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Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2017-11-03 19:34:03

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Read the Text Version | Vol. 10 No. 10- November 2017THANKS! - GIVING BACK TO OUR VETERANS WHAT’S INSIDE? BY MARK BERNINGER, ROLANDO NEWS STAFF UPDATE ON LIBRARY PARKING Page 3 MEET STATE SENATOR TONI ATKINS Page 12A s October turns to November, our thoughts move were fishing mentors with an organization called Heroes on from pumpkins and candy to pumpkin pie and can- the Water (HOW). died yams, family gatherings, Thanksgiving, and the They invited me to tag along with them to the next event.much revered and maligned BLACK FRIDAY, official Little did I know that first HOW event would be the start ofstart of holiday shopping season. something really special. You could say that, afterward, I wasBut there is another, often overlooked, holiday in November- HOOKED!-Veterans Day! Every November 11, we take a day to celebrate I soon after relocated to San Diego with my then girlfriend,our veterans. Many of us give them a moment of silence and now wife. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the LET’S GO UNDER-thank them for their service. I am all for thanking veterans, Southern California HOW chapter was the biggest in the GROUND!but, as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”. So, country. It took only a few moments into my first event onin this season of thanks and giving, I propose that we show Mission Bay to understand that there was something special Page 12our veterans that we appreciate them! about this organization.In 2015 more than 230,000 veterans called San Diego home A few volunteers took me with them to show me the ropes. IT’S NEVER EASY!(According to US Census Data). There are a number of ways Some of the veterans had never been on a kayak before, and Page 15you can support a Veteran in need: contact the local VA, VFW the mentors made sure that everyone had the basics downHall, or go online to the County of San Diego’s Office of Mili- before we launched. Afterward, we paddled a short distancetary and Veterans Affairs. They all are great resources and can out into Mission Bay. The sun had just peaked over the east-help you find a way to give back.) ern hill and the water was like glass. The sky reflected off theI found my own way of giving back five years ago when I was calm waters made it look like our small group was floating inliving in Portland, OR. I met up with some local kayak fisher- the at the kayak shop and really hit it off with these guys due This illusion was short lived. The water splashed and boiledto our shared passion for the paddling and fishing. They all Continued on page 2 Sapphire Realty Get the Best Service on Your Home Sale, 3110 Camino Del Rio South, Ste. 311 | San Diego, CA 92108 Mortgage or Refi(619) 261-5895 | [email protected] | CA BRE # 01411191 from your Trusted Neighbor

2 | NOVEMBER 2017Continued from page 1 (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has led to some deeply profound mo- Heroes on the Water is a nationaland an angry little spotted bay bass and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ments for both me and the veterans organization with 87 chaptersbroke the surface, trying with all (PTSD) are some of the most com- with whom I have shared my time. across the United States and twoits might to get off the hook. After mon disabilities in our veteran com- There something truly special about abroad in England and Australia.a few photos, the fish was released munity. Veterans who were deployed getting a big bear hug at the end of The SoCal Chapter of HOWunharmed to grow and fight another in combat zones have a 41% higher the day from a shy reserved veteran is one of the largest. For infor-day. suicide risk than the general public, and hearing that this was the most mation about volunteering or largely due to TBI and PTSD. The hy- relaxed they have been in months. participating in one of our events For one of us, it was his first ever pervigilance, insomnia, anxiety and Giving back has given me more than find us on Facebook, Instagram,saltwater fish. His smile told the depression that many veterans face I could have ever imagined, and or visit our website.entire story, an ear-to- ear grin that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse given our veterans peace, relaxation, Author Mark Berninger is thedidn’t leave his face all morning, or and, in far too many cases, suicide.) and most of all a great time! It makes Safety Coordinator on the all-even later on as he recounted tales of me smile to know there are hundreds volunteer executive commit-the one that didn’t get away to anyone A number of recent studies sug- of others like me, helping thousands tee for the Southern Californiawho would listen. In this moment, gest that time near water can help of veterans across the United States. Chapter of Heroes on the Water.nothing else mattered to this young reduce many of the symptoms of Designating one Saturday morning He is a senior biologist at theveteran, not the struggles of fitting TBI and PTSD. I, personally, have a month isn’t much of a sacrifice, City of San Diego, lives in Ro-back into civilian life, not the weight experienced the calming effects of especially when you realize those lando and writes for the Rolandoof lost friends, nothing. It was a pure water and seen, time and time again, few hours can have such a profound News.moment, a moment that had a visible what a day of kayak fishing can do effect on our veterans struggling withand lasting effect on this young man. for someone suffering from PTSD disabilities. Mark BerningerThis was the first of many such mo- or TBI. It’s not uncommon to see aments that have kept me returning to veteran start off the day shy, reserved, This November 11, take time andHOW events. and obviously anxious. After a few thank a veteran. Do more than share casts and some quality time in the your words on social media. Take I have fished with veterans from ev- kayak there is a change: more smiles, action and share something with aery branch of service; some old, some more laughter, less anxiety, less of the veteran to make his/her day a littleyoung, some with visible injuries hypervigilance. brighter. Join me and help makeand some with invisible injuries. The Veterans Day more than just a day ofinvisible injuries can be some of the These simple acts of paddling thought. We give thanks for so manymost insidious, because the actual and fishing led HOW to the motto: things; this November let your ac-impact is often not truly felt until the Paddle, Fish, Heal. Sharing my love tions do the talking.war zone is far in the rearview mir- of kayaking and fishing with othersror.Spotted Bay Bass: These little fish are fun to catch for beginners and seasoned anglers alike; they eat just about anything and on light tackle they put up a great fight.DEVELOPER SHARES PLANS FOR CHURCH PROPERTY By JD EstebanW hen Shahin Edalatdju afraid of taking risks and decided the first came to San Diego hotel in Mission Valley or settling for thinks about the economic impact best way to success was to start work- in 1986, he stayed for an older, less modern building on the for the community if visiting families ing. Longing for his old life near the one month at a now outskirts of campus. But if Shahin can could stay local and spend their dollars Caspian Sea, he ventured down the 5 make his plans happen, a solution is in at area restaurants and businesses. This freeway, bypassing Los Angeles anddefunct hotel near College Avenue the works. His idea involves a zon- very idea has struck a chord with Holi- settled in San Diego in 1986. Shaninand El Cajon Blvd. By way of Ger- ing change request, which the local day Inn Express as they have expressed and his family live in Poway and hemany and Corvallis, Oregon, Shahin community planning board recently their desire to lend their name and is grateful for the opportunity to livewas fleeing political instability in his approved. The next step is to get city brand of hospitality to the new loca- here. He said that in the United States,home country of Iran and came to the approval for planning and land use. tion. With the community in mind, you can be anything you dream ofUnited States with just a few dollars to Shahin envisions a facility that would the hotel would also provide for the being.his name. Years later, Shahin and his have approximately 100 to 125 units. much needed, free overflow parkingwife own several businesses and they A modest establishment, that blends for the adjacent public library.are developing a supermarket in the into the neighborhood, that is clean, When asked how his life had takenPoway area. One of his other pending familiar and reasonably priced. He him from Iran to San Diego. Shahin,projects is a hotel which will be located compares the idea to his own experi- noted that his journey has taken himnear Montezuma and El Cajon Boule- ence when his son left home to at- to Germany, Maryland, Oregon andvard, adjacent to the public library. tend college in Oregon. Shahin had Alaska. He came here when he was 27When thinking about the College a favorite hotel near that campus that years old, not knowing a single person.area, a hotel or inn with decent over- became a second home on his visits. He had applied for political asylum innight accommodations are far and few Both his wife and Brother-in-Law are Baltimore and was approved, found abetween. When parents and families SDSU alumni and they all agree that it sponsor family through his church andcome to SDSU to visit their children, seems odd that no such accommoda- decided to make a life for himself. Hefinding a room often means a distant tions exist in the college area. He also wasn’t afraid of working hard, wasn’t

3NOVEMBER 2017 | aybe you noticed thatBY JAN HINTZMAN, ROLANDO NEWS STAFF staff has been representing the a construction fence community’s interests with theshared parking area serving Commission, but were not a city bureaucracy and with theM appeared around thethe library as well as the hotel.condition of the Planning Com- developer. They remain hope-After sufficient resident con- mission approval. The Planning ful that the final hotel projectUPDATE ON LIBRARY PARKINGLutheran Church adjacentcerns were addressed, the Col-Department is now tasked to will accommodate both librarylege Area Community Planning recommend specific zoning for access and parking. But it isto the College-Rolando Li-Board (CACPB) supported histhe property. Their recommen- months, possibly more than abrary. But did you notice thatplan. This smoothed the way todations will be presented to the year, before construction canthe fence does not enclose theobtain the needed support fromCACPB for review with subse- even begin.former joint-use parking areathe City Planning Commission.quent action by the Planningwhich actually is a portion of Commission. While the devel- At this point the developerthe church property? So whatAt the Commission hearing,oper is making steady progress, has erected a construction fencedoes this mean? Will we seeirrevocable access to the librarymany challenges remain. and intends to clear the churchlibrary parking reinstated?from Montezuma Road was buildings as soon as possible.requested, as well as reserved What is the fate of access to Councilmember Gomez’s im- Here’s the back-story. Escrowparking in spaces immedi-the library from Montezuma mediate goal is to secure tem-on the sale of the Lutheranately adjacent to the libraryRoad and associated adjacent porary access for library patronsChurch property has been com-for patron use during libraryparking? during the extended pre-con-pleted. The new owner/devel-hours. Those measures were struction period. Her staff re-oper is Shahin Edalatdju. (Seerecommended by the PlanningNinth District Council- ports that the developer appearsaccompanying article reprinted member Georgette Gomez’s receptive to this idea and antici-from the September issue of the pates that an agreement allow-College Area News.) ing interim parking will soon beMr. Edalatdju has challenges to forthcoming.overcome, both with the com-munity and the city, in order to We all remain hopeful thatrealize his development con- once the project is completed,cept -- a hotel of approximately city administration, the library100-125 units. The property is and the hotel will demonstratenot zoned to accommodate this that they are considerate andtype of project and changes are mutually supportive neighbors,needed. The first step requires and long-term access to the li-a change to the College Area brary will ultimately be restored.Community Plan from general We thank Councilmember Go-residential to commercial use. mez and the College Area Plan- ning Board for being vigilant in Over several months Mr. protecting community interests.Edalatdju made multiple pre- We also thank Mr. Edalatdju forsentations to College Area his sensitivity to the community.Community Planning Board Here’s to a future fine new ho-members and explained that he tel which will be an economicwas in negotiations to construct stimulus to the surroundinga Holiday Inn Express Hotel. neighborhoods as well as serveHe shared plans that members SDSU visitors.deemed sensitive to the com-EVENTSmunity. His plans included aConstruction fence around the soon-to-be demolished College Lutheran Church, viewed from the parking lot thatresidents hope will be restored for College-Rolando library patrons.Clay Park Master Plan Input RCC Community Meeting Annual Neighborhood Holiday PartyWednesday, November 15, 2017 Meet Toni Atkins, our State Senator Tuesday, December 19, 2017Colina Del Sol Rec Center Tuesday, November 21, 20175319 Orange Ave. Save this date!6:30 p.m. Community Hall | United Domestic Workers 4855 Seminole Drive Community Hall 6 p.m. Social; 6:30 p.m. Meeting United Domestic Workers 4855 Seminole Drive RCC Holiday Lights Judging 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. December 18 – 24, 2017

