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Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2021-01-08 21:45:21

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Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 3 Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

4 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego He Built This City, She Told the Tale Staff Report in charming nineteenth-century vernacular by looked in San Diego? I was baffled once again a homesick young teacher, Carrie Winter, on a that history ignored this pioneer who almost If you’ve lived in San Diego for longer than, oh, three-year assignment in Honolulu to her fiancé, singlehandedly built the infrastructure and su- let’s say a week, you’ve heard the Spreckels name. who would later cofound Scripps Institution of perstructure of modern San Diego after building There’s the Spreckels Theatre, the Spreckels Or- Oceanography. empires in sugar, shipping, transportation, and gan Pavilion, and the Spreckels Mansion to name development up and down the coast of California a few landmarks. But few people know about the Winter was an important eyewitness to the and across the Pacific. Off to the computer… I private life of John D. Spreckels, the man who al- greatest political turmoil the Hawaiians had ever needed to “right this wrong.” most single-handedly transformed the bankrupt experienced. Recognizing the historical signifi- village of San Diego into the thriving metropolis cance, I got busy and in 2012, I coauthored An What surprised you most we now call America’s finest city. American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands: Letters about him? of Carrie Prudence Winter, 1890–1893. During Author of the new Spreckels biography, Sandra the research for that book, another amazing I imagined Spreckels as an outgoing charis- E. Bonura, sat down with us – at a social distance, person captivated my heart. I wondered how in matic businessman before I began to seriously of course – and told us about her inspiration and the world had history ignored a small and feisty write his life’s story. Imagine my astonishment research. teacher from Ohio who became a bold social when my research corroborated his social anxiety. activist, who had inspired, elevated, and ultimate- How could this larger-than-life multi-millionaire Tell us how you came to write ly sacrificed her life for an entire generation of be painfully shy? He only confronted his rivals about John D. Spreckels. Hawaiian women? In 2019, I was humbled when with the written word than with the spoken one, Light in the Queen’s Garden: Ida May Pope, Pio- using his newspapers to speak for him. Several My journey to writing John D. Spreckels’s neer for Hawai‘i’s Daughters, won the top Award anecdotes in the book will surprise the reader! biography began when an old house in Berke- of Excellence given by the Hawai’i Book Pub- Never compelled to justify ANY of his actions, ley, California, passed from one generation to lishers Association to recognize the finest books Spreckels simply walled himself off from the pub- the next. Tattered steamship trunks that had published in Hawai’i. lic, remaining silent until his seventh decade of voyaged on a Spreckels steamer were discovered life making research into his personality a chal- in the attic. Forgotten for more than a century, Those forgotten steamer trunks gave me one lenge. His introversion explained why there were the trunks contained valuable scientific papers, more story to tell: that of the forgotten empire of no published speeches (except one delivered with rare artifacts, correspondence, photographs, old John Diedrich Spreckels. Both of the characters in shaking hands at the end of his life, as tears fell newspapers, and more. They were donated to my first two books mentioned J.D. Spreckels and down his face), his refusal to engage in small talk, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and I was being a native San Diegan, my antennae went up. his sparse words when speaking to people and his allowed privileged access due to my friendship Being a baby boomer, I knew the significance of inabilities to address his employees when they with the archivist. My heart, mind, and imagina- that name. Why was the name “Spreckels” well were grouped for special occasions. tion were instantly captured by the hundreds of known among researchers in Hawai’i but over- love letters sent on Spreckels’ steamships, written Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 5 Was there ever a time during your research craning to see the orchestra atop the pavilion. It and wildcats, and we received with kangaroos, when you had objections about his character? is this black and white historical photo backdrop wallabies, Tasmanian devils, kookaburras, emus, that is my Zoom profile when I give virtual book water dragons, and, most amazingly of all, the By 1910, approximately one in fifteen San talks today. elusive cuddly koalas. “Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Diegans worked for a Spreckels-owned company Pie” were named after characters in a popular and he was at one time estimated to be paying If you were casting the film version Australian children’s book at the time. They 10 percent of all city and county taxes! Those of the life of Spreckels, who would would become the first koalas ever displayed in are astonishing statistics. And because of this, he the U.S., making them the zoo’s earliest atten- was a big target for the Industrial Workers of the play him? tion-drawing, attendance-driving celebrities. World Union (IWW) when they came to orga- Last year when I was at the zoo, and I was told nize San Diego’s workers in 1911. Spreckels hated Easy --Tom Selleck! Selleck and Spreckels – both by a zoo ambassador, that elderly Australians on the union’s tactics, and he believed he had to high profile men in their era, maintain(ed) a holiday to San Diego have been seen crying at defeat them—quickly, unambiguously, and com- high level of privacy away from the public. Tom our koala exhibit remembering Snuggle Pot and pletely—no matter what the cost. He first used Selleck made a choice to lay low instead of having Cuddle Pie from their youth. his newspapers to sway public opinion against a luxurious and phony Hollywood life and so did the IWW, whom he viewed as thugs, but what multimillionaire John D. Spreckels who could Another area I personally engaged shocked me was what he did next: he support- afford to live a luxurious life anywhere in the with Spreckels was his German ed the use of armed vigilantes to suppress their world but instead chose to work hard and build heritage. speech through violence. Locals did not share our city from underground up. Furthermore, the union’s aims but they supported the fight for they were (are) both athletic and both rocked a World War I stirred an anti-German sentiment free speech because they felt that if the unions’ sexy mustache. that reached into all parts of the United States. rights could be taken away, everyone’s rights were Even though German immigrants had brought at risk. Most San Diegans know the name of Were there any things about to their newly adopted homeland an expertise in Ellen Browning Scripps, a feminist and philan- Spreckels that you could personally farming, education, science, the arts, and more, thropist, who was a bystander to the dreadful they were often shunned. German-language attacks by San Diego’s vigilantes. Her assessment: relate to? newspapers were forced out of business and “I think women would have managed the Indus- colleges dropped the German language from the trial Workers of the World better, and less to the All my friends and family know that I am an curriculum. Even music by such German com- discredit of the city.” Spreckels’ role as owner of animal enthusiast. My heart is beyond soft for the San Diego Union, and the shocking events of dogs in particular. Spreckels was also an ardent 1912 are rehashed today as topics surrounding the constitutional rights concerned with freedom of speech, press, and public assembly. I must say, I agree with Miss Scripps over Mr. Spreckels when it comes to freedom of speech. If you had John D. Spreckels over for dinner, what would you ask him? To me, it was shocking that his empire was dismantled quicker than anyone in his era could have ever imagined. But without motivated and ambitious successors among his family, it didn’t have a chance! it appears that both of his sons, John Jr. and Claus Jr. had acquired spend- thrift habits early in life as a result of their fa- ther’s wealth and generous distribution of it. The sons were also womanizers prone to excess indul- gences. Since his boys went wayward, I would certainly ask him to reevaluate his parenting. My first question would be, “Your father put you to work when you were a boy. Were you trying to give your own boys more of a childhood than you had?”“Did you give them too much?”“Do you regret it?” These questions would certainly bum out the dinner party, but I would want to know. Would you rather spend a few Sunrise at Spreckles Park in Coronado, California. posers as Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms were hours at the Spreckels Organ animal lover and this is where I found mutual removed from orchestras’ programs. Spreckels Pavilion in Balboa Park or Spreckels ground with my subject. There are some captivat- after World War 1 was forced to “over-prove” his ing stories in my book about his anecdotes with loyalty to America time and time again. Even Theatre downtown? Why? dogs which made me relate on a very personal though his personal yacht and the entire North level. A few of my favorite stories in the book Island was conscripted for purposes of war, he Without a doubt, it is the Organ Pavilion! involve the founding of the world-famous San was made to feel guilty just by virtue of being Many don’t know that Spreckels was himself an Diego Zoo. I was surprised that he gets no credit 100% German. It’s impossible to know his feel- accomplished organist. Music was an antidote today for his contributions to the formation of ings during America’s anti-German delirium, but for stress. I’m particularly impressed with the the zoo. He not only gave massive amounts of I only had to look at my grandmother who lived dedicated people who comprise the Spreckels money, purchased the elephants and their com- with us and know that it likely saddened him Organ Society. These are awesome people actively pounds, he sponsored the very first zoo animal even though great patriotism for America was keeping John D. Spreckels’ legacy alive with their exchange with Australia using his luxurious shown. As a result of this widespread persecution, continuous preservation, promotion, and pro- steamships, leading to a dramatic and harrowing many German immigrants like my grandmother graming of the free-to-the-public organ concerts story that gave America our first koala encounter. concealed her ethnic identity by never speaking in Balboa Park. I have dear memories of attend- Readers will enjoy some of the stories about the her first language in public and forbidding my ing the 2pm Sunday concerts with my grand- twelve-foot alligator that escaped and wandered mother to ever speak German outside the home mother in the 1960s. I can still remember the the decks among shrieking passengers and some fearing discrimination. blue “pearls” and smart white hat she wore. These other shocking escapades that did not turn out so were the days that all females wore dresses and well. Think about it, we sent coyotes, rattle snakes I remember sleeping in curlers the night before she ironed my little dress to attend the “Shpre- ckels” (her German accent) concerts. In 1915, when San Diego’s Panama–California Exposition opened, the Spreckels organ was the centerpiece of the activities. There were nearly forty-three thousand attendees at the stroke of midnight Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

6 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego San Diego All-Star Clown by Mia Bertelsen their very favorite events is to be at inal person who loves people. Can- themselves in the mirror and they the Coronado 4th of July Parade. non is an upbeat person and shared are so happy!,” she said. Not all covid news is negative for “We were very upset that we couldn’t her favorite part of making the pub- creative preforming artists. Even do it this year,” she said. lic smile. Her clown name is Grand- If you hear some noise and see though community events have ma Huggs. “What really touches me some clowns driving by, make sure to stopped, the San Diego All-Star It takes a special person to be a is when I face paint kids and they see give them a wave. The group doesn’t Clowns are finding new ways to clown. You are a creative and orig- give the area a head’s up on their make the community smile. They appearance. Part of the fun is to see have a new concept of the drive-by, the surprise of the people to see a pop-up clown parade. drive-by, pop-up clown parade. She added that they are taking precau- I spoke to Kathy Cannon who is tions and space their cars apart. “A a member of the San Diego All-Star lot of us are older and we need to be Clowns. “We are an organization careful,” Cannon added. that has been in existence for over 20 years,” Cannon said. “We have From their website: The San Diego a monthly meeting and one of our All-Star Clowns performs at health other clowns suggested that we do a related fund raising events.  We drive-by. So every month she picks appear in most parades in the San a route and we drive around, dress Diego area.  During National Clown up and decorate our cars and we Week, August 1st to 7th, we often honk and wave signs to everybody have two events per day in the San to spread a little cheer. I just do it as Diego Community.  The purpose of a hobby but a lot of the clowns do National Clown week is to promote it professionally. As a group we go the art of clowning.  You may find us to the Circus Vargas when they are on Facebook at https://www.face- in town. We dress up and we greet all the people as they are coming in. Club/     The first week of August is National   The San Diego All-Star Clowns of- Clown week and every day we find fers clown classes annually. They cov- something to do. We go to senior er the history of clowning, ethics of citizen places, convalescent homes, clowning, makeup, costuming, types and more. We just go all over.” of clowns, character development, hospital clowning, parade clown- Their last drive by was in Normal ing, face painting, balloon twisting, Heights and Hillcrest areas. One of mime, face painting, skits and more.  Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 7 Local Blood Donor Inducted Into Fresenius Kabi Donation Hall Of Fame Long-time San Diego Blood Bank for the Fresenius Kabi 2020 Dona- donor Joe McDonald has been tion Hall of Fame. Blood centers inducted into the Donation Hall of across the country submitted nom- Fame, sponsored by Fresenius Kabi. inations for this year’s Donation The Donation Hall of Fame recog- Hall of Fame. Winners were chosen nizes individuals nationwide who based on their demonstrated com- have demonstrated an extraordinary mitment and passion to donating commitment to blood donation. A blood and/or encouraging blood brief induction ceremony was held donation. Fresenius Kabi (www. today where Joe received a person- is a global alized award and was honored for health care company that specializes his many contributions to people in in medicines and technologies for need of blood transfusions. Joe has infusion, transfusion and clinical donated 99 gallons of blood with nutrition. The company’s products the San Diego Blood Bank to date. and services are used to help care Joe, a Marine Corps veteran, chose for critically and chronically ill this as his date for induction, as it is patients.Appointments are required on the 10th of November of every to donate blood and are available at year that our Nation, our Corps and our Marines pay tribute to all the Marine Corps Birthday symbolizes. San Diego Blood Bank Headquar- Joe is one of 12 inspiring donation ters is located at 3636 Gateway Cen- stories across the country selected ter Avenue, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92102. Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

