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Published by Sport in Profile, 2015-01-19 14:42:40

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CONTENTSPUBLISHED BY PROCESS PUBLISHING LTD RUGBYclub ISSUE 51SUITE 1, SAVILLE EXCHANGE,HOWARD STREET, NORTH SHIELDS, FEATURES 56 PERSHORE 113 JED-FORESTNORTH TYNESIDE NE30 1SE 04 pRIVATE AIR TRAVEL 60 SHIPSTON-ON-STOUR 115 MOFFAT 08 MUTA 62 SWINDON COLLEGE OLD BOYS 116 CHARDWWW.RUGBYCLUB.BIZ 10 RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015 68 SALCOMBE 118 THURROCK 14 six NATIONS 70 CLAREMORRIS COLTS 120 KELSOCOMMERCIAL CLUBS IN PROFILE 73 CURRIE 122 KESTEVENCOMMERCIAL DIRECTOR 17 FARNBOROUGH 74 MINCHINHAMPTON 125 SELKIRK 18 HARLEQUINS 76 BEDFORD SWIFTS 126 SEAHAMIAN FINLAY 24 EPPING UPPER CLAPTON 78 LUTTERWORTH 129 TREHERBERTT: 0191 477 2512 26 burnham on crouch 80 DROITWICH 130 SWINTON LIONSE: [email protected] 32 TREHARRIS PHOENIX 82 COVENTRY WELSH 132 AYR 34 SYSTON 86 MEDWAY 136 STANFORDMEDIA DIRECTORS 36 MARKET BOSWORTH 88 WETHERBY 139 HOYLAKE 38 ST JACQUES 92 SHEPPEY 142 LLANDRINDOD WELLSANTHONY GILLEN 42 ABERGAVENNY 94 HADDINGTON 144 MORRISTONT: 0191 447 3718 43 OLDHAM ST ANNES 96 TROJANS 145 KEYWORTHE: [email protected] 46 BOWDON 104 HELSTON 148 WELWYN 47 PENALLTA 105 CUMBERNAULD 150 GALWEGIANSDAVID WILSON 50 ROCHFORD HUNDRED 110 Gloucestershire All GoldsT: 0191 447 6997E: [email protected] LOCKERT: 0191 447 3737E:[email protected] RAET: 0191 447 0804E: [email protected] TURNBULLT: 0191 447 6107E: [email protected] RAET: 0191 447 6767E: [email protected] LENNONT: 0191 340 0622E: [email protected] OF PRODUCTIONGARRY HOOSANT: 0191 597 6078E: [email protected] IN CHIEFJAMIE SEYMOURT: 0191 435 7878E: [email protected] GOLDSMITH ‘It will never happen to me!’ Visit any hospital on a weekend and you can guarantee to find an injured sports player.T: 0191 597 6078 We’ve all had a mate hobbling into the pub on crutches, getting plenty of free beer and having a laugh, but when they goE:[email protected] home, unless they happen to be lucky enough to have sick-pay through their employer, the unfortunate reality for most is that with no income coming in and bills still to pay, they may be struggling financially.MATTHEW MURPHYT: 0191 597 6078 We insure cars, homes and mobile phones, but without your income none of this is possible. If you had a cash-machineE: [email protected] in your house permanently giving you £1000 in cash every month, you’d certainly make sure it was insured against breaking down. Well, your body is that cash-machine, so should be one of the most important things you insure.WEB ADMINISTRATOR Whilst some injuries are obvious and may require an urgent visit to the hospital, life in the real world can show us thatJASON AMES many injuries only become apparent days later. If you’re then signed off work it may be hard to prove that it happenedE: [email protected] on the sports field, and if you only had ‘sports-accident insurance’ your claim could be declined. So why take the risk?OFFICE MANAGER Peter Preston of income protection specialists INCOME ASSURED recommends comprehensive income protectionMARIE LENG cover rather than sports-accident insurance; because if you’re signed off work it doesn’t have the same restrictions onT: 0191 447 6161 what you can claim for, and is much cheaper than people think. Subject to underwriting, pre-existing conditions mayE: [email protected] also be covered too. In his 20 years’ experience in the industry, Peter is still surprised at how many people are unaware of this type of cover. He says ‘If you want an insurance policy that covers you for all the sports you enjoy - including FOLLOW US ONLINE adrenalin-rush types, and want to know that you can potentially be covered for the same injury, as many times as you TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG like, as well as being covered for accidents at work (with most high-risk jobs included at no extra cost) and any illness, then this is the cover for you.’© PROCESS PUBLISHING LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Secure your future financially now by calling INCOME ASSURED for a quote onNo part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in 01209 614666. You won’t only be protecting your income; you’ll be protecting yourany form or by any mean, or stored in a retrieval system withoutprior written permission, except as permitted under the copyright lifestyle too.designs and patents act 1998. Applications for permission for useof copyright material shall be made to the publishers.

HARLEQUINSPRIVATE AIR TRAVELFOLLOWUSONLINETWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG Private Air Travel has become increasingly popular and can be particularly useful for Sports club’s that have a large number of fixtures outside of their home country. The Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) oversees the field with the objectives to ‘promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics within the Aviation Industry. Their Chairman, Tony Seeing people almost physically sucking in information is a Coe, took the time remarkable thing. With comments and observations after training to tell us more about sessions, it never ceases to amaze me just how important this the benefits involved aspect is in life - the passing on of knowledge.” for sports clubs using private air travel. He He went on to tell us about the part they play in representingstarted by giving us a little more information about BACA and the commercial aviation companies and said, “BACA currently hasrole he plays there, saying, “My company has been a member 216 member companies and this is increasing on average byof BACA since 1997. The Association has always stood as a 30-40 companies per year. The split is interesting. 34% Brokers,benchmark for quality, honesty and integrity. BACA’s motto “Our 33% aircraft operators, 33% associated companies such asword our Bond” says it all and has done since 1947. To be able fuelers, handling agents/FBO’s, aviation law firms, and so display the BACA logo is a sign to the industry and clients that BACA has a code of conduct which each member signs up to,our business is conducted to the highest ethical, professional, and reaffirms that every year.and honest standards. We insist companies operate to the highest industry standards.The most rewarding aspects of my role are helping companies We represent the industry in many important areas. We fightand individuals through difficulties, sometimes with legal help but causes on behalf of the members should that be necessary. Wecertainly sharing our knowledge on how to cope in an extremely are introducing Broker industry standards which has never beencompetitive world. Training and particularly training younger done before, and are about to embark on a Training structureentrants to the industry is probably the most rewarding thing for that will encompass classroom and/or on-line courses.”me.4 ISSUE 51

Making travelHARLEQUINSa pleasure, not a choreWhat are the advantages of flying privately as guaranteeing that they will receive honesty and reliabilityopposed to first class with domestic airlines? together with realistic pricing.Tony: There are many. Firstly there is security. You and your Have you any advice for those that are interestedfellow passengers are the only ones travelling on that aircraft. in flying privately?The crews are dealing with corporate, business clients eachand every day, and their first priority is always safety. Tony: Work with a BACA Broker. They have had to be in business for a minimum of 2 years, and many in excess of 20-Secondly you have multiple choice of airports that are not 30 years. They know the best aircraft for the job. They haveavailable when flying first class and/or domestic. You can probably checked or even flown on various aircraft beinggenerally depart from an airport much closer to your place of offered. Build up a rapport with the same or residence. They get to know your likes and dislikes and travelling thenThirdly you can depart and arrive when you want to. becomes a pleasure and not a chore. Remember that cheapGenerally you can arrive at an airport within 15 minutes of is not necessarily (and probably not) the best.your departure time and be airborne within a few minutes.The same applies to arrivals. Generally one can be on your Using the Internet can be good at times, however contractingway within minutes of landing. can leave you in a delicate situation. Some Internet aviation companies will insist you contract directly with an operator.What would be the main advantages to our Sports Clubsand Sports Professionals of using a Baltic Air Charter That’s fine until there is a problem, for example weatherMember Company ? diversions, or you’re held up in traffic etc etc. And what do you know about contracting aircraft?!Tony: The BACA has a firm belief that abiding by the codeof conduct is the correct way to do business and that A good broker will take care of all of that, and all the problemhonesty and integrity are still valued by the majority of clients areas that can arise - and indeed they do. Booking via theworldwide, unlike some industries which seem to thrive off internet could leave all that messy stuff to youdishonesty and hoodwinking the general public. By usinga Member Company Sports Clubs and Professionals are 5

