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The New Club Annual Report 2020/2021

Published by TNC Taiping, 2021-11-20 02:56:27

Description: Club Annual Report 2021


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THE NEW CLUB, TAIPING TO : ALL ORDINARY TRANSFERABLE MEMBERS OF THE NEW CLUB, TAIPING ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the 127th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of ORDINARY TRANSFERABLE MEMBERS of THE NEW CLUB, TAIPING will be held in The New Club, Taiping on FRIDAY 30th JULY, 2021 AT 8.00 P.M. (Subject to compliance to latest Government pronouncement). Members are requested to give at least 7 day’s notice in writing before the date of the Annual General Meeting if they wish to ask questions on the Statement of Accounts to enable the General Committee to supply the relevant details required. AGENDA 1. President’s Address 2. To read and if approved, to confirm the minutes of the 126th Annual General Meeting held on 28th August, 2020. 3. To receive the Report of the General Committee for the preceding year on the affairs of the Club. 4. To receive the audited Financial Statements for the Year ended 31st March 2021 and to accept the same. 5. To appoint Auditors for the Club for the year 2021/2022. 6. To transact any other business of which due notice in accordance with Rule 7.3 (a) is given. 7. General Matters. 8. To elect a General Committee consisting of:- i) a President ii) a Vice President iii) an Honorary Secretary iv) an Honorary Treasurer v) a Golf Captain vi) six Committee Members 9. Adjournment Speech. For and on behalf of the General Committee, ....................................... K. SUBRAMANIAM Hon. Secretary 2

THE NEW CLUB, TAIPING MINUTES OF THE 126TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE NEW CLUB, TAIPING HELD ON FRIDAY 28TH August 2020 AT 8.00 P.M. AT THE NEW CLUB HALL ATTENDANCE:- - President - Vice President 1. Mr. Tang Yuet Mun, PPT - Hon. Secretary 2. Dr. Michael Wong Hean Kwai, PMP, AMP, PJM - Hon. Treasurer 3. Mr. K. Subramaniam - Golf Captain 4. Mr. K. Rama Krishnan, AMP - Committee Member 5. Mr. K. Mohanachandran - Committee Member 6. Mr. Lim Sweet Chin - Committee Member 7. Mr. Goh Chee Aik - Committee Member 8. Mr. Chia Bun Weng - Committee Member 9. Dato’ Balraaj Singh, DIMP 10. Mr. Tan Hoon Jin No. Name A/C No. No. Name A/C No. 11. Mr. Ang Lee Kaw PJK A128 43. Mr. Muniandy s/o Pechamuthu M193 12. Mr. A. Anthonysamy A141 13. Mr. Anand Ram a/l Balwant Singh A187 44. Mr. Manugaran a/l Kumarasamy M194 14. Mr. Advin Simon a/l Alfred A188 15. Mr. Balan a/l Bakkun 45. Mr. Michael Raj a/l Anthony M211 16. Mr. Baskaran s/o Francis B2 17. Mr. Bala Subramaniam a/l Ramaloo B68 46. Mr. Muruges s/o R. Samy M217 18. Mr. Raymond Chan Chee Keong B71 19. Mr. Chia Bun Chuan C28 47. Mr. Man Mohan Singh a/l Puran Singh M222 20. Mr. Chin Tai Tat C100 21. Ms. Choy Yen Yi C143 48. Mr. Manoharan a/l Shunmugam M227 22. Mr. K. Chandran a/l Karapiah C166 23. Mr. Chan Kam Hoong C234 49. Mr. Ng Teng Hin N100 24. Mr. Chai Sang Ter C259 25. Mr. Chan Sooi Sam C261 50. Mr. Ng Kock Pee N133 26. Mr. Chia Lee Wei C300 27. Mr. Chan Hun Loong C333 51. Mr. Narrinder Jeet Singh N146 28. Mr. Eng Eng Chong C338 29. Mr. Fahmy Bin Abdullah E7 52. Mr. Ng Chii Fa N148 30. Mr. Gooi Boon Chong F17 31. Mr. Lim Ka Chong AMP G39 53. Mr. Narainan a/l Krishnasamy N159 32. Mr. Low Fatt Lam L108 33. Mr. Lim Ka Huat PPT L150 54. Mr. Ong Hong Kong O53 34. Mdm. Lim Chin Chin L234 35. Mdm. Lim Cheng Im L323 55. Ms. Ong Her Sin O144 36. Mr. Lawerence Devandran a/l Raju L379 37. Mr. Michael Thomas L414 56. Dr. Gurbachan Singh a/l Pag G66 38. Mr. Moganarajan a/l S. Nachiappan M9 39. Mr. M. Mahendran M12 Singh KMN, BSK, AMP 40. Dr. Mehinder Singh M73 41. Mr. D. S. Manjit Singh M146 57. Mr. Gunasagaran a/l Sinnathambi PJK G76 42. Dr. Mahadev Shunmugan M149 M181 59. Mr. Goh Beng Tak G80 60. Mr. Ho Kong Foo H93 61. Mr. Harbhajan Singh a/l Kartar Singh H105 62. Mr. Hardip Singh Parhar a/l H107 N. S. Gunacharns 63. Dato' Dr. V. Jeganathan DPMP, KMM, J23 AMN, PPT, SBST, JMJF 65. Mr. Jayaseelan a/l Veerapan J42 66. Mr. Jayarajan a/l Poosamy J48 67. Mr. Jakdeep Singh a/l Ajaib Singh J51 68. Dato' Kamarulbahran B. Zainuddin K7 DPCM, DPMP, PMP, PPT 70. Dr. Khor Kok Chai K80 71. Mr. K. Kanappan K130 72. Mr. Kuang Kok Hoo K139 73. Mr. Koay Boon Hui K151 3