8 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego Local Author Shares 1970s Cross-County Bicycle Trip in New Bestselling Memoir Staff Report of the most transcendental places of our trip, Q: What surprised you? Did you have any It was the early 1970s and 23-year-old David W. where the wheat was turning from green to gold. preconceived ideas that were disproven about Climbing Long’s Peak (elevation 14,256 feet) in parts of the country or people who live there? Reed felt embittered by political strife and cor- Rocky Mountain National Park was a high point. ruption. Our nation was torn apart by the Viet- We witnessed the Aurora Borealis – the Northern A: We had not expected the way people opened nam War and the massacre of unarmed students Lights -- in Glacier Park. Having Avenue of the up their homes and hearts to us along the way. at Kent State University. President Nixon was Giants, in Humboldt Redwoods State Park all Good Samaritans all, they gave us shelter, food, being investigated for criminal activity and Vice to ourselves was surreal. But there are so many respite and friendship, embodying the very best President Spiro Agnew had just resigned for brib- more. of the American experience. ery and tax evasion. Young David wanted out. So he made two new friends, packed 15 pounds of As for pre-conceived notions, we thought camera equipment and camping gear on his back, Kansas was flat. Its not: It’s on a giant semi-conti- and set out for a cross country bicycle adventure. nental slope. We entered Kansas at elevation 800. The elevation at the western border is almost Recently, the Del Cerro resident published 4,000 feet. That’s 3,200 feet of elevation gain in UPHILL AND INTO THE WIND, a memoir 400 miles, or about 3/16 inch for every ten feet. about his life-changing journey. Reed sat down to We’d come upon small rises in the land, maybe talk to us about his book, bicycling, and what he 50-200 feet long inclines of a few to several feet. A learned along the way. few hours later there would be another one, then another, several during the day. We’d go up, but Q: We know it was your disillusionment not downhill. with the American political landscape that drove you to go off-the-grid for a while and Q: How long did the bicycle trip take? bicycle across the country in 1974. But what A: This was 1974, a time when there were not made you decide to write a memoir about the many people traveling on bicycles. From start to trip now? finish (including the trip home) the journey took five months. On bicycles we covered 5,420 miles, A: As twenty-somethings, we were simply too crossing the Continental Divide 11 times. But busy living to look back. To put together an en- we spent almost two months backpacking in the tire story into a book takes time, a lot of it: it’s a National Parks. luxury young adventurers think of differently. Q: How did you meet your two biking com- panions? The “now” started seven years ago when my A; Before planning the trip I did not know Dad passed away. He had written a short memoir Rusty and Susie. When I decided to ride my bi- about something he did that helped to change cycle across the U.S. I thought it would be better the outcome of World War II. When I read it, I to have a companion. Several friends had told me thought I should write my story. After almost that there was a guy like me, also into hiking, bik- 50 pages of my earliest memories, I realized, it’s ing, nature, and metaphysics and I had to meet the bicycle trip. I still have all my journals, seven him. That was Rusty Bird. (And yes, that’s his real of them, which I kept, on an almost daily basis. I name!) transcribed them, and so it began. I met Susie at a church potluck, one of those communal gatherings, where we’d hold hands, of- Q: What were some of your favorite memo- fer a blessing and break bread. A young girl who ries from the journey? sat across from me sat up and listened as I spoke A: There are so many. We witnessed a butter- fly migration and climbed a mountain at night in Shenandoah National Park. Kansas, was one Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 9 of my planned journey. She said, “Wow, I’d really Q; Why did you decide to donate a portion do you want for your children, or grandchildren? like to go on a trip like that.” I don’t know what of your proceeds to the Environmental De- Q; Is there anything else you’d like to share moved me but I said, “Come along if you want.” fense Fund? Susie was just 19, and had never been away from with our readers? home before. A: For me, it’s not about the money. After ex- A: On our trip I carried 15 lbs. of camera periencing, through our travels, what a precious Q: Did you ever feel you were in danger? temple our biosphere is, I felt I must find a way equipment, I have almost 200 Kodachrome slides, A: I can laugh about it now, but there were to help save it. We’re using up this planet like it which document the sudden and surprising many times. Mad dogs in Maryland, Bears in the has no end. The earth is getting hotter, the poles glories of nature, the raw beauty of the land and Shenandoah, getting run off the road by over- and glaciers are melting, the oceans are rising. the majesty of the mountains. I have a link to the sized rigs carrying pre-fab homes, tornadoes in The earth will survive, but will humanity? What color slides at the back of the book. Kansas, sudden lighting and snow storms in the Rockies, hypothermia, a white-out on a mountain climb, a moose encounter in the Teton mountain range. One of the closest shaves with death was from a logging truck on Highway One in Wash- ington. But there was another even closer one on the trip home, which I won’t spoil for you. Q: Was there any now city or town that you wanted to stay a while longer in? A: Again, there are so many. In Abingdon, Vir- ginia, we were adopted by a back-to-the-land fam- ily who fed us, showed us the ways of wild-craft- ing and homesteading. I also loved Aurora CO., Jackson Hole, WY, Marblemount and Bellingham WA, and especially Victoria B.C. Q: You recently won the Surfing Madonna Association with a Local Authors Community Arts Award. Tell us a little bit about that. A; I was thrilled that some North County surf- ers would single me out. The Surfing Madonna is an inspiring mural, which blends the love of the perfect wave with the iconic, venerated and one of the most sacred icons of Mexican and Mexican American Culture, La Virgen de Guadalupe. Ev- ery surfer dreams of the perfect wave, and many a mural and surf photograph highlight that per- fect moment. Whenever I’m asked what makes Southern California work so well, I have always felt it was our Mexican American biculturalism. Reach Over 100,000 Local Homes each month, with local readers right in your neighborhood! SAN DIEGO | 2021 DIRECTORY Assisting The Aging Population YSCOUaaRnrGeDUIgDiEeivTgOeoIrNESDElDdPE.eNcDroEcNmaTrLeIV.INcGoAmND LONG-TERM CARE CarePatrol has been advertising with the Local SLSeiavnifineogrr Umbrella Media’s direct mail publications for several months now and we continue to do so. Your Goal, Our Mission. Brad and his team made it extremely easy to advertise with positive results! CcoaaSmstreoesnmaPimsinoaittdretetredAeiontddll’iyhsvvtooioitsnuarmofigurtrn,essnsmdt-poecaienedarccemgroCiefisetoehtocxrreptpytnoietbeficiryoeeaetonssdrdeut,ss. NOTE: Look for CarePatrol on the cover of the For informsaeteiopnaognesC1a3reaPnadtr8o2l new Eldercare directory this Fall! Photo by Kris Arciaga Julie Derry & Kie Copenhaver Certified Senior Advisors CarePatrol Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

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Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 11 Medical Cannabis Does Not Create Cognitive Decline in Seniors By Michael Patterson become comfortable using medical cannabis for their diagnoses with NHA, OTR/L, CEAS less side effects and more relief than traditional pharmaceutical medica- A recent study published in the tions, we will see many more seniors September 2020 edition of the Drug starting to use medical cannabis into and Alcohol Review, determined 2021 and beyond.    that the use of medical cannabis does not create a cognitive decline in Physicians and health care organi- senior citizens.  The link to the study zations need to educate seniors on is here:  the benefits of medical cannabis and begin to track the data related to outcomes of seniors who take canna- doi/10.1111/dar.13171  bis as a medicine.  Not only is med- ical cannabis safer than traditional The study was performed by Sha- pharmaceuticals (for most patients), ron R. Sznitman PhD, Senior Lec- but it is also more cost effective for turer, Simon Vulfsons MD, Director, health care organizations (ACOs) for David Meiri PhD, Lecturer, Galit cost of care per patient.  The evidence Weinstein PhD, Senior Lecturer at Is- is in the data.  As more ACOs and rael’s Haifa University School of Pub- health care entities start to track the lic Health. The study included 125 data around use of medical canna- cannabis users who were 50 years bis and see better outcomes and and older.  Out of the 125 study par- decreased cost of healthcare with- ticipants, 63 had Israeli government in their system, you will see more permission to use cannabis and 62 acceptance of medical cannabis as a did not have permission.   medicine within the current health- care community.    Each participant was put through a multitude of tests consisting of Michael C. Patterson, founder and CogState computerized brief battery CEO of U.S. Cannabis Pharmaceutical used to assess cognitive performance Research & Development of Melbourne, of psychomotor reaction, attention, is a consultant for the development of the working memory and new learning. medical marijuana industry nationwide Regression models and Bayesian tests and in Florida. He serves as a consul- examined differences in cognitive tant to Gerson Lehrman Group, New performance in the two groups. York and helps educate GLG partners on Furthermore, the associations be- specific investment strategies and public tween medical cannabis use patterns policy regarding Medical Marijuana in (dosage, cannabinoid concentrations, the U.S. and Internationally. He can be length and frequency of use and reached at [email protected] hours since last use) with cognition were assessed among medical canna- bis licensed patients. Patients were tested before use of medical cannabis and after use of medical cannabis.  The result of the study showed no detectable differ- ence in cognitive ability before or after use of medical cannabis. Dr. Sharon Sznitman and Dr. Galit Weinstein noted that the results of the study do not show any wide- spread change on cognition in older chronic pain patients. Considering use of medical cannabis is increas- ing in older populations, this study could be a first step toward a better risk-benefit assessment of the use of medical cannabis with Seniors.  The researchers also noted that “previous studies have shown that medical can- nabis can have long-term effects on the brain when consumed at a young age.  Those affects are not necessarily the same when consumed in old age.”   Analysis  Senior Citizens are the fastest growing demographic of users of medical cannabis in the United States.  With over 435,000 medical cannabis patients in Florida and the average age of a medical canna- bis patient over 50 years old, many Seniors are currently using medical cannabis.  However, these numbers could be considered the “tip of the iceberg.”  As more senior citizens Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