4 | NOVEMBER 2017 Words Alive and #GivingTuesday are a new way of link-Pairing Halloween Candy w/ San Diego Beers ing individuals and causes to strengthen communities. Living the Gummy Bear flavors of raspberry (red), As we drift slowly into fall, with the Words Alive programs in full swing in orange (orange), strawberry (green), pineapple over 130 classrooms across San Diego County, we begin to turn our atten-HOPPY (clear) and lemon (yellow) perfectly compli- tion to the holidays. America’s ability to shop and spend has given signifi- ment the tropical bitterness in the IPA. Also, cant attention to the “shopping” days immediately following Thanksgiving:LIFE the dry finish of the IPA helps cut the jelly- Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. We would like to like consistency of the Gummy Bears. introduce you to one more day after the Thanksgiving holiday that helpswith Beau Schmitt our communities – #GivingTuesday.Skittles + Three Berry Beatitude Almond Joy + Defined with social media’s ever present hash tag, #GivingTuesday is aMixed Fermentation Sour Cocomotive Coconut Porter global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organi-4.5%, Council Brewing Company, Kearny Mesa 8.3%, Thorn Street Brewery, North Park zations, businesses, and communities in all 50 states and around the world. This year, #GivingTuesday falls on November 28th and harnesses theThe sweet-then-sour flavor transformation is When the sweet coconut in Almond Joy com- collective power of a unique blend of partners to transform how peoplea mantra for many popular candies, but not bines with the rich chocolaty malts & toasted think about, talk about, and participate in the giving season. It inspiresSkittles. Original Skittles are simply sweet and coconut in Cocomotive, it will take you on a people to take collective action to improve their communities, give back tofruity. Three Berry Beatitude is a mixed fer- magical, island-style journey. Then, Cocomo- the charities and causes they believe in, and help create a better world.mentation sour that is moderately sour, tart tive’s dry coffee bitterness cuts the fat of the #GivingTuesday demonstrates how every act of generosity counts, and thatand refreshing. Follow a handful of Skittles mouth-watering milk chocolate and almonds, they mean even more when we give together.with a sip of Three Berry Beatitude and you’ll leaving you with a dry, clean finish.create a whole new candy-like experience. Words Alive works together with more than 500 volunteers, donors,Pucker up for this great pairing. teachers, administrators, and families, who know what collaborating and coming together means to make reading matter for thousands of childrenSour Patch Kids + Raspberry Blush Kit Kat Bar + Hello Darkness and young people every day. It is in this spirit of collaboration that #Giv-Berliner Weisse Oatmeal Stout on Nitro ingTuesday was born. #GivingTuesday is a new way of linking individuals4%, Mikkeller Brewing Company, Miramar 6%, 32 North Brewing Company, Miramar and causes to strengthen communities.Sour Patch Kids, now with the little blue dude, Biting into Kit Kat’s sweet chocolate covered Words Alive is close to completing its initial 1,000-day Read-for-Lifeprovide a mouthful of juicy tartness. Their wafers only gets better when it’s followed a sip campaign, with a little more than $100,000 left to raise, and we’d like to dostrong flavors of lime (green), lemon (yellow), of Hello Darkness. This creamy and chocolatey that by the end of the year. This fall, we encourage our community, in theorange (orange), raspberry (red) & blue rasp- stout has a medium body with a sweet, coffee spirit of #GivingTuesday and the entire giving season, to consider joiningberry (blue) require a strong beer counterpart. finish. It’s the beer version of a mocha. Blend- together and make a contribution, to consider becoming a volunteer, toMikkeller’s Berliner Weisse pairs perfectly. Like ing Kit Kat’s wafer with Hello Darkness’s consider becoming a partner with Words Alive and ensure that every childSour Patch Kids, Raspberry Blush starts off chocolaty finish will leave your kid wondering has the opportunity to live and thrive in a literacy-rich environment.soft and light on the palate and ends with a where all his candy went.dry, sensationally tart finish. And Raspberry We hope you keep an eye out for the growing presence of #GivingTuesdayBlush has notes of coffee to finalize the sophis- and heed the call to action that will change the way we spend around thetication of this pairing. holidays. Let’s all take a moment to celebrate a time dedicated to giving back. Candy Corn + “Garbage Can” Pail Ale Under the Kitchen Sink, Your Place About Words Alive Founded in 1999, Words Alive is a nonprofit organization that helps under- Candy Corn is gross. It doesn’t pair with any- served, low-income, at-risk children, teens and families discover how books and thing. Please throw it all away in your garbage reading can add meaning to their lives. Words Alive engages its program partici- pail. pants in developing a connection to reading with innovative programs and initiatives with the goal of creating lifelong readers and learners. For more Drink Local, information about Words Alive, its programs, volunteer opportunities and Beau sponsorship opportunities, visit [email protected] Bears +Mission Accomplished IPA6.3%, Breakwater Brewing Company, OceansideMission Accomplished IPA has huge tropicaland citrus notes of pineapple and mango. The

5NOVEMBER 2017 |WINNIE’S “Core Electric has been advertising with Local Umbrella Media Newspapers for over a year now. We are stillPICKS! amazed at the high volume of calls we receive weekly from our ad in their publications. We at Core Electric believe that by being accurate, authentic and well organized Local Umbrella Media has established a strong following with local readers. We are especially grateful to the staff at Local Umbrella for always making sure our ads go out on time and even offering intuitive suggestions on design. Their assistance with our advertising has exceeded our expectations and certainly beats our experience with the other advertisers we've used in the past. (On- line advertising specifically)TASHI AND THE MONK – 2014 documen- RANDOM HARVEST - (1942) I know that We at Core Electric aretary: Lobsang Phuntsok leaves the U.S. and I've mentioned this movie before, but maybe it's looking forward to advertis-returns to the roots of his training by His Holi- time to cry again. An injured WWI veteran falls ing with Local Umbrellaness the Dalai Lama. His purpose is to set up a in love with a dancehall girl. How was she to Media for years to, Jhamstse Gatsai Children's Community, know that he had amnesia? They marry, have a Cheers !”in northeastern India. You will experience the child, and then one day he goes to the city. This – Craig E.rebuilding of hope within the lives of unwanted perfect life may soon crumble, and you will findchildren and especiall yourself talking to the TV. I did. Have the tissues Owner Core Electric next to you. You will need them. Yes, I did too. IfTHE VOICE OF THE MOON - (1990) Fed- you need a double-header of tears, you can also LOOK FOR US IN YOURerico Fellini's last film was released to mixed watch Imitation of Life. The one from 1959 made MAILBOX EACH MONTH!reviews. Now released in a restored form, the me cry more than the one from is worth a second look. It is an homage to Reaching over 50,000 homes in 16 Sansome of Fellini's great movies over his 50 year THE BIG SICK - (2017) Cultures clash as an Diego area communities – and growing!career as an Italian filmmaker. Roberto Benigni all-American girl marries a comedian from Pak- Low priced advertising options to reachis a former mental patient meeting an assortment istan. Her parents are not thrilled with her choice. your community – or our entire network!of odd characters and possibly his own true love. Are any parents ever pleased with the man who marries their princess? Anyway, something bad Local community informationTO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. - (1985) My film happens that will bring all of them together. You SHOP / EAT / SPEND LOCAL!fans know that I love action films from Bronson may think you know how it's going to end. Maybeto Eastwood. I would be neglectful if I did not it does, but the journey their will bring a few tearsmention William Friedkin's movie about coun- and a warm fuzzy feeling to you. Enjoy this movie.terfeiters being pursued by the Secret Service.The pulsating film score was written and record- HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE - 2016)ed in only two weeks by Wang Chung. It is one In this quirky comedy directed by Taika Waitit, aof my favorites. I hope that you like it, as well. delinquent teen placed in a foster home escapes to the bush country with an odd foster uncle. ATHE DRIVER - (1978) Starring Ryan O'Neal - national manhunt begins to find the two. DuringNow that I'm in an action movie mood, I must their adventure, the mismatched duo scatter ashesrecommend one of my all-time Winnie's Picks, of a loved one, fight off a wild boar, and meetby director Walter Hill. If you like action movies, people even stranger than them. This is a greatcar chases, tricky women, and obsessed detec- movie that the whole family will love. It may eventives, then this is your movie. There's also a great remind you of some people that you know.storyline that will keep you wondering about theoutcome. Isabelle Adjani is the beautiful femme Winnie Hanford of Ken Video celebrated her 90thfatale that may be smarter than everyone. Birthday recently, and her love of good movies - and sharing her favorites with us - is as strong ever. LOW RATES CONTACT US For More INFO: [email protected]

