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2019 One Love Paper Co. Wholesale Catalog

Published by Kathy Pine, 2019-01-25 15:19:24

Description: For trade only. Email [email protected] for wholesale inquiries and ordering.


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ABOUT ONE LOVE PAPER CO. We believe we each have the desire to give – as artists, writers, parents, entrepreneurs, and global thinkers – to our loved ones, to our craft, and to our communities. Our brand is built with one goal in mind: to allow our creative hearts to be expressed in full. To feel the freedom to explore the world in ways that call to us, share the deepest moments of gratitude with friends and family, and build our creative projects with energy and enthusiasm. Our products are designed with a whimsical feel and heartfelt intention to support creative endeavors, whether it be undertaking a new project, creating impact in our communities, organizing our time, turning dreams into action, or simply connecting with the people and places that inspire us. ABOUT THE DESIGNER | KATHY PINE Kathy is a designer, entrepreneur and mother who lives with her husband and three children in Sonoma, California. After successfully building her own design agency from the ground up, she was inspired to combine her love for paper and design with her desire to help other women and entrepreneurs pursue their dreams, creating the first Inspired Year Planner in 2016. She enjoys yoga, running, travelling, being outdoors and going on just about any new adventure.

introducing the new 2020 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER

DELUXE INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER deluxe version: 18 mo. monthly + weekly 2020 Deluxe Inspired Year Planner WHOLESALE $19 / $24 (SM/LG) SUGGESTED RETAIL $38 / $48 (SM/LG) best seller Live Happy Aqua Fragment Adventure Begins IYP_1920_LH_SM (small) IYP_1920_FR_SM (small) IYP_1920_LH_LG (large) IYP_1920_FR_LG (large) IYP_1920_AB_SM (small) IYP_1920_AB_LG (large) Twenty Twenty Goals: Be Happy Live Love Create IYP_1920_TW_SM (small) IYP_1920_BH_SM (small) IYP_1920_LC_SM (small) IYP_1920_TW_LG (large) IYP_1920_BH_LG (large) IYP_1920_LC_LG (large) 4

The Inspired Year Planner helps you really refocus your energy and set goals that lead to a healthier “balance in your life whether you’re a stay-at-home ”parent, working parent or a busy professional. - Jenny, This Tiny Blue House BALANCE AT THE HEART OF PLANNING • At the heart of all the Inspired Year Planner is a focus on goal-setting with balance, providing a framework in which all aspects of life — self-care, family, meaningful work, and play — are central in creating our goals. • Every 12-weeks, a new work-life balance chart allows re-evaluation of goals and fulfillment ain different aspects of life. • Seasonal themes help keep current goals and priorities top-of-mind.

it’s all in the details FEATURES TO GUSH OVER Deluxe Inspired Year Planner Specs COVER Hardcover w/ soft touch coating and foil accents Gold elastic band MATERIAL Back pocket LAYOUT Large size cover includes rounded corners GOAL-SETTING Small size cover includes protective gold corners DIMENSIONS EXTRAS Gold spiral Wire-O 100gsm/200gsm wood-free high quality paper Weekly + monthly spreads 18-months (July 2019-December 2020) or 12-months (January - December 2020) Yearly goal-setting, mid-year goal review Quarterly work+life balance charts Monthly, weekly & daily space to plan/track goals Large: 9” x 11” (Cover extends to 9.25”x11.25”) Small: 7”x9” (Cover extends to 7.875”x9.625”) Inspiring quotes throughout Year, special dates, contact and extra notes pages Holidays and moon cycles 6

