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Published by alex.eardley, 2016-10-25 09:18:03

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• Magical Christmas Selection • Perfect for GIFT IDEAS • Quick Delivery Times THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS Browse our Christmas Selection and get into the Christmas Spirit How to order? 01270 766660 [email protected]

Merry Christmasl Bubble Column Bean Bag l Fibre Optic Side GlowA very comfortable way to get cosy with A spray of acrylic, safe to handle, fibres whicha 15cm diameter bubble column, made of constantly change colour along their full length. Thetough vinyl and filled with a mix of foam constant colour changes encourage the focusing ofand beads. attention and providing visual stimulation. Requires aNot suitable for Hurricane Tubes. light source.Alternative sizes available on request.Size L152 x w102 x d30cm T2121 Fibre Optic Side Glow 100 Tails 2m £192.00T2040 £255.00 T2120 Fibre Optic Side Glow 200 Tails 2m £275.00 l Tabletop Hurricane A bright colourful Hurricane tube which can be sat on a table. The tube gives out a relaxing and calming pitter patter sound of the poly-styrene balls falling whilst scrolling through a range of colours. This can be good for recognising colours and for calming people down. This can also be very interactive as you can cover your hand over the vent at the top to affect the airflow and then watch the results. Height 66cm. Size: 66 x 12cm T2018H £270.00 l Fibre Optic Curtain l Wonder Glow Blocks A stunning shimmering 1m wide curtain Glow in the dark wooden blocks. These of fibre optics. Includes Light Source. provide great excitement in the dark as you T2117 £599.00 can move around the blocks changing the shape of the “glow”. Size: 20 x 24 x 2 cm D2009 £15.00 l Fluorescent Tube Roller Shaker Each tube has mirror plates inside with fluorescent material which reflects on the mirrors and forms different patterns. Ideal for use with an ultra violet light source. T1002 £21.00 l Fluorescent Tube Drum As Roller Shaker with multiple rollers that rotate at the slightest touch. T1003 £78.00 l Fluorescent Tube Ladder Same as Roller Shaker only has multiple rollers that turn at the slightest touch. Can be used in two positions. T1005 £[email protected] 01270 766660

l Solar 100 LED Projector Merry ChristmasThe Solar 100 LED is smaller, quieter and more l Aura LED Projectorpowerful than it’s halogen predecessor. Stilllighter and smaller than the Solar 250 LED Creating your own home sensorythis projector can be free-standing or fixed environment has never been easier withto a wall or ceiling. The new LED technology this amazing multi effect projector. Usingmeans bulb changes are of the past and the same effects found in sensory roomshaving no motor is is silent and cool to touch across the world. The Aura has a dimmableso great for individual work. Requires a Wheel function and off timer capabilities completeRotator and Effect Wheel to work. with an app to enable control from your iPhone. Each projector comes with one 6”O2011 £300.00 effect wheel that fits easily on the intergral wheel rotator. A table and wall mount with fixtures and fittings is also included. O2074 £139.00 l Laser Stars This Star projector creates an immense display of twinkling and shooting stars with a cloud effect that can be switched on or off - a No 1 product proving very popular and can not be underestimated! Transformer included can be wall mounted or portable. F5000 £145.00l R ainbow in my room l Laser SphereProject a rainbow across the Projecting an awe inspiring moving and colour changing lightroom, uses LED lighting and effects. Remove the frosted dome and beautiful effects can beswitches off by movement of projected onto you wall or ceiling. The angle of the head can bethe hand or similar - Somewhere altered to get the best projection. Size: 13 x 10.5 x 14cmunder the rainbow dreams really F5013 £30.00do come true! Twilight Turtle transforms a dark room fromB5002 £25.00 scary to starry with a shell that projects real constellations onto ceilings and walls. Retail box dimensions: 4.3” x 8.8” x 11.5” C8002 