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Black SD Magazine DEC2020

Published by Local Umbrella Media, 2020-12-14 14:03:59

Description: Black SD Magazine is a publication meant to help bring more awareness to those in our community. The goal is to magnify their voices so that their light can shine as bright as the Sun.

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HENDO Vision Creativity Production A Disruptive Studio Experience How Courtney Henderson changed the creative studio space in San Diego.

CONTENT OF STORIES Words from the Publisher Victoria Sallie Courtney Henderson Black Girl Magic is Healthy Kim Folsom Happier and Healthier You Welcome from San Diego Tourism Authority Taste of Black SD Real Black Men Wear Pink Maya's Cookies Omar Hamilton Chef Chanel Williams Brian McClean Buff Chick Black Queen Photography Todd Anderson Two Chefs Bringing the South to SD SD Melanin Spotlight Recipes Beer and Wine in San Diego Best of 2020 Awards Come Through Black Owned Business Directory Kayla Farley Jazmine Hill - Miss El Cajon, USA Black Women Owned Skincare Companies Thank You From Black SD Magazine Social Media Spotlight Mariah Darshà Outlaw by Tyler B Free Treci Smith Tiffany Williams Black Out Fashion Week 2021

•WORDS FROM THE PUBLISHER• Telling stories has been something I have done since I can remember. My Auntie Mel use to call me the storyteller of the family as a kid. Storytelling is the most powerful and impactful way of connecting people, encouraging one another, and uplifting each other. This first issue of mini-features for Black SD Magazine is dear to my heart because I’m able to share stories of individuals and organizations whom you may have known, recently became aware of, or might not have known at all. These stories matter just like yours and it is my duty to ensure that they are continuously shared. Only positive, real, and uplifting stories matter for Black SD Magazine. It is about the people and the community who work hard daily to bring us amazing food, fashions, beauty, tips, and more. When we control the narrative we control our stories and how we communicate with the world. Black SD Magazine is a publication meant to help bring more awareness to those in our community. The goal is to magnify their voices so that their light can shine as bright as the Sun. \"Our stories are meant to be told from our unique perspectives. ONLY we can tell our stories in the most genuine, positive, and uplifting manner\" Owner & Publisher Michael G. Cox

Welcome to his studio

Choose Your Mood & Customize Your Theme

His Playground is your workspace Courtney Henderson is someone whom you have seen scroll across your timeline because EVERY creative in San Diego and even those as far as Los Angeles have booked his studio to bring their vision to life. Hendo Studios is a fully equipped studio which gives clients the opportunity to customize it to satisfy their creative needs. You don’t have to worry about understanding the basics of lightening or product placement because Courtney is on site to assist. This is a full concierge service you don’t pay for, but you definitely should or at least tip him. A number one reason novice and professional photographers, creatives, and entrepreneurs choose him! His story is both inspirational and motivational. He quit his stable job to create a business he had no understanding of and though he had been a professional photographer. He had never owned nor operated a professional studio or had a previous notion that he would want to become an owner. It was a journey and challenge he accepted without hesitation. Courtney was ready for the next step but didn’t quite understand what it would actually entail, but through perseverance and determination he kept his head above water. Everything wasn’t clear skies for Courtney. ”My now wife and I had to use the front room as our home,” said Courtney. Many love what he has created, but what they don't know is he sold his home and care just to save enough money to pour their entire financial savings into his dreams. He said his wife had been the backbone for him as she continued to encourage and believe in him. “She wouldn’t let me quit,” said Courtney. Their love story is one that shows the power of having a partner in life who unconditionally loves you and supports you through the good and bad times.