HARLEQUINS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGWe have created a new category in private jet travel. Excellence. Since 2005 Oxygen Aviation has stood for the very best in private aircraft travel. By consistently providing a first-class customer experience Oxygen Aviation has become a dominant global player in the private aviation market. Our philosophies of Trust, Service and Excellence are shared by us all and our reputation depends on providing each as much as the other. Oxygen Aviation provide services to Government Bodies, Royal Families, Celebrities, Private Individuals and an array of Corporate Clients. The trust we earn from all our clients is due to the high levels of service and utmost discretion we deliver on every occasion. With access to aircraft with 4 to 400+ seats based all over the world, Oxygen Aviation can service any private aircraft requirement.6 ISSUE 51 Call us today: +44 (0) 1403 237 010 Or send us an email: [email protected]

The Baltic Air Charter Association HARLEQUINS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/FOOTYFOCUSMAGThe aims and objectives of the Baltic Air Charter Association are:• To be the representative forum of the air charter industry.• To be accepted by governmental and other regulatory agenciesas the accredited negotiating body representing the air charterindustry.• To promote the interests of its membersworld-wide:• To provide membership to any organisation or individual who candemonstrate - Active participation in the air charter market.• Commercial integrity, Acceptable financial standing, Occupationalcompetency.• To provide both professional and social facilities for members.• To promote and protect the reputation of the industry• To institute, promote, support or oppose legislative or othermeasures affecting the interests of members of the Association• To assist with commercial mediation if required by members.• To furnish such advice and assistance to members in pursuanceof any of the above objects as the Council of the Association may,at its discretion, consider as necessary or expedient.• To provide professional advice as requested on such terms andconditions as the Council may from time to time decide.A Breath of Fresh AirThe Sporting Industry has always been an important part of private jet companies and encompasses a plethora of ‘reasons to fly’.It is not only reserved for the rich and famous - aircraft chartering has its place whether flying the sporting personality the fans oreven, as we once had here at Oxygen Aviation, an urgent part of a Formula 1 car.Mark Green, Director of Oxygen Aviation says, “Private jets are all seen the “Transfer Deadline Day rush” and clubs need tonowadays a business tool. For the sports personality, it offers keep things under wraps until pen is put to paper, so sitting inquiet surroundings to focus before the competition or a relaxed Seat 1A on board a regular flight from Barcelona to Manchesterenvironment for their holiday flights without media intrusion. could be seen as a ‘bit of a giveaway’.They also arrive more refreshed and whilst these days mostpersonalities have no objection to posing for ‘selfies’ with adoring At Oxygen Aviation we have welcomed on board some of thefans, for every fan, there is also the fan of the competition who highest profile players in the Premiership during their transfers,might wish to offer some choice words of support! This applies as well as players to/from other European leagues, naturallywhether you’re a footballer, golfer, cricketer, rugby star or we have comprehensive non-disclosure agreements signed toanyone well known in the sporting arena.” ensure discretion is rock-solid at all times, the slightest leak can scupper a deal.”The fans also play their part in aircraft chartering, for awayfixtures and events the fans travel en masse, it can put a strain The costs are not vast either, chartering a private jet will almoston the services offered by regular airlines and often they are not always be more expensive than business class airfares, butflying to the most convenient airport for the event, the chartered not to the extreme that you might think. Six passengers flyingaircraft can utilise airports not serviced by scheduled services on a light-jet from London to Paris (return) can be bought forwhilst also travelling with a dedicated aircraft full of fellow as little as £5,000, when one considers the time saving atsupporters. the airports alone, plus the enhanced travelling experience, it begins to make sense. Whilst there are the larger and moreIn terms of private jet as a business tool, it makes a huge luxurious aircraft that are more pricey, when prices start at lessdifference during the football transfer windows. Green than £1,000 per person, who is to say it is only for the rich andcontinued, “a club or an agent will use a private jet to move a famous.high profile player who is about to sign for a new club, we have 7

MUTA FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGMUTATemporary Structures – Another Marquee SigningRugby grounds and other sporting venues often Frame Marquee (Danco Plc)benefit from extra event space provided bymarquees and other temporary structures. Someclubs even use these types of structures for morepermanent installations, a good example beingFanzones.Fanzone areas are typically located near to theentry of the ground to encourage the free-flowof fans in the run up to the match. They are anideal way of the club engaging with supporters,sponsors and the wider community “outside”while offering weather protection and controllingaccess to the space.Such structures, which typically do not requireplanning permission, can be used as meetingpoints complete with lighting, temperature control,signage, big screens, refreshments, familyactivities and media & promotion areas.Spectacular Marquees For Truly Memorable Occasions There are a wide range of temporary structure options available covering small spaces right up toWeddings | Parties | Corporate | Themed Events single structures that can cover a whole pitch. Established in 2004, Baillies Marquees are a family run Company with a Traditional Marquees are popular for private deserved and enviable reputation for providing great Customer Service and functions and are widely available and easy to erect in widths from 20ft to 100ft. Diversity of Product. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service and dedicated project Frame Marquees, as the name suggests, consist management to all our Private Customers and Corporate Clients. We offer our of a rigid steel or aluminium frame over which services predominantly throughout the Central belt of Scotland but can travel covers are positioned. These marquees can be any size from 3m to 50m wide and can be up to further afield if required. 300m long. The uninterrupted internal space ofBaillies Marquees, together with our staff have worked tirelessly over the years frame structures makes them very popular for a wide variety of events from private functions to make sure all our customers expectations have been met ... or exceeded. to corporate hospitality and large exhibitions. In addition the engineered frame used for this typeMarquee Hire in Glasgow - Edinburgh - Scotland of marquee can accept higher levels of loading by way of accessories, such as doors, glass windows, Glasgow :0141 774 0830 side panels, lighting, sound and sophisticated Edinburgh: 0131 510 0162 flooring systems. 8 ISSUE 51 Nordic Tipis take the familiar tipi-shaped tent, scale it up, and introduce the capability to link multiple Nordic Tipis together. Different linking techniques can be used to create all manner of interesting shapes to meet the requirements of individual events. The main poles are the trunks of late- maturing spruce trees harvested sustainably in the far north of Sweden, and the covers are a canvas fabric. The overall effect is natural and unusual.