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmas l Neon Jellyfish Tank Large mood light with 2 realistic jellyfish with neon colours. The tank can phase through multiple colours or set to a single colour. UK Mains Powered. Size: 35 x12 x 12cm. S2701 £10.00l Twighlight Sunshine Owl l Disco Stick l LED Light StaxTwighlight Sunshine Owl is the The Double Disco Stick projects Build the lego blocks up to watchcompact solution for soothing colourful light out of the crystal your building light up. Can be setsleep. This friendly owl is a disco ball on either end. The to either solid light, flashing orcharming décor piece while also colour projections perform best fading. Requires 3 x AAA batteries.serving a very important function. indoors where they can bounce Includes 12 blocksProjecting a starry scape, our off surfaces and the LED’s flash and black power base.Twilight collection eases fear of the through three funky modes. The S2702 £15.00dark and soothes to sleep. handle colour may vary. l Sensory Mood PyramidRetail box dimensions; Size: 24.5 x 5cm5.5” x 8” x 9” The Sensory Mood Light contains L1205 £12.00 many features such as a remoteC8004 £27.00 control, low voltage LED and 16 colours with 4 automatic modes. The pyramid is rechargable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 260 x 260 x 480mm C1047 £80.00l LED Mood Cube l Sensory Mood eggThe LED Mood Cube can phase through seven key colours or The Sensory Mood Light containsyou can speed up the colour change onto strobing or even many features such as a remotehold on to a colour depending upon the mood that you intend control, low voltage LED and 16to set. Fully portable, the mood cube can be used indoors and colours with 4 automatic modes.outdoors and is fully rechargeable. Comes complete with a The egg is rechargable andremote control. can be used both indoors and outdoors.Size: 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. 300 x 300 x 420mmL1202 £100.00 C1008 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmasl Colour Changing Egg l Mirror Pebbles l Large Mirror Block SetThis pleasing free standing The smooth pebbles will fascinate as they can Comprises of 8 large rubberwood piecesrubbery white egg morphs be used to build towers - see how they wobble! with double sided acrylic mirror inserts.slowly through pretty rainbow There are four diggerent sizes so they have Ideal for shape recognition, and for reflectivecolours creating a soothing, great mathematical properties. Distinguish, sort pattern making.magical glow. Safe alternative to and sequence. A fantastic treasure collection as C1026 £25.00candles. 9.5cm Set of they have a lovely aesthetic quality of awe andthree eggs. wonder. Set includes 20 pebbles.T4002 £21.00 Pebbles: D15 x 4.5cm T7054 £75.00l Funky Disco Duck l Mirror TrianglesThis product is a foil like texture l Jigsaw Softies A set of triangular prisms with mirrors for an infinity of reflections to fascinateSquashy Duck with a fantastic and stimulate investigation. Fold for storage or to make a handy perch!plume of rubbery ‘hair’. When theduck is tapped a collection of Size: Opens to approx 1.4m. Closes (with hook and loop fastening) to a podmulticolored LEDs flash on and 470 x 470 x 300mm. Each face 300mm square. Prisms 200mm to create a mini disco. Set offour 7cm tall. L6028 £105.00T4001 £8.00 Set of 4 softie plane mirrors with a jigsawl Magic LED Gloves profile in four colours measuring 200mm square. They can be hand held, freeThese white gloves have coloured standing or wall mounted to create aLED lights at the end of each stunning display. Includes adhesive pads forfinger. Brilliant for visual wall mounting.tracking and other therapy play.F5014 £8.00 C1030 £24.00 l Double-Feature Mirror A one side mirror for self-discovery. The other side has a high-contrast black and white graphics this will all support baby’s visual and multi-sensory development. The mirror also features a Ribbon tie for attachment. 