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Eastlake Connections March 21

Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2021-03-18 20:44:17

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SUPER EDIBLE STORE PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SAN DIEGO, CA DELIVERY 20% OFF SV IN STORE ONLY PERMIT NO. 3175 10% OFF ONLINE | CODE:SDRC & MORE ... LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOMER COUPON VALID UNTIL : 04/15/2021 *******ECRWSSEDDM**** MISSION VALLEY | SORRENTO VALLEY 1299 CAMINO DEL RIO S. 10150 SORRENTO VALLEY RD. EastlakeConnectionslic#:c10-0000323-lic/c10-0000634-lic SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 SAN DIEGO, CA 92121 YOUR COMMUNITY CONNECTION! Local Lifestyle Publication | March 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center celebrated their 2,000th COVID-19 patient to go home! From left to right - Christina Kelley, Director of Education, Research and Professional Practice, Danisha Jenkins, Director of Critical Care DRE#01273092 and Judy Lohman, former Manager of Critical Care (Judy retired Feb. 2021). Photo by Leslie Aquinde, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center See Page 16 Camille Bruno specializes in all aspects of real estate sales- buying, selling, or relocating. 619-818-3556 • [email protected]

2 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 SAN DIEGO PUBLIC LIBRARY’S ‘SNAPSHOT’ PROJECT CAPTURES IMAGES OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC San Diegans Encouraged To Submit Photos Taken OveErASTLAKE The Last Year SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Information on how to submit Public Library (SDPL) has launched photos can be found on SDPL’s a program to document the expe- Snapshot web page. The photo- riences of San Diegans during the graphs will be part of the San Diego COVID-19 pandemic. “Snapshot: A Public Library’s Special Collections Photo Journal of Life During the Department’s photograph and dig- Pandemic” will collect and archive ital archive collections and may be photographs taken during this his- displayed on the SDPL website. toric time. About the San Diego Public Library SDPL is asking people to share photographs of how the pandemic With a vision of being the place for has impacted their lives. The pho- opportunity, discovery and inspiration, tographs may show the practical the San Diego Public Library is a hub side of life such as social distancing, for knowledge and lifelong learning. As telecommuting or remote learning, the largest library system in the region, or they may be images that capture it serves a population of more than strength, humor and hope experi- 1.4 million people. Learn about events enced over the last year. at the San Diego Central Library @ Joan Irwin Jacobs Common and 35 Submissions are limited to 10 community branch libraries, find links images per person and the deadline to programs and resources or search for to submit is June 30, 2021. Each materials in the online catalog at www. submission should include a short description of the photo. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 3 I’M LOCAL! with BELA AND MIRA GOWDA CO-FOUNDERS OF OPERATION NOURISH, IN RANCHO SANTA FE Profiles of Local People by Local Umbrella Media Introduce yourself please. So far, we have purchased over 1,000 meals We are both co-founders of Operation Nour- from 4 different restaurants: Breakfast Republic, Kettner Exchange, Thistle, and Open Sesame. ish, which was originally founded under the We are currently expanding to new locations name Feed the Fighters by Ajay Kshatriya. Mira such as Ki’s and hope to continue expanding to handles the restaurant outreach and social new local restaurants. media, and Bela manages the hospital outreach What is something most people don’t know and website. We both work together on meal about you? deliveries to hospitals. Bela has been dancing for 7 years and has Describe your organization. been partnering with a non profit organization We use community-raised funds to purchase called The African Library Project for the past few years. She collects books and donations to meals from local restaurants. We then attach build libraries in schools in Africa and has just handmade cards to each meal and deliver them completed her fourth drive. Mira loves playing to hospitals that have been hard-hit by the pan- tennis and volunteers at All Girl’s STEM Society, demic. an organization that teaches STEM workshops to girls. She also loves baking and experiment- How did you get started? ing in the kitchen (though it doesn’t always Operation Nourish was founded by Ajay Ksha- work out). triya who originally named it Feed the Fighters. Why do you think it’s important for people After hearing about it, we started by working to shop local? EAST-with him to understand how the organization Local restaurants have been very hard hit by worked and helping with some planning. After the pandemic, and thousands have been forced to close. Since March, their business has de- LAKEwe worked with him for a few months, Mr. creased significantly since people can’t eat out as Kshatriya allowed us to take the lead on the often, if at all. It’s important to support them in organization, and we rebranded it as Operation any way we can, so we try to buy meals in bulk Nourish. We’ve continued fundraising, added from small restaurants. the component of handwritten notes of grati- How can the public help you? tude to every meal, added new hospitals to our program, and are reaching out to new restau- Left to right, Lawanda Martin and Bela Gowda Mira and Bela Gowda rants to expand our reach communities, and it is important to us that we There are so many ways to support Operation What drives you to do what you do? What show our healthcare workers how grateful their motivates you? communities are. Nourish -- we are always fundraising, of course. What was it like when you first started? But we are also always looking for people to When we began working with Operation draw/write more thank you cards for doctors Nourish, we found it hard to stay organized and and nurses! We tape each one onto a meal. on top of everything, but as time progressed, we Many of the hospitals have bulletin boards have learned to keep control over our respon- where they display these cards. A short message sibilities. When we made our very first meal or drawing really can make such a huge impact delivery, the rush to stick handwritten notes to on their days. We also hope to expand to new the meals in the trunk of the car was exciting. hospitals and small restaurants, so we are taking Seeing the happy faces on all of the workers any suggestions from the community! If some- who are able to enjoy the meals at each delivery one wants to get involved with Operation Nour- is always a great experience. ish, the best place to go is our website. There, you can read about what we have done, our What are some requests you’ve had? goals, ways to get involved or donate, and how Recently, we have been getting numerous re- to contact us. We can also be reached at our email address, [email protected] quests from people who want to help out with com, 46, Busi- the effort in any way that they can. One woman ness Facebook @operationnourish, https://www. who is a home baker asked to bake and individ- 47,Instagram @ ually wrap homemade cookies to go along with operationnourish the meals for workers. Others have asked to help deliver the meals at our next drop off. What are your goals over the next year? We hope to increase our fundraising to fuel more meal deliveries to hospitals. We’d also like to bring in new volunteers so that we can serve hospitals and purchase meals in new neighbor- hoods. Bela Gowda What are your greatest challenges? It is continuing to raise enough funds to drive When the pandemic hit us suddenly, we were faced with a lot of restrictions on what we could and expand the program, to keep up with the and couldn’t do and struggled to find some way increasing surges of the pandemic in San Diego of helping our community. The news was and County. continues to be filled with rising numbers of How long have you lived in the neighbor- cases. We were most stunned by the healthcare hood? workers who continued to put others’ health and safety over their own. Additionally, we We’ve lived here for 11 years. realized what a hard time this was for small What were the factors that made you choose businesses. Operation Nourish is the result of this neighborhood? combining these two aspects of the pandemic where we felt we could make the biggest impact. We try to choose hospitals that are close to What has surprised you most? our donors. Early in March and April, the orga- nization had some donors from the Los Angeles I think we really underestimated the power area and the San Francisco Bay Area, so Mr. that a handwritten note and fresh, high-quality Kshatriya made meal donations there as well. meal can have on someone’s day. Especially in It’s important to us that our donors really see times like these, it’s easy to lose contact with our that their money is going to good use. What are your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood? LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

4 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 SPOTLIGHT ARTIST DAWN HOUGH SEBAUGH With bright colors and wild tones, Dawn create some beautiful colors and shadows,” she limited to the Sherman Oaks Burn Center Hough Sebaugh is a local artist who paints states. (children’s wing) - Los Angeles California, beautiful masterpieces and designs beautiful UNICEF, Global Giving, Rescue Task Force - and unique “one of a kind” women’s apparel. Bold twists and turns—shadows and light—fill San Diego California, Artists With Brain In- every gorgeous painting produced by Sebaugh. juries - Los Angeles California, The Fund For Her deep creativity and passion for design has A statement piece for any room, these works of Women Artists - Florence Massachusetts, Burn led Sebaugh to turn her paintings into unique art speak for themselves!  Survivors Throughout The World Inc. - Saraso- fashion and home statements so every day peo- Dawn Hough Sebaugh - Bio ta Florida, Mended Little Hearts - Dallas Texas, ple can show their love for the arts—and that’s Sunflower, Doctors without Borders, Galapagos how the company got its name. “It’s called Wear Dawn Hough Sebaugh was born in Moores- Conservancy, Association of the Hole in the Art, Live Art because I want to make sure [con- ville, North Carolina and currently lives in Wall Camps - New Haven Connecticut, Save the sumers] know they can wear my art, and they the San Diego, California area. She received Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue Inc. - can live in it—no matter what they want to do a BA in Marketing from Pfeiffer College in Gardena, California, USO Council of San Di- with their time.” North Carolina and a Degree in Color and ego California, Autism Research Institute - San Design from Parson’s School of Design in New Diego California, American Red Cross Alabama Sebaugh’s paintings are eclectic and her de- York. She also attended fine arts programs at Gulf Coast Chapter - Mobile Alabama, Susan signs are unparalleled; when asked what inspires Denver University in Colorado. Dawn began G Komen 3 Day for the Cure - San Diego Cali- her work, Sebaugh proclaims, “I believe it’s all her career over two decades ago. She also is fornia and the St. Germaine Auxiliary for the inside... I start with a blank canvas and thoughts the founder/artist of Mara Dawn Studios and Child Abuse Foundation of San Diego Califor- of color, and it just happens.” With inspiration has participated in numerous gallery shows nia.  For more information, please visit wearar- stemming from everywhere, Sebaugh’s colorful since the late 80’s. pieces are a bright addition to any home. And just what does Sebaugh use to create her paint- She has also donated a number of her paint- ings? “I love to mix charcoals with acrylic to ings for private charities including but not DESERT DIAMONDS featuring the fire, luster and brilliance of a real diamond without the HIGH cost. Shop the earring bar and find your new best friend! Quality jewelry for everyone’s budget. Custom designs available. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 5 List of Publications:  2018 – 2020 – Numerous Fashion Shows 2016-2019 - Judge - Annual Congressional Art Competition 2015 - Published in FINE Magazine February 2014 - La Jolla Art and Wine Festival - Juried Show - Won First Place 2014 - Photo credits in FINE Magazine No- vember Issue 2014 - Published in and on the COVER of FINE Magazine October Issue 2014 - “Midsummer Night’s Dream” Art Show Juried Artist 2014 - Visual Arts Chair - The heART of Mt. Helix 2014 - “New Beginnings” Solo Art Show - La Jolla 2013 - Chosen for Director’s Highlight RAWards San Diego 2013 - La Jolla Art & Wine Festival Juried Artist 2013 - Published in FINE Magazine Oct Issue 2013 - Senate’s 2013-2014 California Contem- porary Art Collection Exhibit at the State Capitol chosen by Senator Joel Anderson - Sacramento, CA 2013 - San Diego Fair juried exhibit June, July - Del Mar, CA 2013 - Graffiti Beach Art Show – San Diego, CA 2012 - Provocations Art Show - San Diego, CA 2012 - Artist of the Year Finalist RAWards - San Diego, CA 2012 - Solo Art Show - Main Street 5 Gallery -El Cajon, CA 2011 - Solo Art Show - O’Dunn Fine Art - La Mesa, CA 2012 - Herrick Library - 4 month exhibit - La Mesa, CA 2006 – Overture Outreach Inaugural Benefit – New York, NY 2006 - Published in Nikki Style Magazine Feb- ruary, March and April - New York, NY 2004 - Self-published Abstract Art Book 1999-2000 - Past President - San Diego County Federation of Republican Women We want to give a huge thank 2322 Proctor Valley Rd you to Pizzo’s for donating Chula Vista, CA 91914 50 personal pizzas and salads 619-240-3826 to the healthcare workers of Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. Shop local, eat local and support local families. Try their authentic Italian pizza and other delicious dishes! Pictured here is Santino Pizzo, owner, and Tiffanie Burns, Sharp ICU Materials Specialist. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

6 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 Greg Cox (age 3) and his siblings in the summer. MAN OF THE YEAR, A LIFETIME OF SERVICE A Greg Cox story: The early years By Ari Pintado game in Mexico, placing a bet and coming home ing to teach Greg a lesson about not bumping Greg Cox has become a household name for a winner,” shared Jeannie. “ I believe he was in his partner when his end of the teeter totter hit Junior High school when he began bringing the ground,” she said. “This lesson ended abrupt- many who live in San Diego County. Whether home his friends to play poker on the patio. ly when he was catapulted off into the device they have personally met him or know him as Small amounts of change changed hands, and I and ended up with a bloody lip. This brought their Chairman of the San Diego County Board think a teacher cued our father into this scan- about a hasty trip to the emergency room.” of Supervisors. He has left a great impression dalous activity.” on almost everyone he has come in contact “I was the one who learned an important with and his kindness will forever be part of his Some of the fondest memories Jeannie has are lesson about physics and protecting a little legacy. from family trips they used to take. brother” she continued. “He was very forgiving at the time, but he has brought this incident up Although, many people don’t know about “When we were younger, the family summer on occasion, so it hasn’t been forgotten.” his childhood and early adulthood that helped vacation took place at Lake Gregory, which for shape him into the Greg we know today. Here some time Greg assumed was named for him,” Jeannie then recalls a memory of a family trip are some stories from a couple of people who said Jeannie. they took when they were older. shared some of their best childhood memories with the Chairman. “My main memory of that time was my seek- “We visited almost every national park in the west. The most unusual outing was to the Hava- Greg’s older sister Jeannie Lee shares that he supai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon, has always stuck to what he believed in. Grow- which was accessible only by horse,” she said. “ ing up she mentions that he was a picky eater Greg was assigned to a white horse, and I think and whenever their mother would insist he eat the highlight of that trip for him was racing his vegetables he stood his ground. “Silver” back and forth on the trail.” “He remained steadfastly true to his belief “I remember our mother being slightly that some foods were absolutely too disgusting concerned about this activity, but no one was for human consumption,” Jeannie said. “Our in a position to try and contain it,” she contin- mother insisted that these foods were to be ued. “After all, when you are the Lone Ranger, eaten, and I recall Greg sustaining his refusal to you just gotta give the horse a chance to do his comply for unbelievably long periods of time, thing.” occasionally calling futilely on our dog Trixie for assistance.” Jeannie also shares that she believes their constant exposure to different cultures while Jeannie also mentions that her brother was growing up shaped Greg’s compassion. born with Lady Luck on his side. From rolling down a hill in a Jeep as a toddler to finding a “Our mother had strong connections with the rare coin he has found himself in many lucky American Field Service, and hosted a number situations. of foreign students in our home,” said Jeannie. “Greg shared his room with a boy from Brazil, “We always considered Greg to be lucky,” and also had a Swedish student and an Egyptian shares Jeannie. “Once our grandmother gave student living with him. I think this greatly con- him a bag of pennies. I recall him mentioning a tributed to his tolerance for people and under- coin which was worth a good deal of money to standing of and compassion for other cultures.” collectors and behold, there it was. A clear sign of future success.” Some more stories come from a close child- hood friend of Greg’s, Fred Ferguson. He shares She mentioned that he often used his luck to some stories from their high school and college get some extra winnings. days and the shenanigans they would get into. “I think I remember him going to a Jai alai “I first met Greg in September 1964, our LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