MUTAPermanent Fanzone Shelter (Aquila Shelters)Stretch Tents are characterised by funky Once you have chosen the style of tents and structures, has prepared a Guideshapes in a wide variety of colours. They temporary structure for your event, it is to Choosing a Hirer which is available touse a special technical fabric that is stretchy important to take time to choose a reputable download for free from also provides structural stability. The hirer too. There are some brilliant marqueefabric is anchored at its corners and along and tent hirers out there, and some very All MUTA members abide by the Bestit sides, and poles of different lengths are poor ones too. The best will build you a first- Practice Guide for the Safe Use andpushed up to create the iconic shapes. class structure, keep your stress levels low, Operation of Temporary Demountable manage your on-site risk and be a delight Structures which is supported by the HealthInflatable Tents use air to support the to work with. The worst ones will make your & Safety Executive. In addition all membersstructure. They typically use air beams, event a nightmare. are subject to regular Health & Safetytubular construction or cellular walls and inspections and are fully insured.are highly customisable and capable of To help in your choice, MUTA, the UK's onlybeing branded. trade association dedicated to marquees, 9

RUGBY WORLD FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG CUP 2015RUGBY WORLD CUP2015As we enter 2015, the Rugby World Cupmoves ever nearer and the countdownto the tournament has now begun forthe 20 teams set to compete. WithRWC 2015 set to be one of the biggestevents of the sporting calendar RugbyClub Magazine takes a look at theimpact of the competition. It is expected that around 460,000 supporters will make the journey to England and Cardiff for the tournament and the enthusiasm generated was there for all to see when tickets went on general sale in September. Across the 17-day window over 5 million ticket applications were received with 1.85 million tickets being sold. This puts RWC 2015 on course to be the best attended and most viewed Rugby World Cup ever. Speaking to England Rugby 2015 Chief Executive Debbie Jevans spoke of her hopes for the year ahead, saying, “It is hugely exciting to mark the year of Rugby World Cup 2015. Our ambition is that10 ISSUE 51 11

RUGBY WORLD FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG CUP 2015 RWC 2015 – The Groups Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool DPool A promises to be the On paper South Africa Anyone looking to win the Ireland’s performances inmost competitive of the appear to have a clear World Cup will probably the autumn internationalsgroups with 3 high quality route into the quarter finals have to beat holders New highlighted their ability tosides set to compete for and it is difficult to see the Zealand and their fixture challenge at the very top oftwo places in the last 8. reality being any different. with Argentina promises the game. It is difficult forEngland and Wales will Scotland showed plenty of to be a bruising encounter. anyone to predict how theboth have to hit the ground promise in the Autumn and Tonga and Georgia will French will perform whilstrunning if they are to be Pool B should give them look to upset the odds Italy could do with a strongsuccessful whilst specialist an opportunity to build against Argentina to grab performance here to give7s nation Fiji also has the some momentum for the their game the shot in the later stages. a place in the last 8. arm it needs.potential to entertain. South Africa New Zealand France Australia Samoa Argentina Ireland England Japan Tonga Georgia Italy Wales Scotland Namibia Canada Fiji USA Romania UruguayEngland will feel like a ‘rugby nation’ can look forward to a very special and projection and growth. We really are setthroughout 2015 and that we deliver record-breaking celebration of rugby for the best-ever Rugby World Cup.”a tournament that both excites and and the host nation. It really will be tooinspires the nation while keeping rugby big to miss. Projections suggest that theat its heart.” competition will have a value of £982 As we enter Rugby World Cup year, million to the economy, creatingRugby World Cup Limited Chairman tournament preparations are in great new jobs, investment opportunitiesBernard Lapasset also told the shape and driven by a collective vision as well as providing an opportunitycompetitions official website of his and strong teamwork between RWCL, to celebrate this magnificent game.plans for the tournament, “January England Rugby 2015 and the RFU, the Hopefully the home Nations will be1 marks the beginning of the Rugby foundations have been laid to ensure able to produce strong performancesWorld Cup 2015 year, and with a competitive tournament on the field, once the tournament gets under wayexcitement and anticipation gathering an exceptional experience off it, and but either way RWC 2015 is sure to bepace, fans and the participating teams the platform for unprecedented rugby a spectacle not to be missed.12 ISSUE 51

HARLEQUINSDsoton’tpletpfrloasyt this winterTotal Growth Cover offers a unique andproven frost protection and germinationsolution in one.Protect any natural turf sports surface intemperatures down to -6°C • Full pitch covers • Bespoke cover sizes • Goal mouths • Hire serviceFor more information please visit Brought to you bytotal-play Ltd. The Hatchery, Quinton Green Park, Northampton NN7 2EG t: 01604 864 575 e: [email protected] w: 13

FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGSIX NATIONS 2015 promises to be a huge year for Rugby Union with the World Cup just around the corner. First up we have the small matter of the Six Nations and it promises to be a cracker of a tournament. At least four of the sides entering the competition will be hoping to claim the trophy in one of the most open tournaments in years. Last season Ireland took the Championship by the narrowest of margins on the final day after defeating France by 22-20 on the final day whilst England took the Triple Crown to become the first side to do so whilst not taking the overall title. With the World Cup just around the corner there is additional emphasis on performing well here and with 4 fixtures set to be repeated in both competitions (England vs Wales, France vs Ireland, France vs Italy and Ireland vs Italy) good displays will be vital as rivalries develop. 14 ISSUE 51

HARLEQUINSNice try. Not aphrase we’refamiliar with.Everyone loves a trier, right? Not when itcomes to hospitality. And certainly not whenit’s your client’s enjoyment, not to mention yourreputation on the line. Keith Prowse is theleader in official experiences at the world’spremier venues, such as Twickenham, Kia Ovaland Wimbledon. When you book with usyou’re in safe hands, from enquiry toexperience and beyond, because we only everoffer official, guaranteed. You could say thatboth on and off the field, where others try, wesucceed.To book your experience please call0845 415 0633 or is everything. 15

SIX NATIONS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG Rugby Club Magazine takes a look at the team’s prospects ahead of this year’s tournament. England There have been positive signs from the England set–up over the past year with performances looking increasingly cohesive. However some disappointing results over the Summer and early Autumn Internationals have taken some of the wind out of their sales meaning good results as well as performances will be vital in building momentum for the World Cup. France Not unusually, the French have suffered from a lack of consistency in recent competitions yet still pose a threat when at the top of their game. If they cut back on their rotation as they look to consolidate their first XV they will have a great chance in this Championship. Wales The Autumn Internationals were a disappointment for Wales but Coach Warren Gatland has put together a side capable of competing with the best sides in the World. There are question marks over their strength in depth but their first XV is still as strong as any in the competition. Ireland Having won the title last season Ireland will be determined to retain the trophy this time around. With stiff opposition it will prove to be a tall task but with both France and England coming to Ireland they should be there or there abouts going into the final two fixtures. Scotland Scotland’s performances in recent years have generally been disappointing and they have struggled to implement a style of play which allows their team to develop. They have now adopted a more open approach and were rewarded with promising displays in Autumn. It is still a work in progress so expect them to be inconsistent here but they should provide their fans with plenty of entertainment. Italy Italy have found it difficult to bridge the class gap between themselves and the other sides in the competition and face a battle to avoid the wooden spoon. Having two or three players have a breakout tournament whilst competing in the majority of their fixtures should be seen as a triumph for the Italians.There have beenpositive signs fromthe England set–upover the past yearwith performanceslooking increasinglycohesive.16 ISSUE 51