COURTNEY HENDERSON Thankfully the business turned around in year 2 and he started to make a “The people I thought profit. It was luck, timing, and people starting to realize what he had created. who would be there His space isn’t just a creative sanctuary, but a haven for those who want to get started without feeling intimidated. When you book your first session and for me in the arrive, you are instantly greeted by Courtney and asked “So tell me what we beginning weren't. will create today.” You are never alone when you are there because as I stated he provides a concierge service to help bring your dream(s) to life. That taught me to Moving forward, Courtney is looking towards the future and is creating more value those around mevalue for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to book his space. He has recently launched a YouTube series and podcast station. These who will go on the new features are his way of creating more dialogue and getting deeper into the highs and lows in lifebehind the scenes of the creative industries. Limits are pushed and though people might be uncomfortable, he wants everyone to have real conversations with you.” without any stigmas. For Courtney the beauty in being a professional creative or in that space is that you create it by your own means without any need of validation nor fear of ridicule.

“As a diverse black business owner I share proven best practices that have worked for me and other diverse business owners.” Kim Folsom Kim Folsom is a woman who is leading the charge in diversifying the way we look at serial entrepreneurs. She is the one you call when you want to learn how to start, grow, and sell your business. With 6 starts-ups under her belt and 8 figures in annual revenue, there is nothing she can’t accomplish in the world of start-ups. This desire to continue to create and grow businesses led her down a new path of changing the business landscape. After 25 years of creating and growing her own businesses she realized that there was something greatly lacking and still is today.diversity. “Less than 1% of (VC) capital is invested in businesses led by women and people of color,” said Kim. This statement comes from her own experience in raising funds in the form of VC capital for her past ventures. People of color and women historically have dramatic challenges when it comes to the access of resources. This is why Founders First Capital Partners exists to decrease the challenges and barriers to resources so that a more diverse community of entrepreneurs and business owners can grow and thrive. Kim said, “I want to lead the initiatives to address these challenges.” She is a woman on a mission to create the change she wants to see in the business world. Founders First Capital Partners, LLC Funds service-based companies generating between $250K and $5M in annual revenues typically led by minority, military veterans, or woman founders. It is the largest private provider of growth funding for service-based businesses and the only minority and women-led, revenue-based venture platform with $100M in committed capital. Founders First Community Development Corporation A San Diego, California based, 501c3 not-for-profit, community development organization and micro-small business accelerator with a mission to help underserved and underrepresented small business ($50K to $5M) owners overcome the challenges they face due to the lack of access to financial and human capital. Three Distinct Programs for Companies Founders First Challenge for Small Businesses generating $50K to $250K in annual revenues. 24 month, 4 phased program that kicks off with a 60 day, 4 workshop curriculum is taught on ground. First phase guides participating business owners with defining key initiatives to put business on the path of funding and growth. Founders First Bootcamp for Small Businesses generating $250K to $1M in annual revenues. 12 month, 4 phased program that kicks off with a 90 day, 12 module curriculum taught online. First phase guides participating business owners through key components to build their custom growth playbook to achieve 7 or 8 figures of top line revenue growth over a 3 to 10 year period. Kim Folsom Founders First Fast Path for Small Businesses generating $1M to $5M in annual revenues. 6 month, 3 phased program that kicks off with an accelerated 4 week, 6 module curriculum and 3 year growth simulation on-ground executive leadership session. Company CEOs gain first hand access to strategies, experiences and decisions to leverage $1M in growth capital to achieve 7 or 8 figures of top line revenue growth over a 3 period. For more information visit or