sophomore year at Chula Vista High School,” “CVHS held an annual canned food drive VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 7 said Fred. “I need to begin by saying that Greg (Class Competition) every December for a local had two of the finest parents (Gordon and Doris charity,” he said. “We would go door-to-door col- UPDATE ON Cox) that anyone could ask for. They were both lecting canned food and small donations, then MAGGIE teachers and terrific role models.” go to a local supermarket to purchase additional food items.” Maggie was in bad shape when she was rescued. Fred shares that Greg was extremely active Local Umbrella Media featured the import- during high school and would participate in “The competition was the number of cans col- helping out the community. lected, plus the weight of the cans. I recall Greg ant work of dog rescuer Ana DeTommaso in coming up with the idea of purchasing numer- our February issue. We wanted to let you “Greg was a member of the Key Club, Foreign ous cans of hominy because of its weight. The know the happy ending for Maggie who was Exchange Club and Spartan Speakers just to Class of 1966 won the contest each of our three found in a very bad state on the streets of Te- name a few; plus he served on various student years,” shared Fred. cate, Mexico. We all love happy endings and and club councils and was an ASB Commis- this pooch has the best one yet! The follow- sioner,” said Fred. “He was also a member of the Fred then went on to share some fun memo- ing is from Ana. California Scholarship Federation, so he was a ries of their close friend group. pretty smart guy.” “Our precious Maggie got adopted! Mag- “We enjoyed putting on a coat and tie and go- gie was found by a kind lady, literally dying ing to the El Cortez Hotel on a Friday night just on the streets in Tecate, Mexico. She reached to people-watch,” shared Fred. “We even drove out and asked for help for Maggie. The dog over to Las Vegas our Senior year and played the needed a blood transfusion, many blood penny slots until we were asked to leave a casino tests and had an extremely dry eye problem. because we were not yet 21.” Maggie survived and after months of treat- ments for tick disease and severe anemia, she “Greg and I once bought an old 1947 trailer finally got healthy enough to get spayed and and fixed it up hoping to travel to the Grand get the teeth cleaning treatment she needed. Canyon; but couldn’t find anyone who would Maggie is still fighting her extremely dry eye weld a tow bar on the back of our car for us, so problems, but her new mom doesn’t care. that ended that adventure,” shared Fred. “We Her adoptive mom said, ‘I have very dry eyes made the trip instead in my Volkswagen with too and I can deal with it.’ I want to thank 2 sets of golf clubs and camping gear and were Zoraida Padilla for finding Maggie and giving hit by a huge rainstorm while there. We had to her an amazing foster home. Maggie will nev- sleep in the car all night with all of our stuff.” er be abandoned nor neglected again.” Fred even mentions the great responsibility Ana is always looking for foster families, Greg held during their time in Theta Chi Frater- adoptive families and donations to keep their nity at San Diego State University. work going. If you would like to help, please contact her on Facebook or you can email her “Greg held the unenviable job of Treasurer at: [email protected] and did a great job of making sure that all of the “brothers” kept up on their house payments/ meal plans,” he said. “One time he even collected four huge bags of pennies, around $500-$600, from one brother who had a strange sense of humor, but Greg happily “rolled” them all and made the bank deposit.” Fred says that he has enjoyed watching Greg’s accomplishments and rewarding political career. Friends and neighbors around San Diego county now get a chance to know a little more about the man who helps serve them and their city. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia Maggie has a happy ending in her new, loving home with Karen W. @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

8 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 NEW JOBS FOR MOMS DURING THE PANDEMIC By Sharon Sardina While most of us moms had kids at home, maybe even husbands working from home, it started to feel a little cramp during lockdown, am it right?! Not only did hus- bands and kids have to change their daily routine, but we found that us moms had to rearrange our routine from what we once knew it, and some of us were not sure where we actually fit in or how this was all going to work out. As working moms, you have a routine. Maybe it looks like this.... Drop kids off at school, head to work, take a lunch if you’re lucky, maybe it’s not at your desk all the time, pick up kids at school, throw in a soccer practice or piano lessons, make dinner, bedtime, sleep, REPEAT! As stay-at-home moms which is where I myself fall into looks like this. Take kids to school, head to a workout class, maybe (ok like EVERY DAY) grab a coffee, pick up the house, do laundry, prep dinner, pick up kids, practice, din- ner, bedtime REPEAT. We kind of look the same, right??? Then March 10, 2020 comes to haunt us and now kids are home, husband is home, in person school is not an op- tion, gyms, bootcamps have shut down, some of us moms are working from home too now, and now it’s a balancing act between my work, his work, kids school work, break- fast, lunches, and dinner. I don’t know about you, but I felt I was lost in translation. It’s like the lockdown took my identity of who I was not just a mother or wife but as an individual. How was I going to find the ME time I needed, how was I going to do my thing with a house full of people? For many moms, we searched for something other than our normal mom and wife routine. Social selling became at an epic high rate because we women needed something of our own. We saw more Monat selling on our Insta- gram feed, we saw more make up tutorials from self-made companies like Sient. We also saw the health industry take off. Some women went into the health coaching business and tried to keep women and moms focused and healthy during the pandemic. No matter what it was, people’s lives were being changed. A friend of mine had a photography business called Lollipops and Slingshots, but how do you continue to do business when everyone is home especially when her busi- ness was word of mouth. She said she had to get out of her comfort zone and take to social media and start sharing new appeasing photography offers while maintaining a safe distance. She also found herself starting a new busi- ness as a health coach just to keep healthy mentally and physically. Another friend of mine turned her hobby of baking delicious sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls un- til a business Bred for Bread Bakery during the pandemic. Who wouldn’t kill for some cinnamon rolls while staying in their comfy clothes? Mom-run business rocketed. I own a tee and sign busi- ness and I had never been busier than in 2020. I offered “quarantine” tees, tees for holidays, funny TP tees, grad- uation boxes and business boomed and continues to do so today. I also started selling Monat because obviously my hair needed a change, but I needed something for me, something where I could connect with people through social media. Many of us got out of our comfort zones and showed our faces more on social media, if we weren’t going to see people in person then what was our other option?? I’d like to say the 2020 lockdown was a confidence booster for many. It helped many moms become creative with ways to offset finances, a way for us to connect to the outside world that was closed physically to us, and a way to find who and what our purpose was behind the 24/7 mom du- ties. Kudos to all us moms who stuck it out and survived homeschooling, working from home, being a snack dealer, and starting a new business venture. We do it all! LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 9 CREATING A MORE COMPASSIONATE WORLD FOR COMMUNITY CATS to reduce the numbers of community cats over doing what’s best for cats in our region. This is By Gary Weitzman time. new for a lot of people, and there are questions, DVM, president and CEO, San Diego Humane Society as there should be for all new programs that Like other programs of its kind, San Diego are innovative and push us to evolve how we In Morgan Cook’s December 20, 2020 report, Humane Society’s community cat program think about our roles in caring for animals in “San Diego Humane Society urged to stop relies on years of scientific research, as well need. releasing adoptable cats back onto streets,” as discussion and debate among those in the the author noted that some animal advocates animal welfare community who have dedicated While successful community cat programs disagree about the best care for community their lives to doing what’s best for animals. This have existed for decades across the country, cats. The issues around community cats are program will only apply to healthy cats who these programs represent a new way of think- complex, and we want to help those who share demonstrate they are doing well living outside. ing for many, and we have resources on our a passion for animals learn more about why It does not apply to cats who are unhealthy, website to help our community understand our programs are evolving and what we hope were relinquished or abandoned by their why we think this is the most effective way to to achieve. owners, or found in a dangerous place. In most work with the outdoor cats who call San Diego cases it will also not apply to kittens under 6 County home. We encourage everyone who “Community cats” are outdoor cats with no months of age. shares our passion for animals to visit sdhu- identifiable signs of ownership, and they are to learn more, and found all over the world. San Diego County is By developing a community cat program in we invite you to join us in creating a brighter home to an estimated 300,000-500,000 com- line with experts across the United States, we future for cats everywhere. munity cats. If that sounds like a lot — it is. are taking the next step in our commitment to Caring for community cats, while working to stabilize and reduce their numbers, is one of the most complex issues facing animal shelters today. And it’s one that leading animal welfare organizations, veterinarians and researchers are finding progressive solutions to address. In ear- ly 2021, San Diego Humane Society will launch a comprehensive community cat program that was developed with a simple, clear goal in mind: to help cats. We are committed to creating the best, most compassionate outcome for every animal in San Diego County, exactly what we’ve been committed to doing for more than 140 years. Community cats can be feral or friendly, young or old. They live in urban areas, parks, canyons, backyards and beach communities. New programs to provide the best care for these cats are complex and often misunder- stood — but they are critically needed. Tra- ditional sheltering practices have not been effective in caring for or reducing the numbers of community cats. Shelter environments are extremely stressful for cats--even for sociable cats—and prolonged housing in a shelter can lead to severe health challenges and significant- ly diminished quality of life. Despite the work of many people and organizations dedicated to the wellbeing of animals, the volume of cats entering shelters continues to increase. In 2019, nearly 2.3 million cats entered shelters nation- wide, up from 2.2 million the previous year. Last fiscal year, 21,648 cats entered shelters in San Diego County alone. These facts require us to challenge old ways of thinking and join with other leading animal welfare professionals to develop innovative programs that are in the best interest of these animals. San Diego Humane Society, along with other leading animal welfare organizations such as Alley Cat Allies, American Pets Alive, the ASP- CA, Best Friends, HSUS, the Koret Shelter Med- icine Program at the University of California, Davis, and Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida, are doing just that. Support for community cat programs spans multiple sectors, from shelter workers to veter- inarians to advocacy groups. All agree that the most humane way to care for community cats is to develop programs that spay/neuter, vacci- nate, and quickly return them to their outdoor homes. In addition to being what’s best for in- dividual cats, this is the only approach proven LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

10 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 SOLANA BEACH AUTHOR’S COVID-19 SHORT STORY SELECTED FOR THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE Neighborhood Publications San Diego Decameron Project chooses Ona Russell’s Reaching Over 125,000 “In the Tent” as one of ten featured pieces San Diego Area Solana Beach author merous published essays, Mailboxes Ona Russell’s short story academic, and legal arti- Every Month! “In the Tent” was recent- cles. Her most recent book, ly honored as one of the “Son of Nothingness: A Follow & Like Us Online! Top 10 narratives sub- Novel of Appearances,” mitted to the San Diego was released in September, @LocalUmbrellaMedia Decameron Project, a 2020. She is also a creden- collection of 101 works tialed mediator and book Browse all editions online at of creative writing about club facilitator. the Covid-19 pandemic. For the San Diego De- Her nonfiction piece cameron Project, local HYPER-LOCAL COMMUNITY about how the pandem- authors were invited to PUBLICATIONS ic changed her approach submit previously un- to writing was per- published fiction or non- Local Umbrella Media publishes formed by a professional fiction narratives based hyperlocal, positive, upbeat, actor in a theatrical per- loosely around the theme community publications, focusing formance staged by the of the current pandemic. on supporting local businesses, project. Russell, who is Twenty-five judges read lifestyle articles, upcoming events, the author of four nov- submissions and chose the talents and contributions of the els, says, “I was honored top 100 stories, which are locals who live and work in our to have my story includ- posted on one of the part- communities. ed in the Project and ners websites. The stories thrilled to be among the will be digitally archived i ADVERTISING INQUIRIES top ten. It is particularly with the San Diego Public BRAD WEBER | 619-300-1732 satisfying to know that Library and La Jolla His- [email protected] my work will be part of torical Society. the official record of this The San Diego Decamer- i GRAPHICS & DESIGN unique historical period. ONA RUSSELL in her tent located in her backyard in Solana Beach on Project was organized Provided by MAINE ST. MEDIA In addition to being an award-winning author, by the San Diego Public Library, San Diego Writ- [email protected] Russell holds a Ph.D. in Literature from UC San ers, Ink, Write Out Loud, and the La Jolla Histori- Diego, where she also developed and teaches the cal Society. It was inspired by “The Decameron,” a i EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS popular course “Literature and the Law” through book written shortly after the Black Death over- [email protected] the university’s Extension program. She has also de- took Florence in 1348, and a collection of novel- veloped and taught university classes, such as “Po- las structured as a frame story by Italian author Brad Weber, Group Publisher etry and the Workplace” and “Truth of Historical Giovanni Boccaccio. The book contains 100 stories Fiction,” and has taught writing at San Diego State told by a group of seven young women and three MEDIA CONSULTANT and UC San Diego. Russell is the author of nu- young men sheltering in a secluded villa. C. CHRISTIE CRAIG The importance of the San Diego Decameron TOM SHESS Project was threefold. First, there was an intention MANAGING EDITOR to let creative writers comment on the present ex- MIA BERTELSEN CHECK OUT OUR perience; to help all of us unpack and understand MUSIC EDITOR this moment; to reflect on what it means to live BART MENDOZA through the pandemic as related through the writ- ARTS EDITOR ten word. Second, during this time we’re all staying BARBARA MORTKOWITZ at home more, and as a result, people are reading CONTRIBUTORS more. So to some degree, there’s been a rediscovery JEN COBURN of the narrative form, the written word, and this MANNY CRUZ Local Umbrella project very much relates to that notion. Finally, JENNY WERTH Media has a there is this idea that we’ve been here before and KINSEE MORLAN podcast show. survived. The 14th century Decameron was writ- AMANDA PETERSON Did you really ten during one of the worst plagues in history. Yet MARLISE KAST-MYERS enjoy a story? humanity survived, the human condition recov- RON DONOHO ered, civilization re-emerged, and the early traces of CAROL HOLLAND LIFSCHITZ Watch the the Renaissance resulted only a few years later and J.C. GROSS podcast to learn then carried on for two centuries. PHOTOGRAPHY even more. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria shared, “The De- DAWN SEBAUGH cameron Project is an important archive to capture NICKY INCANDELA Go to Local our city’s stories during the pandemic. As a history UmbrellaMedia. major myself, I deeply appreciate that these pieces ©2021 COPYRIGHT BY feature events both big and small as a permanent INSPIRED MEDIA, INC. com or go to: record of San Diegans’ tragic and uplifting mo- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ments during this unprecedented time.” Local Umbrella Media Newspaper Publications are Search printed monthly and distributed freely throughout “Local Umbrella Ona Russell holds a PhD in American literature from UC San San Diego County. Opinions expressed in articles Media” Diego, where she also taught for many years. She’s a frequent or advertisements do not necessarily reflect the speaker at literary events, including the famed San Miguel de Al- opinions of the publisher. Local Umbrella Media is not lende Writers’ Conference. Her essays and academic articles have responsible for omissions or information that has been appeared in literary and legal journals nationwide. Sunstone misrepresented in the newspaper. Local Umbrella Media Press published her three previous novels, including The Natural Newspaper Publications are produces and published by Selection, a California Book Award finalist, and Rule of Capture, Local Umbrella Media, and no part of this publication an IPPY silver medal winner for regional fiction. Ona lives in bay be reproduced or transmitted without permission of Solana Beach, California. the publisher. DISCLAIMER: Paid advertisements contained herein are not endorsed or recommended by publisher; therefore, publisher shall not be held liable for business practices of advertisers. Publisher not liable for images accepted in good faith. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 11 Supporters and family of Maya Millete had a booth at the Eastlake Farmers’ Market to spread awareness. MISSING CHULA VISTA MOTHER STILL HAS NO CLOSURE Local wife and mother Maya “May” Millete has been missing from her Chula Vista home in San Miguel Ranch since Thursday, January 7th. Family and community members are extremely worried about her when she didn’t return to celebrate her daughter’s birthday on Sunday, January 10th. The family had a trip to Big Bear planned to celebrate the birthday. Her disappearance and lack of communication is not normal for her. She has three children, ages 4, 9 and 11, with her husband Larry Millete. Maya is a defense contractor at Naval Base San Diego and has not reported to work ei- ther. Her husband told the police that they had argued the night before she disappeared. Maya is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 105 pounds, with brown hair and eyes, freckles and a wrist tattoo. It is unknown what she was wear- ing when she disappeared. Local Umbrella Media spoke to Maya’s sister Maricris Drouaillet who was at the Eastlake Farmer’s Market to help spread awareness about her sister’s disappearance. “We haven’t gotten much information from the police investiga- tors yet,” she explained. “We did a few searches and we haven’t found any clues or anything, but we keep on going.” The searches are all volunteer-led and have been in many locations around San Diego County. They are focusing on hiking areas. “It is just really awesome that the community has come together,” she added. “The neighborhood has been very supportive. In the beginning they offered for us to stay with them because we are from out of town. It is a beautiful community.” Maya’s husband has retained an attorney and is no longer participating in the investigation according to the police. He was the last person known to have seen Maya before she went miss- ing. It is a heart-breaking story especially when Maya’s three children are suffering without news of their mother. If you have any information about Maya Millete, please contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5151. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