6 | NOVEMBER 2017 Saturday, November 25, 2017 is Small Business Saturday® By Jon Wesley Ewell Every year after the craziness of the annual, no-holds-barred,Black Friday chaos there is something much better – Small Busi-ness Saturday. This is the day when lively consumers can (and should) focus onsupporting their local businesses. In reality, every day is for smallbusinesses. Local Umbrella Media’s primary mission is the sup-port of local communities and this includes supporting smallbusinesses whenever we spend money. We encourage you to start in your local neighborhood andcontinue throughout your local city and county. Hopefully we willall do this every day of the year, especially during the Holidays. THERE ARE OTHER THINGS WE CAN ALL DO TO HELP OUR COMMUNITIES AND LOCAL BUSINESSES BESIDES ONLY SHOPPING: 1. Make a commitment to refer other businesses and community services to your friends through word-of- mouth, and on social media. 2. Volunteer. There are many places that can always use volunteers. 3. Give to the needy. This is something else we should strive to do every day and not just when it’s a national holiday. Giving to people or animals in need is one of the best things we can do. Check with your local community for places accepting volunteers or donation. 4. Donate goods. Go through your storage space and “shop” for items that can be donated. Check local neigh- borhood sites like Nextdoor® for people and business owners who help others and accept donated items. 5. Consider local restaurants for dining in and also for delivery. If you don’t plan on cooking a holiday meal check with your favorite local restaurant for delivery or takeout specials. Many of them offer something and you could make a difference in them being able to provide for their families and friends. As much as we love the ease and convenience of shopping through Amazon and other e-commerce websites, there is almost always a local alternative. Let’s challenge ourselves to search for opportunities to spend locally in our com- munity Check out some Small Business Saturday® resources on our website at:

7NOVEMBER 2017 |TEN REASONS TO SHOP LOCAL AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY1. Significantly More President, National Histor-Money Re-circulates In ic Preservation Trust,San Diego County. When “When people go on vaca-you shop at locally owned, tion they generally seek outindependent businesses destinations that offermore money is kept in the them the sense of beingcommunity because local someplace, not just any-businesses often purchase place.”from other local business-es, service providers and 4. Environmental Impact 7. Local Business Owners of small businesses is thefarms. Buying locally helps Is Reduced. Local busi- Invest In Our Communi- best way to ensure innova-grow other businesses as nesses make more local ty. Local businesses are tion and lower prices overwell as our region’s tax purchases requiring less owned by people who: Live the long-term.base. transportation and usually in this community; are less2. Non Profits Receive set up shop in town centers likely to leave; and are 10. A growing body ofGreater Support. rather than on the fringe. more invested in the com- economic research showsNon-Profits often receive This generally means con- munity’s future. that in an increasinglygreater support from local tributing less to sprawl, 8. Put Your Taxes To homogenized world,business owners, some- congestion, habitat loss, Good Use. Local business- entrepreneurs and skilledtimes as much as 350% resource depletion and es in city and town centers workers are more likelymore money, than they do pollution. require comparatively little to invest and settle infrom non-locally owned 5. Most New Jobs Are infrastructure investments, communities that pre-businesses. Provided By Local Busi- add more to our tax base serve their one-of-a-kind3. Unique Businesses Are nesses. Small local busi- and make more efficient businesses and distinctiveAn Integral Part Of Our nesses are the largest em- use of public services. character. Continued on next page >Distinctive Character. The ployers nationally. 9. Competition And Di-unique character of the 6. Customer Service Is versity Leads To More More about Shopping Local at:Pioneer Valley is what Often Better. Local busi- Consumer Choices. A us here and will nesses often hire people marketplace of thousands shop-localkeep us here. Our tourism with more specific productbusinesses also benefit, expertise and they invest inbecause our place doesn’t their employees for betterlook like everyplace. Ac- customer service.cording to Richard Moe,


9NOVEMBER 2017 |By Bart Mendoza November 24 The Creation Factory Music News: Levi Dean & The Americats Late 1960’s inspired, Los Angeles based, psychedelic beat rockers, The Creation Formed in 2014, Levi Dean and The Americats have Factory play the Soda Bar on November 24, alongside Los Sweepers and the won- become a local club favorite with their own brand of Amer- derfully named group, The Allyrgic Reaction. This is keyboard driven garage rock icana, tinged with folk, blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll. The at its best, the sort you might hear in movies of the era during the obligatory band is currently hard at work on their second album, with “freak out” party scene. There is enough groove and thumping bass lines in the producer Andrew Nast at Audio Design Studios, tentatively bands beats, as heard in their new single, “You Got It,” to get even the most jaded set for spring 2018 release. Performing at the Holding Com- listener up and dancing. Fans of sixties rock will love every second of this band’s pany on November 29, The Americats started in October musical time warp. 2014, shortly after frontman Levi Dean arrived in San Diego. “I grew up in Virginia, Dean explained.“I loved growing upThe Creation Facotry Photo by Leland Bobbe December 3 L.A.M.F. there, however I became restless as I got older and at age 20Walter Lure I followed the pull westward.” He arrived in California after While it didn’t make much of a splash when issued in 1977, there can be little doubt stops in Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Ore- that the album, “L.A.M.F.,” by The Heartbreakers, has gone on to become one of gon. “I took a piece from everywhere I have been and each the most influential discs of that decade. Not to be confused with Tom Petty’s place has influenced my songwriting and musicianship,” he combo, The Johnny Thunders fronted quartet’s mix of punk and rock ‘n’ roll cool said. “At the same time, being so transient brought its own is timeless, inspiring legions of musicians in its wake. On December 3, The Belly challenges, but I was able to secure a permanent job in San Up Tavern will host a special concert in honor of “L.A.M.F.”’s 40th anniversary, fea- Diego in January 2014 as a Park Ranger and have been dig- turing an all-star band performing the album in its entirety. On hand will be original ging roots here ever since.” Heartbreaker Walter Lure with Mike Ness (Social Distortion), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) and Clem Burke (Blondie) plus special guests. For anyone who enjoys hard Deans Love of Americana stems from his childhood in the driving rock and roll this show is practically mandatory. South.“I was exposed to the deep roots of traditional Amer- ican folk music of the region,” he recalled. “My style is influ-Michael head & The Country Rockin Rebels December 13 Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market enced by a diverse group of musicians and songwriters includ- ing my family, Hank Williams Sr., Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Located at the intersection of Bacon and Newport,just a block from the beach, there The Band, Led Zeppelin, and David Grisman,” Dean said. is no doubt that the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market is one of the area’s best places to “The first album I ever bought with my own money was catch sets from a cross section of San Diego’s music community. On December 13, Hank Williams Sr.'s ‘Greatest Hits’ album when I was fifteen. the market will prsent their annual Holiday Show, hosted by Michael Head of the At that point I had never heard someone who could accurately band Country Rockin’Rebels. The line-up was still being confirmed at press time, but portray his feeling through songs like he could. I was hooked past years have seen many of the area’s top performers stop by for a seasonal tune or when I heard the lyric about being heart broken and jumping two. More importantly, the event will also double as a drop off point for toys or in the river. His songs really spoke to me because, like most canned food items, which will be distributed to needy families in time for the holidays. teenagers, I was filled with emotional angst.” At the Holding Company, the band plans to preview tunesThe Gargoyles December 15 The Gargoyles from their forthcoming disc, alongside covers by the likes of Hank Williams and Robert Johnson.“We are planning for a Ron Silva brings his latest band, The Gargoyles to The Manhattan Bar on December high energy show at the THC and we are certain you will 15, on a bill that also features acclaimed indie pop quartet, Mittens. Mixing covers want to hop out of your seat and dance,” Dean said. and originals, the quintet includes bassist Chris Davies (The Penetrators) and guitarist Eric Bacher (The Tell Tale Hearts), keyboardist Derick Hugunin and The music biz is tougher than ever – what motivates Dean drummer Richard 'T-Bone' Larson, with Silva’s gritty vocals at the forefront. Silva to keep going?“I feel compelled to live out my life's purpose,” is a legend, known for his work in such groups as The Crawdaddys and Nashville he said good naturedly. “Birthing a new song is the greatest Ramblers and his new combo keeps the quality just as high, turning in a terrific, feeling in the world, and to witness that song having a positive danceable mix of R&B, sixties garage and rock ‘n’ roll. impact on someone is pretty cool too.” December 15 Holiday Hangover Short Takes The tenth annual “Holiday Hangover” concert, celebrating the music of the 1980’s, Mod inspired indie rockers, The Bassics, will release their will take place at the House of Blues on December 15. The show will feature four debut album, Every Day Life, on January 20… meanwhile, tribute bands including Strangelove-The Depeche Mode Experience, the Cured, The Event, the acclaimed 1980’s mod quartet has reunited Smiths tribute group, Still Ill and David Bowie doppelgangers, Electric Duke. All to co-headline The Purple Weekend Music Festival in Leon, are great at what they do, but the night belongs to Strangelove, currently one of Spain on December 8. In addition to the reunion concert, the most popular tribute acts in the U.S., regularly filling venues of up to 8,000. Bickerton Records will be issuing a deluxe, 10” vinyl only, The reason for their popularity is easy to see: They are virtually an exact replica collection of vintage demos in early 2018… Celtic group, of their namesake British quartet. If you missed out on seeing Depeche Mode in Brogue Wave, featuring violinist Patric Petrie, will be per- Chula Vista last month, this concert is the next best thing. forming alongside The Offspring and Buzzcocks, as part of the Flogging Molly hosted “Salty Dog Cruise,” sailing fromStrangelove Key West to the Bahamas, April 20 – 23… Beatlesfair 2018 will take place on March 31 at Queen Bee Arts Center. Guests December 19 Ariel Levine announced so far include Fab Four impersonators, Britain’s Finest, The Baja Bugs, Dave Humphries with Zak Nilsson On December 19, the Casbah will host the album release show for Ariel Levine’s (son of Harry) and author John Borack… singer Victoria excellent new album,“Let The Machine Get It”. Released on December 8, the album Roze is wrapping up studio work on her third album,“Bag- shows that Levine is a charismatic mix of Berlin era Bowie, Bryan Ferry and David gage Claim”, due out in January…KUSI-TV meteorologist Byrne, with songs that are adventurous, sometime quirky, but always melodic. A Dave Scott has released a new jazz album,“One Big Beautiful gifted producer and multi-instrumentalist, Levine’s songs, such as the album’s first World.”The acclaimed singer / trombonist is joined by guests single, \"Sunshine Part II: On My Color TV\" are radio ready, slotting well amongst including guitarist Peter Sprague, Hip Hop Artist Ayesha both todays hits, as well as the songs of his musical heroes. Scott and the Martin Luther King Community Choir of San Diego.Ariel levine

