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Elders Winter Edition Newsletter

Published by alannah.richards, 2020-06-07 20:59:11

Description: First Edition 2020


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ELDERS MERREDIN NEWSLETTER EDITION WINTER Photo Courtesy of Mitch Clarke - Millah Clarke and Family Dog Jed, catching Yabbies Gabby Ford - Elders Merredin 2. How long have you Worked for Elders? Photo Courtesy of Millie Della Bosca and Sam Delacy – Not quite 5 Months ISNTTAEFRFVIEWS MILLIE'S 3. Bad Habits: - Forgetful and has a MOMENTS Interviewed this Edition .... phone addiction Millie Della Bosca Sta Pro le – Gabby Ford 4. Favourite Food: - Any kind of Pasta Insurance Sales Support O cer 1. Position – Farm Supplies Support 5. Why did you start working for Elders? 1 . What do you call a Mexican without a O cer – Change of Position, wasn’t happy with car? ….. Carlos previous Job 2 . What do you call someone with no 6. If you were stuck on a deserted island body and no nose? ….. Nobody nose and can take 3 items what would they be? – Phone “Obviously”, Matches and 3 . I just stepped on a corn flake, now I’m Endless WIFI o cially a cereal killer 7. If you have a super power what would 4 . Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the it be? – Mind Reader road? ….. because it got stuck in a crack 8. “Your given an Elephant” and you can’t sell it or give it away what would you do with it?” - Keep it as a Pet 9. Which AFL Team do you support? - Richmond 10. Favourite Alcohol – Anything with Vodka

ELDERS MERREDIN NEWSLETTER ANDY'S BLOG Photo Courtesy of Matthew Richards behind all your local businesses they all need your support in di cult times. Branch Manager Report We farewelled Katelyn Lubcke in early January so that she could follow her Support local Welcome to the rst of many dreams of mustering in the North West newsletter from Elders Merredin and by all accounts she is loving it. With Andrew Peters a big welcome to the rain over the Katelyn’s departure we welcomed Mobile 0438 847 871 past week or so with hopefully more Gabby Ford to the merchandise team. on the arisen soon. Gabby hails from a small country town Murrayville in Victoria and is keen to Well what a start to the 2020 with the meet all our clients in the future. Gabby outbreak of Covid-19 changing the way can be contacted on 90416500 for all we all do business bringing with it lots of your merchandise needs. anxiety for many and a new norm which They keep telling us that April, May & I believe will be around Australia and the June are meant to be wetter than normal world for some time. so hopefully while you are sitting down Take care all keep practising good reading this newsletter it is raining hygiene and the 1.5 metre distancing rule outside. Elders made the decision late last year In closing please do not hesitate to to change the way we do business in contact me if you have any issue’s I can’t Southern Cross we have now vacated the stand-alone store and created an Elders x what I don’t know and please get depot based out of the Home Hardware building with Peter & Nicole Carlson. Product supply will not change they will carry all your normal animal husbandry products, range of agchem supplies with major orders delivered from Merredin, fencing supplies, Steel Blue boots and all your necessary day to day requirements to operate your business. While we are developing the business with Peter & Nicole please don’t be afraid to let Peter know if we have overlooked any products. Your support will be greatly appreciated. As I am writing this newsletter agchem supply issues seem to be easing but in saying that please stay in touch with Gregg, Duane or any of the merchandise team, the earlier we have order’s the easier it will be to supply. NOTES soon. We would like to thank all our At Elders Insurance we have the FROM THE valued clients for your support and flexibility of o ering both Traditional INSURANCE understanding through these trying Estimated Yield cover and our most TEAM times. popular A er Harvest Declaration Policy. Both cover you for a range of Written By James Morris With seeding mostly complete and some unforeseen circumstances such as re, magni cat rainfall reports throughout the hail, chemical overspray, Intrusion of It’s been a crazy couple of months Wheatbelt it’s time to consider your crop livestock, harvest seed spread and navigating our way around the Insurance for the 2020 season. Interim harvest seed in transit. Covid-19 situation. cover is already in place for our existing clients. Interim cover notices have been If you would like to nd out more about Our o ces are back up and running sent to you. As always please contact us our crop insurance options, please call and we look forward to seeing you all if you need any assistance completing your local Elders Insurance Agent James the forms. Morris on 0488 448 755.