12 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY WOMEN’S HALL OF FAME INDUCTS SIX WOMEN FOR 2021 Please join us for our virtual Induction Ceremony, Sunday, March 21, 2021, at 2:30 PM. R​ osalie Schwartz, Historian Congressman Lee H. Hamilton munity development needs of frequently with other LGBT Dr. Rosalie Schwartz started (D-Indiana). Dr. Schwartz taught Asian, Pacific Islander, Latino, leaders at press conferences U.S. and Latin American history Middle Eastern, East African, and debates. When the AIDS college at age 30 after she mar- at various southern California African American, and other epidemic struck the gay men’s ried Larry and had two daugh- universities while continuing ethnic communities in the San community in the early 1980s, ters, Phyllis and Thelma. During to research and write on topics Diego region. UPAC recognizes Jester used her organizing skills the next decade, she earned a ranging from Cuban bandits the diverse ethnic and cultural and political experience to raise bachelor’s and a master’s de- (Lawless Liberators) to tourism identities and strengths of chil- public awareness, calm public (Pleasure Island and Flying dren, youth, adults, and families fears, and raise critically needed Dr. Rosalie Schwartz Down to Rio) and a historical and their need for self-sufficien- gree in history from San Diego novel set in the Prohibition era cy. UPAC staff, representing 28 Susan Jester State University and a Ph.D. in (A Twist of Lemon). different languages and dialects, money. She mobilized the LGBT Latin American history at the is dedicated to improving its community and numerous University of California, San ​ community members’ quality of straight allies to produce the Diego. Her research, support- Margaret Iwanaga Penrose, life by building trust and achiev- first AIDS Walk in San Diego in ed by Fulbright and National Cultural Bridge Builder ing sustainable results. Iwanaga 1985. Jester led the statewide CA Endowment grants, took her Penrose has more than 40 years campaign against Prop 103 in to libraries and archives in the Margaret Iwanaga Penrose of experience including public 1988, a discriminatory AIDS CA United States, Canada, Mexico, is the president and CEO of and private administration of ballot initiative, and coordinat- Cuba, and Spain. In 1980, she the Union of Pan Asian Com- service delivery systems, train- ed with Gloria Johnson NOW’s was named an American His- munities (UPAC), a 501(C) (3) ing, consultation and education, Women’s March for Equal torical Association Fellow and comprehensive human care public-private partnerships, and Justice. She currently serves on worked for a year as an advisor organization addressing the policy development and advo- the Sheriff’s LGBT Advisory on Latin American issues in critical health, behavioral, social, cacy. Her extensive governmen- Council, AIDS Memorial Task the Capitol Hill office of U.S. housing, economic, and com- tal, non-profit and corporate Force, San Diego Citizens Equal community involvement has Margaret Iwanaga Penrose included local, regional, state, and national boards as well as commissions, committees, and task forces. ​ Susan Jester, Empowerer Susan Jester’s professional ca- reer in politics and community activism began in 1978, working for several non-profit charities while working full time in bank- ing. In 1983, Susan came out as an openly gay woman and quickly dove into current LGBT issues, becoming a well-known lesbian activist and speaking LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 13 Opportunity Commission, and California Innocence Project. also Treasurer of the National Christo, Yves Klein, Arman and as an appointee to the CA Advi- Every day she works to disman- Association of Women Judges Jean Tinguely, among others. sory Committee to the US Civil tle our criminal legal system, as and Chair of the National Bar A close relationship with Swiss Rights Commission. it now exists, to achieve a more Association Judicial Council. kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely just and equitable system for all. She currently serves on the Law- developed into creative collab- ​ yers Club Advisory Board and oration and marriage in 1971. Genevieve Jones-Wright, ​ as Chair of the Judicial Advisory They worked together for the Activist Hon. Randa Trapp, Trailblazer Board of the Association of Busi- construction of many of de Saint ness Trial Lawyers. Phalle’s major sculpture projects, Genevieve Jones-Wright In 2003, after practicing law like Hon in Stockholm (1966), proudly served San Diego Coun- for nearly 20 years, Judge Trapp ​ Paradis Fantastique (1967), ty as a public defender from was appointed by Governor Niki de Saint Phalle, Spirit Golem in Jerusalem (1972), 2006-2019, and is now the inau- Gray Davis to the San Diego Tarot Garden in Italy (1980- gural executive director of Com- County Superior Court, the Niki was born Catherine 1998) and Stravinsky Foun- munity Advocates for Just and Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle tain in Paris (1983). She never Moral Governance (MoGo)—an Hon. Randa Trapp on October 29, 1930 at Neuil- stopped exploring and worked impact litigation organization third largest court system in the ly-sur-Seine in France. After a with different materials, may it she co-founded with another United States. Judge Trapp has childhood of moving and chang- be polyester, bronze, or mosaic. Black woman attorney. MOGO been active in all aspects of her ing schools often, she married Other monumental projects of works to achieve racial justice community. She is a past pres- prominent New York author de Saint Phalle include the UC and holds government account- ident of the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Harry Mathews. A personal San Diego’s Sun God (1983), able to all people, especially Association and past regional di- crisis led her to painting and she Noah’s Ark in Jerusalem (1998), those who have been disen- rector of the California Women decided to become an artist in the Grotto at the Royal Gardens franchised. Jones-Wright is the Lawyers. Formerly, she served as the early 1950s. Experimental of Hannover (1996 - 2003), and founder of Motivation.In.Action a member of the Board of Di- Queen Califia’s Magical Circle and is the 42nd president of the rectors of the California Associa- Niki de Saint Phalle in Escondido (1999 - 2003). Niki Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association. tion of Black Lawyers and Law- assemblages gave way to “Tirs,” de Saint Phalle died on May 21, yers Club of San Diego as well or shooting paintings, bringing 2002 in La Jolla, California. Genevieve Jones-Wright as president for five consecutive de Saint Phalle international She is a founding board member years of the J. Clifford Wallace fame and membership in 1961 ​ of the David’s Harp Foundation Inn of Court. Judge Trapp was with a group of artists, the “New The ceremony will feature our and a volunteer attorney for the Realists,” which also included 2021 honorees, performances, and a special celebration of 20 years of the hall of fame. This year the tickets to attend the ceremony are pay-what-you- can with a suggested donation of $25. All money raised from the WHOF goes towards fund- ing educational programs at the Women’s Museum of California. Virtual event produced by MOX- IE Theatre. We congratulate our 2021 Induct- ees and welcome them to the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame! Shop Your Way. Lulu Acosta 619-647-6282 LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

14 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 EXPLORE A NEW MINDSET- MAINTAIN YOUR LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS IN A HEALTHY MANNER By Daniel Allen Toxic beliefs to be challenged: sibility, while the set of false beliefs speaks of You may have learned through the Soul Ex- · Once I’ve fallen out of Love, that is that - I impossibility. Starting today, see if you can be- can’t get it back. come aware of when you are “feeding” a belief pansion process or a previous article the fol- · What I have experienced in the past is likely that limits possibility and consciously switch to lowing truth: there is a “lie” in every belief. what I will experience in the future. a belief that serves you - and your relationships · My partner has to do something different in - better. Yes… you’re reading the statement correctly: order for our relationship to work. within each belief you possess, there is a lie. · I can’t improve the relationship by myself; it Exercise: What are Your Beliefs? Heck, it plainly – but subtly - resides within the takes two. Make a list of your limiting beliefs about word itself: Be-lie-f. · I need different conditions to make my yourself and relationships. Write them down as relationship work (ie: if only had a job, didn’t in the example above so that you can examine It’s almost like it’s an insidious parasite that have kids, had kids, had more money, weighed them. overtakes the functions of its host. less, were more trusting, he hadn’t cheated, she If you’re having difficulty coming up with liked sharing Love more, etc.) a list, try working backwards and looking at A belief has many aspects to be considered. · I am powerless to change my life. the decisions you have made—and then iden- There are different perspectives, effects, and · Love relationships shouldn’t require work. tify the belief that led to that decision: Did outcomes. This is a personal responsibility, They should be purely magical. you avoid trying out for a sport because you and when implemented elevates our ability to · If this relationship doesn’t work, I will never thought you couldn’t play well enough? Did respond (rather than react) to experiences and have Love again. you stop yourself from having kids because you interactions. It also increases our individual · I’ve never been in a relationship that lasted; didn’t believe you would be a good parent? Did wisdom and emotional capacity. this one probably won’t either. you stay in an unhealthy relationship because · Men (or women) aren’t trustworthy. you thought you’d never find someone else? An easy way to consider this is a movie set. Now, read through the following list of em- Do you avoid telling the truth to your partner Often building and structures are constructed powering beliefs, noticing the difference in the about how you feel because you believe he or front-facing only. These are called a facade. The way you feel as you read them. Notice if an old she doesn’t feel the same way, or won’t care? word itself is derived from French and means belief is being challenged, and just for the sake Look at each belief and ask yourself: Is this face. of the exercise, try on some new beliefs to see if really true? Can this be changed with practice? they serve you better. (You can always have the Can this be changed by simply choosing a new Ever been to the Universal Studios Tour old ones back in the unlikely event that you belief? If you know the belief is true with no where you ride in a tram along city streets and ever want to live that way again.) hope for change, then it is not supporting Love as you turn, there’s no back or sides? Another Empowering beliefs to try on: for yourself and/or others and I encourage you reference is the climax in Blazing Saddles when · I can fall in Love again. In fact, Love has to practice self-acceptance by changing the way they build a façade of their town to trick the never left me, I have just closed to it. I can you talk with yourself about that issue. bad guys. clear the obstacles between Love and me - and For each of the limiting beliefs that you between me and my partner. wrote down in the previous step, write an alter- Most of the time, we’re only looking at be- · With new skills and tools, I can create new nate, empowering belief that would replace it. liefs – ours or another’s – from a single angle or experiences. I encourage you to carry your new beliefs with vantage. · I accept full responsibility for the quality of you for a while. I also suggest sharing these em- my relationship. powering belief(s) with your relationships and In order to even begin to have healthy rela- · I can improve my experience of this rela- ask them to reflect for increased awareness and tionships, it is helpful to start by looking from tionship with or without my partner’s involve- opportunities to align. Be inspired! other viewpoints and examine what you think ment. You are cordially invited to the rest of your about them. · It is my response to circumstances (context) life! Take the next step towards Soul Expansion - not the circumstances themselves (content) - with the gift of a Complimentary Session by The truth is, just because you believe some- that dictate the quality of my relationships. visiting or calling thing doesn’t mean it is true. And, just because · I am powerful and able to change - or sim- (619) 832-2750. you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it ply enjoy - my life. Learn how this innovative practice bypasses isn’t true. Ultimately, our beliefs do not impact · Love is unlimited. As long as I am loving, I common bottlenecks faster than traditional the truth, but they do impact us. Our beliefs will never be without it. therapy to celebrate your purpose with clarity, rule our behavior, and it is imperative that we · No relationship lasts until one does! This awareness, and personal strength! take a moment to identify our beliefs and then one can be the one. Daniel Allen is a writer, speaker, and spir- either discard them, replace them, or choose to · I trust myself to be able to handle any situ- itual & emotional counselor on the subject live consciously (instead of unconsciously). ation that I encounter. I trust _______ (fill-in: of relationships (including the one we hold God, Creator, Source, Universe, etc.) to provide with ourselves), and an advocate for Love and The problem is that few of us are trained to me with experiences that will help me grow raising consciousness. For more information question our own beliefs - unchallenged false wiser, stronger, and more compassionate. or article suggestions please visit www.SoulEx- beliefs have the power to alter our decisions This set of empowering beliefs speaks of pos-, email [email protected] and limit what we are able to accomplish. or call (619) 832-2750. When we use these limiting beliefs as our unconscious guideposts for our decision-mak- ing, they impact every aspect of our wellbeing, including our relationships. If we think some- thing is dangerous, impossible, or too hard, we may not venture to do it. Imagine how many marriages have led to divorce because of the belief that nothing could be done to make the marriage healthier; or how many relationships failed due to the belief that the only solution was that the other person had to change; or many the dates never took place due to the belief that, if asked, he or she would say no. Today, consider taking a little time to exam- ine your beliefs about yourself and relation- ships, challenge those beliefs, and then deter- mine whether those beliefs are serving you. I’ve been asked many times in Soul Expansion sessions and workshops, “If all beliefs contain a lie, then how do I know which to believe?” My answer is succinct: “If it is a belief that supports Love for yourself and others, then keep it. If it doesn’t, then don’t.” If your beliefs serve your intention of having healthy self-Love and balanced relationships, great. If not, it is time to explore a new mindset - one that emphasizes your personal power for creating and maintaining your life and rela- tionships in a healthy manner. The following is a list of common relation- ship beliefs that don’t serve relationships well. As you read through the list, notice whether these are beliefs that you hold - consciously or unconsciously. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 15 CYCLING THE STRAND IN THE AGE OF COVID ballers, picnickers, and fishers, all taking their and breezy, dusk has become more sparse of By J.C. Cross breaks from news insanity. Hours until May 27, humans. Despite what you may think, those “We’re going to get you born again hard!” 2021, are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. There are no hours human developments--vehicles, barbeques, “O.K. wild man.” for the bikeway and highway. Day Use Parking and firepits--are in some way only some far off My response is in regard to Lennie’s sugges- Rates (flat rate when staffed): $10 Monday – chattering. I catch sight of pelicans plummeting Friday; $12 Saturday – Sunday. For Reservations, into the surf for fish to my left. Push, push. My tion of a 50-plus mile bike ride from Tijuana to call 1-800-444-PARK (7275)(or 1-619-435-5184). meager muscles press on. Ensenada. I usually can make it to Hooper Blvd, at the Peddling harder to appease that invisi- “Let’s focus on this right now.” new Silver Strand Training Complex South, past ble trainer, I take in more of the route’s beauty. I was referring to the more-sensible bike trek the Cays, just as Lennie has done the loop to IB The bike lane is set off from the main highway south down the 7-mile-long Silver Strand Bike- and back to Hooper. I turn around when I see by a two- or three-foot dirt and bush barrier, way (Highway 75, part of the 24-mile, bay-encir- him, but then he blows by me. His yellow jersey similar in vegetation to the nature preserve on cling Bayshore Bikeway). You just have to use and helmet disappear in front of me on our way both sides of the strand. Beside the U.S. Naval some gentle urging-on with Lennie the Road back north. Amphibious base, the Silver Strand State Beach, Warrior. I just want to start with the ride to the and the Coronado Cays, much of the rest of the Coronado Cays, then to IB on subsequent trips. The Crown Cove Aquatic Center (5000 High- highway’s surroundings is the San Diego Bay Let’s not push it, yet. way 75, National Wildlife Refuge, a 3,900-acre protected The strand is a slim sandbar with a beach, cove-aquatic-center/), operated by Southwestern wetland. Bird watchers and nature lovers get a bikeway, and highway, a golden rope stringing College, is also bayside, where paddle boarding, treat here. together Imperial Beach and Coronado proper sailing, surfing, canoeing, volleyballing, boating, (also called “the village”). On the east side is San and yoga are available, as well as CPR and First As I pedal north, the traffic starts to Diego Bay and on the west, the Pacific. Aid classes. Various classes and events are also increase. I can see the Tulagi Road light, which Right now, Lennie’s pressing me to push. “You held at the Cove. Contact 619-575-6176 for more marks the beginning of Coronado Village. The can do it,” he says. information. government employees and servicemen are What a positive guy. Recently, his bike was leaving the Amphib base. Cars speed south with stolen outside his place in East Village—but was About halfway down the strand, the Loews radios blaring. miraculously then sold to his friend who owns a Coronado Hotel offers chair and umbrella bike shop near him. This is positivity and luck. packages for lounging at the state beach and I am so not speeding. My time is passing A good place to start the ride down to Impe- the state park itself allows for camping and day slower. My watch seems to have stopped. rial Beach is at the Hotel Del Coronado (https:// parking. The General Dynamics’ NASSCO ship at 1500 Orange Avenue, Corona- yards and Naval Station San Diego just across The strand is always there if I need a do. Start on the East side of the street, as getting the bay seem far away in haze. mind tan--my term for the close-your-eyes, sun- to the bike trek is easier from the same, bay side. lit journey pushing yourself to a better shape. As you cross Pomona on the way south, the It’s my favorite time of day now. Bronze-lit Or just to enjoy. road by bike will split between Strand Way and the bike route. Heading further south, Strand Way will end, but the bike lane will continue for the next seven miles. It’s about an hour and a half by bike from the village to Imperial Beach and back. And we aren’t the only ones being buffeted by wind (sometimes southward, sometimes northward). It’s been said more and more people are riding today than in before. I believe it. Hardcore street bikes, cruisers, grandma trikes, recumbents, and like me, hybrid mountain bikes. Add skaters, walkers, military trainees, couples, kids, and entire families, going all the way—with head- phones, of course. If you’re not using a fitness band or other gauge, you can simply see how far you’ve gone with the miles and kilometers painted on the bike lane below you. The four and a half mile point from the village is at the Cays and direct- ly opposite it, on the ocean side, is the Silver Strand State Beach and campsite. Campers, surfers, boaters, swimmers, water-skiers, volley- LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