notlimaH ramO\"I'm different because my focus isn't on capturing the picture or video but telling your story through my lens!\" Introducing Omar, but everyone calls him ‘WOLF’. He is a San Diego native who proudly represents the 619 like no other. This city his HOME! He runs his own production company BlvckWolf Media! He has a team of photo/videographers and models. He has been in the industry for four years now but by the quality and craftsmanship of his work you would think he has been in for over ten years, honestly! Recently while doing research for his docu-series “Blvck History” he noticed a natural pull to documentary style filming. Omar wanted to focus on substance and thought provoking films. He wants you as the watcher to come away from his films with new appreciation and knowledge. blvckwolfmedia If you are in need of content for your brand or organization don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get to know Brian Photography began as a hobby to cope with stress, trauma and other challenges throughout life. Brian seeks to bring healing and relaxation art photography through sunset, coastal, landmark and nature captures. His work is printed on large vibrant wall art prints to hang in any space. The love of nature, keen eye, dynamism and heart of Brian McClean has brought forth photography that awarded him Best Visual Artist and Photographer for Black San Diego Magazine, and segments on Fox 5 San Diego and CBS 8. Brian has also been featured in the art consulting company Artsy Shark and has had work even published in China through the Healing Art Photography Foundation. The City Through His Lens Brian McClean has always had a vivid imagination, love for the arts and an eye for beauty. He did not know these characteristics would eventually lead to a career as a photographer. However, growing up in Philadelphia, Brian initially wanted to be a basketball player, but a turn of events pointed him in a different direction. In June 2004, Brian enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. Throughout 12 years of active duty, Brian was a Presidential Honor Guardsman in the White House, an IT Specialist aboard a Coast Guard Cutter in Alaska and Bahrain, and lived in various cities to include Los Angeles, San Diego and Washington D.C. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @mccleanphotography Visit his website Brian McClean

Black Queen Photography \"I have a desire to create fun and creative images\" My main mission is simple…to create fun and creative images! I love portrait sessions of all types (models, head shots, maternity, seniors, and couples). I love creating not only fun memories, but vibrant and moving works of art you can pass down for generations. I want to create an image that when you are old and gray, you look back and smile because you are transported back to that special time in your life! Photographer: Tcha blackqueenphotography

Our Event Production Company Spotlight for 2020 We have chosen SD Melanin as our social event curator spotlight for 2020. This company ran by all African American women continues to bring San Diego amazingly curated events with a unique twist and theme each time. From Baddies who Brunch to Trap Trivia, this company ensures the African American millennial community in San Diego is having a great time. Locations, themes, musical selection, menu items are all handpicked by founder, Loren Cobbs. “I do this because we deserve our own space,” said Cobbs when we spoke with her about why the company was formed. SD Melanin is all African American ran with an all female, BIPOC crew! SD Melanin was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive community of young professionals via social events, networking & more. They believe that “young” is self- determined and welcomes all who are looking to connect with positive professionals. They want you to come to find your tribe while wearing your best outfit, sharing a couple bottomless mimosas and having the time of your life.

Changing the culture of beer & wine in San Diego Timothy Parker Cassandra Steig Chula Vista Brewery Sip Wine and Beer


Everyone is WELCOME to come! If you are in San Diego and you need to experience an event of pure magic then I hope you attend by something produced by Come Through. I mean “come through” is in their name. I had the pleasure of speaking with Virgen one of the co-founders about this extraordinary collective group of talented individuals. They blend entrepreneurship with everything from arts & culture to creatives. Virgen told me, “ This is a space for everyone though we want to create a welcoming environment for African Americans, everyone is welcome.” This collective organization is meant for all who are looking to participate and experience something different. Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to network with like- minded individuals. From the fan base and social noise, you would think this collective group has been in SD for several years! But it has only been around since January 2020. The success and word of mouth marketing stem from the leadership team. Virgen said, “Strategy is key to their success and authenticity.” This has attributed to their overall growth and created momentum within the many cultural communities in San Diego. Surprisingly they weren’t focused on growing so fast initially that wasn’t even a thought. The focus was on how they could create a space that was true to them and those that could relate. They are the prime example of when your parents tell you just be yourself on the first day of school and you will make friends. Focused on COLLABORATION across COMMUNITY lines! So many cultural groups are represented in San Diego and you will find a hub for them all to collaborate, connect, and communicate with Come Through. Virgen said, “ She hadn’t found a particular group where creatives from all aspects of life were present.” There are many groups but they are stuck in an antiquated silo model where they focus on a particular cultural/industry niche need. Come Through wanted to bridge the gap by becoming a space where the collective powers could come together and make magic. I like to think of them as making pure magic. There is something special in the vibe, setting, and environment when you attend or work with them. “We might not have the same experiences, but we have similar ones”, said Virgen. It’s definitely something needed because you can search online and scroll through social media in San Diego and discover a plethora of organizations promoting a somewhat similar difference. Though they might go under various names and promote differently they are all working towards creating something for a community of underrepresented people.