INSPIRED YEAR Planner a look inside - included in all versions* planners so gorgeous YOUR HEART MAY JUST SKIP A BEAT YEAR OVERVIEW * Monthly spreads WITH holidays and moon cycles * Weekly spreads WITH hourly scheduling extra notes pages and daily focus/to-do list * “ The Inspired Year Planner is unique because it organizes your life - but it is built for YOU. It’s built for a woman who sets goals, who dreams and wants to make her own self-care a priority. ”- Corinne, The Pragmatic Parent 7

unique to the Inspired Year Planner GOAL-SETTING & WORK-LIFE BALANCE PAGES BIG PICTURE GOAL-SETTING Focus on REFLECTIVE WRITING INTENTIONS HEART-CENTERED PROMPTS GOALS balance CHART DETAILED GOAL YEAR-IN-REVIEW WEIGHS self-care, PLANNING PAGES PLANNING family, work & play MONTHLY ACTION PLAN Mid-year Check-in SEASONALthemes and TO TURN GOALS INTO TO REVIEW GOALs insightful quotes fuel MILESTONES creative ambition * Note: All above pages are included in both the Deluxe Inspired Year Planner and the Monthly Inspired Year Planner. All pages on the previous page, with the exception of the weekly spread, are also in all versions of the Inspired Year Planner. Note, however, that the Monthly Inspired Year Planner, undated version includes the monthly & yearly pages with blank areas to fill in specific dates, months & years. 8

monthly INSPIRED YEAR Planner monthly version: 12. mo & 18 mo. 2020 Monthly Inspired Year Planner WHOLESALE $12 SUGGESTED RETAIL $24 Twenty Twenty Dreams Know the Way Be Creative IYP_1920_TW_MO (18-mo) IYP_1920_DR_MO (18-mo) IYP_1920_BC_MO (18-mo) IYP_1920_DR_N (12-mo undated) IYP_BC_MO_N (12-mo undated) best seller Do What You Love Follow Your Heart IYP_1920_DW_MO (18-mo) IYP_1920_FH_MO (18-mo) IYP_DW_MO_N (12-mo undated) IYP_FH_MO_N (12-mo undated) “ Thoughtful prompts throughout the Inspired Year Planner allow you to reflect, so you can focus on meaningful work and be intentional with time for family, home and self-care. - Brennon, Just Brennon Blog ”9

MONTHLY VS. DELUXE Monthly Inspired Year Planner Specs INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER DIFFERENCES: COVER Softcover w/ soft touch aqueous coating Rounded corners and gold elastic band • Monthly planners omit the MATERIAL Back pocket weekly page spreads. LAYOUT Gold foil accents GOAL-SETTING • Monthly planners are saddle- DIMENSIONS Saddle-stitch stitched, rather than Wire-O EXTRAS 60lb uncoated text bound Monthly spreads • Monthly planners are available Choose 12 months (undated) or as dated (18 mo. version) or 18 months (July 2019-December 2020) undated (12 mo. version) Yearly goal-setting, mid-year goal review Quarterly work+life balance charts Monthly, weekly & daily space to plan/track goals 7.5” x 9.75” Inspiring quotes, extra notes pages Year recap and yearly theme pages Holiday and moon cycles (18-mo. version only) 10

CREATIVITY WORKBOOKS Ideas & Inspiration Creative Business Building Workbook CREATIVE WORKBOOK FOR IDEATION AND PROJECT PLANNING WHOLESALE $9 SUGGESTED RETAIL $18 best seller Ideas & Inspiration Cover Dream Big Cover CBB_II_SA CBB_DB_SA This creative business-building workbook ncludes idea worksheet pages with sections to consider the effort, enthusiasm, and outcome of various ideas. Lined pages for writing ideas and dot grid pages also included for mind-mapping and sketching. specs COVER 16pt softcover Rounded corners SIZE BINDING 7.5” x 9.5”, 52 pages Gold spiral Wire-O 11

Passion & Purpose Writing Journal WHOLESALE $12 SUGGESTED RETAIL $24 guided writing journal WITH DAILY WRITING PROMPTS AND INSPIRATION Aqua Fragment Live Happy Life without Compromise Cover Cover Cover PP_FR_HD PP_LH_HD PP_SH_HD This guided writing journal for heart-centered goal-setting includes 30 writing prompts, as well as daily space to reflect on gratitude and an area to focus on each day. Daily prompts also include a “do something different” challenge and an inspirational quote. specs COVER Hardcover with soft-touch coating and foil accents SIZE 7” x 9”, 130 pages BINDING Gold spiral Wire-O EXTRAS Pocket in back cover 12