16 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 SHARP CHULA VISTA MEDICAL CENTER CELEBRATED THEIR 2,000TH COVID-19 PATIENT TO GO HOME! By Mia Bertelsen Camille Bruno, donors and Sharp staff pose for a group photo. At the end of February Sharp Ch- How long have you been caring unknowingly took care of my first case was announced at UCSD.” ula Vista Medical Center discharged for COVID-19 patients? COVID-19 patient at the end of De- What has kept you going their 2,000th patient who recovered cember 2019, since me and my fam- from COVID-19! The cheers, tears, “I have been taking care of ily were sick before February 2020 through these difficult times? and smiles were overwhelming as COVID-19 patients since before when the first confirmed COVID-19 “The thing that has kept me the patient was led to her car to the virus was named. I believe I finally go home after a hard battle going through these difficult times with this virus. Every patient dis- charged brings the staff and com- munity hope that we are one step closer to the end of this pandemic. Leslie Aquinde, Senior Specialist, Marketing and Communications at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Cen- ter told us that, “our numbers are gradually declining after the surge and we can all breathe a bit.” She explained that Sharp Chula Vista was the hardest hit of all of the hos- pitals in San Diego County. “When we ran out of ICU space, we had to safely convert our lobby and other areas of the hospital into patient care areas,” she explained. Frontline doctors and nurses face enormous mental health challenges to keep themselves physically and mentally strong for their patients. We interviewed a Sharp nurse, Jose Rangel BSN-RN, PHN, EMT-B, Clinical Nurse, Emergency Depart- ment, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, who has been working in the COVID-19 unit. Rangel has been a registered nurse for over two years. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 17 Vendors holding lovely treats! Generous vendors from the Eastlake Farmers’ Market came together to donate to the Sharp has been a mixture of family sup- Chula Vista COVID healthcare workers. port every day when I get home. They understand if I forget to do Tiffanie Burns, Sharp Chula Vista ICU Mate- a chore, knowing that I had a long rials Specialist, holds a beautiful charcuterie day mentally and physically at board donated by Evelyn Cazares work. My coworkers’ resilience, see- ing them coming in every day de- Lulu Acosta donated Mary Kay gift packs to help COVID workers to pamper themselves. Fernando Sepulveda of Tacos a Vapor do- spite the unknown, the unspoken nated delicious food for the workers. fear and blinding uncertainties that COVID-19 has created. Seeing first- HePrevails, Earl Felisme, Commu- Color Street Nails, Jackie Alvarez, ank y u ur ns hand the need in our community nity advocate for stomach cancer, for emergency health care for those awareness, [email protected] Eastlake Farmers’ Market C m ass Rea severely infected with COVID-19, Camille Brun who can’t breathe or whose body Manis by Maria, Color Street We Got Beef, delicious beef jerky collapsed from the overwhelming Nails, Eastlake Farmers’ Market, products, Eastlake Farmers’ Market, makin his all sible! disease process, I feel motivated to instagram: manisbymaria_ Instagram: @wegotbeefjerky come in to work and make a differ- ence one patient at a time.” Arroz con leche, Karla Cruz, East- El Rey tacos a vapor, Fernando lake Farmers’ Market, Instagram: and Liliana Sepulveda, Eastlake How has the local community La_chingona_SanDiego Farmers’ Market helped with your mission? Lani’s Homemade Chocolate Jackie’s Jams, David Barron “The local community has been Chip Cookies, Eastlake Farmers supporting our hospital and our Market, Facebook Cheese department in many different ways. Me, They’ve sent lunch during some Miso Hungry, Japanese food, East- of the toughest days so that we lake Farmers Market Please! can catch a break and relax with a Charcuterie for snack, personal self-care packages Cake and Cheese Gourmet Every Occasion. to remind us to take care of our- Cheesecakes, Amy Martinez, Ins- Order yours TODAY! selves too, and handwritten letters tagram: @cakeandcheesegourmet, explaining the lives we are touching Facebook: Cake and Cheese gour- / @cheesemecharcuterie beyond the patient, which extend met Cheesecakes and ripple through their families during difficult times reminding us Choco flans, chocolate dipped of the big picture beyond our walls strawberries and charcuterie board and importance of our actions.” by Evelyn Cazares, Eastlake Farm- ers’ Market What are some of the positive outcomes that you have seen? The Cookie, Eastlake Farmers’ Market “The positive outcomes that have risen from this pandemic seem sur- United States Karate Academy, real as a cup half full mentality, con- Gift voucher for classes and uni- sidering the hundreds of thousands form, of lives lost. COVID-19 has taught us the importance of those close to Malena Lowe, face masks, Farm- us, reminding us to appreciate our er’s Market loved ones even more including our fellow coworkers appreciating what they do even more. Hopefully peo- ple can be more health conscious and understand the fundamental need to reprioritize our lives.” The community of Chula Vista came together to give a huge thank you to these heroes in the form of delicious food and gifts to let them know how much they are appreci- ated and valued by us. Listed here are the donors. Many of them are vendors at the Eastlake Farmers’ Market that is held every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2371 Fen- ton St. in Chula Vista in the park- ing lot of La Roca church. These generous businesses donat- ed to Sharp Chula Vista: Local Umbrella Media Compass, Camille Bruno, local realtor, Dr. Melinda Silva, Anti-Aging and Wellness, Mary Kay, Lulu Acosta, Indepen- dent Health & Beauty Consultant, Pizzo’s, Italian Restaurant, 2322 Proctor Valley Rd, Chula Vista, the Shops at San Miguel Ranch The Season SD Among Us, Liz- beth Caeballos, gifts and t-shirts, Instagram: theseasonsd LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

18 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 WOMEN OF THE BOULEVARD Founders, Entrepreneurs & Aspiring College Graduates SAN DIEGO (March 2, 2021) - Ever since His- Bluxom Salon, Medina Kitchen and all those toric Highway 80 trail-blazed through San Di- fabulous Queens of Lips shining their light on ego, becoming El Cajon Boulevard, this business 30ECB, women have played key roles in lifting district has always been a home to outstanding The Boulevard and showcasing their incredible women entrepreneurs. In honor of Women’s craft. History Month, let’s take the opportunity to showcase their history. Marchelle McKeirnan, owner of Bluxom Sa- lon, “Encourages any womxn who wants to be The oldest building on El Cajon Boulevard, ‘in business’ to study their past, nourish yourself which was moved here by oxcart in the late and your family in any way you can, at all times 1800’s was home to Emma Schnugg, who lived have a mentor and a mentee, share information there into her 90s. Amongst many forms of freely to other womxn seeking to learn in your home-based businesses, Emma taught piano community.” from this lovely Queen Anne Victorian. In the mid-century, Moreta Cyphert, San Diego’s first Ana Rivera, owner of Jibarito’s de la Isla woman theatre manager, headed up the State reminds others to “Never let anyone dull your Theatre at Euclid and El Cajon Boulevard. Fast strengths. I was always told I was too bossy, now forward to a time when The Boulevard needed I am the boss.” the nurturing support of a non-profit to uplift it from a time of painful disinvestment, business In the world of Covid-19, it was no wonder owners Jackie O’Connor and Polly Gillette be- that so many financial resources prioritize wom- came founding board members of the El Cajon en-owned business. Not only are they a valued asset in our community, but they still play a mi- EASTLAKEBoulevard Business Improvement Association nority in the world of big business and deserve the support to ensure their sustainability and (BIA), and 30 years later still serve on the board long term success. today. The BIA is grateful to have a built-in Access to Stemming from the fruits of their labor, a Capital position, sponsored by Civic Commu- multitude of locally owned businesses opened nity Partners, which has enabled the El Cajon on The Boulevard, supporting a renaissance of Boulevard BIA to hire an annual intern to get small business activity and neighborhood revi- the word out about financial resources to our talization. From El Borrego, Paris Bakery, and small business members. For four years in a LK Fashion on the east end, to Cafe Madeline, row, we have worked with outstanding young women who have developed unique bonds with these business owners, and provided a platform which has set them on a path towards their own success. If The Boulevard was a person, she would surely be Ms. Boulevard, a bold, beautiful woman, resembling all these outstanding busi- nesswomen. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 19 PUBLISHER’S PICK Local finds and observations by our publisher THE BEST BLIND DATE I’VE EVER HAD?  Honestly, it’s been over 30 years since my last blind date, and after his stuff! He explained that he grew up in “the blind business” and nearly 27 years of marriage I really wasn’t anticipating another… had over 30 years’ experience including having his own production ever. facility in the past.  My wife had other ideas. I made a date.  Her first idea was to remodel our bathroom, which – those who Bob didn’t delay the “date” for weeks like some of the others we have been through this process know all too well – isn’t a single idea had used in our remodel. Two days later he showed up as promised but a series of ideas, estimates, decisions, returns, delays, false prom- and was a true gentleman (always the first two things to test on a ises, and messes that last for weeks or months. Like something else blind date according to my wife). we are all too familiar with in that happened in 2020, I kept think-  Bob drives a custom van with an extremely large variety of sam- ing to myself “this HAS to end sometime!” ples with recommendations to match the choices, and my wife was Finally, the mess and noise ended, the constant early morning dai- able to find exactly what she was looking for. ly visits by our “guests” (construction workers) ended, and my wife Bob promised a price and a proposed schedule – both of which was happy with the results – whew! were delivered promptly and within budget. Only one thing remained. Hence the blind date. Less than a week later Express Blinds installed our new blinds, our  We had installed a very large beautiful new window that allowed remodel was complete, and our marriage survived. my wife to enjoy our spectacular East County view from the bath-  I’m not saying a blind date is necessarily a good idea for your rela- tub – but we needed window coverings for it. tionship or marriage, but it worked for us in this fashion!  After asking my trusted sources, I was referred by a close friend to Bob Sole and Express Blinds – whose slogan is “The Best Blind Date Brad Weber You Will Ever Have!”  I asked my wife if I could call (a good idea if you are considering a Local Umbrella Media Publisher blind date under any circumstances) and she agreed.  Bob answered the phone on the first call and I could tell he knew AT A GLANCE Name of Business             BLINDS, DRAPERIES & SHUTTERS Principal - Bob Sole Years in Practice - 31 Website - Email - [email protected] Phone - 619-461-2101 Areas Served - All of San Diego County Description - Window coverings: Our quality, value-priced collection of window coverings take the guesswork out of shopping and provide you with solutions to meet your needs. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