FARNBOROUGHFARNBOROUGHTilebarn Close /// /// Founded 1915First established in 1915, Farnborough Rugby Club is based at Tilebarn Close in Hampshireand their first team currently compete in the Snows Group Hants 1 League. They are led bythe team of President Robin Moses and Chairman Gary Allcock and the club has made aconsiderable amount of progress under their guidance.They are committed to playing an This season it would be fair to say that they They run rugby for boys and girls from have not perhaps enjoyed the start to the U7s to U12s as well as boys rugby fromimportant role in the local community and season that they would have liked, having U13s to Colts. It is important for any sidemake their facilities available to a variety compiled a record of 2 wins and 8 defeats to produce their own talent, particularly inof other sporting clubs including Rushmoor from their first 10 matches. This has left them the current financial climate and this is anSunday Football Club, the Rushmoor sitting in the bottom half of the table with 11 area that they appear to have covered. Itbranch of the Disabled Sports Association, points on the board. will certainly be exciting to see how theirFarnham Knights American Football Club juniors develop over the coming years.and the Dolphins Sub-Aqua Club among There is still plenty of the campaign left toothers. play however and a good run of results would In order to help these players to make see them quickly climb up the table. As long the sometimes difficult transition into theThe social side of the club is considered as they are able to retain their current group senior game they also run a 2nd be a vital aspect of the work that they of players and perhaps make one or two This allows them to give them experiencedo and Farnborough pride themselves on quality additions they should be in with a of adult level rugby even if they are notbeing a friendly and welcoming club that good chance of doing so. yet considered ready for first team actionencourages anyone with an interest in the which can be an important step in thegame to get involved. Farnborough is not a club to focus solely development process. upon their senior section however and this Another benefit of having more than one is reflected by the fact that side is that it allows the first XV to benefit they also have a thriving from far greater strength in depth. If they youth set up. This part of are ever left short on numbers through the club looks to provide injury or work commitments they have youngsters from the local the option of calling players up with a area with an opportunity to limited amount of disruption. play the game in a safe and There is much to admire about the work enjoyable environment that Farnborough have been doing lately whilst helping them to and hopefully they will continue in the reach their full potential. same manner for many years to come.Already Hire is a leading Independent Plant,Tool & Powered Access Already Hire is the leading independent Tool Hire company based in supplier providing a uniquely responsive and professional service the South East of England for the Tradesman and Contractor in and around the M25 area. We have been trading successfully for over ten years having started the business from scratch with two senior executives who have a We hire and sell a full range of equipment including hand tools, lifetime of experience in the industry power tools, scaffold towers, powered access equipment, heaters,lighting, mini diggers and a full range of other tools to both the trade Through knowing what our customers want and by providing the and general public.We also offer a collection and delivery service. best in terms of quality and service we have established a reputation Heathrow Depot: 0208 759 5999 which is second to none in our industry City SE16 Depot: 0207 394 1888 Slough Depot: 01753 512 333 Our very experienced staff will be pleased to organise your Dartford Depot: 01322 290000 requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner always going the extra yard to deliver to you excellence in terms of our service Website: and quality. Already Hire is proud to support Farnborough RFC and reaching 100 years is a great achievement for the club. We would like to take this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for the years to come. 17

HARLEQUINS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGHARLEQUINS The Twickenham Stoop /// /// Founded 1866Harlequins, or Harlequin FC to give the club its full title, was founded in 1866 and is recognisedaround the world. The Club is a founding member of the RFU and boasts six current internationalplayers, including the England captain, Chris Robshaw. In 2016, the Twickenham based club will celebrate its 150th anniversary. During the last 148 years, Harlequins has contributed generously to the development of the game both on and off the pitch. The club has a reputation for producing and attracting players who have been major innovators, for example Ronnie Poulton-Palmer, Adrian Stoop and William Wavell Wakefield in the first quarter of the 20th century. Over a century later, the current generation of players in Danny Care, Mike Brown, Nick Evans and Luke Wallace among others are taking this style to new levels. The club’s influence extends beyond England via a network of affiliate clubs around the world. They include Harlequins Pretoria, Kenya Harlequins, Abu Dhabi Harlequins, Harlequins Melbourne and Dallas Harlequins to name but a few. For the last 51 years, Harlequins has called the Twickenham Stoop home and has played over 625 matches, winning 418. A part of the club’s vibrant history is its long affiliation with the home of English Rugby, Twickenham Stadium. Harlequins has played over 1,000 matches at Twickenham Stadium having called it home from 1909 until 1963. Stand out memories from Harlequins’ time at Twickenham Stadium include winning the first four Middlesex Sevens tournaments from 1926, the John Player Cup and of course the Aviva Premiership in 2012. While Harlequins were based at Twickenham Stadium, attendances were poor. There are numerous stories of players having to reclaim the ball from the stands by themselves when it was kicked out of play! In 2008, Harlequins reignited its relationship with the home of rugby and became the first English side to regularly take club rugby matches to larger stadiums and attract tens of thousands to watch domestic rugby during18 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @QuinsRugbyUnion HARLEQUINSImages courtesy of PPAUK/Harlequins 19

HARLEQUINS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG a the road in an effort to expand in a pink and blue quartered Harlequins’ supporter base and jersey. grand and put on a great family day out to inspire supporters to come to the The inaugural fixture saw spectacular day out. Twickenham Stoop and watch the Harlequins play the defending exciting and vibrant rugby that Zurich Premiership Champions, Mark Evans, Harlequins’ Chief Harlequins produce week in week Leicester Tigers. In an exciting Executive at the time, sought out. match, the league points were inspiration from the type of shared as the match concluded in Among the ideas was the a 26-26 draw. spectacles French teams, like production of a unique charity match shirt to be worn by Of course the spectacle off the Stade Francais, produced in Harlequins. In its first year, the field was equally exciting, with one off fixtures. chosen charity was Cancer pyrotechnic displays and musical Research and Harlequins played entertainment pre-match. With close proximity to Twickenham it was decided to bring a match across

TWITTER /// @QuinsRugbyUnion HHAARRLLEEQQUUIINNSS“In an exciting match,the league points wereshared as the matchconcluded in a 26-26draw.” 21

HARLEQUINS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGThe attendance for this match was capped at 55,000, but when Big Game 2 came around in December2009, a then world record crowd for a club match (76,716) witnessed another dramatic match, this timewith London Wasps’ John Hart scoring the winning try six minutes from time.Off the field X Factor’s Olly Murs and Jamie Archer were joined by an ABBA tribute band; operatic singersalso performed. An eagle provided the unique match ball delivery by flying with the ball to the half way line.December 2010 saw another London clash, as London Irish visited the home of English rugby. Harlequinslegend Jason Leonard delivered the ball on a hovercraft, while entertainment was provided by PineappleDance Studio and X Factor’s Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, with Jamie Archer returning foranother performance.In another nail biting match, George Lowe raced through in the final minutes to score the winning tryand secure Harlequins’ first Big Game win. A third unique match shirt was produced, this time with Helpa London Child the beneficiary.By Big Game 4 the popularity of the Christmas fixture had increased so much so that a new world recordclub attendance was one again achieved as an 82,000 sell-out crowd filled Twickenham Stadium.Right to Play were the chosen charity and performances from Killer Queen, operaticsinger Camilla Kerslake and X Factor finalists Misha B andAmelia Lily made for another great occasion, despite Saracensrunning out eventual winners on the day.London Irish returned to Twickenham as the opponentsfor Big Game 5 and another sell-out crowd of 82,000witnessed the festive fixture. Great Ormond StreetHospital Children’s Charity were the charity withone of their patients delivering the match ball to thecentre of the pitch.Lawson provided the pre-match entertainmentwhich preceded an excellent Harlequins victory.Last year Big Game 6 was considered the best yet.Performances from X Factor winner Sam Bailey andfinalist Luke Friend were complemented by a performance from the Military Wives. This year, in Big Game 7, Harlequins take on defending Aviva Premiership Champions Northampton Saints on December 27th kick-off 16:30. With tickets selling faster than ever before, this match is set to be the biggest and best yet. Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity are once again the chosen beneficiary and a number of exciting off field activities are planned, from a hedge maze and ferris wheel, to a traditional German Um Pah band. The pre-match entertainment act is due to be confirmed soon as another sell-out crowd is expected for a club rugby fixture like no other. With the conclusion of the 2014 QBE Autumn Internationals, up to 28 current or former internationals from seven different nations could go head to head. Twickenham Stadium the venue for such a fitting fixture.For further informationabout this year’s BigGame, please visit theHarlequins 22 ISSUE 51


