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Luxury Barndominiums Magazine JUNE2021

Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2021-06-09 22:19:23

Description: A magazine for the Barndominium enthusiast


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EDITOR IN CHIEF / STEPHANIE ESSARY contact us: ASSOCIATE EDITOR / NINA PATEL CREATIVE DIRECTOR / SHIRLEY PEDRERA DIGITAL ART DIRECTOR / KIM FERRER [email protected] @luxurybarndominiums @luxurybarndominiums For advertising and collaborating opportunities, contact [email protected] available in print & digital Editor's Note | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

WHAT'S INSIDE 09 TAKE A TOUR OF 05 EDITOR'S NOTE THE DOUBLE L. RANCH You will find the freedom of expression allows to create something which is uniquely you, a space that meets all of your family’s needs and more. 06 REDEFINING LUXURY The new luxury is CONNECTION! People are realizing that collecting moments, memories and connections is priceless. 29 BARNDO FAST FACTS Whatever your needs, Mastercraft Builders is here to meet them. When they say it is a family business, they mean it. It is their family, embracing yours. 31 EXCLUSIVE! RISE OF THE BARNDOMINIUM DURING THE LUMBER CRISIS 37 HOSTING AFTER COVID Things to consider when hosting your first post pandeminc get together. 23 18 46 OUTDOOR SPACES TO CELEBRATE Are your outdoor spaces ready for the summer? MEET STACEE LYNN: CREATING SPACES 48 SUMMER VIBES 03 THE BARNDOMINIUM THAT RECHARGE US LADY Plan the backyard pool of your dreams JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 In a pandemic, our living Stacee Lynn is a self-taught space becomes our retreat. 54 MARKET WATCH designer, contractor, and Our space reflects who we decorator. Although she has are and what is important to Luxury Texas Barndominium for sale no formal training, she us. It can also be a reflection designed and built her own of our inner need for care [email protected] gorgeous barndominium. and attention. Now she is the nations WWW.LUXURYBARNDOMINIUMS.COM premier Barndominium Designer. What's Inside | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

LUXURY A Life Well Lived. Welcome to the HOME BY MASTERCRAFT World of Luxury BUILDERS LLC Barndominiums ESDTEITPOHRE-ISNS-ACRHYIEF 04 omGFvMtuiinaexyonciewdneienreeedtUhrsreniospntrurperetesaesoasnertsis,sddiwwlefyeloaaihnvfrsseceomoriesrneneg.tidotoAC3itcaafh, tkletilbpeh.yparaaiprsttnnihoqtdedihunJeeebtodoi6aag,bwanroonehfdaveeenaIl, I2Botnrhofr4aiaracdymvmkieet,.aaisobrztnseionaeanglnnedbdi,enuashirnliadegdveaneslrsstewtu.shoIctawrcaktotaeewsbdefeuworisnerietgmohdtfoathfroeneertaethrhdrea.any fuIancmioqiuulyled’slycnrmeeeae,tdeasssaponamdcemetohthrineag.t tmheatt awllams y There is some comfort I suppose, in rwgAerfhemteeaontrtamdeelyayaen,layitor’ofswftehiumsessreeaesrnwettueisacthlkiatlloivnwehdoaosrvopkeriensnag,tapanladce JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 AuT1aebdenuy0ftemixi0qledas%uirstintettolgshahsoaanaatltrdtdnb,useaIrcociwlbtcntaeuhkpwsgro-eecaaausrnnyagadnphopt-doofimintpblsgoioveuermpiypteneaoygamnrn,lpelrdoIlaod.arwnevnIuacesmopshrfnoumtht’fshtohytemesee. kebtIBdthowneexaaopcsrbantrwainugedImtiinslondedesgmeadaisntowimnhpdhnhiaeoo.ucatrrumotaetsst.shyeetIo,e,.lctuyybThruhoagwetevfeamfeItmnebdowtroeeerfherglddeeea-cnsxnIfoiodbryntmeeoiovleilueitvfdnyteedcoh-deeemiinlcndinlgioidkItfeoe ctptskyhhoioulnaaaumndcttvteooiwihnnftfeecchlioeitfalfosrrdteepvssiteoeshtqdrysasuaolptoatemeerBmwesnatuedofraoncilanbldohlguolotmifcatlLdigryomiaoevrsveeu.ionermtig.nhnIe.otaeItfneahafldetimlnoshrgws;easthe

A letter Why Barndominums? In simple terms, from the steel or metal buildings are cheaper than editor. traditional builds and offer so much versatility in design. Steph Essary The building itself can be erected BARNDO MAMA relatively quickly, less than a week in many cases. Once in place, the true magic happens inside. Think of it as a blank canvas, where you are free to express your individual artistic gifts. The finished product reflecting who you are and what you love most. Join us as we explore the world of luxury barndominiums, where the possibilities are endless. From the stunning designs offered by The Barndominium Lady, Stacee Lynn, to the gorgeous North Texas home of Shelley and Neil Loving, you will find that you can create something that is uniquely you, a space that perfectly reflects who you are and what matters most to you. A new era of Luxury Living is being heralded in and we predict that Barndominium design and living will be -Stephat the forefront.