10 | NOVEMBER 2017Giving Back to Rolando/RCC Clay Park Master PlanningF eeling grateful in this Thanksgiving month? How about BY AIMEE LEE CHEEK, ROLANDO NEWS STAFF showing a bit of gratitude to the members of the RCC board? They share their talents in so many ways to bring us D enise Armijo, Rolando resident and chair of the Colina del Soltogether as a community and to improve our lives in Rolando. You Recreation Council’s subcommittee on Clay Park, joined by Parkcan say “thank you” and support their efforts with a membership and Rec Area Manager Brian Anthony, held a meeting with in-in the Rolando Community Council. RCC’s membership year terested residents at Clay School on October 18 to obtain public commentruns from October to the following September. on future development of the park. While the 2012 BLVD63 settlement of $150,000 provides a financial starting point, questions of safety, ac- We’ve provided the form here for you to complete and return. cessibility, maintenance, durability and aesthetics mean that even simpleOr it’s easy to do online Dues are $10 in- additions carry a hefty price-tag. In addition, some improvements requiredividual/$15 household. If you are a renewing member, select modification of the city’s General Development Plan for the park.“community” and scroll down to “pay dues.” If you are a first-timemember, choose “welcome,” then “become a member,” to fill out Possible items, based on past and current suggestions and requests fromthe application before paying dues. We want to hear from you. the community, include a shade structure for the tot lot; landscaping with native plants at the western entry point; a comfort station; adult exerciseSUPPORT FY 17-18 equipment in the linear park area; and an off-leash dog park in the sameROLANDO area. “Rolando is 91 years Concerns were raised about the dog park’s proximity to residences on Fil- old this year!” ipo Street, and the possible disturbance of night-time barking. Speakers for Clay School, reporting that security considerations presently precludeI want to support my neighborhood by joining the Rolando Community Council: pupils from using the park, pressed the committee to consider erecting a four-foot fence as a divider between the school district’s portion of the□ Annual Membership – Single $10 □ Annual Membership - Dual/household - $15 park (from the first baseline over to the school) from the rest of the park. Anthony also explained, when queried, that the Park Department has no □ New □ Renewal jurisdiction over street parking around the park.(1) Name: ________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________ Residents have an important opportunity to give further input on Wednesday, November 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Colina Del Sol Recreation Cen-Email: ____________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ ter, 5319 Orange Ave.(2) Name: _________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________Email: ___________________________________ ALL INFORMATION REMAINS CONFIDENTIALThis is a tax-deductable donation. Term of membership is October 2016 to September 30, 2017Go to our website and pay via paypal or send this application and your check payable to Rolando Community Council: P.O. Box 151163 ♦ San Diego CA 92175COMINGS & GOINGS Arts And Culture Close At HandKeep watch at Clay School for ent at the Parma Payne Goodall San Diego State University encourages its neighbors to take advantage ofnew art. Painted murals depicting Alumni Center on campus. The events on the SDSU campus. Below are brief descriptions of upcoming per-heroines and heroes of our na- community is encouraged to attend. formances that may be of interest.tion’s diverse past are about to join Chamber Music: Under the Dome. November 3 and 17, 1-2 p.m., SDSUthe sparkling mosaic, “I am Clay,” Like BBQ? Come to the Novem- Love Library. Free chamber music pop-up concerts under the library dome.on the walls of Clay Elementary ber RCC meeting. Not only will World Music Series features China. November 6, 6 p.m., the SDSU WorldSchool. Teachers voted in October our own Senator Toni Atkins give Music ensemble offers students and public a musical opportunity to engageon which historical figures to de- you the latest scoop on happenings in the artistic, social and historical contexts of contemporary China. Smithpict. Talented art teacher Cristina in Sacramento, you will also have Recital Hall on campus. $20 general admission, $15 senior and military,Snell is leading the endeavor. Great the opportunity to enjoy mouth- $10 student; children 17 and under free with ticket distribution at box officeschool, great leaders, terrific art! watering samples from an excit- while supply lasts.Now that’s a combination not to be ing new neighborhood restaurant. SDSU Production of ‘Enchanted April’. Nov. 30-Dec. 3, A musical, basedbeat. Corbin’s Q has a new location on El on a popular novel, follows four ordinary London women in 1922 having theDo you have a connection with Cajon Blvd. at Rolando Blvd. and vacation of their dreams in a rented villa on the Italian shore, as they awakenSDSU? November 9, 3:30 p.m., will tempt you with a taste of their to a world of beauty, ardor and joy of living. Don Powell Theatre. $20 general,the author of “Hail Montezuma! fare on Tuesday, November 21. See $17 students and seniors. For information on evening and matinee perfor-The Hidden Treasures of San Diego page 3 for RCC meeting details. mances and to order tickets, see will be lecturing on interest- Thank you and welcome to the powell-theatreing aspects of SDSU history. Dr. neighborhood, Corbin!Seth Mallios from the SDSU an-thropology department will pres- Rolando Night Out is taking a break over the holidays. But it will be back in the new year.

11NOVEMBER 2017 | THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING AN INTERVIEW WITH ADAM McLANE WILL LIGHTS ADORN YOUR HOUSE? Congratulations To Adam Mclane As He Takes The First BY JACKIE FLOHR, COMMUNITY EVENTS TEAM Vice-President Seat On The 2017-18 Rcc BoardY es! Believe it or not, it is that time of year again! The RCC How long have you lived in Ro- tion towards our neighborhood. Community Events Team is be sponsoring its annual holi- lando? day decorating contest. Last year was a huge success. We Adam McLane: Our family movedhope for even more participants this season. to San Diego from the Detroit area in August 2008. We first lived in We are looking for residents who would like to have their fes- Redwood Village for a few monthstively bedecked homes entered for judging. Who will be the judg- before moving to Rolando in Marches, you ask. The residents of Rolando Village, of course! We will 2009. We rented a house on Virginiaaward prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Avenue until, through a crazy set of circumstances, we bought the house Judging will take place the week before Christmas, December across the street in 2015.18-24. Please send your information to Jackie Flohr, [email protected], no later than December 17. If you’d like to What is the best part of living here? As a First Vice President of RCC,be a judge, contact Jackie by the 17th. Adam McLane: There’s so much what project are you most excitedWatch for reminders and additional information in next month's to love. Rolando is a dynamic mix about working on?newsletter and RCC emails. of people of all walks of life, back- Adam McLane: My number one grounds, and occupations. Among priority on the Rolando CommunityJazzercise College Area 3 Classes for $20 these blocks are people who have Council is getting more people in-6360 El Cajon Blvd San Diego lived here since the 1950s, college volved. That means everything from619.335.8510 students just passing through, and improving our communication to the people who have newly arrived in neighborhood, connecting with new Family Owned and Operated for Over 50 Years the United States. Better than that? residents, to making sure we’re easyOur years of service have given us a great respect for people and None of those differences matter a to reach and accessible to everyone. lick when you meet a fellow Rolan- The mission of the Rolando Commu- meeting their needs whether it is for local burial, cremation, dan. Most often, we identify with nity Council is that we’re “devoted to pre-needs or transfers to a faraway place. one another by what street we live making life in Rolando better.” That’s on. I love that. a big project but one I’m excited to If you have questions concerning your family needs, play a small role in as a board mem- please call us. We will do everything we can to help you. What inspired you to join the Ro- ber. lando Community Council board? COLLEGE CENTER CHAPEL Adam McLane: A couple years ago, I What do you do in your spare time? 6322 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115 traveled more than 120 days in a sin- Adam McLane: I also volunteer a lit- gle calendar year for work. As much tle with the Clay Elementary School (619) 583-9511 as I love what I do it felt weird to me Garden and at San Diego State with to travel all over the country trying the Aztec Club. As a family, we are in License# FD1083 to make a difference in communities perpetual motion. We love traveling I didn’t live in when I really wasn’t to places like Yosemite, the Central making a difference in my own Coast and Baja. We love going to neighborhood. It felt weird because football, basketball and soccer games my actions were disconnected from at SDSU. This year we’ve gotten into my values. That reflection began a vegetable gardening, raising chick- process of rearranging my business ens and dabbling with aquaponics. life so I could get more involved lo- Personally, I love fishing so on some cally with things I care about. I care weekends, when I can sneak away, about our neighborhood and I want you might find me kayak fishing in all of our neighbors to get to know San Diego Bay or chasing bluefin out and love Rolando the way our fam- at the islands. But most evenings you ily does. Serving on the board feels can catch Kristen and I walking our natural as a result of that reorienta- dogs right here in Rolando. • Custom Stained Glass 6521 University Avenue • Art Glass Design San Diego, CA, 92115 • Custom Fused Glass • Classes 619-280-6123 • Studio Time Rental • Art Glass Supplies Sales • Giftware