EPPING UPPERCLAPTON FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGEPPING UPPERCLAPTON Upland Road /// Founded 1879Epping Upper Clapton RFC is a great example of an establishment that is committed toplaying an important role in their local community. Rugby Club Magazine caught up with theirChairman Steve Slade to find out more.He told us, “I have beeninvolved in the Club forapproximately 36 years. I joinedto improve my playing standardand I also liked the club andthe atmosphere. As President(3years) and now Chairman (3years), we have gone through amajor transformation programmeover the past 5 years.We have changed the way weoperate; we now run as a businesswith a Board of Managers, we haveimproved our playing structure atsenior level and have built an AllWeather Pitch to enable trainingto take place in all weathers. Wehave a solid coaching structurethat is developing a young teaminto a smart, fit team.We also run sides from U6 –U17’s and have a solid coachingstructure in place. This year weare in the process of building anew club house which should becompleted mid-2015 and havechanged our name to; EppingUpper Clapton Rugby Club. Themood here is very good, everyoneis excited that the teams areplaying good rugby and there isprogress on the development ofthe new club house.Youth rugby is very important; itis the future of the club. We arebuilding the new club house andfacilities for them. Integratingthese players is the most difficultarea for us and we have failed onmany occasions. We do have inplace a structure to improve thetransition and this seems to beworking. 24 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @EppingUCRFC EPPING UPPER CLAPTONWe are a Community Amateur Sports Club(CASC). We have soccer, netball and local schoolsusing our facilities during the week. We also runa girls section and we hope this will improve thisonce we have the new club house in place.The club has produced many quality players overthe years I have been a member. We have hadplayers play for England and the Counties i.e.Middlesex and Essex and a number of playershave gone onto bigger clubs such as; Blackheath,Roslyn Park, Bedford and most recently EalingTrail Finders.Our ambitions are to improve our playingstandards and move up the leagues. This will bedone by attracting new players and developingour existing youth players. We want to have aviable sports club that is financially sustainablethat offers sports and educational facilities for thebenefit of all people in the area.” 25

BURNHAM ON FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG CROUCHBURNHAM ONCROUCHDengie Hundred Sports Centre /// on Crouch is a club that is committed to playing a vital role in their community,Particularly in relation to the development of young players.Rebecca Diss, the Club’s Deputy Youth Chair took the time to tell us more about the work thatthey do in this area. Karen Sadler - Youth SecretaryShe told us, “Youth Rugby is “I’ve been involved for 8 years, first coming when my two boys wanted to try rugby. I’ve had 4 years as secretary to Youth Chair, firstly discoveringthe feeder of the senior teams just how much was involved in running a rugby club from the Youth side,and even the youngest little 3 discipline, fixtures, first aid etc. etc. I mostly take minutes at the Youthyear old is the potential future Committee meetings and then remind the Chairman what he is meant toof our club so we nurture and be doing!progress each and every childthat comes on our pitches. The mood here is exciting and inspirational for the ladies/girls teams and training, very busy with youth training both on the pitch and in the classroomIt is essential that we have a and very keen to develop the younger age groups by encouraging newstrong youth section to enable children to join.the senior side of the club tocontinue to thrive. Our youth Youth development is exceptionally important to us here, not only is itsection is growing almost recognised that the sport is inspirational to the youngsters but the youth areweekly, with some of our mini the adult players of the future for the club. They are encouraged to supportand midis squads having two the seniors by watching their games, the senior members/players helpor three teams. To see the club coach the youth and this then leads the youth to follow in their footsteps.”growing in this way is fantasticand incredibly rewarding to all26 ISSUE 51


BURNHAM ON FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG CROUCHthe volunteers who ensure that Honorary Secretary JennyBurnham Rugby club is what Nelson spoke of the club’s setit is – a family, who are having playing the most incrediblesport. “We recently held a primary schools tournament andWe ensure that the youth section attendees were impressed byis fully committed to upholding how well it was hosted. Wethe RFU Core Values, through provided a tuck shop and hottheir coaches, supporters and food which received lots ofthe players themselves. We positive comments from parentshave just launched a new “girls and teachers.only” session on a Tuesdayevening and we have had a We try to use the facilities as muchhuge uptake, with over 30 girls as possible to encourage visitingattending last week in the wind teams to stay and socialise afterand the rain! We are planning an games – we usually provide ain house tag tournament to bring hot meal for players, we havetogether as many age groups as TV’s in the clubhouse showingpossible in December. sports and a bar area. We would love to make improvements toThe Youth Chair works closely the facilities but as we don’t ownwith the Chairman of the club them (they are owned by Maldonto ensure that the Colts are District Council and form part of aprogressed into the senior leisure centre complex) we aren’tsection appropriately and at a able to.time that is right for the player.The Youth Chair liaises with the We currently run a kitchenColts and Senior team coaches and club shop at weekendsto make them aware of players that provide some revenue forwho are nearing their transitionto ensure that they are moved atthe correct time for each player.Rebecca went on to tell usabout the role they play in thecommunity, saying, “Without ashadow of a doubt, Burnhamrugby club is totally supportiveof Burnham as a town and asa community. Many teams andcommittee members ensurethat they attend importantevents within the town, includingRemembrance Parade,charitable events and manyothers.The youth section supportedMaldon District Council whenthey set up their “Sport in theSunshine” day in May. Theclub set up a 7s tournamentwhich anybody could join infrom the club or the communityas a whole. We provided a bbqand snacks and sweets. It wasa fantastic event which drewpeople in.The Club also host a Fun daywhich is always incrediblywell attended, not only byclub members but by manypeople from Burnham and thesurrounding area. Hundreds ofpeople attend to join in the fun!”28 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @BURNHAMRUFC BURNHAM ON CROUCH Jim Kelly - 2nd XV Team Manager “Sunday mornings with the youth section is always buzzing, the club place a great importance on the youth section and there are currently seven players in the second team who have sons and/or daughters playing at various levels within the club. As second team captain, watching the younger playerslearning from the \"more experienced\" gentlemen is the mostrewarding aspect. Losing players to the Firsts at lunchtime on match day is \"challenging\". I've been playing about twenty years now. I was told by the then First team captain that Tuesday night training was non-contact and there was no other amateur men's sports teams in the Dengie; he lied on both counts, bless him.” 29

BURNHAM ON FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG CROUCHthe club. If we were able to Jonathan Beale – U8s coach and senior playerrun our clubhouse and barindependently we could do a lot “I have been a member for just over 21 years. I was invited by friends andmore for the club through social loved it so much that I started playing. I have done coaching for about 6functions and events.” years. Looking after 12 plus 7 year olds is fairly challenging, but seeing them succeed and smile makes it very rewarding.She also spoke of theirchallenges and ambitions, The atmosphere here is the same as it always is...... fun, cheerful andsaying, “We only have 8 years sociable. Every club has its issues, but Burnham Rugby Club is very sociableleft on our lease at Millfields. and gets over any problems. Our biggest challenge is notknowing what will happen to the Youth rugby is an integral part of the club. Without the youth coming through,club when this lease expires. we would not have enough players for 2 senior teams. They come down toThe next few years will be training with the seniors every week and being a small social club, most oftough as it is difficult to make the seniors know the youth players anyway.”plans for improvements anddevelopments when the clubmay lose its facilities in the nottoo distant future.We want to continue to growour youth section, build on ournew girls and ladies sectionwith a view to having ladies andgirls contact teams and also tosee some of our current youthplayers go into the 1st XV and2nd XV teams.” 30 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @BURNHAMRUFC BURNHAM ON CROUCH“I’ve been involved here forover 20 years and find theappreciation from the kids(team) as well as the parentsvery rewarding.” Debbie Smith - U11/12s Manager 31