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01Luxury BY NINA PATEL Luxury is a feel-good word. It holds our desires, dreams, and most of all a feeling of fulfillment. The keyword being feeling. Luxurious experiences, clothes, cars, and homes have a feeling about them that fulfills the senses. Your home also can fulfill your senses in ways you may have not considered. When designing your home in the past, this may have meant picking out marble for countertops and backsplashes, high-end bathroom fixtures, and refined woods for flooring. You were creating beauty as well as spaces that would feel wonderful to be in. While the quality of materials is still as important for the building of your home, these things are beginning to leave the realm of our idea of luxury and redefine what luxury is. The new luxury is CONNECTION! People are realizing that collecting moments, memories, and 06 connections are priceless. The experience of not being able to hold family gatherings and celebrations due to the pandemic has only shown how essential our homes are for creating and maintaining connections. The emphasis is now on creating space for times together and shared priceless moments. These are the new luxuries. They are becoming a necessary part of how we design the spaces of our homes. Redefining Luxury | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

These are the new luxuries 07 Think Marie Kondo and her wisdom ‘does this spark joy?’ Luxury is developing JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 deep connections that bring forth joy and fulfillment to our souls. Does your home spark joy for you? This is not a question of how many things you have in your home or that you need to declutter. Instead, think about your relationship to your space. Your home is your sanctuary. Your guests are equally important and valued. You honor the connection you share with others by respecting and loving your space. When we connect our space and our home with our relationships, it becomes the epitome of luxurious living. To be home is a luxury. To live in a space of kindness is a luxury. To create a home that is inviting and holds space for memory making, visiting, and connecting with loved ones is a luxury. When we realize that our things do not hold joy, that it is our hearts that hold joy, then our homes begin to reflect what is truly important to us. Redefining Luxury | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Things to think about: 1. What does luxury mean to me? Visualize the life you want to feel there. How do you want to live in your space? How do 2. When did I last experience happiness in my you want others to feel when they are there? home? What room was I in? What was I doing? Bask in the feeling of pure joy when you 3. What small changes can I make in my home create the home of your dreams. A space that to invite connection? exudes beauty and harmony. A reflection of all things that bring your peace and happiness. Thank your home. Thank your life. Gratitude for It is luxury at its finest. It will surely be shared your home is luxury. Bring this spiritual element with others who enter there. Cheers to into your space when organizing and designing. connection and joy in our homes For a world experiencing the ups and downs of Nina Patel, Contributor a pandemic, this is a perfect time to invite joy into your home. Nina is an award-winning realtor and certified meditation teacher who is passionate about helping her clients find their sacred space. 08JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Redefining Luxury | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

BARNDO HOME For Shelley and Neil Loving, a personal health crisis led to a After learning as much as she could on her own, Shelley calling and a new life. When Neil, a high-end remodeling decided she wanted to expand her knowledge. She became contractor, had a massive heart attack at the age of 41, it an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through The served as a wake-up call for the couple. The parents of 3 Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified Culinary grown sons, sold their home in the suburbs, bought an RV Nutrition Expert through The Academy of Culinary to travel, and ended up living on the beach for a year. Nutrition. After learning as much as she could on her own, Shelley decided she wanted to expand her knowledge. This time together served as an opportunity to revaluate their choices and to focus on creating a lifestyle that was Feeling invigorated and healthier, the Loving’s decided to conducive to their health and well-being. For Shelley, this return to Texas and bought 55 acres north of Dallas. Neil meant finding a way to heal her husband’s heart from the was immediately drawn to the Barndominium concept, but inside through food. She embarked on a journey that would Shelley admits she needed some convincing enrich both of their lives in ways she hadn’t imagined. The Double L. Ranch | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01You can enjoy more of their home and Shelley’s services by following them online on: Instagram (@double.l.ranch and @shelleycanhelp) “ My husband told me not to Google anything,” she said “He said that we could do whatever we wanted on the inside once the building was erected”. She took that to heart and began creating a design built around her new passion- cooking healthy meals. The kitchen became the heart of the home and the other spaces took shape around it. They knew that they wanted something that was unique, went against the grain, and bucked the latest trends. Ultimately they ended up with a 5400 square ft home that Shelley calls “Industrial Urban”. 10 The exterior is a harmonious blend of materials- brick, metal, and accents of stone and wood. The feeling is carried inside, with a mix of sleek metal and rich wood that add dimension and depth to the design. The Double L. Ranch | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Upon entering, you will have the feeling that you just stepped foot into a high-end eatery and gathering venue in one of the hottest urban centers. The main living areas are a gorgeous array of high ceilings, exposed l-beams, and ductwork, concrete floors, floating stairs that Neil's hand-cut himself, and an extensive bar that feels like you stepped away for a night on the town. The open kitchen is a home chef's dream. It features a large island, perfect for gathering. Shelley said it’s where everything happens, so they opted not to have a formal dining area. It also sets the stage for Shelley’s online cooking classes, which she offers as corporate and private events. She is passionate about helping others feel their best through preparing healthier meals, and her gorgeous kitchen doubles as both the family center and her own private office. The Loving’s put as much thought into their outdoor spaces as they did inside. The stunning pool and spa and outdoor 11 kitchen are an entertainer's dream. One doesn’t have to book a flight to feel as if they are on vacation. The couple even considered their 4 legged family members in their design by adding a dog run between the house and garage. Their main priority was providing a space for them to run freely without fear of local wildlife. The sprawling ranch is situated on the highest point of the property, so they could look out over the pond and enjoy the JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 entirety of the ranch. In addition to the main living quarters, there is a 6000 sq ft shop with additional living areas for guests. In the end, Neil and his team of contractors spent 14 hours a day, over 15 months, to create what Shelley calls their “little piece of heaven.” Their ultimate goal in designing their dream home was to create a space that everyone could enjoy, which could both relax and recharge its guest and inhabitants. Something they were quite successful in achieving. The Double L. Ranch | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