12 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego Washington DC, USA, 11/06/2020: After the elections, Anti-Trump Protesters make demonstrations near White House. A young man holds a banner that says be Counted referring to vote Howcounting. election officials fought fiction with fact Freddy Brewster And Katie Licari   Voters were subjected to everything from wrong Many voters displaced by wildfires in counties December 2, 2020 or misleading claims from the White House to like Santa Cruz needed assistance finding replace- social media posts discrediting the integrity of ment ballots or locating a place to drop their Pet videos populate Facebook all the time, but the voting process. Registrars in both urban and ballot. And BallotTrax, a new system designed to one posted during this frenzied election season rural counties said they often spent hours each assure mail-in voters that their ballots had been stood out: A service dog named Maggie Magoo day trying to get the correct information out to received and recorded, often instilled more con- had voted by mail in Santa Cruz, its owner said. anxious voters.  fusion than confidence when it failed to provide Not just that, the owner claimed Maggie was prompt feedback in some counties. registered to vote using her microchip number as Kimberly Grady, the registrar for Amador a social security number.  County, said her office fielded “numerous calls Still, even issues that would have been relative- daily” about “whatever was talked about on social ly straightforward in simpler times were compli- The story, like so much misinformation, had media or the news. It was usually about fraud.”  cated by President Trump’s false claims about a more bark than bite. But it was only after the “rigged” election and the integrity of mail-in vot- video had been viewed at least 25,000 times and “The phones were out of control this election,” ing. Much-publicized cost cutting and mail delays Gail Pellerin, Santa Cruz County Registrar, had said Gregory Diaz, registrar for Nevada County, by the U.S. Postal Service led voters to worry that checked voter registration and called the county’s adding that his office dealt with misinformation they couldn’t count on their ballots being de- district attorney, the local sheriff ’s department, “all the time. Every day.” livered safely or on time. They expressed doubts and the Department of Homeland Security that about the security of drop boxes, or poll workers’ she felt she could definitively quash the rumor. In fact, much of the registrars’ time was spent ability to match signatures on mail-in ballots or “For the record, a dog did NOT register and vote addressing voters’ confusion over new election the threat of illegal electioneering — advocates in our county,” she tweeted. rules rather than malicious disinformation. Apart distributing or wearing campaign propaganda at from their choice of candidates and propositions, the voting centers. “Everything prevalent in the “It’s really unfortunate when people just sit voters had a lot to think about in this election. national narrative has been questioned locally,” behind a camera and put out lies and deceit that Not only was this California’s first year to use said Janna Haynes, Public Information Officer for just isn’t based on facts or anything real,” Pellerin vote-by-mail statewide, but in a number of coun- Sacramento County.   said. “It really just sort of tarnishes the work that ties voting centers and dropboxes had replaced everybody is doing.” familiar polling places. “We had a lot of people To combat the flood of confusion and misin- who were upset and angry” about the move from formation, the largest counties deployed armies Not all misinformation about the election polling places to mailed ballots, said Donna John- of workers. Between its phone bank and its was as easy to disprove, and there was plenty. ston, Sutter County’s registrar. “People did not social media team, “you’re talking about 35, 40, A survey by CalMatters of 54 of California’s 58 want their choice taken away from them.”   45 people,” said Neal Kelley, registrar for Orange registrars of voters found that misinformation in all forms was rampant during the recent election. Bottom of Form Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 13 County, which has more than 1.6 million reg- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Foote said she that took quite a bit of time, just responding to istered voters. The Orange County website also posted at least twice a day during the busiest days phone calls, and then media requests.”  posted 30-plus “myths” circulating about voting. of the election to deal with each new conspiracy Some examples: Voters should put a stamp on theory. One day a number of people called her In Tuolumne County, Registrar Deborah Bau- their prepaid return ballot envelope for faster office to ask how she was preventing people from tista spent time every day scrolling through Face- delivery (actually, this could slow it down); it’s urinating in the ballot drop boxes.  book groups that were spreading misinformation. okay to photocopy one’s ballot (it’s not); ballots One individual, she recalled, posted an obviously that don’t check all the boxes will be voided (they “I had never previously received those kinds of false claim that in-person voting had been can- won’t).  questions and I thought it was odd that multiple celed. She responded that some polling places people would ask me that same question,” she were closed due to consolidation efforts but that Anticipating problems, the Secretary of State’s said.  there was still, in fact, in-person voting. “But the office had set up a dedicated email account, voter good news is that there were a lot of people that hotline and media monitoring tools well ahead Normally, the registrar’s office could have said that [the claim] wasn’t true and to contact of Election Day to help combat concerns about reached out to a wide audience by advertising on the [elections] office,” she said. misinformation. State officials led county public Facebook. But Facebook had imposed a ban on information officers through a presentation on new political ads in the week before the elec- Bautista said she is lucky, because Tuolumne crisis communications and best practices, and tion, in an effort to combat misinformation, so County is a small area where people tend to equipped them with a tool kit for possible sce- Foote was limited to posting only on the coun- know each other. She said she was often tagged narios the week prior to the election, said Jenna ty’s page. “I went through so many hoops and so on some of the misleading posts and was able to Dresner, senior public information officer for the many hours and I even got through to real, live rebut them before they were able to take root.  Office of Election Cybersecurity. “We always see Facebook people and we still weren’t ever able an influx in misinformation around elections, to advertise,” she said. (The registrar for Orange “The most important thing the voter should but this year it was louder than ever.” County took the precaution of being certified know is that, not everything they read on social by Facebook as an official source of election media is always true and they need to do a little For Kammi Foote, the registrar of Inyo County, information, Kelley said, so his office was able to research,” she added. “If it doesn’t sound right, it the problems began during the summer, with circumvent the ban.)  probably isn’t right.”  messages coming out of the White House under- mining the integrity of the postal service. She “The most important thing the voter should Requests for interviews with Facebook went said she had to routinely deal with voter phone know is that, not everything they read on social unanswered as of publication time.  calls about possibly intentional slow downs of media is always true and they need to do a little the mail and the removal of U.S. mail collection research.”  This story has updated to reflect additional boxes.  counties responding to the survey. DEBORAH BAUTISTA, TUOLUMNE COUNTY “That did not reflect the reality happening REGISTRAR Freddy Brewster and Katie Licari are reporters behind the scenes,” Foote said about the situation at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. in Inyo County. “We probably had the strongest In Sonoma County, Registrar Deva Proto found Votebeat reporters Lewis Griswold, Michael Loza- partnership with the United States Postal Service herself dealing with rumors that grew out of no, and UC Berkeley Journalism School reporter that I have ever experienced in my 14 years as a photos taken in September of recycled materials Aaron Leathley contributed to this story. registrar.” from previous elections. “Somebody took pictures of it and started spreading misinformation, say- This coverage is made possible through Vote- In an effort to combat confusion, Inyo’s elec- ing that they were worried that we were dumping beat, a nonpartisan reporting project covering tions office expanded its social media reach to ballots from this election, even though our bal- local election integrity and voting access. In Cal- lots haven’t been sent out yet,” said Proto. “And so ifornia, CalMatters is hosting the collaboration with the Fresno Bee, the Long Beach Post and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. ”Simple. Secure. Trustworthy. Counted.” A sign reads in Spanish encouraging voters to vote by mail Off I-5 on November 3, 2020. Photo by Clara Mokri for CalMatters Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