No. Name A/C No. No. Name A/C No. 74. Mr. Kanapadathi a/l Nagu Searvai K164 86. Mr. Satwant Singh Bhattal S252 75. Mr. Lim Kok Seng L13 87. Mr. Subramaniam a/l M. Ramanathan S257 76. Mr. Laurence David a/l David L17 88. Mr. Teoh Swee Huat T10 77. Mr. Ong Hock Guan O195 89. Mr. Toppeh PJK T77 78. Mr. Pusparaja Al Muruti @ 90. Mr. Tan Lay Chuan T222 P3 91. Mr. Teh Beng Soon T301 Murugiah PPT 92. Mr. Tasbir Singh a/l Narajan Singh T321 79. Mr. Phea Weng Seng P81 93. Mr. Vijayandran s/o Supramaniam V12 80. Mr. V. Raman R88 94. Mr. Vinod a/l Kanapathy V27 81. Mr. Sivasubramani a/l Thamby Rajah S15 95. Mr. R. Vajayakumar s/o Rajangam V28 82. Mr. Seng Yeow Keong S128 83. Mr. T. Selvadoray AMP S169 96. Mr. Wong Ah Woh W45 84. Mr. Su Yong Lieh S215 97. Mr. Lawrence Wong Seng Kwong W61 85. Mr. Subramaniam a/l Ramasami Pillai S221 MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 28TH AUGUST 2020 OPENING ADDRESS BY THE HON. SECRETARY OF THE NEW CLUB - MR. K. SUBRAMANIAM The Hon. Secretary, Mr. K. Subramaniam, in welcoming the members, called the meeting to order and then invited Mr. President to make his address. AGENDA 1 - PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS – MR. TANG YUET MUN Thank you, Mr. K. Subramaniam, our dreadnought Hon. Secretary who walks through life instead of being dragged through it like a focused and condensed sunbeam that burns through the various claptraps of the day. Keeps us in the straight and narrow. I take it that we have a quorum and only qualified members and/or employees of the club are at this AGM. Please join me in a minute of silence as a token of respect to the late Messrs Kenneth Koay and Loh Chow Khuan who passed away in May this year. Both these gentlemen enriched the lives of those who know them personally. Our minute of silence is also to remember the millions who died due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Thank you. Good evening, “vanakam”, “sastrika”, “selamat petang”, “dã jiã wãn shãng hão” and welcome to the 126th Annual General Meeting of our Club. This AGM is somewhat special in that we have had to change the ways we used to do things brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic. Where it is positive when we are tested negative, where we show our love and care by keeping our physical distance, where banks insist each of us to wear a mask in order to gain entry, where security guards measure the body temperature of doctors. All these as measures to contain the spread of the virus. Yet there are stupid, inconsiderate and callous people who flout the SOPs when they should be quarantined. May God look after and protect us from these idiotic types.Thus, we curtailed or shut down the various facilities at the Club during the Movement Control Order period and subsequent Orders as announced by both the State and Federal Government. Together we will overcome this new normal in the spirit of Club camaraderie because life goes on. During the MCO, we took the opportunity to refurbish the swimming pool, repair/replace the associated equipment that is constantly affected by the usage of chlorine in our pool. The billiard table was also refurbished, it looks and feel like new. The kitchen also had a mini face lift. The slot machine rooms in our annex at Ipoh were also closed and reopened upon the green light given by the authorities. This resulted in reduced takings from the slot machine room from 18th March 2020. We retained all our employees without any reduction of wages but had to curtail overtime. 4