35.6 x 0.5 x 25.4cm M5023 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmasl Gooshy Switch l Farmyard Buzzers l Peek-a-Boo BearThis a soft, sparkly and squeezable switch. These Buzzers will turn any activity into aIt has a durable, soft, sparkly pillow that has game and will never fail to liven up student An amusingbeen converted into a switch with rewarding response..Size: Ø-9cm Set of 4 interactive Peek-a-lights, vibration and music. The lights and L2005 £14.50 boo Bear which isMusic Switch has a special control to select great for all youngeach reward. Can be used alone or as a l Lena lamb children.switch. Q1007 £65.00 An interestingQ1001 £199.00 little lamb which l Talking Photo Albums is great for those well aquainted with These fantastic talking photo albums come in nursery rhymes. three sizes and are ideal for literacy, ICT, story Q1009 £65.00 telling and much more. Size: A5 Album T7056 £26.00l Mini Dome SwitchA Fun way to activate devices. Touch anywhereand see lights, spinning glitter and hearexciting music while activating your device.Can be used on a tabletop or mounted to adoor or wall.Q1005 £218.00l Switch Adapted Thomas l Bumper Ball Pack The Tank Engine This set of sensory balls includes the topThe remote control Thomas is an ideal switch selling 15 balls sold together providing aadapted toy. It is very simple for the user to control. multi buy saving. Includes 16 balls.All that’s required is to connect two switches to the R0017 £100.00adapted controller. Pressing one switch or button willmake Thomas chug along in a straight line. Pressingthe other switch or button makes him reverse in acircle - just let go when he’s pointingin the right direction and drive him away again.L5027 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmas l Tactile Sensory Tub This tactile tub contains products that offer contrasting textures such as hard/soft/rough/ smooth/cold/warm. Some items can be held close to feel vibration. Contains 40 items. R0004 £345.00 l Audio Sensory Tub This Audio Tub contains a great selection of carefully chosen items that give a wide variety of auditory sounds and musical rewards. Contains 30 Items. R0003 £395.00 l Visual Sensory Tub This Visual Sensory Tub is compact with many bright and attractive items which have a dynamic impact on visual and tracking skills. Contains 28 Items. R0006 £345.00 l Rhino Multi Sensory Tub This Multi Sensory Tub was created to provide a mixed sensory selection to support a range of themes. 30 Products. R0013 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmas l Swinger This hanging chairs provides a great place to relax l Play ‘N’ Sound Mat and unwind. With round bars made of hard wood, adjustable neck pillow, footrest and additional armrest A soft textured foam play mat with baby-safe for especially comfortable relaxation. All metal parts mirror, musical flower and lift-out puzzles. are of stainless steel. Load Weight max 120kg. Suitable from 18 months+. Size: 102 x 102cm L1005 £105.00 H1002 £49.00 l Swinger - Kids The bright red Kid’s Swinger is the ultimate favourite place to dream and unwind. Max Load weight 60kg. L1004 £59.00l CocoonThe cocoon is made in two sections which are filled with polystyrene beads. These two pieces fastenat the bottom and at the ends making the cocoon adjustable. Children can sit and relax eitherrocking from side to side or applying pressure to sensitive areas in this cocoon.Size: 120 x 60 x 60cm.S1020 £195.00 l Rainbowmaker l Rain Rush The original rainbowmaker an excellent Roll it, Shake, Tip it. This and fun educational toy. 40cm. cascading tower of beads H1005 £13.00 is fascinating to watch and listen to imitating a downpour of rain when tipped upside down or a great shaker when rolled across the floor. J1049 £15.00 l Carousel Musical Bells A beautiful set of 8 bells, each differentiated by colour and sound. Tuned to the octave of middle C. Each bell can be struck while the bells remain stationary or the bells can be spun and the striker lowered to play a continuous sound of the different notes. E2004 £37.00 l Massage Bug l Vibrating Head Massager A battery operated massage bug! D1105 £5.00 D1103 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmasl Sleep Sheep l Oddballs l Tactile BallsA Sleep Sheep plays a range of 8 soothing The set of four unique bright textured Six differently coloured soft-plastic airsound and