TREHARRIS FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG PHOENIXTREHARRISPHOENIXForest Road /// ///Treharris Phoenix RFC play their home games on Forest Road in Merthyr Tydfil and their firstteam currently competes in Division 3 East Central B of the SWALEC National League. Theyare led by President Dai Harvard who is supported by Secretary Karl Edwards and the clubhas made a considerable amount of progress under their guidance.They have made a storming that they have managed to potential to provide them produce. This is reflected with a valuable source ofstart to their current league by the fact that they have additional revenue.campaign, having put together already racked up 236a record of 6 wins and only 1 points at a rate of more A key reason for the team’sdefeat from their opening 7 than 30 per game, making impressive performancesmatches. This sees them sitting them the top scorers in the has been the try scoring formproudly atop the table with 28 league. of exciting duo Danyl Daviespoints on the board and a 2 and Steven Parry who havepoint gap to their nearest rivals. This has certainly ensured scored 22 tries betweenThis should provide them that any supporters them in just 11 games. Theywith the perfect platform from attending their matches will be hoping to continuewhich to build as they look have been well entertained this form over the remainderahead towards the rest of the and should encourage more of the campaign.campaign. So long as they are of the local community toable to keep up their recent form get behind the side in the In order to be successfulthey will have a great chance of future. This in turn has the on the field it is important tomaking top spot their own.One of the highlights of theteam’s performances has beenthe attacking brand of rugby 32 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @trePhoenix TREHARRIS PHOENIXhave a reliable place kicker and Treharrisappear to have this area covered. RossJones has been in fine form with the boothaving already proven this year that hecan be relied to come up with the goodsunder pressure.This is not a club to focus solely upontheir senior section however as they alsohave a number of youth sides in place.These team’s look to provide youngstersfrom the local area with an opportunity toplay the game in a safe and enjoyableenvironment whilst helping them to reachtheir full potential.It is vital for any side looking to besuccessful to produce their own talentand Treharris clearly recognise this. Itwill certainly be exciting to see how theirjuniors can develop over the comingyears as they look to transition into thesenior game.Treharris Phoenix’s superb recent formis representative of all the hard work thathas been put into making them a successin recent times. Hopefully they will be ableto continue in the same manner over thecoming years and Rugby Club Magazinewould like to wish them the best of luckfor the rest of the campaign. 33

SYSTON FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGSYSTONBarkby Road /// /// Founded 1887First established in 1887, Syston RFC started out as a small local team on the Northern side ofLeicester where they played for more than a century before moving to Queniborough in 1989.They have a strong Committee in place, led by Chairman John Brindley and President TonyEdgely.Head Coach Chris Tarbuck oversees their coaching This year we added a development side to the club with the idea of keeping our U18s colts playing andset up which focuses upon helping players to thrive on offering a way back to rugby or new start up coachingits original core values of encouraging players from the on a Thursday night with Andy Ward/Dave Manship, 2ages of 6 to sixty to participate in the game. ex-players. This group has now gathered momentum with touch rugby and coaching available.At present they have over 150 Senior Members betweenthe ages of 17-60, as well as 250 Children Members. The mood at the club is very good. We now boastThey are able to offer excellent facilities with 5 pitches, 8 senior numbers on Thursdays at training of 90+. On themini pitches and 6 changing rooms. pitch, having been relegated last year from National 3 Midlands we have bounced back. Presently afterClub Representative Phillip Smith took the time to tell us 10 games we sit second having lost 1 game. Formermore about how the club is getting along at the moment, Leicester Tiger and Head Coach Chris Tarbuck andsaying, “I joined Syston as a 12 year old playing junior Backs Coach Craig Hewitt are leading our push backrugby, progressed to colts and then into Syston 1st up at our 1st where I made 501 appearances. I then moved intocoaching bringing an age group side through from U10s The second and third teams sit top of the Leicestershireto U19s. There are now 15 of that age group still playing Premier and Division 1 with the development sidehere with 6 in the 1st team.34 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @SYSTON RFC SYSTONalso progressing well and bringing through our young lads. Our coltsand U17s stand alone in their respected age grades having at least 20registered players at each age.Our Minis/Juniors go from strength to strength from U6s to U16sboasting 250 players. We presently have 10-15 players in the TigersDevelopment Squads between the ages U13 - U16. Over the yearsSyston have provided many players for Leicester Tigers and variousEngland ages.Thanks go to our main sponsor Taff Chapman from C& E InternationalPlant who for many years have supported the club both on and of thepitch [both sons play for the club]. Thanks also to Mini Chairman andsponsor Neil Cavnor for all their hard work on and off the pitch [Alsoboth sons playing]. I’d also like to thank all our small sponsors whoare just as important to keeping the club going forwards.The biggest challenges for us come from recruitment. As we do notpay players we rely on our own development and players joining oftheir own free will. It will be important to train more coaches for mini/juniors to help develop our own future players and we also need tomaintain our facilities at their current high standard. We are ambitiousand want to push on to get promotion and compete at the highestlevel possible with our present structure.” 35

MARKET FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGBOSWORTHMARKETBOSWORTHCadeby Lane /// /// Founded 1887Market Bosworth RFC is an amateur club based on Cadeby Lane in Warwickshire justoutside the historic town of Market Bosworth. They currently compete in the Midlands2 East North League and they are led by the team of Chairman David Shakeshaft andPresident John Ward and they have made a considerable amount of progress under theirguidance. perhaps make one or two whilst helping them to reach quality additions they will have their full potential.So far this season a good chance of mounting a push for promotion. It is important for any teamthey have been in fine looking to be successful toform, having compiled a One of the standout features produce their own talent,league record of 5 wins of the Market Bosworth set- particularly in the currentand 3 defeats from their 8 up is the outstanding youth financial climate and this ismatches. This sees them section that they have in an area that they appear tositting just behind the early place. This part of the club have covered. It willpace setters with 28 points looks to provide young players certainly beon the board. from the local area with an opportunity to play the gameThis should provide then in a safe and enjoyableteam with the perfect environmentplatform from which to buildas they look ahead towardsthe rest of the campaign.So long as they can retaintheir current groupof players and36 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @Bosworth_rugby MARKET BOSWORTHexciting to see how their juniors candevelop over the coming years.In order to help them to make thesometimes difficult transition intothe senior game they also have anumber of additional sides running.This allows them to give playersexperience of adult level rugby evenif they are not yet considered readyfor first team action which can be animportant step in the developmentprocess.Another benefit of having extra teamsis that it allows the first XV to benefitfrom far greater strength in depth. Ifthey are ever left short on numbersthrough injury or work commitmentsthey have the option of callingplayers up with a limited amount ofdisruption.Market Bosworth’s promising startto the season is a reflection of allthe hard work that they put in duringthe summer months. Rugby ClubMagazine would like to take thisopportunity to wish them the best ofluck for the rest of the campaign. 37

ST JACQUES JACQUESFOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGSTKGV Playing Fields /// for the first time in the UK League System, St Jacques RFC has made a fine start tothe new season. Rugby Club Magazine caught up with Club Representative James Mroch to findout more about the good work they’ve been doing.He said, “I have personally been involved players in Guernsey, including helping to coach the youth players, as well as getting themwith the club for 4 seasons now. I was playing involved with the club.”rugby for the local youth academy, and wasnearing the end of my time with the Academy Integrationas I was 18. I had played against St Jacqueson a few occasions, including in a memorable “Because St Jacques has a lot ofChristmas game where after the game which young players, and because of thewas played in horrific conditions, we had size of Guernsey it is natural that oftenChristmas dinner together and played ‘games’ our players know many of the youngeretc. Therefore when the opportunity to come players who are coming through.down and get involved with the club was offered Therefore this greatly assists theto me, I took the chance.” transition to senior rugby.The Role St Jacques is a very close club, with a strong family feel and is“Firstly I am a player for the 1st team squad, very accepting of new players nowhich obviously comes with its challenges, but matter their ability. Therefore newaway from the pitch I perform a few different jobs. young players tend to fit in veryMost challenging is finding enough time to write quickly and we always try to makematch reports, communicate with the local media them feel very welcome, thisand updating the website, just after games etc. greatly assists the transition as obviously a player makes thatHowever the most rewarding is seeing the transition smoothly and quicklyexcellent coverage that our club gets in the if they feel comfortable andmedia now, and how our image and reputation is welcome.”growing within the community. People now wantto know what’s happening with St Jacques, and Communityare excited about the club.” “St Jacques isAtmosphere very much a community“The mood is very upbeat at the moment, as club, andcurrently we are unbeaten and top of the league, is aboutso naturally everyone is very excited. As this is much moreour first ever season playing in the UK League than just asystem, the whole club is very excited and it has rugby club.really helped improve our club already. We have Our homealways had quite a good following, but now it is ground isgrowing all the time, with more people wanting to the Kingcome and watch home fixtures, get involved in Georgeevents etc.” the FifthYouth Memorial Playing“Youth rugby is very important to St Jacques, Fields (KGV),as over the last few seasons we have heavily which is anrecruited youth players who were turning 18 etc. excellentA very large majority of our squad is aged under local multi23, and as we don’t have our own youth system, sportswe have been trying to build bridges with the local facility. Theyouth rugby academy. As St Jacques continues KGV isto develop over the coming years, we would hope more than awe can help more with the development of young38 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @StJacquesRFC HSATRJLAECQQUUINESsports facility however, it has a thriving communityhub of social members, disabled sports members,Darts, Pool & Euchre (a traditional Guernsey cardgame) leagues, and St Jacques members are verymuch at the heart of that.We try to get involved with the club, supportingin various different ways. The members are verysupportive of St Jacques and support us on matchdays quite avidly, and we are grateful for theirsupport. As a club we accept new members, nomatter their background and whether they playrugby or not they will be accepted into the club in afriendly warm manner.”Facilities“The KGV is not owned by St Jacques, but isowned by the people of Guernsey. We are tenantsof the facility, and are very lucky to have accessto the facilities. The KGV is currently undergoing amassive redevelopment, and it will be the premiersport facility in Guernsey once complete.We now have a full-size 4g Artificial pitch which wetrain on, and can be used for matches if the main 39