WE ARE INTENTIONAL IN WHAT WE SHARE Everyone knows them but not really! To Virgen’s surprise when she pitches the organization to individuals and other collectives whom she is just first encountering, they tell her they have heard or seen Come Through either via social media or word of mouth. This is because of Virgen and her co-founder’s network like none other. They use social media and other events to reach people. The connections they make to grow the company need to create a synergy to further their mission. A mutually beneficial relationship between their organization and others has to be met. They receive direct messages and will invite and meet others in person because meeting like minded individuals and informing them of their purpose is important. It is more important for them to be invited to intimate gatherings and to collaborate when there is synergy and they compliment each other. This is where authenticity is necessary for their continued growth and good brand. \"Our intention is always to get talented people together? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet and this goes for Come Through! You might not know but they had gone through a few name changes and ideations that lead to their current name. This is quintessential for any organization early on to make the important call on what it will be named to set the tone. From mastermind to an accountability group the organization soon took a shape of its own. Virgen said,” The name came from feedback and what she saw becoming the energy that others experienced.” The future is extremely bright for Come Through as they are on a mission to create a collective home for everyone. They want a permanent place and location for everyone to be able to call their own. There is a certain intimacy they will continue to keep as they grow because meaningful communication and relationships being formed are always at the heart of their purpose and goal. When you Come Through make sure you are active in the experience.


DIRT DON'T HURT GAVIN LUXE KAYAIRE Black Women Owned Skincare Companies in San Diego to Support KAYAIRE Dirt Don't Hurt Gavin Luxe Kayaire addresses the skincare Dirt Don’t Hurt was the brainchild Gavin Luxe is a contemporary interpretation of vintage needs of minority women and of 3 navtive San Diego sisters. It craftsmanship. Driven by their deep passion for practicing and blending men, especially the individuals was founded in 2017 by Martiza, fragrance, Gavin Luxe was established to share the benefits of suffering from psoriasis, eczema, Sativa, and Kaya as means to take sensual aromatherapy through a range of finest quality fragrance oils, and acne or any skin issue. a natural approach to health and essential oils and resources available. Kayaire is a safe-to-use luxury skincare. They wanted to create @gavinluxe brand that uplifts, rejuvenates and something that was clean, pure, furnishes your skin with a much- and plant based. Through this wanted radiating glow, and need Dirt Don't Hurt was born. . finishes we all long for. @dirtdonthurtme @kayaire_cbd

Our Social Media Influencer Spotlights for 2020 in San Diego Highlighting the black beauty these women bring to SD through their creativity, photography, and fashion is necessary. Who you need to follow and add on Instagram @jazminehill @_soulbeautiful @momma.miah @dressmeprettystyle @tamaras_style