On the tax matter with the LHDN, we have retained the same lawyer Mr. Saravana Kumar to handle our appeal at the High Court and was informed that on 21st August, we filed to have our case stated. The hearing date has been fixed for 9 December and the Court directed all parties to file submissions simultaneously by 18th November to which we, as appellant may file a reply (if any) by 2nd December 2020. With our level-headed Honorary Treasurer, Mr. K. Rama Krishnan who understands that those who believe without a reason, cannot be convinced by reason except by money and therein lies his commitment that has kept us liquid despite the setback brought on by our differences with the LHDN, we continue to fund the many subsections that are run effectively by the various section sub-committee members. On behalf of the General Committee, I would like to thank the various Chairmen and subcommittee members for their contribution and dedication. Without you, there is no Club, for it is the people, the software that runs the place and that which keeps the warmth and fellowship within these walls of bricks and mortar and give it life, bring out the colour, give it the sound and music creating memories for young and old. Of late there have been a few fishing lines thrown in to test the waters on complete ban of the sale of alcoholic beverages by certain quarters based on dubious reasons lacking in facts and statistics. As a Club, if required, we will make representations to the status quo. We must be vigilant and not let curtailment of our freedom creep upon us. What to wear, or what to drink, to the whims and fancies of the tunnel vision zealots who know little about trade and commerce and what keeps the economy going, being more concerned about what awaits yonder when we leave our mortal coil wherein none has ever returned. I would like to thank all the members of the General Committee for a job well done, Vice President Dr. Michael Wong who waltzes from line dance section to the vapours at the Darts Section and watching balls sink at the billiard table, our high flying Golf Captain Mr. K. Mohanachandran, armed with the knowledge that all beginnings and endings are untidy wherein he capitalizes on the time in between and breathes every moment wisely taking the golfers to more holes than they would have ever ventured. Dr. S. Gunaseelan, our long suffering and evergreen Chairman of the Swimming, Gymnasium and Sauna sections has kept up the heat in the sauna room, the crystal clear water in the swimming pool and the well-oiled treadmills. Mr. Chia Bun Weng with his usual understated style of quiet and winsome leadership in the Karaoke and Tennis sections continues to contribute, captivating the members like the sweet vapours of Malt whisky from the Highlands. Mr. Lim Sweet Chin, Mr. Silverhair, where humility in service is his middle name, typically hijacks those who come in contact with him, be it at the TaiChi section or the Slot Machine Room making them willing and happy permanent hostages. With Dato Balraaj, he is that breath of fresh air, seductive sweet scent of a ripening cempedak on heat enticing his team with fresh ideas to improve the section and facilities. Social and Entertainment Chairman, Mr. Jerry Tan had his portfolio prorogued due to the Covid 19 Pandemic denying him the chance to showcase his commitment and proven leadership that pervades at meetings where his non-compromising inquisitiveness keep us all in check and consider alternative views. 5

Under the auspices of Mr. Goh Chee Aik, we continue to enjoy the culinary dishes from William and team who are always on the lookout to introduce more variety and special dishes to entice return visits. There are whispers that our Bar can be more competitive compared to some of the local outlets in town and it is something to be considered by the F&B Chairman. Club Adviser, Dato Seri Kamarulbahrain bin Zainuddin, honorary legal advisers, Messrs Manjit Subra Associates, Mr. T. Selvadoray, Medical Adviser Dr. Quah Ban Hoe, members of our staff led by, our ever-alert Club Manager Mr. Barry Teoh and last but not least, members for your support, encouragement and constructive feedback. AGENDA 2 - To approve and confirm the minutes of the 125th Annual General Meeting held on 26th July 2019. Agenda 2 was confirmed passed as there was no objection from the floor. Proposer: Dato Dr. V. Jeganathan (J23) Seconder: Mr. Laurence David (L17) AGENDA 3 - To receive the report of General Committee for the preceding year on the affairs of the Club. Agenda 3 was confirmed passed as there was no objection from the floor. Proposer : Mr. Bala Subramaniam (B71) Seconder : Mr. Man Mohan Singh (M222) AGENDA 4 - To receive the audited financial statements for year ended 31st March 2020. The Hon. Secretary, Mr. K. Subramaniam said that no questions were received from members on the financial statements during the last seven days prior to the meeting, he asked for a proposer to pass the financial statements. Proposer : Mr. V. Raman (R88) Seconder : Mr. N. S. Kanapadathi (K164) It was so passed with no objection from the floor. AGENDA 5 - To appoint auditors for the Club for the year 2020/2021. The present auditors, Chi-LLTC Chartered Accountants, have offered themselves for re-appointment. The General Committee recommended they be retained at a fee to be agreed between the General Committee and the auditors. Proposer : Mr. Low Fatt Lum (L150) Seconder : Mr. P. Jayarajan (J48) As there was no objection, Chi-LLTC was re-elected as auditors for the following year. AGENDA 6 - To transact to any other business which due notice in accordance with rule 7.3(a) is given as follows; The Hon. Secretary, Mr. K. Subramaniam announced that there was no motion received and therefore no business to discuss. 6