20 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 FIRE UP THE PROJECTOR SAN DIEGO, THE ROOFTOP IS BACK!!! Rooftop Cinema Club, the Ulti- mate Outdoor Cinema Experience, loved ’80s classics, like Ferris Buel- Wednesday, April 28 - WONDER ets start at $17.50 (Sun-Thurs) and will re-open its doors on Thursday, ler’s Day Off, The Princess Bride, WOMAN 1984 $18.50 (Fri & Sat) for an adjustable March 18 at the Manchester Grand Dirty Dancing and Coming to single lounge seat. For $20.50 (Sun- Hyatt San Diego America. Break out those shoulder This Superhero Day, Rooftop Thurs) and $21.50 (Fri & Sat), pads and stock up on hairspray be- Cinema Club is celebrating one of It’s time to fire up the projector cause you’re going with them. Plus, the most iconic characters to grace For more information about and the popcorn machine as Roof- the best-dressed ’80s guest will get a comic books and movie screens. Rooftop Cinema Club, visit www. top Cinema Club is set to re-open special prize . Gal Gadot’s latest take on Wonder on Thursday, March 18 with an Sunday, April 11 - RATATOUILLE Woman has introduced the char- cadero. You can also stay connected ’80s-themed weekend of program- acter to a whole new generation of with Rooftop Cinema Club socially ming. The ultimate outdoor cine- Rooftop Cinema Club is happy fans! on Instagram (@rooftopcinema- ma experience’s San Diego location to share that Wooftop is back for club), Facebook (@rooftopcine- still sits atop the 4th floor terrace National Pet Day with a screening Adhering to COVID protocols, maclub) and Twitter (@Rooftop- at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San that is not only family-friendly, Rooftop Cinema Club’s tickets are Cinema) and with the hashtag Diego, but steps out with a new but dog-friendly as well! This year now being sold exclusively online. #RooftopMoments. venue name – Rooftop Cinema they’re shining a spotlight on our Walk-up ticket sales will not be Club Embarcadero. non-human friends by screening available. For 18+ moviegoers, tick- Ratatouille (yes, even rats can be San Diegans everywhere are eager pets and no, that doesn’t mean to venture out after spending most you should bring your pet rat). of the last year in quarantine, and Come watch this delicious tail (pun with its expanded footprint, Roof- intended) with your favorite furry top Cinema Club offers a fun and friend, and they’ll take care of the safe night out at the cinema, which rest! you can enjoy while sitting amidst Thursday, April 15 - THE GREAT- the picturesque Downtown San EST SHOWMAN Diego skyline. In the enduring spirit of P.T. Rooftop’s lineup of films is Barnum and company, Rooftop second-to-none, featuring every- Cinema Club is decking out the thing from cult-classics to recent venue in “three-ring circus” decor box office hits, and this season’s for their themed-night screening of queue is no exception. The cur- The Greatest Showman. rent schedule through May 2 is Friday, April 16 - SELENA below and offers as much variety as fun themed nights, including Bidi Bidi Bom Bom! On the an ’80s-themed opening weekend, day that would’ve been her 50th Family-Friendly Screenings on birthday, Rooftop Cinema Club is Sundays, a Pet-Friendly “Wooftop honoring the life and legacy of the Cinema Club” on April 11, and a beloved Texas music star by screen- host of additional celebrations. And ing the seminal Jennifer Lopez due to COVID restrictions, Rooftop biopic, Selena. Cinema Club Embarcadero has Saturday, April 17 - HIGH FI- been deemed a ‘limited capacity’ DELITY venue, so you’ll want to get your tickets early to not miss out on the When we were listing out the top fun! 5 films to play in honor of Record Store Day, the vinyl-loving High Rooftop Cinema Club Embar- Fidelity was #1 with a bullet! cadero is located at the Manchester Tuesday, April 20 - THE BIG LEB- Grand Hyatt, 1 Market Place, San OWSKI Diego (92101) on the 4th Floor Sport Terrace of the Harbor Tower. Come relax at the Rooftop this Doors open nightly at 6:30 p.m. 4/20 with everyone’s favorite L.A. and films start at 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. bowler who’s got an affinity for Opening early allows guests plenty White Russians. of time to enjoy the “Social Cin- ema” aspect of Rooftop Cinema Club, which includes amazing sun- sets, classic table games, fantastic food and top-shelf drinks. Rooftop Cinema Club is open exclusively to adults 18-and-over, however, every Sunday features a Family-Friendly screening so the whole family can come out and enjoy a fun film un- der the stars. Family-Friendly Screenings, every Sunday starting 3/28 Welcome to Rooftop Cinema Club’s new Family-Friendly screen- ings! Every Sunday, starting March 28, they’re opening up the usually 18+ Rooftop venue to younger moviegoers as well, so the whole family can enjoy a movie night un- der the stars. Be sure to select the “Kids and Teens” ticket for anyone under 18, and we suggest checking out the film’s rating before making plans as ratings will vary. ‘80s-Themed Opening Weekend, 3/18 - 3/21 Rooftop Cinema Club is opening up the Rooftop by going back in time with some of the most be- LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 21 ROOFTOP CINEMA SCHEDULE START DATE TITLE TIME Thu, March 18, 2021 FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF 7:30 p.m. Fri, March 19, 2021 THE PRINCESS BRIDE 7:30 p.m. Sat, March 20, 2021 DIRTY DANCING 7:30 p.m. Sun, March 21, 2021 COMING TO AMERICA 7:30 p.m. Tue, March 23, 2021 CLUELESS 7:30 p.m. Wed, March 24, 2021 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU 7:30 p.m. Thu, March 25, 2021 PULP FICTION 7:30 p.m. Fri, March 26, 2021 GREASE 7:30 p.m. Sat, March 27, 2021 ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY 7:30 p.m. Sun, March 28, 2021 THE GOONIES – (Family-Friendly Screening) 7:30 p.m. Tue, March 30, 2021 MEAN GIRLS 7:30 p.m. Wed, March 31, 2021 LA LA LAND 7:30 p.m. Thu, April 1, 2021 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 7:30 p.m. Fri, April 2, 2021 BACK TO THE FUTURE 7:30 p.m. Sat, April 3, 2021 JURASSIC PARK 7:30 p.m. Sun, April 4, 2021 THE CROODS: A NEW AGE – (Family-Friendly Screening) 7:30 p.m. Tue, April 6, 2021 THE GREAT GATSBY 8:00 p.m. Wed, April 7, 2021 FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF 8:00 p.m. Thu, April 8, 2021 POINT BREAK 8:00 p.m. Fri, April 9, 2021 SCREAM 8:00 p.m. Sat, April 10, 2021 13 GOING ON 30 8:00 p.m. Sun, April 11, 2021 RATATOUILLE – (Family and Pet-Friendly “Wooftop” Screening) 8:00 p.m. Tue, April 13, 2021 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 8:00 p.m. Wed, April 14, 2021 PRETTY WOMAN 8:00 p.m. Thu, April 15, 2021 THE GREATEST SHOWMAN 8:00 p.m. Fri, April 16, 2021 SELENA 8:00 p.m. Sat, April 17, 2021 HIGH FIDELITY 8:00 p.m. Sun, April 18, 2021 THE SANDLOT – (Family-Friendly Screening) 8:00 p.m. Tue, April 20, 2021 THE BIG LEBOWSKI 8:00 p.m. Wed, April 21, 2021 PITCH PERFECT 8:00 p.m. Thu, April 22, 2021 DAZED AND CONFUSED 8:00 p.m. Fri, April 23, 2021 LOVE & BASKETBALL 8:00 p.m. Sat, April 24, 2021 CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE 8:00 p.m. Sun, April 25, 2021 HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER’S STONE – (Family-Friendly 8:00 p.m. Screening) Tue, April 27, 2021 THE DARK KNIGHT 8:00 p.m. Wed, April 28, 2021 WONDER WOMAN 1984 8:00 p.m. Thu, April 29, 2021 THE NOTEBOOK 8:00 p.m. Fri, April 30, 2021 FIGHT CLUB 8:00 p.m. Sat, May 1, 2021 BRIDESMAIDS 8:00 p.m. Sun, May 2, 2021 THE PRINCESS BRIDE – (Family-Friendly Screening) 8:00 p.m. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

22 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 MEDICAL CANNABIS DEEMED AN By Michael Patterson Why is this important for the ized cannabis as everything from crease the USA’s ability to impact NHA, OTR/L, CEAS medical cannabis industry? It has a “gateway” drug to testimony an emerging multi-billion-dollar to do with legitimacy. For decades, under oath to Congress in 1938 global industry. As the global COVID-19 pan- politicians, lawmakers, and others by Dr. James Munch, professor of demic caused most US businesses around the world have demon- physiology and pharmacology at Future for Florida to close in March 2020, the med- Temple University, in which he The “essential service” designa- ical cannabis industry has been said “I smoked cannabis and it tion for the Florida medical canna- deemed an “essential service” in turned me into a bat and I flew bis industry will speed up the talk almost every state in which med- around the room.” Now, we have and action to legalize recreational ical cannabis is legal. The state of moved away from ideology and cannabis. As someone who has Florida is one of those states that fear leading our cannabis policy, to worked in healthcare all of my have allowed medical cannabis facts and science. This “essential adult life, my personal feelings on dispensaries and businesses to service” designation affects our recreational cannabis are that it is remain open during the COVID-19 society by legitimizing cannabis not my “fight” or purpose to lead “lockdown”. This declaration is a as a medicine, and psychologically a revolution for legalizing adult tremendous victory for the legit- prepares our society to accept the use cannabis. However, I know imacy of medical cannabis being eventual realization that cannabis adult-use cannabis is coming and used a medicine, just like other will be fully 100% legal in the US with it will come thousands of pharmaceuticals that are sold in and many other countries around jobs and billions in tax revenue for pharmacies (which are allowed to the world in the near future. smart states that realize cannabis stay open as well). This declara- is a commodity which will bring tion follows the same message as Economic Impact opportunity to its citizens. 40 other countries, in which med- From my recent trip in March Florida has the ability to become ical cannabis is legal, have deemed 2020 to speak at the first-ever the eventual leader in cannabis the industry an essential service. Medical Cannabis Conference science, research and development, in Ireland (immediately before and international trade of canna- Psychological Impact the world shutdown), I was able bis related products (once can- to witness the beginning of the nabis is legal at the federal level). medical cannabis industry being Currently, Florida is one of the viewed as a global commodity and largest medical cannabis patient opportunity for Ireland to develop states with over 320,000 medical this industry on a pharmaceutical cannabis patients. The number level. This will create opportunity of patients is expected to be over and jobs for its citizens and tax 500,000 by 2021. revenue for its country. Outside When recreational cannabis is the United States, the world is legalized, between the residents moving forward with medical of Florida and tourists, we will see cannabis without US guidance, over two million monthly users intervention, and without exports of cannabis within the state. That of US product. This decision by number may shock some people, the United States to keep cannabis but when put in context with illegal at the federal level is caus- alcohol use by citizens of Florida, ing US cannabis related businesses two million monthly users is a to miss out on opportunities for very low number. Florida has the growth internationally, and de- potential to provide a distribution point for cannabis imports to come through our ports (creating jobs and tax revenue) and creat- ing “Amazon” style distribution centers within the state to fulfill orders and ship across the USA. Essential service designation, is the “straw” that will eventually break the “camel’s back” which moves cannabis into mainstream society. We as Floridians have a choice to allow others to benefit from the inevitable legalization of cannabis at the federal level, or we can begin to work together to create the future of the cannabis industry. As Tony Robbins once said, “Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. Its your move”. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 23 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ NEWSBRIEFS ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ MAYOR GLORIA obtaining water and nutrients from Board of Port Commissioners, the on her previous work and develop OUTLINES CITY’S the soil but also for storing poten- Port’s proposed Wetland Mitigation a system for drones to have net- PRIORITIES FOR tially billions of tons of carbon per Bank at Pond 20. worked airborne computing capa- $300 MILLION year from the atmosphere, thereby bility. FEDERAL RESCUE constituting a powerful tool for SBCS RECEIVES PLAN FUNDS mitigating climate change. His $20,000 FROM NECA VOXOX research seeks to understand which TO HELP CHULA ANNOUNCES City News Service via Times of genes and molecular mechanisms VISTA RESIDENTS PARTNERSHIP WITH San Diego determine how roots develop and PAY RENT AND YOUMAIL INC. grow, and respond to the environ- UTILITIES Mayor Todd Gloria announced ment. Recently, Busch uncovered a VOXOX, a 5G-enabled AI cloud Tuesday that he is prioritizing gene responsible for helping plants SBCS has received a $20,000 do- communications company, an- beating COVID-19, protecting the thrive in stressful environments. nation to its new rental and utility nounced its partnership with You- city’s core services and jobs and pre- Prior to that, he discovered a gene assistance programthat will assist Mail Inc., which provides securi- paring the city for a return to life that determines whether a root Chula Vista residents who have ty-first, cloud-based communication after the pandemic should Congress grows deep or shallow in the soil. been impacted by the pandemic services for mobile phones.YouMail pass the American Rescue Plan this from the National Electrical Con- protects consumers, enterprises, week. “We believe the scientific ad- tractors Association (NECA) San and carriers from harmful phone vancements by Salk’s plant science Diego chapter. calls. Gloria unveiled the framework team will play a pivotal role in for how the approximately $300 addressing climate change, and The donation was coordinated by VOXOX, which processes billions million expected in federal relief we are honored to support their Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas who of calls and texts monthly, will be will be used to jumpstart San groundbreaking work,” says John has worked alongside both orga- using YouMail’s sophisticated Rob- Diego’s economic recovery and Hess, CEO of Hess Corporation. nizations and comes just a week ocall Mitigation Service and patent- provide help to its most vulnerable before SBCS will begin accepting ed technology to block robocalls residents, assuming Congress votes SAN DIEGO AND applications for assistance from the and phishing messages, protecting to pass the $1.9 trillion act and SAN FRANCISCO program. users from spam, identity theft, President Joe Biden signs it. SCHOOL DISTRICTS stalkers, and corporate fraud. You- ANNOUNCE BIG “I’ve worked with NECA for Mail’s robocall mitigation services “I am ready to get our city back SUMMER SCHOOL many years and I know how pas- protect carriers from originating, on track and back to work with the PROGRAMS sionately they advocate for their carrying, or terminating bad traffic economic aid provided in President CALMATTERS members. It’s wonderful to see on their networks, and have helped Biden’s American Rescue Plan,” them step-up on behalf of their shut down numerous illegal rob- Gloria said. “With these resources, Two of the state’s largest districts neighbors as well,” said Salas. ocalling campaigns, which allows we will defeat COVID-19, protect have unveiled plans for multimil- “NECA’s $20,000 donation to the carriers like VOXOX to quickly pre- core city services and provide aid to lion-dollar summer school pro- SBCS rental assistance program is a vent bad calls from reaching peers small businesses. I ask San Diegans grams, signaling this could be one wonderful demonstration of com- or consumers and proactively shut to join me in urging Congress to of California’s main strategies to ad- munity spirit.” down fraud. pass the American Rescue Plan so dress a year of learning loss during we can build a better tomorrow for the pandemic. DRONES THAT “We believe security is of utmost all of us. CAN CALCULATE, importance. We are excited to team On Tuesday, San Diego Unified COMMUNICATE AND up with YouMail to provide trust- SALK PROFESSOR approved a $22 million summer SOLVE COMPLEX worthy security and mitigation to WOLFGANG BUSCH school program with in-person and PROBLEMS all our users,” says Cleve Adams, NAMED FIRST online options, intended to help CEO of VOXOX. INCUNBENT OF students improve their grades and By Padma Nagappan | SDSU HESS CHAIR IN increase the number of graduating Imagine a drone that can per- Engineering researcher Junfei Xie PLANT SCIENCE high school seniors; currently, 20 received a National Science Foun- percent aren’t on track to graduate form complex calculations while up dation CAREER award to develop Salk Professor Wolfgang Busch in June. in the air, communicate with other a flying cloud computing system in has been recognized for his contri- drones in its network and harness the air. butions and dedication to advanc- San Francisco Unified announced artificial intelligence to provide ing science through research by a $50 million initiative Wednesday smart services, such as crowd con- SAN DIEGO PADRES being named the first holder of the to offer in-person classes, summer trol, traffic monitoring, and emer- AND TAPPIT Hess Chair in Plant Science, effec- camps and child care to all 52,000 gency response. PARTNER TO tive April 1, 2021. K-12 public school students free TAKE PETCO PARK of charge, with online options for Engineering researcher Junfei Xie received CASHLESS Wolfgang Busch (Credit: Salk Institute) those who choose. a National Science Foundation CAREER Hess Corporation, a global inde- award to develop a flying cloud computing Tappit, the global payment and PORT OF SAN system in the air. data ecosystem for sports, events, pendent energy company, recently DIEGO OKS stadiums and venues, announced donated $3 million to establish the AGREEMENT FOR If it sounds far-fetched, it’s actual- a multi-year partnership with the endowed chair at Salk. SOUTH SAN DIEGO ly not — a San Diego State Univer- San Diego Padres. The partnership, BAY WETLANDS sity engineering researcher is work- which marks Tappit’s first with an Busch, a member of the Plant RESTORATION ing on developing a theoretical MLB team, will help ensure a safe Molecular and Cellular Biology framework for networked airborne return when Padres fans are al- Laboratory and the Integrative As part of efforts to protect and computing that will make this a lowed back into Petco Park for the Biology Laboratory, studies plants’ enhance San Diego Bay’s natural reality sooner rather than later. 2021 baseball season with the im- roots, which are not only critical for resources, the Port of San Diego plementation of safe and seamless Board of Port Commissioners has Junfei Xie is an assistant professor contactless mobile payment tech- approved a Memorandum of Un- in SDSU’s Department of Electrical nology throughout the stadium. derstanding (MOU) with the U.S. and Computer Engineering, whose Fish & Wildlife Service San Diego background as well as research Tappit will provide its white label National Wildlife Refuge Complex focus combine interdisciplinary mobile payment technology for Pa- and Poseidon Resources to coordi- knowledge from both these fields. dres fans through the team’s MLB nate on wetlands restoration and She recently received the CAREER Ballpark app, which will allow fans enhancement in south San Diego award from the National Science to make purchases using only their Bay. Foundation (NSF), given to prom- cell phone. Fans can link their pre- ising early career researchers to ferred payment method to the app The MOU allows the three parties further advance their research. to enjoy a frictionless experience at to share information, consult and concession and merchandise stands coordinate on implementation, Spread over five years, the throughout the stadium to pur- and collaborate on the design, $550,000 award will help Xie build chase food, drinks and merchandise construction, and long-term mon- quickly and efficiently. itoring of south San Diego Bay restoration, including the Refuge CALIFORNIA TO GET and Poseidon’s Otay River Estuary ANOTHER MASSIVE Restoration Project (ORERP) and, INFUSION OF CASH as may be approved by the Port’s CalMatters California’s coffers — already LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

