYOURWORTH TOTOAOCDOONPVEETNOIECNOCMESMHIITP™ #NOTYOUROPTION Because sometimes, you’ve gotta let’em know “No I won’t be accessible to you at your convenience. Nice try though.” #NeverSettle Available in tees & tanks in various colors

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 MBBYELCFUAOEMOPRETIPTNRHTIENSI™TRSFor the trailblazing woman who is leading the way. Your footprints became the blueprint for others to follow. Keep doing what you do!Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18GGEATOLTLWEDARDY, NSIGAEGVGEEORR™A“When she’s a movement all by herself, but a force if you were with her!”Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 STORY TIMESPICRRITAVSOIND’ MOPYEV, GIBOETS™’EM When they can’t help but to want to be around you.Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18DON’T DISRUPT MY #GLOWUP™ When you have zero time for negativity!Available in tees & tanks in various


STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18LIGIFHITT, IATINA’ITN’LTORVIEG&HT™You could be a super religious person or you could subscribe to no religious doctrine at all. Either way, I believe that the point of it all is that we were created to love, to be loved, to BE love and to be the light of the world. Anything less, proves that we’re missing the point.Available in tees & tanks in various

STATEMENT TEES & THINGS™ LOOKBOOK JULY’18 JOHSTONRY T1IM0E :30 I believe that God is with me ALWAYS. And that His presence within me and all around me isn’t contingent upon my “good behavior”. Though there are times where my choices showed that I was ACTING as if God was separate from me, Meaning, I was making choices and decisions separate from the God in me. Still he was always there. I believe that His promise of NEVERleaving or forsaking me means just that...NEVER! And I also believe that Hismercy endures FOREVER! To me, forever means just that...FOREVER. Therefore, I don’t fear being without God in my life. And as I continue to grow, transform, mistakes and all, I’m always worthy of God’s presence within me and all around me. That’s love!Available in tees & tanks in various

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