AGENDA 7 - General matters. Dato’ Dr. V. Jeganathan (J23) requested to know our chamber’s occupancy rate at the moment and why the wooden flooring was painted. He felt the flooring was sticky and had caused an allergy to his guests. He suggested that if the Management can consider carpeting the whole flooring. Mr. President replied that we have been getting good response for both our chambers until the recent pandemic situation which caused a lot of cancellations lately. He urged Dato Dr. Jeganathan to view the chamber occupancy statistics made available at our noticeboard throughout the years. As for his second question on the floor painting, he was informed by the Club Manager that they had to varnish and apply epoxy paint to maintain the plywood flooring, which has been infested by termites. On his suggestion to cover the flooring with carpet, he would leave it to the Administration to consider the suggestion. AGENDA 8 - Adjournment Speech. Mr. President thanked all members for their attendance and participation in the meeting. He appreciated members who came forward to give their suggestions and observations to help improve the Club. He hoped that members would also play a part to help upkeep and care of the equipment when using the facilities. Being selfish or inconsiderate can only hasten impairment of the equipment and create unnecessary expenditure and temporary closure of the facility. There being no further matters, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25p.m. with a vote of thanks to the Chair. ………………………………… …………………………………….. HON. SECRETARY PRESIDENT 7

THE NEW CLUB, TAIPING REPORTS OF THE GENERAL COMMITTEE FOR THE YEAR 2020 / 2021 AND AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31ST MARCH, 2020 Ladies and Gentlemen, We have great pleasure in presenting the General Committee’s Report for the Year 2020/2021 and the audited Financial Statements for the Year ended 31st March 2021. OFFICE-BEARERS President : Mr. Tang Yuet Mun, PPT Vice President : Dr. Michael Wong Hean Kwai, PMP, AMP, PJM Honorary Secretary : Mr. K. Subramaniam Honorary Treasurer : Mr. K. Rama Krishnan, AMP Golf Captain : Mr. K. Mohanachandran Committee Members : Mr. Jerry Tan Hoon Jin Dr. S. Gunaseelan, AMP Mr. Chia Bun Weng Mr. Goh Chee Aik Mr. Lim Sweet Chin Dato’ Balraaj Singh, DIMP The following Committee Members were delegated with the following portfolios:- General Affairs : Mr. Tang Yuet Mun, PPT Darts / Billiards / Line Dance : Dr. Michael H. K. Wong, PMP, AMP, PJM Membership & Discipline : Mr. K. Subramaniam Golf : Mr. K. Mohanachandran Swimming / Gymnasium / Sauna : Dr. S. Gunaseelan, AMP F & B / Bulletin & Library / Tombola : Mr. Goh Chee Aik Squash : Dato’ Balraaj Singh, DIMP Tennis / Karaoke : Mr. Chia Bun Weng Social & Entertainment : Mr. Jerry Tan Hoon Jin Tai-Ji & Amusement Machine : Mr. Mr. Lim Sweet Chin Club Premises & Chambers : House Member for the Month MEMBERSHIP As at the close of the financial year the overall membership of the Club stood at 996. The comparative figures for the previous year is as appended below:- 31/3/2020 31/3/2021 Patron 1 1 Honorary Members 13 13 Ordinary Transferable Members (OTM) 843 826 Exemption from Club Subscription (OTM) 104 108 Associate Lady Members 46 45 Corporate Members 3 3 1010 996 8