24 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ NEWSBRIEFS ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ overflowing with a $25.3 billion develop MyFi Guide, a financial tions by researchers from Scripps Ana winds drive the most severe surplus — could soon see another wellness digital platform designed Institution of Oceanography and wildfires and tend to blow wildfire massive infusion of cash. for financial professionals to share the Herbert Wertheim School of smoke towards populated coastal with defined contribution plan Public Health and Human Lon- regions. Climate change delays the California’s state and local gov- sponsors and participants. gevity Science at UC San Diego. It start of the region’s rainy season, ernments are set to reap $40 billion was funded by the University of which pushes wildfire season closer of the $1.9 trillion federal stimulus Powered by iGrad’s award-win- California Office of the President, to the peak of the Santa Ana winds package that narrowly passed the ning Enrich financial wellness solu- the National Oceanic and Atmo- in early winter. Additionally, as Senate on Saturday and which Pres- tion, MyFi Guide features the Your spheric Administration (NOAA), populations grow in wildland ident Joe Biden is expected to sign Money Personality financial be- the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource urban interface areas, the risks of this week after a final vote in the havior assessment, which analyzes Center for Advancing Minority Ag- ignitions and impacts of wildfire House of Representatives. each user’s financial “personality.” ing Research at UC San Diego and and smoke increase for those who The MyFi Guide financial wellness theOffice of Environmental Health live inland and downwind. The massive measure, which platform also offers: Hazard Assessment. represents nearly one-tenth of the Coauthor Tom Corringham U.S. economy, closely follows a $7.6 • Financial education courses To isolate wildfire-produced points to the implications for billion state stimulus package Gov. with personalized action plans on PM2.5 from other sources of par- climate change: “As conditions in Gavin Newsom signed into law topics including budgeting, mort- ticulate pollution, the researchers Southern California become hotter late last month. It also fulfills one gages, healthcare, college savings, defined exposure to wildfire PM2.5 and drier, we expect to see in- of Newsom’s major requests of the student loan repayment, banking, as exposure to strong Santa Ana creased wildfire activity. This study federal government: The governor credit, financial planning and more winds with fire upwind. A second demonstrates that the harm due to in January asked Biden to provide measure of exposure involved wildfire smoke may be greater than emergency funding for state and • Retirement and home afford- smoke plume data from NOAA’s previously thought, bolstering the local governments after it wasn’t ability analyzers Hazard Mapping System. argument for early wildfire detec- included in the December stimulus tion systems and efforts to mitigate package. • A suite of student loan and A 10 microgram-per-cubic meter climate change.” higher education tools increase in PM2.5 attributed to The American Rescue Plan also sources other than wildfire smoke PETCO AND SAN includes $1,400 stimulus payments • Personal finance calculators and was estimated to increase respirato- DIEGO PADRES for millions of Americans and a real-time budget tool ry hospital admissions by 1 percent. ANNOUNCE PARK supplemental unemployment The same increase, when attributed NAMING RIGHTS benefits of $300 per week through FINE PARTICULATE to wildfire smoke, caused between a EXTENSION Sept. 6. This could spell trouble for MATTER FROM 1.3 to 10 percent increase in respira- California’s beleaguered unemploy- WILDFIRE SMOKE tory admissions. Petco and the San Diego Padres ment department, which just began MORE HARMFUL announced an agreement to ex- certifying on Sunday claimants’ THAN POLLUTION Corresponding author Rosana tend the naming rights for Petco benefits from the December stimu- FROM OTHER Aguilera said the research suggests Park through the 2027 Major lus package SOURCES that assuming all particles of a League Baseball season. The two- certain size are equally toxic may year extension on this now 17-year THERAPY SNEAKS Researchers call for revisions be inaccurate and that the effects relationship is emblematic of the INTO HARD LAYER to air-quality monitoring of wildfires – even at a distance – continued strength and recogni- OF PANCREATIC guidelines to consider the represent a pressing human health tion of the iconic Petco brand and CANCER AND sources of emissions concern. the company’s strong roots in San DESTROYS IT FROM Diego, according to the announce- WITHIN Researchers at Scripps Institution “There is a daily threshold for the ment. of Oceanography at UC San Diego amount of PM2.5 in the air that is Every 12 minutes, someone in the examining 14 years of hospital considered acceptable by the coun- In line with its health and well- United States dies of pancreatic can- admissions data conclude that the ty and the Environmental Protec- ness focus, Petco is also entering cer, which is often diagnosed late, fine particles in wildfire smoke tion Agency (EPA),” said Aguilera, into a unique strategic partnership spreads rapidly and has a five-year can be several times more harm- a postdoctoral scholar at Scripps with Padres players and pet parents survival rate at approximately 10 ful to human respiratory health Institution of Oceanography. “The Manny Machado and Fernando Ta- percent. Treatment may involve ra- than particulate matter from other problem with this standard is that tis Jr., finding ways to improve the diation, surgery and chemotherapy, sources such as car exhaust. While it doesn’t account for different well-being of both pets and their though often the cancer becomes this distinction has been previously sources of emission of PM2.5.” parents. resistant to drugs. identified in laboratory experi- ments, the new study confirms it at As of now, there is not a con- Under the new agreement, Petco Researchers at University of Cal- the population level. sensus as to why wildfire PM2.5 is will continue to be featured prom- ifornia San Diego School of Medi- more harmful to humans than oth- inently throughout the ballpark cine and Moores Cancer Center, in This new research work, focused er sources of particulate pollution. with dynamic signage featuring collaboration with Sanford-Burn- on Southern California, reveals the If PM2.5 from wildfires is more its new logo, and will continue to ham-Prebys Medical Discovery risks of tiny airborne particles with dangerous to human lungs than partner with the Padres on excit- Institute and Columbia Universi- diameters of up to 2.5 microns, that of ambient air pollution, the ing activations and promotions ty, demonstrated that a new tu- about one-twentieth that of a hu- threshold for what are considered during each season. As part of the mor-penetrating therapy, tested in man hair. These particles – termed safe levels of PM2.5 should reflect partnership with Machado and animal models, may enhance the PM2.5 – are the main component the source of the particles, especial- Tatis Jr., Petco will collaborate with effects of chemotherapy, reduce of wildfire smoke and can penetrate ly during the expanding wildfire the players on social and digital metastasis and increase survival. the human respiratory tract, enter season. This is especially relevant in content, as well as other activations the bloodstream and impair vital California and other regions where centered around Petco’s health and The study, published online organs. most PM2.5 is expected to come wellness focus so fans can take their March 9, 2021 in Nature Commu- from wildfires. pet parenthood to the next level. nications, showed how a tumor-tar- The study appears March 5 in geting peptide, called iRGD, can the journal Nature Communica- In Southern California, the Santa REVEALING THE sneak inside the armor that the SECRETS OF tumor built to protect itself and SEAWEED use the fibrous tissue as a highway to reach deeper inside, destroying Researchers explore seaweed ge- the tumor from within. nome diversity in project that could help solve societal challenges FRANKLIN TEMPLETON San Diego’s tide pools are a pop- PARTNERS WITH ular site for visitors hoping to see IGRAD ON NEW some form of marine life. Revealed PERSONALIZED with the ebb and flow of the tides, FINANCIAL these rocky coastal wonderlands are WELLNESS often teeming with creatures rang- PLATFORM ing from hermit crabs and octopus to small fishes and sea anemones. Franklin Templeton has part- nered with San Diego-based finan- But beyond the scene-stealing cial education company iGrad to marine critters—if you look a little closer—you will find seaweed, or algae, and lots of it. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 25 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ NEWSBRIEFS ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Researchers at UC San Diego are Catholic Church in Chula Vista. together American, Israeli and Legion,” says CJ Stos, principal of now taking a closer look at some The 17,420-square-foot, one-story, Palestinian youth in concurrent Stos Partners of these locally found seaweeds in a wood-frame and stucco worship dialogue-based encounters in San first-of-its-kind project that explores building has a seating capacity of Diego and Chicago. She will lead Matt Pourcho of CBRE repre- seaweed genome diversity. Fund- 1,000, as well as other ancillary and outreach and engagement with sented Stos Partners as the seller in ed by the Joint Genome Institute supporting spaces. alumni in the United States and the transaction. Fred Aframian of (JGI), this research is led by marine coordinate alumni programming CBRE represented the buyer in the chemist Bradley Moore and mem- The building features a 44-foot with Hands of Peace Regional Man- transaction. bers of his lab at Scripps Institution tall steel cross that weighs 4,000 agers in the Middle East. of Oceanography. pounds. It is constructed of steel COUNTY LAB, plates with a hand hammered AIRPORT FIRE STATIONS TO Since the project began in 2019, finish welded to structural steel INNOVATION LAB BENEFIT FROM researchers in the Moore Lab have tubes. The top of the cross sits at LAUNCHES ONE- BACKUP POWER been working to unravel the com- 62 feet above the ground. The site YEAR PROGRAM TO SUPPLY FUNDS plex chemistry of seaweeds, partic- development scope of work includ- TEST AUTONOMOUS ularly how they construct certain ed modifications to a small portion TECHNOLOGY The San Diego County Board molecules that could have import- of the existing surface parking lot, of Supervisors voted to ratify the ant applications in fields such as paved courtyards, walks, ramps, Autonomous technology that acceptance of fiscal year 2020-2021 manufacturing and medicine. The landscaping and irrigation as well enhances airport functions such as state community power resilien- team is currently working with the as required grading, drainage and airside operations, terminal space cy funds, a key step in helping to JGI to sequence the genomes of 10 utility improvements. operations, or intra-transit options improve backup energy sources for different types of biosynthetically are the focus of the Airport Inno- essential facilities and communica- “gifted” red seaweeds found in San Mater Dei Catholic Church was vation Lab’s inaugural one-year tions equipment as part of emer- Diego, something that has never represented by Father Ven. Domus- program at the San Diego Inter- gency preparedness efforts in the been done before. studio architecture was the archi- national Airport . Now through county. tect of record with David Pfeifer as Spring 2021, applications are being CARLENE MOORE principle-in-charge, Scott McColl accepted to this program that will Launched Oct. 25, 2019, by Gov. APPOINTED CEO OF as architect, and Diane Zoura as allow companies with autonomous Gavin Newsom, the Local Govern- THE DEL MAR FAIR designer. technology solutions to test and ment Public Safety Power Shutoff BOARD refine their products in a live envi- Resiliency Program provided state COUNTY RESIDENTS ronment. funding to help mitigate the effects The 22nd District Agricultural GRADUATE FROM of utility-initiated public safety Association Board of Directors/Del FIRST SPANISH Examples of technology accepted power shutoffs. The name of the Mar Fairgrounds appointed Interim LANGUAGE to this program are autonomous program was changed to “Com- CEO Carlene Moore to the position SHERIFF’S ACADEMY pushback solutions, AI-based smart munity Power Resiliency” for the of chief executive officer. assistants, and autonomous transit current fiscal year. A group of 36 residents of San options for moving passengers and Carlene has proven herself to be a Diego County graduated Feb. 17 staff throughout the airport within According to Jeff Toney, San true leader. Her hard work and ded- from the “Academia de Alguacil,” the terminal space. Diego County Office of Emergency ication during her entire time with the first-of-its-kind Spanish lan- Services (OES) director, the pro- the Del Mar Fairgrounds, but in guage sheriff’s academy sponsored Accepted applicants will partic- gram funds the development of particular over the past 12 months by the San Diego County Sheriff’s ipate in a four-quarter, one-year plans for securing items such as while she has helped navigate the Department. program. In each three-month generators, fuel storage and other organization through extremely quarter, participants will partake backup energy sources for critical challenging times, has been remark- Delivered virtually via Zoom in a variety of workshops, testing operations during a power shutoff able,” said Board President Richard and entirely in Spanish, the five- sprints, and one-on-one mentoring event. Valdez. week program was designed as a sessions that will culminate with relationship-building program to demo-day presentations. BOB BOLINGER Moore was appointed interim help provide equity in educating ELECTED 2021 CEO in August 2020. She initially one of the county’s most vulnerable At the end of the program, suc- PRESIDENT OF SAN joined the staff as deputy general populations about law enforcement cessful autonomous technology DIEGO BOWL GAME manager in February 2019 after an procedures and available resources solutions will have the potential ASSOCIATION extensive search. Prior to joining in San Diego County. to enter into contract negotiations the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Moore with the San Diego County Region- The San Diego Bowl Game As- served as CEO of the Napa County ALICEN ROBERTS al Airport Authority. sociation’s board of directors has Fair Association (Calistoga, Calif.). NAMED SITE elected Bob Bolinger president of Her experience in the fair industry DIRECTOR AT For more information and to ap- the nonprofit in 2021. The associ- spans back to 1994, having also HANDS OF PEACE ply, visit ation oversees the annual SDCCU worked at the El Dorado County Holiday Bowl football game and a Fair (Placerville, Calif.) and Plac- Alicen Roberts has been named STOS PARTNERS year around calendar of events. He er County Fair (Roseville, Calif.). site director at Hands of Peace, an SELLS MULTI- succeeds Dan Moore. Moore graduated Cum Laude from international non-profit organi- TENANT BUILDING California State University, Sac- zation that empowers American, IN CARLSBAD FOR Bolinger is a partner with CSBim- ramento with a concentration in Israeli and Palestinian youth to $5.24M pact, a San Diego-based market- Strategic Management. become agents of change. Roberts ing and media management firm has over a decade of experience in Stos Partners, a privately held that specializes in strategic media TSA CONSTRUCTION interfaith organizing, youth em- commercial real estate investment placement, brand development and COMPLETES MATER powerment training, and academic firm, has sold a 22,156- square-foot thought leadership for a diverse DEI CATHOLIC research in conflict transformation, multi-tenant R&D in Carlsbad after portfolio of clients. Previously, CHURCH completing renovations and bring- hiscareer was in broadcasting with Roberts has lived and studied in ing the asset to full occupancy with- management roles at several major TSA Construction Inc. has com- the Middle East region, receiving in 18 months. The property was pleted construction of Mater Dei several grants to study Hebrew, Ar- purchased for $3.78 million and abic, and International Relations in sold for $5.24 million. It is located Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Bethlehem at 5816 Dryden Place. during the last 12 years. “Upon acquisition of this proper- As site director, Roberts is respon- ty, we leased approximately 85 per- sible for Hands of Peace program- cent of the space back to the seller, ming, including the three-week Professional Rugby team San Diego Summer Program, which brings LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