14 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego In last month’s article I introduced The Lan- I suggest placing your need to stand on principle AWARENESS – Before any misconduct can be guage of Appreciation, offering a foundation to or be correct aside. Buy it a cup of tea or coffee and repaired and trust restored, you’ll have to under- easily create authentic and meaningful relation- ask it to sip slowly, we’ll come back to that (pride) stand it. This first step requires a commitment ships with family, friends and colleagues; a way in a forthcoming column. For now, what’s import- towards caring and empathy. You’ll need to be of communicating with others that inspires and ant is somebody that you likely love or value in willing to step outside your own experience – even encourages mutual gratitude every day. some way is hurt. if just for a glance – and attempt to see from the perspective of the other. If you don’t see it imme- If learning to speak this way is the cultivation This is a moment to choose love over the need diately, stay with it. I have found the less need you of great relationships, then the Art of Apology is to be correct. The benefit of love is emotional have to be correct, the quicker this occurs. the groundskeeping that maintains it; the pruning closeness, the byproduct of needing to be correct is and refinement that deepens trust. emotional distance. Which do you prefer? ACCEPTANCE – Building on your increased awareness, this is the step where you accept re- Yes, I’m aware there is a persistent belief that I imagine a thought that may floating through sponsibility for your contribution in the matter. apologizing somehow makes us weak as an indi- your head is something like “why should I apolo- Embrace and connect with it. This is vital to it not vidual or lessens our footing within a relationship, gize if I didn’t do anything wrong?” Other com- recurring. but both of these concerns center around wanting mon concerns are simply wanting to avoid conflict to maintain control or power within your relation- or not appearing weak. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – This is the point to ship, and to be more pithy; if you’re consistently voice your apology. When You speak the words vying for control or power in your relationship, it’s Please allow me to shelve these two concerns: “I am sorry” they will be underwritten with a likely not truly a relationship. the willingness to have conflict is healthy, seeking sincerity that is often missing from near-reflexive it out is not. In other words, conflict is a natural apologies. I invite you to go deeper and extend the Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and while way in which we attempt to understand someone declaration by recognizing how you hurt the other the holiday tends to promote gratitude, perhaps else’s beliefs or experience while upholding our and immediately proceed to the next action. it’s also a wonderful time to consider personal own. Essentially, it’s foreign to us, so we’re defend- humility and rebuilding bonds. ing against it. There’s also the aforementioned AMENDS – A critical and often overlooked pride being encouraged by that clever ego of ours. aspect of an apology. At this stage, the person Let’s breakdown what an apology is and its pur- that seemingly created the offense inquires with pose. When there is a perceived breach of trust of Whether small or large, both of these are very the offended to seek what would be required to any kind, the objective of the apology is a process human and will subside with consistent effort rebuild trust. The request and resolution should for repair and reestablishing trust. I use the word towards focusing on these four steps. be directly related to the infraction. “perceived” because this is the first pitfall where things go awry; debating whether the issue is cor- If you want to learn how to effectively apologize, Each step is successive and requires the preced- rect or not. Who cares? you’ll want to be adept and sincere at each of the ing one be completed to move forward. You can- following stages. not offer and complete a honest amends without genuine acknowledgement of the matter; you can- not have a true acknowledgement of the matter without sincere acceptance of your responsibility (for your portion); and you cannot have a sincere acceptance of your responsibility without having real awareness to see what has occurred. Done earnestly, this process will allow offer opportunities for increased trust, respect and closeness. Daniel Allen is a writer, speaker, and spiritual & emotional counselor on the subject of relation- ships (including the one we hold with ourselves), and an advocate for Love and raising conscious- ness. For more information or article suggestions please visit, email [email protected] or call (619) 832-2750. Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 15 If there’s one thing we can all agree on- 2020 has been an unprec- play a role, and how critical it is that we work together in order to take edented year. In Numerology, we look at numbers and how they tie steps forward. We are being asked to examine the details carefully, or into an individual's unique traits, but we also look at cycles and how it we could get caught up in the great slew of misinformation that pres- impacts us collectively. The numeric vibration for 2020 is 4. How do we ents themselves as ‘truth.’ find this out? By adding all the numbers in the current year (2+0+2+0 = 4) and deducting it to a single digit, 1-9. 4 is highly detail-oriented and There is little difference between capturing our attention – and at times can result in a restrictive energy. The double 2’s in 2020, which capturing our hearts and minds. Many theories floating around thrives is the number of patience, has given us the opportunity to see things on our need to be entertained, and have other people think for us. This clearly now, more than ever! prevents us from seeing the actual information. 4 has a tendency to inspect misconceptions with the objective of 2020 is a pivotal point that will help us evolve from subjects of this keeping things in order. The 4 enables us to organize while providing self-destructive system, to intentional beings determined to free our- us with great determination and tenacity. 4 needs a meaningful goal selves and one other. We are in the interstitial space – ‘no longer and to focus on, combined with hard work and commitment, it allows for not yet’ of freeing our collective and individual wills. The will is our yin breakthroughs and success. energy, emotions, urges, sensations, and instincts; the part of us that has been kept bottled up for far too long. So, in a world that unfolds 20/20 was inevitable. It needed to happen and has been a pivotal according to the laws of cause and effect, what’s happening now was time for humanity’s transformation to reach a new level. 20/20 means destined to happen, we just didn’t know exactly how and when. And looking not only at the effect that we are currently going through, but as we all start to free itself, the pushback from the old system is more more importantly, what caused it. To find our way forward, we have to desperate, more forceful, and more senseless. be truly aware of past lessons, so that we don’t keep repeating them. September 18, 2020, which was a 22/4 Universal Day, Ruth Bader 4 is the number of precision. Never before has humanity been so Ginsberg transitioned. She was a force to be reckoned with. She was a consistently bombarded with all kinds of verbal and visual misconcep- beacon of truth and feminine energy, intent on freeing the human will. tions...or perhaps it’s been there all along? She fought a good fight. If 2020 is teaching us anything, it’s that now is the time to pick up where she and other amazing human beings left Old systems and beliefs are now fighting off the persistent 4 which off. A collective effort is needed when 22 is activated. 2 is the number of does not let us get away with deliberate distortion of the truth. The old partnership, cooperation, and consideration. 22 brings these qualities system feeds on the mistaken belief that it’s “us against them”. The old system is a vast competition of the “human race” – the to global proportions. 2020 has shaken us awake – be- only species that is at war with itself. The hu- cause we have been sleeping for far too long. man race is this self-destructive system in 2021 is a 5 Universal Year. It welcomes which we are all trapped, yet trying to freedom, change and facing our fears. escape. Stay tuned to find out what’s in store for 2021! COVID-19 has peeled away And if you want to know the layers. It has shown us how the 5 energy will impact systemic racism is rampant, you personally, you can justice is fragmented, our get a 2021 Personal Year economy is in disarray Forecast. Use LUCKY5 and Mother Earth is at checkout to receive demanding our at- 20% off. Visit: www. tention. COVID-19 numerologycata- has also shown lyst.comww us how each and every one of us 20/20 Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego L Tis The Season16 VOL.5ISSUE12 to Shop Local! Stephanie Langlois of Time Wise Jewelers in Clairemont By Jeanne Rawdin nie Classic gift-giving remains a time-honored holiday ex- plains. “I tradition – even in the midst of these unprecedented bought it from pandemic times. Time Wise Jewelers honors that classic them when they decided to retire. I am not related to them but gift-giving tradition with great opportunities to buy consider them family -- a second set of parents, if you will. I love jewelry at some of the most competitive prices any- them like they are family. They taught me everything I know where. and showed me how to run an honest business.” Time Wise Jewelers is offering 25 to 50% off any item Time Wise Jewelers carries an impressive array of different in the entire store for this holiday season (excluding jewelry and stones – some that you can’t commonly find in watch bands, chains, repairs and findings). It’s the per- other jewelry stores. For example, the store has an extensive fect time to buy a gift for a loved one or even to splurge selection of Iolite, Lapis, Spinel, Turquoise, Moissanite, Appatite on a special piece for yourself. Owner Stephanie Langlois and other favorite stones which are unique. The store also has a is offering excellent holiday deals because she understands wonderful array of estate jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces. They what her customers are going through. “I have completely also specialize in engagement rings and custom-designed jewel- changed the way I do business during this pandemic. I’ve ry. made many cuts and sacrifices in order to keep my doors open. I’ve had to lay off staff members and increase my own hours. The store offers free jewelry cleaning and inspection while I’ve sought out more reasonably priced vendors and suppliers. you shop. And Time Wise’s experienced appraiser can provide I’m facing challenges during this pandemic just as my custom- you with all the paperwork you need to insure your treasured ers are, and we’re in this together.” pieces. They’ll even replace your watch battery while you wait, or while you get your shopping done at Vons. Stephanie has also invested in many COVID safety measures, like installing plexiglass around the high-traffic cases in the Stephanie strives to deliver the best customer service around store, supplying hand sanitizer and masks for customers who because, as she puts it, “We want to be your personal jeweler walk in, and constantly disinfecting areas throughout the day. for life!” Time Wise Jewelers prides itself on having the lowest prices with the best service and the most knowledgeable staff Since the start of COVID, her business cycle has been a bit of around. a ride. “At the beginning of the pandemic, we had a high influx of repair jobs. Then after a month or so after being able to When COVID hit, Stephanie realized she had to take a hard reopen, all sales pretty much halted. No one was really buying look at what was important to her and make changes according- merchandise and most of our customers had already been in ly, just like all small business owners. She realized that her fam- to have their items repaired. A few months after that, business ily and her business were her top priorities and worked to keep started to pick back up slightly -- some anniversary gifts, missed both of them safe and healthy. When asked what’s the most birthday presents, graduations that still needed to be celebrat- important thing she’s learned since taking over the business, she ed. People were slowly coming back to buying.” replied, “Take it one day at a time and believe in yourself.” Stephanie fosters a sense of community with her customers, Time Wise Jewelers is located in the Balboa Mesa Shopping and that didn’t stop once the pandemic hit. “Many customers Center at 5643 Balboa Avenue in Clairemont, right next to Mr. just came in to see how we were faring. They didn’t need much Fish & Chips and to the left of Vons. You can call them at 858- done, maybe a battery or what not. They were just concerned 560-5503 or go to for more information. about how we were doing, and wanted to make sure we would Store hours are 10 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to still be around in the months to come,” she explains. 5 pm Saturday, and 12 noon to 5 pm on Sundays. Like many other shop owners, Stephanie has had to face the challenges of doing business during a pandemic. During the leanest months, she worked solo with her husband to keep the operation afloat. She had to lay off five employees. But she maintains a great attitude and takes things “one day at a time.” Despite the hurdles, something surprised her in a positive way during this time. “The support and love from the community,” she says. “Loyal customers just wanting to stop by to make sure we’re still open and find out how we are doing, trying to give us any business they can. I even got a few emails letting me know a certain customer would be in to make a purchase because this is where they want to spend their money.” Time Wise Jewelers has been operating for almost forty years (since 1981) in Clairemont in the Balboa Mesa Shopping Cen- ter. The previous owners, Glen and Linda Blumenthal, retired a couple of years ago after operating the story for 38 years. That’s when Langlois decided to buy the store and become its owner. “I worked for Glen and Linda for eight and a half years,” Stepha- Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Leah Christensen Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 17 What People Are Saying About Their Shopping Experiences at Time Wise Jewelers: Time Wise Jewelers is a local gem in Clairemont. From their quality jewelry to their supportive customer service, I love stopping in and finding something old or new. I don’t know that I’ve ever left the store without having purchased something or putting it on layaway. You have to act quickly sometimes because her pieces and prices are hard to pass up! I choose purchasing jewelry from Time Wise because my personal jew- eler, Stephanie is relatable, creative and understands the value of helping young women like myself find new ‘forever’ heirlooms. She cares about sourcing ethical pieces that make us feel empowered and beautiful. She listens to her customers and works to find jewelry that will make a positive impact in a person’s life. Growing up, I loved my mother’s fine jewelry but never felt that it was my style. Stephanie has done a beautiful job at decon- structing outdated pieces and repurposing them to be more my style. She has such a tasteful, creative eye and I trust her implicitly. Her prices are always fair and I can’t get enough of the unique and beautiful estate gems she show cases. It is so rare to find a humble and patient jeweler – specifi- cally those who let young professionals like myself play ‘dress up’ with the more expensive earrings and necklaces I could only ever dream of. Stephanie is the most reputable, fair and honest jeweler in all of Claire- mont. She always tries to support her local clients by offering discounts and holiday specials. Not only does she care about the jewelry’s legacy and it’s story, but also the impact it has on a new owner. She quickly learns people’s taste and is keen to go the extra mile to source difficult to find gems. I’d love to see the community support Time Wise as a business during the pandemic because it’s a local, family run shop that continues to keep their prices affordable for those of us who have a passion for fine jewelry. She is very sacrificial, often not paying herself in order to continue sup- porting her staff and store. She puts love into everything she does and into every conversations she has. She truly bonds and connects with everyone. I have purchased a white solitaire diamond necklace, a roman coin in 24K sold gold setting, sapphire and diamond earrings, gold ring with three diamonds, 2 sets of pearl earrings, a yellow gold solitaire diamond necklace, and a gold Japanese crane ring, two white gold paw necklaces, a gold pen- dant and I’m sure a few others that I can’t think of. I also re-purposed my mothers sapphire into a diamond necklace. Katie Munroe I choose to purchase jewelry from TimeWise because it is always high quality jewelry at really good prices. In addition, they offer custom jewelry and can take an older heirloom and modernize it to create something new very inexpensively. Stephanie is wholeheartedly committed to her customers and their expe- rience. She has done amazing customization for me. My mom passed away last spring and I had some of her jewelry that meant a lot to me but was very dated. Stephanie designed and recreated several rings Of my mom’s that I probably never would have worn. Now I have amazing show pieces that have a total “wow” factor in addition to still being a part of my family’s history. I would go in with no idea of what to do with a ring or necklace. Steph- anie came up with the most amazing designs which she then created for pennies on the dollar in comparison to any new piece of jewelry. She works with a small set of quality craftsman and she oversees the design process personally. Stephanie has literally created a whole collection of new jewelry for me. Why should the community support Time Wise as a business during the pandemic? Stephanie is a new business owner who is bringing life back into small local businesses. She has a young family and is devoted to her community! What kinds of jewelry have you purchased from Time Wise? When I first went into Time Wise, I was just browsing. I never thought I could afford jewelry from a “real” jewelry store. I was so surprised at the reasonable prices. I have purchased new jewelry including rings, earrings and bracelets with gemstones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and Iolite. I have also purchased custom pieces that Stephanie has remade for me including my mother’s wedding band, my grandmother’s engagement ring, and a ring that was made out of my grandmother’s earrings and a necklace. It’s rare in this day and age to meet a truly kind person (who is also a business owner) and who strives every day to offer the best service and quality merchandise to her customers. Stephanie is just such a person! Leah Christensen Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

18 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego Funny and reflective COVID-19 quarantine stories Complied by Mia Bertelsen ego to help me to raise my kids. We Let’s all laugh a bit about the crazy were at Sea World, Dave and Busters, John’s Incredible Pizza, play dates, and funny things that happened events and more. After COVID hit I during 2020 the year of the lockdown. had to raise my kids! My focus before Laughter is good medicine and as was on everything else and it brought this quarantine drags on and on, we my family into alignment. We cook could use some good stories to help our own meals, we clean our own us to forget how serious this virus has house, we wash our own clothes and become. I surveyed people on social WE are connected. So while I cry for media and these are some of the sto- our country’s divided COVID life, I ries that they shared. You probably am thankful for the lesson.” know someone who did something similar too. Alma Hass, Chula Vista, “Everyone is complaining about the quarantine Kathleen Fogarty, San Diego, “I gave weight gain. My husband went into myself a haircut. The garden snip- our closet and put on a plain white ping shears were at the back door. I long sleeve shirt. He got so mad walked in, looked in the mirror and thinking that he had gained so much started chopping away. The first time weight that now even his basic shirts I cut about 3 inches off. It felt great! didn’t fit. I fell over with laughter Now I just grab and snip if I don’t like when I told him to not worry because a piece of hair.” the shirt was mine not his!” Nicole Johnson, Coronado, “This is a funny yet sad story. I used San Di- Sharon Sardina, Temecula, “My husband had to color my hair. That is how desperate I got!” Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 19 Heather Tanel, Chula Vista, “My 4-year old son Junior gave himself a haircut with preschool Colleen Pratt Worth, Scottsdale, Arizona, “I work scissors because he didn’t want long hair anymore. This is what happens when daycare is medics and at the start of the quarantine I was test- closed and he is being babysat by his 15-year-old sister who is busy with on-line school. He ing and I would come home and strip off my clothes gave himself a nice bald spot.” in the unattached garage and then run through the backyard in my undies to the shower. I got caught a few times, but everyone was so understanding. My kids’ friends learned quickly to stay in the room when mom got home!” Renee Tay, Point Loma, “We made new Kathy Cannon, San Diego, “My husband is Courtney Buell, Zachary, Louisiana, “I have had non-human friends. Since we can’t socialize 88-years-old. Having Alzheimers and being fun playing dress up with all the fancy dresses I anymore, we just made new little squirrel confined to home (most of the time) has been never get to wear anywhere.” friends. We met Fat Lenny many months ago difficult at times and funny at other times. while sitting at Liberty Station. We were He has lost (and hid) some crazy things. We feeding crows and he showed up and wanted find his keys, glasses, Depends, remote control some peanuts. We fed him more peanuts and and lots of other stuff in funny places. We at one point he even helped himself to the bag. still can’t find his cell phone yet. I filled a I fell asleep in my beach chair and Fat Lenny container of my husband’s pills for the month was so curious that he was standing up against and accidentally tipped it over. When it the chair to look at me. Eventually Fat Lenny happened I yelled ‘Don’t move’ and he froze started jumping into my boyfriend’s lap. Other for about 15 minutes while I picked up all the squirrels got to know us too. Sadly, the city re- pills. Later I asked him why he wasn’t eating cently did a squirrel number control and there and he said, ‘you didn’t tell me I could move are only about a third of the squirrels around. yet.’ It took a while, and some tears, but I got Fat Lenny hasn’t come up to us in the last them all back in the right squares. I only lost month, but we still see him.” one.” Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