From head to toe, you will notice Mariah and you won’t forget what she is wearing. There is something about a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and personality that makes us instantly say this is Black Girl Magic at it’s finest. I had the lovely opportunity to speak with this Norcal rockstar and learn about her journey from college student to entrepreneur with a huge fan base and star-studded filled resume. Now, who exactly is Mariah? If you have discovered her website and social pages you might think she is your normal social media influencer with stunning pictures, high follower count, and consistent engagement. You would be right to think that because it is all there but there are things you wouldn’t know based on a grid of pictures and videos. Originally from Northern California she had a dream to make it to Hollywood. Sounds like something out of a movie, right!!! Just like the movies you never see the in-between details on the character development within that one and a half-hour show. I can say hard-working, determined, ambitious, and energetic, but I will let her story speak for itself. Her first big break was made when she switched majors at California State University, Northridge. Immediately she realized the route she chose wasn’t for her and she wanted to be in front and behind the scenes. She was determined to make a pathway for herself, so she started her own company while in school. She didn’t wait for an opportunity, she created her own. She started with humble beginnings hosting at local campus events and interning with entertainment companies in Hollywood. Mariah said,” the first thing I did was make connections with black Hollywood.” She understood that her success would only come through the proper connections to build her portfolio. Her mission was set, she accepted the requirements, and went to work. She had a strategy and plan, but the industry didn’t operate as expected. As a black female, she was faced with many oppositions based on her sex and race. At times it was intimidating because people would hire her for her talent but she was continuously measured based on her skin. These things were subtle but had a lasting impact on her in the industry. She would apply for mid-management roles and they would offer her associate levels or at times internship opportunities. Mariah knew her worth and stood her ground. “ I had to get to this level of comfort knowing myself inside and out”, said Mariah. Too many times women and especially women of color are low balled in salaries and positions they are offered. She wasn’t having this and wants all women regardless of color to understand that they are worth more and they deserve it.

HER SECRET TO SUCCESS IS TO GO FOR IT Mariah has had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather (pictured left), Snoop Dogg, and Kelly Rowland. She has worked in production at ABC Radio, Disney, and SONY Pictures ENT. While in LA, she met her husband and they ended up moving to San Diego. When she arrived to San Diego she realized that the same opportunities weren’t here that were in Los Angeles, so she created her own by combing through the many facets of her talents and experience. “This town is focused on social media so I gave them what they wanted”, said Mariah. She realized that in San Diego social media was the main driver for personalities, fashion bloggers, lifestyle, and fitness enthusiasts. It’s not like LA where there were high profile events with actors and artists for her to interview. Mariah realized that she needed to switch it up!! Fashion is universal so she tapped into that to build her audience and expand her business. This maverick is all about strategic moves. \"It's all about collaborating & networking\" She is a mother and wife who is balancing it all. She is launching a boutique-style accessory line for mothers and daughters while running her own special events company and is also a brand ambassador. You might wonder when does she sleep! Her secret is she takes it one day at a time and always remembers her family will be there when the chips are high or if they fall. She said, “it’s important to keep my family happy and balanced because they will be here through it all.” Some days are harder than others because they can be unpredictable with business and things happen, but she finds her center by focusing on the now. \"Family comes first because they will always be here\" Mariah is here to make San Diego her home. If you are looking for someone to help you learn how to bring your A Game, then she is your girl!! Mariah is taking the lead and creating the life that she truly wants. Follow her to keep up with her next moves @mariahdarsha

Every Bounty Must Be Paid Tyler has made a name for himself in the community by creating a movement for his company and brand Outlaw. This was the brainchild of his from his reminiscences of how he felt growing up. As a young african american boy he was always looked at as different for his fashion sense. He said that once others saw that he was confident in the clothes he was in, the jokes stopped and the admiration began. “I never cared for what others thought of me, so they had to adjust, not me,” said Tyler. This mindset was the early stages of him looking at himself as an outlaw. For Tyler outlaw isn’t a negative connotation which is why he chose the name. “Outlaws are those who are overlooked, made fun of, or simply misunderstood by society,” said Tyler. These individuals like him need representation because it matters and that is what his brand is set out to do. He wants to remind “outlaws” that they have something unique to share with the world and they need to be proud of it. But first it begins with them loving themselves and accepting their uniqueness. It doesn’t stop here for Tyler because he has an initiative he wants to use to help encourage others to get into fashion design. Before design as early as he can remember, Tyler always wanted to go to the NBA. He even went to the York College In Nebraska where he played basketball. That’s all he had time for was basketball. Fashion and entrepreneurship was knocking at his door but he could only focus on the ball. After departing from his dream of being in the NBA he set out to create a fashion brand which we know as Outlaw. This experience made him want to inspire other African American children in the inner cities to follow dreams outside of sports and entertainment. He saw that major fashion labels and brands lack African American representation in terms of ownership. “ We are the creators behind trends in fashion and are employees, but never owners of major brands in the categories of luxury, high fashion, or premium.” said Tyler. This is why he created the initiative “Find Your Wings” which is his give back to the community through special events such as fashion shows and fashion teaching lessons. He wants to see more African Americans creating luxury brands instead of spending on them. _outlawofficial