26 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ NEWSBRIEFS ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ San Diego media groups. and is a Certified Internal Auditor nalism and so-called “fake news.” gift shop and coffee bar. The total Since 1978, the bowl effort has and Certified Government Audit- The program will kick off with a finished square footage will be over ing Professional, earning both of virtual panel discussion featuring 50,000. In partnership with Mingei, generated an economic benefit these standings through the Insti- local journalists on Monday, March the nationally recognized firm, of $977 million for the San Diego tute of Internal Auditors. 15, 2021 at 6 p.m. LUCE et studio, envisioned the region. museum’s physical transformation CAL STATE SAN The first program in the series of focusing on artist collaborations, ac- Other 2021 elected officers for MARCOS NAMES four panels is “Where Do We Go cessibility, functionality, well-craft- the San Diego Bowl Game As- NEXT VP OF from Here: Life After the Trump ed and inspiring design. sociation include: Cherry Park, FINANCE AND White House” and will focus on president-elect; John Finkenberg, ADMINISTRATIVE how journalists report on elected BURNHAM-MOORES secretary; and Jackie Reed, treasur- SERVICES officials. The program will be mod- CENTER FOR REAL er. Newly appointed members of erated by The San Diego Union-Tri- ESTATE TO HOST the 21-member board of directors California State University San bune Editorial and Opinion Direc- 25TH ANNUAL include Mike Green and Alberto Marcos President Ellen Neufeldt tor Matthew T. Hall and will feature REAL ESTATE Mier y Teran. announced the appointment of Kate Morrissey, immigration re- CONFERENCE Leon Wydem as the university’s porter for The San Diego Union-Tri- KITCHELL IN SAN new vice president of finance and bune, Ismael Estrada, managing The Burnham-Moores Center for DIEGO HONORED BY administrative services. Wyden editor of NBC 7 San Diego, Chris Real Estate at the University of San ALS ASSOCIATION currently serves as vice president Megerian, White House reporter Diego School of Business will hold FOR SUPPORTING for administration and finance at for the Los Angeles Times, investi- its largest conference of the year— WALK Frostburg State University (FSU) in gative journalist Jean Guerrero and the 25th Annual Real Estate Con- Frostburg, Md. Frostburg is part of Alex Presha from ABC News. ference Virtual Edition. The event The ALS Association Greater San the University System of Maryland. will be held on Thursday, March Diego Chapter has recognized the To register for the program, visit 25, 2021 from 8 to 11 a.m. and San Diego office of Kitchell CEM, a At CSUSM, Wyden will be re- the San Diego Public Library event will feature three game-changing construction, engineering and pro- sponsible for overseeing a division calendar. Registration closes on megaprojects that will transform fessional services firm, as one of the of 240 employees with six subdi- March 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. Other San Diego. Projects to include:Ch- top, first-time teams to participate visions: administration, business programs will be announced at a ula Vista Bayfront Master Plan, at its most recent Walk to Defeat and financial services, facilities later date. featuring Amara Bay; Riverwalk ALS. development and management, San Diego; and NAVWAR. human resources, the university ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ ALS officials said Team Kitch- police department and the CSUSM FEDERAL STIMULUS Featured speakers to include ell raised more than $4,300 in Corporation. Wyden’s appointment BILL COULD CUT Ryley Webb, land development donations, which also included will begin at the end of May 2021. CALIFORNIA CHILD manager at Pacifica Companies; matching funds from the Kitchell POVERTY BY HALF Eric Hepfer, managing director Foundation. Overall, the 2020 Walk Wyden’s previous positions at Hines; Captain Kenneth R. to Defeat ALS, held in October include vice president for business CalMatters Franklin, commanding officer at 2020 with about 2,000 participants, affairs at the University of Find- California’s child poverty rate Naval Base Point Loma; Gregory raised $300,000 in donations, which lay, vice president for finance and P. Geisen, NAVWAR revitalization was the event’s fundraising goal. administration at Tiffin University, could be slashed in half by the $1.9 project manager at Naval Informa- and associate vice president of fi- trillion relief package the House of tion Warfare Systems Command; Jennifer Baker, a program manag- nance and planning at Upper Iowa Representatives sent to Biden’s desk Hasan Ikhrata, executive director at er with Kitchell, was her company’s University. Wyden’s first position on Wednesday — marking a poten- SANDAG; and Victoria Stackwick, team captain for the ALS walk. Bak- in higher education was as deputy tial turning point for the Golden director of government relations at er’s mom Jean passed away in 2011 controller at Howard University. State, which has the nation’s high- SANDAG. from ALS, or amyotrophic lateral est poverty rate when accounting sclerosis, often called Lou Gehrig’s Wyden holds a bachelor’s of busi- for the cost of living. DEPARTMENT OF disease. ness administration in accounting ENERGY TO AWARD from the University of Detroit Mer- Roughly two-thirds of California’s $53 MILLION FOR The 2021 Walk to Defeat ALS will cy and is a certified public accoun- families with children will receive UNIVERSITY-BASED be held Sunday, Oct. 17, at De Anza tant. He succeeds Mary Stephens, monthly cash aid for a year with ENERGY EFFICIENCY Cove in Mission Bay. Registration who has served in the interim role no strings attached, something ASSESSMENTS is now open. For event details, visit since the retirement of Neal Hoss the state’s progressives had long in fall 2020. dreamed of, but never managed to ExecutiveGov achieve, CalMatters’ Jackie Botts The Department of Energy will BOARD OF PORT NEW SAN DIEGO reports. COMMISSIONERS PUBLIC LIBRARY invest $52.5 million in universi- APPOINTS MARK PROGRAM WILL The expanded child tax credit, ty-based efforts that help wastewa- YEILDING AS PORT FOCUS ON MEDIA paired with California’s $600 Gold- ter treatment facilities and manu- AUDITOR LITERACY en State stimulus payments, could facturers reduce carbon footprint help hundreds of thousands of un- and boost energy efficiency. These The Port of San Diego announces The San Diego Public Library is documented families — who were centers also train and prepare stu- the appointment of Mark Yeilding beginning a series of free programs shut out of earlier relief efforts — dents for potential careers related as port auditor. He had been serv- that will focus on media literacy turn a financial corner amid the to clean energy. ing as acting port auditor since Jan. and will include discussions on po- pandemic. 8, 2020. Yeilding succeeds Robert litical reporting, investigative jour- DOE said Monday that its In- “Bob” Monson, who served as the MINGEI dustrial Assessment Centers will port’s auditor from 2013 until his INTERNATIONAL conduct studies and produce retirement on Jan. 7, 2020. MUSEUM’S MAJOR recommendations in the areas of RESTORATION waste reduction, cybersecurity, wa- In his job, Yeilding plans, organiz- NEARLY COMPLETED ter savings and productivity, with es, directs and oversees the port’s the goal to reduce greenhouse gas audit function. He is responsible for Mingei International Museum’s emissions. auditing internal accounting and three-year transformative con- financial management activities struction project at its Balboa Park “This new funding is an invest- to assure compliance with statu- location is nearly complete and ment in both the infrastructure tory requirements and accounting now scheduled for reopening in and next-generation clean energy standards. In this position, he will late summer in adherence with workforce we need to tackle the examine and analyze fiscal proce- state COVID-19 guidelines. A larger climate emergency and meet Presi- dures, verify accounts and expen- community-wide celebration and dent Biden’s goal of net-zero carbon ditures, and provide other analyses official grand opening is being emissions by 2050,” said Jennifer of financial and operating data as planned for the fall. Granholm, secretary of Energy. directed by the Board of Port Com- missioners. The transformation will reveal a Interested parties may submit new and dynamic museum with letters of intent through April 1st. Yeilding began his career at the enhancements and improvements DOE expects to select up to 35 uni- Port in February 2014 as a deputy to the 1915 Spanish Colonial style versities, which would each receive port auditor. In April 2018, he was House of Charm including add- between $1.5 and $2.25 million in appointed assistant port auditor, ing 10,000 square feet of space for five-year awards. overseeing four deputy port au- exhibitions and programming, a ditors. He holds a master’s degree new theater and education center in public administration from the and amenities including a bistro, University of Southern California LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 27 Mission Hills Garden Club hosts 23rd Annual Garden Walk 2021 Saturday, May 8, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM, SO DOES HOPE Where: Walking garden tour of Mission Hills, den at a time. Guests should plan to wear face scholarships to students studying agriculture pick up maps and ticket purchase at Mission masks and use social distancing. Participants and related fields. For more information: www. Hills Nursery, 1525 Fort Stockton Dr. beginning will pick up their map at Mission Hills Nurs- at 10:00 am Purchase tickets (with specified ery, 1525 Fort Stockton Dr., on the day of the start times) ($30) at www.missionhillsgarden- walk at their selected start time. Tickets should be purchased in advance ($30) at www.mis- There is no guarantee Proceeds from the annual garden walk sup- tickets will be available the day of the walk. The port community improvement projects such as Mission Hills Garden Club, established in 1997, the Gecko Garden at Grant Elementary, resto- is a non-profit, community service organization ration of Allen Canyon, Pioneer Park, and Presi- dedicated to educate, engage, beautify, and give dio Park, and scholarships to students studying back. Proceeds from the annual Garden Walk agriculture and related fields. support community improvement projects in- cluding the Gecko Garden at Grant Elementary School, restoration of Allen Canyon, plantings at Pioneer Park and Presidio Park, as well as The theme, incorporating a phrase attributed to Lady Bird Johnson, is fitting to the beginning of emergence from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as trees and plants are beginning to blossom, so too the community is feeling more hopeful. Five of the nine gardens included in this year’s walk have never been included in a garden walk, and several favorites from past years have been significantly updated, offering surprises and ideas for novice and experienced gardeners. While two of the gardens are on clearly visible large lots, others’ expanses are hidden from street view. Visitors will enjoy intimate spaces and unique plant specimens in all the gardens. Knowing that many school youth have been learning at home, this year’s Garden Walk will include a scavenger hunt with a prize for all youth finding the treasures in the gardens. Admission is free for children 10 and under, however strollers are not allowed in the gardens. The Garden Walk is designed to be a leisurely two-mile stroll through Mission Hills, known for its variety of home and garden styles. To assure safety again this year, participants will select a time slot for starting the walk, with a limited number of individuals in any one gar- LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