GOLF - Golf Captain - Vice Captain Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 - Secretary Mr. K. Mohanachandran - Treasurer Mr. Ong Hong Kong, AMN - Tournament Director Dr. Gurbachan Singh, KMN, BSK, AMP - Food & Beverage Mr. Laurence David, AMP - Committee Member Mr. Low Fatt Lam - Committee Member Mr. Lim Sweet Chin - Ex-officio Mr. Lip Kwai Yin Mr. Benny Cheah Yal Beng Mr. K. Subramaniam The year 2020/2021 has been indeed a very challenging year for the Golf Section. Due to the closure of the BJG&CC Taiping, in July 2019, the golfers have been deprived of a local course to play and compelled to play golf in other golf courses causing immense inconvenience. Nevertheless the Golf Section has organized regular monthly medal games at golf courses in other districts and states. However, during some months the organised competitions were disrupted due to the MCO enforcement as a result of Covid 19. Notwithstanding, the monthly medal games held received good response from the section members and the Golf Section will continue to organise the competitions when the MCO is lifted by the authorities. We managed to organise the November monthly medal at Damai Laut Golf & Country Club in conjunction with Deepavali, cash prizes for which were sponsored by the Indian golfers. For the first time we had to forgo organizing the President’s Cup and Captain’s Cup due to the enforcement of the MCO. However, we were able to organize the Dato Lee Aik Kheow Trophy in conjunction with CNY on 18/4/21, which was held at the Kinta Golf Club in Batu Gajah. It was well attended. Mr. Lim Ka Huat emerged as the Champion. This was followed with a SOP compliant dinner held on 24/4/21 at Flemington Hotel, Taiping. Participating golfers were treated to a sumptuous dinner with free flowing beer and whisky. For the first time the golf section could not carry out our usual main event of the year, the Golfers Nite, a much look forward event by golfers. It was called off due to the enforcement of the MCO and has been postponed to March 2022, subject to the MCO being lifted. The Golf Section is currently working on establishing a driving range close to the Club premises with the assistance of the District Office. We will endeavour to encourage ladies and youngsters to take up golf and become our section members. We will continue to organize outstation monthly medal games in the coming year subject to the lifting of the MCO and hope all golfers will participate and support the efforts. We are also very saddened by the sudden demise of our able and very reliable Sub-Committee member Mr. Benny Cheah Yal Beng in April 2021. We convey our heartfelt condolences to his family and MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. We also want to put on record our appreciation and thanks to the President and the General Committee for their understanding and support and sincerely hope they will continue to do so in the future. We also like to record our appreciation and thanks to the Golf Sub-Committee members for their dedication and commitment in carrying out their entrusted duties. 9

Lastly, we look forward to better times in 2021/2022 and we will continue organising the golfing activities for the pleasure of all our section members. SOCIAL & ENTERTAINMENT Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Jerry Tan Hoon Jin - Chairman Mdm. Chuah Lee Lee - Secretary Mrs. Sally Chan - Treasurer Mdm. Yvonne Lau - Committee Member Mdm. Vaness Gan - Committee Member Mr. Pusparaja - Committee Member Mr. Ryan Wan Kok Pin - Committee Member With the pandemic of Covid-19 still amongst us, unfortunately we have been unable to organise any events for the previous year. We hope to be able to organise our events again once it is safe to do so. Thank you and we hope for your understanding of the situation. Keep safe, stay home, take care of yourself and your loved ones. SWIMMING Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Dr. S. Gunaseelan, AMP - Chairman Mr. Brian Morisson - Vice Chairman Mdm. Tee Huey Ghee - Secretary Mr. K. S. Annajee - Treasurer Mdm. Janet Lee - Committee Member Mdm. Soo See Mei - Committee Member Mdm. Leela Devi - Committee Member Mr. Dicky Chong - Club Coach In view of the present pandemic, the Swimming Sub-Committee has not organised any swimming competition or the swimming gala last year. TENNIS Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Chia Bun Weng - Chairman Mr. Lee Chan Meng, PPT - Captain Mr. Raymond Chan - Secretary Mr. Danny Lim - Treasurer Mr. Tan Lay Chuan - Stocks & Prizes Mrs. Sally Chan - F&B The Tennis Section activities have been scaled down due to Covid-19 pandemic. Due to SOPs been enforced by the Government we have only been able to organize the Club Championship. All other sponsored tournaments and Tennis Gala Night have been cancelled due to safety reasons for our members. We hope to resume all tournaments once the pandemic is over. #Kitajagakita. 10