TRECI SMITH Treci Smith is an interior stylist and vintage hunter in San Diego. It’s hard to say what came first: her love of vintage or styling interiors. It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is that both were born from her passion for creating spaces that tell a story. Her deep dives into estate sales, thrift stores and even her clients own living rooms allows her to style rooms in a way that honors the past, while keeping an eye focused on the future. Treci understands that styling is not just about beautiful objects, but about how people live and connect to others while in the space. Her spaces are practical, but uniquely individual and full of soul. “I’m always interested in the areas of the house where people congregate. I like creating warm spaces that encourage conversations”. It makes sense that she pulls inspiration from her own bustling home which she shares with her husband and four kids. Treci consults and sells her vintage finds from her studio and retail space in San Diego. She also manages Peppertree Suites, her family’s AirBnB, which was featured on HGTV along with her backyard. 4 FUN FACT ABOUT MRS. SMITH She has 13 chickens, 1 duck and 1 guinea fowl. Funny enough, she doesn’t eat eggs. As a military brat she lived on Treasure Island for 2 years. Like her mother, she has 3 girl’s and 1 boy. Guess you can say she followed her blueprint. Right when she was about to be an empty nester, thanks to COVID, all of her children moved back home!



A True San Diegan Ironically it's not all Glitz & Glam The Real You is the Best Part!

\"They have to learn us before they style us\"

Black Out Fashion Week is a chance for Black designers and creatives to be seen and celebrated! Our mission is to educate and provide resources to all who come through our production. We aim to provide a platform that will bring the proper awareness to independent brands that will help them to grow and expand. Stay tuned by visiting and following blackoutfashionweek

Yoga Victoria with Sallie

HEALTH & WELLNESS BY BLACK WOMEN IN SAN DIEGO bTelihcferoesmeteywlemo.moEreaenchhienhaSaltsahnacDuoinneisgqcoueieeaxncrsecuteoswe.roysFrakrinoninmdsgtbjoauunristcibiennregitnsoagssihnwpegihacnilecteshhwitethhhreeeliyayfelhstsahttavyyrealteleyt.odeurtnocaohtvieveleprestdhtoeainorducrogemivvemeyruyonduitaynyo BLACK GIRLeLnMJeAfGfeIrCsoInSSHprEinAgLeTrHY [email protected]oliasyradheshmnb.rnweaataesSlishinesbonrsotketnsm’sphfmiitisot-oroiaaiccyeklonsdtunoheifdttsitcueuloocaetaoarmnnhmanlmnnyoerdatadimrnNinadcnhmw.taiOhcigenantihosrrskSaoheba.mserrAedtSyiysoaLaiwheesaTlnnetaneen!dhtstkaTduoysmonshshpnhooaeoeeriewrnsnnoletlpiegispnpottrgeaocthumershrroergeti!aamnmriuTektggcelphesaroortaeetnithimcnateyhee,ytmtaaaictarfItruhahosebapniyertnmlproieeattgoaonhylLgmtcwndoehlokieosenvpyoe,te’erdhddseael, elisfe DonAalsdhsloeny mopnetMosbhrphoeeoabslefvgrlueaueaeinnmnptlruLdtcoapeithlefllert.yyemiaYieinjiskLuosenieyiuatmqacoslcuvecsau.aiaasddTrtrinehrelcliayisrfsapbooeounAalfuenbwrsbgtteshaheihittclsoeoehiputfiuwyraulyhatrbteDorteteolulolhryo.drtnejfHfhiueaeotdeeialschdramrteesybiyjnuiooyfcrogionuhclwrri’haeftsaaoaelosltwnbcesciaeelinntaethrvycgysemwaielnoe[email protected]estrfatihoienolinlipanmusnltagihvaeaftswoieore.osoktrbilOrletelpiitylcrhqaroloeisiydieunnfpuaeoreriedaedtrkseurletm.ifjidcqunhiwfarnaomiiuigosnnchgimilwtedddsayy., Alyssa Meeks [email protected]mdiarBtiornsseogiteabncsuoredsragesicroeiirbe.ahncrcnaToeclMphashahtmrlasoihseeialsllinsatlsBssmseefese.rsinsoedesoeicgtronanmfuallenseaiandHthtasetnndiiionsovClldellpbesesasaewaasrnsnwmyrrocdmtroeapmeeicnsnsao.reciettywpfAhrnooatloewuomuottnrsooaingnttikrdarhpegeyseeerrnitadaanmec.csbsbAocutyysaoimlscyb.rlAcselmrSualelseythabuascsenotnslhuriwaaetaaessynxhteyMscdiitvslceehtehehholreelgoaeeekfraulnvreslitegtneseatnhintfllnoeguittftgnsedhhinttieeefneoelosevbpdarsseunsnrdnb. y