ELDERS MERREDIN NEWSLETTER LIVESTOCK Elders Mitch Clarke and James Steel - Carribber Stud William Morris and Simon Cheetham UPDATE aware the live Export moratorium comes REAL ESTATE Written by Mitch Clarke into e ect from June until September, UPDATE while fletchers will likely shutdown mid 2020 has been some what mixed in June and reopen in time for hopefully Written by Kathy Beilkin - regards to the livestock sector. the sucker lamb season. Given the latish RE Sales Support O cer start suckers will likely be short so expect Given that livestock were coming o good demand come August. Even with the coronavirus the back of a tough spring in 2019 most pandemic Real Estate in our area livestock were in good condition and As usual Spring will creep up on us and has seen good sales happening were able to hold on to see (dare I say it that means ram season and a very busy with both Residential & Rural unprecedented prices in some cases). time for our stockies. It will be helpful to properties. let your stockies know if possible your The rst part of 2020 saw a lot of demand ram requirments as this makes planning Will Morris covers the Eastern from South Australia and Victoria for all ahead much easier in what is an already Wheatbelt area with Peter Sippe types of sheep but it wasn’t until NSW got busy time. covering the Central Wheatbelt. In their drought braking rain that demand addition, Simon Cheetham has recently for our livestock really increased. In Here’s to a good season ahead. joined the Elders Real Estate team. He times of such huge demand like we are comes to Elders from the opposition still currently seeing I’m glad that our Mitch Clarke and has taken a promotion to Senior livestock team have such a widespread Real Estate Executive – Rural and is and powerful network too market our based in Perth Head O ce. He will be clients livestock. assisting Will and Peter with Rural farm sales. Will our Sales specialist, was Whilst I think Auctions Plus has been recently awarded four Real Estate titles, a great tool in our current climate including the Elite Agent award for sales with some excellent prices, the Elders excellence a er a very successful year network Nationally cant be understated in 2019. and I think this reflects in the way of numbers that sheep have been sold to The awards Will received were as the Eastern states. From January to April follows:- 2020 119,347 sheep were o ered on the Number 2 in the top 5 Rural Auctions Plus Platform and in contrast a Salespeople total of 696,200 sheep have crossed the Number 2 in the top 5 Salespeople border. Number 5 in the top 5 Company Branches Locally prices are still very good with The Elite Agent award for sales supply tightening, demand for both excellence for 2019. mutton and lamb is good. As most are If you would like to speak with any NOW STOCKING of our sales specialists they can be contacted on the following numbers: Thomas Cook Boots WILL MORRIS - 0448 415 537 We are now Stocking Thomas Cook PETER SIPPE - 0429 047 122 Boots, available in mulitple sizes. SIMON CHEETHAM - 0428 147 359. Also coming soon Oliver Boots Want to know more give the Branch a call.. Ph 90416505 or come in and give them a try Thomas Cook Boots

AUGPDRAOTNEOMY Photo Courtesy of Pedro Sippe 2019 emergence and the issue at hand, some of the poor knockdown results may have AGRO Report may be looking (hopefully a little better to be addressed rst. The worst weeds with Feb rains) similar to previous years that I am seeing half dead are capeweed Where are we at? in terms of those dirtier paddocks. The and radish, which have a decent tap root. So we’ve nally had some widespread other di erence I have seen around is Some just need a little more time to see rain, a er lots wind & the long term rain some knockdowns which haven’t quite them fully keel over, but others may need forecast saying we were going to have a down the job we expected with dusty and to be sprayed again earlier rather than wet April. Anyway it wasn’t too far o our stressed plants. later. Growers in this situation need to average break again and ngers crossed consider what pre-emergents they have for some decent ones soon, especially • Grasses in Cereals - I’m thinking we used that might still be helping, or get a those that have missed out a bit lately. will start to be seeing grasses amongst Lontrel or decent radish spray out ASAP. With some having received that patchy cereals - what is your plan of attack rain a couple of weeks ago, there are on paddocks which you already have Continued ... some crops up and about and now a lot concerns over? If you were/are planning just popping out of the ground. A lot of to use a bit of Prosulfocarb, we have seeding programs are wrapped up or just learnt over the last couple of years that about there. it is imperative the application is on and gets optimum of 10mm of rain to wash Crop Damage? it in before the rye grass is 2 leaf, and safest for crops 1.5L+. A er those winds I’m hoping there wasn’t too much damage around the • Weeds hanging on, Depending on crop place. Be sure to be onto paddocks you have concerns with, as a re-seeding decision needs to be made pretty quickly now we’re in June. If you need some advice on plant density numbers you should aim for, or a paddock to be checked to possibly help aid a decision, give myself Benita, or Keith a call! What’s next for operations? With only having a couple of rainfall events close together, I’m hoping crops aren’t as patchy as the previous 2 years. I do believe, however, that weed wise we Elders Merredin P. 08 9041 6500 74 Mitchell Street, Merredin E. [email protected]