FEATURES Smart Choices: TOP 3 SMART HOME GADGETS 1 2 3 Smart Speakers and Home Security Smart Locks & Home Displays Cameras Security Systems 1. Amazon Echo Family 1. Arlo Pro 4 1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2. Google Nest Hub Family 2. Wyze Cam V3 2. Vivint Smart Home 3. Sonos One 3. Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi Video 3. SimpliSafe Home Doorbell Security System Top Smarthome Gadgets| Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

HomeTHE Office HOW IT'S CHANGING 13 JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 WORK SCHOOL CRAFTS Home Office | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

The New The future of the workspace is In addition to mom and dad Workspace changing. Changes were aplenty being anchored down at home, this past year and among those children were transitioning to were companies choosing to virtual learning. have their employees work remotely. Even when schools began re- HOW TO GET MORE That change in policy was opening, some chose to keep OUT OF YOUR HOME obviously driven by the their children at home. Many OFFICE pandemic, but as things ease up, parents felt that the new norm afforded them a work-life there are many aspects of the at balance that may have home office that will likely previously alluded them. 14 remain the same. Many employers found that Together families found JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 productivity and performance themselves crowded together did not decline steeply as some in their home offices, or spread had predicted. around their house, with papers and books spread across their Instead, it may have increased, couches, kitchen counters and and they found that their dining room tables. employees enjoyed the flexibility it offered. Home Office | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

It wasn’t always ideal, but some have predicted that the home office will become a focus in future JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 home designs. Where it was often an afterthought, a room that seemed like a good idea, but like the formal living rooms before them, they were not always used. Times it seems, are a-changing. No matter what shape your office takes in your home, it's important to separate the space from the areas you spend most of your time in. By creating a designated area to work and study, that is separate from your main living space, you can avoid carrying the stress with you throughout other areas of your home. Whether your office becomes temporary, or a new way of life, your home should continue to be your sanctuary. A place that offers a sweet respite from the stresses and worry of the rest of the world. 15 Home Office | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Create a Space At the end of the day, PLEASING TO YOUR EYES AND SENSES allow yourself to 1 Color shut Choosing earth-tone colors like blue, green and everything brown will allow you to be more grounded in your down and space. walk away. JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 012 Lighting If you don’t have a room that is exposed to natural light, invest in a light fixture that has a dimmer, instead of fluorescent lighting, which some believe cause anxiety and headaches. 3 Storage Create storage areas for papers and books. Do not allow clutter to pile on your desk or other surfaces. Studies show that people are more productive and can stay focused longer, if they are not distracted by the clutter around them. 4 Work Areas Have a dedicated space for everyone. This may mean that you are in the office at separate times or need to add more desks and chairs to allow everyone to have an area of their own. 5 Sound Playing soothing sounds like rainfall and soft 16 music, can make you feel more at ease, even during those stressful conference calls with your team. 6 Touch of Nature Natural elements like succulents and other plants, can both brighten up and ground your workspace. Home Office | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

FEATURED VENUE Amenities The Venue boasts both a Chapel and Recreation Barn, with a center courtyard that is perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Morgan Creek Barn is a rustic chic wedding venue located in the heart of The chapel features suites for the bride Dripping Springs, TX. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted by and groom with their own private beautiful landscaping and contemporary charm. The Barns are wood bathrooms, activities for the groomsmen, construction, fused with traditional and modern details. From the hand- and a make up bar for the bridesmaids to crafted Cedar foot bridge that transports friends and family into a truly get ready. authentic Texas experience and acres of woods and open pasture, all in the most private setting, you’ll only get the best of what the Texas Hill Country The spacious recreational barn has room has to offer. for large parties and an expansive bar that serves indoor and outdoor areas. Photos by Pinzon Photography Featured Venue | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