Ste6ps To a happier & healthier You 1. Consistency is Key 4. The Thirst is Real! The fitness lifestyle first starts off with a mindset and willingness to Drink water as often as you can, It is the one time we make the transition. However, proper planning and accountability encourage being thirsty. Water boosts your overall are key factors in a successful journey. Write down attainable goals metabolism, supports digestion, and is the best and and stick to them. Schedule to workout 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, most natural way to detox. It also helps improve skin Fri). Though accountability partners and fitness trainers are great elasticity, making it appear younger and feeling tighter. additions, no one should care more for your health and wellness Aim for about 9 to 12 glasses of water per day. The body than you. is made up of 60 percent water, so don’t limit yourself. 2. A Healthy Diet is Most Important 5. Lies a Scale Will Tell A diet is simply defined as what a person eats but the goal is to If you don’t know by now, your weight fluctuates incorporate healthy choices. Fruits and vegetables, lean protein (to throughout the day and even more for women in include plant-based proteins), whole grains, and a small amount of certain times of the month. The average person can see “good” fats like avocado and olive oil are just a few key tips to an up to a 6-pound difference per day. So, it’s best not obtaining a healthier diet. Although, American food mostly consists to be so down on yourself or focus so much on the of burgers, hotdogs and pizza, San Diego is a hub for organic whole scale. Instead focus on the fitness goals at hand. foods, vegetarian options and even vegan/raw vegan foods. Alternatively, finding your BMI (Body Mass Index) is a 3.. Calisthenics and Cardio more reliable indicator, however what’s important is how you feel, not what the numbers say. Bodyweight workouts do not require any equipment and can be done just about anywhere. Simple exercises like pushups, 6. Rest Days are The Best day pull-ups, crunches and squats are just a few items that you can incorporate daily and have amazing results Moreover, Go hard in the gym and give 110% every time, but calisthenics prevent injuries and improve joint stability. Cardio reward yourself and your muscles with adequate rest is just as simple. Just get up! Those who can’t run, walk. Those and recovery. Allowing your muscles to properly heal who can’t walk, bike and if that’s an issue swimming is great for actually makes them build correctly and will help the joints, reduceing stiffness and increases mobility. Commit improve performance for the next time you kill it in the to some form of cardio for 30 minutes, 4 days a week and be gym. Just so we’re clear, this is not the day to binge sure to have a fire playlist. watch and eat ice cream. Stretching, foam rolling and even light yoga movements are just a few great ideas Health and Wellness Tips by Delwayne Stepney for a very beneficial rest day. Within your workout @delwaynefitness weeks take 2 to 3 days off.