12 | NOVEMBER 2017MEET STATE SENATOR TONI ATKINS AT THES tate Senator Toni G. Atkins, NOVEMBER RCC MEETING one of most prominent legislators in California, will ed to the 78th Assembly Districtaddress the meeting of the Rolan- seat in 2012 with 62% of the Community Council (RCC) on In 2014 she was elected Speaker ofTuesday, November 21. the House. In that position, sheThe meeting will be held in the led in enactment of the state’s firstCommunity Hall of the United Earned Income Tax Credit, whichDomestic Workers, 4855 Semi- benefits an estimated 1.5 millionnole Dr., with a social half-hour Californians, lifting many out ofstarting at 6 p.m. and the meeting poverty. She also was influentialproper beginning at 6:30 p.m. in winning financial support ofA Virginia native and Harvard higher education and affordableUniversity graduate, Atkins settled housing, and as an advocate forin San Diego as director of clinic women and the LGBT at Womancare Health She was elected to the state Sen-Services. After several terms on ate in 2016, where she representsthe San Diego City Council begin- the 39th Senate District, an areaning in fall 2000, Atkins was elect- including San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar and Solana Beach. LET’S GO UNDERGROUND!W e’re talking underground- BY JAN HINTZMAN, ROLANDO NEWS STAFF ing of electricity. Get rid planning to completion – can be four- of those ugly old poles and rious markings began to appear along City of San Diego have had an under- and-a-half to five years. All activities the net of overhead wires! Seminole. Then came street-side “No grounding program for decades, funded add to the costs identified here.When exactly that might happen has Parking: Oct 2 – Dec 2, 2017” notices. in large part by ratepayers (us).long been a matter of conjecture, al- And October 2, sure enough, crews and Yet, the benefits of undergroundingthough we’ve been told that most areas machines descended on Seminole south The price tag is staggering. Consider are many. Besides more secure and saferof Rolando are scheduled for under- of Clay Park. This two-block area is the the cost of this first phase: preparing for service, residents will enjoy a vastlygrounding in the 2020’s, 30’s, and 40’s. first phase of Rolando’s undergrounding. cabling underground for two blocks. improved street appearance, which willFolks living in the blocks around Semi- It’s been quite a show. just in the public right-of-way. For this, enhance property values. “Thank you,”nole Drive, however, began to see signs the contract requires 3,700 linear feet of ratepayers and city for making this hap-it was actually going to happen in the Residents have seen water line replace- trenching and the laying of eleven dif- pen.near term. In November 2015, the city ment and sewer upgrades in the past, ferent conduits to hold electrical serviceheld a property-owner meeting. Af- but nothing as complicated and excit- for residences and street lights, as well What’s on the horizon for futureterward, some neighbors learned that ing as this-- a virtual ballet performed as phone lines and cable service for Cox, undergrounding work in Rolando?“undergrounding” was the best time by a nimble crew and giant machines AT&T and Verizon. The cost for this Because the city is currently revising itsto upgrade light poles. The question and trucks of all sorts, covering the two phase alone is over $1 million. undergrounding master plan, only near-arose, “Maybe the historic acorn lamps blocks, all in constant motion. Excava- And there is much more to the project. term work is known.existing in the original Rolando devel- tions to hold massive containers for The trenching to each home is anotheropment could be extended.” Further transformers and such. Trenches dug to contract, and only then can the cabling Neighborhoods surrounding the cur-exploration revealed that the price of link everything together. Huge truck- be completed and the underground rent two-block Seminole Drive projectdoing this was out of reach for many. loads of pipes/conduits transported in, systems connected and energized. Next, should see the start of trenching inThe cost to upgrade was estimated to be placed, connected. And the areas then new streetlights will be installed and spring 2018, followed that September bya one-time tax assessment of over $550 covered and re-paved. energized. Finally, the old poles will be the continuation of trenching on Semi-per single-family property, along with removed and curbs and streets restored. nole Drive north from Clay Park to Elan ongoing maintenance assessment. What must this cost? How is it paid The timeline for the entire project – Cajon Boulevard.The process to achieve this is very com- for? San Diego Gas and Electric and theplicated, requiring a vote of support by This discussion would not be completehomeowners. The idea was dropped. Lay those conduits. How many in each trench? without acknowledging the company and workers on this job. The company doing Four months later, in March 2016, the trenching work is VetSource. “Pow-owners of lots adjacent to Seminole ered by Veterans” is on their logo. I can’tDrive (including my family) were say enough about their work and theirasked to sign “permits to enter” so that skills. Every day’s effort is a massivetrenches for the underground cabling production of machines and men mov-could be dug on their properties. Then, ing together quickly and efficiently. As Ifor the next 18 months, it seemed like write, it’s been three weeks, and the worknothing was happening. is ongoing. Workers were constantly “on task.” All the materials and equipment Surprise! In September 2017, myste- were “at hand”. Accessibility to the street for residents was maximized. The work sites were orderly and secured every day. The workers are professionals in every way.

13NOVEMBER 2017 | FREE FAMILY ARTS SERIES I TAKE IN SOME JAZZ AND CRE- f you and kids you know have ATE YOUR OWN ARTWORK been feeling art-deprived, mope no more. The 2017-18 Family Arts BY AIMEE LEE CHEEK, and Literacy Connection Series ROLANDO NEWS STAFF NOVEMBER COLLEGE-ROLANDO LIBRARY OFFERINGS is launching a new season at the Salva- painting, “Untitled,” set a new U.S. auc- tion Army Kroc Center (6605 University tion price of $110, 500,000. San Diego Library entrance on Montezuma Road is closed Avenue), hosted by theater artist Jerry community artist Cindy Zimmerman until further notice. Hager. It looks like a doozy! will demonstrate paper collage using im-Directions to back entrance: From Montezuma, continue past On Thursday, Nov. 16, 6:30-8:00 p.m., ages of Basquiat’s work.Ralphs. Turn left on 67th and left on the next street, Mohawk. extend your creativity with music andContinue for limited parking behind the library. your own artwork. The evening opens On the same program, Stacie Greene with jazz performed by the renowned will present a fish sculpture than can be LIBRARY WILL BE CLOSED Rob Thorsen Jazz Quartet. Thorsen, used as a mobile, inspired by the work of November 10 and 11, Veterans Day Observance who began his career at the age of 18 Alexander Calder (1898-1976). Known in San Francisco as a street player and as originator of the mobile, Calder also November 23, Thanksgiving learned from the city’s jazz greats, is produced monumental stationary sculp- well-known as double-bassist, composer tures called stabiles. The “Calder Circus,”Special Events For Students: Aero-Gami Engineering. Tues- and recording artist. He is also an edu- one of his best-known works, is indica-day, November 14, 6 p.m. Learn from a local pilot about LIFT, cator, generously sharing musical lore in tive of the sense of fun that characterizesTHRUST, CENTER OF GRAVITY & FORCE. Build 3 different libraries, schools and other venues. many of his creations.paper airplanes (Distance, Trick, and Glider).For Preschoolers: Mrs. Claus’ Holiday Sing Along Show. Friday, Attendees will be invited to try their The Family Arts and Literacy Connec-December 8, 10:30 a.m. Enjoy an interactive holiday sing-along hands at paper collage and wire sculp- tion Series will be held in the Rolandowith ukulele hostess, Mrs. Claus, surprise puppets and a visit ture, artwork inspired by two extraordi- Room of the Kroc Center. Parking isfrom Frosty the Snowman! nary American artists. Haitian Ameri- free. Programs in January, February, can Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) April and May will be announced later. began by street painting in the 1970s on For further information, call Arts for the lower east side of Manhattan and Learning, San Diego, 619-282-7599. became famous for his neo-expressionist paintings. Today his work is so highly regarded that in May 2017 his 1982 Regular Calendar EventsSigning Storytime: Mondays 12 p.m.Storytime: Fridays at 10:30 a.m.Yoga Storytime: Fridays at 11:00 a.m.Lego Play Lab: Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m.Arts and Crafts: Saturdays at NoonDo Your Homework @ the Library: Mondays throughThursdaysMiddle School Monday: Mondays at 4 p.m.Movie @ Your Library: Fridays at 3:30 p.m.Adult Yoga: 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.Book Club: Second Saturday at 9:30 a. m.: Nov. 11, LightBetween Oceans by M. L. StedmanHours: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,9:30 a.m.– 6 p.m.Tuesday, Wednesday, 11:30 a.m.– 8: p.m.Sunday, closed Phone: 619-533-3902Visit for more informationon programs and volunteer opportunities. Support your localbranch library by joining the Friends of College-Rolando library.Find out more at our next meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 4:30 the community room.

14 | NOVEMBER 2017 Check out digital editions of Rolando News at: BY BOB SCOTT, COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT TEAM The Community Improvement Team (CIT) seems to be more trash along our curbs, particu- WANT CASH?has projects ahead. Please come out and give larly on the busier through streets and in some WANT BARGAINS?us a hand. After a summer reprieve and with of the quieter areas. Food wrappers, bottles andthe onset cooler weather, we’ll be rolling up our cans. It really degrades our neighborhood. If EVERY SAT. & SUN.sleeves to complete some neighborhood proj- picked up during a rainstorm it can clog stormects in the coming months. Watch our website, drains, cause flooding and end up in our stream Rediscover theFacebook and Next Door for details. beds and San Diego Bay endangering wildlife. Trash encourages more trash. While the streets Swap Mee Catwalk cleanups are in the offing. Some of are periodically swept using street sweepers bythe catwalks could use some TLC. We typi- the City, the junk along the curbs often gets left $5 OFF 1 SELLERcally clean the catwalks in the spring. This past behind.  It would be nice to identify the sources SPACEspring, cleanup was a breeze—many of the ad- of this problem, and put an end to this disre-jacent residents had gotten to it before we did. spect--but this doesn’t really matter. We can all 2 FOR 1 SHOPPERThank you! I recently walked the four eastern combat the problem.  Let’s not wait for the street ADMISSIONwalkways. Two of them look absolutely great, sweeper to pick up the trash. If you notice trashbut the two others could use a little help. on our sidewalks, streets and walkways, please Valid for regular admission after 6:30am. pick it up and place it in a trash or recycling can. Rolando triangle improvements are under- COUPONS EXPIRE NOVEMBER 30, 2017way. How do you like how the Rolando sign Picking up after Fido is important. Mosthas been refreshed? We also planted red ge- residents are great at picking up after your dogs. 10990 N. Woodside Ave.raniums around its base to give the area some After all, picking up after Fido is your responsi- at the Santee Drive-Incolor. The geraniums have taken off and are do- bility, and it is the law. Not picking up could re-ing very well. The CIT will be looking to plant sult in a hefty $1,000 fine under the City of San (619) 449-SWAP (7927)more color, this time around the two palm Diego’s Municipal Code §43.0301, Storm Watertrees.  We’ll probably plant white geraniums Management and Discharge Control Ordinance. santeeswapmeet.netaround one tree, and a drought tolerant peren- Leaving Fido’s calling card behind can degradenial, taller so it can be seen, around the other. water quality, be a health hazard and is a down-We were concerned that flowers on the triangle right nuisance, especially when you step in itwould be a long-term maintenance issue, but it and track it into the house! So please, don’t leavehasn’t so far. However, if you pass by this way the mess for your neighbors.and you see a weed or two, please pull them. See you around the neighborhood!Similarly, the geraniums will bloom more if thespent blossoms are removed. Doesn’t this catwalk look great? Clay Park perimeter is due for a cleanup.Many of our residents have been disappointedabout the trash problem on the streets aroundClay Park. I’ve discussed this issue with Coun-cilmember Gomez’s office and staff. The CITwould like to host a cleanup of these areas,including the area behind the school. This areais a hangout for transients. CIT did a cleanupof this area in 2016, but I understand it couldbenefit from us doing it again. The removalof excess brush deters vagrant habitation anddiscourages illicit activities. The plan is to com-plete these cleanups as a joint project with ClayElementary and BLVD63. Catwalks need signage. Have you forgottenthe names for our walkways that were selectedduring our naming campaign last year? I mustadmit, I almost have forgotten some of them.We are working on a signage project and hopeto get that off the ground next year. Trash is collecting along our streets. WhenI walk Rolando each morning with Wally, ourCairn Terrier, I have noticed a problem. There