By Nina Patel Creating Spaces | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Building your home is a decision that takes time and consideration to do exactly right! Professional builders value communication and understanding the personal needs of their clients. This also means that you should take time to reflect on what you need in your home. Maybe your focus is cultivating a welcoming and comfortable space for others, which is important to your relationships and the memories shared there. Have you considered that creating spaces within our home of inspiration and wellness is just as important? In a pandemic, our living space becomes our retreat. Our space reflects who we are and what is important to us. It can also be a reflection of our inner need for care and attention. Self-care is becoming a frequently discussed and recommended solution to address the daily stresses that many of us experience in everyday life. Where before, this may have meant attending a yoga class, going for a spa day, or spending time with friends and family; this pandemic has forced us to rethink our self-care choices. Like school and work, self-care has become 19 one of the many things we need to do in our homes. With it becoming a central hub for all things, we need to make sure we are creating areas that allow us to de-stress and unwind, even a sacred space to recharge. JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Creating Spaces | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Perhaps for you, it is a mediation garden, a sunroom, an exercise room, a craft, or a recreation room to list a few examples. The connection between activities is the quality of the space itself. A breathable space allows you to relax, reflect and experience tranquility. Picture openness. No boundaries. A space to feel free within your own home. ‘Home is where the heart is’ as in your heart space. A space for your authentic self, happiness, and wellbeing to be centered. There are many ways to create a breathable space to connect and care for yourself. It can be through 20 choosing a space that feels open, perhaps having high ceilings and lots of natural light. You may want to do meditation, journal, practice yoga, or have quiet moments of contemplation. Your home should be a place that brings you wellness and peace. Redefining Luxury | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

1Choose a space in the home that can be for you. 2 Find some items that have personal meaning to you and set a tone for your space. 3 Be creative. 4 Create a routine 21 or ritual for how you JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 come to your space. Redefining Luxury | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 What do you leave behind when you enter? What do you gain? A yoga teacher once told me that doorways are a chance for renewal. Picture each doorway with water cascading down it. As you pass through, you release and wash away anything negative you are still carrying from the spaces before. These special spaces are sanctuaries in your home for you to pause, practice self-care, and reflect. By calming the mind, you are healing your body and spirit. Make your home and the areas within it, a place where you can feel light and free. A sanctuary that provides protection against the stresses that arise in our current times. Choose light, high ceilings, and openness when considering how spaces affect our wellbeing. Most importantly, take the time for yourself and recharge in your own sweet home. 22 Nina Patel Contributor Nina is an award-winning realtor and certified meditation teacher who is passionate about helping her clients find their sacred space. Redefining Luxury | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

FEATURE Stacee Lynn & Oliver of Our Barndominium Life STACEE LYNN: OUR Meet The BARNDOMINIUM LIFE Barndominium Lady, the country's premier by Steph Essary Barndominium Stacee Lynn is as vibrant and wrong, we have discovered that they Designer who wants to charming as the designs she creates. are so much more than that. Stacee The enthusiasm she exudes when she Lynn’s designs have elevated the change the way you talks to others about Barndominiums original concept in ways that even see metal homes. is contagious. So, when we had the the earliest of enthusiasts couldn’t opportunity to visit her home and have imagined. She intentionally “You'll never 23 delve a little deeper into the hottest designs custom, steel framed, single look at a metal new trend in building, we left more family residences with metal siding building the JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 knowledgeable and more in love with that include features such as soaring same way the concept than when we arrived. ceilings, walls of windows, and sleek again” modern lines. Some people may think of Barndominiums in the simplest of Stacee Lynn is a self-taught designer, terms as metal structures that are contractor, and decorator. Although being used as both shops and she has no formal training, she residences. While that isn’t designed and built her own gorgeous necessarily 5200+ Sq Ft Our Barndominium Life | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01DESIGN Barndominium nestled in the Sam Houston National Forest in Cleveland, Tx. She found that she loved designing so much, particularly Barndominiums, that she wanted to help others achieve the same dream. In July 2020, amidst the pandemic, she launched Our Barndominium Life, LLC and The Barndominium Co. alongside her husband, Oliver. Now the self-proclaimed “Barndominium Lady” has designed over 200 Barndominiums across the United States. From sprawling family homes to guest and party barns and everything in between, her designs prove that Luxury isn’t only about 24 size. It’s about the quality of life one can expect. Many of Stacee Lynn’s designs promise a rich and fulfilling life for its inhabitants, focusing on creating entertaining and personal spaces. Her own home was designed for a laid-back and outdoorsy lifestyle. The expansive living area inside flows seamlessly into the Our Barndominium Life | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

spacious side porches. These areas boast 25 high ceilings, a stone fireplace that anchors the living and dining space, a full outdoor JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 kitchen with a 12-foot limestone island, and a built-in pizza oven. One can imagine the laughter and good times we had here. It’s where family and friends gather and where you can retreat for a quiet cup of coffee to start your day or unwind with a glass of wine after a long one. It’s the kind of life I think many of us can get behind. Currently, Stacee Lynn is working on several Luxury Barndominium designs for her clients. Some of these are multi-million- dollar projects in the Texas Hill Country as well as other areas across the United States. She is quick to mention that Luxury can be achieved on a smaller scale too. She is showing this in her other projects where she is the exclusive designer or designer of choice in Barndominium Exclusive and Barndominium Friendly subdivisions in Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, and Georgia, to name a few locations. She has a variety of floorplans to choose from, and she has her team working on launching even more collections. If you can’t find what you want there, she works closely with clients on fully custom designs too. Stacee Lynn’s motto is “You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again.” When I left her home that day, my mind had shifted from someone who liked the concept to becoming a passionate Barndo enthusiast. As one of the few females in the industry, she strives to bring Barndominiums to the forefront of design. I can only imagine how successful she will be in that endeavor. Steph Essary Photos credit to Stacee Lynn of EDITOR IN CHIEF Barndo Mama Our Barndominium Life | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