melodies to aid sleep. balls come in gorgeous patterns and filled balls. Each ball gives a satisfying andRetail box dimensions: 7” x 7.5” x 9.5” colours to bounce, kick, squeeze, roll, rewarding squeak sound as you squeeze it.C8005 £28.00 chase and love. Approx 8cm Set includes 6 balls with different distinctive J1067 £14.50 surface textures. Can also be used for pattern making in sand play.l Weighted Lap Pad - Small Average size: 110mm diameter C1031 £18.00The weighted lap pad is ideal for use inclassrooms, tables or on the move. The l Activity Ballweight has a calming effect helping attentionand reduces fidgeting. Suitable for children. A therapy ball with added fun! As theWeight: 1kg, Size: 60cm x 30cm. balls inside move around they create aS2605 £36.00 deep sound adding greater regards for movement.l Weighted Lap Pad - Large G1306 £24.00Suitable for older children, teens, and adults. l Sensory FlashingWeight: 2kg, Size: 66cm x 51cm. Glitter BallsS2606 £45.00 The Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls are fascinating because of the swirling sparkling stardust contained inside the balls and flashing lights. Size: 10cm C1051 £5.50 each l Furb - Large Puffer Ball T4010 £6.00 l Jumping Joggle Bopper A battery powered ball that shakes, shudders and flashes lights across a surface. Activated by sound. Size:12.5cm D1104 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmas l Sensory Reflective Balls l Body Sox The sensory Reflective Balls are made from Climb inside this suit which gently hard wearing stainless steel. These reflective resists your movements encouraging mirror balls can be handled by children exploration of movements. indoors or outside and provide a focal point Size: 117cm x 67.5cm for displays. Children will be fascinated to see G1314 £30.00 items placed next to the mirrors including their own face enlarged close-up. Sizes: 60, 80, 100, l Whizzy Dizzy 150mm diameter C1009 £24.50 Hours and hours of entertainment for agesl Balanco Set 1 3+. Not only will it improve a child’s hand eye coordination, it’s great for developingAs other balance except contains: gross motor skill, healthy exerciseMouse-game, Horizontal Eight, and Maze. and good fun rolled into one!.G7011 £84.00 Size: Dia. 500mm x H:300mm C1012 £99.00l Tactile Discs - Set 1 l SeesawThis set includes 5 different tactilepatterns and a carry bag. Help your child developG7005-1 £63.00 basic balancing skills with this seesaw which has a synthetic rubber base. Pliable synthetic rubber domes on the underside of the seesaw provide a softer, more dynamic movement and a non slip surface. Maximum load 75kg G6008 £49.00A thin layer of sand and glitter is l Spiral Glitter Wandencapsulated between sheets ofglass. When the frame is inverted Watch the beautiful patternsthe sand slowly falls from top and colours intertwine withto bottom to create unique these glittering stars in a liquidlandscapes. filled tube! Colours may vary. Size: L30cm.Colours may vary. G1801 £3.50F5012 £[email protected] 01270 766660

l Goldfish in Plastic Jar Merry ChristmasA realistic looking fish in a bowl that actually swims l Wonder Sensory Blocksaround!F5003 £26.00 Wonder sensory blocks with different textures, colours and functions. Great l Hairy Tangle for probing the sense of touch. Size: 8 x 17 x 20 cm The combination of bright colours D2008 £16.50 and ‘hairy’ surfaces of the Hairy Tangle makes it a winner with l Elemenosqueeze both boys and girls, men and women. The Tangle is great fiddle The Elemenosqueeze is a toy for children and adults alike. It fantastic way of learning and is great for promoting creativity, having fun at the same time! relaxation and also for problem The multicoloured product solving. comes complete with 26 blocks H2003 £8.60 to make any creation! Practice those ABC’s at the same time as designing a masterpiece. Chew on them, squeeze them to make a squeak, toss them in water, this product is a fantastic way of keeping kids busy for hours. Complete with a carry bag with a handle. J1062 £25.00l Squidgy Sparkle Fish l Squidgy Panels l Sight & Sound Tube DrumA great resource for fidgeting and introducing Visual and tactile experience