ST JACQUES FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAG Images Courtesy of Guernsey Sports Photography40 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @StJacquesRFC ST JACQUESpitch is heavily waterlogged businesses are coming on the highest level possible forensuring no game will get board as sponsors. the foreseeable future.cancelled. The teams wehost have nearly all given We have some very Over the next five yearspositive feedback of their substantial sponsors now,experience, particularly as whom are excellent and we will be looking to buildwe are keen to keep the without them we could nottraditions of rugby very much play in the UK leagues. infrastructure arounda part of the experience to It’s not just financially ourthe KGV. However the new sponsors have got involved the club to help continuechanging room block which with St Jacques, they haveis due to be built can’t come really got behind the team our development with aquick enough, as the current with pregame lunchesfacilities are quite small.” before cheering on the team professional outlook and from the side-lines, andCommercial celebrating with the team attitude. Ideally we are after matches etc. However“St Jacques is very present we are always looking looking to gain promotionon both Facebook and for new ways to generateTwitter, and is slowly sponsorship, and to develop into the Hampshire Countymanaging to develop the our commercial presence.”brand and get more people Leagues then who knows.involved. Never before Challenges/Ambitionshave we had such a diverse I think although some timefollowing, from not just in “The biggest challenges off, getting the club into theGuernsey but from around I think we could face is regional leagues is a realthe world. This along with ensuring we continue to aim. If we continue to developregular positive media improve and ensuring we the squad, work hard andcoverage is helping to build are running a financially bring in new talented playersand develop our commercial sustainable club, which will to keep everyone competingimage, and more and more ensure we can compete at for their shirt, I think it could be possible. We would also like to re-enter a 2ND XV into the Channel Islands League, which will provide an opportunity to develop players and feed them into the 1st XV.” 41

ABERGAVENNEY TWITTER /// @Abergavennyrfc FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGABERGAVENNYBailey Park /// //// Founded 1875First established in 1875, Abergavenny RFC is based at Bailey Park in Monmouthshire and theycurrently compete in Division 2 East of the WRU SWALEC Leagues. They are led by the team ofPresident Alun Griffiths OBE and Chairman Huw Beaven and are looking to progress under theirguidance.At first team level they are looking So long as they are able to retain their In order to ensure that these players enjoy current group of players and perhaps make a smooth transition into the senior gameto bounce back this time around having one or two quality additions they will have a they also have a 2nd team running. Thisendured a disappointing campaign last good chance of improving on last season’s allows them to provide youngsters withseason. They ended up finishing in the performances which would represent experience of adult level rugby even if theybottom half of the table as they failed to progress for them. are not yet considered ready for first teamever really find the consistency needed to action which can be an important step inbe successful. Abergavenny is not a club to focus solely the development process. upon their senior section however as theyThe team has been working hard during also have a number of youth sides in place. Another benefit of having an additionalthe off-season though in order to ensure These teams look to provide young players side is that it allows the first XV to benefitthat they are able to do better this time out. from the local area with an opportunity from far greater strength in depth. If theyThis set them up to begin the campaign to play the game in a safe and enjoyable ever left short on numbers through injurywith plenty of confidence. environment whilst helping them to reach or work commitments they have the option their full potential. of calling players up with a limited amountSo far they have made a steady start of well managing to win 2 of their first 6 It is important for any side to be able tomatches, losing the other 4. This has left produce their own talent if they want to There is much to admire about the set upthem sitting in a mid-table position with 11 be successful, particularly in the current that Abergavenny currently has in placepoints on the board. financial climate and this is an area that they and this is thanks to the hard work that their appear to have covered. Their coaching Committee has put into the club. HopefullyThis should provide them with a platform staff are confident that they’ve a number they will be able to continue in the samefrom which to build and they will look to of juniors involved with the potential for a manner for many years to come andclimb the table as the team gels together. bright future. everyone at Rugby Club Magazine would like to wish them the best of luck.42 ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @OldhamStAnnes OLDHAM ST ANNESOLDHAM ST ANNESAs Kyle Eastmond faces the world champions, the All Blacks this weekend, the former StHelens back, and now Bath centre, we can look at a club where it all began for Kyle, andmany other famous players that learnt their trade as a youngster. Higginshaw Road /// ///It all started at a club nestled Under 18s. It’s a club rich in history The Saints can add to this list of former that can boast the development of professionals and can look to a brightin the heart of the Pennines, in players such as Mike Ford – Bath future with the club sporting players ata proud town with rugby roots as RU Head Coach, Wigan, Leigh, a few Super League Scholarships. Juststrong and as pronounced as the Oldham and Castleford, Leo below these scholarships, in 2014, theold cotton mill chimneys that were Casey – Oldham & Featherstone, Saints under 13s were crowned theonce a common site around the Steve Molloy – Warrington, Lancashire Cup winners in a pulsatingborough. That town is Oldham, Leeds, Sheffield, Featherstone & game against Leigh Miners held atand the club is Oldham St Annes Oldham, Iestyn Harris – Salford the Stobart Stadium. It was a fantasticARLFC. Head Coach, Warrington, Leeds, achievement for the young team who Bradford and Wales RU and Matt have been developed and guided byThe Saints operate one of the Calland – Featherstone, Bradford, former Huddersfield Giant, Oldham andbiggest Youth Sections in the Hull & Rochdale in the past, to Rochdale player, Neil Flanagan.Northwest with over 300 plus name a few.children playing from Under 7s to With Neil’s dedication and knowledge, fused together with the help of the teams volunteers, they have gelled this side into a successful one and one that has everybody in the rugby world talking about. It’s a success celebrated by everyone associated with St Annes, but the club measures it success firmly on how many players they can get to play the game of rugby league, and more importantly, how they enjoy their experience. The buzz word around the clubhouse is enjoyment, and it’s shared by every coach and volunteer that wears the famous green and gold. With the youth of the club thriving, it bodes well for the Under 18s and the Open Age sides the club puts out. It was only this season that the Under 43