20 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego MEET THE ARTIST   Seasonal Decorator Gabriela Ferrara By Mia Bertelsen during this season. I have heard of people com- thing wonderful happen in my house. Mostly it Tis the season to make your house look merry plaining that they can’t find the pre-lit, artificial turns out okay. I do end up having fun putting it and festive. The sales of Christmas trees and dec- trees in the stores anymore. All Christmas deco- all together, but honestly it just feels like another orations have increased almost 30% this month. rations are going fast. thing on my never-ending to do list. Economists predicted that with the crippled economy from the COVID-19 shutdown, all areas I am not sure if you are like me. I am not good I was thrilled to learn that there are solutions of Christmas sales would suffer. But our desire to at home decoration and when the Christmas for people like me. I sat down and talked with be festive and have beautiful homes has not died season is on us, I try to find excuses to not drag the most talented seasonal decorator Gabriela out the boxes and boxes and try to make some- Ferrara. She has always liked art and she grew Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 21 up taking all kinds of classes and learning. Her ments for the Kardashians.” Her favorite stores are Hobby Lobby or Mi- professional career was very different than what Another important teacher for her was Brad chaels to find everything you need to decorate. she is doing today. In Mexico she studied to be a “This year I have been more busy than past years,” lawyer. Good for us, she found her true inspira- Schmidt who is a celebrity designer in West she explained. “People wanted to put up their tion in decoration and hasn’t looked back. Hollywood and Hong Kong. She was one of his Christmas decorations earlier and in the stores all students. Currently Schmidt is featured in People of the decorations are sold out.” “I have been decorating professionally for three Magazine this month. years now. My friends encouraged me to do this Ferrara is all smiles this season. Business is because they told me that I have so much tal- She leaves us with a tip for those of you who good and it is fills her spirit to create beauty in ent,” Ferrara said. “At first I thought that no one haven’t decorated your tree yet. “To decorate this world. would want to hire me. But then I got excited your pre-lit tree, first start with ribbons, next about it and started to promote my services on place the tree topper, then place the big orna- You can find her on Instagram at: decorbygaby- Instagram. I posted pictures of my tables, flower ments and next the small ornaments.” ferrara arrangements and the decorations I made in my house. Then people started to look for me.” As a seasonal decorator and she stays busy all year long. Ferrara is hired to go into people’s homes and create a beautiful scene or theme. It could be for a special holiday or a party. Her services are in high demand right now to deco- rate Christmas trees. To decorate a tree the price begins at $150 for a 7-foot tree. If you would like her to bring decorations with a certain theme, the client pays for the decorations as well. “My last client didn’t have any decorations for her two trees nor an idea of what to buy,” she explained. “I went and bought everything and she was so happy with the result.” She really enjoys decorating dining room tables with varied themes. If you go to her house, there is always a new theme for every month of the year. In the Summer time you will find a beach theme, picnic theme or 4th of July. Once a client explains to her what theme of decorations is needed, she will go out and buy all the items to create the experience, or she will make them herself and then Ferrara arrives at their house to set it all up. She is a Chula Vista resident and works all over San Diego county. Her services are so valuable for people who have busy schedules and don’t have the time to dedi- cate to planning, purchasing and setting it all up. Even some people who are in the decorating in- dustry call her because they appreciate her work. After it is all over, the people generally keep the items and put it away themselves at their own leisure. Her passion is to study the trends of decora- tion and find out what is the latest style. She follows many famous decorators on Instagram and in return they follow her too. She especially admires Jennifer Houghton from Turtle Creek Lane and gets feedback from Houghton on her own posts. “They are decorators who have more than 500,000 followers and they have put likes and comments on my posts and pictures,” she beamed. “I am very proud. My Fao Schwarz inspired Christmas tree was even liked by the actual store’s Instagram. I had the good luck to be trained by a celebrity stylist who I met at my daughter’s preschool. Her name is Sarah Eaton and she is a professional florist and is part of Jeff Leatham’s team. They do all of the floral arrange- Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

22 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego Medical tourism- a lower-cost option for patients who cross the border By Mia Bertelsen cross back into the U.S. from Mexico during the in San Diego and completed medical school in COVID-19 restrictions. Most patients drive to Tijuana. Her training includes the American The border with San Diego and Tijuana, Mex- the border area and park their cars on the U.S. Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and general ico is the world’s busiest border crossing in the side. They cross the border on foot and once in education with anti-aging in the U.S. She is world. Many of the thousands and thousands of Mexico, they call an Uber to get to the medical completing her master’s degree in sexology to people who cross the border daily are medical office. The majority of the medical offices are combine regenerative medicine with regenerative tourists. They are patients from the US and some located close to the border and only require a sexology. from Canada who have decided to seek medical quick Uber ride. Once patients have a better feel care in Mexico. The doctors on the border are for the locations of the doctors, some will drive Dr. Rosales found her love of anti-aging med- very prepared to help these patients. They speak their personal cars to their offices where there is icine while being trained in a clinic in Costa perfect English and cater to the needs of these secure parking. Rica. “Doctors get taught that you have to think unique patients in their modern clinics and hos- of medicine as a square and you can’t go out of pitals. If you drive your own car, it is best if you have there,” she explained. “And then you are reading the Sentri border crossing card to avoid long lines all these articles about preventative medicine and Some of the more popular medical procedures when you return to the U.S. The Sentri program how we can make a better quality of life. I love performed are plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, prescreens applicants and their vehicles with an this and I have been practicing regenerative med- dentistry, cancer treatments, aesthetic procedures, extensive background check. Once approved you icine for five years now and most of my patients hormonal treatments and much more. Patients are allowed to cross the border northbound into come from the U.S.” are pleased to find a high level of care, doctors the U.S. in special lanes that are more efficient. with excellent training, and a much lower cost Anti-aging and regenerative are terms that than what you can find in the U.S. Some patients Crossing by car in the normal border crossing work together. Anti-aging is preventing the dam- report a savings of over 50 percent. With the lanes can take hours at peak times. If you don’t age from starting or continuing. Regenerative ever-rising costs of the U.S. health care system, have the Sentri, the fastest way to cross back to medicine is healing the damage that is already it is not a surprise to learn that more and more the U.S. is in the pedestrian border lanes at the present. patients are willing to cross the border to seek San Yisdro Port of Entry. There are no guaran- other options. However, it is not without its tees of wait times at the border. Always plan A typical patient who sees Dr. Rosales com- risks, especially when a patient is considering sur- ahead and give yourself a cushion of time to get plains of being tired all the time. She examines gery. One should research extensively the doctor home. their diets, hormones, menopause and more. “Fa- and his or her reputation. tigue is the main complaint,” Rosales said. “They Periodically the U.S. Department of State will have to take naps when they never had to before. The Corona virus has hit the medical tourism issue travel advisories for Mexico due to crime Naps are good, but these patients have never had industry hard too. Many patients have elected and violence. The doctors I interviewed have the need to take a nap and they need to refuel. If to wait until the virus in under control before never had a patient who has reported to them of they don’t rest, they don’t want to do anything venturing down south. This article features two any problems with their safety in Mexico. They for the rest of the day.” doctors who treat medical tourists and gives tips feel that since their offices are located in a safe on how to safely cross and enjoy the discounted area of Tijuana, it makes a difference. Most of her patients find her on-line by services. googling hormone replacement therapy or I spoke with Dr. Paola Rosales who is a doc- growth hormone replacement therapy. They Knowing how to navigate the border is the tor of regenerative medicine, anti-aging and is a come from the San Diego and Los Angeles areas first step. You need a valid U.S. passport. Only sexologist. Her clinic is located minutes from the and also from Arizona or even Texas. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are able to border in the Cosmopolitan Tower in the Zona Rio area of Tijuana. She was born and raised Dr. Rosales explained that, “Growth Hormone replacement therapy has the ability to regenerate Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 23 cellular damage. It gives you sense of well-being, frequency to tighten skin and reduce fat cells), Mexico is taking COVID-19 precautions seri- better concentration, better memory, quality of liquid facelifts, facial, chemical peels, Iip fillers, ously all over. When you are out on the street or skin, better hair, even less gray hair and boost monothreads, acne treaments, IV treatments and in a business, masks need to be worn at all times, your metabolism. The goal for the patients is to massages. your temperature is taken before entering build- keep the hormones at the correct levels to re- ings and shoes are disinfected at the doors. generate cellular damage throughout the whole Her favorite treatment is the liquid facelift. “It body.” is very beautiful and it is a rejuvenation for pa- One of the best ways to end your day is to eat tients who don’t want to go under the knife,” Dr. at one of the Tijuana’s amazing restaurants. Ti- Dr. Rosales explained that many of her patients Harrison explained. “It involves botox in several juana is full of creative, fresh talent across the cu- are frustrated with doctors in the US because areas and fillers for cheekbones, chins, laugh lines linary scene. Some of the best chefs in the world they are not offering help with their hormones. and lips.” have created one-of-a-kind restaurants in Tijuana. “With men you have to be below the lowest A starting price for a liquid facial at her spa is Please stay tuned for more about entertain- around $1,200. It depends on how many syringes ment and good deals to be found in Tijuana. Knowing how to navigate the doctor uses. Patients who fly in to see her More stories are coming about patients who save the border is the first will get all the treatments done at once. But if on dental care and veterinary treatment for their step. You need a valid you are local, you can do it in parts. pets. U.S. passport. Only U.S. “I love liquid facials because I love to see the To contact Dr. Rosales: 1(888)458-4325, [email protected] citizens and permanent transformation,” she said. “The patients will often tell me that they look sad, they lost volume residents are able to and they have wrinkles and sun damage. One To contact Dr. Harrison: (619) 409-2319, lharri- cross back into the U.S. patient even did a happy dance when she looked [email protected], Instagram: harrisonmedspa from Mexico during the in the mirror after the treatment was done.” COVID-19 restrictions. Patients of all ages are seeking treatment from range in testosterone before they will help you her. “Right now people are so informed and in the US,” she said. “Between 250 and 900 is the they already know what they want,” Dr. Harrison range in the lab. Most of the patients below 600 added. “But we do guide them because some- already have symptoms of low testosterone. And times they have an unrealistic expectation. The they need to be below 250 before insurance will youngest patient I have had recently was 16 years cover it.” old and she came in with her mom. She had a non-surgical nose job. Patients are getting pre- There are many studies that show how replac- ventive botox too. They don’t want to wait until ing testosterone in women will help with concen- the wrinkle is deep. They prefer to treat it now.” tration, memory, muscle mass, motivation and sex appetite. Many people think that testosterone Treatments for esthetic medicine can be pricy, is just for men. Women need it too. especially in the Los Angeles area. Fillers for the cheekbones, lips and chins are sought-after to A general consultation costs $40. Hormone restore volume. A syringe of Juvederm averages treatments range from $150- $350 for women for around $350 in her office and could be $600 or about 3 to 4 months. It includes creams, pills or more in other cities of the U.S. Dr. Harrison ex- pellet therapy. The pellet therapy is bioidenti- plained that it is the same product from the same cal, which uses the same chemical structure as lab as you could buy in the US. Patients get to the one found in your body. The small pills are enjoy the discounted prices because the labs sell inserted under the skin on the buttock area and to Mexico at a better price point. they last 3 to 4 months and the body absorbs it as needed. Not everyone is a candidate for the Dr. Harrison’s facials are very popular. A pa- pellets, so Dr. Rosales does a complete clinical tient who comes to see her will often get multi- history of the patient first. ple services done and maybe even a massage too. She sells quality beauty products from France and For men, the hormone treatments can run Spain that are reasonably priced. between $300-$900 for 3 to 4 months. Men have more hormone options with creams, injections, Getting to Harrison Medical Spa is easy. She or pellets. is located on the 6th floor of the Cosmopolitan Tower just below Dr. Rosales. They collaborate She also offers IV therapies that can help with together and many patients visit both doctors in autoimmune diseases and degenerative diseases the same day. If you drive your car to see them, and stem-cell therapies to her patients. there is affordable valet parking at the entrance to the building. Patients pay for their treatments Dr. Rosales works with a local pharmacy and at the spa with cash, credit cards and Zelle. can get the patients the needed prescriptions during their visit. Patients pay with credit cards or PayPal so they don’t have to carry cash on them. Dr. Leticia Harrison is a Gynecologist and an Aesthetic Doctor who runs Harrison Medical Spa in Tijuana. Dr. Harrison’s original medical train- ing was in Mexico in Morelia, Monterrey and Mexico City. She also attended UCSD and earned a specialty in lactation. She has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. Dr. Harrison’s spa is very busy treating patients from all over the United States and Canada. Due to the strict quarantine in Canada, she hasn’t seen Canadian patients for a while though. The majority of her patients come to see her for esthetic medicine. This can include botox, fillers, Venus Freeze (a machine that uses radio Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