under The Sight & Sound Tube Drum is ideal for early years asconcepts such as size and shape. Includes 6 fish. foot these thin floor tiles with flowing it will stimulate most children. It consists of 5 individualT7035 £23.00 colours swirl around as you move, walk tubes, each consisting of different and visually interesting or jump. Can also be used on a table top materials and creating different sounds as they spin. The with hands - as little pressure is needed entire drum rotates at the slightest touch giving maximum to create the dramatic visual effect. Size: reward for little effort. Base size: 26 x 22 cm. 50 x 50cm. T1030 £84.00 T2114 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmas l Twist ‘n’ play (wall mounted) A wall mounted Twist ‘n’ Fun Trail great for appealing to all senses. Size: W420 x D180 x H1100mm S4016 £265.00l Latches BoardUndo a lock or latch, swing open thenumbered door and count on finding funwhen the picture beneath is revealed on thiswooden play board and educational toy!Build fine motor skills while learning colours,numbers, animals and more.Size: 15.5” x 11.5” x 1.25”M2105 £20.90 l D oorbell House l Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set A house of doors and bells. Great for fiddly fingers. A Cognitive and tactile games of the unseen. Size: 9” x 6.8” x 6.8” Size: Plastic Kennel - H 12cm Bones - L 5cm M2109 £10.99 L2007 £24.50l Magnetic Hide & Seek BoardThis exciting wooden activity board featuresnine hinged doors. When opened, a colorfulmagnetic piece is revealed. Move the piecesbehind different doors for guessing fun!Size: 0.6” x 9” x 12”M2103 £12.90 l Robin Bird l Basic Skills Board Little furry Birds which gives out This wooden bear is always smiling, but he’s a nice bird noise. happiest when fully dressed! Getting dressed W5000 £9.50 won’t be such a puzzle once zipping, buckling, snapping, lacing and tying, and other dressingl Tawny Owl Bird skills are mastered. Each skill is contained on a separate, wooden puzzle piece for easyLittle furry Birds which gives practice. Develop fine motor and life skills without a nice bird noise. this great activity.W5001 £9.50 Size: 15” x 11.5” x 0.5” M2104 £[email protected] 01270 766660

Merry Christmasl Mirror l V ehicle Sound Blocks Chimeabout A wooden Cube that makes the noise of aStrips of mirror Perspex faced vehicles.with red and blue Perspex, Size: 3.8” x 4.3” x 7”which respond to the slightest M2107 £12.00of touch with a jingle of thebells. A visual and audio toy.T1017 £61.00l Farm Sound Blocks l S oft Rubber Farm Set l B aby BeadsA wooden Cube that makes the noise of farm Specially designed for young children, these Baby Beads are multi-textured,animals. attractive sets all have squeezy soft bodies solid threading beads. TheSize: 3.8” x 4.3” x 7” and have been individually handcrafted using package includes four 15cmM2108 £12.00 environmentally friendly rubber. Each animal is plastic laces with safety release flexible to the touch and beautifully painted. connectors. Size: 10 Beads Size: Largest 15cm H1024 £13.50l W ater mat l Soft Rubber Jungle Set l I nfant MobileThis water filled mat, made from tough Specially designed for young children, these Features simple to complex images thattransparent plastic, encourages gross motor attractive sets all have squeezy soft bodies stimulate early visual activity and pre-and promotes muscle development. Suitable and have been individually handcrafted using reaching movement. Wipeable.from birth. environmentally friendly rubber. Each animal isSize: 35.5cm diameter flexible to the touch and beautifully painted. M5005 £25.00M5021 £10.00 Size: Largest 20cm C1037 £26.00 l Sleepy Bear Sweet Dreams A magical light projector with remote, complete with soothing sound effects, calming melodies, and sung-songs to calm and relax. Includes timer, 2 metre range remote control and cot attachment straps. 5, 10 and 15 minute timers and a volume controller allow the nightlight and sounds to be set to their favoured preference. With the 2 metre range remote control, the unit can be turned on without disturbing baby. V1004 £[email protected] 01270 766660