15NOVEMBER 2017 | A DOG’S LIFE! IT’S NEVER EASY!T BY MEGHAN RIVA, OWNER OF BARKIN’DALES hanksgiving is upon us again • She loves gearing up to bark at the BY JAN HINTZMAN, ROLANDO NEWS STAFF (where did the year go) and same houses every day because she J ust ask Doug Lister, Rolando Com- persisted. Finally, success. it’s time to say thanks for knows she’ll get barked back at and boy munity Council (RCC) president. The petition was submitted and in Mayeverything we are, well, thankful for. is that fun. How hard can it be to address aI started thinking what is Mackenzie • She is grateful so many in the neigh- long-standing neighborhood con- 2017 the “No Parking for Street Sweep-thankful for? So, I asked her and this borhood have real grass she can eat like cern – excessive trash that collects along ing” signs went up, indicating that on theis what she told me. a goat on our walks. the curbs next to Clay Park. Harder second Monday of each month between• BACON!!! I mean who isn’t thankful • She is so thankful for all her friends than you may think. 8 and 10 a.m. “no parking” would be infor bacon? that come by Barkin’dales to visit, some effect and the street swept.• She is thankful her humans rescued for baths, some for haircuts and some First off, someone needs to do moreher and gave her a home filled with for just a good play while they are on than fret about it. In this case, it was Task completed? Well, not, toys and cats she can chase. their walks. neighbor Dennis Rosche. He called Successful implementation has been• She’s thankful for all the treats she • She is thankful to live in San Diego the District 9 Council Office (Marti elusive. “The city really hasn’t been ablegets to taste-test at the shop and loves and get to go to the beach all year Emerald, at the time). It turns out that to keep up its part of the bargain,” Dougit when another dog does not eat his. round. the city does have a way to clear always- says, spinning an almost-comic tale of• She is thankful to have her job at • Most of all, she is thankful for her red present parked cars to make way for how the plan has been foiled, monthBarkin’dales as manager, most places frisbee. street sweeping. after month. Sometimes the sweeperno longer hire dogs so she knows just machine is out of service; sometimes thehow lucky she is. O.K. How do you get that to happen? operator is out ill; sometimes parking en-• She is very thankful to live in Ro- If RCC managed to persuade 70% of forcement is the problem. Doug has hadlando and be a member of an amazing the adjacent property owners to sign a front seat to all these challenges. Hecommunity, a community that feels a petition requesting it, the city would also has been urging BLVD63 to pub-like a small town where your neigh- install signs notifying cars of a two-hour licize the program so that the studentsbors are family and it seems everyone “No Parking” restriction, thus clearing are not hit with impounded cars and bighas a dog. the way for the sweeper. Along with the fines. He brings his paperwork to the• She loves going for her walks and sweeper comes an enforcement officer park to monitor the scene on the secondknowing so many of the people and who can ticket and direct the removal of Monday of each month.dogs we encounter. any offending vehicles prior to sweeping. Ever optimistic, Doug believes the The process is considered a basic city implementation hiccups will be resolved Got it! service. with time and a cleaner street will result. In fact, he’s ready to try to extend the RCC DONATES TO DISASTER RELIEF: Sounds like a good plan. Let’s do it! program around the park to embrace Marti Emerald’s office began the pa- Solita. Way to go, Doug! AIDING ANIMAL RESCUE perwork in August 2016. BureaucracyT BY JACKIE FLOHR, RCC DIRECTOR moves slowly, however, and, then, there There’s a lot going on behind this simple sign. he Rolando Com- already marked for the San Diego Hu- was a new Councilperson whose office munity Council adoption and waiting mane Society (SDHS). had no experience with the program. We has many aspects, in shelters, from the As first responders for faced a council learning-curve, requiring one of which is to hurricane area to San animals in distress, the more effort from Doug.make charitable donations Diego. The operation Humane Law Enforce- It’s up to the petitioner (RCC) toto organizations that do made room for the ment Officers, Animal obtain the desired number of signatures.good work in Rolando hundreds of animals Rescue Reserve volun- Doug stepped up again. Using his PRVillage. Normally, we arriving daily that had teers and trained staff and research skills as a realtor, he ap-look for charities that been displaced by the provided much need- proached the two big property owners,work in the neighbor- Texas flooding and ed relief to Houston BLVD63 and City Park and Rec. Nohood, but in response to whose owners had yet SPCA staff, who had problem. Turns out that was the easythe two hurricanes that to claim them. been working round part. Some of the other property own- ers were more challenging. But Doughit Texas and Florida this Wings of Rescue is a the clock since Hur-year, the board chose to donation-based charity, ricane Harvey madedo something outside the flying large numbers landfall. Recoverybox. We’re aware that Ro- of at-risk healthy pets will go on for possibly SERVING THElando Village is a very pet long distances from months. When trag- NEIGHBORHOODfriendly community. We high intake shelters to a edy strikes, the SDHShad to figure out a way to network of no-kill shel- is there for each other FOR 9 YEARSfind an organization that ters throughout the US and for those 2,000does work that affects our and Canada. Founded miles away. WE’VE GOT IT RAWneighborhood and has a in 2012, Wings of Res- RCC has received apositive effect on the hur- cue has a squadron of very gracious thank BARKINDALE’S IS EXCITEDricane victims. We believe volunteer pilots flying you from the San Di- TO ANNOUNCE OUR NEWthat we made a worthy the rescue missions in ego Humane Society. LINE OF RAW PRODUCTS.choice. their own airplanes, If you know of aThe RCC donated $500 as well as a fleet of charitable organiza- MACKENZIE PRIMAL RAW BONESeach to San Diego Hu- chartered cargo planes. tion the does work in Manager * BEEF MARROWmane Society and Wings Their goal for 2017 is to our neighborhood, * LAMB FEMURof Rescue. The organiza- fly 10,000 pets to safety. please don’t hesitate to 4834 Rolando Boulevard • San Diego, CA 92115tions cooperated on flying One of the shelters to contact us. *BUFFALO CENTER CUTSout 49 dogs and cats, receive the animals was GOAT’S MILK * 16 OUNCE * 32 OUNCE

16 | NOVEMBER 2017 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: The Power of Sportsmanship, Sponsorship, and MentorshipI By Alison Lily Aragon, Grants & Communications Specialist at Pro Kids | The First Tee of San Diego.t isn’t an anomaly to be a girl a PGA Junior League team. PGAplaying golf these days. Recent Junior League teams transform theheadlines indicate there is still individual sport of golf into some-awe at a girl’s ability to play to thing much more team-focused, aswin alongside boys on the course, it will be when members go on tobut a field packed with girls ready to compete in high school, college or atcompete is nothing new here at Pro professional levels.Kids | The First Tee of San Diego. In2017, our membership was 58 per- This is not a student’s only pathcent female, with a special afternoon to professional success; Pro Kidscarved out specifically for girl’s golf intertwined in the City Heights andlessons and a strong Girl’s Mentor- Oceanside community ecosystems,ing Committee at both City Heights provides introductions to local busi-and Oceanside locations. These are ness leaders, from Gabriel Carinijust a few of the activities and events owner of Carini Heating and Air, tofocused on academic growth, as well Callaway Golf, who joined togetheras providing experiences for young with TaylorMade in 2012 to createwomen that are enriching, fun, andthey range from tea time, practicing GabyPilates, hiking, to providing scholar- Continuedships for our older girls as they headon to college (This past year, 29 ofour 48 scholars were Women, andsome of our most dedicated femalescholars play golf for CSU San Mar-cos, Stanford, and Northwestern). Pro Kids uses golf as a gateway to Girls mentoring with Girls, Inc. in Oceanside Gabriel Carini, President, Carini Heating and Airlearning many valuable life skillsthat kids carry into successful adult-hood, to actively shape their ownfuture on and off the course. Kidsexperience golf in a different kind ofatmosphere here, with group classesthat have incentivized levels forgrowth, friendly monthly scrambles,and the opportunity for our middle-school aged youth to compete onPro Kids members at end of the month Halloween tournament

17NOVEMBER 2017 |the beautiful Pro Kids Academy. have access to out on the course. 2016). Having corporate volunteers at Pro Kids, taking place DecemberThe Academy is a special learn- But friendships are only one reason like Microsoft out on the course has 3rd, the Carini Team has committeding and golf facility where over 70 sports like golf empower girls for life lasting impact beyond a few hours; countless hours to the organizationkids attend more than three times and leadership—“golf is the perfect the act of showing up informs our and strategy of the tournament, asa week during the school year to platform for girls to build character, kids that their community is valu- well as their own contacts and re-keep their reading, math, and overall leadership skills and core values like able to San Diego at large, and offers sources who have really stepped-upacademics strong - while learning perseverance, confidence and judg- them a space to start talking to adults this year to support our golf techniques through the ment.” (The First Tee, 2017). These about career opportunities they mayunique SMASH lab programming skills are paramount to setting goals have never known about otherwise. We all face ups and downs un-that teaches golf and STEM concepts for the future, and staying focused knowingly throughout life, butat the same time. These leaders in during the overwhelming middle In this fast-paced virtual world, having people to call on for guidanceservice and entrepreneurial spirit act and high school years. Research by showing up in person is more than and support is not promised for more than just sponsors of Pro Michigan State University’s Insti- half the battle. We value partners Whether they know it or not; spon-Kids programs—they are also men- tute for the Study of Youth Sports, who stand beside our kids, learn- sors, donors, staff, and volunteers aretors for kids so they may understand estimates, “approximately 70% of ing with them on and off the course. all vital support systems in our proall the opportunities available out in children in the U.S. are dropping out Carini Heating and Air was recently kids’ lives. We do the best we can tothe world. of organized sports before the age recognized as the 2017 Community teach our members how to navigate of 13, which is particularly alarm- Partner of the Year by Pro Kids for on the course of life, where bunkers Sponsors play a particularly ing for women because studies have their dedication on service in the and water hazards are more unex-unique role at the Carini Women’s shown that girls who play sports are community and focus on giving back pected than they are on the links.Golf Tournament. The inviting more likely to graduate from college, to youth, particularly the girls here at Claire Shipman, television journalistatmosphere encourages an afternoon find a job, and be employed in male- Pro Kids. As the title sponsor for the and co-author of The Confidenceof sisterhood women don’t always dominated industries” (Fortune, Carini Women’s Golf Tournament Code summaries the lasting lessons of golf best; “something happens when girls play sports — they em- body the experience of not just of winning, but the critical experience of losing. It’s that process of carrying on and clearing hurdles that really builds confidence. It’s an incredibly useful proving ground for business and leadership.”Jennifer, Sade, Pro Kids member Kalena, Level 4 If you are considering a way for your business to give back at the end of 2017, or want to ac- tivate your individual or family giving through service, men- torship, or sponsorship, please consider joining Pro Kids | The First Tee of San Diego for our Carini Women’s Golf Tourna- ment Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. We have completely sold out of foursomes for the event, but we do have $25 brunch-only tickets available if you would like to join in on the fun. We have sponsorships avail- able for our brunch and happy hour portions of the day, please email Alison at aaragon@ or call 619- 582-7884 if you are interested in getting involved. Your atten- dance, time, and commitment to our girls provides them with the opportunity to mentors and experiences that will shape their future. Funds raised from the Women’s Tournament go di- rectly to the Pro Kids Academy, young women and girl’s involve- ment in the Pro Kids Golf & Life Skills Program, and Girl’s Mentoring Committee.