BY BART MENDOZA © MUSICSCENESD // MUSICSCENESD.COM28 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 MARCH 2021 Grapefruit MoonRICHIE “LABAMBA” ROSENBERG Originally released in 2008, South- side Johnny With LaBamba’s Big with the right musicians, booking Southside Johnny were all in the Band – Grapefruit Moon, recast the rehearsals, ordering pizza for 20+ studio together for recording and songs of Tom Waits in a big band people, not hard at all when you getting the basic tracks down. “I was setting. It’s a perfect match with have so much fun to look forward conducting. There were some over- Southside’s soulful vocals set against to,” Rosenberg said. The band and dubs in post production like cello, band leader / trombonist Richie “La- organ, accordion, background vocals, Bamba” Rosenberg’s wonderful ar- percussion, tuba etc.” rangements. This month the album is reissued by San Diego’s Pacific The current reissue came about Records, particularly fitting in light through a friend. “I presented the of Waits status as a local legend. CD to (keyboardist) Martin Guigui over a breakfast hang,” Rosenberg Rosenberg is perhaps best known recalled. “He said, let me send this for his nearly 25 year run with to my partners at Pacific Records. Conan O’Brien’s house band across I was a bit shocked. I knew he had several iconic television programs, his hands in a lot of different things including Late Night and The To- both music and film, but I had no night Show, taking part in numerous idea Martin was President of A & R skits and in the process becoming of the company. That’s just the way one of the most familiar faces on my life seems to roll from time to late night TV. He’s also played on time.” many recordings and tours with artists ranging from Little Steven Producer Dan Gralick enlisted leg- to Diana Ross. For LaBamba’s Big endary engineer Doug Sax to mas- Band, he leads a thirteen-piece horn ter the original recording. “For this section. release, Dan Gralick reached out to friend/ engineer Sascha Peterfreundt “The concept to create an entire who remastered it and kept all the CD of Tom Waits music was South- integrity of Dougs work. I’ve heard side’s vision,” Rosenberg said. He the original “Grapefruit Moon” was equally up to the challenge of on the radio placed in between a arranging and conducting. “Every- Miles Davis cut and a classic Sinatra thing about Tom’s music appeals to recording and sonically it’s right me. Deep lyrics, Deep composition, there, melted together. It was quite a absolute Genius!” moment. This effort is outstanding and deserves to be listened to.” With so many players, how hard is it to coordinate a band like his for Rosenberg is happy to see this recording? “If you mean filling chairs project getting attention once more. “The other side of the coin is the wonderful respect and effort that Pacific Records has put into this,” he said. “It’s a true joy for me to be able to be involved with the Pacific fami- ly and to see the progress for myself.” The album’s bonus track, “Straight to the Top,” is from a concert held to promote the original albums release, at the Nokia Theatre on October 24, 2008. “It’s from Tom’s opera “Frank’s Wild Years,” Rosenberg said. “South- LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 29 side asked me about orchestrating THE LITTER this song for the original record- ing, but I never got to it. When we Future of the Past started talking about a record release Legendary Minneapolis based band, The Litter, is concert, I started coming up with back with their first album in more than 25 years, more obscure favorite. “Hearing Our song played some encore ideas and this was one Future of the Past. Best known for their 1966 ga- on different TV series, movies and documentaries of them I knew Johnny would enjoy. rage rock classic, the oft covered “Action Woman,” over the last few years is such an amazing feeling. I This arrangement is very “Sinatra after three albums the band split in 1970, until have listened to so many different versions of (that like” and fun. So Johnny asked me reuniting in the 1990’s for shows alongside reissues song),” he said good naturedly. “It’s a band out of to sing it with him. I think It has an and live recordings. It’s a testament to demand for Japan, The Privates.” attitude of the Rat Pack about it.” The Litters music that those three original classic albums have been issued collectively more than Although the band has never performed in San Unfortunately fans shouldn’t ex- fifty times worldwide over the past five decades. Diego, they hope to once things settle down again. pect more songs to be released from “We did not play there, but in the 1960’s we did the concert. “The whole show was The new album has a harder edge than their play in surrounding California venues such as the recorded, but not for public use. Just early works. Drummer Tom Murray concurs. He is Whisky A Go-Go, where we opened for Fleetwood a two-track recording that sounds the only original member remaining in the band Mac,” Murray said. “We will be touring once the God awful,” Rosenberg said. “As far though guitarist Tom “Zippy” Kaplan also makes venues start operating at full capacity,” he contin- as audio goes, the longer the show an appearance on the new record. “It’s closer to ued. “That’s when the current Litter will make its went on, the little better the mix what we were in the late 1960s, when we showed live debut.” got. By the time we got to the encore the world what hard rock kick ass music really the sound was bearable enough to was,” he said good naturedly. “We were a head of While the pandemic has slowed things down as listen to. But as far as excitement of our time at that point.” far as live shows and promoting the album, Mur- the performance, that was a differ- ray is just happy to be making new music. “Hope- ent story. Some great initial EQ was What’s the meaning behind the new disc’s title? fully our sound and our attitudes can contribute worked on by friends Dave Winslow “On our 1969 album, Emerge, one of the songs was to positive feelings going forward,” Murray said. “If and Tyler Traband and then I gave called “Future of the Past,” said Murray of the al- you liked the old Litter, we can’t wait for you to it to Dan Gralick. There was also bum’s connection to their original run of releases. hear the new Litter!” another person who in the end did a “I personally had a drum solo and I was also one wonderful job mastering it, Michael of the writers of that song. With this new album, Lotus. So to answer to the question, I took what that rock was and made it where rock will more from the show be re- should be now. That is why it is called Future of leased? No. Not if I can help it.” the Past. Rosenberg makes note of Gralick’s What prompted the band’s return? “(Looking contribution to the project. “I want back) after 48 years, I took inspiration from some to give special credit to our Pro- of the rhythms and sounds of our past recordings,” ducer, my dear friend Dan Gralick Murray said. “I decided after listening to them whom if not for him, both the orig- that I wanted to take what The Litter was in 1970, inal and the rerelease would have when we originally split, and bring back that taken a much different road. He’s a sound. It’s what rock n roll should be today.” multi-talented dynamo of a produc- er whom I still, after all these years While The Litter has remained a cult band, enjoy working with. We first met in Murray is pleased with the influence they have the early 80’s. Johnny said I can use had over the last half century. “I’m honored that anybody I choose to produce and to this day so many bands perform “Action Wom- there wasn’t a doubt in my mind an,” Murray said, “I feel incredibly blessed that the who to call.” band has made such an impact on so many after fifty years.” There are many versions of the bands Rosenberg has performed in San signature song, including by major label groups Diego many times over the years, such as Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fuzztones, including concerts with Bruce Danzig and The Lime Spiders, but Murray notes a Springsteen, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes and Diana Ross, as well as “four wonderful years at the Spreckels Theater with CONAN for Comic-Con. “I’ve highly enjoyed San Diego’s nightlife and restaurants in both the Gaslamp district and Little Italy,” he commented. He was partic- ularly happy to be in town for Com- ic-Con. “It was a blast for me cause I’m a Marvel Comics collector,” he said. “I still have a couple thousand issues. We weren’t given passes to go to the convention, but someone recognized me on 4th St. amongst hundreds of people. Gave me passes, took my family to the Marvel booth and I ended up being interviewed in a podcast type of setting. I never signed more autographs in my life,” he said good naturedly. Upcoming projects include road work and more. “I’m touring over the spring/early summer with Martin Guigui and Billy Gibbons,” Rosenberg said. “We’re also record- ing new material for the next La- Bamba’s Big Band project.” Busier than ever, Rosenberg is clear on his favorite thing about being a musi- cian. “Does it get any better?,” he asks. “Not for me . And there’s the enjoy- ment I get from watching my five kids develop their many musical talents.” uct/643655 LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

30 March, 2021 | VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 THE BEAT FARMERS More Tales of the New West A deluxe version of the Beat EASTLAKEwill probably be harder to deal he said. “There was a lot of inter- Farmers debut album, Tales of next.” With the reissue of Tales of est in the band as soon as we start- the New West, is due April 2 with than others. We’ll try to go The New West, Raney is enjoying ed experimenting on the clientele from Blixa Sounds. The CD will in the timeline of the original looking back at his band’s early of the Spring Valley Inn. There include the original 1985 album releases, so Glad ‘n’ Greasy will be days. “It was a very exciting time,” was constant growth and we had + a second 21-song disc, Live at to keep moving into larger venues, the Spring Valley Inn, 1983, and a from the Inn to Bodies then to 24-page booklet that includes rare The Bacchanal, then Nationwide photos. The release is the first in touring.” As far as the recording a series of reissues for the band. itself? “It was a real charge to go “The plan is to keep reissuing the in to the Capitol Records building old albums as we get the rights and lay down all the basic tracks. back from the record companies,” We played them all live, and then said guitarist Jerry Raney. “Some went over to Amigo Studios and did some overdubs. (Producer) Steve Berlin was a pleasure to work with. To me, the album holds up well and always will. It has an unpretentious charm to it.” As proud as Raney is of the main album, he’s particularly happy with the live bonus disc. “Live at the Spring Valley Inn is just raw semi innocent fun,” he said good naturedly. “It’s neat to hear stuff like “ cut the juke box” and “ we’ll be back tomorrow” and “ no cover charge on Sunday”. Fun, humble beginnings.” West-Deluxe-Beat-Farmers/dp/ B08SZ1F5D7 SAN DIEGO Event Coalition The San Diego Events Coalition MISSION STATEMENT is a collaboration of San Diego’s adopt, from a small backyard is a new organization dedicated The San Diego Event Coalition most esteemed event producers, wedding, to a large festival. These to getting live events back on planners and venue managers that standards address all aspects of track. Started in June, the group advocates for event professionals are united with a common goal: sanitation, public health and social includes seven board members in San Diego County, and works to the safe re-opening of events of all distancing. The documentation we and 23 others who book / schedule educate the industry and govern- kinds in San Diego County. have created is extremely detailed many of the events around the ment officials on standards for safe and provides a framework for all county. “We’re just looking for operation of events. With an average of more than 20 events during the time of Covid19. clear guidance on how to create a ABOUT SAN DIEGO EVENT years of experience, our commit- safe path back to work,” said orga- COALITION ment is the creation of operational Events create meaningful expe- nizer Kevin Hellman. “Right now protocols that all events should riences for the community and we’re still in limbo as to what can The San Diego Event Coalition celebrate our humanity. The live be done with community events.” event industry, often overlooked He notes meetings are already by public agencies, employs thou- underway. sands of event professionals in San Diego County, many of whom “We created a 38 page docu- have become unemployed, and/ ment, a safe reopening guide, or on the brink of needing to which we did with input from close their businesses. Beyond just state senator Toni Atkins office, the planners and producers, the which has been shared with the impact of event cancellations has health department both with the deeply impacted rental companies, state and locally.” Hellman notes caterers, staging companies, secu- it’s likely things won’t be back rity providers, food and beverage to “normal” for a while with live providers and more. It’s a mil- events, but considers the effect lion-dollar industry that has been the lack of shows and festivals is forced to shutter. We have united having on not only musicians, per- the industry in order help us get to formers and promoters, but also work again. on all the ancillary things, from food and beverage vendors to buy- Our mission is to bring events ing ads in local media. “It doesn’t back to the San Diego community. have to be as big as things were a Our commitment is health and year and a half ago, but we’ve got safety for the community, event to start somewhere,” he said. participants, staff and volunteers. Please join us in making our voice heard. LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 3 | March, 2021 31 Local Music Notes • Legendary Spanish mod rockers Agentes Song Contest. fan group and it celebrates the team’s 4 pillars: Secretos have their 1985 album, Todo Para Ti, • Death Eyes, featuring the late Alberto Independent, Authentic, Inclusive, and Opti- reissued by Cambaya/Hurrah/SNAP! Records mistic.” Next up is “Tutu” (April 2) “an upbeat in honor of it’s 30th Anniversary. The album’s Jurado, have a new limited-edition album due celebration of life.” original fourteen songs include a cover of the soon, Death Eyes Live at Bar Pink. Out via Tell-Tale Hearts song “Crawling Back To Me,” Pink Pachyderm Records on pink vinyl. • Matt Rhea and the Central Processing with the new memorablila packed booklet Unit have a new video out, a cover of Des- including a quote from TTH frontman Ray • Rock heroes, The Dragons album, Live at mond Dekker’s “Problems.” The band’s name is Brandes. The reissue adds three demos and a the Casbah, is being reissued by Sweet Ohm also the name of both a new recording studio remake. and label based in La Mesa. EASTLAKERamalama Records, on red or yellow vinyl. The updated version will include an eight-page comic book with liner notes and photos. • Percussionist / comedian / actor Cather- • Fast Mart Heart aka Martin Stamper’s new • Powerpop / Indie rock combo Super Buffet ine Barnes debuts her second one-woman album, CoronaCoaster Blues, mixes originals have a digital single, “Jaunty” and “Tall Boy musical, Yes? No? Maybe So? on March 20. with banjo played covers of tunes such as The Can Girl” released by Big Stir Records on May Streaming live from the Whitefire Theatre White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” and Louis 14. Featuring Pete Bayard on vocals and in Sherman Oaks, CA, the musical comedy Armstrong’s immortal “What A Wonderful bass, Chris Silva and Jon Norwood on guitar, about consent was written and performed by World.” Brendan Ruff on drums, and Marie Haddad Barnes, though it includes an unlikely cover on keys. Both songs are on the forthcoming song, Charlie Daniels “The Devil Went Down album “Self Styled Super Buffet” due in July. To Georgia.”“I wasn’t sure how this would sound with vibraphone and marimba, but in • Switchfoot is taking part in “The World’s my humble opinion, it sounds great,” Barnes Greatest Floating Music Festival – The Rock said good naturedly. Her previous play, Queen Boat XXI” sailing from Miami November 7-12. Mab and the International Man of Mystery, Others set to perform include Sister Hazel, We won several awards including “Best Show with The Kings and Andrew MacMahon Original Music” at the 2019 Tucson Fringe Festival. • A new Ike & Tina Turner collection is out via BGO Records, compiling two of their heatre/492493 1970’s albums, Come Together and Nuff Said. The late Ike Turner is a former North County resident. • New and upcoming singles: Normandie Wilson returns with with electro-pop tune “Paradise,” singer-songwriter Nisha Catron with a dance track, “Azure Blue,” Side Hustle with Lauren Leigh + Abe Majors, Steve Ebner and Jordan Morita with a cover of Sting’s “En- glishman in New York,” Sweet Imperfections (led by singer songwriter Bri Schillings) with socially conscious / uplifting ballad, “Gently not Judgingly,” The Dreamcoats “Chill With You” • New and upcoming albums include: rapper J. Andrew and his debut, Collapse, The Normal Gray with a self titled debut, rapper Rob Stone with Bonafide, hard rockers Monarch with a new disc Future Shock due April 16. • Hip-hop empresario Black Hesher (aka • Also just out is Nickel Creek’s Live from Van Bates of label Cult Muzic) is the new host the Fox Theater. Recorded live in Oakland, of the “Live From The Hive” radio show broad- CA., circa 2014, the album’s vinyl pressing sold cast weekly from Queen Bee’s Arts & Cultural out in pre-orders! Center on KNSJ 89.1 FM. In addition to new music from J. Andrew and the San Diablo • Marklyn Retzer has two: “(I.A.I.O) We Are All-Stars Cult Muzic has just released a limited San Diego” (March 26), “which is a fan anthem edition run of Black Hesher skateboards. for the San Diego Loyal soccer team, anticipat- ing their second season which starts in May. • Multiple SDMA “Best Singer-Songwriter” It’s based around a chant that I brought to the winner Colin Clyne’s song “Where The Ships Go to Die,” took home the trophies for both “Best Male” songwriter and “Overall Winner” in the 2020 Blues & Roots Radio International LOCAL NEWS | /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia ADVERTISE | [email protected]

1866 Miner Creek Lane #2 1240 India Street San Diego, CA 92101 Chula Vista, CA 91913 $489,900 Coming Soon in Little Italy, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1220 Square feet. Stunning unit in the Beautiful townhouse located in one of the best popular Treo Building in Little Italy. This home complexes in Otay Ranch. Open floor plan- is located on one of the highest floors of the wonderful living room with combined dining complex with spectacular West facing views of room, spacious kitchen, separate laundry the San Diego Harbor and skyline. Remodeled room and ½ bath downstairs. 3 bedroom, Kitchen and Baths, 2 parking spaces, fireplace 2 bathrooms upstairs- master bedroom with and large balcony. ensuite bathroom, 2 additional bedrooms and bathroom feels like a detached home. New carpeting installed 12/8//20. Gated patio for watching the sunset and looking out to an amazing park with playground. Attached 1 car garage and 1 parking space. HOA has community pool/spa within walking distance and nightly gated security. Easy commuting with 125 Toll Road, 805 FWY and bus route. Incred- ible biking, running, and walking paths with multiple parks around. Call Mindy at 619-370- 1161, DRE# 01872144 3853 Mount Abraham Avenue DRE#01273092 Nice home on the coveted Mount streets of Clairemont. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1387 Square feet. Great single story home with newer roof, windows & updated electrical. Centrally locat- ed to everything in San Diego. Close to shopping, freeways, schools and parks. Large 6000 square foot lot. This one won’t last. Priced at $689,000 I was just recognized as one of the top 3% producers of REALTORS® in all of San Diego County by Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® and received the prestigious Real Estate Achievement and Leadership (R.E.A.L.) award! I am deeply honored and thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. Thank you for supporting my business and allowing me to practice what I love to do! – Camille Bruno This is a huge seller's market. If you are ready to sell, now is the time! People are asking themselves, do I have the right kitchen? Do have I have the right office set-up? Do I have enough outdoor space? If the answer is No, you should contact Camille to discuss your options. 619-818-3556 [email protected]

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