PRODUCTIVITY Daily Focus Notepad WHOLESALE $6 SUGGESTED RETAIL $12 best seller With a focus on mindfulness - including a “Today I’m grateful for” and “Mindset I want today” section on each page - this notepad provides all that’s needed to simplify and focus on the day at hand. Large space to prioritize the big things (main focus), and plenty of space to write down all the other to-dos (little things). specs 50-sheet notepad Extra white super smooth 70# paper PAGES All pages are the same SIZE 8.5”x11” Daily Focus Notepad DAILY_LG Weekly Planning Notepad WHOLESALE $6 SUGGESTED RETAIL $12 This notepad helps simplify and prioritize the week, with blocks each day which can be used for morning, afternoon and evening scheduling or the top priorities for the day. The bottom of the notepad provides space for other to-do items and weekend plans. Includes habit tracker to check off or daily accomplishments. Weekly Planning Notepad specs 50-sheet notepad Extra white super smooth 70# paper WEEKLY_LG PAGES All pages are the same SIZE 10.75” x 7.25”, rounded corners 14

JOURNALS Inspired to Create Journals WHOLESALE $6 / $7.50 (SM/LG) SUGGESTED RETAIL $12 / $15 (SM/LG) GOLD SPIRAL-BOUND JOURNALS WITH LUXURIOUSLY SMOOTH INSIDE PAGES, ULTRA-THICK COVERS AND ROUNDED CORNERS FOR DURABILITY Fuschia Fragment Dare to be Different Live Love Create JRNFF_LIN / JRNFF_DOT (large) JRNDR_LIN / JRNDR_DOT (large) JRNLC_LIN / JRNLC_DOT (large) JRNFF_SM_LIN / JRNFF_SM_DOT (small) JRNDR_SM_LIN / JRNDR_SM_DOT (small) JRNLC_SM_LIN / JRNLC_SM_DOT (small) Aqua Prism Violet Fragment JRNAP_LIN / JRNAP_DOT (large) JRNVF_LIN / JRNVF_DOT (large) JRNAP_SM_LIN / JRNAP_SM_DOT (small) JRNVF_SM_LIN / JRNVF_SM_DOT (small) specs Available as COVER Ultra-thick 18pt softcover with soft-touch coating LINED SIZE Choose 8.5”x11” (LG) or 5.75” x 8.25” (SM) DOT GRID BINDING Gold spiral Wire-O EXTRAS Bright white smooth 32pt inside pages 15

EXPLORE & CONNECT Kid’s Travel Journal WHOLESALE $7 SUGGESTED RETAIL $14 journal FOR kids TO CAPTURE TRAVEL MEMORIES Rainbow Cover Each journal page provides space to write down trip details, KTJ_RB_SS destination, transportation and more. Includes itnerary page, daily pages, a trip planning page, map, several blank pages, and space to draw or write in trip higlights and favorite expereinces. Adventure Begins Cover KTJ_AB_SS specs COVER Thick softcover with soft-touch coating SIZE 7.5” x 9.75”, 52 pages BINDING Saddle-stitch Inspired to Create Notecard Set WHOLESALE $6 SUGGESTED RETAIL $12 These elegant, high quality cards are perfect for saying hello, showing gratitude, or sending a message. High quality paper is silk-laminated for a soft touch. Note cards measure 4”x6”. Blank inside. Boxed set comes with 8 cards and 8 envelopes. 8-Card Notecard Set ITC_8PACK 17

WHOLESALE TERMS ORDERING Opening order minimum: $125 Re-order minimum: $100 Minimum 4 products per design Send an email to [email protected] with the item(s) and quantity required along with your billing and delivery information. PAYMENT Payment can be made via credit card or Paypal and must be received before the order can be shipped. Net30 terms are available for retailers with an established account. SHIPPING Most domestic orders ship via USPS Priority. Shipping cost will be calculated at time of order. BACK ORDERS Occasionally we might be out of a certain product. We will notify you at the time of your order. RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS & EXCHANGES. Please notify us of incorrect or damaged product within 5 days for a replacement. All cancellations or changes to your order must be made within 24 hours. TURNAROUND TIME We make every effort to get orders out wihin a week, but occasionally we may require more time. In that case, you will be notified and kept up to date. 18

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