TWITTER /// @OldhamStAnnes OLDHAM ST ANNES18s were crowned North West Counties Division Onechampions, edging out local rivals Waterhead into secondplace. This marvellous achievement was masterminded byformer Rochdale and Oldham player Bob Marsden and hisson Ben, a former St Annes player.It’s these local links, that is a backbone that runs throughoutthe club, and it is something Oldham St Annes are proudof. The ‘Made in Oldham’ theme continues to first teamlevel that operates out of the Conference in Division Two.In charge of the first team is former Keighley and Oldhamcentre Mick Fogerty, assisted by former Oldham and GreatBritain player Mick Worrall. It was a seventh place finishfor the Saints last time out, and in 2015 they have theireye on promotion to Division One. It’s an achievable goalconsidering the talent that is coming through the club atpresent.With the playing side looking positive, good artists need agood canvas to paint on, and the Saints were awarded agrant of £87,500 to carry out vital drainage on three pitches.This would allow the club to utilize for the first time in 2015 athird pitch based at the club. This grant was made up fromSport England and topped up with further funding from theRFL. Once this work has been finished, the pitches will bethat of professional standard, allowing its players of youngand old, to ply their trade on a surface fit for their talents.The club would like to go on record in thanking everyoneand the organisations that made this development happen.Next year looks to be an even better season for the Saints,and with a lot more hard work, dedication and devotion,there is no reason 2015 cannot be the Year of the Saint. 45

BOWDON TWITTER /// @BowdonRugby FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGBOWDONClay Lane /// /// Founded 1877First established in 1877, Bowdon RUFC play their home games on Clay Lane in Cheshire andtheir first team currently competes in the South Lancs/Cheshire Division One. They are led bythe team of Chair Tom Sloan and President Roy Kitchiner and the club has made a considerableamount of progress under their guidance.Bowdon itself is situated in Timperley, just 5 minutes from the local area with an opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment whilst helping them toaway from Manchester Airport and the club takes pride in reach their full potential.welcoming everyone, be it players, spectators or socialmembers. They have a Marquee Room and a Committee It is important for any side to be able to produce their ownRoom which they make available for members of the public talent, particularly in the current financial climate and thisto hire. is an area they appear to have covered. Coaching staff overseeing their juniors are confident they’ve plenty of talentThis helps to demonstrate the club’s commitment to playing currently involved with the potential for a bright important role in the local community. Additionally, it alsohas the potential to provide them with a valuable source of In order to help these players to make the sometimesadditional revenue. difficult transition into the senior game they also have aThis season, it would be fair to say that their first team number of additional sides running. This allows them to givehas not put together the start to the campaign that they youngsters experience of adult level rugby even if they arewould have liked. In their 15 league matches they have put not yet considered ready for first team action which can betogether a record of 4 wins, 2 draws and 9 defeats which an important step in the development process.has left them sitting in the bottom half of the table with 24points on the board. Another benefit of having so many teams is that it allows the first XV to benefit from far greater strength in depth. IfThere is still plenty of the campaign left to play however and they are ever left short on numbers through injury or workso long as Bowdon are able to retain their current group of commitments they have the option of calling players up withplayers and perhaps make one or two quality additions they a limited amount of disruption.should be in in with a good chance of climbing the table.There is a confidence amongst the players that they have Although Bowdon’s form in the first half of the season hasthe quality to do so. not been great this should not take away from the goodBowdon is not a club to focus solely upon their senior work that has been getting done at the club. Rugby Clubsection however and they also have a thriving youth set- Magazine wishes them the best of luck for the future.up. This part of their system looks to provide young players Caunce O'Hara are proud to sponsor and support the Bowdon RUFC. Caunce O’Hara is a chartered insurance broker based in Man- chester. Established in 1995 we have nearly two decades of experience in providing tailored insurance for small businesses, freelancers and trade professionals. We offer bespoke policies, supported by a dedicated claim service team to ensure that you and your business are covered for any eventuality. We place great emphasis on developing and maintaining excellent rela- tionships with insurance underwriters to ensure that our pro- posals receive maximum priority coupled with competitive rates and covers. If you would like an insurance quote from Caunce O’Hara 0161 833 2100 please feel free to visit our website or alternatively you can 82 King Street, Manchester, M2 4WQ contract our client team by phone. Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd is authorised & regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority under firms reference number 306183. To v erify this visit ISSUE 51

TWITTER /// @PenalltaRugby1 PENALLTAPENALLTABased at Hengoed in Caerphilly, Penallta RFC currently competes in Division 1 East of theSWALEC National Leagues. They are led by Chairman Gareth Davies who is supported byTreasurer Scott Lowe and are looking to progress under their guidance.Sue Noakes Leisure Centre /// /// Founded 1952First established by 1952, the club was set up by a group of miners from Penallta Colliery and played its first fixture the same year. Their colours are blue and gold and they are affectionately known by their supporters as the ‘Pitmen’ and are very proud of their mining heritage. They became a full a member of the Welsh Rugby Union in 2004 and have enjoyed a considerable amount of success since then, winning Divisions 3, 4 and 5 South East as well as the coveted Silver Ball Trophy in 2005. Their most recent success at senior level came when they won the Swalec Plate in 2011-12. This season, their senior side has enjoyed a storming start to their league campaign having managed to win their first 7 fixtures. This sees them sitting top of the league with 34 points on the board. This should provide the side with a perfect platform from which to build as they look ahead towards the rest of the campaign. So long as they can retain their current group of players and perhaps make one or two quality additions then they should be in with a good chance of mounting a serious title challenge. Penallta is a club that is committed to playing an important role in their local community, providing as many players as possible with an opportunity to play the game and this is reflected by the fact that they also run a women’s team. Up to now, it would be fair to say that they have not enjoyed the start to campaign that they would have liked, having drawn 1 and lost 8 of their matches. This leaves them at the bottom of the table with 2 points and 47

PENALLTA FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGthey will be keen to get a win on the board as soon as “They managed to winpossible to give them a much needed confidence boost. the WRU Youth Cup at the Millennium Stadium.”Penallta is not a club that focuses solely upon seniorrugby however and this is reflected by the fact that theyalso have a superb youth section. This part of the clublooks to provide young players from the local area withan opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyableenvironment whilst helping them to reach their fullpotential.It is important for any side to be able to produce theirown talent, particularly in the current financial climate andthis is an area that they appear to have covered. It willcertainly be exciting to see how their juniors can progressover the coming years.They gave a glimpse of the potential that they have lastyear when they managed to win the WRU Youth Cup atthe Millennium Stadium. Led by Captain Jack Condy,they produced a superb display in the final to overcomeGilfach Goch by 27 points to 18 in a great demonstrationof the skill levels in youth rugby in Wales.The trophy was presented by Wales internationals AndrewCoombs and Alex Cuthbert and everyone at Penallta wasrightly proud of this superb achievement. Credit mustalso go to the Gilfach Goch side that helped to ensurethat the final was a great spectacle for supporters.With their first team thriving and some terrific youngtalent coming through the ranks Penallta appears to haveeverything in place for a bright and successful future.Rugby Club Magazine would like to wish them the bestof luck. 48 ISSUE 51 49

ROCHFORD FOLLOW US ONLINE TWITTER.COM/RUGBYCLUBMAGHUNDREDROCHFORDHUNDREDThe Rugby Park /// /// Founded 1962Rochford Hundred was the brainchild of John Roden and Ernie Mills and was firstdiscussed in November 1961 when the two met at the White Hart in Hawkwell. John hadplayed at Ilford Wanderers and Ernie was an Old Tottonian so both were keen to play ontheir own doorstep.The Club is currently playing in London 2 (North East) andwe can look back on over 50 years of activity with considerablesatisfaction.Our Youth SystemThe club supports the introduction of rugby to children as youngas 2 years old via a fantastic family run business called the LittleScrummers ( Their aim is to introduceyounger children into the game of rugby at an earlier age, byequipping them with tag rugby skills that they can develop laterat school or at club level. The business utilises our clubs U17scoach and Schools Liaison Officer Roger Fitz-Patrick to runweekly sessions for over 80 children aged 2-6 year olds, dividedinto relevant age groups and times.Roger regularly visits all of our local schools, running sessionsintroducing rugby to the local community and trying to gainvaluable players into our club.50 ISSUE 51

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