LENDER SPOTLIGHT FEATURING: The Gracie Morrow Mortgage Group has earned aJUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01Licensed by the Department of solid reputation in helping clients design and choose Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage their best mortgage solution! They offer a full Lending Act. Georgia Residential 26 mortgage service team for anyone looking to Mortgage Licensee purchase, build or refinance their Barndominium! Licensed in the following states: AL; AZ; AR; CA; CO; CT; DE; DC; “ Gracie Morrow Mortgage Group is a DBA of Thrive FL; GA; ID; IL; IN; KS; KY; LA; MA; Mortgage LLC” MD; MI; MN; MO; MT; NE; NM; NC; OH; OK; OR; PA; SC; TN; TX; NMLS #495120 214-296-2284 UT; VA; WA; WI; WV; WY [email protected] Lender Spotlight | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

BUILDER SPOTLIGHT JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Bobby Le Mieux started Mastercraft Builders LLC, with the goal of helping people build a home they could 27 love for years to come. A place where connections are created and beautiful memories are made. With the goal to touch even more families, he expanded Mastercraft into west Louisiana and east & central Texas. He could think of no better way to do that than by enlisting the help of those he trusts the most. He partnered with his sister, Steph Essary, and her family to open Mastercraft Builders Texas and together they created a Barndominium division of the company; building custom Barndos in both states. They love the concept because most designs are centered around connection... to family to the outdoors and the lifestyle promised. Builder Spotlight | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

This sibling duo was always close growing up, and while they were not always geographically close, they remained tight- knit. When they began pursuing their careers, Bobby and Steph found that their professional paths often paralleled each other. Big sister, Steph, started her real estate career over 24 years ago and found early success as a Realtor in Pennsylvania. With subsequent moves, she was licensed in Louisiana and then finally, Texas, where she has lived for more than 15 years. Bobby found his calling on the construction side of real estate. He began his career more than 20 years ago working as a trim carpenter and shortly thereafter opened his own company. His attention to detail and expert craftsmanship catapulted him to early success in the industry. In 2016, he decided to take the skills and knowledge he had acquired through the years and open his own full-service construction company. Mastercraft Builders LLC was a lifelong dream of his and he worked hard to make it an early success in the south Louisiana area. When the opportunity came to become partners in the Texas market, brother and sister were ecstatic to work together. Steph had fallen in love with the Barndominium trend and felt that Mastercraft Builders was perfectly positioned to elevate the concept and take it mainstream. Their focuses and talents perfectly complement each other. Both are committed to providing an unparalleled experience to their clients and believe that a home is so much more than the material it is made of. A Family Affair | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

FFaasstt FFaacctts:: TIPS 1 Barndominiums typically take less time to assemble compared to traditional stick-built homes. 2 The structure offers optimal insulation and weatherization against natural elements. When you want to expand or remodel, Barndos are easier 3 to modify than conventionally constructed buildings. The exceptional integrity of a steel structure means that 4 the homes are more durable and last longer than traditional built homes. 5 The flexibility of design is unparalleled; living spaces often feature high ceilings and an unobstructed flow of space and light. Builders Corner Barndominiums are typically made of metal and are highly customizable; offering all the Contact Us creative possibilities of a traditional home. Aside from taking less time to build, they boast affordability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. One of the many benefits of building a barndominium is its versatility. From residential Add a spaces to offices and shops, the possibilities are endless. wswuwb.hmecbabudiiltn.cgom If you are dreaming of high ceilings, open spaces, and walls of windows, then barndominiums Texas may be perfect for you. In addition, insurance rates tend to be lower for structures built of steel and other metals. In fact, costs, in general, can be lower. The final price depends on the 281-201-7435 level of customization you choose. Louisiana 225-678-7301 Builders Corner | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

LUXURY BARNDOMINIUMS |  SUMMER 2021 THE RISE OF THE BARNDOMINIUM AMID THE LUMBER CRISIS BY STEPH ESSARY One of this year’s biggest stories is how What exactly Happened? much lumber prices have increased. In fact, they have increased more than 375% in the As you may have expected, Covid has played past 12 months. A recent study by the a significant role in the increases. Like many National Association of Home Builders businesses impacted by the pandemic, reported that going into last fall, price lumber mills were forced to close early on. increases added $16,000 to the cost of an By the time they reopened, despite millions average new home. losing jobs, the housing demand had not slowed down. In fact, the real estate industry By February, that had risen to $24,000. Last has seen one of its best years yet. Even month the average increased to $36,000. though the mills were eventually able to While one may consider this reason enough restart production they struggled to keep to hold off planning to build their home, it is pace. This resulted in an imbalance that has important to look at the entire picture and not had the opportunity to recover. what that may mean for us moving forward. Something else to consider is that interest rates have experienced historical lows. The Rise of the Barndominium | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