AUGPDRAOTNEOMY Photo Courtesy of Mitch Clarke Only small amounts I think have been swapped out – just be mindful of what Written by Sophie Hooper • Luximax – the new Pre-emergent your previous plans for these paddocks grass control herbicide, in wheat, with a were, may need a Monza or Atlantis Continued ... completely di erent mode of action than soon if it was booked in for an Intervix anything out there already application. I have no idea how this will • Insects to be aware of – mites and play out – a lot of water to go under the Lucerne flea will start popping out • Truflex – only received tiny amounts in bridge before harvest, and hopefully a with early crop emergence the cooler the area, will be interesting on growers fair bit to drop on to your paddocks too! temperatures we are getting into. Keep opinions on later spray timing and how it your eyes out especially on canola, yields up against old 43Y23 lupins and pastures - even if you can’t see bugs, look for crop a ects such as • Vetch - bit more uptake of vetch cupping, windowing, plants chopped o around the place – I’ll be interested to near the ground and chewing. gather opinions at the end of the season from new growers on biomass, grazing, • Lupins – depends how you want and how it fared up against other pasture to tackle certain paddocks, you may options in their operation. be doing 2 grass sprays or leaving your broadleaf spray until later with Barley Tari s metribuzin, but soon either the Brodal applications alone at 2 leaf minimum or A lot of the barley was already in the the rst grass spray, will have to go on. ground before this came into place. • Canola – Atrazine with or without grass selectives won’t be too far behind • Wild Radish – What is your strategy this year? How fast can you usually get it all done? What else have you got to get done before and what stage might weeds and cereals be at when you can get there? Would you start some with straight Jaguar equivalents at 2 leaf crop stage, or wait until 3 leaf with MCPA LVE added in? New in the ground around the place • Callisto – the new Pre-emergent group H herbicide for broadleaves in wheat and barley Elders Merredin P. 08 9041 6500 74 Mitchell Street, Merredin E. [email protected]

CGORLEUGMG'NS Written by Gregg Steele Update from the Merchandise Team ... The merchandise team have had a very Photo Courtesy of Kaylea Richards Corona Virus has thrown a spanner in busy 3 months. We now have a little time the works over the last few months, to regroup and concentrate on the next the Agchem space as well as fencing, which has forced some changes on how couple of months. water products, animal health and stock we have had to operate. I would like to feeders. We will be contacting as many take this opportunity to thank all clients It is nice to see some rain in the district clients as possible over the next few on being patient with us and respecting which should help germinate most of the weeks to talk about these opportunities some of the changes put in place. paddocks seeded dry. Let’s hope the rain or give any of our team a call to discuss. keeps coming. Supply chains have been a ected, but Just a reminder that we are an agent for we have tried our best to meet all client’s Gabby Ford is our new Farm Supplies CSBP fertiliser and can organise your requests. Again, thank you for your Sales O cer and has settled in well. needs to nish seeding utilising the patience and understanding. Gabby has been busy with fertiliser depot in Merredin and to get your N orders lately and is now ready to requirements such as Flexi N or Urea. Give us a call, or just come and say hello. take calls on all animal health and Something to think about for next year, ear tag orders leading into lambing, clients can use their Elders accounts Regards muelsing and shearing. Post Emergent for the purchase of Lime sand and Gregg requirements are also a focus, so Gabby other products from Wilchem/Optima. 0427656574 and the team will be contacting clients This provides an interest free payment over the next few weeks, or just give us option for up to 2 months for Lime a call. requirements. We are now o ering some deals for June 30 on a wide range of products, with many options. We can o er a number of options to use accounts to take up some of these deals, from deposit accounts to deferred payment. Elders have some good deals on products like Atrazine, Glyphosate, Paraquat, Ester, Prosulfocarb and Trifluralin in Elders Merredin P. 08 9041 6500 74 Mitchell Street, Merredin E. [email protected]

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