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Reading Journal week 4

Published by 6031006180, 2018-10-15 13:08:51

Description: Reading Journal week 4


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  Reading Journal         By     Maysaya  onsri       6031006180  Section.5        This  journal  is  submitted  in  partial  fulfillment  of  the  requirements  for  English  reading  and  writing  1  course  of  Liberal  Arts  in  English  Program,  Mae  Fah  Luang  University  First  semester  2018    

         Week  4          Title:  Yemen  could  be  'worst  famine  in  100  years'          Author:  BBC  News          Source:­‐middle-­‐east-­‐ 45857729/yemen-­‐could-­‐be-­‐worst-­‐famine-­‐in-­‐100-­‐years       Summary     The  United  Nations  is  warning  that  13  million  people  in  Yemen  are       starving.  It's  calling  on  the  military  coalition,  led  by  Saudi  Arabia,  to   halt  air  strikes  which  are  killing  civilians,  and  contributing  to  what  the   UN  says  could  become  \"the  worst  famine  in  the  world  in  100  years\".   Yemen's  civil  war  began  three  years  ago,  when  Houthi  rebels,  backed   by  Iran,  seized  much  of  the  country,  including  the  capital  Sanaa.  Saudi   Arabia,  backed  by  the  US,  the  UK  and  France,  is  using  air  strikes  and  a   blockade  -­‐  in  support  of  the  internationally  recognised  government.  At   least  10,000  people  dead  in  the  conflict  and  millions  are  displaced.   My  reaction/reflection:     This  news  makes  me  know  that  life  is  not  equal.  And  also  this  news   is  easy  to  read  because  the  vocabulary  is  not  very  difficult.     New  words  learned:  (At  least  five  new  words  that  you  have  learned)   New  Words   Definitions  1. Coalition     A  union  of  two  or  more  political  parties   that  allows  them  to  form  a  government   Noun   or  fight  an  election  together.   Ex: No,  they  found  themselves  forced  to  say     to  the  world,  we  are  not  a  revolution,  we  are   a  coalition.         Page  2  of  4  

  A  stop  or  pause  2. Halt   Ex:  The  World  Championship  was  brought  to   Noun   a  temporary  halt.3. Civilians   Anyone  who  is  not  a  member  of   Noun   the  military  forces  or  the  police   Ex:  Many  innocent  civilians  were  killed  during  4. Conflict   the  war.   Noun    5. Displaced   A  state  of  disagreement  or  argument   Verb   between  people,  groups,  countries  etc       Ex:  Marx  points  out  the  potential  conflicts   below  the  surface  of  society.     To  take  the  place  or  position  of  something  or   someone       Ex:  Coal  has  been  displaced  by  natural  gas  as   a  major  source  of  energy.       Page  3  of  4    

  Articles Rubric for Independent Reading Journal (10%) 5 1234 1. Summary (4 %) 2. Reflection (3%) 3. Vocabulary Learned (3%) Scores Total scores _______ ÷ 5 = _____ marksCriteria for the above categories1. Rubric for Article SummaryCategory 5-4 3 2 1-0Summarizing Provides a very Provides a clear Provides a clear but Provides a somewhatthe content thorough and clear and concise shallow summary of muddled, unclear and and concise summary of the the article; may be rambling summary of summary of the article context excessively brief or the article. article context and and content. may include some content. extraneous information.Identifying Student recalls Student recalls Student is not able to Student cannot locateDetails several details for details for most locate most of the details with accuracy. each main point. main point. details of the main point. Is characterized by theParaphrasing Is characterized by Is characterized substantial copying of paraphrasing of the by paraphrasing Is characterized by indiscriminately main idea and of the main idea the substantial selected phrases or significant details and significant copying of key sentences. details phrases and minimal paraphrasingSpelling & There are few or no There are some There are serious Serious errors inGrammar errors in usage, errors in usage, errors in usage, mechanics, usage, grammar, grammar, grammar, grammar, or spelling punctuation, punctuation, punctuation, sentence that make the summary sentence fragments, sentence fragments, or difficult to understand. or spelling. fragments, or spelling. spelling.Total ________/20 ÷ 5 = 4 %2. Reflection on the Articles (3%)Students who have completely and clearly responded to the guided questions stated in the reading journalform will get 3 marks. 3. Vocabulary Learned (3%) ≥ 70% correct = 2 marks 1 ≤ 70% = 1 mark All correct = 3 marks Page  4  of  4    

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