An increase in natural disasters didn't help the situation. Fires in the west, Above tornadic activities in the central US, flooding in the south, and hurricanes in the The home of Stacee Lynn, of \"Our east, all occurred during the pandemic, causing an increase in rebuilding. Maybe mother nature didn’t get the memo that we had enough on our plates. Barndominium Life\" There is a consensus that the lumber frenzy will eventually slow down when Aside from the the sawmills have the chance to catch up. The concern many have, especially initial savings, those in the industry, is that there may not be a return to pre-pandemic prices. the benefits of The best hope may be for stabilization, but that may not happen while there is building and still a huge demand. With the summer building season looking strong, it is owning a anticipated that it will carry through the fall. If there is a slowdown in winter, combined with strong production in the mills, that may allow the equilibrium to barndominium reset. are many. There What does this mean for Barndominium Construction? is a reason that both builders With the instability within the lumber market, people are concerned with the and overall cost to build. As builders, we have seen steep increases from the time homeowners that we have provided initial estimates until we receive final bids. Interestingly have become enough, there are still people clamoring to build, albeit looking for less infatuated with 32 expensive options. Enter the “Barndominium”. the concept. JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 While most homes in America have exterior frames made of wood, a barndominium is a steel-framed home that offers a lot of advantages over wood. Although the metal industry has seen increases, it has not been at the same rate as lumber. Overall, one can expect lower costs, both in construction and maintenance. Another bonus is the versatility in design it offers. With one- story structures, in particular, you don’t have to worry about load-bearing walls, which allows for more flexibility in design. Think high ceilings and wide- open spaces, with floorplans and layouts that better suit your needs and your family’s lifestyle. The Rise of the Barndominium | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

BENEFITS TO The Double L. Ranch 33 BUILDING A BARNDOMINIUM BOTTOM LINE: TO BUILD JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 OR NOT TO BUILD? Construction Time: By Steph Essary The metal building itself can be erected relatively quickly Ultimately, the choice is a very personal one. It is important compared to traditional stick to weigh the pros and cons of building now vs. waiting it framed homes. out. If we were to ask some of the industry leaders, there is a lot of talk about this becoming the new norm. They do not In addition, the open floorplans can see the system righting itself any time soon and feel that it mean quicker construction time, may take many years to return to pre-pandemic levels if in reducing overall costs. fact it ever does. Even if the prices stabilize and we do not experience the same significant increases that we have Lower been seeing, we may be all waiting for an “ideal time” that Maintenance: may never materialize. One of the biggest long- Another thing to consider is that while interest rates are term concerns for now at historical lows, they are anticipated to go up into homeowners is rot and next year. If that is the case, there may be greater benefit in mold that may result from building now and taking advantage of the long-term water or rain damage. savings. Not to mention, the intrusion of pests that Whatever decision you make, Barndominiums are an option happens over time. Aside from pressure washing that is worth consideration. The popularity is not expected occasionally, you do not have to be concerned to wane any time soon and the benefits now, may out way with painting it every year. the risks of waiting. More Durability: You can expect these homes to last much longer than traditionally built homes. Steel and metal are made to better withstand the elements and can in many cases, last a lifetime. If you were to experience a fire, a steel structure has an advantage because the metal is less susceptible to the effects of heat. Of course, it is important to note that benefit disappears at 400 degrees Celsius, especially if the fire is a prolonged event. Energy Savings: Metal homes tend to provide insulation and weatherization against natural elements. This removes the need for additional cooling or heating Additionally, structures made of steel tend to move and settle less that wood framed homes. This means they may be less likely to develop cracks where air can be leaked out. The metal roofs also contribute to energy conservation. Lower Insurance Rates: Because of some of the reasons listed above; protection against natural elements and less likelihood of experiencing a fire loss, insurance rates tend to be lower. This is especially desirable in areas where hurricanes, tornados and other natural disasters are a way of life. Benefits | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

You will need to build a powerful team to help you realize your big dream. Choosing the right players is essential - LENDER SPOTLIGHT FEATURING: LICENSED IN 35 STATES \"Our hands-on team is here to better serve you with your future Barndominium dream home. WA, OR, NV, ID, AZ, UT, WY, CO, NM, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, MN, IA, MO, AR, With our one-time close, we not only save you LA, WI, IL, MS, AL, GA, FL, IN, MI, KY, TN, OH, PA, DC, WV, VA, NC, SC time but money. Another plus is being able to use the equity in the land you already own!\" Gateway Mortgage, a division of Gateway First Bank Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 1615678 NMLS 723 214-504-8211 [email protected] Lender Corner | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

The Modern Pantry WALK-IN VS. CABINET PANTRIES 35 Which is Best? When it comes to pantry design for your new home, there tends to JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 be some natural debate between whether or not a walk-in pantry is better than a built in cabinet for storage. If you were to watch any episode of HGTV, you would believe that walk-ins are a clear winner. Consider the pros and cons for both. The Modern Pantry | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