18 | NOVEMBER 2017KIDS’ KORNER: THANKSGIVING TURKEY CONTESTSend us your best Turkey and beentered to win $25 from Ike'sPlace! We have some great win-ners from last month's PumpkinCarving Contest, this month it'syour chance to WIN!!!It can be a drawing. It can bepainted. It can be craftedtogether. Have FUN and it is upto you!Submit entries [email protected]

Coffee Break 19NOVEMBER 2017 | Crossword and monthly horoscope brought to you by your friends at: DOWN 1.Descend Mt. Snow (619) 280-9500 • 2.Cackler 3.Small insect Your monthly 4.Stag’s mate 5.Bard Horoscope 6.Sunrise direction 7.Newspaper pieceAries 8.Take steps 9.HealthyGet energized and enthusiastic at the October 5 full moon. 10.TrademarkAttract a new friend or lover who is willing to make a minor 11.ArgumentVDFULƮFHRUJRRXWRIKLVRUKHUZD\IRU\RXUEHQHƮWDQG 16.Managedpleasure. 19.Billiard stick 21.Not quite closedTaurus 22.Paddy crop 23.Least<RXPD\IHHOOLNHWKHUHVDEVROXWHO\QRZKHUHWRWXUQ5HDOLW\ 24.Dated dittyLVDVFDU\WKLQJWRIDFH7KHODVWWKLQJ\RXZDQWWRGRLVEH 26.Louisiana swampVHULRXV%XW\RXUHƮQGLQJLWGLƱFXOWWRJHWVDWLVIDFWLRQIURP 28.Ballpoint, e.g.\RXUIDQWDV\ZRUOG<RXIHHODVWURQJVHQVHRIGXW\WRRWKHU 29.____ out (barely makes)people and places. 30.Fender flaw 32.SubtractsGemini 35.Between Feb. and Apr. 38.Sports facilityYou have a strong sense of self. You take charge of 39.Lady’s shoeVLWXDWLRQVLQVWHDGRIOHWWLQJWKHPWDNHFKDUJHRI\RX7KLVLV 40.AdriftRQHRIWKRVHGD\VZKHQ\RXPD\IHHODIHZJURZLQJSDLQV 42.Go away!as shifting personalities clash with comfortable behavior 43.Care forpatterns. 45.“____ Done Him Wrong” 47.Pension-plan abbr.Cancer 48.Assortment 49.Explosive letters<RXPD\IHHOOLNHDPHGLDWRUEHWZHHQWZRFDPSVRU\RX 50.____ saucePD\EHWKHRQHLQDVWUXJJOHWKDWQHHGVPHGLDWLRQ)DFWVFRXOGJHWWZLVWHGLQDOOGLUHFWLRQVGHSHQGLQJRQZKRV ACROSSdelivering them. 1. Herringlike fish 52. 2,000 pounds HappyLeo 5. Garden vegetable 53. Western resort Solving! 8. Cobblers’ tools 54. Meat spread%HFDUHIXODERXWWDNLQJHYHU\WKLQJDVDSHUVRQDORƬHQVH 12. Game of chance ANSWERS$VORQJDV\RXUHDEOHWRPDLQWDLQDKHDOWK\SHUVSHFWLYHRQ 13. Rowboat paddle 55. Clump of turfWKHVLWXDWLRQ\RXFDQPRYHIRUZDUGZLWKHDVH 56. Lawyer’s abbr. 14. Dice or minceVirgo 15. Bank payment 17. Cato’s clothing'LƱFXOWWHQVLRQPD\EHIUXVWUDWLQJIRU\RXWRKDQGOHYou 18. Space under a roofPD\ZRQGHUZK\HYHU\RQHFDQWMXVWJHWDORQJ<RXPD\ 20. FortuneƮQGWKDWWKHEHVW\RXFDQGRLVWDNHDVWHSDZD\IURPWKH 21. Fire crimeƮUH 25. Sugar unit 27. Jack’s companionLibra 28. Delighted 31. Citric ____7HQVLRQPD\DULVHDPRQJIULHQGVZKHQVRPHRQHVXGGHQO\ 32. Letter after ceefeels like an ignored third wheel. People tend to pair up. Do 33. Oxen teamZKDW\RXFDQWRVWD\RQWRSLFVWRZKLFKHYHU\RQHFDQ 34. Exercise programFRQWULEXWHHTXDOO\ 36. Bird of ill ____ 37. Hat’s placeScorpio 38. Visitor 39. Light tap<RXUOLYHO\LPDJLQDWLYHVSLULWLVLQWXQHZLWKWKHFROOHFtive. 41. Corroded6RPHRQHFRXOGWU\WREXUVW\RXUEXEEOHVREHFDUHIXO 44. Purposes'RQWORVHVLJKWRI\RXUJRDOV 46. Lab workers 51. NettingSagittarius-XVWZKHQ\RXVORZGRZQVLPSOLI\DQGSODQWKLQJVstart toSLFNXSDJDLQ<RXULPDJLQDWLRQVWDUWVWRư\7KHODVWWKLQJ\RXUDUWLVWLFPLQGZDQWVWRGRLVVORZGRZQCapricorn<RXUVHQVHRISOD\PLJKWJHW\RXLQWRWURXEOH,WPD\EHGLƱFXOWIRU\RXWRNQRZKRZIDUWRSXVKDVLWXDWLRQ0DNHVXUH\RXDOVRVHHWKHQHHGWRVHWWOHGRZQDQGJHWVHULRXVAquariusYRXUHRIWHQDELJIDQRIGRLQJWKLQJVWKHROGIDVKLRQHGZD\(YHQWKRXJKSHRSOHPD\ODXJKDW\RX\RXWHQGWRLQVLVWWKDWWKHROGZD\LVWKHEHVWZD\Pisces%HFDUHIXODERXWJRLQJRYHUERDUGZLWK\RXUVDUFDVPSomeSHRSOHWDNH\RXUFRPPHQWVVHULRXVO\1RWHYHU\RQHXQGHUVWDQGV\RXUKXPRU7KLVFRXOGPDNHFRPPXQLFDWLRQunclear at times.

20 | NOVEMBER 2017San Diego’s Largest Annual Older Adult Tech Fair On Nov 11The “Get Connected” Tech Fair will host hundreds of adults 50+ at Oasis’ new Lifelong Learning andWellness Centers at Grossmont Center Mall On November 11th, 2017 San 619-881-6262 818 Birmingham Drive, CardiffDiego OASIS will host the largestannual Technology Fair for older WHEN: 9:40 AMadults 50 and over in San Diego. November 11, 2017 Carmel Valley Park and Ride | 12791 10:00AM – 3:00PM Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego Between 2010 and 2030, the elder- FREE EVENT with lunch includedly population will double in the 10:00 AMUnited States, with an even higher WHERE: Arrive San Diego Oasis | 5500percentage here in San Diego. This San Diego Oasis at Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesayear’s Tech Fair will address the Grossmont Centerneeds of a growing older adult com- 5500 Grossmont Center Drive 3:15 PMmunity in a rapidly changing digital La Mesa, CA 91942 Depart San Diego Oasis for Returnworld. 619-881-6262 Trip Across from Barnes & Noble FROM NORTH COUNTY The Oasis Tech Fair will offer INLANDhands-on learning about everything San Diego Oasis is piloting atechnology at their new Lifelong new idea: Transportation! 9:00 AMLearning and Wellness Centers at San Diego Oasis | Escondido SeniorGrossmont Center Mall. San Diego’s We would like to offer our North Center | 210 Park Avenue, Escondi-booming 50+ population will have County members the opportunity dothe opportunity to take part in free to join us for the Technology FairTech Talk sessions, 40-minutes each. on November 11, by providing free 9:30 AMSome interesting topics include: round-trip transportation from sev- Rancho Bernardo Park and Ride | eral locations throughout North 12862 Rancho Penasquitos Blvd,Cyber Fraud Briefing pre- County. San Diegosented by assistant DistrictAttorney: RSVP is required by Monday, About San Diego OASISHow to Outsmart Personal Infor- November 6 San Diego OASIS, a 501c3 award-mation Thieves winning nonprofit organization, To ensure a seat on the bus, you serves San Diego County residentsWhat is Fake News and How will need to RSVP for the pick-up ages 50 and over promoting suc-to Detect it: location closest to you. Call David cessful aging through LifelongOnline News: How to be your own Beevers at (760) 796-6020 or email Learning, Healthy Living, and Com-investigative reporter, presented by [email protected]. Space is munity Service. We offer over 1700Tom Karlo, KPBS General Manager limited, be sure to RSVP soon! classes in art, finance, history, exer- cise and wellness, disease manage-Artificial Intelligence and Transportation Logistics ment, language, computer training,Voice Activated Technologies Pick-up times will vary based on travel activities annually, and inter- generational volunteer opportuni- In addition, Oasis will have the location, but will begin around 9:00 ties pairing our members with Sanvery popular Ask the Expert area for AM, with the return trip dropping Diego County elementary schoolany questions about technology and you back to your original destina- children to encourage improved lit-will be featuring two electric vehicles tion by approximately 4:00 PM. eracy, and increased self-esteem. Gooutside the event, presented by to for more infor-SDG&E. FROM NORTH COUNTY mation. COASTAL This year it the will be located in 9:00 AMthe newly opened San Diego Oasis Oceanside Transit Center | 235 S.location at Grossmont Center Mall. Tremont Street, OceansideEvent is free, but registration isrequired. Go to www.sandiegooa- 9:20 class #80 to register or call Birmingham Park and Ride | 794-

