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Published by johnharleybayudan, 2018-01-24 00:10:05

Description: Literary Folio


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Copyright 2017-2018 All Rights Reserved PUNDASYON is a literary folio of THE ALTERNATIVE, the official student publication of the University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines2




Mamulat 7

Dugo at luhaAng dumanak sa mukhaIpikit mo na |


















Nakakulong na Isip at kaluluwa Itim at kahel |30

Nakakulong naIsip at kaluluwaItim at kahel | 31




THE INDOLENCE OF THE STUDENTS “Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed.” –Bruno Mars (The Lazy Song) Students, let us not lie. It’s the classic lazy syndrome. Something everyone else feels from time to time. Indolence is also identical to laziness or idleness and is defined as the failure to do what you are expected or supposed to do, despite having the glorious might to do it; a letdown for what is supposed to be a productive day; a disillusionment for what is thought to be a dynamic while; a disenchantment for what is likely to be a good hair day. Indolence is a vice that slowly slithers in and begins to hold you captive and enslave you for no apparent reason. It is when you feel as though you deserve a quality time with your bed (an endless date with the bed) or somewhere comfy, then gradually you start embracing it, until it actually sits and sets on and becomes a part of who you are. Oh no! Students these days have a lot of reasons to be sluggish as well to have an excuse from missing an early morning class, not meeting deadline on time, even not p the bell before it ever sounds and hammers the ears (sounds like a morning sight?). With many students being in their 20s, it is a communal idea for us to not want to do hard. Homeworks, right and left requirements, and researches keep piling up stealing our time to go out and take a break from all the serious crunch times, scroll the feeds on our Facebook page, take instragamable shots, drink Korean milk teas, watch our favorite American and Korean TV series… My list could go on I can talk forever! There are various different reasons why we students become indolent and inactive as far as studies are concerned and due to these we become unable to perform a given task on whatever domain we subscribe.36

Just like how Dr. Jose Rizal delvedon the causes of the indolence of theFilipinos, it is also imperative that the causes of the indolence of thestudents be explored by none other than astudent who experiences it himself. First off, the cold weather, similarto Rizal who acknowledged the hot climateof the Philippines as one cause ofFilipino indolence. We’ve all been herein this high altitude place. Our bodyis so delicate it subtly reacts to theenvironment around us without us evennoticing most of the time. When the coldweather sets in, it is usually accompaniedby fewer hours of sunlight, and thatchange can actually affect sleep cycle.It is very much inviting. This type ofweather is the reason why we do not wantget out of bed and leave because it iswarmer under the sheets. No matter howearly you went to bed the night before orno matter how early or how many times youset up alarms, it’s the cold that makesyou want to hide and be gone forever andultimately miss your 7:30 morning class.Please, wake me up! 37

The second reason starts with a “P” and ends with an ‘N.” Laziness is usually bred from postponing something that needs to be done. When students are faced with a simple task such as writing a reaction paper that they can do right away, they postpone it for later. Before they know it, time is running out. It only makes things harder and entertains laziness. The thing is, if you can do something now and you have the time, then do it now! That is why you miss deadline. So what’s the word? PROCRASTINATION. Thirdly, irresponsibility. Irresponsible students are lazy students. One perfect example would be asking someone to do something that they can do but don’t want to; for instance, friends, sibs, group leader. Having everything done for you makes you lazy and disabled. Need I say more? Fourth on the list? Too Much to Do. When a person is overwhelmed with things to do, the brain tends to become confused and slows down, losing the idea of what and which to start. Which is true for most students. Students convince themselves that they cannot do it or that it is simply too much. Because of this, they see no reason to even begin anything, hence entertaining the idea of laziness. First things should come first!38

Fifthly in a jiffy, distraction. Yes! And bydistraction, I mean Facebook, the social media world. Whenstudying, the mind does wander over to other things that aretotally unrelated. Just as how easily your attention canbe caught up by the mere beep or vibration of your phonebecause someone poke you from your FB messenger or someonetagged you to a very controversial FB post. The more youget distracted, the less likely you are to complete a task.Social media tends to munch too much on everybody’s time.It keeps us busy just trying to get our nose with whatother people are doing and prevents us from ever initiatingto complete a task. Oh wait, by this I don’t mean cuttingyourself off completely from this pleasurable what’s-going-on-with-other-people type of passive but-I’m-not-around-youkind of socializing but you may need to moderate the timeyou spend on these diversions. Sounds good to me. Ultimately, once again, just like how Rizal believedthat education and liberty would be the cure to Filipinoindolence, I’d say motivation would be the cure to student’sindolence. Motivation fuels you up with whatever needs to bedone in a good time. If you love doing something, you willnever find a reason to hate doing that thing, especially ifthat’s something that is within your areas of interest orjumps you up. If you are motivated, then you will have allthe reasons to get things done correctly and right away, nomatter how high things will pile up, and no matter how youget distracted by external factors. 39








Sino ba silaNakaupo at nakangisiSakop ang masa | 49


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