The Pros THE GOOD Walk-In Cabinet Larger storage Easily access supplies capacity They don't take up a Easy to organize lot of space Store bigger Storage is more appliances easily centralized The Cons THE BAD Walk-In Cabinet They require more Limited storage space upkeep Tend to be custom They take up space dimensions and add to in your plan your cabinet cost Takes longer to Take up valuable gather the things cabinet space you need 36JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 The Bottom Line ... At the end of the day, both pantry solutions work for different people. Consider your needs, your budget, and how you typically work in your kitchen. If you are still unsure, you may want to enlist the help of a professional to help you design and plan. The Modern Pantry | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Does Size Whatever space you have to work with, it's Matter? ultimately about how well it works for you and your family. Ideally, it would be great if IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR it can hold a week or two of essentials. NEEDS Otherwise, organization and the right location are more important than the size alone. 37 JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 The Modern Pantry | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

PLANNING & It may seem like it's been forever since HOSTING we have been able to host an in-person event, but as more and more Americans YOUR FIRST are vaccinated each day, a growing body GET of evidence tells us that there are some activities that we can now resume. After TOGETHER a year of quarantining and isolating and SINCE COVID Zooming, many people are ready to socialize, even from afar, with others. By Shirley Pedrera Warmer weather is also expected to bring a trickle of socially distanced gatherings, be it driveway drinks or impromptu happy hours. Home dwellers can soon seek out park benches to meet for coffee. In short, many of us are ready, if not desperate, for some meaningful interaction with friends and family. So if you're planning of hosting a small event in the near future, start with these tips: 38 JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Planning & Hosting | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Hold the Event Outdoors as Much As Possible Offer Single-Use Items Research has shown that COVID-19 is far less Sanitize plates, drinkware, and silverware likely to spread when outdoors because of the before use. Have disposable ones ready too, in constantly moving fresh air. So, if you can case some of the guests prefer to use them. have your event or party outside, do it. When serving food, consider using as many However, if that's not possible, choose an area single-use items as possible. Offer condiments that has good ventilation. Keep windows open like ketchup and mustard in packets and make and practice decent physical distancing. sure to individually pack nibbles and other small snacks. Make Sure to Screen the Guests at the Entrance Last but Not Least, Have Fun! Despite the rapidly accelerating pace of vaccination, the pandemic will not recede We've saved this best tip for last. Gatherings, overnight. Assign someone to the entrance to albeit small, will still take lots of planning and take the temperature of everyone who attends effort, but seeing friends can ease anxiety. The your event. If anyone is over 99 degrees, you stressful days can be well worth the effort. may want to send them away. One can never be too careful to take extra precautions during We are looking forward to slowly resuming this transitional time. activities that many people are yearning for - Have Masks and Hand Sanitizers Ready on Standby to be in proximity with those they love, in We all know it’s advised that wearing masks can protect against the spread of the virus. But small gatherings where you can see each other all of your guests may not come prepared. For this reason, consider providing them at the smile and give each other a hug. Just always door if it will help make your guests feel comfortable. You may even want to remember to follow the basic health protocols strategically station small bottles of hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes in your venue and we should be on our way to normalcy very so your guests can keep their hands clean while they mingle. soon. Good manners, graciousness, and sensitivity will go a long way during these extraordinary times. Keep safe! be well, be safe. WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS Planning & Hosting | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01From grilled meats to fresh fruits and vegetables, there are so many things to choose from when planning your get togethers. This delicious recipe of Honey Butter Biscuits, perfectly compliments what ever you choose to serve at you first-ever post-COVID party. Credits to Lyuba from @willworkforsmiles: Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 Tbsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda Dash of salt 5 Tbsp cold unsalted butter 2 Tbsp honey 1 cup cold buttermilk Little more flour for kneading surface 3 Tbsp salted butter melted Instructions: 1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and lightly grease a large baking sheet. 2. In a bowl of an electric mixer, combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Mix on low to combine ingredients. 3. Chop cold butter into pieces and add it to the flour mixture. Mix on low, until the batter resembles coarse crumbs. 4. Pour in honey and mix for a second. 5. Pour cold buttermilk into the center of the mixture. Mix until just combined, the dough will be sticky. 6. Transfer the dough onto a lightly floured surface and sprinkle with a little more flour on top. Knead dough 5-6 times and pat into a 1/2 inch-thick circle. 7. Using a cookie cutter (about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter), cut out the biscuits. Rework dough scraps into a ball (kneading it as little as possible) and shape it into a circle again. Cut out more biscuits. 40 8. Place biscuits on the baking sheet leaving about an inch in between. 9. In a small bowl, mix melted butter and honey. Using a pastry brush, brush each biscuit with a honey butter mixture. 10. Bake for 10-13 minutes (depending on the size of biscuits), until raised and golden brown. 11. As soon as you take the biscuits out of the oven, brush them with more honey butter mixture. Planning & Hosting | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Summer Crush JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Peach Mimosa 41 Summer Kitchen | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

Get Fired Up this Summer! Level Up your Outdoor Cookouts with the Best Pizza Ovens of 2021 ELECTRIC OVEN GAS OVEN WOOD BURNING Winco EPO-1 Electric Ooni Koda 12 Gas powered ilFornino Professional Plus Countertop Pizza Oven-$241 pizza oven $349 Wood Fired Oven $2,995 Home Slice Pizza – Austin Dough Pizzeria Napoletana – San Antonio Cane Rosso – Fort Worth Cavalli Pizza – Irving Summer Kitchen | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