21NOVEMBER 2017 | Gorgeous birds from The Nat’s Birds and Mammals collection. (Photo by Pablo Mason)Cool Stuff to the museum. The entry is dominated by a amassed a collection of more than 8 million the root of scientific discovery Museum col-From Storage giant sperm whale jaw that demonstrates the specimens. Although the institution focuses its lections help inform present and future scien- sheer size of this remarkable mammal.Visitors research efforts primarily on Southern Cali- tists, students, and museum visitors about evo- will also see an impressive display of specimens fornia and Baja California, through its history, lution, implications of climate change, and howNatural History Museum’s from all over the world: brilliant gems and it has acquired specimens from all over the to protect the unique biodiversity and natural minerals, an emperor penguin, massive bats, a world. resources in the region. In addition to their 20- foot long anaconda skin, pinned bugs and The specimens in the museum’s holdings, tremendous scientific value, specimens are alsostorage spaces take center insects, a wall of skulls, and a variety of vintage which are meticulously preserved and cata- displayed in exhibitions, such as Unshelved,stage in new exhibition taxidermied birds. The specimens chosen for logued, are curated by several departments that and are used by the Education Department to this exhibition demonstrate the museum’s long comprise the Biodiversity Research Center of more clearly and definitively illustrate lessons history of collecting and the magnificent diver- the Californias (BRCC). Research departments being taught at the Museum Unshelved is“Unshelved: Cool Stuff from Storage”opens sity of life on Planet Earth. and collections include Birds and Mammals, located on Level 2 of the museum and isNov. 18 at the San Diego Natural History “Most visitors don’t get to see our treasure Botany, Entomology, Herpetology, Marine included with general admission.Museum and features gorgeous natural history trove — rows upon rows of shelves, drawers, Invertebrates, Mineralogy, Paleontology, and To help celebrate the grand opening ofspecimens never before on display. and crates holding millions of plant and animal the Research Library. Unshelved, The Nat has planned the followingThe building looks bigger from the outside specimens collected over the past 143 years,” “The Nat has been building a collection of public programs:than inside because it holds 8 million speci- said Judy Gradwohl, president and CEO of the natural history specimens for more than 140mens in storage areas underground and behind San Diego Natural History Museum. “A look years,” said Dr. Michael Wall, vice president of • Unshelved Family Daygallery walls. The museum is giving visitors a behind the scenes in our storage areas is like a science and conservation at the Natural History Saturday, Nov. 18, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.rare peek behind the scenes when they open cross-section of the diversity of nature itself. It Museum.“It’s high time we create an exhibition (included with paid admission)the exhibit, which is included with paid admis- is beautiful, strange, and fascinating, and we’re that is solely dedicated to telling that story. Unshelved brings the back of house to the • NATtalk: What’s In Our Drawerssion and will remain on view for two years. giving visitors a glimpse into that world.”As visitors enter Unshelved, they will feel as The Nat was established by a small group of front. Its quirkiness is sure to dazzle our visitors Tuesday, Nov. 21, 7 p.m.though they have been given an all-access pass citizen scientists in 1874, and since then has and prompt them to ask questions, which is at (extra ticket required).A drawer of beetles from The Nat’s Entomology Department shows the beauty of bio- Owls in the museum’s holdings lined up for inclusion in Unshelved. Curator of Birds and Mammals Phil Unitt holds one ofdiversity. (Photo by Pablo Mason) (Photo by Michael Field, San Diego Natural History Museum) the 50,000 bird specimens in one of The Nat’s many research collection rooms. (Photo by John Talbott, San Diego Natural History Museum)

22 | NOVEMBER 2017 Happy hour NEIGHBORS AT WORKany neighbors have small business operations based in Rolando and they 1/2 offMon-Fri 3-6pm 37wdiinfgferfelnatvors provide a variety of services. The skilled neighbors below offer services you 1/2Wednesday 6-closeM might need. Consider them when you are looking for expert help. RCC prICED members are welcome to submit their information free of charge by emailing PIZZA copy to [email protected]. Adam Loatman aka DJ MADA San Diego Event DJ, weddings, clubs, corporate and busi- Drink specials daily ness parties., [email protected],  858-610-5011.  Aleah Cohen – Teen Babysitter. Energetic, responsible and fun. CPR and First Aid YOUR All sports headquarters certified. Is available to babysit for your children. (619) 246-7993. Aron Oakes – Acorn Garage Doors. Installation, repair and service of garage doors and Dirty Birds • college area • 6499 El Cajon Blvd SD CA 92115 • garage door openers. License #897261. Neighborhood references. (619) 218-1581. Brenda King-Kapella – RN, RYT, CPI, Fitness Nurse: Corporate and Community Yoga Chicago Style Pizza, instruction, Personal Training, B12 shots, get fit! for Pasta, Subs, & schedules (619) 200-1911. Salads Bucky Reed - Computer Help. With over 15 years experience I can help you with your Daily Specials Mac, PC, and phone issues.  [email protected]. Open Late Chantal Davis L.Ac. Chinese Medicine Practitioner specializing in women’s health: Dining Room, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care as well as general disorders for both men, women Carry Out, or and children., [email protected], 619-793- 7030 Delivery Available David Clarke, APLD – David Clarke Design. Custom residential landscape and garden design (specializing in drought-tolerant and native CA plants). Certified Professional 6784 El Cajon Blvd., Suite J Member of Association of Professional Landscape Designers. david@davidclarkedesign. San Diego | 619-668-0779 com. (619) 787-0686. Denise Gibson – Bookkeeper. With more than 14 years of experience working with all types of clients, we are ready to put our skills and experience to work for you. (510) 761- EXPOSE YOUR BUSINESS 6424 [email protected] or TO THOUSANDS OF Jeff Wilson – Wilson Woodscape. We are a full-service landscape construction com- LOCALS! pany specializing in decks, fences and patio covers. “We believe in building your dreams” License #945974. (619) 838-1398, [email protected]. Check us out on Google+. ADVERTISE IN Russ Allen – Ad-Spec Development Services. Marketing, branding and promotional product source for pens, cups, calendars, golf shirts, etc. References available. adsr4u@ (858) 571-7877. Serena Galicia – Usborne Books & More! Credentialed teacher with Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy providing engaging, exciting, educational books for babies though young adult!  [email protected] Facebook: @SerenasBooks (714)623-2370 Tim Heasman – Interior/Exterior Painting. 23 years in Rolando. Lic #718508 Many references (619) 886-9369. [email protected] or Make your business thrive with targeted and effective exposure in your community’s newspaper... Contact True Flores today to talk about the best way to maximize your sales at 619-454-0115 [email protected]

23NOVEMBER 2017 |Buying or Selling Your Home? Stay LOCAL! The Best Service Comes From YourI Set the Price Right! Trusted Neighbor I am your local agent, familiar with the neighborhood and I combine that knowledge with up-to-date data to determine a home’s potential value - and ultimately what a buyer will likely pay. You want a Realtor who is very familiar with your area and not just what can be pulled from the internet.I Find the Right Buyers! My knowledge of Rolando allows me to share the ‘secrets’ of our community: The amazing principal at our Elementary school, the competitive soccer leagues and the ‘go-to’ date-night restaurant. I keep in touch with every potential buyer I meet, so I may have THE buyer for your home right now!Choose the REALTOR® Who KNOWS Rolando Not Just What Can Be Pulled Up Online.I’m right here in our neighborhood - sharing my knowledge of the area, and providing personalized service! Doug Lister :: (619) 261-5895 [email protected] CalBRE #01411191 NMLS #336074No One Represents ROLANDO As Passionately As I Do!4636 Mataro, 92115 4789 Rolando, 921154 Bedrooms 2 Baths 1,686 Sq. Ft 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths 1,071 Sq. FtOffered at $650,000 Sold for $485,000ZEN LIKE GARDEN, UPGRADES GALORE R0LANDO VILLAGE MASTERPIECE4860 Rolando Ct 36, 92115 6242 Malcolm, 921151 Bedrooms 1 Baths 587 Sq. Ft 2 Bedrooms 1 Baths 930 Sq. FtOffered at $174,900* Sold for $465,000LOTS OF NATURAL LIGHT ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE4025 Apore, 91941 6800 Harvala, 921154 Bedrooms 3 Baths 2,016 Sq. Ft 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths 1,531 Sq. FtSold for $584,000 Sold for $495,000*MID-CENTURY MODERN WONDERFUL ROLANDO PARK2589 Escala Circle, 92108 4739 Soria, 921152 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths 1,453 Sq. Ft 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths 1,425 Sq. FtSold for $490,000* Sold for $556,000MISSION VALLEY GATED COMMUNITY EL CERRITO CHARMERInformation provided by SANDICOR, Inc and is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. *Represented buyer

24 | NOVEMBER 2017UPGRADE YOUR HOME BUYING EXPERIENCE!Why Pacific Home Mortgage Funding, Inc. THE PROCESS WAS SEAMLESS, QUICK, AND EFFICIENT. • We’re local “It has now been just about a year since I closed on my current • We’re reputable property using Mark Feder. The process was seamless, • We’re experienced quick, and efficient. I was very impressed with Mark Feder, • We’re educate and empower and how he handles everything with professionalism and in an expeditious fashion. Since then I have referred him to my • We’re care Father who used him to refinance his home, and my sister who used him to close on her condo. Mark Feder provides a level of service that seems to have become a lost art.” - Genna

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