l Amazon Macaw Merry Christmas A wonderful large bird puppet l Boylie Puppet with a full working mouth plus a large ‘air filled squawk’ so no M5010 £14.00 batteries to replace! Bright colours, beautiful materials and l Rosabella Hand loud voices give these puppets Puppet wonderful personalities and stage presence. M5003 £20.50 Average Height: 40cm excluding the tail. P2072 £15.00 l Bird Of Paradise A wonderful large bird puppet with a full working mouth plus a large ‘air filled squawk’ so no batteries to replace! Bright colours, beautiful materials and loud voices give these puppets wonderful personalities and stage presence. Average Height: 40cm excluding the tail. P2073 £15.00These attention grabbing posters are so ‘COOL’. With their 3D realism they make awesome wallhangings for any area. They are made of tough plastic so ideal for a hygienic art option.Size: 229 x 457mm l 24” Arias Elite Windchime These windchimes combine traditional design with superior tones. The peaceful sounds of tranquillity produced by the hand-tuned heavy wall aluminium tubes will embrace you making it a perfect addition to a sensory garden. Available in Sage, Black, Silver and Bronze. Please state when ordering. This windchime has 8 tubes. Size: (L) 24”. Q3003 £34.00l Dolphins l Planets l Snow WolfC6003 £12.00 C6004 £12.00 C6006 £12.00 [email protected] 01270 766660

How to orderOrdering DeliveryOrders can be sent by any of the Delivery charges are as follows*:following methods: Up to £1000 £9.00Rhino UK OfficeMillbuck Way, Springvale Industrial Estate, £1000-£1999 £15.00Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3HT £2000+ £25.00Phone +44 (0)1270 766660Fax +44 (0)1270 753330 We hold stock of a large range of productsEmail [email protected] however; please allow up to 28 days for delivery.All orders must have an official order number Damages and missing items must be reportedfrom your establishment before goods can be within 7 days from receipt.dispatched on a credit account. For non-accountholders payment must be received prior to If you require delivery to a non-UK mainlanddespatch of goods. destination then delivery will be charged at cost.Order online by visiting *Excludes delivery of products from the Sensory Garden Range, Sensory Voyager and Omi Mobiles.Hours of business Liability How to orderOur offices are open from 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to All products in this catalogue are intended forFriday. If you wish to call at other times, please leave supervised use only. Full company terms anda message on our answering machine and we will call conditions on our return. Our telephone number is 01270766660; our fax number is 01270 753330. DisclaimerPrices All images are for illustrative purpose only and are not intended for recommendations for any activity.All prices exclude VAT which will automatically be All measurements are quoted as stated and areadded at the applicable rate. All prices are subject to approximate.change without notice however; the current prices willbe displayed on your order confirmation. Rhino UK reserve the right to amend the specification of any product without prior notice.Warranty Rhino UK makes every effort to ensure thatAll products supplied by Rhino UK carry a 12 descriptions, dimensions and prices are correct shouldmonths return to base warranty. Full terms and a printing error arise, we will inform the customerconditions apply. where possible. We reserve the right to supply the product at the true price or not to supply.VAT exemption All purchases from this catalogue are subject to ourSome items provided by us may be VAT zero rated for standard terms and conditions; a full copy is availablecertain individuals or groups. Please read our on request.VAT exemption information available on request.A VAT exemption form must be received by us when Full terms and conditions available on-line.ordering to qualify. We reserve the right to reclaim VATif falsely claimed.ReturnsIf a product needs to be returned for any reason pleasecall 01270 766660 for a returns reference. Goodsreturned without prior permission will notbe accepted. [email protected]

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