24 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego newsbriefs San Diego State Custom-designed for the California Inc. The six-year agreement includes serve people and families who have University faculty State Capitol Museum’s gift shop, the two two-year options that could been affected by the Coronavirus lead collaborative figurine can be purchased individu- bring the total value of the contract pandemic. COVID-19 research ally or as part of a set with a sticker to $911 million over 10 years. The efforts and keychain. Proceeds from sales contract was awarded after a compet- Applications are now open online help the Developmental Disabilities itive bidding process. and will be available through Jan. 8, By Kellie Woodhouse | SDSU Service Organization, the gift shop’s 2021 at 5 p.m. parent company, said manager Stacey Under this agreement, Transdev San Diego State University has Hilton. will operate 52 of 95 bus route Completed applications can be become the site for dozens of services from MTS bus divisions in sent to: County of San Diego Hous- COVID-19 research projects, an Augustynolophus Morrisi was a Chula Vista and El Cajon, using MTS ing and Community Development urgent response to the pandemic duck-billed, plant-eating dinosaur buses and branding. In FY 2020, Services Community Development that is probing its impact on individ- apparently exclusive to California, 19.5 million passengers were carried Division, 3989 Ruffin Road, San uals, health care professionals and clocking in at 10 feet tall, 30 feet long by MTS out of these two divisions. Diego, CA 92123. communities while looking ahead to and around 6,000 pounds. Its fossil- Transdev has been under contract possible interventions and solutions.  ized remains were first discovered in with MTS to provide similar services USD ranked among Fresno County in 1939, according to for the past 13 years. top green MBAs in More than 40 COVID-related proj- an accompanying fact sheet. nation ects span all seven of the university’s “This is great news for MTS and academic colleges as well as SDSU Port of San Diego for our riders,” said Nathan Fletch- The University of San Diego offers Imperial Valley. approves Harbor Park er, MTS Board Chair and District 4 one of the nation’s top green MBAs, Coastal Development County Supervisor. “The Transdev according to The Princeton Review. Much of the work draws upon Permit team is a reflection of the diverse The education services company SDSU’s deep roots in the community, communities we serve in the South chose the USD School of Business allowing investigators to collaborate As part of the transformation of Bay and East County.” for the list Best Green MBA, appear- with local government agencies, the Chula Vista waterfront on San ing at #7 in the nation and #1 in health care providers, medical com- Diego Bay, the Port of San Diego As part of the new contract, MTS California. panies and nonprofits and ensure Board of Port Commissioners has will provide 332 buses and two state- their work has the widest reach and approved a Coastal Development of-the-art Leadership in Energy and The ranking is based on a survey greatest impact possible.  Permit (CDP) for the future Harbor Environmental Design (LEED) cer- of 17,800 students at 244 business Park. tified facilities for operations, main- schools in the U.S. USD was includ- “During the pandemic SDSU facul- tenance and fueling. The contract ed as a Best Green MBA based on ty have risen to the occasion and lev- Planned for the central portion also includes funding for more than students’ assessments of how well eraged their expertise, connections, of the Chula Vista waterfront as an 750 Represented and 65 Non-Repre- the school is preparing them in scholarship and research interests to expansion and improvement of the sented employees in the San Diego environmental/sustainability and shed light on the coronavirus and current Bayside Park, Harbor Park region. social responsibility issues, and for a support vulnerable communities, will provide signature amenities and career in a green job market. especially those here in San Diego,” recreational opportunities. Nonprofits may said Hala Madanat, interim vice qualify for share of $4 The USD School of Business re- president of research and innovation Harbor Park, along with the pre- million from County quires master’s in business adminis- and the leader of multiple COVID-19 viously-approved Sweetwater Park, of San Diego tration students to take three cours- research endeavors. will account for more than half of es focused on ethics, corporate social the new park space planned for the Nonprofit organizations that serve responsibility and/or sustainability. The vast array of projects considers Chula Vista waterfront. The parks low and moderate-income people The program also offers research how the virus affects the body and design teams are KTU+A and Peters- may qualify for a share of $4 mil- opportunities in sustainability and lingers in the environment; how the en Studio who were selected for their lion from the County Housing and a concentration in Corporate Social pandemic has affected health care, extensive urban park and waterfront Community Development Services’ Responsibility and Sustainable En- under-resourced communities and design expertise – with an emphasis Community Development Block terprise. All students must complete mental health; and how schools, on local landscape architecture and Grant. 15 hours of community service government agencies and individuals natural resource management experi- helping a local non-profit solve a have responded to the crisis.  ence. The funds are available for proj- business issue. ects in the following areas: Meet California’s Anticipated financing for the Platt/Whitelaw state dinosaur Gaylord Pacific Resort and Conven- • Public services such as grocery Architects promotes tion Center will include funding to delivery, food pantries, rent or mort- Rick Strickland to CFO By Emily Hoeven | CalMatters complete the design for and con- gage assistance programs, diagnostic struct the first phase of Harbor Park. testing and health care job training. Platt/Whitelaw Architects Inc., a If you’re looking for a fun — and Construction for the first phase is San Diego-based architecture firm, quirky — holiday gift for someone tentatively scheduled to begin in ear- • Construction or rehabilitation has promoted Rick Strickland to who loves California, look no further ly 2023 and completion is anticipated of testing or treatment community chief financial officer. His duties than this figurine of Augustynol- in early 2024. facilities. include management of all financial ophus Morrisi, California’s state and human resources activities. dinosaur. (As my editor joked, “the San Diego MTS • Acquire or rehabilitate housing first Californian.”) approves $911 million related to isolation and quarantine. An employee of the firm for more bus service contract than six years, Strickland was pro- with Transdev All activities must benefit resi- moted from chief financial manager. Services dents in the unincorporated areas Previously, he served for seven years of the region, as well as the cities of as controller for another San Di- The San Diego Metropolitan Tran- Coronado, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, ego-based architecture firm. sit System (MTS) Board of Directors Lemon Grove, Poway and Solana approved a new bus services contract Beach. “We’re elevating Rick’s position to agreement with Transdev Services reflect the value he brings, his years Projects or programs funded with of experience and his unwavering CDBG funds must benefit at least 51 commitment to our firm,” said Platt/ percent of residents whose incomes Whitelaw co-owner Sandra Gram- are at or below 80 percent of the ley. Area Median Income. Additionally, the project must Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 25 newsbriefs NASA picks 4 San Diego San Diego MTS of the region, as well as the cities university graduates to train approves $911 of Coronado, Del Mar, Imperial million bus service Beach, Lemon Grove, Poway and for missions to the moon contract with Solana Beach. Transdev Services UCSD graduate Jessica Meir has been chosen to train for a NASA mission to the moon. Projects or programs funded The San Diego Metropolitan with CDBG funds must benefit at By GARY ROBBINS en chosen by NASA from across the Transit System (MTS) Board of least 51 percent of residents whose NASA has included 4 San Diego United States, two are UC San Diego Directors approved a new bus incomes are at or below 80 percent university graduates in a group of alumnae, and I’m not surprised. UC services contract agreement with of the Area Median Income. 18 astronauts who will train to fly San Diego is first in the nation for Transdev Services Inc. The six-year to the moon and land on its rugged, enrolling and graduating the most agreement includes two two- Additionally, the project must alabaster surface by 2024. women with majors in science, tech- year options that could bring the serve people and families who have The space agency on Wednesday nology, engineering and math. In total value of the contract to $911 been affected by the Coronavirus formally named Kate Rubins, Jessica addition, UC San Diego’s proportion million over 10 years. The contract pandemic. Meir, Matthew Dominick, and Jonny of STEM graduates is three times was awarded after a competitive Kim members of Project Artemis, the national average.” bidding process. Applications are now open on- the first effort to place Americans line and will be available through on lunar soil since Project Apollo Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in Under this agreement, Transdev Jan. 8, 2021 at 5 p.m. ended in 1972. mathematics from the University will operate 52 of 95 bus route The announcement came as of San Diego in 2012 and a medical services from MTS bus divisions Completed applications can be Rubins, 42, was conducting research degree from Harvard in 2016. He in Chula Vista and El Cajon, using sent to: County of San Diego Hous- aboard the International Space Sta- also served as a Navy SEAL and was MTS buses and branding. In FY ing and Community Development tion and while Meir, 43, was train- awarded the Silver Star. 2020, 19.5 million passengers were Services Community Development ing for a return trip to the orbiting carried by MTS out of these two Division, 3989 Ruffin Road, San outpost. Kim, 35, and Dominick, 39, Dominick also attended USD, divisions. Transdev has been under Diego, CA 92123. are training for their first missions where he earned a bachelor’s degree contract with MTS to provide simi- in space. in electrical engineering in 2005. He lar services for the past 13 years. Port of San Diego Rubins, who earned a bachelor’s was a Navy test pilot before joining approves Harbor degree in microbiology at UCSD in NASA. “This is great news for MTS and Park Coastal 1999, is in the midst of her second for our riders,” said Nathan Fletch- Development Permit mission aboard space station. In NASA said the Project Artemis er, MTS Board Chair and District 4 2016, she spent 115 days there and astronauts also include: Joe Acaba, County Supervisor. “The Transdev As part of the transformation of became the first person to sequence Kayla Barron, Raja Chari, Matthew team is a reflection of the diverse the Chula Vista waterfront on San DNA in space. Dominick, Victor Glover, Woody communities we serve in the South Diego Bay, the Port of San Diego Meir (pronounced Meer) travelled Hoburg, Christina Koch, Kjell Lind- Bay and East County.” Board of Port Commissioners has to the space station in September gren, Nicole Mann, Anne McClain, approved a Coastal Development 2019 and became part of the first Jessica Meir, Jasmin Moghbeli, Kate As part of the new contract, Permit (CDP) for the future Har- all-female team of astronauts to Rubins, Frank Rubio, Scott Tingle, MTS will provide 332 buses and bor Park. walk in space. Jessica Watkins, Stephanie Wilson. two state-of-the-art Leadership in She earned a doctorate in marine Energy and Environmental Design Planned for the central portion biology at UCSD’s Scripps Institu- The team members were an- (LEED) certified facilities for oper- of the Chula Vista waterfront as an tion of Oceanography in 2009. nounced by Vice President Mike ations, maintenance and fueling. expansion and improvement of the The news stirred pride at UCSD, Pence, who said, “It is amazing to The contract also includes funding current Bayside Park, Harbor Park where Chancellor Pradeep Khosla think that the next man and first for more than 750 Represented and will provide signature amenities said, “Astronauts Meir and Rubins woman on the Moon are among the 65 Non-Represented employees in and recreational opportunities. embody the Triton spirit, quintes- names that we just read. The Arte- the San Diego region. sential explorers planting flags of mis Team astronauts are the future Harbor Park, along with the firsts and lifting all of humanity of American space exploration – and Nonprofits may previously-approved Sweetwater further and higher. that future is bright.” qualify for share Park, will account for more than ” Of the nine men and nine wom- of $4 million from half of the new park space planned Astronaut Megan McArthur, who County of San Diego for the Chula Vista waterfront. The earned a doctorate in oceanography parks design teams are KTU+A and at UCSD in 2002, is scheduled to fly Nonprofit organizations that Petersen Studio who were selected to space station in 2021. serve low and moderate-income for their extensive urban park and people may qualify for a share of waterfront design expertise – with $4 million from the County Hous- an emphasis on local landscape ing and Community Development architecture and natural resource Services’ Community Development management experience. Block Grant. Anticipated financing for the The funds are available for proj- Gaylord Pacific Resort and Conven- ects in the following areas: tion Center will include funding to complete the design for and • Public services such as gro- construct the first phase of Harbor cery delivery, food pantries, rent Park. Construction for the first or mortgage assistance programs, phase is tentatively scheduled to diagnostic testing and health care begin in early 2023 and completion job training. is anticipated in early 2024. • Construction or rehabilitation of testing or treatment community facilities. • Acquire or rehabilitate housing related to isolation and quarantine. All activities must benefit resi- dents in the unincorporated areas Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