We take this opportunity again to thank our sponsors for their support, namely; 1. BWC Constructions Sdn. Bhd. 2. Chuan Sin Spritzer 3. Cheong Sportwares and General Trading 4. Isonic Tournament – Mr. Gary Low We look forward to your continuous support. Club Championship 2020 results; Men’s Single Champion - Mr. Fong Hiong Wah Men’s Single Runner-Up - Mr. Ooi Ah Wah Men’s Doubles Champion - Mr. Tan Lay Chuan & Mr. Ooi Ah Wah Men’s Doubles Runner-Up - Mr. Ben Tang & Mr. Saw Soon Yee Ladies Doubles Champion - Ms. Vivien Chin & Mrs. Sally Chan Ladies Doubles Runner-Up - Mrs. Lena Woo & Ms. Ng Kim Tee Mixed Doubles Champion - Mrs. Lena Woo & Mr. Derrick Lee Mixed Doubles Runner-Up - Mrs. Irene Yaep & Mr. Tan Lay Chuan The Tennis Sub-Committee would like to thank members for their understanding and patience during these difficult times. LINE DANCE GROUP : Chairman : Vice Chairman Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 : Secretary Dr. Michael Wong Hean Kwai PMP, AMP, PJM : Asst. Secretary Mdm. Ng Phaik Po : Treasurer Mdm. Karamjeet Kaur : Committee Member Mdm. Vivian Lee : Committee Member Mdm. Suki Tee Mdm. Josephine Goh Mdm. Doreen Quah Mr. Kenny Teh : Dance Instructor & Choreographer Mdm. Ng Phaik Po : Dance Co-ordinator Mdm. Vivian Lee : Dance Co-ordinator 1. General profile of Line Dance Section for 2020-2021; a) Numbers of Line Dance Section members - 69 persons to date. b) Approximately 14 members are enrolled in Mr. Kenny Teh’s class which is held every Wednesday from 8.30 am to 10.00 am. c) Our regular free practice sessions are held every Tuesday : 7.30 am to 9.00 am Thursday : 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm Friday : 7.30 am to 9.30 am conducted by Mdm. Ng Phaik Po, Mdm. Vivian Lee and Mdm. Moleh Wong. 11

If there is a necessity to practice for special events, additional classes are held on Saturday from 8.30 am to 10.00 am. 2. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Line Dance Section was unable to carry out any of the usual festive gatherings or the annual dinner. There were also no outstation trips for line dance functions with other groups. In accordance with the SOP, the number of members allowed for the classes were also restricted to maximum 14 paxs per class. We wish to thank the Club President, General Committee, Administration, general staff and all Section members for their support, fellowship and understanding throughout the year. The Sub- Committee looks forward a better and more eventful year ahead. KARAOKE SECTION Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Chia Bun Weng - Chairman Mr. Ho Kong Foo - Secretary Mr. Kuah Seng Cheong - Committee Member Ms. Lily Kuah - Committee Member Mr. Ng Eng Khim - Committee Member Ms. Jenny Ho - Committee Member Sadly Karaoke is considered a much sensitive activity to spread the virus by the Health Ministry. As a precautionary measure, our Club has not organised any activity for the Section, nor have we seen regular patronisation by our members during normal sessions. We hope the situation would soon be over and for our members to return to their normal activities like before. DISCIPLINARY & MEMBERSHIP Mr. K. Subramaniam - Chairman INQUIRY BOARD MEMBERS: No nominations required. DISCIPLINARY During the term year of 2020/2021, there were no matters referred to the Disciplinary Board. We would like to put on record our deep appreciation to all members for their kind co-operation and compliance to our Club Rules and Bye-Laws. SQUASH Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Dato’ Balraaj Singh, DIMP - Chairman Mr. Yeoh Hoe Thiam - Captain Mrs. Janet Lim - Ladies Captain Mr. Chan Kam Hoong - Secretary Mrs. Karen Goh - Treasurer Mr. Man Mohan Singh - Committee Member Mdm. Celine Wong - Committee Member Mdm. Janet Looi - Committee Member 12