The Taste of Black SD


COOKIES OF CONTENTS Maya Madsen, a mother and wife had a vision 5 years ago after her sons, friends and family told her she needed to start selling her special vegan cookies. After consistent request, Maya was on a mission to make it happen. Though diligent, her patience on this endeavor included long hours of homework, research, and development. This woman acted as a corporation after she visiting farmers’ markets throughout San Diego, ordering cookies available via shipping, and studying what the marketplace offered for Vegan cookies. Maya said, “ I had to learn the business before I got it started, this required knowing what cookies were out there and their prices.” COOKIES WITH LOVE It couldn’t just be another concept or venture for Maya she needed to ensure that it was going to be a business well thought out. She wanted to make sure this could support her sons in college. From working part-time gigs, to operating at Little Italy’s Farmers’ Market, she took no breaks. “I knew this was going to happen so I wasn’t giving up,” said Maya. Even when others questioned or doubted her, she kept progressing and growing because that’s Maya’s way.

THE GRAND OPENING 4760 MISSION GORGE PLACE SAN DIEGO, CA 92120 Maya’s Cookies had its first storefront grand opening at its current headquarters in the Grantville neighborhood of San Diego. The grand opening and ribbon cutting were held Friday, November 6th at 10:00 am. The opening day store hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. There were giveaways, prizes, and cookies galore, it was a day of celebration and sweet excitement. From Friday to Sunday people traveled across the country to help this amazing and phenomenal woman celebrate her accomplishments.

COOKIES, COOKIES & MORE COOKIES This woman is determined in her efforts and continues to keep moving forward. She has plans to expand out of San Diego with the vision for everyone to enjoy her Vegan Gourmet Cookies. I mean everyone deserves to try them once and when they do they will be instant fans like the entire team at Black SD Magazine after COOKIES TO ENJOY AT THE our first box of cookies. Yes, I said box because STOREFRONT you will want to order a box to try each and every flavors. Their special edition Obama Chocolate Chip Cookie is by far one of the best. It only comes Chocolate Chip S’mores back every now and then! Each cookie is Marble Fudge amazing even though everyone subjectively has Birthday Cake their special selection on what they consider to Snickerdoodle be the best. The Obama Caramel Pecan The \"Famous\" Everything White Chocolate Espresso S’mores Gingerbread Gluten Free Chocolate Chip S’mores Gluten Free Chocolate Chip “Over the years, I kept the idea of a Maya’s Cookies storefront in the back of my mind, but I had been so focused on the existing business, it never quite came together — until recently. I knew when the time was right, my team and I would open a beautiful storefront. I felt the right time was now,”

It's the Pancakes for US \"I DO THIS FOR MY GRANDMOTHER BECAUSE I WANT TO MAKE HER PROUD WITH MY COOKING\" SNOISICED YROVAS & TEEWS Chef Chanel is 24 years old and already made her mark on the brunch scene in San Diego, California. As the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager for Breakfast Bitch in Hillcrest, Chef Chanel ensures that the food quality is always on par with what customers expect. Customers wanted more, she listened, and delivered two things they look forward to: The Pancake of the Month and Soul Food Sunday. The Kitchen is Now The Pancake of the Month was her her laboratory own creation, she knew that Breakfast Bitch needed more than just an amazing menu. “We had to stand out because San Diego is a brunch city, so I had to think of something that makes customers go wow,” said Chef Chanel. The name already stood out which was great, but she knew that to stay competitive they had to create something that couldn’t be replicated. After going through 5 different recipes before she narrows it down to the one you see each month. Like snowflakes, no pancake of the month is never like the previous one. Chanel Williams

Soul Food Sundays

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