THE SUMMER KITCHEN JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 MAKE YOUR OWN THIN CRUST PIZZA A quick recipe that is sure to please everyone! 43 Summer Kitchen | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

30-minute homemade pizza ingredients instructions Summer Kitchen | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

SUMMER TRAVELS If you have been craving the wind in your hair and sand between your toes, but are still wary of traveling, here is a list of some of the country's least crowded beaches to enjoy. 1 PAWLEY'S ISLAND, S.C 2 TYBEE ISLAND, GA This barrier island is located in Just 20 minutes from Savannah, South Carolina's lowcountry. Plan this quaint island boasts 5 miles on a laid back afternoon of kayaking of gorgeous coastline. It is also through the marsh. It's best to pack home to the state's oldest and a lunch as there are no restaurants tallest lighthouse. on the island. 3 SANBRIDGE BEACH, 4 SALT CREEK VA BEACH, CA Enjoy 5 miles of beautiful beaches Just south of Laguna Beach lies in Virginia's outer banks. Located this gem. You will spend the just south of Virginia Beach, you day surfing, walking along the can enjoy activities like biking, sea shore or enjoying a snack at hiking, fishing and surfing. the local snack stand. 5 COCOA BEACH, FL 6 SANIBEL ISLAND, FL 45 This beautiful beach is tucked Avoid the crowded beaches and away on a secluded barrier discover the blissful beaches of JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 island. Enjoy sandy white Sanibel and Captiva. Sanibel is beaches and plenty of room to known as the seashell capital of the stretch out. Located just south western hemisphere. More than half of Cape Canaveral, maybe you of the island is reserved for wildlife, will be lucky enough to see a and you can spend all day immersed launch. in the beauty that surrounds it. Summer Travels | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01Outdoor Spaces to Celebrate DESIGN THE OUTDOOR SPACE OF YOUR DREAMS 46 Outdoor spaces can sometimes pose a challenge to design. Aside from not always having clearly defined boundaries, you often must contend with elements that are not easy to work with. Especially in the deep south where unrelenting heat, humidity, and bugs the size of a small child, is our reality. Outdoor Spaces | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

18 Despite the challenges, creating the outdoor space of your dream is a luxury worth the effort. It is an extension of our home, offering not only a place to share with those we love but providing a private oasis where we can retreat when we need to recharge. The key to creating the perfect outdoor retreat is to follow the same rules you did when you designed your interior spaces. Consider the feeling you want to 47 achieve, both visually and emotionally. This may mean a more JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 casual and uncluttered space, with muted tones, or a cheerful array of mixed materials and splashes of color. What are the needs and wants of your family? Do you want an outdoor kitchen to entertain? What will that look like? Maybe it means a pizza oven or a hibachi grill. Do you want a covered porch so everyone has space to spread out, even during heavy rainstorms? What about an outdoor pool and spa to spend the hot, lazy days of summer in? When summer fades and fall is on the horizon, you may consider a large fire pit to gather around on those cool October nights. Whatever it is that you are imagining, make it a place that you will enjoy spending time. When the walls inside start closing in on us and we just need somewhere to go to breathe a little deeper, retreating outdoors can be just what our hearts and minds need. Outdoor Spaces | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

SVuibmems er POOL PARTY PLAN THE BACKYARD POOL OF YOUR DREAMS Summer Vibes | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

SOAK IT UP JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 49 Before you decide to build a pool, there is planning that is involved to ensure that the project goes smoothly. During this time, you may be deciding on the look and feel of your pool, such as aesthetics and features. Even before you hire a contractor, it is best to have an idea of what it is you want to achieve. Here are a few things to consider as you start planing- Summer Vibes | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

JUNE 2021 | ISSUE 01 Purpose? Why do you want a pool? Who will be using it? Once you answer these questions you will be better positioned to choose a design that fits the lifestyle and needs of you and your family. Do you want a pool built for entertaining, with various areas of the pool for leisure and other activities? Perhaps shallow areas for toddler play or tanning ledges to bask in the sun. What about a swim-up bar or built-in seats for a poolside snack? Maybe you have serious swimmers in the family who want a lap pool to train in. Do you imagine spending late evenings relaxing your sore muscles in a spa or is it your dream to sit on your patio, sipping a glass of wine while you listen to the soothing sounds of trickling water from the water features like fountains and waterfalls? Function? Where will your pool be located? Is it close to your home or set to the back? Your builder may recommend a soil test be performed to confirm that the site is suitable for construction. Certain soil conditions, like sands or rock, can affect what you can do. In addition, a high-water table can significantly increase construction costs. Before this step can even take place, it is important to know the zoning and building codes for your neighborhood. What is allowed? What restrictions are in place? Another aspect to think about in relation to where your pool is located is exposure to sun and wind. 50 You will want to maximize sun exposure while minimizing wind; which contributes to evaporation and heat loss. Another rule of thumb for considering function is how much space do you need around the pool. Do you need an area for seating and poolside activities? Where will people gather when they are outside of the pool? How much space do you need for people to enter and exit the pool? Summer Vibes | Luxury Barndominiums Magazine | Issue #1

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