Our Squash Section continues to be active with around 153 members in the Section, where 50 are junior members. Due to the pandemic situation, we were not encouraged to organize events that may create large groups hence, this has crippled our plans to organize several tournaments like before. However, in the month of April 2021, we managed to pull through an In-House tournament and held the prize-giving at our Karaoke room on 28th April 2021. Even though the response was not as encouraging, we are happy to have at least one event before the end of this fiscal year. We are happy to announce that currently we have two coaches available, due to the increased number of junior members in the Section. Both trainers have their respective coaching hours and offered different levels of playing skills. They can be reached at the numbers below; 1. Mr. R. Subramaniam @ 016-475 4011 2. Mr. Kong Kai Yuen @ 012-425 6693 Last but not least, we hope this pandemic would soon be over and allow our members to return to the courts and enjoy the fun and camaraderie. DARTS - Chairman - Darts Captain Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 - Secretary Dr. Mike Wong Hean Kwai, PMP, AMP, PJM - Committee Member Mr. Balasubramaniam - Committee Member Mr. N. Moganarajan - Committee Member Mr. B. Pubalechandran Mr. V. Jayaseelan Mr. Sunny Chee Leong San Due to the pandemic situation, our Section members has not been able to gather in big groups like before, likewise with the new SOPs in place, members are still trying to get used to the ‘new norms’ such as limiting the number of players in the Darts room, avoiding handshakes after each game and keeping a safe distance at all times. However, during the month of March 2021, we managed to organize one important tournament, Club Annual Championship for the Section members. It was held on 14th March 2021 with more than 20 members participating in the event. Our old timer, En. Fahmy Abdullah emerged as Champion of the Tournament, followed by Mr. V. Jayaseelan and Mr. P. Jayarajan as 1st and 2nd Runner-Up respectively. We take this opportunity to thank the General Committee, Sponsors, Club staff and all members for their continuous support towards the Section. AMUSEMENT MACHINES Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Lim Sweet Chin - Chairman Mr. Barry Teoh - Coordinator In the earlier fiscal year, our Annexe Club was not allowed to operate due to implementation of Movement Control Order. The strict SOPs have slightly affected the patronization of our members and cancellations of monthly theme event. The Club has stopped organizing group trips to the outlet since then. 13

FOOD & BEVERAGE Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Goh Chee Aik - Chairman Mr. Teh Beng Soon - Secretary Mr. N. Moganarajan - Committee Member Mr. Eddie Kuang - Committee Member As pointed out in our last fiscal report, we should expect a very poor fiscal year due to the covid-19 pandemic and the various Movement Control Orders beginning on March 18, 2020. Twelve months onward and the situation had actually worsened despite the vaccine rollout. At the moment of writing, our nation has gone into another lockdown under MCO 3.0. To get down to business (no irony intended), for fiscal year 2020-2021, Bar sales dropped 26.6% from RM616,596 to RM452,595 while Restaurant sales dived 43.5% from RM476,094 to RM269,002. The figures can only say so much. The truth is out there. Not to depress our readers further, let us dwell on something that we are now very familiar with although not exactly heartwarming. A gentle reminder to all our members that following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) set by the Majlis Keselamatan Negara Malaysia (MKN), all members and their guests have to abide by the simple regulations such as registering their presence, be of normal temperature, sanitizing their hands and maintaining social distancing. The Chairman of the F&B section and his sub-committee will welcome the return of members and their guests in due course and seek your cooperation in observing Governmental requirements and regulations for your personal wellbeing and of your loved ones. In the meantime, please register for your vaccination and help our nation achieve the World Health Organisation’s recommended herd immunity to break the chain of infection and allow us to go back to some normalcy. Good luck and God bless. DIGITAL MEDIA & LIBRARY Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Goh Chee Aik - Chairman Mr. Wong Ah Woh - Secretary Mr. Calvin Peh Kim Hock - Editor Mr. Chan Sooi Sam - Librarian Mdm. Suzanne McKinney - Coordinator Mdm. Sumithra Amalourde - Coordinator Mdm. Sharimala a/p Gunasargan - Website & Library Administrator It should be stated that the newsletter would be cancelled and thus the name Bulletin And Library should now be Digital Media And Library. Those members who are interested in the Club affairs should go to the library website i.e., to get further information about the happenings in the Club. Although many activities have been planned for members’ children, they have to be cancelled due to poor response. The activities planned were Water Colouring Contest, A Day Camp at the club premises for members’ children and Traditional Games for members’ children. The only activity that was carried out was the Children’s Crayon Colouring Contest which was held on 9th November 2019. Category A comprised of 11 children and category B, (which was for older children) comprised of 7 children. 14