26 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego Celebrating with Seniors During Covid-19 If you turn on the radio, you can hear it. When you switch on your television, you can see it. The holidays are upon us! And this year is going to be drastically different. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our way of life since mid-March when we were first asked to quarantine in place. What does it all mean for this holiday season? More specifically, what can we do for our senior family members who may reside in assisted living, memory care or in the skilled nursing setting? And how about our aging neighbors who may not have family visiting this year - or may not have family at all? We are learning that isolation and loneliness are having in- creasingly negative health implications in our aging population; and with the holidays right around the corner, we could see a dramatic worsening of our senior loved ones’ mental and physical health and wellbeing. Additionally, our aging population is at the greatest risk for severe illness and/or death caused by Covid-19. This increased risk is what is currently causing assisted living, memory care and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) resident to have to quarantine in place with limit- ed opportunities to get out of their immediate environment. So how can we “be with them” without really “being with them”? Here are some suggestions for celebrating this holiday season with senior loved ones: ☑ Send cards and photos to your senior loved ☑ Create a CD or cassette tape with their ones; let them know you are thinking about them. favorite holiday music; music stirs the soul and If you have young ones, put them in charge of brings back fond memories of days gone by. Rem- making cards and holiday decorations for your se- inisce with them if they feel like talking. nior loved one to enjoy. ☑ If you have a special holiday movie tradi- ☑ Arrange a virtual gathering (i.e., Zoom, Face- tion, send your loved one the movie so they too time, Skye and Google Hangout) to include your can enjoy it. Better yet, share your screen during a senior loved one in the festivities; reading a clas- virtual visit and you can watch it together. sic holiday tale, a bible verse or a passage from a special book may be the perfect way to start the ☑ Create a schedule of calls to your loved one– festivities. have members of the family call at prescribed ☑ Have a holiday meal delivered to your loved times throughout the days or weeks to maintain that feeling of connection. one if they are in assisted living, memory care or a SNF; many of these places will be preparing ☑ Go virtual caroling – send a holiday singing special meals for the holidays yet it may be miss- ing Aunt Mattie’s secret ingredient mashed pota- message to Grandma Rosie so she can hear your toes and Uncle Joe’s favorite huckleberry delight. voices or have a virtual sing-along with your family, Check with these places to ensure they will allow friends, and neighbors alike. you to bring in outside food and drink (and make sure you won’t be breaking dietary restrictions your ☑ Create a photo album using a service like loved one may have). Shutterfly or Costco; include photos of holiday meals and traditions from years past. Get creative. Think outside the box. We all may be facing hurdles and challenges when it comes to the holidays this year – likely, most of us have never dealt with anything quite like this. Give yourself and others grace. Love on your friends, family, and senior neighbors just a little extra this year. It has been a doozy of a year; let your love and some creativity light the way. Hopefully, we are close to the end of this tunnel. We assist seniors in finding independent living, assisted living, memory care and in-home care to fit their unique care needs. Julie Derry 619-378-6895 MBA, CSA Kie Copenhaver We are a FREE community service.MA, RHIA, CSA, RCFE, SHSS Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 27 Know your worth. Know. Your. Worth. What if that was a universal slogan And for the first time in her life, In good time, I asked the daring others alike, the blocks that con- that we used in direct response to she is hearing a different story. A question, “Where do I go? Who do I torted their path began at a young what's broken? Or better yet... to new conceptual framework is being serve? Who needs this message the age, in homes where the concept of who’s broken… constructed. Her first of many perti- most?” In persisting, our vision got love was a convoluted principle at nent paradigm shocks with her new clearer, and we understood that it best. Thus, the question was shaped, Imagine a world where when a doctor is already underway. So, a long was women in crisis and deep emo- “What these women need is a new daughter of God—a woman; a sister; awaited tear wells up in her right tional need who we were called to story, a new schema, a new paradigm. a girl—walks into a behavioral health eye, and the session continues in a help. Thus, The Symone Foundation How can we do that for them?” And practitioner’s office, or a psychiatric forward direction of incredible hope, was born. Symone: deriving her inspiration took over. hospital, the number one goal for validation, and—for the first time in roots from listening, being in tune , each team member, from the highest years—peace. This woman walked becoming polished, of a community, What anyone in pain needs—es- paid doctor down to the intern, is to into the office feeling broken; and Sisterhood, and oneness. And no pecially if in the backseat while their remind her of her incredible value! she walked out feeling truly empow- sooner did we expect than one day, deeply wounded inner child is still ered, enriched and enlivened. on a candid jaunt—just months after in command, lamenting for help—is For example, she walks in after yet laying the foundation for our non- play ; and some colorful creation for another load of intake paperwork My name is Tiana Swank; Found- profit—my guided daughter would added fun. For, we...are... creators! is filled out. Same questions as the ing Director and President of The lead me directly to it: a shelter by the last breakdown, and the one before Symone Foundation. I felt broken for bay, right here in downtown. These women I’ve had the recent that...and the one before that... The so long. I've been homeless, I've been opportunity of getting to know on a doctor closes the door. She's a new abused, and I have suffered. Luckily We retrieved the necessary con- beautiful level could have easily been client of his. This doctor is married. for me, the right people came into tact information, and as excited as the young woman in the vignette He's held his beautiful wife’s hand my life at the right times to intro- ever, I shouted to our outside-seated at the beginning. They could have through twenty-five plus years of duce me to a new schema (conceptu- neighbors without homes, “I've been walked into the right place at the the natural struggles and pains of al framework). These “right people” homeless too . I believe in you! ” And right time and heard from someone navigating womanhood. He's seen simply were genuinely good humans within a few weeks’ time, something who knows , that they have value ; her lose sight of reality through her who understood the value we have truly powerful was formed… that they are beings worthy of great grief after miscarriage. He's witnessed as women ! Powerful people who things by divine nature. Unfortunate- her pain through a live birth. He's understood the infinite and equitable Over the past couple months, we ly, their stories of visits to psychiatric intently succored her through a value of each human soul. Their be- have been working with a handful of hospitals and behavioral health prac- major episode of postpartum depres- lief and contagious certainty rubbed women who are an active part of pro- titioners' offices over the years didn’t sion. He's genuinely loved the shape off on me and I caught hold of that grams sponsored by the shelter we head in that direction. But, we have of her body through every phrase fire—that knowledge; that power . found ourselves at over the summer. found each other, and we have faith it's sustained, in all its miracles it has And in listening to these women, and in a new chapter being written, with performed! And he's always made unbridled possibilities. sure she knows he's her number one fan. Imagine that he's promised him- Know Your Worth . That is the self, as a man so close to witnessing name of this program. It reminds our the preciousness of womanhood— houseless neighbors just what they what women can do; what women are capable of when received with can endure—and as a doctor who has eyes that can see value in everyone . women of all walks and all ages and They have taken their own vignettes, all backgrounds of life come into his memoirs, pains, unique experi- office— ences and personalities, and they have layered them, slathered them Imagine he's promised himself and poured them onto a 40”x30” that each morning when he rises, he stretched canvas for the purpose of gets on his knees, and in his routine paying their own way to this para- morning prayers, after thanking the digm shock: a retreat built to gently Lord for all his blessings—his wife, and lovingly walk each individual his children, his clients—he commis- woman through a new sense of what sions, “And Lord, please bless me that it means to be alive. I may see Your Daughters with per- fect eyes, so I can express to them just This is just the beginning—not how divine they truly are... Amen.” only of a paradigm shock for them, but a paradigm shift for us all . Visit Now, having said that prayer, he or scan the code is prepared and qualified to warmly below to seize an important role in a and properly greet each one of his program that starts at the grassroots, clients. And today, as this valuable and succors some women I can bear young woman walks into his office, firm witness of have inestimable he sees her—not as a “client”, but as worth . a woman of great worth . And after closing the door she takes her seat, seizes ample time to express in pain where she’s currently at, and then she pauses for him to respond… “May I ask you just one question?” he humbly petitions. Puzzled at how pleased and certain he appears in this unexpected response, she waits for his query. “Do you know your worth!?” Confused still—and a bit taken aback—at the question, she is anx- ious to understand where this is leading. She's never had a session like this before. And he continues. “Has anyone ever bore firm witness to you, personally, of the incredi- ble value you have just by being a woman?”“Did you know that you are capable of impeccably remarkable things?” “Did you know that?” Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