Unfortunately, the emergence of the Pandemic, Covid 19, all activities had to be stopped. However, new books (8 books per month in total) were added to the Library Section except for March and April of 2021because of the MCO. The house rule says that a member, his spouse or their children can borrow a maximum of 4 books per family for a duration of 14 days, after which they can extend for another 14 days on request. GYMNASIUM Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Dr. S. Gunaseelan, AMP - Chairman Secretary Mr. Patrick Morten - Committee Member Committee Member Mr. Robin Lim Chin Lake - Committee Member Mr. N. Moganarajan - Mr. Chong Jia Jien - The Gymnasium continues to operate with strict SOPs, limiting the number of users per allocated session. It has now become a normal routine for members to make reservations to use the facility. We also wish to thank the General Committee for their approval to replace the old treadmill even during this pandemic period. Let’s hope the situation in the country will further improve for our Club to return to normalcy soon, with everyone doing their part to break the chain of infection. Take care and stay safe! TOMBOLA Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Goh Chee Aik - Chairman Mr. Wong Ah Woh - Secretary Ms. Ong Paik Yoong - Treasurer Mdm. Nyana Morrison - Coordinator/Public Relations Mdm. Sharimala a/p Gunasargan - Book Keeping/Checker Ms. Kumuthavalli a/p Thangaraju - Book Keeping/Checker Currently there are 59 tombola section members. The tombola sessions had to be called off because of the emergence of the pandemic Covid 19. Mr. Goh Chee Aik has called for the annual fees to be waived for the fiscal year 2021/2022. Now it is on everybody’s minds as to when the next tombola session is going to be held. Anyhow the current situation does not permit the sessions to be held soon. One point to be taken is Mdm. Nyana Morrison has resigned from the tombola sub-committee and also the tombola section. TAI CHI Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 Mr. Lim Sweet Chin - Chairman Mr. Lim Ka Chong - Secretary Mr. Chai Sang Ter - Treasurer Mdm. Ang Yan Tin - Committee Member Mdm. Eswary Gunaseelan - Committee Member Mr. Khoo Teow Hua - Committee Member Datin Jennifer Ong - Committee Member ‘Sifu’ Teh Ah Bee - Instructor 15

Taiji practice was disrupted by the first Movement Control Order (MCO 1.0) which took effect from 18th March 2020 onwards. We only managed to resume on 6th July, 2020, following strict SOP guidelines until 22nd January 2021, before the next MCO 2.0 was implemented. This time our practice session was halted for a month. Unfortunately, the country has to face another spike of this pandemic from 22nd May 2021 onwards under MCO 3.0. Despite all the above disruptions, we still have members diligently attending our scheduled sessions to keep themselves fit. Last but not least, the Taiji Sub-Committee would like to thank and express it’s appreciation to the General Committee and staff for their support towards this Section thorough out the year. BILLIARDS - Chairman - Captain Sub-Committee Members 2020/2021 - Secretary Dr. Mike Wong Hean Kwai, PMP, AMP, PJM - Treasurer Mr. H’ng Gek Yeow - Committee Member Mr. Leong Sweet Han - Committee Member Mr. Ong Hong Hooi - Committee Member Mr. Chuah Ching Chin - Committee Member Mr. Leong Swee Cheat Mr. Yew Wen Jye Mr. Wong Yew Keong Billiard has been around in this Club for many years but it came to a halt when members lost interest of this game for other sports facilities. Until recently, several members had shown interest to revive the game and pleaded to the General Committee to help repair the table. Thanks to the General Committee, we now have an excellent table with all new Billiard equipment like table cushions, surface cloth, pocket nets, snooker balls, spider rest, chalks, cues and individual cue cabinets for members to rent. Nevertheless, we have setup a new Billiards Sub-Committee and made effort to meet up for a few games during weekends. Under the new Section Bye-laws, the Billiards room will be reserved for its Section members from 2:00pm to 8:00pm every Sunday. Children below the age of 18 years would not be permitted to use the facility unless permission is granted by the Sub-Committee. Members using the Billiards facilities are reminded to adhere to the ‘dress code’ rules after 8:00pm. Due to current pandemic situation, the Section is not able to organise any event for the members and hope it would improve for us to plan some activities in the coming year. 16

ATTENDANCE OF GENERAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS AT MONTHLY COMMITTEE & AG MEETINGS FROM AUGUST 2020 TO JUNE 2021: Mr. Tang Yuet Mun, PPT - President 8/8 Dr. Michael Wong Hean, Kwai, PMP, AMP, PJM - Vice President 6/8 Mr. K. Subramaniam - Honorary Secretary 7/8 Mr. K. Rama Krishnan, AMP - Honorary Treasurer 7/8 Mr. K. Mohanachandran - Golf Captain 8/8 Mr. Jerry Tan Hoon Jin - Committee Members 6/8 Dr. S. Gunaseelan, AMP - Committee Members 0/8 Mr. Chia Bun Weng - Committee Members 7/8 Dato’ Balraaj Singh, DIMP - Committee Members 5/8 Mr. Goh Chee Aik - Committee Members 8/8 Mr. Lim Sweet Chin - Committee Members 7/8 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The President and General Committee would like to express their sincere appreciation to all members for their kind support, co-operation and understanding throughout the year. A very big ‘THANK YOU’ to all kind and generous well-wishers and donors who have never turned us down when we seek their assistance and contributions. There may have been shortcomings and lapses in the year under review and the General Committee extends its apologies for these unintentional instances. Thank you. For and on behalf of the General Committee, ………………………… Tang Yuet Mun, PPT President 17























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