28 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego DECEMBER 2020 HOTOLPIDTEAN YSANMDUIEGSOIC BY BART MENDOZA © MUSICSCENESD // MUSICSCENESD.COM GIFTS 2020 With the current state of the world, never has it been more important to shop local. Here are ten fun options that any music fan would be thrilled to find under their Christmas tree, with something for just about any price range. 1 - Look Out! The San 1 5 - Whitney Shay Coffee 7 6 Diego Scene 1958-1973 2 – How to beat the blues in 8 – Rock & Roll, Garage, the morning? How about 9 Psych, and Soul From 3 with a cup of Whitney Shay 10 America’s Finest City: 4 Coffee? Issued just in time Album of the year for for the virtual album release San Diego music fans, show on December 20 for this terrific compilation her latest album, Stand Up, collects rare gems from which entered the Billboard our scenes early days. Blues chart at #1. https://en- An essential listen with top notch packaging, the whitney-shay-organic-coffee foundations of our mod- ern day music community 6 - Alicia Previn isn’t just can be heard here. https:// an acclaimed violinist. She’s also the writer of children’s books. Her latest, What Par- adise Found helps young- 2 - RSSM Guitar: Want sters deal with moving and to sound like Paul McCa- relocation. rtney? San Diego’s Taylor com/What-Paradise-Found- Guitars can help a little. Love-Nature/dp/0984710736 McCartney has recently been photographed and 7 - Padres / Switchfoot Jer- video’d playing their sey: Two San Diego legends Richie Sambora Signa- team up for this limited edi- ture Model Acoustic tion shirt https://switchfoot. Guitar, notably in GQ com/collections/all/products/ Magazine, as well as his sf-collectors-jersey collaboration with Rhi- anna and Kanye West, 8 - Blink 182 Cube – for puz- “FourFiveSeconds”. www. zle fans who also enjoy pop punk https://blink182merch. com/products/blink-18cube- 3 - Ugly Things Mag- rubiks-cube azine T-shirt: Let other rock fans know you 9 - A Casbah Coffee Mug – Our read one of the best venues could also use our music mags on the support. This cup is designed planet with this stylish by Rick Froberg (Hot Snakes) shirt http://webstore. and pairs well with #5 https:// things-t-shirt-women-s- froberg-mug cardinal-red-p440.php 5 10 - Theory Thursday 4 - Jason Mraz Cord Or- Strings: It doesn’t matter ganizer: A great stocking the genre, guitarists need stuffer, help your favorite strings and Curt Mangan musician keep their cables in is amongst the finest mak- order with this nifty avoca- ers, including a stocking do shaped organizer. https:// stuffer worthy series for Mike Ruggirello’s Theory com/product/JZAM068/avoca- Thursday program. https:// do-shape-cord-organizer? ory-thursday-with-mike-rug- girello-10-46 Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 29 Chris Leyva’s Hard Day’s Night There’s prolific and then there’s Chris Leyva. Hot on the heels of his band Falling Doves recent Pacific Records single, “Be My Lover” from their up- coming album, Skylark 69, Leyva has already recorded a new album, Liver- pool, at legendary studio, Abbey Road. Working with noted engineer, Chris work he Bolster (The Beatles, Kate Bush, Oa- by Skyler Lutes. Keeping the Beatles said good naturedly. “Throw in mixing sis), Leyva laid down ten basic tracks connection strong, those overdubs and it’s kind a like getting graded in in one session “I came to Liverpool in were done at The Sefton Park Hotel. front of your professor.” late September to just relax and one “The owner let me do some additional thing led to another,“ Leyva said. music in there without disturbing the tenants,” Leyva said. “I put a studio Long headquartered in Ocean Beach, together with Warm Audio’s help and Leyva has strong connections to Liver- then finished everything up at the pool; he’s an Ambassador for the Beat- Liverpool Sound Distillery and Motor les Liverpool Museum, working direct- Studios. No release date for Liverpool ly with Roag and Pete Best and is also is set, but photo realistic cover art by curating an special exhibit celebrating acclaimed artist Shannon, has been The Beatles early days at The Sefton commissioned. Park Hotel , a former home of original Beatles bassist Stuart Sutcliffe. Mean- While Leyva is a seasoned studio pro, while, the album’s title comes from he admits he initially felt intimidated a remark made by a friend and staff by the Abbey Road date. “You have to member at the Cavern Club, drummer understand that this is like going un- Connor Colford. Noting Leyva’s love of der a microscope sitting in at a univer- the bands who have recorded in Mer- sity going for your doctorate degree,” seyside, “You ready to make a Liver- pool record yet?” he remarked. When Leyva replied he didn’t have anything prepared, “… Connor said just ‘write something and well see where it goes,” Leyva recalled. A recent European pub- lishing deal with Sony, got him two days at Abbey Road. Before the end of the session, everything was in the can. “We demoed the whole album with him engineering,” he said. Additional overdubs were done re- motely, including keyboards by San Di- egan James Ferguson and production Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

30 VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 Happy Holidays, San Diego Music fSoArN tDhIEeGHOolidays Anyone familiar with music in December mental album, we needed songs that had very knows holiday music has no expiration date. strong melodies. Songs like “Greensleeves (What Most of the songs we love to sing this time of Child Is This)” have extremely iconic melodies year are from decades, if not occasionally, centu- that go way back to the 60’s…I mean the 1560’s,” ries past. That said, it’s always nice to hear some he joked. new gems amongst the evergreens and several San Diego based performers have released music Also this year, singer Audrey Callahan has for the season. released a five track EP, The Magic of Christmas. Wonderfully produced, arranged and orchestrat- “I like the idea that if you write a good one ed, it includes covers such as “You’re A Mean One or even do a good cover it kinda becomes time- Mr. Grinch,” but focuses on her originals, includ- less,” said bassist Sol Turpin of beach rockers, ing lead track “My Christmas Wish For You.” Safety Orange. The trio recently issued a new “This has always been my absolute favorite time single, “Christmas With Friends,” with other new of year,” she said. “Watching all of the Christmas Christmas based releases this year also including parades and specials on TV through the years Josie Day’s single “I Can’t Wait For Christmas,” cemented it in me early on that I’d love to one and Garden MSC with their album, “In Case You day have my own Christmas music.” Why did she Didn’t Hear,” which includes indie rock versions choose to release an album like this now? “This of classics such as “Joy To The World.” year just felt like the right time” she said. “With so many hurting around the world this year, I Meanwhile, anyone looking for instrumental wanted to do my best to add some happiness music will want to hear The Tourmaliners whose back into the world.” Surfin’ Christmas Carols is just about the per- fect soundtrack for a California Christmas. The Berryhill considers the opportunity to re- surf-centric combo have issued their latest, Surfin’ lease holiday music to be special. “I love how Christmas Carols, on the Altered State of Reverb the Christmas brings people together,” he said. label, available on white vinyl. What inspired the “Christmas music in particular has a way of band to release an album of Christmas album? bringing people together on an emotional and “I’ve always loved Christmas albums like The personal level that is magical. Christmas time Ventures Christmas Album,” said guitarist Deven still seems to be that one time of the year that Berryhill. “Hearing some of my favorite artists we all are a bit kinder and loving to one another.” like U2 doing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Callahan concurs on the season. “I like the joyful Home)” or The Pretenders with “2000 Miles” nature of it,” she remarked. “It’s hard to be in a made me want to record our own Tourmaliners bad mood with so much beautiful lighting, fes- versions of some of the holiday classics.” Their tive decorations and nostalgic music on the radio. choice of cover tunes was pragmatic. “We choose It just feels like a kinder time of year.” all the public domain Christmas songs we could find. It turns out that most of the old classic Additionally, anyone who’d like a round-up of Christmas carols like “Joy to The World,”“Silent local holiday tunes is directed to Cathryn Beeks Night and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” are Listen Local Podcast, which has two new episodes public domain, so there were no publishing fees.” devoted to seasonal favorites for area performers. With no lyrics a good hook was needed. “Since the album was going to be a completely instru- cals-holiday-show-2020 Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

Happy Holidays, San Diego VOL. 5 ISSUE 12 31 San Diego Music Notes Winston’s may be closed at the moment, Pacific Records closes out the year with a but that hasn’t stopped Grateful Dead trib- trio of new releases this month; two singles: ute group, the Electric Waste Band from The Moonjacks – “Dirty Ass Car,” and The continuing their weekly Monday night Wildflowers – “Teenage Love,” as well as an residency at the beloved venue. Fans can now album Tough Stuff, from 2019 SDMA Best watch the band live stream from the club. Pop Artist Winner, Jonny Tarr Electric Waste Band started the month with performance #1492, in a row. www.elec- Former San Diegan Chris Hillman (Scotts- Untouchables (July 23), Magic: Tribute to Recent single and EP releases include, Alde ville Squirrel Barkers / The Byrds) has a new Bruno Mars (July 30) and Pine Mountain with “We Have Landed,” The Herb Ensemble biography out this month, Time Between: Logs (August 6). “Being proactive in protect- with an EP, The Funky One, while roots rock- My Life as a Byrd, Burrito Brother, and Be- ing the safety of the Point Loma community ers Jackslacks, aka Chris Giorgio, have re- yond, published by BMG Books. remains our top priority, we hope you all leased a tribute EP, When Pigs Fly, in honor stay safe and healthy through this season and of late, great bassist Billy Bacon, Justin Linn Ron Steven Houston, will have a new we look forward to seeing you all in the sum- with “Demons. “It’s about my own personal album out soon, A Long Road Home. Pro- mer of 2021!” said event organizers. struggle with mental health, with a positive duced by Jeff Berkley, the album features an turnaround in the lyrics,” Linn said. “I’ve all-star cast including guitarist Doug Petti- Hard rockers Stone Horse, led by singer partnered with @charitybomborg (A won- bone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer etc), Danielle Spade, have a new video and single derful LA based non-profit) to donate 50% of drummer Josh Hermsmeier, singer Cathryn out this month, “Losing My Way,” while duo the profits from the initial Bandcamp release Beeks and multi-instrumentalist Dennis Spiritual Motels have released a video for to their wonderful organization.” Caplinger their song “The Hardest Route” New albums include Nicey Nice World Singer-Songwriter-Rocker Dave Howard has Indie rocker Scott West has released a with Obelisks and Asterisks, Cults with reissued three of his albums via Bandcamp; video for his song, “Fallback.” The recording Host, pianist Ed Kornhauser with The Short features a line-up of notable guitarist’s in- Years, punk quartet Nowhereland with Raw Your Pretty Packages, Unbelievable Un- cluding Frank Hannon of Tesla on 12-string Honey known and Into the Wind. Howards song- guitar, as well as Tim Barnes of Stoneground writing credits show up on albums by the and Dan Bauer of Steel Breeze. likes of A.J. Croce, Gregory Page and Berk- ley Hart. Three of this year’s Grammy nomi- nees have San Diego connections: Sitarist Hard rocker Roni Lee’s latest single and Anoushka Shankar is nominated for Best video is a version of “Love Somebody” origi- Global Music Album category for her album, nally by Rick Springfield. Love Letters. Meanwhile, banjo player Alison Brown shares a Best Bluegrass Album nomi- Fingers crossed, The Point Loma Summer nation for appearance on the tribute album, Concert Series will be back for Summer The John Hartford Fiddle Tune Project, Vol. 2021. The free, Friday evening shows in 1. Finally, vocalist Gregory Porter’s new al- Point Loma Park will feature: Elton – The bum, All Rise, is nominated for Best R&B Al- Early Years featuring Kenny Metcalf (July 9), bum nomination. Adding significance to the Cassie B’s 90s Remix (July 16), The Mighty latter, four of the album’s songs were co-pro- duced by UCSD professor Kamau Kenyatta. Local News > /LocalUmbrellaMedia @LocalUmbrellaMedia Advertise? [email protected]

e  Brigh om our family to yours, we wish you a afe and heal y oliday Seaso. Ken Pecus Realtor® DRE#01056969 1019 Isabella Avenue * Coronado 92118 [email protected] (619) 977-8419 Shannon Herilihy Barbara Wamho Linda Lomas Doni Corcoran Kevin Eads Jessica Mose Anthony Macaluso Thad Ryan Ryan Wamho Jolee Bartlett Laquina “Bair” Bell Mike Bell DRE# 01863573 DRE# 01225350 DRE# 00595800 DRE# 01951522 DRE# 01211241 DRE# 01882433 DRE# 02051123 DRE# 01511553 DRE# 02076106 DRE# 01309617 DRE# 02090381 DRE# 02113576

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